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About the Show

Forgive & Forget is a South African docu-reality television series produced by Endemol which attempts to mend broken relationships by assisting candidates in asking for forgiveness from someone they have wronged, whether it be a loved one, a long lost friend or a family member.

The series premiered on on Tuesday 9 January 2007, at 20h30. See "Seasons" below for seasonal broadcast dates, times and hosts.

Season 6 premiered on on Tuesday 5 March 2013, at 21h00. New episodes broadcast weekly. There are 13 episodes in the sixth season.


Each show follows candidates as they set out to renew their ties to a loved one with whom they no longer have contact (due to no other fault but their own).

Just saying sorry isn't enough in situations such as these, meaning the desperate candidates have to prove that they’re serious about reconciling.

Viewers are encouraged to submit their stories of who they would like to reconcile with and the reasons for the rift. Stories are screened and selected by the editorial team.

The selected candidates must undertake their epic emotional journey on-screen; i.e. they need to convince the host (and, in turn, viewers) that they are truly remorseful.

No matter how we are able to empathise with their situation, the question remains: Will he/she be forgiven by the person they may have wronged?

Show Structure

The wronged person is surprised in different acts (Acts of Contrition). Their reactions (to the anonymous Acts of Contrition) and their ensuing confusion is recorded with hidden cameras.

The show climaxes in the Mobile Studio, where the hidden camera footage is played back, and the mystery (for the surprised candidate) is cleared up. This is followed by a personal video message from the candidate asking for forgiveness.

The surprised candidate then has two options:

a) They can either open the door, and so display a willingness to listen to the candidate; or

b) Alternatively, if they are simply not ready to forgive nor listen, a knock at the driver’s interior window instructs that the Mobile Studio should drive away, leaving the hopeful candidate standing outside.

The Mobile Studio

The Mobile Studio is a mobile comfortable lounge, equipped with a television monitor and playback machine.

It allows for the surprised candidate and presenter to watch the hidden camera footage of the Acts of Contrition; and in the final moments of the story grants the final decision to allow the surprised candidate to either open the door and face the wrongdoer, or to allow the van to drive away, the door remaining closed.


Mpho Sono hosted the first season of Forgive & Forget. She was replaced for Season 2 by Doris Msibi.

Msibi did not present the last four episodes of Season 2 - she was replaced as host for those episodes by Saint Seseli.

Doris returned to host the show for the third and fourth seasons, but was on maternity leave for Season 5 and was replaced by Kinalma Bashman. Doris returned again for Season 6.


The series is exclusive to

Season 1 (24 episodes)

Premiere: 9 January 2007 | Finale: 26 June 2007 | Tuesdays, 20h30

Season 2 (24 episodes)

Premiere: 12 February 2008 | Finale: 22 July 2008 | Tuesdays, 20h30

Season 3 (14 episodes)

Premiere: 20 January 2009 | Finale: 21 April 2009 | Tuesdays, 21h00

Season 4 (12 episodes)

Premiere: 12 October 2010 | Finale: 28 December 2010 | Tuesdays, 21h00

Season 5 (13 episodes)

Premiere: 28 June 2011 | Finale: 20 September 2011 | Tuesdays, 21h00

Season 6 (13 episodes)

Premiere: 5 March 2013 | Finale: 28 May 2013 | Tuesdays, 21h00


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Host - Herself


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