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Days of Our Lives Teasers - April 2018

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Days of Our Lives Teasers on 08 Mar 2018
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Coming up on Days of Our Lives this April 2018:
Monday 2 April 2018
Episode 12517
Daniel confronts Nicole about her true motivation in going after Serena without checking her sources – she’s still not over Eric. Later, Nicole runs into Eric, who tells her Serena did nothing wrong, but Nicole did.
Brady tells Maggie about his disastrous, yet fun date with Melanie. Meanwhile, Melanie hears Clint on the phone with Mandrake talking about Theresa and later Melanie runs into Theresa, and they have another unpleasant exchange. Earlier, Brady tells Theresa he is seeing Melanie now, and while she’s not surprised, she’s very hurt. 
Eve wants JJ to leave town to put distance between himself and Paige. JJ refuses and the two get very angry with each other. Meanwhile, Jennifer encounters Eve and is twigged that she seems to know more than Jennifer about JJ’s “mistake.”
Tuesday 3 April 2018
Episode 12518
Paige runs into JJ and asks if he’s thought about reconciling… and JJ, backed into a corner, tells her that sleeping with someone else wasn’t a one-time thing. In fact, he’s still seeing the girl he slept with. Paige is rocked. 
As Will completes the article on Paul, Sonny returns the baseball Paul once gave him. Paul admits to Sonny he has confided in someone about being gay. Paul insists Sonny’s always been the one for him. He wishes he could go back in time and come out of the closet then because he never would’ve lost Sonny.
Aiden, Hope, Chase and Ciara arrive at the vacation home Aiden shared with Meredith in Puget Sound. Aiden is clearly uneasy but he assures Hope it’s just old memories of his deceased wife. Once Hope and the kids leave for their respective trips, Aiden turns grim, ready to do what he came to accomplish. But as he takes out a shovel, Hope unexpectedly returns.
Wednesday 4 April 2018
Episode 12519
Paul tells Sonny his biggest regret isn’t losing his career – it’s losing Sonny. Sonny encourages him to move on. Paul takes a call from his mom and tells her what he’s kept from her for so long: he’s gay. 
Abigail walks in on Chad and Ben and overhears Chad repeat the cheap remarks he made to Ben to provoke him into a fight. Abigail’s hurt but promises she won’t tell Jordan what he said. Later, Chad gives Jordan the bad news – the D.A. isn’t dropping the charges against her brother. 
Paige runs into Cole and mentions how she’s considering Theresa’s advice to check JJ’s phone to find out who he slept with.  JJ and Eve have an angry encounter, both fighting the sexual tension just beneath the surface. 
Aiden is surprised when Hope returns, having forgotten her passport. He hides his nerves when she then learns she’ll be stuck with him at the vacation house overnight because the bridge is out. 
Thursday 5 April 2018
Episode 12520
Paul finally comes out to his mother and grandfather over the phone as Will quietly watches.  While things don’t go so well with his mother, Paul is touched by his grandfather’s words.  Sonny is gut-punched when he realizes Will has been sleeping with Paul!  Sonny takes off – and has a deadly encounter.
Serena makes a mysterious one-way call, and it’s revealed she intends to switch Eric’s elephant statue with an identical one of her own. Later, Eric drops by and admits he wants to take their relationship to the next level – tonight. 
Friday 6 April 2018
Episode 12521
Maggie and Victor are horrified when they find Sonny unconscious and bleeding in the town square.  Adrienne arrives and tries to contact Justin but he doesn’t pick up his phone. She turns to Lucas for support. As Sonny’s life hangs in the balance, Victor comforts Will, Lucas supports Maggie and Paul unknowingly donates blood to his ex-lover.
Lucas and Adrienne almost kiss and are flustered by their attraction.
Serena tries to talk Eric into making love at his apartment but he’s still set on the Green Mountain Lodge. 
