Cough up more or lose your show! - MultiChoice's message to Lockdown fans

Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 30 Jan 2020
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What MultiChoice has done with Lockdown is truly shocking and sickening. They regularly hit viewers with nasty, manipulative moves but this Lockdown situation is an all-time new low. They deserve to be in Lockdown for it!

Season 5 starts today but only on streamer Showmax so DStv Compact and Compact Plus viewers without Showmax have to pay an extra R49 per month PLUS data/bandwidth if they want to continue watching.

Showmax is free for Premium subscribers but Compact and Compact Plus viewers have to pay for it.

This means that those viewers who've watched four seasons (52 episodes) on Mzansi Magic and 1Magic now have to fork out extra cash so they can continue watching a show they've supported for years and turned into a success. 

I just can't get my head around the fact that anyone could think this is a Good idea. I mean, picture the boardroom meeting that resulted in it:

Someone literally must have said: "Hey, I know!... let's put the new season on Showmax "exclusively" so fans can't see it if they can't or won't pay extra.

AND let's premiere it at the end of Januworry when everyone's broke!

*Rapturous applause all round* "Yes, yes - brilliant idea!"

It makes my blood boil.

It's just more of the same of their "now you see it, now you don't" treatment and I honestly don't understand why they have to make things so difficult and unfair for their loyal DStv subscribers. 

I'm absolutely 100% convinced that MultiChoice would be much more successful as a long-term business if they didn't. It would buy them goodwill from their subscribers, which would directly impact on their coffers. 

They have a good product at the centre of their service: the PVR doesn't need bandwidth, which makes it unique, and its recording abilities have always been impressive but their management of channels and shows is such a mess I don't see how it's sustainable. 

This is what they need to do:

1. SIMPLIFY. Have two DStv packages: Compact and Premium.

2. Both must have the same channels and shows (excluding sport). 

3. Ditch any channels that have two viewers.

4. Compact can have selected sports channels.

5. Premium can have all sports channels and Showmax. This is what Premium subscribers will pay extra for.

6. Compact and Premium can have different shows from Showmax and vice versa. They can also have some of the same shows but shows will NEVER be ripped away from anyone EVER. 

This would build trust in them and a sense of unity amongst South African viewers.

Do you agree that this is how to fix things? 

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30 Jan 2020 12:29

Lol. People must not pay for this. They're only sabotaging themselves and the talent. We'll move on to something else (even if it's a's not like they fall short there). I'm sure in a year or 2 or 5 we'll get to see this season, no loss.

30 Jan 2020 12:31

Even with all the good solutions they may get (especially having just two packages) they won't listen. They know "better" than us viewers and payers

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