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Generations Teasers - November 2016

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Generations Teasers on 21 Sep 2016
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Coming up on Generations this November 2016:

Tuesday 1 November 2016
Episode 242 (0502)

Tshidi is shocked to hear the news about her ex. Fana reaches out to his sister but it ends badly.
Jack might have a heart after all.

Wednesday 2 November 2016
Episode 243 (0503)

Patricia suspects something fishy is going on. Smanga wants something from Tebogo and it’s not a request. Sphe gets the results for her blood test.

Thursday 3 November 2016
Episode 244 (0504)

Lucy is not about to give up on the business she fought so hard to win. Getty is worried about Xolelwa’s behaviour. Wandile tells the Diales he’s a transsexual.

Friday 4 November 2016
Episode 245 (0505)

Cosmo tells Tshidi he’s worried about her ex. Lesedi’s generous gift raises suspicion. Tau arrives at the shebeen with a proposal in mind.

Monday 7 November 2016
Episode 246 (0506)

The Diales are suspicious about where Namhla keeps disappearing to. Smanga strikes a deal with Jack. Gadaffi decides to take back what is his.

Tuesday 8 November 2016
Episode 247 (0507)

Patricia is shocked when she’s kicked out of the apartment. Mazwi ruins things for his brother at the board meeting. Xolelwa Googles John and is shocked by what she finds.

Wednesday 9 November 2016
Episode 248 (0508)

Lesedi reveals how she was bribed to keep her mouth shut. Lucy freaks when Wandile arrives dressed as a woman. Cosmo is manipulated into dishing the dirt.

Thursday 10 November 2016
Episode 249 (0509)

Tebogo is not impressed when Smanga puts pressure on him. Namhla refuses to let her ‘sister’ rain on her parade. Nandi tells Fana it’s time to let go.

Friday 11 November 2016
Episode 250 (0510)

Tshidi has to cover when Gadaffi hits on the truth. Xolelwa tries to soften Patricia up. Jack professes his love for a woman.

Monday 14 November 2016
Episode 251 (0511)

Lucy demands a talk with the new man in her daughter’s life. The secret relationship gets even more complicated. Wandile takes the next big step in his transition.

Tuesday 15 November 2016
Episode 252 (0512)

Tau agrees to let the man who stole his son back into Amo’s life. The Diales meet Namhla’s ‘new boyfriend’. Elam’s suggestion to go out and celebrate ends horribly.

Wednesday 16 November 2016
Episode 253 (0513)

Xolelwa attacks Lesedi when she hits the nail on the head. Smanga and Jack butt heads. The Phakades’ day out doesn’t go as planned.

Thursday 17 November 2016
Episode 254 (0514)

Patricia is disgusted when she meets John. Wandile is tired of running away and makes a stand. Getty is determined to get to the bottom of Namhla’s lies.

Friday 18 November 2016
Episode 255 (0515)

Gadaffi manipulates Nandi into leaving the home with him. Lucy’s not happy about having a ‘freak’ at her shebeen. Lebo drops off a mysterious gift and says it’s time for an ‘upgrade’.

Monday 21 November 2016
Episode 256 (0516)

Xolelwa realises what the truth is and it hits her hard. The Diale siblings find out that there’s also a downside to making lots of money. Tshidi knows Jack is lying to her and she doesn’t like it one bit.

Tuesday 22 November 2016
Episode 257 (0517)

Angry Getty confronts Smanga at work. Cosmo is not looking forward to beating someone up. Mazwi suspects something fishy is up between Tebogo and Smanga.

Wednesday 23 November 2016
Episode 258 (0518)

Gadaffi realises he’s being followed. Zitha is determined to get to the bottom of her mother’s millions.
Lucy is out of her depth but will be damned if she admits it.

Thursday 24 November 2016
Episode 259 (0519)

Nandi is nervous about doing what she knows she has to. Xolelwa is mortified when she has to serve Lebo and the girls. Wandile stands up for himself but it doesn’t last long.

Friday 25 November 2016
Episode 260 (0520)

Fana falls for Jack’s manipulation. Smanga is shocked when Namhla wants to go public. Tshidi demands to know where she stands.

Monday 28 November 2016
Episode 01 (0521)

Sphe is nervous about her mother meeting Mazwi. Lesedi is over the moon when she’s invited to one of the girls’ parties. Gadaffi can tell all is not well with his ex.

