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Generations Teasers - April 2017

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Generations Teasers on 22 Feb 2017
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Coming up on Generations this April 2017:

Monday 3 April 2017
Episode 91 (0611)

Cosmo catches Mrekza in the act. Zitha is devastated by Tau’s decision. Thabiso decides to pull the plug on his plan.

Tuesday 4 April 2017
Episode 92 (0612)

Nolwazi wakes up in hell. Wandile is stunned by Lungelo’s announcement. Jack vows to handle Spororo himself.

Wednesday 5 April 2017
Episode 93 (0613)

Getty decides to throw caution to the wind. Fana is at the end of his tether. Lesedi witnesses Mrs Mooketsi playing dirty.

Thursday 6 April 2017
Episode 94 (0614)

Thabiso is ready to implement Plan B. Zach tries to recruit Namhla to help him. Lucy will not back down without a fight.

Friday 7 April 2017
Episode 95 (0615)

Wandile decides to put an end to her short-lived dream. The ABA announces their Businesswoman of the Year. Mazwi acts against his better judgement to save the woman he loves.

Monday 10 April 2017
Episode 96 (0616)

Lungelo is shocked to realise Getty was telling the truth. Has an innocent kitty-cat managed to soften the hardest heart of all? Nolwazi says her final goodbyes to her one true love.

Tuesday 11 April 2017
Episode 97 (0617)

The clock is ticking but will Fana find the grave in time? Lesedi’s innocent question catches Lucy off guard.
Zitha is shocked when the police arrive to arrest her.

Wednesday 12 April 2017
Episode 98 (0618)

Mrekza pitches at the shebeen with a special gift. Zach and Namhla make a breakthrough. Jack puts a price on Thabiso’s head.

Thursday 13 April 2017
Episode 99 (0619)

Getty decides to follow her sister’s advice and play the victim. Smanga isn’t happy to hear why Tau is so intrigued. Gadaffi is furious when his revenge ploy falls flat.

Friday 14 April 2017
Episode 100 (0620)

Wandile tries to explain herself but Lungelo is not interested. Lucy is furious about her late-night visitor.
Nolwazi’s paranoia gets the better of her.

Monday 17 April 2017
Episode 101 (0621)

Thabiso decides to go down in a blaze of glory. Namhla admits she messed up, badly. Mrekza steps over the line and gets a hot slap for it.

Tuesday 18 April 2017
Episode 102 (0622)

Mazwi is only too happy to comfort the woman he loves. Getty deliberately rubs her ‘victory’ in her ex-friend’s face. Tau sees Nandi being rejected and has an idea…

Wednesday 19 April 2017
Episode 103 (0623)

Fana reaches out to Nolwazi but she’s not very receptive. Lungelo is shocked by what Wandile reveals.
Smanga doesn’t appreciate being excluded from a meeting.

Thursday 20 April 2017
Episode 104 (0624)

Mrekza hasn’t given up on trying to charm Lucy. Cosmo is determined to find out who’s stealing from S’khaftin Chicken. Namhla hits on a plan to get hold of the Russians’ money.

Friday 21 April 2017
Episode 105 (0625)

The Diales are shocked to see what AK’s package contains. Mazwi admits he isn’t over his ex yet. Tau loses an important ally.

Monday 24 April 2017
Episode 106 (0626)

One lover makes it clear to the other that their affair must remain a secret. Smanga confides in his brother about his crush. Nolwazi comes face to face with the man who tried to kill her.

Tuesday 25 April 2017
Episode 107 (0627)

Gog’Flo catches Mrekza sneaking out of the house. Gadaffi hits on a dangerous idea… Nandi doesn’t have a clue she’s being played.

Wednesday 26 April 2017
Episode 108 (0628)

Jack sets his sights on Mazwi. Namhla says goodbye to her family. Cosmo finally catches his thief.

