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Generations Teasers - October 2016

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Generations Teasers on 22 Aug 2016
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Coming up on Generations this October 2016:

Monday 3 October 2016
Episode 221 (0481)

Daniel seems to know something no one else does… Tshidi is terrified her secret might come out. Sphe is disgusted to hear about Bab’Cele’s proposed ‘solution’.

Tuesday 4 October 2016
Episode 222 (0482)

Smanga is shocked when Namhla kisses him. Wandile is caught in bed with another woman. Mazwi’s heart breaks as he reads a letter from his true love.

Wednesday 5 October 2016
Episode 223 (0483)

Zondiwe wants to move in with Tau. Getty drowns her sorrows in booze again. Lucy is furious when unwelcome visitors gatecrash the shebeen.

Thursday 6 October 2016
Episode 224 (0484)

Tshidi feels more and more isolated and alone. Xolelwa is out of her depth with her new friends. Bab’Cele urges Sphe to do what tradition demands of her.

Friday 7 October 2016
Episode 225 (0485)

Namhla agrees to go back to work despite her embarrassment. Tebogo is shocked to the core by an unexpected revelation. Wandile freaks out when Elam hits the nail on the head.

Monday 10 October 2016
Episode 226 (0486)

Tau agrees to help Lucy in exchange for a favour. Mazwi is determined to get married as soon as possible.
Getty breaks down when she hears about the brutal ‘attack’.

Tuesday 11 October 2016
Episode 227 (0487)

Smanga agrees to do what Jack wants. Sphe meets her step-sister for the first time. Xolelwa fakes a headache and sneaks out.

Wednesday 12 October 2016
Episode 228 (0488)

Zondiwe warns one has to confront your demons head on. Tebogo issues a grim warning to Nolwazi. Detective Khune is left speechless by Wandile’s confession.

Thursday 13 October 2016
Episode 229 (0489)

The Diales are shocked by what Getty reveals. Mazwi demands answers about what happened. Tau contacts the woman who saved his life.

Friday 14 October 2016
Episode 230 (0490)

Lucy doesn’t have good news regarding the diamonds. Namhla comes clean about her feelings for her boss. Xolelwa is totally out of her depth at the party.

Monday 17 October 2016
Episode 231 (0491)

Wandile has lost his will to live. Jack is not happy when Sphe stands up to him. Two colleagues finally give in to their passion.

Tuesday 18 October 2016
Episode 232 (0492)

Tau has to give the diamonds back or else…! Smanga lays it on thick when a suspicious Sipho pays him a visit. Patricia doesn’t trust Lebo’s intentions.

Wednesday 19 October 2016
Episode 233 (0493)

Tebogo won’t fork out millions unless he knows what it’s for. Lucy’s ‘generosity’ comes back to bite her in the butt. Fana is shocked by what his sister has to say.

Thursday 20 October 2016
Episode 234 (0494)

Chaos erupts when protestors storm VOTE’s campaign office. Getty reaches out to a broken Wandile.
Jack is furious when someone lets him down.

Friday 21 October 2016
Episode 235 (0495)

Tshidi is caught off guard by an unexpected request. Xolelwa causes a tizz when she arrives at the office. Namhla is over the moon about her plans for the weekend.

Monday 24 October 2016
Episode 236 (0496)

Smanga’s day is off to a bad start and looks set to get worse.
Just when Sphe thinks she’s off the hook her bubble is burst. Gadaffi is in a very bad way.

Tuesday 25 October 2016
Episode 237 (0497)

Dr Watson gives Wandile some food for thought. Mazwi reaches out to his wife but gets snubbed. Tau hates having to ask Jack for help again.

Wednesday 26 October 2016
Episode 238 (0498)

Tshidi gets the shock of her life when she comes to visit Amo. Not everyone is happy when the black sheep of the Morokas is welcomed back into the fold. Xolelwa thinks she’s hit the jackpot.

Thursday 27 October 2016
Episode 239 (0499)

The Diales are shocked about the bag of gifts they receive. Things get awkward when wife and girlfriend are in the same room. Elam warns about the cost of living a lie.