Tuesday 29 November 2016
Episode 02 (0522)

Nandi informs her family she’s onto them. Getty puts her foot down about her niece’s relationship.
Zitha uncovers information which leads back to one Zola Radebe.

Wednesday 30 November 2016
Episode 03 (0523)

In a moment of vulnerability, Namhla reveals all. Lucy is freaked out by a heartfelt plea. Panicked Xolelwa tries to call for help but is too late.

Generations is on SABC1 Mondays to Fridays at 20h00.


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21 Sep 2016 12:10


21 Sep 2016 12:10


21 Sep 2016 12:11

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21 Sep 2016 14:15

Mmmmmm a bit intetesting. We will have to see. Thought Wandi was done with being a girl. Mfundi should have given Zoe a chance. Just dsnt do it for mw for there not be Karabo at all in Gen

21 Sep 2016 16:04

Yesterday's episode was so dissappointing, going back to the Memela storyline, Noluntu poisoning Mawande's tea - As i watched Tshidi pouring whatever into Zondiwe's tea. I know its a story but let me leave others who enjoy watching same story line. i hated that storyline.

21 Sep 2016 16:12

Wow interesting month.Nandi is finally here ,I wonder who will be playing her.zitha wants to knw about her mom's million.who is her mom .is Smanga back at Ezweni .I am glad namhla and smaga's relationship is growing .

21 Sep 2016 16:39

Yah am not happy with the poisoning storyline too. Tshidi should be shown more at hash tag world growing the business.

21 Sep 2016 19:45

FINALLY! The moment that I've been desperate to see is coming... the arrival of Sphe and Fana's mother. And it seems Gadaffi knows her. It seems Smanga is back in the driving seat of the Moroka fold strongly... can't wait to see Mazwi and Tebogo's faces.

21 Sep 2016 20:39

what does jack want from the moroka family..and its pointless cz karabo ain't there to make thing interesting when fighting jack back with help of tau..i think karabo leaving the show ruined the directions producers/writers were taking..

21 Sep 2016 20:46

Smanga will be making demands on Uncle Tebogo ,what does he have on him .I thought it might be that he is really Mazwi's dad but after tonight's episode I see Tebogo and Mazwi have the same desease .can they reveal why Jack wants a Moroka child so much ,I mean its being months now .@Qavile do u knw who will play Nandi Cele ?I hope its a powerhouse name

21 Sep 2016 21:16

@Max85 they still hiding on who will take the role cz weza&zoe already dnt think mfundi gen would go for any well nkown person and i for one hope its sm1 new

21 Sep 2016 21:20

Yay November looks so much better. And my fave power couple Namhla and Smanga is flourishing. What does Smanga have on Tebogo that he finds himself back at Ezweni I wonder? Soooo glad that Wandile is finally trans. Yep November is gonna rock, we just have to get through this dull spell first lol. I hate Mazwi I hope he loses everything.

21 Sep 2016 23:00

I think Zitha is going to be a nuisance to Jack Mabaso if she is going to get snoopy about Zola's business. And it seems she is restless.

21 Sep 2016 23:09

@Show-time how do you think gadaffi knows sphe's mom im just interested

21 Sep 2016 23:53

@qavile gadaffi must know Sphe's mom cuz he wants to use her to break up Jack and Tshidi I think. Anyway I believe I saw a pic of Nandi on the Gen set. She'll live at S'qalo. Saw the pic on instagram.

22 Sep 2016 06:20

@dezi is Nandi sum1 u have seen before ?lol about Zitha (zoe Mthiyane) I am worried cz she has not acted on Tv before ,she has being on the lion King with baby daddy Lebo M nje .she is absolutely gorgeous yena shem .

22 Sep 2016 09:45

Smanga and namhla are in a relationship... Gadaffi is back.... Sphe nd fanaz mom will appear... I hv to wtch this its gonn b a gr8 month

22 Sep 2016 12:01

Yes @Max85, I have seen that lady before but she aint that famous. She'll either be Nandi or Zitha's mom.

22 Sep 2016 12:10

Shame Mama Sgebengu,, u are speechless ngoku,,

Sphe is really like father like daughter..

i dont see why Tsidi is taking her mom back to tht Home, corse Tau is aware tht Amo is his not Gadaffis,,

22 Sep 2016 13:11

@dezi thanks .if she is not that famous it will be big break .she better deliver .

