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T.J. Hooker is an American police procedural television series created by Rick Husky about veteran LCPD detective Thomas Jefferson "T.J." Hooker, who saw his partner murdered and returned to the beat as a uniformed sergeant to try and rid the streets of the same type of criminals that were responsible for such crimes.

The series aired in the USA on ABC (four seasons) and CBS (one season) from 13 March, 1982 to 28 May, 1986. There are 90 hour-long episodes in five seasons.

T.J. Hooker originally aired in South Africa on the old SABC service, premiering on 21 July, 1984. Exact broadcast dates for the run of the show on the SABC are not available.

The series later aired on, premiering on Sunday 13 March 2011, at 11h00. See "Seasons" below for seasonal broadcast dates and times for the run on

Season 4 premiered on on Sunday 24 June 2012, at 11h00. New episodes broadcast weekly. There are 23 episodes in the fourth season.


T.J. Hooker (William Shatner) is a veteran cop who rose to the rank of detective, but when his partner dies in his arms, Hooker decides to give up being a detective to be a patrolman again.

He has declined numerous promotions because of a strong need to be out on the "streets" battling crime, and not wasting his skills and passion pushing pencils behind a desk.

He starts a program wherein rookies are given practical training and the rookie he is assigned is Vince Romano (Adrian Zmed), a cocky kid. They always butt heads with detectives who don't appreciate Hooker's interference.

Together they answer to Captain Dennis Sheridan (Richard Herd).

In Season 2, Sheridan's daughter Stacy (Heather Locklear) joins the department and works at the desk.

During the third season, Captain Sheridan is seen less frequently and Stacy begins working the streets under the eye of her new partner, Officer Jim Corrigan (James Darren).


Note: these details are for the run of the show on only - broadcast dates for the original run of the show on the SABC are not available.

Season 1 (5 episodes)

Premiere: 13 March 2011 | Finale: 10 April 2011 | Sundays, 11h00

Season 2 (22 episodes)

Premiere: 31 July 2011 | Finale: 15 January 2012 | Sundays, 11h00

Season 3 (22 episodes)

Premiere: 22 January 2012 | Finale: 17 June 2012 | Sundays, 11h00

Season 4 (23 episodes)

Premiere: 24 June 2012 | Finale: 25 November 2012 | Sundays, 11h00


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