Wednesday 28 October 2016
Episode 240 (0500)

Gadaffi takes a bullet for Tau. Sphe demands Tebogo fix the mess he caused. Namhla confides in Lesedi about her secret.

Thursday 31 October 2016
Episode 241 (0501)

Lebo has had enough of Xolelwa’s games. Wandile makes a breakthrough. Nolwazi decides to lay her cards on the table.

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22 Aug 2016 01:16


22 Aug 2016 01:16

Now lemme read

22 Aug 2016 06:38

Namhla and Smanga finally happen .Mazwi is taking a second wife ???Sphe is disgusted about wat Bab Cele suggest...they want her to sleep with another moroka to produce an heir maybe .another new character Lebo .october seems confusing indeed .

22 Aug 2016 09:28

let me read and see if the writers have pulled up their socks

22 Aug 2016 09:32

Namhla and Smanga yay!!! Nolwazi should find another man and leave that weakling Mazwi. Gaddaffi taking a bullet for Tau mmmmm. I wonder who pulled the trigger. Tshidi allowed to visit Amo??

22 Aug 2016 11:59

im no.4.. wuurayyyy ,,,

22 Aug 2016 12:28

no. 7 let me read

22 Aug 2016 13:03

Lol, Smanga got himself into a hole that he can't get out of, which was dug deep by Jack. I have a feeling that Tau's diamond plotline will be interesting and I'm not surprised that Lucy agreed to get involved coz last year after she found out that Esther was smuggling diamonds in Zim, she tried to persuade Cosmo that they should take part in it coz it's a lucrative venture. I'm glad Karabo left Amo behind.

22 Aug 2016 14:33

Finally smanga and namhla will happen ..wonder what will sphe say since her and namhla are dating moroka brothers...Wandile must be written out of the show cz he is useless..Gadaffi wants to be on good books reason he will take bullet meant for tau?..fana also does not and they wasting his talent...

23 Aug 2016 10:28

hayi Mazwi 's charector  is driving me mad,, he is soo full of himself,, only want sex sex sex,, hayi suka!!!!!!

23 Aug 2016 16:14

Nxaaa. Zzzzzzzzz

23 Aug 2016 23:16

October seems confusing and boring but lets not judge too hastily since Tau is a strong actor and it seems his storyline will rule October. Wandile? yawwwwwn. Namhla and Smanga FINALLY!!

24 Aug 2016 00:02

I did tell you guys last month in the August teasers blog that Namhla and Smanga will happen after the episode where Namhla gave Sipho information that she got from Fana's laptop about Jack's Zola situation involving the disappearance of key witnesses. I said she went through all that trouble because she was catching feelings for Smanga. But since these writers want relationships to last, their affair will be short-lived. Jack will probably sabotage it for some whatever reason.

24 Aug 2016 00:08

(correcting an error) " ... but since these writers DON'T want relationships to last..."

24 Aug 2016 09:11

its alwayz ecxiting to see zano on screen...jabu took gettz position at #world or what? karabo was amazing yesterday and felt her pain+i think that storyline is deep on people who pay attention and can relate..i wanna see mrekza more often although getty is annoying being drunk almost all the time..i think thando thabethe(nolwazi)will get married to mazwi seeing the picture on set yesterday wearing white dress with piece of white rose in head...just wondering whom wandile will be in love with

24 Aug 2016 10:58

So Gadaffi will take a bullet for Tau in order to be in his good books again... wonder if he'll survive. I'm just glad that the clever scoundrel that is Tau Mogale is back. The smooth operator that I loved before he fell in love with Karabo and became a sissy. Lol, remember last year when Gadaffi and his crooked friend stole people's cars at an important event where he said to Tau, "people like us don't change groot man". So he was right. The old Tau is back! The diamond smuggling storyline might actually make for a good viewing, at least for me because I love crime stories.

24 Aug 2016 11:36

Getty character is starting annoy me serious ,how long will it go on like this .Tau Mogale is a great actor ,he just needs a proper script to come alive .I am certain he will be great again because Karabo is finally leaving .I really don't like the way Mazwi speaks to his wife ,its really disgusting .