Thursday 27 April 2017
Episode 109 (0629)

Zach desperately tries to get the job done knowing there are lives on the line… Lucy ignores her ringing phone, unaware it’s a family emergency. Tau makes a move on Zitha.

Friday 28 April 2017
Episode 110 (0630)

Nolwazi arrives with big news for Fana. The Diales are devastated to hear about Gog’Flo. Lesedi is shocked and furious about her elders’ decision.

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22 Feb 2017 00:37

March and April seem rather interesting, I can't wait! Smanga has a crush? Is it Sphe or Zitha? Tau also makes a move on Zitha... mmhhhh. It'll be interesting to learn how Namhla and the Diale's are affiliated with AK and the Russians, because I think they're affiliated with Kumkani. Where is Tshidi? Will Kukani kill her? Wandile has a love interest and I wonder what will happen to Gog' Flo. Argh April is too far! More Nandi yaaass!! Zitha gets arrested? Mmmhhh

22 Feb 2017 06:50

Nolwazi has big news for Fans..could she be pregnant?

22 Feb 2017 07:21

So much happening. Confusing but interesting. So Tau finally makes a move on Zitha! Hope it works out hle. I hope Gog'flo doesn't die. Lol why is Namhla saying goodbye to her family? She already lives alone mos. Nolwazi must just stick to Fana. I don't think Sphe will feature much in April Smanga's crush has to be on Zitha.

22 Feb 2017 08:17

Looks very promising .Tshidi is nowhere to be seen.where is Namhla going .will Thabiso get arrested ?i still think Fana did him dirty shem,i would seek revenge too .Tau and Zitha yes .Zack is working with Namhla now .lol Mrekza wants to charm Lucy agg shem.

22 Feb 2017 09:11

interesting mmh! so smanga always falls for women he can't get dts very sad..zitha storyline is too slow ..myb its bcz of the contracts thing +setting the show direction for the season

22 Feb 2017 09:13

Zitha is soooooooo boring .

22 Feb 2017 09:43

@max85, I'm not being mean but Zitha drains me everytime they show her. Talk about boring. They need to do something real quick becuz I play on my fone everytime her scenes come along.

22 Feb 2017 09:55

Tau makes a move on Zitha. FINALLY my desire is coming true. Hopefully, that connection will make Zitha more interesting. Tau can now forget about that monster that was Karabo. Is GogFlo dying? It's blurry as usual but march scenes should give a clear indication.

22 Feb 2017 10:11

i think zoe mthiyane is another gr8 signature actress wasted just like they did with Gail mabalane..

22 Feb 2017 10:59

Lol@Dezi i am with u there .i change channels when she comes on screen .dont hv time for those tight shirts and the twang.

22 Feb 2017 11:44

The teasers are interesting though. I wonder what will happen to Gog Flo

22 Feb 2017 12:13

i hope lungelo character will not be another drag person bt a str8 acting guy. hope its the boy who is working at patty's place

22 Feb 2017 12:35

ohhh! im soo excited one of my favourite actor is joining the show.. Anelisa Phewa(montana/7dlaan dude) will be playing lungelo character

22 Feb 2017 12:55

April Teaser  already,, yoooo,, hayi khona,,

22 Feb 2017 13:02

Sifiso from 7delaan @qavile.??

22 Feb 2017 13:16

@max85 ja that one

22 Feb 2017 13:19

Wow S'fiso is joining Generations. Anyway, that annoying grandma Getty is going to steal Lungelo from Wandi lol. Why are they wasting Smanga's time on girls like Sphe and now Zitha when Namhla could have been all his with no other guys in the picture? These writers hate Smanga.

