The Border

Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Police Procedural
Broadcast on: SABC3, CBS Action



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The Border is a Canadian television drama series created by Peter Raymont, Lindalee Tracey, Janet MacLean and Jeremy Hole of White Pine Pictures and set in Toronto which follows the adventures of the agents of the Immigration and Customs Security (ICS) federal agency.

ICS was created by the Government of Canada to deal with trans-border matters concerning Canadian national security including terrorism and smuggling.

This drama lifts stories from the headlines to fuel an action-packed dramatic series about maintaining security in today's world, exploring Canadian and US life post 9/11.

The series is set in Toronto and follows agents of the fictional Immigration and Customs Security, an agency created by the Government of Canada to deal with trans-border matters concerning Canadian national security including terrorism and smuggling.

The series is set against the backdrop of today's fear-driven world. It asks provocative questions: how much will you give up to feel safe? And when safety and security smack up against freedom and fear – when do you know if you've crossed the line?

The members of the elite Immigration and Customs Security (ICS) Unit face these tough questions every day. They handle most dangerous and serious border security cases. They chase terrorists and drug smugglers, and deal with the trafficking of everything from illegal organs, to enriched uranium, to abducted children.

The border they face isn't just an arbitrary line between nations. In a world that grows even smaller, the complexities of competing national interests, turf wars, intelligence, and top level deals make for allegiances and alliances that grow murkier overnight. Deals made behind closed doors in Ottawa, Washington or London force our team into situations where the right choice is never clear.

Out on the front lines, the men and women of ICS see the human factor, up close. They confront humanity at its best and worst. They strive to make sense of their orders, overcome their own personal prejudices, and maintain a clear-eyed decency, while answering the call of duty.

It's a duty that takes its toll in sleepless nights, haunting choices, and uncertain actions. It's a relentless, exciting, high-pressure balancing act.

In The Border, everyone watches or is watched. Inside the sleek, stylish ICS Headquarters, a bank of monitors can display faces from every country, every race, every religion and political faction. Some are friends, some are foes – and some are both.

It's up to our unit to distinguish one from the other. And all that's at stake is the safety of the country, and the soul of people.

The ensemble cast includes James McGowan, Sofia Milos, Graham Abbey, Nazneen Contractor, Jonas Chernick, Mark Wilson, Catherine Disher and Jim Codrington.

The Border was created by Emmy Award winner Peter Raymont and his partner the late Lindalee Tracey, an award winning filmmaker and journalist; Janet MacLean, writer of the Murdoch Mystery Movies and Jeremy Hole.

The Border is produced by Brian Dennis, Janet MacLean and David Barlow. Denis McGrath is co-producer/writer, Sarah Dodd is consulting producer/writer and Greg Nelson is executive story editor/writer.

Broadcast Notes

Only the first two seasons aired on SABC3 - Season 3 did not air on the channel.


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