Monday 9 April 2018
Episode 12522
While Daniel and Kayla struggle to save Sonny’s life in the operating room, Sonny’s loved ones wait anxiously for word. Will visits a sleeping Sonny and makes a loving declaration. He’s still in the room as Paul comes looking for Sonny, having unknowingly donated blood to him.
Melanie and Brady go home, and the reality of how short life can be hits them. They go to a hotel and make love for the first time. 
Tuesday 10 April 2018
Episode 12523
Theresa gets a visit from Eve, who is desperate to repair her relationship with her daughter. Meanwhile, Paige runs into JJ and again presses him to reveal the name of the girl he's been sleeping with. 
Hope challenges Aiden, saying she feels like he doesn't want her in the house. Aiden covers, then goes to run an errand. While he’s gone, Hope catches Bree trying to break in. 
Adrienne stops Paul from walking in on Sonny and Will. She’s frosty with him until she figures out it was Paul's blood that saved her son's life. As Paul pledges not to bother Sonny again, Sonny awakens and sees Will. Before he can speak a word, Sonny takes a turn for the worse.
Wednesday 11 April 2018
Episode 12524
Hope has found a tablet and note belonging to Aiden’s late wife, Meredith, and it seems to back up Bree’s accusations. However, Hope is not quick to throw Aiden under the bus. 
JJ tries to reach out to Daphne for help, but it’s no use, so he parties with Rory instead. They run into Cole, who manages to get JJ’s phone. Eve summons JJ and rails on him. Both are reeling over the loss of Paige, and in their own twisted way, they come together and comfort each other with sex. 
Sonny’s recovery appears to be in peril, but Kayla explains it’s just a reaction to the blood transfusion.  Abe asks Sonny what he remembers, and he locks eyes with Will. Meanwhile, Lucas continues to be there for Adrienne, and Kate notices their closeness, which prompts her to ask – what is going on between them?
Thursday 12 April 2018
Episode 12525
JJ and Eve have sex – but unlike the times they’ve done this before, their eyes are wide open now. Against this, Cole comes to Paige to say he knows who JJ has been sleeping with… but it turns out he has it wrong.
Sonny reveals to Abe and Will that he doesn’t remember much of the attack – or anything that happened right before it. Will stays behind with Sonny until he drifts to sleep – Will still consumed with guilt over betraying Sonny with Paul. 
Adrienne calls Paul to reassure him that Sonny is conscious and doing better – and thanks him for donating the blood that saved her son. 
Hope watches an alarming video left by Aiden’s dead wife Meredith, claiming he’s a monster and if something happens to her, he is responsible. 
Friday 13 April 2018
Episode 12526
As JJ wakes up in Eve’s bed, Jennifer and Abigail realize he didn’t sleep at home.  After JJ goes, Eve comes looking for Paige but her daughter is too angry with her to talk. Eve, feeling lost, encounters Daniel and asks for his help in smoothing things out with Paige.
Serena is still focused on her mysterious mission to make a grab for one of Eric’s African artifacts. She’s pulled out of it by Nicole who has come, surprisingly enough, to apologize.  Later, Serena arrives at Eric’s place, ready to switch the statues while he’s out. She trips and the statue falls out of her bag – just as Nicole arrives.
Monday 16 April 2018
Episode 12527
Hope is still stunned by what she’s seen on Meredith’s tablet when Aiden returns. She hides it quickly and tries a few excuses to get away from him. Aiden points out both phones are dead and the bridge is still out, so they will be there for awhile. He suggests Hope go outside for some air. Aiden finds the tablet where Hope stashed it, opens it, and realizes what she’s seen. 
Serena blasts Nicole while trying to conceal the elephant statue. Daniel overhears Nicole refusing Miles’ orders to do an exploitative story on Sonny’s attack. He’s grateful, and Nicole offers one more apology.