22 Feb 2017 13:44

@Dezi lol u cracking me dt getty will take lungelo 4rm wandile,cz even lucy will snatch mrekza who is gettz ex gal friend.+ i think namhla will reunite smanga when the baby saga boils just to hurt namhla again and make her hate sphe since she slept with him while they were dating.. snamhla ship will alwayz have problems

22 Feb 2017 14:12

Lmao Dezi u r killing me grandma Getty .Wandi must be honest with the ppl she dates going forward .otherwise she will hv problems

22 Feb 2017 14:37

meant gettz ex-Boifriend

23 Feb 2017 15:43

love Nolwazi and Fana,, yoooo,

27 Feb 2017 10:36

Monday 27 February 2017
Episode 66 (0586)

Zitha pitches her big idea. Tebogo orders Sphe to leave town. Gadaffi is in shock when he finds out what happened at Siqalo.

Tuesday 28 February 2017
Episode 67 (0587)

A young woman is duped into inviting a convicted rapist for dinner. Tshidi realises she’s not out of the woods yet. Smanga is adamant - he’s revealing the truth to Mazwi tonight!

Lesedi's and her friends are soo boring,, Tsidi,, was she leaving Generation Legacy???? cant wait for her to leave,, her charector is soo naive and childish..

27 Feb 2017 10:38

i thnk i must take a break watching Generation .. yooo ..

27 Feb 2017 11:32

February was the most boring month in history of generations

27 Feb 2017 13:57

@qavile and the writters they dont  see tht ..wht a waist of thime...... yerrrr....

27 Feb 2017 16:47

Since 2017 began Gen has been hella boring. This whole year might end up being boring cuz all they have is the Moroka baby secret that they are hanging onto for dear life. They have a badass mob boss like Jack but don't know what to do with him. Useless writers.

27 Feb 2017 17:23

It was a terrible month shem .jack start killing people soon .

27 Feb 2017 20:35

Today's episode was quite interesting from Tshidi and Zondiwe to Smanga and Sphe.

27 Feb 2017 20:54

2dae was very impressive and tshidi did her damn thing. .smanga+sphe brought it down very well. .sphe has 2much power

27 Feb 2017 21:57

Very nice episode tonight. Imagen what Jack will do when he finds out that Smanga has changed his tune about the baby. The personal drama might descend to JMEC now that Smanga holds a powwrful position there. The lady that plays Sphe has great potential. I was impressed about Sphe's reaction towards Smanga. As for Tshidi, she's just an amature. She makes an alibi but panics and makes a mistake of being around the tenants after her staged robbery scenes. Gadaffi should smell a rat.

27 Feb 2017 22:11

Generations was out of control tonight! LOL Salute to Tshidi, Zondiwe, Smanga and the boss Sphe. Gen can be so good when they give us what we demand. Drama! I want more.

28 Feb 2017 06:21

I dont blame Sphesihle for reacting like that shem .Smanga is *bleep!* crazy ,the had a deal with this baby thing .he cant decide to change his mind when it suits him .Sphe is a great actress ,she just needs a real meaty storyline to showcase her talent.

28 Feb 2017 20:38

?????? Uncle Tebogo's heart attack saved the day. I just feel like Smanga is being selfish for not sticking to the deal he made.

28 Feb 2017 21:02

@Nazwai i have to disagree and i felt smanga's pain 2dae.. i mean 1st he grew up without a father and don't want the guilt when the kid suffers. bare in mind that mazwi knows the kid ain't his and won't love conditional. .and mazwi is very selfish im soo sure he will never do something deep like that for his brother smanga

28 Feb 2017 22:16

@nazwai I agree, Smanga is a selfish brat. He was more than happy to give his baby up when it suited his precious political career. Now that his career is on track he wants more. Selfish! Jack is gonna sort him out like only Jack knows how.

01 Mar 2017 06:38

@Nazwai i fully agree with u .Smanga likes using people to get to power .he bargained with his sperm to get voting power on the Moroka family .he must stick to the deal .he is bloody selfish .plus he gave up his relationship with Namhla cz of power nxa.

01 Mar 2017 07:59

i hear you bt there writers are good on writing for these two. everything alwayz starts on favour of mazwi bt hurt smanga ,at the end tables alwayz turn works in favour of smanga.. bt i still say smanga is better than mazwi cz at least he does consider other people feelings and understands women too unlike mazwi who treats em like objects

01 Mar 2017 12:25

I think Smanga and his brother are two sides of the same coin. Not one is better than the other. Selfish princes!

