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Die Vreemdeling Teasers - September 2019

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Die Vreemdeling Teasers on 12 Aug 2019
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Coming up on Die Vreemdeling in September 2019:

Monday 2 September 2019
Episode 36

Korhan wonders who the people in the painting really are, since they're not his grandparents. Tahsin still doesn't explain but he wants him to know that he'll answer this question in court. Cesur's mother watches the wedding video where she sees the painting of her in-laws but Sirin changes the conversation.

Tahsin checks the painting in his living room and notices that it has no stamp, which means it is a fake. He is relieved and he decides to testify. Suhan accidentally finds the ring Cesur was going to give her before he could give it to her. It fell from his pocket in Istanbul.

Cesur, Rifat, and Banu's mother tell the police that Tahsin is lying. Suhan tells Bulent she never wants to see Bulent again.

Tuesday 3 September 2019
Episode 37

Tahsin burns the fake painting in his room while Cesur hangs the original painting in his house. Tahsin intercepts the postman before the letter from Adalet's brother can reach Cesur. Korhan is following Hulya. He sees her meeting Cahide and Cahide touches her belly. Cahide says she has some documents to give. 

Tahsin wants to make peace and says he misses Suhan. Cesur says he'll only be forgiven if he tells the truth. Suhan believes that her father was sincere when he came to tell he missed her, but Cesur thinks he has an alternative agenda.

Korhan takes Hulya to the police station because he wants to hear the truth. Hulya makes up a story that a man wanted her to go to the Korludag farm and get information about their lives in exchange for money.

Hulya escapes from the police station, saying she needs to use the bathroom. 

Wednesday 4 September 2019
Episode 38

Cesur is after the letter and visits the post office. Adalet has organized everything beforehand and she gets the news that Cesur is there as soon as he enters the post office. Mihriban is trying to persuade the citizens to stand against Tahsin and claim their rights back. 

Korhan talks to Suhan to tell her what happened and he is convinced Cesur is behind it. Suhan has enough and refuses to talk. She's tired of not being able to trust Cesur or Tahsin. Workers of Suhan's atelier, who stopped working because Tahsin wanted them to, get back to work after Cesur speaks to them.

A lot of people make complaints against Tahsin at the attorney general’s office. Sirin makes a mistake and orders the wrong perfume bottles. Some men break the windows of Suhan's and Adalet's shops. Tahsin files a complaint against Cesur. 

Thursday 5 September 2019
Episode 39

The whole family stops the fire together. Suhan wants her father to give the people their rights back. He declines her requests and doesn't want her to return home as long as she's with Cesur. Korhan sees Suhan as the only solution; he wants Suhan to talk to Cesur to make him give up on his revenge plot. 

Suhan finds the picture of herself and Sirin with the painting of Cesur's grandparents. Cesur has been keeping it as an evidence. Suhan asks Cesur if he'd give up on his revenge if he was loved with her. Necla tells Cesur that someone from the prison sent him a letter and it might be Turhan.

Hulya threatens Korhan with the photos. If she doesn't get the passport back, she'll send the pictures to newspapers. Banu and Cesur visit Turhan in prison but he tells them he didn't send the letter. Suhan and Sirin hear Adalet talking on the phone. She's asking if Cesur had the chance to see Riza.

Friday 6 September 2019
Episode 40

Suhan leaves Korludag for a while, saying she needs some time alone. Korhan and Hulya's naked pictures are published. Suhan is invited to an exhibiton; there, Cesur has organized a dinner. Everyone thought Suhan was in London but Sirin helped Cesur with a plan.

Riza is transferred to another prison so Cesur cannot reach him. Cesur gives Suhan a personalized calendar he started working on the day after he met her. Everything that happened between them is marked on the calendar. Cesur tells Suhan he loves her.

Rifat's car gets hit by a truck. Korhan says he’ll sue Hulya. He is sure that she must have roofied him; he wouldn’t betray Cahide. Tahsin’s men and Rifat, who have been following them, make the car accident happen. Riza, who was being transfered by Tahsin’s men, escapes.