23 Sep 2016 09:27

so lucy is after wandile's fortunes. .tau is dumb AF to think dt amo/thapelo will get something from morokas yet his a bro says fana is gadaffi son im not sure abt St

23 Sep 2016 11:58

Lol Fana too old to be Kumkani's son though..I dont like Mazwi but last night he made me laugh. That scene with Nolwazi was pure gold.

23 Sep 2016 16:03

Lol I agree with Dezi Fana is way too old to be Gadaffi's son .imagine what Lucy is gonna do when she finds out Namhla is dating a Moroka .she will want money from Smanga

23 Sep 2016 18:50

LOL Lucy will be angry in the beginning but once she realises how she can cash in, she'll support them and I think Jack will support them too since his plans with Sphe aren't working out.

24 Sep 2016 12:09

I think Smanga and Namhla will make a good couple. Money for Lucy.

24 Sep 2016 16:25

sphe and mazwi acted more than well yesterday. .even haters on twitter said generations got talented cast..been longing fo smanga&namhla finally..i dnt see tau fitting on generations anymore..they must just invest on gadaffi vs jack cz we relate more 2them...myb tau character will find its fit as time goes

24 Sep 2016 22:20

Don't be so quick to judge @qavile, I was stalking Weza Solange on snapchat and she was posting videos of her, tau and gadaffi's location shoot which took all night to film! I think it'll be epic once that episode airs. Maybe this drug storyline will revitalise Tau cuz as it stands he truly is out of place. Sphe and Mazwi were phenomenal on Friday. These days Mazwi impresses me.

25 Sep 2016 19:39

I am anxiously waiting for the day Sphe finally defies Jack in his ploy to capture the Moroka fortune. I was expecting Bafana to talk sense into Jack about using Sphe like that. There needs to be some moral high ground in this plotline. Will Jack like the fact that Smanga is getting closer to Namhla? I think he will take advantage of their imminent relationship to further advance his plot.

26 Sep 2016 01:00

The actress who will play nandi is brenda mhlongo from the lion king. She is HOT, i just hope she wont flop like ranthumeng on muvhango cos he was also apart of the lion king thing. Very interesting month indeed. Finally wandile/Candice is coming out.

26 Sep 2016 09:41

@show-time it still doesn't make sense to me why Jack wants in with the Morokas so bad. He already has money, status and power. I think this storyline was plotted before Connie decided to leave the show. @robyn im so excited about Nandi! And November is so far :(

26 Sep 2016 10:29

@Dezi when jack was introduced on generations they mentioned on #MoveMagazine dt jack got family and dt his wife got personal vendetta with i think dt was the plot then conie ferguson left.dts why i said it was going to be lit karabo fighting jack with the help of tau..karabo departure killed they still fixing that

26 Sep 2016 10:30

26 Sep 2016 11:12

Mazwi is improving .I am enjoying his scenes with Sphe .friday he really delivered .I don't believe his marriage with Sphe will die just like that .I think they will eventually fall in love .

26 Sep 2016 15:45

i like Sphe she is fighting for all wives tht have no powers in their marriges ,, mchwaaa Thank u Sphe,, My Aunty as very impressed with u last week, lol..

26 Sep 2016 16:58

@qavi I get what you mean, Connie's departure caused some issues hey. Anyway I guess I could see Mazwi and Sphe falling in love but won't him marrying Nolwazi drive and even bigger wedge between them? Guess we'll have to wait and see.

26 Sep 2016 19:52

@Max85,show-time,qaqamba how old are you bf2 just wanna know since you seem to know a lot abt these show like from the start?

26 Sep 2016 22:42

@qavile I started watching from the start .I knw everything about this show .Jack will force Smanga to give Sphe a child as a favour .I am not sure if Sphe will agree cz the pressure will come from both families ..mazwi won't knw anything about it

27 Sep 2016 07:22

@Max85 its going to be interesting if jack suggest that cz smanga now will be into namhla and hope he dnt wreck namhla's heart

27 Sep 2016 08:32

@qavile I was devasted when I saw this cz the show needs at least one couple that is dedicated to each other .I really hope Sphe refuses .lol Lucy is a coward ,she should have killed Kgosi .

