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Days of Our Lives Teasers - November 2017

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Days of Our Lives Teasers on 26 Oct 2017
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Coming up on Days of Our Lives this November 2017:

Wednesday 1 November 2017
Episode 12409

JJ asks Hope for gift-advice for Aiden and finds it odd when she curtly says she can’t help him.
Paige recruits JJ to help her move some of her and her mom’s things. JJ finds something Paige’s father gave her, which leads to an emotional moment.  They bond and begin to make out. 
Clyde approaches Rafe and Kate. He pretends he doesn’t know Kate in front of Rafe, then urges Rafe not to give up on Jordan. Later, it’s clear a smitten Clyde has designs, professionally and personally, on Kate.
Thursday 2 November 2017
Episode 12410

Abigail accidentally locks herself and Ben in the club’s storage unit. They make the most of their intimate time together, and things start to heat up.
EJ has kept his end of the “bargain” - reaching out to DiMera board members and reassuring them all is fine with Sami - and now it’s time for Sami to keep her end of the bargain and join EJ for lunch.
Hope has cramped up after a run and Aiden insists on helping massage her leg. Aiden finally admits his attraction to her.
Paige is annoyed when Theresa insists that once Paige sleeps with JJ, he’ll disappear.  Eve is resolved: JJ has got to go.

Friday 3 November 2017
Episode 12411

Abigail gets an unexpected reminder of EJ and shuts down with Ben. Later, Abigail runs into Jordan, and she realizes she must go back and clear things up with Ben.

Sami gets an alarming message about Stefano and abandons her lunch with EJ without explanation. She tracks down Kate and warns that Stefano has cut a deal with the authorities and may be soon on his way back to Salem.

Victor lets Maggie know that the article blasting EJ and Sami was his idea – he owns the magazine that published it, and he told the editor to go for it. 

Monday 6 November 2017
Episode 12412

Brady confronts Kristen about her visit with John in the hospital. Marlena’s arrival breaks a tense moment between them, and Brady leaves. Marlena then tears into Kristen, and the two enemies air their grievances against one another.

Kayla explains to Eric and Marlena that since all the experts believe John’s condition won’t change, they will be transferring him to a long-term care facility.  Marlena is crushed.

Sonny works hard to get Will to understand his motivations and correct his husband on his misperceptions.

Tuesday 7 November 2017
Episode 12413

Kristen and Marlena meet up with Daniel and Kayla, and it’s revealed that Kristen has asked Stefano to come up with an experimental drug to bring John out of his coma. However, Daniel and Kayla have received only part of the formula. They will receive the rest once Marlena has gotten Eric to agree not to testify against Kristen.
Theresa questions Brady about why he made love to her after weeks of trying to put distance between them.  Eric and Nicole argue about her latest deception.

Sami returns home, where she is chilled to see Stefano’s portrait back up on the wall.  JJ and Paige share an evening of fun and romance as they celebrate their last night of summer.  While hanging out by the lake, a mysterious figure snaps photos of JJ…

Wednesday 8 November 2017
Episode 12414

Eric is stunned and upset when Marlena tells him that Stefano has a cure for John but he will only hand it over if Eric agrees not to testify against Kristen.  Eric, feeling he has lost so much already, refuses and rushes out.
Daniel is alarmed when Brady admits he slept with Theresa but assures it was a one-time thing.  Meanwhile, Kristen confronts Theresa about Brady - warning her to stay away.
Sami accuses EJ of working with his father but he insists he is on Sami’s side. He later learns Stefano has contacted board members about a possible emergency board meeting in the event that he is allowed to return to Salem. Sami realizes he plans to oust her and Kate.

Thursday 9 November 2017
Episode 12415

Rafe meets with EJ, who secretly gives him information to help convince the judge to rule against Stefano.  Rafe realizes EJ is acting against his father to protect Sami.

Meanwhile, Kate gets a phone call from Stefano.  He tells her the games have been fun, but they are over. Kate relays to Sami that Stefano wants revenge.  Kate, hoping to stop Stefano from returning to Salem, lies to Rafe that Sami overheard Stefano threatening her life.
Eric rips into Kristen for using the situation with John to win her freedom, but finally agrees he will drop the charges if she gets the miracle drug to save John’s life.  Kristen calls Stefano to make sure he sends the drug - which, it turns out, may or may not work. 
Friday 10 November 2017
Episode 12416

Sami reluctantly backs up Kate’s lie that she heard Stefano threatening to kill Kate.  She freaks when Rafe says she’s going to have to testify - today.  In private, Kate reminds Sami the risk of a perjury charge pales in comparison to what Stefano would do to them if he were allowed to return to Salem.
Will gets an offer from Zoe to work at a bigger magazine, Sonix. He cautions her he won’t dish about family, and she assures he can pick his own topics. 