Monday 9 September 2019
Episode 41

The new attorney general comes to Korludag’s place to get Adalet’s testimony. The attorney general talks to Adalet and says that Riza ran away. Tahsin and Adalet act like they don’t know anything. Suhan visits her father’s farm and asks about the letter meant for Cesur while the attorney general is there. 

Cahide becomes afraid; the attorney general said Hulya will be interrogated. Salih and Tete celebrate Suhan’s birthday. Cahide asks for Bulent’s help to find Hulya’s passport. Rifat’s son blames Cesur for the accident, that it happened because of him. 

Bulent looks at the safety box in Korhan’s room in the hopes of finding the passport. Everyone gathers at the attorney general’s office, including Hulya. Tahsin is being interrogated on everything. Tahsin tells the attorney general that Cesur must have something to do with Riza running away. 

Tuesday 10 September 2019
Episode 42

Adalet visits the depot and remembers the past. The attorney general seems to believe Tahsin and not Cesur. Tahsin tears down Suhan’s pictures. At Cesur’s place, there’s a party waiting for him. Finally, they show each other their love openly. Suhan tells him she has trust in their relationship.

Cahide warns Hulya not to leave her hotel room, but she does so anyway and goes to a bar Korhan is in. He begs her to talk and starts to record her voice. Hulya admits totally different things than he expected.

The truck driver involved in Riza and Rifat’s accident is found. Rifat’s son, Can, gets into his dad’s garage and finds a gun. Cesur sees this from the safety of his home via security camera footage.

Wednesday 11 September 2019
Episode 43

Rifat’s son goes into Tahsin Korludag’s place. He gets in saying he’s one of his men’s son. Can points the gun at Tahsin but Cesur gets there on time. He pulls the trigger but the gun is empty. The truck driver who got caught lies and says Cesur is behind everything.

The police manager receives evidence from the truck driver and he takes Tahsin Korludag under custody for helping Riza escape.  Korhan notices that the letter he had from the past is lost. Cahide took it. Cahide visits Cesur’s place. 

Cesur requests an autopsy. He wants to prove his father was murdered. Mutlu Sepici, the man who transported Riza, surrenders. The judge decides Tahsin has nothing to do with the issue, he gets let out after Mutlu’s statement.

Thursday 12 September 2019
Episode 44

Can, Rifat Ilbey’s son who pointed a gun at Tahsin Korludag, is released. Suhan and Cesur disagree on whether Tahsin Korludag has something to do with Riza’s escape or not. Rifat gets better. Hulya wants to have a coffee with the new police manager to give him clues but he refuses.

Bulent and Banu have dinner together. Riza learns from Turhan that his sister, Adalet, is married to Tahsin Korludag now. He starts to research Korludag. Mihriban hears about the letter that Korhan has while he was looking for it. She sees from the records the Karahasanoglu stamp. 

Hulya bribes hotel staff to upload a program from a USB stick to the police manager’s computer. Both stay at the same hotel and she finds a way to distract him and get him out of his room to put her plan into action. Turns out the old police manager is behind this. 

Friday 13 September 2019
Episode 45

Cesur visits Suhan in Istanbul without letting her know beforehand. They have a discussion and he tells her about the letter. If Suhan finds out that it is Cesur’s father suicide note, Cesur will give up on autopsy and his revenge. 

The program copies all of the new police manager’s data but he seems clean. Cesur’s autopsy request is approved. Cesur replies to the new police officer’s email by telling him about the letter Korhan is hiding. Tahsin Korludag also receives the email through the program they installed.

Suhan calls Cesur to tell about the letter and tell him to “investigate us,” meaning it’s not a suicide letter. Cesur was right. Tahsin takes the letter from Korhan and tears it.  Tahsin visits the orphanage but once he’s there he refuses to go inside. Cesur is there when his father is taken out of the grave.

Monday 16 September 2019
Episode 46

Cesur receives a letter that tells him he is on the right track and not to give up. The sender is unknown.  Korhan wants to touch Cahide’s belly for the first time. She doesn’t allow it, acting like she can’t forget what happened between him and Hulya.