24 Aug 2016 12:52

I have decided to block Mazwi and Sphe out. Their storyline literally hurts my soul. I saw the pic Thando posted. It seems Nolwazi will get married and Xolelwa will be one of her bridesmaids. lol watch the haters say Gen is copying RC with the polygamy storyline and with Bab' Cele wanting Sphe to make a baby with Smanga I assume.

24 Aug 2016 15:09

i think sphe would be more amazing if she acts as the female villain of the show that suits he well and nolwazi is boring bad gal rather make her the next karabo moroka

24 Aug 2016 20:44

im a dude bt i cried cz my heart felt broken seeing #ConnieFerguson leaves generations and that was my favourite character of all time to grace SA tv talking about classy A+ actress im left with my boy #MoopiMothibeli(Smanga)..

24 Aug 2016 21:11

Karabo was such a big part of Generations ,she made it the success it is today ,we will always remember her .Sphe is such a warm and respectable woman ,I don't knw why she is wasting her time with that cow Mazwi .Getty is annoying ,can't they write her out .

24 Aug 2016 22:19

Karabo's exit was so sad. Geez I was never ready to be so hurt. I dont think the writers have taken into account just how much her departure will affect the show. Will Gen ever be as great as it is supposed to be?

24 Aug 2016 23:57

@Dezi when karabo left 1st time from the original series gen went dawn fall bt people did not notice and none of the characters matched her..#ConnieFerguson gave life on the show dts why when she did an interview on metro fm after shooting last episode,she was crying saying she felt bad and apologiesed for hurting her co-stars+was difficult more than when she left original series ...i hope moroka's dnt flop and chopped

25 Aug 2016 06:34

Someone who has a strong following as much as Karabo Moroka is Mawande Memela ,I think the producers should make her an offer .I know things did not end well between her and Mfundi but there are no permanent enemies in life .

25 Aug 2016 07:11

Honestly @Max, im so annoyed with people acting as if Karabo leaving wont be a big deal. The show is already lukewarm, without her it'll be we worse. Nambitha is one of the few who can fill that enormous hole Connie left. But knowing the producers they dont care.

25 Aug 2016 07:22

i personally dnt like nambitha (mawande) and dnt want any1 from the 16 fired to come back..that would be step back again we need to move foward...

25 Aug 2016 10:41

@qavile I agree with you. There's plenty of talent that can fill the void, the likes of Moshidi Motshegwa, Nthati Moshesh, Baby Cele, Tina Jaxa, Faye Peters, Gugu Masondo etc. Plenty of talent...Surely there's a plan on the pipeline... also need to improve script and execution.

25 Aug 2016 12:26

I think the only plan in the pipeline is to make Nolwazi the next Karabo, hence her marriage to Mazwi. She's great but she wont cut it. She just wont.

25 Aug 2016 12:36

Hey my pipps,,

im with you qavile and Shwtime,, but Mawande they say she is the one who started the whole fiasco,, i dont think Bra Mfundi will agree with  ,, I wont mind to have Xolile Tshabalala aka Julia Motene back,, there was Zinzi and Zoleka from Old Generations , How come with dont have her as a Julia's Twin sister on Legacy.

Please say it if i am wrong my pipps.

25 Aug 2016 14:18

I think with regards to Xolile Tshabalala, her return as a twin of the deceased Julia Motene would not sit well with some people. They'd accuse the show of copying Muvhango and such. But it would be a great idea. I would like Faye Peters to reprise her role as Vivian. Vivian is experienced in advertising and once worked for New Horizons and she was a loved character. Beautiful too... had a love affair with Tau, if I remember correctly.

