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Rock of Love (also known as Rock of Love with Bret Michaels) is a reality competition television series created by Cris Abrego and Mark Cronin and starring Bret Michaels, the lead singer of the band Poison.

Rock of Love’s storyline revolves around 25 women and the conflict that arises as they compete against each other to prove that they have the potential to be Michael’s perfect "Rock Star Girlfriend."

The series aired in the USA on VH1 from 15 July, 2007 to 19 April, 2009. There are 39 hour-long episodes in three seasons. It was cancelled after the third season.

Rock of Love premiered in South Africa on DStv's GO channel (which became Vuzu on 1 July, 2009) on Monday 12 May 2008, at 21h30. See "Seasons" below for seasonal broadcast dates and times.

Season 3 premiered on Vuzu on Sunday 11 October 2009, at 19h30. New episodes air weekly. There are 14 episodes in the third and final season.

Season 1

Since 1986 when MTV introduced the world to the blue-eyed lead singer of Poison, women around the world have worshiped Bret Michaels as a veritable Rock God.

Never out of the spotlight, Bret's career is still rocking with Poison and as a successful solo artist and the women are still lining up in hopes of a lying down with the sexy star.

But the demands of life-on-the-road for the ultimate rocker have taken a toll...on his love life.

Twenty-five lucky ladies will get their chance for an All-Access pass to Bret Michaels' heart and to share in all his superstar lifestyle.

Bret will invite 25 handpicked beautiful women to move into his rock and roll palace in the Hollywood Hills and compete for his heart. They must win over his mind and his body by proving their love for Bret, their passion for rock and their potential to be the perfect "Rock Star Girlfriend."

Each week, Bret will design challenges to test the girls' ability to adapt to the true rock 'n roll life. Not always red carpets and award shows, who will best adapt to life in a cramped, grungy tour bus with Bret and his roadie buddies?

Who can handle the competition from outrageous, and sometimes hotter groupies? Who can keep her cool around his famous friends? Who can best contribute to his music? Who's not afraid to get down and dirty with him in one of his extreme sports competitions.

And perhaps most vital - who will always look smokin' hot doing it?

The girls who best meet Bret's needs shall be rewarded with exclusive gifts, dates and travels worthy of a music superstar.

Over several weeks, Bret will offer the women who rock his world VIP passes allowing them to remain in his home - and his heart. The women who don't will be sent packing.

Competition will be ferocious - for in the end only one lady will walk away a true Rock Star Girlfriend.

Season 2

If there was ever any doubt about Bret Michaels' status as a Rock God, season one of Rock of Love put all those doubts to rest.

Bret continues to draw in fans by the millions - and his appeal to women has never waned. The women who competed for Bret's heart in season one made one thing very clear from the very beginning - they wanted Bret, and they were willing to do whatever they could to win his heart.

Now, twenty new women will lay it all on the line for their chance at the ultimate rock-and-roll romance. And this time, it will be bigger and better than ever, because as any rock fan knows - the best part of any rock-and-roll show is always the encore.

These 20 new ladies get a chance to prove they have what it takes to win Bret's heart. After moving into a super-sized rock star mansion, the women will be put to the test. Each week, they will have to prove to Bret they are worthy of sharing his spotlight.

They'll show off their own special talents, and demonstrate their mental and physical ferocity in an effort to win some much-coveted one-on-one time with Bret.

Can they go all out in the high-adrenaline activities Bret loves, and still clean up for a sexy nightcap? Can they work together to protect Bret's progeny from a group of crazed super fans? And perhaps most importantly, can they fend off the fierce competition from the other women in the house also vying for Bret's attention and affection?

Girls who are successful in the challenges will reap the rewards afforded to a Rock God's companion: dates, presents and jet-setting trips that will truly embody what it means to "party like a rock star".

The unfortunate women who fail to entice Bret will face the cruel sting of elimination.

The competition will be intense - because in the end, Bret will choose only one lucky lady to be his "Rock of Love".

Rock On!

Season 3

Bret Michaels has tried, twice, to find his Rock of Love. And now, after trying and failing, it's clear that it is impossible for Bret to be on the road, and be in a relationship at the same time. So why not try to find love on the road?

This time around, Bret will hit the road on a month-long tour, and rolling on this tour are three buses - Bret's pimped-out tour bus - and two others filled with a slew of new women, all competing for Bret's affection.

In past seasons, Bret has made it clear to the women competing for his heart that life on the road with a rock star presents unique challenges.

So, as the buses pull into each new city, the girls will engage in challenges specifically revolving around Bret's life on the road.

Whether it's greeting sexually aggressive groupies with a smile, enduring grueling road trips, dodging the advances of the warm-up band or even stepping in last-minute to fill in for M.I.A. roadies - these girls will be put to the test.

Perhaps Bret needs to expand his fan base - will the girls be able to persuade droves of blue hairs to show up to one of Bret's concerts and party with him like it's 1949?

The winners of the challenges will be rewarded with dates - and the losers will face the chopping block.

Dates will have lots of local colour and take full advantage of the many oddities Middle America has to offer. Imagine sipping cocktails at sunset atop the St. Louis arch, or picture a romantic picnic in the shadow of the world's largest ball of twine. The plethora of unique locations will make for a truly magical experience.

During this Love Bus tour, the girls will actually witness Bret in all his rock star glory as he performs 3 or 4 concerts throughout the journey.

Once the roar of the concert crowd dies down - and before the buses pull out of each city - a girl (or girls) will be eliminated.

Eliminations will be staged in the parking lots of concert venues - or local truck stops. Once a girl has been eliminated, she and her bags will be taken off the bus, and standing alone in the parking lot, she'll watch as the buses start up and take off for the next city.

As the tour rolls on, Bret will begin to see which girls really can hang with him on the road - and which girls just aren't cut out for the Rock Star/Vagabond lifestyle.

Surprises and twists will pop up in each new city: in one, Bret may ask a new girl (or girls) to join the tour. In another town, the girls may be greeted by some former ROL girls who will put them through their next challenge.

By the time the buses pull in to their final stop, only one girl will have proved her mettle, and she will be Bret's ultimate Rock of Love.


(Each season consists of 13 episodes, although in South Africa there is no double premiere episode, meaning the seasons are screened as 14 episodes)

Season 1

Channel: GO | Premiere: May 19 2008 | Finale: 18 August 2008 | Mondays, 21h30

Season 2

Channel: Vuzu | Premiere: 5 July 2009 | Finale: 4 October 2009 | Sundays, 19h30

Season 3

Channel: Vuzu | Premiere: 11 October 2009 | Finale: 10 January 2010 | Sundays, 19h30


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