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Afterlife is a British supernatural mystery drama television series created by Stephen Volk and produced by Clerkenwell Films which follows the activities of a psychic medium who appears to have the ability to communicate with the spirits of the dead.

The series aired in the UK on ITV from 24 September, 2005 to 11 November, 2006. There are 14 hour-long episodes in two seasons.

The series originally aired in South Africa on Dstv's BBC Prime channel from 31 July, 2006 to 24 September, 2007. It later aired on TopTV's Top One channel. See "Seasons" below for seasonal broadcast dates and times.

Afterlife premiered on Top One on Wednesday 16 March 2011, at 19h00. New episodes broadcast weekly. There are six episodes in the first season.

Season 2 premiered on Top One on Wednesday 27 April 2011, at 19h00. New episodes broadcast weekly. There are eight episodes in the second season.

Top One Repeats

Wednesdays: 22h15
Thursdays: 10h00

Season 1

Robert Bridge is a psychology lecturer, grieving the loss of his young son Josh, who was killed in a car accident three years earlier.

A specialist in the study of psychic mediums, Robert is invited to an 'evening of clairvoyance' where he meets Alison Mundy. Reluctant and cautious, she is a far cry from the fraudulent psychics that sceptic Robert is used to.

Alison is different, ever since she was a child she has seen spirits and after a near death experience they have taken over her life - when she passes people in the street she isn't sure if they are dead or alive, when she lies in bed at night she can't escape the voices that cry out to her.

Driven by a compulsion to help those around her, Alison seeks to resolve relationships torn apart by death.

When Alison's readings provoke an adverse reaction in one of Robert's own pupils, he begins to study her with the intention of writing about her work and the people she helps.

But their association is thrown into crisis when Alison reveals she is touch with Robert's son.

Season 2

In the terrifying and emotional climax to the first season, Alison collapsed and nearly died during a seance in which she was inhabited by the spirit of Robert's dead son.

Now on the road to recovery, Alison has to accept that the spirits she has seen since she was a child will never leave her. Determined that her life should not be dictated by the dead, she wants to use her gift to help the living.

Robert meanwhile is in turmoil. Once a total sceptic, his beliefs have been shaken by what he witnessed at the seance and he now struggles to make sense of his life.

But Alison is jolted out of her new found security by a terrifying presence. For the first time in her life she is being haunted by a spirit from her own past, a ghost she must learn to confront if she is to hold onto her sanity.


Season 1 (6 episodes)

Channel: BBC Prime | Premiere: 31 Jul 2006 | Finale: 4 Sep 2006 | Mondays, 21h00
Channel: Top One | Premiere: 16 Mar 2011 | Finale: 20 Apr 2011 | Wednesdays, 19h00

Season 2 (8 episodes)

Channel: BBC Prime | Premiere: 6 August 2007 | Finale: 24 Sep 2007 | Mondays, 20h30
Channel: Top One | Premiere: 27 Apr 2011 | Finale: 15 Jun 2011 | Wednesdays, 19h00


Alison Mundy

Barbara Sinyard

Jude Bridge

Robert Bridge


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