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The Vow Teasers - June 2020

Written by TVSA Team from the blog The Vow Teasers on 27 May 2020
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Coming up on The Vow (Banoo Main Teri Dulhann) this June 2020:

Monday 1 June 2020
Episode 66

Uma thinks Vydia is lonely and decides to get her remarried. Will Vydia agree to this? Lalaan tries to bring Mahua and Kartik together but Heera is a step ahead of him.  

Tuesday 2 June 2020
Episode 67

Vidya decides to leave the house because of the family's pressure for her to get married. Vydia finds herself stuck between a rock and a hard place. Will she make the right decision for her future?

Wednesday 3 June 2020
Episode 68

Vydia agrees to the family's demands to marry Thushar. Their wedding is quickly set up, Sindoora is happy because she is finally getting rid of Vydia. 

Thursday 4 June 2020
Episode 69

It is Tushar and Vydia's wedding. Vydia poisons herself in order to save herself from an undesired marriage. Sagar arrives at the wedding and is shocked at Vydia’s state. Tushar decides to leave the house for the sake of peace. 

Friday 5 June 2020
Episode 70

Vydia receives good news about Sagar’s condition. Vydia wrongly thing Anikek to be the one behind Sagar’s situation. 

Monday 8 June 2020
Episode 71

Vydia realises that she does not have much time left to take Sagar to Singapore. She is then forced to go against her morals in order to lead Sagar into a new happy life.

Tuesday 9 June 2020
Episode 72

Sindoora realises that Vydia and Sagar went to Singapore without the family’s consent. They arrive in Singapore but soon find themselves in a difficult situation again. Will they be successful in their plans?

Wednesday 10 June 2020
Episode 73

Sindoora is at it again, she tries to stop Sagar and Vydia from going on with the operation. Sindoora’s men manage to capture Sagar.

Thursday 11 June 2020
Episode 74

Sagar’s operation is a success. This however brings sorrow to Vydia’s life; Sagar has no memory of her or their time together, how will she deal with this difficult situation. 

Friday 12 June 2020
Episode 75

Sagar’s family decide that the best way to help him recover is by hiding the truth about Vydia from him. On the other end Vydia’s bumps into Dj who promises to help her out of her situation. 

Monday 15 June 2020
Episode 76

Vydia successfully escapes Singapore and arrives at the Sigh doorstep. To help with Sagar’s recovery she is forced to live as a servant in her own home. The family keeps telling lies after lies to cover things up. 

Tuesday 16 June 2020
Episode 77

Uma and Aniket try to reveal the truth to Sagar but Sindoora always gets in the way. Will they ever find out about her devious intentions? 

Wednesday 17 June 2020
Episode 78

Sagar insists that Vydia bring her husband to the family.  Sindoora brings a shocking surprise to the family, all to cover their lies up. To what extend will Sindoora go to bring separation between Sagar and Vydia?

Thursday 18 June 2020
Episode 79

Sindoora’s plans to pin Heera for her crimes turns into a success. Sagar agrees to Mahua and Lalaan getting married. He then turns around and decides to reveal the truth about his intentions. 

Friday 19 June 2020
Episode 80

Lalaan reveals the culprit behind deceiving Mahua. Sagar finds out the truth about his true relations to Vydia. After Sagar’s breakdown, Sindoora suggests that Vydia be sent away from Sagar. 

Monday 22 June 2020
Episode 81

Vydia recalls all the good memories she had with Sagar. With the desire to make Sagar happy she decides to leave the house. Sagar’s reaction to this surprises her. 

Tuesday 23 June 2020
Episode 82

Sindoora sets a trap for Vydia but she is shocked when Vydia beats her at her own game. Vydia takes a leap and decides to learn how to read and write for Sagar’s sake.

Wednesday 24 June 2020
Episode 83

Each of Sindoora’s plans seem to be falling out of place, nothing she does succeeds. She brings out Vydia’s weakness; that she cannot read. 

Thursday 25 June 2020
Episode 84

Sagar and Vydia's different social status seems to be getting in the way of their happiness. Despite this challenge the two come closer to each other. 

Friday 26 June 2020
Episode 85

Sagar reveals his initial intentions with Vydia to her. How will Vydia react to this? Vydia receives a call informing her of Sagar’s life being in danger. 

Monday 29 June 2020
Episode 86

Vydia confronts Sindoora, letting her know of her knowledge about her conspiracies. She then threatens to reveal Sindoora’s secret to the whole family. Will she succeed in her plans?

Tuesday 30 June 2020
Episode 87

Aniket finds out about Sindoora’s hidden secrets. Sindoora’s plan to hurt Sagar affect Aniket instead, landing him in a critical situation. 
Episodes of The Vow airs on Zee World from Mondays to Fridays at 16h00.


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