26 Aug 2016 07:53

I honestly dnt thnk I wl enjoi gen dc month arggg

26 Aug 2016 11:02

ok My Showtime i understand sana,, mchwaa

26 Aug 2016 11:29

Monday 10 October 2016
Episode 226 (0486)

Tau agrees to help Lucy in exchange for a favour. Mazwi is determined to get married as soon as possible.
Getty breaks down when she hears about the brutal ‘attack’

I WONDER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

26 Aug 2016 12:39

Nolwazi and Mazwi would never cut it to lead the moroka's. he is more likely to do it with Sphe. i still they should just find an actress to take up the role of Karabo. Soapies like the Bold and beautiful have done that and survived. for me it just doesnt work for Tau to be raising Amo without Karabo. Plus bring Tshidi back into Amo's life is just not fair. Amo was never hers to begin with. She should have told Tau the truth the moment she found out. Someone who puts their mother in a mental institute dsnt deserve to be a mother
Getty must go, the role she has now is boring. 

26 Aug 2016 13:10

This show is now becoming a joke... I need to take a break from watching... over-flated drama which makes it ridiculous. I mean how do you explain this Lucy character that is always screaming at everybody? A sister keeps her brother's away from him and when the truth is out she still wants the baby back? Nonsense! Before we know it, these writers will ruin Jack Mabaso.

26 Aug 2016 13:21

... the script is just bad and the execution of it is downright mediocre! Switching from Scandal to Generations is like getting off a car into a bicycle. The difference is so big it is embarassing. Its like from watching a world-class soapie to watching some low budget tv show..

26 Aug 2016 18:20

mfundi vundla is also the creator of etv #BackStage bt he was sabotaged and left thato molamu is the one started strike and propelled otherz to be fired..anele was spicy on the interview and he wanted mfundi to say name

26 Aug 2016 19:56

I did say that the show would not survive Karabo's exit unless someone like Nthati Moshesh joins immediately to steady this ship. The Moroka's are gonna flop so hard. I just hope Smanga survives when they all get written out.

27 Aug 2016 06:48

I missed Mfundi's interview with Anele ,what did he say @qavile the man is always so spicy .There something powerful about Sphe ,the writers just need to write her well .lol as for Getty transforming into a prostitute hai ,I was nvr ready .Tau better install cameras in Thapelo's nursery cz Tshidi is unstable ,but I don't think her plan to kidnap the kid will succeed .

27 Aug 2016 17:27

Getty is headed for a breakdown I think. Personally I think her journey has been so melodramatically written! Lol these writers though. When are we gonna be saved from Tshidi's obsession with Amo? I cant take it anymore. Xolelwa and Patty are funny.

28 Aug 2016 21:22

I don't get Getty's real problem... she got debt councelling yet she is now becoming a floozy and a drunkard. What is really the cause?

29 Aug 2016 10:01

Exactly @show-time, the writers are doing the absolute most with Getty's current storyline.

29 Aug 2016 22:14

Loved tonight's show. Tau needs to get over Karabo and focus on his son and the business. I like the fact that Tshidi is not aware that Jack knows of her betrayal and that he has plans to make her life a living hell. So I guess in a way, Jack's schemes are gonna derail any plans Tshidi has to take Amo away from Tau.

30 Aug 2016 10:00

jack will find out about zondiwe again just like he did with amo saga...getty is crazy AF "at least his vocal about it"when agreeing to be number4...

30 Aug 2016 10:11

I stopped watching for a while. Wating for improved storylines.

30 Aug 2016 12:49

lol @pjvv it'll be a long wait. No matter how bad the storylines get I just cant stop watching. Really enjoyed last night's episode tho.

30 Aug 2016 18:53

Hehehe Wandile's lover will be Getty .I am very surprised by this news .I also enjoyed last nyt's episode ,it was well put together ,just wish the rest of the week will flow as nicely .

31 Aug 2016 12:53

guyz do you think jack will sabotage namhla/smanga relationship since he has plans with sphe marriage with the moroka?...@Max85 i knew it that wandile got it bad for getty

31 Aug 2016 13:23

I think Getty will be the last woman Wandi dates before he is ready to transition and embrace who he really is. Lol I really hope so. @qavile I dont think the writers would bring Namhla and Smanga together only to break them up after 5 minutes. Mazwi is clearly infertile, so Smanga and Namhla will have the Moroka heir.

31 Aug 2016 20:42

jack takes Gadaffi for granted *bleep!*.ill just keep quiet if onother guy pulled jack's doing on me..

