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Renewed! Skeem Saam premieres Season 12 with a new Tbose and title sequence

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Skeem Saam Teasers on 01 Jun 2023
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While a debate around Skeem Saam's portrayal of Batswana people simmers on TVSA here, the SABC has announced details surrounding Season 12.

It premieres on Monday 3 July with three notable occasions:

1. A new opening sequence and updated logo. According to the SABC, "The concept is centred around bold expression and walking forward towards a brighter future."

More on this later.*

2. The show's signature character Tbose returns, but not as Cornet Mamabolo. As you know, Cornet left Skeem Saam in 2021 to pursue a career as an entrepreneur and he's clearly gone for good because the role has been recast.

Awarded to former Scandal! star Hungani Ndlovu. Also known as the disappearing Scandal! star Hungani Ndlovu.

Remember how we searched for him when he played Romeo? We even opened investigation files into his whereabouts! 

He debuts as Tbose at the start of the new season, under "unfavourable circumstances" that threaten to tear a young couple apart.

3. Actor and model Tazz Nginda joins the show as Sisanda Qhubeka, described as a charming, marketing strategist who oozes sex appeal and confidence. In other words, the sort of guy you side-eye and avoid if that annoys you.

Which is the case for some Skeem Saamers because not everyone will welcome him with open arms. He's an agitator, a subtle one, who stirs trouble, and he's going to divide the Maphosa kingdom.

Tazz has portrayed a medley of characters on SABC1 to date, including Robert on Tshisa, Jungle on Zone 14 and a starring role on where he played regretful ex-husband Lindile who paid more attention to his work than to his wife.

He debuts as Sisanda on Friday 14 July.

*Skeem Saam's refresh for the new season has a very different tone from last year where there was mimimal news about Season 11 when it premiered.

This year's turn of events suggests that the production wants to commit to the future of the series and needs to pull some moves because there's a new youth series on the way to SABC1.

You may have seen the brief for it that we featured last week. The channel is on a search for a new youth series and there's no clarity about whether or not it's going to replace Skeem Saam.

Skeem Saam remains a top performer for SABC1 so it's unlikely they'll can it, but it does need to ensure it constantly entices audiences if it hopes to compete with whatever's on the way.

A win-win for viewers.

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01 Jun 2023 17:05

Mapitsi was demoted from main cast to supporting cast at the start of S11, with the return of Tbose I wonder if she will be promoted again. A lot of people have been complaining about her character as of late, it has been lackluster to say the least. They literally stopped writing for her since Tbose left and she had 0 direction. Left that internship in Jozi for a man who still left her after tying her down to a marriage for an overseas job that was great for his career. She got that job at Turf times and still couldn't maintain that, Magonwa literally warned her against this. Although still blame the writers, made zero sense that at their ages as a couple who are newly wed didn't move overseas together, it's also sad that it seems her role has to rely on Tbose for them to write something for her, the writersneed more creativity than that. Also, welcome to Hingani. He's a great actor, can't wait to see him in action. With Tazz's addition I just hope it's not another love triangle. We had enough of that with Pretty in the last season. I hope maybe we finally get to know Lehasa's backstory and the whole Maphosa/Banda thing. Lelo and Fanie left the show long ago and they have still not delved into it and how the Maphosas got to own the businesses that they do.
02 Jun 2023 09:16

It p1

02 Jun 2023 13:16

And this show continues to keep us engaged. I like how it gives young actors with zero experience a chance and they get to shine on TV, keeping us engaged rather than recycling acting gurus. The students at Turf High have managed to ensure that we do not miss any episode as young as they are. We respect that, even without the Jo-burg scenes, Ntswaki and her drama has given us something to look forward to.                 
Anyway, I was thinking they would also bring a new Celia since that Magongwa household could do with a female figure. (We initially thought Rathebe would hit it on with Alfred but seems like she is bowing out late June via heading behind bars)
Hungani is a good addition, I know he will instantly give the viewers what they have been craving for. He is likely coming with a baby mama. Though the absence of T-BOSE brought a void in the Maputla home, the ongoing teen age drama managed to cover it up.
Then there is Mapitsi, who the show has been failing to develop. I had hoped that she'd ditch being the good makoti and go ahead in search of independence and stardom. She is a journalist fro crying out loud. Yet, we only see her cooking, taking Pitsi to school, and always being a supporting character to all the Maputla  drama. I'd have wanted her to even date Leeto in secrecy, you know, that kind of hair raising drama.
As for Khwezi, they can demote her, she has no further drama, now that she is Lehasa's trophy wife.
Also, Leeto needs some va-voom. He is not giving.
And for our LGBT characters, Oritonda and Clement, something is so lackluster about it. We are hoping that the writers will also expand them, maybe bring another drama-filled gay actor who can bring life to TV. Representation is vital when it is being presented with life


05 Jun 2023 11:24

Well done Skeem Saam for these castings.  I hope we never drop that number 2 spot, its very well deserved.  If storylines and acting alone determined the rankings Skeem Saam would probably be hopping between number 1 and 2 spots but there are other factors such as airing time and channel/audience reach, etc.

What has supposedly happened to Wallet according to the storyline?

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