02 Mar 2017 09:49

I'll like how Zitha is developing on the plot. Building a working relationship with someone has influencial as Smanga is a break that she needs. She's all about business at the moment but I see a drama queen in her. And those "dead" eyes are intimidating.

02 Mar 2017 10:04

I like the way Zitha is developing on the plot. Building a work relationship with a vibrant and hungry, young business figure like Smanga is a breakthrough that she needs. She's all about business but I see a firm business figure and a drama queen in her. And her "dead" eyes are indimidating, at least to me, lol.

02 Mar 2017 13:39

Guys i cant stop loving Fana and Nolwazi.. they are soo inlove.. Baba Mkhulu Tebogo.. i thnk u can take a break now ....

02 Mar 2017 16:11

Ayyye I tune Zitha out to be honest. Lost all interest in her but maybe she'll become interesting to me at some point. Matli is slaying his role and the real drama hasn't even begun yet! Yas! I love Kumkani when he's angry, lol poor baby was damn near in tears last night.

02 Mar 2017 19:19

Eish! can't we have an edit button here so we can correct spelling errors please.

02 Mar 2017 20:15

kudos to tshidi for playing gadaffi that well.. very impressive

02 Mar 2017 20:16

Tshidi, Lucy and Sphe are also killing their roles. I just want the writers to play with Lucy's character and create a storyline that will showcase Manaka's talent.

02 Mar 2017 23:09

@Nazwai Tshidi is straight murdering her role and of course Sphe goes without saying. They need to get Wandile the heck away from Zitha so that Chi can shine again. I'm so sick of them sipping coffee all the time and musing over Zitha's endless problems like two grannies at a retirement home.

03 Mar 2017 09:56

Lol the way Gadaffi got played last is so far .he wont find the truth cz Tshidi made sure to cover her tracks.i still feel Gen needs a new its a sin that a man like jack mabaso has no storyline .

03 Mar 2017 10:58

@max its a tragedy! I was thinking about it the other day. I mean if Vusi Kunene left in the near future I would not hold it against him. He came back as a favor to Mfundi but now he's idling. It's sad.

03 Mar 2017 12:22

Dezi its a shame indeed.they are trying to turn Jack into a family man like really .he should be killing ppl .maybe he needs a stronger enemy .all this business talk is not cutting it .i am sure he regrets leavin Sibaya .he has nothing to do now

03 Mar 2017 16:19

Isibaya was using his full potential and now he's wasted. I don't know if he'll go to war with Zitha. But even that is not enough for a character like Jack. If something better comes up I'm sure he'll leave Gen before the year is over.

03 Mar 2017 16:39

@dez.. i thnk all these Soapies they let us watch crapt for months then when they see tht the AWARDS are coming following month,, they start changing script making it interesting to gain more viewers.. but wht i can say Isibaya damm they all killing it,, Menzi Ngubane Mpiyakhe Mancwane and the the rest they are killing all stage charectors.. they are good.. making Isibaya very interesting,, Zama i must say u are very spoilt   shame like my frnd  Nunumsi, krkrkrkrkr,.,
enjoy weekend guys mchwaaaaaa..

03 Mar 2017 23:36

i don't think Zitha is that boring bt people are just negative towards the character. .it's even interesting now dt she interact with smanga..smanga is a fool he don't even notice dt he is becoming emotionally invested on her.. its kinda annoying with BlackTwitter alwayz trying to be negative towards the show and the very same people will say Generations is interesting bt people are sleeping on it..really yesterday you said is boring moes bt 2dae it's another story ??

06 Mar 2017 09:35

Tsidi and Kumkani,, are just playing us,, they are making me sick.. i watch omnibus, yerr its so slow and boring..Thabiso's your charector is unluck him.. to me its like Generation Legacy was desparate looking for a serial killer.. i dont thnik Thabiso is doing it for me.. but lets wait and see.