Brady is struck when he receives word from the adoption agency he contacted while he was with Kristen. Theresa rubs it in to Daniel that his daughter is now with that loser Brady, who ruins the life of every woman he’s with. Elsewhere, Melanie recalls overhearing Clint talking to Dr. Mandrake about keeping an eye on Theresa. She starts to investigate Dr. Mandrake and finds something disturbing.
Tuesday 17 April 2018
Episode 12528
Hope fears for her life as she plays a game of cat-and-mouse with Aiden. When she tries to bolt, he grabs her. 
Melanie finds a photo online of Dr. Mandrake with a man who looks like Theresa’s boyfriend, Clint. Meanwhile, Clint assures Mandrake that Theresa doesn’t remember what happened to her, so his job in Salem is done. He takes Theresa back to her place, has sex with her one last time, and then dumps her. 

Serena makes a cryptic call expressing her frustration that she still hasn’t managed to get her hands on Eric’s elephant statue. 
Paul tells Marlena his career is over and soon everyone’s going to know he’s gay. 
Wednesday 18 April 2018
Episode 12529
Hope and Aiden struggle, and she expresses her disbelief. How could he have killed his wife? Aiden’s stunned, thinking she had stumbled upon the real truth. 
Sonny is distracted from seeing Will’s article by a visit from a newly-arrived Justin. Sonny asks about things in Dubai, and Justin talks a bit about his partner and work. Paul arrives at the hospital to see Sonny, and Paul makes a huge declaration – that he still loves him. He assures Sonny the guy he slept with meant nothing. This triggers Sonny’s memory, and he lashes out at a stunned Paul!
Victor takes a surprising step to protect his family.
Thursday 19 April 2018
Episode 12530
Sonny rips into Paul, who finally realizes he slept with Sonny’s husband.
Aiden wonders what Hope will do now that she knows the truth about Meredith. Hope prompts him to fill her in on the rest of the story – and Aiden emotionally talks about that fateful night. 
Melanie and Serena have a prickly run-in with Theresa and Eve. After the sisters leave, Serena informs Melanie she learned Dr. Mandrake sort of disappeared a couple years ago.  Melanie is determined to track him down and later tells Nicole she needs her help.  Meanwhile, Serena gets another mystery call and is told she needs to switch the statues immediately – whether Eric gets hurt or not.
JJ freaks when Daniel offers to give him his old coat (the one JJ borrowed when he first slept with Eve). While Daniel goes to give Jennifer the rejected coat (along with other items for charity), a wrecked JJ goes to Eve’s apartment and pulls her into a kiss.
Friday 20 April 2018
Episode 12531
Sonny finally confronts a horrified Will! Against this, Paul confides in Marlena about coming out to his mother, and how her reaction has hurt him. But more than that, he knows he’s hurt the man he loves. Marlena is then rocked to learn that Paul slept with Will!
Serena is rattled when her mystery caller levels a threat against Eric if she doesn’t make the switch pronto. Eric arrives at her hotel room, and they finally make love. 
The tension is thick between Justin and Adrienne but with their son in the hospital, they decide they must put it all aside for now. They visit Victor’s new club – but while there, she sees a series of incriminating texts on his phone from Elsa. An upset Adrienne rushes out without Justin realizing what’s happened. She runs into Lucas, who tries to reassure her everything will be okay. The moment becomes fraught, and they come together in a kiss.  
Monday 23 April 2018
Episode 12532
Paul confides his affair to a rocked Marlena. She shuts down the session, revealing to Paul that she is Will's grandmother. Meanwhile, Sonny confronts Will about cheating on him, and Will begs Sonny for forgiveness. 
Justin almost catches Lucas and Adrienne in a liplock but they pull apart just in time. Justin swears the incriminating texts with his co-worker are completely innocent. 
Serena gets Eric to leave his apartment so she can search for the missing elephant but he returns before she can find it. After making love, she decides to ask him about it directly.

JJ tells Eve of his plan to use an old friend from England to get Paige to stop her search for JJ's mystery lover. Meanwhile, Paige tells Jennifer about Eve's lie about Shane. Jennifer then confronts Eve over what her lie did to the young couple. 
