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Let Heaven Wait is a South African television sitcom created by Tshepo Mokoena and produced by Revolution Real Entertainment in association with Vusion Media which revolves around two retirees who each unexpectedly inherit 45% share in in old age home, leading to conflict when it transpires that neither has a controlling interest in the property and thus cannot execute their respective plans for it.

The series premiered on SABC3 on Thursday 16 May 2013, at 20h00. New episodes broadcast weekly. There are six half-hour episodes in the series.


Let Heaven Wait follows two retirees, Elias Malema (Jerry Mofokeng) and Pete Smith (Neville Thomas) who wake up to the fact that (thanks to their late broker) they co-own an old age home, a property they each have big plans for.

Each has something they feel is a "must do" before kicking the bucket, hence heaven must wait while they struggle to live out their dreams.

Elias' exclusive jazz club and Pete's organic vegetable haven and spa are brought to a screeching halt as their 45% each ownership proves insufficient to grant either of them controlling power over the property.

The other 10% held in trust to safeguard the home's residents under the repressed anal spinster and no-nonsense general manager Maryanne Anderson's (Dianne Simpson) stewardship.

The duo will do whatever it takes to "take each other out" and if needs be from time to time even collaborate to take on the old age home residents.

Will Pete and Elias be able to work out how to get rid of the residents before getting rid of each other?

The series, filmed on location at Blackheath Manor, is directed by Maynard Kraak, written by Liam J Stratton and co-produced by Tshepo Mokoena and Vusi Zion. It is a Revolution Real Entertainment production in association with Vusion Media.

Main Characters

Elias Matume Malema (played by Jerry Mofokeng)

Elias is a 45% shareholder in Late Bliss Retirement Community who can't wait to get rid of the residents and Pete in order to finally have his dream Jazz Eden.

Pete Wilberforce Smith (played by Neville Thomas)

Pete is co-owner of 45% shares in the retirement home. Owning a retirement home was the last thing on his mind, however, as all he ever wanted was to run his organic fruit and vegetable-growing spa.

Goolam Padayachee (played by Royston Stoffels)

Goolam is the oldest resident of the retirement home, a self-professed guru of everything and anything.

Maryanne "Mary" Anderson (played by Dianne Simpson)

Maryanne is the general manager of the retirement home. She's the sheriff, jury and judge and makes sure that her residents are safe from any stunts that Elias and Pete may want to pull.

Mrs. Van Nuren (played by Clare Marshall)

Mrs. Van Nuren is an old but feisty resident of the retirement home with a past that would take nine lives to accomplish. She is a naughty old girl who's just having a blast while waiting for her departure.

Mountain (played by Fumani Shilubana)

Mountain is the caretaker at the retirement home but the last thing he ever does is "take care". Not that he's negligent; he's just purely incompetent and an accident waiting to happen.

Nono (played by Nicole Bailey)

Nono is a sassy young retirement home resident nurse/receptionist to whom the job is just an easy ticket to a monthly pay cheque for an easy ride.


Episode 1: Home Affairs

Elias and Pete arrive to lay claim to their retirement investment only to discover that it's a retirement home. When they discover that they must share ownership they are angry. When they find out that 10% is in trust to safeguard the residents, they are livid.

Episode 2: Poll Positioning

What starts out as Pete and Elias breaking the rules has now turned into an opportunity to make them. There are no babies to kiss but Pete and Elias are now campaigning to be Resident President.

Episode 3: Papa Can You Hear Me?

Elias' son is on his way and he has to organise his Bar Mitzvah. It's not long before Pete has been roped into organising the party which is made a little easier at the thought of money being given at the event.

Episode 4: Blunder Siege

The robbers take refuge at Late Bliss and hold the residents and staff hostage as they hide out after a heist gone wrong. They think an old age home is an easy place to lay low but they've clearly underestimated the challenge of Late Bliss and the skill of its protector, Mrs. Van Nuren.

Episode 5: The Newly Deads

The blushing bride and the dead groom. You and me becomes a eulogy as a wedding turns into a funeral.

Episode 6: The Show Must Go On

A show, an inspector, Sis Dolly and the new owner of Late Bliss.


Elias Matume Malema

Goolam Padayachee

Maryanne 'Mary' Anderson


Mrs. Van Nuren


Pete Wilberforce Smith


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