Riza gets impatient; he wants Cesur to kill Tahsin Korludag. Adalet gets a letter saying: “I’m watching you.” Korhan and Cahide are poisoned. Mihriban sees Cahide vomiting and she takes her to the hospital. Cahide doesn’t want Korhan to know about it but Mihriban informs him.

Cesur gets the autopsy report; it says his father was shot. Cahide requests an ultrasound check from under the blanket. She’s about to admit to Korhan that she’s not pregnant. At that moment, they hear the baby’s heartbeat.

Tuesday 17 September 2019
Episode 47

Riza is at Shan’s glassmaking atelier. The police manager talks to Suhan, Cesur, and Mihriban. He wants to find out why Mihriban wanted to talk to Riza when he was in prison. Cesur suddenly suspects why the program he installed for the Korludag’s suddenly started to work on his computer. 

Riza visits the place of the incident. He remembers the moment where Tahsin Korludag made him hang down from the second floor, saying he’ll let him fall if he doesn’t do what he says. Tahsin Korludag also gets an envelope from Riza, but Korhan doesn’t realize it and puts it aside.

Riza wants Cesur to win over Tahsin Korludag. Tahsin swears to make Riza and Cesur the victims of their own revenge plots. Cahide visits the doctor to find out when she became pregnant; turns out she has been pregnant for 8-9 weeks. 

Wednesday 18 September 2019
Episode 48

Suhan finds the letter Riza sent her father. It says, “There’s not much left, Tahsin Korludag.” Mihriban hears from the former police officers about the IP search and Cesur finds it interesting. They wonder how he knows about it.

The police bust the address they found from the IP address. Cesur and Kemal, who wait outside, see two men running away and follow them. Cesur catches one of the guys and remembers seeing him before. The police find a laptop on the rooftop. 

Cesur and Suhan spend the night together in Istanbul. They decide not to talk about bad guys and instead, dream about their future. It is evident the police manager’s laptop was hacked. Cesur blames Tahsin Korludag. 

Thursday 19 September 2019
Episode 49

Hulya, who couldn’t reach Cahide for a while, finds her. She feels something is wrong but Cahide doesn’t tell her that she’s pregnant.  A beggar stops in front of Tahsin Korludag’s car and gives him a note. It says, “Adalet is captured at the fabric,” is written on it. “She’s going to die if you don’t come,” the man says.

Fugen is kidnapped while Sirin and the caretaker try to move wood from the road and open the way. Tahsin goes into the fabric to search for Adalet. Adalet arrives at the pharmacy, safe and sound. A woman is hanging from a cage. 

The cage is opened; Cesur’s mother falls down to the ground as Cesur and the police manager arrive. Cesur looks up and sees Tahsin on the upper floor. Cesur attacks Tahsin and he says he’ll kill him.  Mihriban receives a letter from Tahsin from prison. 

Friday 20 September 2019
Episode 50

A man in the same prison cell as Tahsin tells him that people are competing to kill him. Suhan sees a picture of Cesur and this reminds her of the day his mother died and Cesur wanted her to leave. He said he sees the daughter of his parents’ murderer when he looks at her.

At breakfast, Cahide says Suhan should give up on Cesur because he has been away for 45 days now.  Riza is in prison again. He gets two visitors: Cesur and Banu. Riza tells them what he remembers from that night. Cesur says he’ll punish Tahsin with his own hands.

The traditional spring fair in Korludag starts. Suhan sees Cesur’s car from afar and notices him but Cesur leaves. Cesur rides on a horse and Suhan is driving around to find him. They have an accident. 

Monday 23 September 2019
Episode 51

Suhan hits her head and they go to Cesur’s house to treat the wound. They talk for the first time after Cesur’s mother’s death. Suhan explains it was Riza who killed Cesur’s mother but this just makes him angry.

Sirin tells Cesur that his house has been locked since the he left. Adalet visits Tahsin in prison and tells him Cesur is back in town. Cesur collects his mother’s stuff and leaves.

The police manager tells Korhan and Suhan that Riza’s letters and the paper in Tahsin’s office match. Now they suspect Tahsin of writing the letters. Tahsin’s roommates in prison taunt Tahsin.