Tuesday 24 April 2018
Episode 12533
Serena is stunned to find out Eric has given away the elephant statue and despite some casual pressing, he doesn’t come right out and tell her who has it. 
JJ fears Paige knows the truth about his affair with Eve but she bolts before he can question her. JJ tracks down Daphne, who reveals Paige accused her of sleeping with him. He runs into Paige, and she denounces him once and for all. 
Melanie turns to Nicole for help in learning more about Dr. Mandrake. At first Nicole is resistant, but Melanie offers to put in a good word for her with Daniel. Nicole accepts her deal and later conducts an in depth search on the doctor. 
Theresa overhears a conversation between Brady and Maggie and assumes he’s trashing her. She vents to Anne, who takes matters into her own hands by spiking Brady’s coffee. 
Wednesday 25 April 2018
Episode 12534
Serena and Eric spar over the elephant, and Eric finally admits it wouldn’t be a big deal to get it back.  Eric tries to get the elephant back from Daniel, but before he can ask, he learns Parker has grown attached to it. 
Brady appreciates Theresa saving him, and the two have a slight thaw. Impulsive Theresa jumps the gun, telling Brady they should start over, but he reminds her he’s with Melanie. Theresa quickly backtracks saying that’s not what she meant. She goes home and finds a number written in Clint’s handwriting. 
Sonny tells Kate he knows about Will’s affair and drops the bomb on Kate that he and Paul used to be together.  Meanwhile, Paul’s mom, Tori, arrives in Salem – and she urges Paul to come back home immediately. Paul insists he still has things he needs to deal with in Salem. 
Thursday 26 April 2018
Episode 12535
Sonny explains to Will he never said anything about Paul because Paul was in the closet. An emotional Will declares he truly loves Sonny and doesn’t want to lose him. 
Hope and Aiden are excited about the kids’ return from their field trip. While Aiden confers with Ben, Hope talks to Marlena about Ciara’s kidnapping from years ago. Thinking about Chase, Hope wonders if it’s healthy for children if they don’t talk about past traumatic events.
Chad tries to make inroads with Jordan but Kate blows his relationship wide open when Jordan hears her reveal he’s the reason Rafe lost his job. 
Friday 27 April 2018
Episode 12536
JJ meets with Roxanne, an old friend from boarding school. She agrees to pretend to be the girl he’s been seeing so Paige will back off. Meanwhile, Eve reminds Paige they always do something special on this day together (ever since Paige’s father left). Paige waivers a little, and Eve hopes to meet up with her daughter later. 
JJ is with Roxanne when Paige arrives at the student lounge. Paige tells him she could not care less – she’s done. 
Chad assures Kate he has no hard feelings about how she sabotaged his relationship with Jordan. However, once she leaves, he calls Stefano, and he asks for his father’s help in destroying Kate. 
Rafe lets Clyde know that Ben could be in trouble now that Jordan and Chad are over. Rafe then relays the same concern to Jordan. 
Monday 30 April 2018
Episode 12537
Eve publicly blasts JJ and Roxanne. She is a little over the top (driven by subconscious jealousy).  Meanwhile, Jennifer is completely thrown when Daniel tells her JJ is saying Roxanne is the girl he cheated with. Jennifer knows Roxanne and has many reasons to disbelieve this story. 
Theresa asks Melanie about Dr. Mandrake, and they get into a huge fight. Meanwhile, Brady tells Nicole how Theresa came to his rescue when someone spiked his coffee. Elsewhere, Theresa attacks Daniel, ordering him to keep Melanie away from her. Nicole interrupts and blasts Theresa. 
Chad tells Abigail it’s up to her whether or not Ben goes to prison. When he makes another sexual innuendo, Abigail slaps him. Chad claims he was only kidding. He won’t be pressing charges against Ben. 

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