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Shadow and Bone

Channel: Netflix South Africa
TX Time: 10h00 (all episodes)
Genre: Fantasy

Shadow and Bone

Dark forces conspire against orphan mapmaker Alina Starkov when she unleashes an extraordinary power that could change the fate of her war-torn world.

Based on Leigh Bardugo's Grishaverse novels, Shadow and Bone finds us in a war-torn world where lowly soldier and orphan Alina Starkov has just unleashed an extraordinary power that could be the key to setting her country free.

With the monstrous threat of the Shadow Fold looming, Alina is torn from everything she knows to train as part of an elite army of magical soldiers known as Grisha.

But as she struggles to hone her power, she finds that allies and enemies can be one and the same and that nothing in this lavish world is what it seems.

There are dangerous forces at play, including a crew of charismatic criminals, and it will take more than magic to survive.

Judi Dench's Wild Borneo Adventure

Channel: BBC Earth (DStv 184)
TX Time: 19h00
Genre: Wildlife, Nature, Documentary Series

Judi Dench's Wild Borneo Adventure

Dame Judi Dench has had a lifelong passion for nature and in this miniseries, filmed with cutting-edge technology, she gets to explore it like never before.

In this two-part series, we follow her as she delves deep into one of the few untouched rainforests remaining in South East Asia with some of the most diverse wildlife on the planet.

Passionate about trees and orangutans, she embarks on a wild adventure to Borneo, the world's third-largest island with experts as her guides.

Each day offers another amazing interaction with the animals. There are close up encounters with orangutans, sun bears, elephants, crocodiles and hornbills.

Borneo also boasts the tallest tropical trees in the world – the tallest was recently discovered here at over 100 metres tall and Judi even gets to climb one.

She glimpses amazing flying creatures like the weird gliding mammal, the Kubong, that can fly for over 100 metres.

Then there are more than a million bats, a dung beetle called Bob and a snake she names James Bond.

As the jungle comes alive at night she learns that the insects here are perhaps the most varied on Earth – there could be as many as 80,000 species – nearly one-tenth of the number on the planet.

Travelling down one of Borneo's mightiest rivers, the Kinabatangan, she goes on an extraordinary crocodile search where young crocodiles are plucked from the river by hand and adult crocodiles wrestled and tagged - all in the name of science.

Finally, she explores the wonderful marine life – the forests of coral that fringe the shores of this wonderful tropical island.

It's a magical wildlife adventure but one that also explores Judi's passion for conservation she shares with her 'chap', naturalist David Mills.

Together they learn how the loss of rainforest for timber and for palm oil is having a devastating impact on the planet by destroying the lungs of the world.

But she also learns that there is hope, discovering an area three times the size of London is going to be reclaimed as a protected forest.

They learn how important the rainforest is as the lungs of the world and how the animals are actually helping us by maintaining the health of this unique environment and helping save the planet.

Inside the Children's Hospital 2

Channel: Real Time (DStv 155)
TX Time: 13h30
Genre: Documentary Series

Inside the Children's Hospital 2

Revisiting one of Scotland's busiest and most advanced children's hospitals, this documentary series returns to the Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital, with even greater behind-the-scenes access, witnessing the high stakes and life-changing trauma on the wards.

Narrated by David Tennant, the eight-part second season is an intimate and sensitive account of day-to-day hospital life.

It unveils the effort that goes into giving thousands of young patients in the North East of Scotland the best possible care and the camaraderie of the RACH's dedicated hospital team.

In this Season 2 premiere: Baby Jaxon has life-saving surgery at just three days old, toddler Ossian has something unusual stuck up his nose and little Lachlan celebrates a special milestone.

Baby Jaxon has a serious condition called gastroschisis which meant he was born with his abdominal wall open and his bowel on the outside of his body.

The Children's Hospital cameras follow the moment Paediatric Surgeon, Mr Patel, performs an extraordinary operation to delicately move the organ back into its natural place as Jaxon's dad, Chris, bravely assists with the surgery.

Elsewhere, in the emergency department waiting room, three year-old Ossian is hiding an unusual problem - a chickpea stuck up his nose.

The team require all their skill to shift the stubborn object.

It's also the start of a busy day for Oncology Nurse Dot, who has worked at the hospital for 25 years.

For Dot and the team there's a celebration on the Medical Ward as three year-old Lachlan takes part in a special hospital ritual to mark the end of his treatment for neuroblastoma.


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