06 Mar 2017 11:03

@qaqamba that Thabiso is going to bury Nolwazi alive I think. Plus its a location shoot so I think it will be thrilling. I think the problem is that they are being so slow with the development of the plot so you feel impatient.

06 Mar 2017 21:29

thabiso is becoming more creepier now and fana is dumb AF..smanga&zitha chemistry is gr8 although it will end soon

06 Mar 2017 21:30

thabiso is becoming more creepier now and fana is dumb AF..smanga&zitha chemistry is gr8 although it will end soon.

07 Mar 2017 09:46

I like Dambisa and Lerato.

08 Mar 2017 10:14

i am sick and tired yinto ka Smanga no Sphe.. so tht child will knw the truth when he is or she is 21 yrs.. hayi sukaaa,aaa..

08 Mar 2017 10:19

@QQ that was the deal mos .Smanga must leave Sphe alone they had a deal and he must stick to it .Fana is playing right into Thabiso's hands .the guy is terrorising those closest to him .he must just kill the guy with the help of Jack .

08 Mar 2017 11:48

Thabiso is a smart sociopath. I didn't expect him to play such mind games with Fana. He is a fun and risky character cuz you don't know what he's gonna do next. LOL that Russian guy killed me with his accent. @QQ I've given up, maybe the baby secret will never come out. But I am glad that Sphe sorted Smanga out though. He's a selfish prick.

08 Mar 2017 21:11

getty myt be annoying bt dang the she served that scene was A+ and hilarious AF. im looking foward on seeing what gadaffi will do now..Thabiso is playing fana very well and he looks seriously sick

08 Mar 2017 21:51

Tonight was fire. A perfect episode. Getty is so bitchy lol. Smanga got the curve of the century from lame Zitha. Lungelo is so yummy. Can't wait for Getty vs Wandile.

08 Mar 2017 22:22

Lol i ddnt knw Lungelo had so many fans ,ladies love him .i enjoyed tonight's show .Getty and Wandi brought it on .Poor Smanga man ,he cant win anything .he will be hurt wen Tau and Boring Zitha hook up .lol Gadaffi have u done .the russians will come after him

09 Mar 2017 09:44

oh tht Lungelo,, yoooooo,, Namhla i knw you u will go 1st,, please give others change to Lungelo,,krkrkrkr...hope Lungelo is not Thabis's brother,, kkrkr...Getty her english is very much improving .. she is making a lot of sense with her lines.. tht queandile was just showing us her lines,, which was on point ,, well done Gettys.. Gadaffi please pray tht Nicolin guy to be awake.. Tsidi must tell  Gadaffi  the truth.. and when Tsidi leaving the show,, ???  Tha Thabiso i hate him..

09 Mar 2017 10:02

i don't think letoya makhene is leaving anymore bt will be on break at times for making her album according to tvplus people still say dt namhla is favoured by generations writers/producers cz she alwayz getting involved to every storyline. we can't blame any1 for namhla character being easy to write for. just like smanga almost connecting more on other characters.

09 Mar 2017 11:14

@qavi even Smanga is not as involved as Namhla. I mean they are even gonna throw Namhla into the Russian storyline? what for? lol there isn't a storyline that they will not give that girl. I think its cuz she's light skinned, pretty and knows the Vundla family. It certainly isn't because of her talent.

10 Mar 2017 10:08

Another stupid move by Gadaffi. First he killed Abe in Tau's office but was lucky to get away with it, then he threw Karishma over the balcony and got caught. Now he killed Nikolai after a meeting with AK about his suspicion that Nikolai might have took it. I know he killed him unintentionally but still, he shouldn't have abducted him. Now he's put himself and the Diales at risk. If the mob decides to mess with Namhla, that would put Jack in the picture and all hell will break loose.