27 Sep 2016 10:22

@max85 now I am devastated. What I dont get is why would Smanga agree? Isn't he tired of Mazwi always winning? This is Smanga's chance to get back what Mazwi stole from him and poor Namhla is going to be shattered :(

27 Sep 2016 10:30

@dezi I think the reason Smanga agrees is to save his political career and the legacy of the Morokas .Jack needs to start a company or something ,he seems bored .

27 Sep 2016 12:22

I hear you. At the end of the day these people would do anything for money and power. That's Generations for you lol.

27 Sep 2016 14:26

@qavile ,.. sana i loved Generation i dont knw  when i started watching it,, but sometimes i just like to change the script the way i would like to be,,and i thnk some of the script writters are reading and change some of the lines from the script.. ..

27 Sep 2016 19:31

It seems to me Nandi resents Jack Mabaso, if what I read from the teasers is anything to go by. I don't like that... why must these writers turn every family on this show dysfunctional? Why can't there be a solid family whereby a man and a woman stay happily married or in a good relationship? Nxa!!

28 Sep 2016 06:39

But. @showtime how can Nandi and Jack be happily married when Jack is busy sleeping with Tshidi and prostituting Nandi's daughter .I can bet Jack is responsible for Nandi being in a nut house .there is no way they can be happy family

28 Sep 2016 10:30

There are no happy endings on the legacy. Everyone's love life is a hot mess. These writers are committed to this cause.

29 Sep 2016 09:05

wonder if jack will force smanga to sleep with sphe and if so,rather ask for his sperm not propel them to be intimate..

29 Sep 2016 10:32

@qavile I also think that is the best solution ,then Sphe can do IVF .it will be bad for Smanga to sleep with another of Mazwi's wives .Nolwazi and Mazwi bore me to death ,their scenes are always not convincing .

29 Sep 2016 10:57

@Max85 nolwazi deserve bad boy like tau/gadaffi/smanga typa guy...even phiwe flopped when she was with mazwi bt came to life with smanga...i dnt know whats wrong with mazwi bt star quality dololo..they must give nolwazi tau

29 Sep 2016 14:18

Mazwi is annoying and boring. The way he changes his voice when he "attempts" to display anger or hurt. Lawd its annoying! Rumour had it that S'dumo Mtshali could've been Mazwi but it apparently didn't work out.

29 Sep 2016 18:02

@dezi apparently Sdumo turned down the role cz he ddnt wanna seem as a traitor of the industry .Mazwi is much better around Sphe .

29 Sep 2016 18:51

Cosmo and Lucy = Pinky and the Brain, respectively.

29 Sep 2016 20:47

hope namhla knows dt smanga likes it rough

29 Sep 2016 21:42

The odd lovebirds, Wandile and Getty ran over Mavis with a car and now they are burning her shack... Daniel should be very happy!

29 Sep 2016 21:58

... Jack has just found out that Namhla is one child he can never control.... he should have asked Lucy.

29 Sep 2016 22:52

I personally wanted Namhla to have a good relationship with Jack. I hope they get along one day *sigh*. @max I guess I don't blame S'dumo cuz the legacy actors took such abuse when Gen first aired. But of course now it's all water under the bridge.

30 Sep 2016 09:42

I am glad september is over .it was really the worst month Gen has ever had in terms of writing .Jack loves Namhla ,he wants the best for her ,I think eventually they will get along .it would have being strange if the hit it off just like that .lol I can't believe Wandi burned the shack .this boy must come out already

30 Sep 2016 13:29

for me i just think namhla wont tolerate jack for wanting to scheme the morokas and will be very protective of smanga which will make her and sphe rivals. she aint dt kind and jack would be disappointed..tau is a ganster again for real i saw weza&vuyo pictures when they were shooting night scenes

30 Sep 2016 16:51

@qavile those are the videos and pics I was talking about. The location shots for the drug storyline are gonna be lit. Its obvious that the truth about Sphe and Smanga's child will eventually come out. Then a whole lot of relationships are gonna be ruined.

01 Oct 2016 11:16

... And that means Namhla will suffer another ill-fated relationship when that happens. She is very unlucky with men that one.

01 Oct 2016 14:19

I also dnt like what Tshidi is doing to her mother, I even closed my eyes when she wantd to inject her. Eisssssh! I wish this story line cld come to an end

03 Oct 2016 22:15

Siphesihle's reaction to the solution was priceless, lol. As to why she isn't angry at Jack for putting her into this predicament defeats me. Jack must have done something to her when she was a girl. I'm hoping that Nandi will reveal what happened in the past.

