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Keeping Score Teasers - August 2017

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Keeping Score Teasers on 13 Jul 2017
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Coming up on Keeping Score this August 2017:

Tuesday 1 August 2017
Episode 84 

Game Of Change 

Justice confronts Mmamosa about making decisions without consulting him. Mmamosa retorts that if he doesn't like it he can buy her out. Lebona is visited by an old running mate, who got him banned.

Determined to beat him now, Lebona asks Ashanti to train with him. They have fun together but Ashanti takes it too far. Jade and Eshe butt heads over Eshe's friendship with Sara and Jade's with Austin. Then Sara comes on to Austin who rejects her. And Warona is still running from the old Sotho man.

Monday 7 August 2017
Episode 85 

Keep Calm And Pole Dance 

Botho opens up to Kelsey about the stress she's under at ASA. Kelsey dares her to live a little with a bottle of wine and pole dancing. Botho uses the gym camera to video the escapade, and discovers footage of Ashanti kissing Lebona.

Justice finds Warona's uncle outside on his step and invites him in for dinner, much to Warona's dismay.

Tuesday 8 August 2017
Episode 86

The Man In The Mirror 

Warona is forced to deal with Hlompho, who tells her about her past, wants to take her home to Lesotho. Warona refuses but won't tell Justice why.

Jade kisses Austin and says it was 'nothing' but Eshe doesn't believe her. Kelsey dares Botho to live a little with wine and pole dancing. Botho videos it with a gym camera and sees footage of Ashanti kissing Lebona. On Lehasa's orders Palesa destroys Pula's credibility. His case is dismissed, leaving Tladi conflicted.

Monday 14 August 2017
Episode 87 

Game Of Change

Jade is kicked off the rhythmic gymnastics team and is devastated by Austin leaving but gets good news from Eshe. Tladi remembers that Kagiso bought drinks for him and Pula and Mmamosa promise to take care of the matter.

ASA loses sponsors because of bad press. Then Pieter/ Jacqueline shows up at ASA in heels and Justice is completely caught off guard. Tladi refuses to do a radio interview but agrees to fight Justice in an exhibition match.

Tuesday 15 August 2017
Episode 88 

Right On Track

Justice is informed by Andre that Sara is 17, opening him up to kidnapping charges. Sara and Jade tell a social worker the truth about how Andre treated them and Andre loses his rights over Sara, who stays at ASA.

Warona is worried about Justice’s fight against Tladi. Lebona is nearly caught out by Mmamosa.

Monday 21 August 2017
Episode 89 

Off Side

Lebona runs the Mountain to Mountain Marathon and is disqualified by Marty but praised by the running community, to Marty's frustration. Pieter/Jacquelyn covers the boxing match between Justice and Tladi.

One of them lands up in hospital.

Jade and Sara are becoming friends but Sara's sweet tooth has her stealing Jade's Sweat 3000 bars. Mmamosa cites the fight as proof of Justice's incompetence then she pays off board members to elect her CEO.

Tuesday 22 August 2017
Episode 90 

Once Brothers 

Justice doesn't believe Warona's warning about Mmamosa until she announces her takeover and diabolically accuses Justice in front of the press, booting him out of his office but keeping his awards. Everyone is on Justice's side.

Mmamosa makes Lehasa COO then commands that he fire Lebona. Lehasa is torn. Sara secretly stuffs her face with cake at a party and hides her sweet tooth when Jade recommends her to Lebona as team captain.

Botho blames Tladi for helping Mmamosa destroy Justice and ASA. Distraught, he wants to resign. Ashanti accuses him of leaving her then ropes him in to help her steal back Justice's awards. Mmamosa catches them in the act...

Monday 28 August 2017
Episode 91 

Sign Of The Times 

Mmamosa relinquishes Justice's awards to Ashanti and Tladi. Then Lehasa tricks her into signing a cancellation of Lebona's ban to run while employed at ASA. Tladi gets evidence that proves he didn't rape Pula but is angry when Mmamosa announces it publicly. He takes it out on Ashanti.

Mmamosa offers to pay for Eshe and Jade's wedding, gives them a blank cheque for the lobola, and gets Jade's Sweat 3000 contract renewed but Jade is uneasy about it.

Frustrated by everything that has recently gone wrong in his life, Justice turns to his only friend Pieter, and struggles to cope with her transition to Jacqueline. Warona is kidnapped and she recognizes one of the kidnappers.  

Tuesday 29 August 2017
Episode 92 

Saturday's Hero 

Lebona helps Warona escape the attempted kidnapping. She divulges the details of her arranged marriage to him. Pieter/Jacqueline makes a moving public declaration in a bar with Justice about her transition.

When Mmamosa blocks Justice’s attempts to buy her out, Warona wants to take up Mmamosa's offer to be her P/A and Justice and Lehasa go gambling together.

Keeping Score is on SABC2 Mondays and Tuesday at 21h30.

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Just Say Teeq
30 Jul 2017 20:47

Ashanti's body is GOALS!

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