11 Mar 2017 07:56

I remember those days when generation ends on Friday pple will go crazy and say "we can't wait for Monday" bt now ai.......... Generation needs a female villain a person that we will love 2 hate e.g masasa mbangeni, nthathi Mosheshes, or even a new face like sphe,

11 Mar 2017 07:56

I remember those days when generation ends on Friday pple will go crazy and say "we can't wait for Monday" bt now ai.......... Generation needs a female villain a person that we will love 2 hate e.g masasa mbangeni, nthathi Mosheshes, or even a new face like sphe,

11 Mar 2017 08:45

@goku, the writers are trash what can we say? They can't even make a villain out of the great Jack Mabaso. To me, Kumkani is way more interesting.

12 Mar 2017 09:47

planty of shows don't write for villains anymore bt focus on random characters eg. generations,scandal,isidingo&rhythm city .. only isibaya is doing dt just for now .if you remember past 3seasons if not mistaken vusi kunene&bheki mkhwane were doing nothing on isibaya..just like on days of our lives Stefano was not appearing anymore. .think we past that time of having villains being big things

13 Mar 2017 10:42

Well I still think Jack Mabaso is wasted on Generations. And that goes double for Tau Mogale.

15 Mar 2017 06:45

I want to kiss the person that came up with the Russian mob/Gadaffi storyline, from head to toe. I think it's the same person who wrote the human trafficking plot. Kudos.

15 Mar 2017 06:53

Jack and Tau are not wasted, they are just awaiting their turn in major plots which are imminent. Like Gadaffi, he sort of took a back seat a while ago when Jack returned and during the Xolelwa/Lesesi plot, and now he's in the thick of things. I know we'd like to see our favourite characters more often but others have to step in as well.

15 Mar 2017 10:18

Hey My Pipps love Generations Legacy  story line regards those Mafias and Gadaffi  was the best storyline i ever seen on Generations.. Gadaffi is the best man for tht charector.Lucy Lucy is a growing i thnk the writers they just want to show us tht people can change and be kind  and helpful to umphakathi. Thabiso Thabiso no comment..

15 Mar 2017 13:12

@qq Gadaffi is perfect for the storyline. Damn those white people can act! Lol waiting in anticipation for tonight. As far as Lucy goes. She's eccentric and I find it hilarious!

15 Mar 2017 14:43


yoooo scary and cripy yoooo,, Mkhovu .. Mpiyakhe Zungu u are nailing th charector yoo,,
i didnt want it Monday.. but when i saw it last night  nda key iminyango yendlu yam, krkrkr very scary.. but Thandeka is not doing it for me,.,. her voice is soo naive and annoying.. i thnk they used Mancwane to control Mkhovu it would have been better.. Thandeka 's voice doesnrt have tht thing.. THAT THING.. she was not Ayoba for me.. i am glad to see Ndlovu Babomncane back to his body and weight again,, he is looking good .,,
Guys have you noticed tht Ngwenya is only driniking water in the scene??? i thnk its Doctors order. ..

Please TV SA give us March Teaser for Isibaya please..

18 Mar 2017 14:40

I'm going to like this Lungelo guy. Mazwi's warning to Zitha about Jack has just made her grow suspicious.

18 Mar 2017 14:46

Jack should do us all a favour and kill Zitha once she finds out that he killed Zola.

19 Mar 2017 10:30

I woke up to the terrible news that Mr Joe Mafela passed on. What a legend and a stalwart. And I was told he wasn't even invited to attend the SAFTAs as the rest of his collegues. May his soul rest in peace.

19 Mar 2017 13:07

19 Mar 2017 13:07

Rest In Peace Ntate Joe Mafela. He will surely be missed. I think it will be difficult/ tricky for the writers to carry the show now without him... He played a vital role in the show's core storyline.

19 Mar 2017 19:02

I actually think they'll kill him off here too... and maybe Karabo, Angela and Jonathan may come back for the funeral. Please make it happen!!!