03 Oct 2016 22:59

it must be nice being smanga elders just gives you a cookie to chow

05 Oct 2016 08:58

hayi Generations,,, yooooo

05 Oct 2016 21:02

Getty needs to start taking her own advice about men. At least Nolwazi is not getting drunk and a man loves her, while she is crying over a guy who is not sure of who he is sexually.

06 Oct 2016 06:19

As much as I hate to admit it Mazwi and Nolwazi do love each other ,Sphe must just pack her bags and go live with Jack .I was so confused when those people showed up the shebeen ,who brought them there ?was it Daniel ?

06 Oct 2016 09:24

@Max85 yes sana it was Daniel.. i hate him , akafuni yophangele or phanda to get his life back, blaiming Geety and Wandile for evertthing... i love Nolwazi and Mazwi,, i wish tht Baby part was fault or script writters can change the lines as it was a lie from Sphe's frnd  Mazwi can make babies.. i miss Gadaffi

06 Oct 2016 17:54

this month is promising unlike the last disappointing one..

06 Oct 2016 20:55

am i the only one who thinks fana is gay and likes smanga..

07 Oct 2016 06:49

Great episode last night .Wandi is killing this role ,his emotions ,you really feel he is trapped in the wrong body .this girls hanging with Xolelwa are the prostitutes?lol@qavile I noticed the same thing abot Fana .he gets all exciwe he sees Smanga .

07 Oct 2016 09:47

Lol, I don't think Fana is gay. He just likes the fact that a good guy like Smanga will help his sister produce a Moroka heir, lol. It sounds peculiar but that's the way it is. Also, I noticed he doesn't like Mazwi.

07 Oct 2016 10:02

was deed his thing yesterday dts other gay people kill them selves cz i think its the hardest thing to come out..i dnt know if i like Nomazwi relationship or what time will tell cz i favour the mabaso clan and only smanga..

07 Oct 2016 10:03

wandile deed

07 Oct 2016 13:45

Wandile nailed tht charector last night... she was open to all of us, i was very emotional with those brilliant lines from her.

07 Oct 2016 20:54

tjerr wandile wanna (DIY)sex change him self,the storyline is too deep loving gen the whole show is solid now

08 Oct 2016 20:44

Are Xolelwa's new friends prostitutes or "blessees"? There is something sinister about them, the lady from the Omo or Surf advert.

09 Oct 2016 23:06

The last couple of episodes were pretty solid. Lmao no Fana is definitely NOT gay!

10 Oct 2016 06:25

The Wandile storyline is heartbreaking indeed and its always a remember that we live in a country full of bigots and intolerant people .most of social media is not impressed because they say it promotes the wrong thing hai .Poor Tshidi she is really lonely.

10 Oct 2016 21:15

I don't care if it is too soon or not, but Andisiwe Dweba ( Getty ) deserves some recognition for her role on this show. She has been dishing out brilliant performances this year and it's been a pleasure to see her grow in her craft. Tonight she was great in that hospital scene even though it lasted just a few seconds.

11 Oct 2016 11:23

Wandile Wandile Wandile last night was brilliant.Is he not gay in real life?Those emotions are real guys.Can someone really kill themselves over fear of coming out.This storyline is DEEP.

11 Oct 2016 11:43

@Lebs5 yeah it happened where im staying axactly what wandile did bt the 16 year old boy asked his friends to cut it and died after 3weeks...i thought jack was going to ask smanga to sleep with sphe+wonder what will namhla do knowing dt jack is forcing smanga to do dirty work..i like the scenes between tau and namhla..i dnt think writers will be able to make tau and jack rivals again rather write gadaffi vs jack which i think its easier for them

11 Oct 2016 14:51

Gen is so deep right now, I keep thinking that Wandile and Getty deserve Safta recognition. Xolelwa the drunk was painful to watch, she sucks at it lol. I think she's about to be duped into prostitution the same way Dintle once was on Scandal? Guess we'll see.

11 Oct 2016 17:15

Guys u do know that generations actors dont enter the saftas coz they feel they committee is biased when choosing the winners. @max ure right, ppl on twitter can b dumb sometimes plain nd simple. I hope a lot of ppl wil b more understanding as to what gay/transgender ppl go through on a daily basis. Chi mhende is an amazing actress she really evoked emotion out of me these past few days

11 Oct 2016 18:01

Mazwi is marrying Nolwazi without Spe approval ,but then again Sphe refuses to talk to him .I am looking forward to the diamonds storyline starting thursday involving Tau and Hope .Jack is really putting Smanga in a bad position ,I wonder if Namhla will allow it .

