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New! Never Say Goodbye Teasers - January 2022

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Never Say Goodbye Teasers on 20 Jan 2022
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A story of two star-crossed lovers premieres on Star Life next Wednesday 26 January at 22h00, and its name reflects the fact that the lead characters are determined to Never Say Goodbye.

It's a Romeo and Juliet story that centres round Vividha and Atharva who are victims of bigoted social stereotypes.

They're attracted to each other's contrasting personalities and fall in love, but they're torn apart by Vividha's father and his prejudices.

Vividha loves him - he's her hero - BUT he's a malicious snob who believes that relationships only have value if they're between people from the same social backgrounds.

Atharva doesn't fit the image of the perfect husband he wants for Vividha so he embarks on a campaign to sabotage their relationship.

According to series producer Yash Patnaik, the series is about the "coming of age of a daughter, pride of a son, duty of a husband. And a love story woven around all three of them."

Shivani Surve and Vikram Singh Chauhan star as Vividha and Atharva.

Interestingly they went on to co-star in thriller Ek Deewaana Tha, although they never appeared together in that series, with Shivani joining the show after Vikram's character died.

In South Africa Vikram was most recently seen as Aman in a Magical Love Story.

Coming up in the first episodes of Never Say Goodbye:

Wednesday 26 January 2022

Episode 1

Vividha goes shopping for the jaagran ceremony at home. Meanwhile, Atharva completes his education and returns to Ajmer. Vividha meets Atharva when she goes to buy milk to prepare kheer for the prasad.

Episode 2

Kailash tells about his dream to get Vividha married into a rich family. Atharva tells Sujata about his plan to stay at Ajmer and start a business. Vividha gets into an argument with Atharva. Later, she asks her mother about Sujata's husband.

Thursday 27 January 2022

Episode 3

Atharva rescues Guddi from a few goons. Sujata assures Kailash that Atharva will repay his loan. Atharva has a plan of applying for a business loan. Guddi apologises to Kailash and her grandmother for her misconduct.

Episode 4

Dubey informs Kailash about Atharva. Atharva suggests that Sujata refuse to sign Kailash's contract. Kailash slaps Ankit for neglecting his work. Kailash decides to reveal about the loan to Atharva.

Friday 28 January 2022

Episode 5

Vividha tells Guddi that she lied to Atharva about the anklet. Atharva fails to find the anklet. Vividha tells him about hiding the anklet. Atharva informs her about selling his bike for her anklet. Vividha apologises to him.

Episode 6

Sujata confronts Kailash for sending the account information related to her loan to Atharva. Atharva tells Sujata about selling his bike. He fights with the mechanic when he quotes a higher price for him to claim his bike. Vividha decides get Atharva's bike back.

Saturday 29 January 2022

Episode 7

Atharva thanks the garage owner for returning his bike. Kailash wants to find out why Atharva sold his bike. Kailash calls Sujata for a puja at his house and humiliates her there. Atharva is angry on learning that Sujata went to Kailash's house.

Episode 8

Atharva questions Sujata about leaving their cows at Kailash's house. She assures him that Vividha has promised to take care of their cows. Later, one of Sujata's cows is stolen by a villager and his wife. Atharva scolds Vividha for being careless.

Sunday 30 January 2021

Episode 9

Vividha learns that someone has stolen the cow and shows the video evidence to Atharva and Sujata. Sujata suspects that the thief will sell the cow in Pushkar at Pashu Mela. Atharva decides to leave for Pushkar!

Episode 10

Sujata worries about Vividha and Atharva. Uma learns that Vividha has gone to Pushkar. Atharva saves Vividha from a swarm of bees. Later, they reach the Pushkar Pashu Mela to find the calf.

Monday 31 January 2022

Episode 11

Atharva and Vividha search for the calf at the Pushkar Pashu Mela. Vividha follows the thieves. The police takes one of the thieves into custody. Vividha finds the calf inside a tent. However, the thieves tie her up and take her with them.

Episode 12

Sujata assures Uma of Vividha's security. Atharva follows the kidnappers and rescues Vividha. Later, the police arrest the kidnappers and their associates.

Premiere episodes of Never Say Goodbye air on Star Life from Mondays to Sundays at 22h00.

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