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The Wild Teasers - July 2019

Written by TVSA Team from the blog The Wild on and eExtra Teasers on 15 Jul 2019
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Please note: The 18h00 broadcast of The Wild has been pulled from and moves to eExtra from Monday, 15 July at 18h05 (see our note on 15 July below).

The 13h30 broadcast of The Wild on remains unchanged.

Coming up on The Wild this July 2019:

Monday 1 July 2019
Episode 116

Jack's attempts to get Itumeleng to confess to illegal hunting and Kate's violent confrontation with Lindsay has catastrophic consequences. Marang wises up to Zweli's past and makes a drastic decision about her future. After a night of passion with Ashwin, Bernie's left wondering where exactly they stand.

Tuesday 2 July 2019
Episode 117

With Kate's life hanging in the balance, Tristan is forced to make a difficult choice. Jack blames himself for Kate's accident. A sombre cloud descends on Dinaledi in the wake of the crash.  Itumeleng seizes an opportunity to get rid of some of the evidence against him.  

Wednesday 3 July 2019
Episode 118

Tristan reels in shock as Kate fights for her life in hospital. Karel is furious when he finds out the part Jack played in Kate's accident. Jack is convinced Itumeleng drove Kate off the bridge but he has no proof. Zweli realises that it's finally over between him and Marang. 

Thursday 4 July 2019
Episode 119

Kate regains consciousness, her unborn baby is unharmed - the family celebrates. But as her memory returns, she renews her resolve to tell Tristan about her affair. The arrival of VIP guests threatens to unsettle the newly appointed Ashwin, much to Lindsay's secret delight. 

Friday 5 July 2019
Episode 120

Tristan has a change of heart regarding Jack, just as Kate is deciding to reveal the truth about the affair. But then Kate and Tristan's lives change forever. Marang struggles to define her relationship with her family, but she has found a new decisiveness. Isaac finds his authority being undermined by Ashwin's lies. 

Monday 8 July 2019
Episode 121

Kate arrives back home from the hospital, in denial about the loss of her baby. She blocks all Tristan's attempts to reach out to her, and their relationship suffers. Tiro doesn't appreciate that Lelo is serious about learning to cook.

Tuesday 9 July 2019
Episode 122

Lelo start to sneaks around on Tiro for a good cause. Isaac and Ashwin's feud escalates. The Van Reenen family starts to fall apart, as Tristan tries to find out Kate's secret. She slips deeper and deeper into denial while Jack is forced to relive a tragic moment.

Wednesday 10 July 2019
Episode 123

Kate blames herself for the death of their son; Tristan struggles to reach out to her. Tristan's grief forces Tiro to assume a more active role in the White Lion Project. Itumeleng presses ahead with plans for an official launch of the Kwena Bridge, much to Modise's disgust.

Thursday 11 July 2019
Episode 124

Despite attempts to reach out to each other, the rift between Tristan and Kate continues to grow. Tristan's taking serious strain and Karel takes matters into his own hands. Isaac is the only one who doesn't find Ashwin's pranks funny and tensions run high amongst the rangers

Friday 12 July 2019
Episode 125

An old and good friend of Kate's comes to her rescue much to Tristan's dismay. Regent Chief Mogorosi visits the lodge and fuels Itumeleng's fire to be crowned. Ashwin and a VIP guest continue to flirt, while he and Nelson plot against Isaac.

Monday 15 July 2019
Episode 126
Please note: The 18h00 broadcast of The Wild moves to eExtra from tonight where it will air at 18h05 from Mondays to Fridays.

The Afrikaans telenovela Die Vreemdeling replaces it on, airing from 17h30 to 18h30, Mondays to Fridays.

Tristan doesn't come home and misses an important interview with the press. He struggles to reach out to Kate. Nina doubts whether her efforts are making a difference. Modise questions Peter, the inspector’s decision concerning the signing off of the bridge and suspects corruption.

Tuesday 16 July 2019
Episode 127

Tristan's denial spirals out of control with possibly disastrous consequences. Mogorosi is forced to lie to Isaac when he's pressed for information about Isaac's father. And Isaac thinks he's finally found a leopard for the Khumalos, but Ashwin and Nelson are one step ahead of him.

Wednesday 17 July 2019
Episode 128

Itumeleng and the community celebrate the bridge opening. Itumeleng revels in his success and draws Modise and Isaac closer to him. Meanwhile the feud between Mama Rose and Mogorosi reaches a head. Kate wants out.

Thursday 18 July 2019
Episode 129

The shattered Van Reenens and the entire community mount a full scale search for Amber. Isaac continues relentlessly to dig up his family's past, as a close family friend struggles to keep it buried.

Friday 19 July 2019
Episode 130

Tristan makes a decision that leaves Kate out of the loop. Karel tells Kate about the day Tristan met her. In her ever failing attempts to conceal the truth, Mama Rose discovers a curious turn of events concerning RraTladi's will. Bernie's jealousy gets the better of her.

Monday 22 July 2019
Episode 131

Kate is forced to evaluate her life choices. The Tladis prepare for the reading of their father's will.  Bernie's attempted revenge plot backfires somewhat.

Tuesday 23 July 2019
Episode 132

After discovering a secret that could change Itumeleng’s life, a worrisome Itumeleng is caught between a rock and a hard place . Mama Rose worries about a dark secret she has been trying to conceal all these years.

Wednesday 24 July 2019
Episode 133

Zoe arrives at the lodge with a mysterious man. Tristan and Kate start rebuilding their marriage, Jack feels excluded, and Karel suggests he take charge of his life. Itumeleng is determined to see the will before anyone else.

Thursday 25 July 2019
Episode 134

Itumeleng plans to have his father's will doctored begin to unravel, while RraTladi's lawyer is caught up in the Tladi feud. Tiro hits it off with Zoe's rich fiancé Jason, while Lelo views the man and relationship with scepticism.

Friday 26 July 2019
Episode 135

Mama Rose and Mogorosi try to wrest the upper hand from Itumeleng and Modise by approaching RraTladi's lawyer. However their attempt backfires. Tiro grows increasingly frustrated with Tristan's absences and he is forced to turn to Jack for help when he discovers a poaching trap.  

Monday 29 July 2019
Episode 136

Itumeleng is outraged when he learns what is in RraTladi’s will. Modise continues to distance himself from Mama Rose.  Jack sets out to prove to Tiro that he wasn't involved in the recent poaching.

Tuesday 30 July 2019
Episode 137

Itumeleng kicks Norman and Mogorosi out of his office and as a result creates an unlikely alliance. Isaac confronts Itumeleng, but ends up having more questions instead of answers. Diksie returns to Dinaledi, and tries to get her old job back.

Wednesday 31 July 2019
Episode 138

Mama Rose continues to struggle to keep the lid on her secret, as she and Itumeleng bump heads. Jack gets a new lease on life through Tiro. Isaac wrestles with his role in the Tladi fold.

The Wild aired on from Mondays to Fridays at 18h00 until 12 July 2019. On Monday, 15 July 2019, it moved to eExtra and now airs on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 18h00.

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15 Jul 2019 11:10

Wow, I can't believe The Wild didn't succeed on!


This is what happens when a channel foists dated, cancelled shows on audiences. 

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