11 Oct 2016 18:50

@max there's no way Smanga would ever dream of telling Namhla. I just think it's disgusting how he's gonna sleep with two sisters at around the same time. I know they aren't related but still its bull.

11 Oct 2016 20:17

namhla is over protective wonder if she will expose jack ..wandile still don't want his dick..fana is just like his father or he support him just bcz jack raised the?anyone with an answer?

11 Oct 2016 20:55

@qavile I fell Fana and Sphe feel indebted to jack because he raised them .maybe when their mother comes it will change ,cz they will have some1 in their corner .that meeting between Namhla and Sphe was cute shem .Tau through the most mos

11 Oct 2016 21:15

Lol, Namhla seems to be very excited for meeting Sphe. If only she knew the circumstances that led to Sphe being a Moroka. I can't wait for her to know it all. But I wish she was loyal to Jack like Sphe is.

12 Oct 2016 09:33

i think if smanga impregnate sphe then myb mazwi is not sterile bt was a mistake then then they will shift sphe to smanga and take namhla out..if that happens i hope sphe and smanga falls for each other deeply and sphe be cunning wife

12 Oct 2016 09:45

I'm also starting to think that Sphe was always meant for Smanga cuz I dont see this polygamy thing going far. But I'm still gonna be sad when Namhla and Smanga break up.

12 Oct 2016 10:37

I am not comfortable with Smanga sleeping with Mazwi wives .I think Namhla and Smanga will make a powerful couple ,they better not break them up .what's the story with this gals that Xolelwa is hanging out with ?

12 Oct 2016 11:31

Smanga sleeping with another one of Mazwi's wives is so Bold and the Beautiful trash. Anyway some radio djs were just discussing Xolelwa's storyline, apparently it is quite common. Girls getting pimped out without even realizing what's going on. So this storyline is probably going in that direction.

12 Oct 2016 12:12

@dezi u might just be right hey ,Xolelwa is a liker of things,she will probably get hooked on that lifestyle

12 Oct 2016 13:17

 guys did generations play lastnight?????

12 Oct 2016 20:44

was exciting seeing my all time crush weza solange bt sadly she a supporting character hope they link her with other characters and grow her just like they did with nolwazi

12 Oct 2016 21:36

Weza is so hot and that body, forgot how hot she is. Im starting to wonder if Mazwi and Lwazi are ever gonna marry. Not that I even care for them as a couple lol.

13 Oct 2016 06:29

I hope its the end of Mazwi and nolwazi .I am tired of their back and forth .thank u Sphe for standing up to Jack ,I wonder if it will last .Weza's acting is a bit weird but she will grow into the role ,she has not acted in a long time ,I will be patient .

13 Oct 2016 11:34

NoMazwi is boooooooring. Their alleged love story is so dry. No one I know is invested so in them as a couple. Can't MazSphe just become a real bomb ass couple?

13 Oct 2016 14:24

Lmao their alleged love story @dezicle I am dead by that comment .Mazwi and Sphe must apologise to each other and make their marriage work for once .

13 Oct 2016 15:28

i dnt know bt thando thabethe is one of the best actresses bt it feels like she is acting on the usa international shows and does not bring african flavour which kills the vibe for me...the moroka family need a revamp cz its dull myb once smanga moves back at ezweni will be better

13 Oct 2016 15:34

Thursday 13 October 2016
Episode 229 (0489)

The Diales are shocked by what Getty reveals. Mazwi demands answers about what happened. Tau contacts the woman who saved his life.

Friday 14 October 2016
Episode 230 (0490)

Lucy doesn’t have good news regarding the diamonds. Namhla comes clean about her feelings for her boss. Xolelwa is totally out of her depth at the party

13 Oct 2016 17:22

@max lol glad I could make you laugh. @qavile the Morokas have been dull since queen Karabo left and this baby storyline is making them less endearing. The Diales are the best family on Gen. Maybe the Mabasos will also start taking shape when Nandi arrives.

14 Oct 2016 12:36

So Tau is willing to put his life in danger for a woman that doesn't want him. He must be missing Karabo.