Monday 13 November 2017
Episode 12417

EJ tries to deny he helped Rafe keep Stefano out of Salem, but Sami has figured out the truth. He finally admits she’s right but he needs to keep his name out of it for both his sake and Sami’s.  They get very honest with each other, Sami admitting how much hurt she felt when she realized he’d been with Abigail.  EJ swears he’d spend the rest of his life making it up to her, if he could… and they come together in a kiss!
Abigail has locked herself in the storage room with Ben to explain why she pushed him away earlier. Eve observes a younger girl, Jill, working as a prostitute.  After explaining she was once in her shoes, Eve offers Jill a way out… but Eve wants something in return – and it has to do with JJ. 

Tuesday 14 November 2017
Episode 12418

EJ and Sami share a close moment just as Kate arrives. Kate makes it clear to Sami that she can see what’s going on: Sami’s giving up on revenge and wants to reconcile with EJ. EJ talks to Stefano, who has no idea his son betrayed him.
Eve lays out her plan to Jill to keep her daughter away from JJ.  Hope is struggling with her feelings for Aiden when she encounters Kayla.  Aiden runs into Nicole.  After a scratchy start, they decide to have a drink together. Nicole picks up on his frustrations about Hope, and she trashes Hope a little.

Wednesday 15 November 2017
Episode 12419

The thaw between Sami and EJ continues as EJ offers his support in regards to Stefano’s eventual return to Salem. Will and Arianna then pay Sami a visit. It’s tense at first, but Will makes inroads with his mother when he notes Arianna isn’t the only one who has missed her.
Theresa waits for Brady at the Kiriakis mansion, where she runs into Kristen.  Kristen drops the bomb that John is about to wake up, leaving a freaked Theresa quaking in her heels.
Earlier, Marlena warns Kristen the drug she provided better save John’s life - or Marlena will make her pay.  Later, Marlena learns Kayla and Daniel have Kristen’s drug and that they have told Brady about it.  Brady doesn’t care that it’s from Kristen, as long as it helps John.  Daniel then injects the drug into John’s IV.

Thursday 16 November 2017
Episode 12420

John has been injected with Kristen’s miracle drug, and Brady and Marlena anxiously wait for it to work. Brady thanks Eric for his selflessness and assures his brother he has no intention of ever getting back together with Kristen.
Theresa freaks out upon hearing the news about John’s possible recovery.  She accuses Kristen of making this all up simply because Theresa and Brady made love again.  Furious Kristen snaps at this revelation and attacks Theresa. 

EJ returns home, where he has an unexpected - and violent - reunion with Chad!

Friday 17 November 2017
Episode 12421

Chad confronts EJ with a gun. He’s furious that his brother slept with Abigail. EJ tries to explain, but Chad lashes out at him.
Theresa tells Brady that Kristen threatened her. Theresa expresses her concern to Eve about John possibly waking up.  Fed up with the lack of support from her sister, Theresa decides to take matters into her own hands.
JJ is excited about his first college party with Paige, but little does he know that Eve has hired a hooker, Jill, to discredit him in Paige’s eyes. Eve also enlists Marybeth, who feigns an injury to get Paige away from JJ. 

Monday 20 November 2017
Episode 12422

Jill manages to get a couple of convincing pictures that make it look like she and a drugged-up JJ are making out.  She “accidentally” sends it to Paige from JJ’s phone, then gives Eve an update before leaving town. 

Daniel finds an out-of-it JJ and reprimands him for getting drunk or high. JJ insists he didn’t drink and comes to the conclusion that he either drank a spiked soda by accident or someone drugged him on purpose.  He is shocked when he finds the incriminating photos on his phone and wonders if he has, indeed, been set up. 
Eric can’t get Nicole out of his mind, even as he tries to look to the future. Abigail is stunned Chad is back in town. He, at first, seems happy to see her but soon his true anger about her sleeping with EJ takes over.  He blasts her, wondering if EJ was the DiMera brother she wanted all along.

Tuesday 21 November 2017
Episode 12423

Sami and Kate learn Chad has moved back into the mansion and plans to stay for good. Sami admits to EJ she sent Chad a copy of the article. In private, Chad tells Kate he wants to help her destroy EJ and Stefano.  
Hope is honest with Aiden about her growing attraction to him.  Aiden suggests they go out on a real date.
Jordan reveals to Rafe she saw Kate kissing him. 
JJ explains to Paige he wasn’t drinking and believes Jill slipped him a roofie. Eve is hopeful her plan for breaking up JJ and her daughter worked.  Theresa stops by, and the two sisters end up arguing.

