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Binnelanders Teasers - April 2018

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Binnelanders Teasers on 06 Mar 2018
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Coming up on Binnelanders this April 2018:
Monday 2 April 2018
(Episode 211/2967)
Lexi gets a weird surprise in the hospital, and Trudie speaks her truth towards Ilse and Steve. Steve is worried about safety in the hospital, while Louis invites Naomi to the braai. Elana catches Annelize in the ICU again with Wilna, and Okkie is not impressed with Renate’s behaviour towards Trudie.   
Tuesday 3 April 2018
(Episode 212/2968)
At gives Louis advice on Adele, while Annelize’s search for more information on Debbie and Wilna leads to a confrontation with Conrad. Louis’ second invite puts him in an uncomfortable position, and Renate’s announcement catches the other players off guard. Adele plays open cards with Karli, while Annelize has no other choice but to reveal the truth.         
Wednesday 4 April 2018
(Episode 213/2969)
Quinton is a bad loser, and Eben is frustrated with the status quo. Annelize warns Conrad about her past, while a beauty pageant is no longer just Renate’s focus. Lexi gives Eben a warning, and Naomi’s answer gives Louis new courage.

Ilse’s memory leaves her in the lurch, while Quinton hears about Trudie’s talent. Honesty and personality leads to a first kiss, and Annelize wonders what Eben is capable of.  
Thursday 5 April 2018
(Episode 214/2970)
Annelize gets increasingly worried after a conversation with Lexi, while Ilse gets an order completely wrong. There is bad news for Wilna, and Karli thinks Quinton is mad when she hears his plan with Trudie. Eben feels he failed in his duty towards Annelize, while Karli comes to the wrong conclusion after a conversation.

Okkie confronts Renate about the competition, and Conrad gives Annelize a warning. 
Friday 6 April 2018
(Episode 215/2971)
Conrad warns Elana not to talk to Debbie, while Tertius has a diagnosis for Ilse. Lexi’s conscience bothers her, and Karli confronts Adele about her plans for the future. Annelize gets fatalistic, while Renate and Trudie have a huge fight. Elana doesn’t understand Conrad’s plan with Wilna, and Okkie realises what Quinton’s big idea is.

Annelize encourages Eben to get on with his life, while Louis asks Naomi’s advice on Adele.         
Monday 9 April 2018
(Episode 216/2972)
Karli is not impressed with Louis’s stance, and Annelize realises what happened in her absence. Okkie and Ilse are stunned about a visitor, while Conrad’s doubt upsets Elana. Dates become a headache for a doctor, and the penny drops for Adele. Eben is confused by Annelize’s behaviour.       
Tuesday 10 April 2018
(Episode 217/2973)
Ilse finds Franz’s behaviour strange, and Conrad forms an unsettling idea around Wilna. Louis just doesn’t get it, while a message causes fresh new frustrations between two doctors. The truth hits Eben hard, while a pregnancy is no longer just on one person’s mind. Adele makes a decision about Louis, and Tertius will have to keep his prescribed procedure a secret.       
Wednesday 11 April 2018
(Episode 218/2974)
Eben doesn’t understand Annelize’s decision, and it is very clear that At and Franz still don’t see eye to eye. Tertius has shocking news for his patient, while Eben’s visit leads to the unravelling of a secret. Karli shares her opinion about Adele with Naomi, and Conrad’s assumption leaves Annelize speechless. Naomi discovers what Adele’s motivation is.                               
Thursday 12 April 2018
(Episode 219/2975)
Eben and Conrad are equally worried about Annelize, while Ilse receives more bad news. Okkie is the target of cybercrime, and Conrad confides in Elana about everything. Pippa confesses her doubts about giving class, and Conrad realises the cat is out of the bag. Pippa meets Arno, while Franz is shocked by Ilse’s decision. Steve gets the shock of his life.                               
Friday 13 April 2018
(Episode 220/2976)
At speaks his mind about the pregnancy, while Bronwyn and Steve have different reactions on the news. Ilse is not going to let herself be strong armed, and Eben realises what Annelize thinks of him – or not. Franz talks to At about the new medical technology that he designed, while Pippa’s fate is sealed with the classes.