14 Oct 2016 22:16

It's sad how Jack is gonna sabotage Smanga, paint him into a corner and force him to agree to this madness. Oh and boy did Smanga deliver his scenes tonight. That boy can act! Wandile too, such quality acting from that lady. Gen is slaying!

15 Oct 2016 07:22

Smanga was good yesterday no doubt. And I thought Namhla was also.

15 Oct 2016 07:59

The chemistry between Smanga and Namhla amazing .its just a pity Jack is going to ruin it all with all this baby talk .Wandile is handling this transition with such class ,she is trully an amazing actor ,the pain ,the emotion it all fits .Hope is growing on me ,I hope she sticks around .

15 Oct 2016 13:20

The people responsible for Generations' social media presence are pure trash... like.. where is it??? It's seems as if it's non existent! Like, why is it so difficult to post stuff on Facebook ala Scandal or engage with fans on Twitter like Isidingo?? I envy Scandal's social media people and wished they had worked for Generations.. I mean, their Facebook alone whuu>>>>>>

16 Oct 2016 13:43

it sadness me dt jack will ruin snamhla couple+i think if sphe sleeps with smanga she will fall for him...weza/tau storyline will one of is gr8

16 Oct 2016 16:38

Its very sad @qavi, but remember that Namhla will spill the beans late Nov, so maybe Snamhla might break up anyway when their affair is exposed. Question is, will Sphe be pregnant by then.

17 Oct 2016 20:53

i hope smanga wont go #50Shades bull *bleep!* on namhla+if indeed they forced with sphe 2make a baby,namhla will still love smanga and try to understand. .in fact jack is pimping his daughter. .hope/tau saga is promising to be off chain(too lit)

17 Oct 2016 21:24

Wow the chemistry between Smanga and Namhla is amazing .I hope the writers won't mess with the relationship .at least one relationship has to last .we need those days of Samuel and Sharon ,Archie le zoleka .Sbusiso le Ntombi ,Nic and Akhona .that magic is what makes great stories .

18 Oct 2016 09:34

@max85 ...ilove them Namhla &Smanga..

18 Oct 2016 09:44

@max honestly, everytime I think of the potential of Namhla and Smanga I think of all those relationships that you've mentioned. We deserve that as the viewers. Lol that scene was so sexy I had to watch again on the internet!

18 Oct 2016 14:35

Tau is so weak I swear people make him up to some untouchable deity and I don't know why... He's weak weak weak! Gaddafi and Jack are waaaayyy more powerful than him

18 Oct 2016 15:43

Zondwa tau was weakened by karabo so its hard for him to go back to his gangster ways. I really think tau n hope r gonna fall for one another, tau is already blushing everytime he mentions her. Nplwazi needs a family member her storyline just cant depend on being mazwis wife, what will happen when mazwi decides he wants to leave da show? As for xolelwa ?? her wig stole my comment

19 Oct 2016 21:19

Sphe is so weak lol. I wonder what Tau is gonna do, its about to get lit. I still think he's a weakling though, this guy doesn't even have money. Daniel is hilarious, they should keep him around.

20 Oct 2016 08:20

Nobody messes with Tau Mogale ,lol Tau o rata ho itlama .he could not even handle Karabo .Sphe is loyal to Jack shem ,she has changed her mind now .the show has great actors ,who are delivering .I am glad things are falling into place .

20 Oct 2016 08:52

i also find Daniel quite hilarious. hope he sticks around. Tau has the potential to be another force to be reckoned with, if only the writers tweak him a bit. As Sphe agreeing i am disappointed. but i hope she decides to do it the medical way and harvest Smanga's sperm and then get artificially inseminated. i really want the Smanga Namhla love affair to grow.

20 Oct 2016 11:22

@coolmama I initially thought it was gonna be done like that but it seems they will sleep together. @max, I agree about the quality of acting on the show. Its top notch. Great show indeed.

01 Nov 2016 22:45

Hey guys i'm new here it's my first time..i've been reading your comments ya'll just amazing :)

02 Nov 2016 07:30

Go to December teasers TheeLulu1

03 Nov 2016 20:47

Hie guys. Please can someone explain why Patricia lives with Xolelwa yet she earns R25k from IFA, has a coffee shop AND left her husband all alone for a couple of nights a week?

05 Nov 2016 15:34

@ finestm m as shocked as u are lol

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