Bonwa Mbontsi

Born: 21 January 1989 (29 years old)
Gender: Male



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Bonwa Mbontsi is a South African dancer best known as one of the Top 16 contestants on the second season of the SABC1 reality competition So You Think You Can Dance, in 2010.

So You Think You Can Dance Q&A


Bachelor of Arts Student at UKZN, majoring in Psychology and Drama.

Dance history
He has been dancing for four years. He has also performed and participated mostly in school dancing productions. This is his second year trying out for So You Think You Can Dance.

Why should Bonwa be SA's favourite dancer
He has worked really hard over the past few years and is growing as a dancer with a lot to offer the industry. He is very passionate about dancing.

Favourite dance genre
Contemporary (Ballet) Dance

Dance accolades/trophies/titles

What would Bonwa do with the quarter of a million rands in prize money?
He would bring his mother back from working overseas due to her poor health. He would pay off his mother's house. He would also help his foster family anyway he could because he wouldn't be here "figuring out what to do with R250,000" if it wasn't for them and wouldn't have discovered his dancing talent. He would also spend some to visit his girlfriend in Germany. Lastly he would pay for varsity to further his studies.

What makes him stand out in the competition?
He bring with him a lot of raw, fresh and exciting passion

Family background
His mother went overseas to find a job so that she could support him and his three cousins that are from his deceased aunt. He then got adopted by a white foster family. Coming from an African family the transition and exposure to different aspects (particularly black and white) of life in South Africa has been quite interesting. The exposure to these worlds reassures him about the progress this country has made.

Audition process
He got a lift from his friend, from Richmond to Durban where his sister picked him up late that evening.

Profession if not dancing
He would be studying, studying, studying

Impression of the South African dance scene
He thinks it's amazing with tons and tons of raw, vibrant and exciting talent. But he chooses dance theatre e.g. Vincent Mantsoe's stuff, Dada Masilo and Gary Gordan.

What would winning So you think you can dance mean to Bonwa
It would mean a very big boost towards his life as a dancer and as a career. It would also help him pursue working with as many of his heroes as possible.

His foster parents, as well as his biological mother. Sometimes he inspires himself in the sense that he reflects a lot about where he comes from and where he is going – that sense of excitement about what he can do.

Challenges faced
Living without his biological mother for the past six and a half years. His mother left during the sensitive years of his development. With the risk of sounding like a mamas boy, "his mother means the world to him".

What makes him happy
His foster family and his friends are the best mates a guy could ever ask for; his girlfriend is the woman of his dreams. He is quite the ‘geek' and loves his PC. But most of all he loves dancing and wants to be a choreographer.

Message for potential fans
No matter who or where you come from, no matter what you do or don't believe in, before embarking on any journey, self-identity is essential. If you don't know who you are or what you're worth, if you don't have some self worth, respect, appreciation, you are not going to reach your fullest potential.

South African charity close to his heart
The children at Yanguye High School in Melmoth, his foster mother works very closely with that community. They are an amazing bunch of young people who have a lot of potential in being the future leaders of this country. Jenny (his foster mother) is a social worker who runs an NGO called Justic and Women (JAW), who work on community development in Melmoth, Yanguye.

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