Elana gets assurance about Annelize and Wilna, and Tertius considers telling Naomi the truth.                       
Monday 16 April 2018
(Episode 221/2977)
Pippa’s rhythm is broken by a new class member, and Annelize feels drained after the emotional drama. Ilse prepares herself for the first treatment, while Lieb confesses to Arno that there was a setback in his case. Elana wants to talk to Conrad about Annelize and Steve, while Wilna upsets Annelize.
Jana believes At is making a mistake where Franz is concerned, and fever is cause for big concern.            
Tuesday 17 April 2018
(Episode 222/2978)
Elana introduces herself to Franz, and Jana confronts Ilse about her story. Liebenberg warns Arno against Pippa, while Annelize and Conrad have a falling out over Eben. Wilna is shocked to her core by a conversation, and Bronwyn teases Pippa about Arno. Okkie observes a rash on Ilse’s neck, while Annelize and Eben fight about Conrad and the future.      
Wednesday 18 April 2018
(Episode 223/2979)
Ilse takes her frustrations out on Okkie, while Liebenberg confesses that the problem with his case is bigger than he first thought. Pippa decides to use Dian against Arno, and Franz is upset by Elana. Annelize gets to the bottom of the burglaries, while Naomi and Okkie wonder what is going on with Ilse.

Conrad sees what a confrontation with Wilna does to Annelize, and Jana offers to help Franz with his research.
Thursday 19 April 2018
(Episode 224/2980)
Ilse is caught off guard by Okkie’s sudden decision, and Tertius realises why Pippa is nervous around Arno. At and Elana become unexpected allies, while Steve thinks – when it comes to Conrad - Annelize is taking it a bit too far. Pippa’s uninvited guest has nerves of steel, and Bronwyn reads Steve’s signs incorrectly.
At agrees to present Franz’s proposal to the board.                                    
Friday 20 April 2018
(Episode 225/2981)
Eben is jealous when he thinks his plan has worked out, while Annelize realises what is happening in the Abrahams household. Okkie realises that Ilse’s stories are not adding up, and Karli could be the solution to Arno’s problem. A sonar could provide the answer that Elana is hoping for, while Elana and Franz’s friendship grows.                        
Monday 23 April 2018
(Episode 226/2982)
Ilse goes to a lot of trouble with her appearance, while a sonar has more consequences for Annelize than what she was prepared for. Jana is shocked in Elana’s deduction, and Okkie is getting more suspicious of Ilse. Liebenberg is surprised in the reaction on Arno’s flirting, while Elana makes her own assumption about Franz and Bea’s marriage.                       
Tuesday 24 April 2018
(Episode 227/2983)
Conrad’s sums don't give him the answer he wants, and Arno misses his first aid exam. Elana’s suspicions haunts Conrad, while Eben tries to give Lexi a new perspective. Ilse struggles with the truth of the matter, and Jana talks to At about Elana’s suspicions. Okkie’s mood makes Ilse wonder what is going on with him, while Annelize realises it is senseless to ignore the truth.                                
Wednesday 25 April 2018
(Episode 228/2984)
Annelize is worried about Conrad’s next step, and lazer treatment is the subject of a conversation. Bronwyn interrupts a serious discussion, while Okkie shares his suspicions with Louis. Conrad comes clean with At, and Elana confronts Franz about his patient. Pippa is not happy with the fact that Arno follows her advice, while a small war breaks out in Annelize’s flat.                            
Thursday 26 April 2018
(Episode 229/2985)
Arno and Pippa are at loggerheads, while Conrad realises that he will have to wait weeks for an answer. Franz discusses his patient with Elana, and Ilse eventually comes clean with Okkie. At and Annelize don’t mince their words when they each declare war, while Naomi tries to encourage her father.

Pippa realises she must stop being afraid of her future, and Annelize has big problems!                     
Friday 27 April 2018
(Episode 230/2986)
A kiss catches a doctor completely off guard, and Bronwyn feels sorry for Annelize. Okkie puts his foot down when it comes to a treatment, while Naomi is shocked in Tertius’s knowledge. Arno and Pippa’s big night is here, and Conrad must try and keep himself together. At tries to encourage Annelize to start over – elsewhere!                 
Monday 30 April 2018
(Episode 231/2987)
A wounded man is admitted to ER and Pippa is commanded to contact Liebenberg. Okkie is livid after hearing what Wimpie has to say, while Elana and Franz realise what a project in South Africa could mean. Conrad is worried after a talk with Pippa, and Liebenberg asks that Wayne’s identity is kept a secret for the time being.

Jana and Karli discuss Wimpie’s ‘sport injury’, and Franz is in two minds about his project. Arno and Pippa are very worried about Liebenberg. 

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