Tuesday 24 September 2019
Episode 52

Cesur meets Salih at the supermarket and asks him where he really was the day his mother was murdered. Sirin talks to Cesur and wants to know what will happen to him and Suhan. Kemal tries to get Cesur to talk about what he’s going through but it seems he’s the one that needs to talk.

Cahide believes it was Korhan who wrote the letters. Adalet begs Mihriban to help Tahsin by testifying he didn’t Cesur’s mother. Kemal and Cesur drink together and walk to the fair. They carry Cesur, who’s very drunk, home. Suhan and Cesur spend the night together.

It’s the day of the trial. Tahsin, Sirin, Salih, Mihriban and Cesur testify. Cesur, to everybody’s surprise, says he didn’t see Tahsin pushing his mother to her death. 

Wednesday 25 September 2019
Episode 53

Tahsin gets released, pending trial. Suhan and Tahsin talk at the fair. He reiterates that he has nothing to do with the issue. It was a trap, he says. Cesur abducts Tahsin and brings him to the cliff where his father died. Tahsin has lost a lot of blood and is in surgery.

Adalet blames Suhan for being in this with Cesur. Suhan says it was someone else who shot her father. The police want to interrogate Rifat, as they suspect he shot him.

Hulya appears at the hospital. She wants to talk to Cahide. Tahsin wakes up and Suhan updates him on what has been happening. Tahsin will not file a complaint against Cesur. Cesur thinks someone wanted to stop Tahsin from telling him the truth.

Thursday 26 September 2019
Episode 54

Tahsin is trying to figure out what really happened by talking to Korhan; he wants to know where each one of the family members were at the time of the incident. Cahide doesn’t know what she’ll do from now on. She talks to Bulent about her situation.

Kemal thinks that Rifat shot Tahsin, as he was the only one who wasn’t around. The rifle used to shoot Tahsin is found. It is registered under Mihriban’s name. Mihriban notices that it isn’t at home anymore when she looks for it after the police asks her about it.

Hulya goes to the house in Nisantasi. Suhan is at home. Hulya hits Suhan on her head to knock her out. Tahsin suspects Bulent and Mihriban. Mihriban says if her intention was to kill Tahsin, she’d have done it years ago. It is revealed that Adalet talked to Riza. 

Friday 27 September 2019
Episode 55

Cesur and Suhan fight and she refuses to go back to their house. Hulya goes to the farm to talk to Cahide. Cahide arranges a hospital in Antalya for Hulya. They get caught by Adalet while talking. Suhan suddenly asks if Hulya has the keys of the house in Nisantas?

Adalet goes to visit Riza, Tahsin finds out. Riza says he’ll be a witness and say that Tahsin killed Cesur’s father. If Adalet does the same, Tahsin will be in prison. Riza tries to persuade Adalet. Hulya agrees to go to Antalya, but before she leaves, she goes into labor.

Korhan checks Tahsin out of the hospital. Instead of taking him home, he drives Tahsin to a place where Tahsin “stole his childhood.”  Suhan and Cesur arrive as they talk. Cesur, Suhan and Korhan are now expecting Tahsin to talk. Tahsin asks if Suhan will leave Cesur for sure if he tells her everything.

Monday 30 September 2019
Episode 56

Tahsin asks if Suhan will leave Cesur if he reveals everything. It turns out, Salih was sending messages to Riza using newspapers. He’s plotting against Tahsin. Adalet admits to the police manager that she killed Cesur’s father and she calls Cesur to let him know what she has done.

Suhan is back at her father's house. Tahsin did what Suhan wanted and told the truth. Now it's time for Suhan to get a divorce. Cesur still blames Tahsin, although Adalet revealed that she was the one who killed Cesur's father.

Riza is released. He has a message from Salih, saying “I’m waiting at the same place as last time.” Adalet is in prison. Hulya gave birth. Hulya doesn't accept Cahide's offer to pay her and her baby money as much as they need. They have a fight and Hulya hits Cahide on her belly.

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