Wednesday 22 November 2017
Episode 12424

Sami and EJ share a passionate kiss when Roman arrives and blows his stack. Clyde invites Kate to lunch, saying it would be a “nice beginning” for the two of them.
Chad intervenes when he finds Jeremiah coming on to Jordan in a creepy way. Abigail lets Jennifer know Chad’s back, and Jennifer worries his return will spell trouble for her daughter and Ben.     
Will receives his first assignment from Zoe - he’s to write about Chad’s return to Salem. Will balks. Tough Zoe says, he’s free to turn it down but then she’ll have to assign it to someone who may not be as protective of Chad as Will might be.
Thursday 23 November 2017
Episode 12425

EJ tells Sami he knows they still have a steep hill to climb but is hopeful and grateful she’s giving him a chance. They share a meal, and it leads to a close moment. They share a look, full of meaning and intent… and then EJ leads her upstairs.

As Abigail chats with Rafe, Jordan confronts Clyde about Jeremiah suddenly appearing in Salem. Clyde warns her not to make threats. Chad informs Ben that he’s his boss. Chad then discovers the envelope full of cash that Clyde gave Ben earlier and accuses Ben of stealing from the club.
Will and Chad talk about the article Will wrote. Chad exits before Will can ask if he can interview him for his next article.  Will asks Sonny if he should just decline the assignment and to his surprise, Sonny says no. 

Friday 24 November 2017
Episode 12426

After months of bitter estrangement, EJ and Sami finally make love again!
Kristen and Chad reunite - and bond over their animosity towards EJ.  Kristen advises her little brother to make sure he enacts his vengeance with stealth.
Abigail confronts Ben about the cash she saw him give to Jordan. Daniel tells Marlena and Brady the window for Kristen’s drug to work on John is quickly closing. Brady goes to confront Kristen about her drug being just another lie. She insists it will work, then dangles the truth about what really happened the night John was attacked. 

At the hospital, Marlena and Eric are present when John finally starts to wake up!

Monday 27 November 2017
Episode 12427

As Daniel confirms to Marlena, Eric and Brady that John is indeed waking up from his coma, Theresa privately fears John will reveal she’s the one who put him in the hospital.
JJ tells Jennifer and Abigail that he was drugged at the party. Jennifer believes her son is innocent but bristles at the fact that Daniel knew about this and didn’t inform her.  She confronts Daniel and shuts down any opening they might have been exploring to reconnect.

Eve confronts Paige about what happened at the party but Paige dismisses the incident as a joke and refuses to show her mom the incriminating photos of JJ and Jill. 

Tuesday 28 November 2017
Episode 12428

John wakes up and recognizes Brady. However, John is still weak, and Daniel advises Brady not to press his father for any answers about the night Brady supposedly hit him. Kristen amps Theresa’s worry that John will expose her. 

Kristen expresses her confidence to Stefano that all is going according to plan, then shows up at Daniel’s to get a report on John’s condition. A desperate Theresa enters John’s room with deadly intent.
EJ confesses to Sami that he knew since the day of Kristen and Brady’s wedding the full extent of his sister’s plot to ruin Eric. 

Will admits to Chad that his editor wants Will to write an article on him. Chad is hesitant but after a run-in with EJ, Chad calls Will back and says he’d be happy to share his thoughts and feelings on what it means to be a DiMera.
Hope gently breaks the news to Caroline that she can no longer wait for Bo to return home. She is filing for a divorce.

Wednesday 29 November 2017
Episode 12429

Theresa wants to kill John in his sleep. 
Caroline is saddened but understanding about Hope’s decision to divorce Bo.  However, Aiden arrives and slips about his date with Hope.  Caroline reacts with fury, and Hope leaves upset.
Kate realizes Sami’s done the deed with EJ, and she gives her hell about it.  Later, Sami enters the DiMera living room to find EJ has created a romantic tableau in which he asks her to re-marry him, right then and there.
Chad receives a call from Stefano who is disappointed Chad and EJ haven’t buried the hatchet. Stefano asks about Kate and if Chad told her what Stefano instructed him to say.  Chad informs his father he did and she seemed to buy every word. 
Kate and Clyde go out to dinner, and he makes her a proposition.
Thursday 30 November 2017
Episode 12430

Clyde meets with EJ and a DiMera henchman to give EJ his cut of Clyde’s profits. When Clyde proposes expanding his drug territory, EJ sternly tells him no. Clyde appears to go along with this but later meets privately with EJ’s man and proposes an end run around EJ. 
Chad encounters Jordan and uses his charm to cheer her up.  Rafe sees them together and privately warns Jordan to steer clear of anyone named DiMera.
Sonny tells Will he’s only seen Chad briefly since his return but can’t fight the feeling that Chad has somehow changed. The guys then give Ben some good-natured grief over his obviously strong feelings for Abigail. 

Will tells Abigail he might be writing an article about Chad’s return and promises he won’t let Chad throw Abigail under the bus in print.

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