Hot and heavy Gen found not guilty of misconduct

Written by TVSA Team from the blog SABC1 on 07 Aug 2017
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The Broadcast Complaints Commission of South Africa has reached a verdict on the controversial sexploits that hit Generations: The Legacy in July and has found the production not guilty of breaching the broadcast Code of Conduct.

The ruling comes with a "but" which states that the show has to place this audience advisory message on screen as a warning for "ultra-suggestive" scenes:

"Today's episode may contain some scenes which involve suggestive sex. Viewer discretion is advised."

According to BCCSA, they received approximately 160 complaints in total, with four of them in writing - complaints have to be in writing for the BCCSA to pursue them.

The complaints were directed at multiple scenes, specifically scenes that aired between Tuesday, 11 and Tuesday, 18 July.

The scenes that sparked the biggest outcry were the ones involving Smanga's "threesome" (Moopi Mothibeli) with Thabi (Motsoaledi Setumo) and Tshidi (Letoya Makhene), as well as scenes between Nolwazi (Thando Thabethe) and Mazwi (Musa Ngema).

There were also complaints about the bedroom scenes between Mrekza (Kope Makgae) and Lucy (Manaka Ranaka) - because of them being in relationships - and the models who ripped off their gowns to reveal bikini's amidst it all.

The complaints stated that the show should either be moved later, at a time when children aren’t watching TV, or it should be given an age restriction of 18 or it should be removed completely - none of which the BCCSA agreed with.

The judgement was made by BCCSA commissioner Bonke Dumisa who concluded:

The question to be asked is whether any of the scenes being complained of were showing explicit sexual conduct? The answer is NO.

It is, however, conceded that most of the scenes complained of involving Nolwazi and Mazwi, Smanga and Thabi, and Smanga and Tshidi do test the thin line between suggestive sex and explicit sex.

The groaning kisses and/or systematic removal of clothing do also test the thin line between suggestive sex and explicit sex.

The scenes involving models in bikinis and/or removing gowns to show their bikinis cannot however be regarded as sexually suggestive, as this is a normal occurrence in the modelling world, and models are always associated with bikinis and bras in public.

No video could be found to support any contention that scenes involving Mrekza and Lucy in bed contained any sexually suggestive conduct.

Here's a link to the full judgement for you to pour over: BCCSA judgment on Generations: The Legacy (August 2017)


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07 Aug 2017 11:29

In other news Thando Thabethe has left Generations. How exciting

07 Aug 2017 11:41

It's good news. 18 PGS would have to be hardcore sex therefore such a complain does not hold water. Even etv's Emmanuel Pleasures 2000 played with only 16 PGS

The groaning kisses and/or systematic removal of clothing do also test the thin line between suggestive sex and explicit sex.

This is good because that thin line will not be tested by shows such as Top Billing and Selimathunzi. Testing systems is democracy at work. But over and above all, the show has to put its viewers first which Mfundi conceded that is what they ought to do going forward

07 Aug 2017 16:23

They should do us a huge favour and stop such scenes altogether. I really hope I NEVER see a warnng about episodes that contain "suggestive sex". Grow up Mr Vundla and put your viewers first.

07 Aug 2017 21:29

They were NEVER guilty! The problem in this country is that people are used to sensationalising, exaggerating and moaning ALOT!! Yet the same loud-mouths watch shows like Game Of Thrones and Power were there are explicit scenes! BCCSA must think some viewers refuse to be civilised.... Even in 2015 they were not guilty! This pathetic tendency of not taking into consideration the PG13 warning is proof that some people are absolutely IGNORANT!!

07 Aug 2017 21:32


08 Aug 2017 09:16

I don't think it is just people moaning per se. Gen is a prime time show, which is viewed by families across the country. Parents can find themselves between a rock and a hard place as most of them watch the show with their kids. I mean take me for instance, I have a 16-year old nephew (who, let's be honest, is in the experimental phase), two 9-year ol nephew and niece. So in this instance, how do parents parental guide a 16-year old and 9-year olds. You understand that, that  it is two different conversations that must be had. I don't think we should malign parents who found themselves all of a sudden having to explain a threesom to impressionable kids. Showing the 3 going to the room will have been suggestive enough without going a step further. Just because you slap a PG13 on something doesn't mean your responsibility ends there.

By the way, the Emanuelle series was always 18 and etv still caught heat on it, and the shows aired at midnight. So the two can't be compared.

08 Aug 2017 12:29

Thank you @Ingenuity! That's the only point that I was trying to get across. Heck even Mfundi said they'll have to take viewing families into consideration from now on. I don't get how some people can continue to defend those sex scenes. A line was crossed, point blank period.

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