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True Love Teasers - October 2020

Written by TVSA Team from the blog True Love Teasers on 07 Oct 2020
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Coming up on True Love this October 2020:

Thursday 1 October 2020

Episode 1379

Rathore, Aakash and Kanha attempt to rescue Meethi.

Episode 1380

Meethi is schocked to see Maharani lying in a pool of blood.

Friday 2 October 2020

Episode 1381

The news channels get hold of footage of Meethi and Aakash at the brothel and twist the story around to make them look bad, even though they were there to rescue Kajri.

Episode 1382

Granny makes matters worse by saying that once a person's reputation is ruined, nothing can bring it back. Rathore gets angry and asks her to shut up!

Monday 5 October 2020

Episode 1383

Granny very excitedly gives a TV interview, pretending to be a well-known celebrity! Granny pretends to be extremely sympathetic towards Meethi, intentionally referring to her as the servant’s daughter.

Episode 1384

Meethi collapses! 

Tuesday 6 October 2020

Episode 1385

Everyone is happy to find out that Meethi is pregnant.

Episode 1386

Rathore finds out that Yuvaan did not exist a year ago. Do you think he will figure out that Yuvaan is Yuvraaj?

Wednesday 7 October 2020

Episode 1387

The police arrive to fetch Aakash, after two employees file a complaint against him.

Episode 1388

Meethi collapses after hearing her mother-in-law suggest that she should abort her unborn child.

Thursday 8 October 2020

Episode 1389

Yuvraaj drugs Mukta and tells her the truth about who he is and that he is now going to kill her for putting him in prison!

Episode 1390

Meethi is in severe pain after Yuvraaj pushes her onto the ground.

Friday 9 October 2020

Episode 1391

Aakash is devastated after hearing that Meethi has had a miscarriage. 

Episode 1392

Aakash finds Yuvi and beats him up for causing Meethi's miscarriage.

Monday 12 October 2020

Episode 1393

Meethi goes to visit Yuvi in prison to tell him that she no longer considers him her brother, but he responds by telling her that he has never considered her his sister to begin with.

Episode 1394

Granny tricks Mukta into signing papers that give permission to end Vishnu's life!

Tuesday 13 October 2020

Episode 1395

Aakash and Meethi celebrate their anniversary at a surprise party arranged by Mukta.

Episode 1396

Mukta is furious after finding out that granny tricked her into signing consent forms to remove Vishnu from life support. What do you think granny will say to get out of this one?

Wednesday 14 October 2020

Episode 1397

Aakash cooks for Meethi and plans a romantic day for her so that they can be happy and move forward with positivity and hope.

Episode 1398

Tapasya enters Rathore's home for the first time after their wedding. Mukta and Divya surprise Tapasya by preparing for the final rituals of her wedding at the couple's home.

Thursday 15 October 2020

Episode 1399

Meethi is devastated when the doctor tells her that she can never be a mother.

Episode 1400

Rathore makes coffee for Tapasya and kisses her forehead to wake her up.

Friday 16 October 2020

Episode 1401

Ekadish tells Meethi that she should leave Aakash because she can never become a mother and he will eventually forget about her and find someone else who will be able to give him children. Do you think Ekadish has a right to ask Meethi to leave?

Episode 1402

Meethi and Damini both pack their bags and leave for the bus stop.

Monday 19 October 2020

Episode 1403

Aakash goes out looking for Meethi.

Episode 1404

Mukta tells everyone that she saw Damini and Meethi on a bus and gives them the bus number.

Tuesday 20 October 2020

Episode 1405

Damini and Meethi board a train that has a bomb on it.

Episode 1406 Part 1 (1 Hour)

Fida's husband lies and tells her that he will be in the 4th compartment of the train and that if she loves him then she should blast the bomb so that they can die together. 

Wednesday 21 October 2020

Episode 1406 Part 2 (1 Hour)

Just as the train is about to reach Jammu station, the bomb blasts.

Episode 1407

Rathore and Aakash search for Meethi in the rescue tents but are unable to find her.

Thursday 22 October 2020

Episode 1408

Damini shouts at Aakash for not coming to stop Meethi from leaving in the first place. 

Episode 1409

An unconscious Meethi is rescued from the river by a stranger.

Friday 23 October 2020

Episode 1410

Meethi comes to find out that she is in Pakistan.

Episode 1411

Ashfaque promises to keep Meethi safe until he can find a way to get her back to India.

Monday 26 October 2020

Episode 1412

Aakash comes home and is shocked to see that everyone is in white and mourning for Meethi.

Episode 1413

Ashfaque and his family prepare for his sister Nusrat's wedding.

Tuesday 27 October 2020

Episode 1414

Maiyya is shocked when Aakash tells her that he knows the truth about why Meethi left.

Episode 1415

All the guests arrive at Nusrat's Mehndi ceremony.

Wednesday 28 October 2020

Episode 1416

Ansari becomes very suspicious of Meethi but Asgar arranges a fake passport for Meethi under the name of Fida. What do you think Asgar is up to?

Episode 1417

Meethi cries as she misses Aakash and her family very much.

Thursday 29 October 2020

Episode 1418

Meethi realizes that Nusrat is not happy and is being forced into marriage.

Episode 1419

Kajri goes to Maiyya’s room and finds the CD.

Friday 30 October 2020

Episode 1420

Meethi tells Nusrat to let everyone know that she is not happy and wants to marry someone else, but Nusrat declines saying that she does not want to upset her father and maybe this is her destiny.

Episode 1421

Nusrat's parents are angry to find out that she loves someone else and worry about what society will think when they find out that their daughter loves a man with no money or status.

True Love airs on Glow TV on StarSat and OpenView from Mondays to Fridays at 20h00 and 20h30.



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