19 Mar 2017 21:42

I don't necessarily think it'll be that dramatic. He might go back to Rustenburg and never come back. Maybe die there, be buried there and then Molefe will move to Jozi. I don't know but maybe they can cancel this stupid Moroka heir storyline while they are at it. The show suffered another blow because of his passing but those who knew and loved him lost the most. Sad.

20 Mar 2017 08:47

@Dez .. sana i am with u.. i wonder wht story line are thy going to use Bathong.. and want to gop to Trendsa on Youtube they said Bra Joe talkd about Generations Legacy.

sad news Bathong,..

20 Mar 2017 09:12

I agree with @dezi i think out of respect for the family we must not milk his death for a storyline.he must disappear to Rusternburg,even without saying he died its ok .i think now its a perfect time to kill the Moroka storyline .Sphe:s secret about the baby can be revealed .Sphe can raise the child alone with Smanga co-parenting .Mazwi can go find himelf .Maybe bring in another prominent family to fight with the Mabaso family.

20 Mar 2017 09:17

I agree 100% @max, his death must not be taken advantage of. Joe Mafela was a real life person and he was greater than some storyline. I also think this should be the end of the Morokas. Smanga can stay but the show can't revolve around that family anymore. Already the Morokas only had the "heir" storyline going for them. It wasn't much.

20 Mar 2017 14:38

May his soul rest in Gods perfect soul

20 Mar 2017 22:29

i so wish to meet who ever is a director of the show and kill him/her. i mean zoro creative imagination which leads to scenes come across tiring at times.. isibaya don't have best writing team bt director does the job well.. they should hire HighRollers team ,the show would be world quality

20 Mar 2017 22:31

I might be on the minority, but damn I like Zitha. She's unique in stature, her eyes, her voice, her hight and she's so relaxed and calm as if she's got everything under control. She strikes me as a powerful corporate lady and Jack should be concerned becaused she's now trying to close in on him. I think she'll make a good partner for Tau.

21 Mar 2017 02:53

I never understood the hate for Zitha. She's one of my favourites and she's got great potential like Nolwazi. Good episode today, I can't wait for the next ones.

21 Mar 2017 09:44

@qavi we have been preaching the gospel of the Gen director for years now and he's still there. I gave up a long time ago. Anyway can't wait to see how Bafana freaks out tonight. He's literally going to wake up to his worst nightmare lol. As for Zitha, she's about as interesting as a soaking wet towel. meh.

22 Mar 2017 09:08

I just hope they do not recast the role tebogo

22 Mar 2017 10:02

boring and dragging,, tht Thabiso is soo annoying ,, i thnk script writers ran out of ideas,, i thnk i will give it sometime off Generations .. Wandiles is just a mess storylines.. sukaaaaa

22 Mar 2017 10:55

Almost every storyline is boring except the Russian one with Gadaffi. My opinion. @goku I'm starting to think that the writers might take the easy way out of just recasting Tebogo or move Molefe to Joburg just to keep going with this heir storyline.

22 Mar 2017 17:44

I am not feeling this Thabiso storyline .it is just blerr nje .Lucy i dont knw why she is having cat .its really a mess .Maybe May tears will bring something new .now nothing much is happening

22 Mar 2017 18:59

with thabiso its a bit interesting 4me and people are responding well..i don't think zitha is boring bt people are just negative i enjoy her.. i see it's only us who read teasers dt feel the show more boring bt I've been observing people raving it.. and the wandile storyline like is deep and eye opening. ..

23 Mar 2017 09:00

@qavile .. sana i thnk people are tired wethu sana zezi soapies kudala kudlalwa ngathi,, as for Zitha.. she was overseas for sometime next thing wafuna 29k per month from Robert Morawa ,, for their child.. so she is back S.A. abantu bamjongele loonto,, and u knw people will start giving negative views about u then later,, they will see tht u are a STAR.. lol.. as for Matli AKA tHABISO, i dont like tht charector for him shame .. because i love him as tht thug and good boy..

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