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New! Die Vreemdeling Teasers - July 2019

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Die Vreemdeling Teasers on 15 Jul 2019
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e's new dubbed Afrikaans telenovela Die Vreemdeling (The Stranger) premieres on and eExtra today (15 July) - the first time an Afrikaans novela will be airing on

It starts on at 17h30 and on eExtra at 19h50.

Check out today's New Shows and Seasons to find out all about it: New on TV Today (15 July)

These are the first teasers:

Monday 15 July 2019
Episode 1

As Cesur Alemdaroglu drives his car towards the town outside of Istanbul, Korludag, he has a plan to get back his father’s stolen life.

A horse, out of control, jumps out on the road together with his rider. Cesur risks his own life to stop the horse and saves the girl. This is how Cesur and Suhan meet.

Not long after Cesur finds out that Suhan is Tahsin Korludag’s daughter, he decides to hunt down his enemy’s most vulnerable point. Suhan is a well raised woman who has created her own brand. 

As Cesur understands that what happened to Suhan wasn’t an accident, he notices that Tahsin Korludag has one more enemy.  What burns at Tahsin Korludag’s “traditional” birthday celebrations will change everybody’s fate...

Tuesday 16 July 2019
Episode 2

More than Cesur ever wanted comes true. Tahsin Korludag, who owes Cesur his life, opens the doors of his house to Cesur.

Suhan becomes interested in who this mysterious man is: there’s something about him that bothers her. 

She starts to follow him secretly. She’s not aware that he's leaving traces that will lead her to a trap. Suhan is the hunted and Cesur is the hunter. 

Wednesday 17 July 2019
Episode 3

Kemal shows Sirin the barbed wire that was found under the saddle of Suhan's horse. Korhan tells the family that he saw Cesur and Banu at the family celebration. Suhan searches for the club opening party pictures online and she finds Cesur and Banu's photo. 

Cesur attends Tahsin Korludag's birthday party  uninvited and introduces himself. Cesur gives Tahsin Korludag the official paper as his "birthday gift".   

Bulent arrives at Cesur's place. He's drunk. He locks Cesur's door from the outside and starts a fire. At the same time, Tahsin and Cesur are having coffee inside the house. The Korludag family notices the fire and rush to Cesur's place.

Thursday 18 July 2019
Episode 4

Tahsin blames Kemal, who is being interrogated, for starting the fire. Suhan wants the household to take good care of Cesur, as he's more than a guest and they're very grateful for Cesur who saved Mr. Tahsin's life. Suhan takes care of Cesur's wounds. 

Bulent is at a night club in Istanbul. Suhan calls him and says she wasn't ready for the proposal. Bulent says he won't be around for a while to pull himself together.

Bulent and Hulya watch each other from afar and seem to be attracted to each other. 

Friday 19 July 2019
Episode 5

Cahide visits Hulya's place, where Bulent spent the night. She doesn't see Bulent as he leaves from the back door but she notices Hulya spent the night with a man during her pregnancy and gets mad at her. 

Cesur sees the painting of his father in the living room and asks if they're original. Tahsin Korludag tells him he got the painting and the one in Cesur's room from his family. He plans to take away the most important thing for Mr. Tahsin: Suhan Korludag.

Cesur asks Suhan the same question he asked before: he wants Suhan to tell him why she rejected Bulent's proposal. He tells her he can read her body language and is sure that Suhan will marry him one day.

Monday 22 July 2019
Episode 6

Cesur doesn’t stay for dinner when he finds out Suhan is out for dinner with Bulent. He goes to the restaurant where they are. 

Adalet hears a voice in front of their house at night. She and Mr. Tahsin go out and see that Mihriban is burning the wedding dress Mr. Tahsin sent her before, as a revenge. 

Cesur tells Suhan that he’ll be in town and she takes Sirin’s car to follow him secretly. Cesur knows he is being followed because Rifat tells him. In fact, they both arranged everything. 

Korhan comes home and finds Cahide talking on the phone to someone, calling this person “my dear”. Korhan gets jealous and takes the phone. Cahide gets out of the bathtub to take it back, slips and falls.

Tuesday 23 July 2019
Episode 7

Korhan finds the phone Cahide uses to communicate with Hulya and calls the last dialled number. Hulya picks up and improvises. Korhan is relieved to find out that Cahide wasn’t secretly having an affair, but calling her nurse, Ayse, as Hulya calls herself.

Cesur and Suhan have dinner together. Suhan shares stories of her childhood, memories, and parents. It’s a rainy day so they decide to stay in Istanbul and drive back the next day. They go to Suhan’s place and drink cherry liqueur slowly get closer and closer. 

Tahsin Korludag finds Korhan alone and drunk at a bar. They argue and Korhan tells his father that he knows he never had a family and that all the stories about the paintings and the fire are lies.

Wednesday 24 July 2019
Episode 8

Hulya visits Cahide at the hospital. The doctor makes a recording of the baby to show it to the Korludag family the next day.  

Cesur tells Mr. Tahsin that he won’t be staying in their home anymore and will work from the hotel in town instead. He doesn’t say goodbye to Suhan when he leaves.

Cahide’s doctor is found dead in the forest. Bulent tells Suhan that it’s hard to stay business partners after what happened between Tahsin and Mihriban. They agree that they should be the ones to take care of their parents to provide peace.

Thursday 25 July 2019
Episode 9

The police officer tells Mr. Tahsin they found something belonging to their family in the doctor’s car. Bulent is also there when the police officer talks to the family. Cahide tells the police officer that Ayse is her nurse and that she had asked the doctor a copy of the record. 

Rifat commits a robbery at Suhan’s place to steal is grandparents' painting. Cesur organizes it all because he saw Suhan entering the entrance password during his visit to her place. Cesur himself stays in Korludag, so that people can’t suspect him.

Cesur and Rifat put their plan into action: they enter Korludag’s house at a time when there should be no one at home. Suhan falls down on her way to work and comes back home unexpectedly. 

Friday 26 July 2019
Episode 10

Cahide goes to Hulya’s place and it’s Bulent who opens the door.  Bulent says he knows she’s not pregnant. He suspects that they might have killed the doctor but Hulya gets mad and yells at him. Cahide asks Bulent how much he wants to get paid to keep her secret but it’s only Suhan he wants.

Cahide tries to persuade Suhan that Cesur is a suspicious man and wants her to see Bulent as an innocent man. Sirin, on the other hand tells her there’s nothing wrong with Cesur and Suhan should listen to her heart. 

Mr. Tahsin stares at the painting in the living room which Cesur replaced with a replica as if there was something wrong with it.

Monday 29 July 2019
Episode 11

Banu is in Cesur’s room, wearing a bathrobe. When Suhan arrives, Banu calls her to tell her that her zipper is broken, so Suhan goes up to the room. 

Cahide wants to invite Bulent for dinner too, when she finds out that Cesur is invited. Suhan sees this as a good opportunity and tries to make Cesur jealous. 

Suhan visits the bank to find out if Cesur has enough money in his account and it appears he doesn’t. 

Adalet visits an old woman at the residential service. The woman tells her that evil people were punished. Cesur’s mother is at the same place and Cesur sees Adalet leaving.  

Tuesday 30 July 2019
Episode 12

Suhan goes to the police station to investigate Rifat because he told her he was a former police officer. At the same time, Mr. Tahsin is there to investigate Cesur to see if he has any relation to Hasan Karahasanoglu.

Suhan breaks into Rifat’s atelier. Cesur sees her from the camera and lets Rifat know. Rifat arrives just in time because Suhan is about to open the boxes with the paintings that Rifat and Cesur stole.

Suhan tells him she found out about his lie, that she knows that he and Cesur knew each other before her accident. 

Suhan finds out that Rifat was fired from the police station because of robbery.

Wednesday 31 July 2019
Episode 13

Suhan remembers a scene from her childhood. She sees her mother yelling at her father, calling him a liar and slapping his face. Cesur repeats his offer to be a partner of the Korludag family. He’ll give his land’s worth gold in return. 

Suhan tells Cesur she rushed to decisions with him and apologizes. She runs off and Cesur drives after her to find out what is wrong. Suhan shows him a screenshot where Rifat is carrying the same box in front of her house in Istanbul, which he had when he entered their house in Korludag. 

Sirin invites Cesur for a drink and leaves him alone with Suhan. He tells her not to run to Bulent just to stay away from him. Suhan accuses him of trying to hide his real agenda but Cesur says he’s only trying to keep the promise he made to his mother, which is to bring her to Korludag. 

Premiere episodes of Die Vreemdeling air on from Mondays to Fridays at 17h30 and on eExtra at 19h50.

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