31 Aug 2016 20:42

jack takes Gadaffi for granted *bleep!*.ill just keep quiet if onother guy pulled jack's doing on me..

31 Aug 2016 20:51

Lol I enjoyed tonight's episode. Norman Moloi has being directing episodes since last .he is doing a great job ,I am glad there is no melodrama in the delivery .Fana needs to have a storyline now ,the poor guy is just running around nje .Namhla is hella pretty .

31 Aug 2016 23:35

It's strange that Sphe is insecure abour Mazwi working with Nolwazi despite Mazwi constantly rejecting her and especially after he told her that their marriage is just a business transaction.

01 Sep 2016 09:46

@max85 Namhla has to be the hottest cleaner I've ever seen. The episode was really great, Xolelwa is the funniest. My only complaint is that Tau and Kumkani are weak and spineless.

01 Sep 2016 12:47

@dezicles Tau became weak the day he married Karabo ,I do not see him being powerful again ,unless this diamonds smuggling storyline saves him .they must find Gadaffi another love interest when he returns from his break. Jack won't be too happy when he finds out his daughter is a cleaner .

05 Sep 2016 21:10

Namhla has 2 days working and already she wants to creat a revolt at work... unbelievable!

06 Sep 2016 01:31

@Showtime i somehow think this shows her personality-- who she really is, she's true leader. And Gaddafi taking a bullet for Tau, i don't know how to feel about that one. He could have organised that hit for all we know. Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to October!

06 Sep 2016 09:46

i liked Friday's gaddafi out side scenes they wer top class.sphe need to move out or just be wicked and make mazwi miserable AF..

07 Sep 2016 10:55

i wonder what will sphe do if nolwazi is really pregnant

08 Sep 2016 07:11

What the f**ck is wrong with Mazwi? How dare he ignores Tau when he needs him after all he did for me him to be where he is today? If it wasn't of Tau he'd probably still be a spaza shop owner.

08 Sep 2016 08:25


09 Sep 2016 12:51

Sometimes viewers think they know better than producers/director. .sphe drawing the blood on muscle shoulder was because nolwazi shouldn't see that sphe took we all think we clever

12 Sep 2016 12:14

@qavile ,, sana as a dr arent u suppose to draw e a blood from the vain???? is the a vain in a muscle shoulder??.. just asking my f..

14 Sep 2016 10:09

Tau Mogale needs to find his own again. I never thought Sphe could be so devious. She might go as far as colluding to kill Nolwazi.

14 Sep 2016 14:23

I think it was a mistake to make Sphe a doctor .she is so devious she should have being a businesswoman .imagine her taking half of Ezweni ,it would have being fun .@showtime u r right I don't understand why Tau is still leaving with his in-laws .he should buy himself a house .become his own man again .

14 Sep 2016 21:10

Those nyaope boys are fast becoming my Generations highlight. Daniel is the best, long may his character prosper! LOL

15 Sep 2016 06:46

Lucy exhausts me .she all over the place and her drug takeover is boring .lol the admin after each episode is petty .the headline Mazwi shoots blanks had me on the floor ,poor guy I wonder why he is marryin Nolwazi if he can't have kids .

15 Sep 2016 09:00

@max85 lol dt cracked me hard...i sooooo hope mazwi doesn't find out dt he is infertile until he marries nolwazi he is soo annoying.

15 Sep 2016 12:43

The headline cracked me up too. He deserves that Mazwi. Doubt he will find out though because Sphe cant tell him without admitting how she got to know. I like the devious Sphe. Given a chance her storyline can grow.

15 Sep 2016 21:07

I am really worried and concerned about that Lucy character. From being my most favourite character last year, to being the character that I want to leave the show the most urgently. I can't tolerate the constant screaming and tantrums from her. It has become a huge irritation and it really spoils my evening. Nowadays I might have to change the channel every time she appears. But why are the writers and producers insisting on letting this character to continue this way?

15 Sep 2016 21:21

smanga boy u not safe sphe will it you alive lol just run away bro

16 Sep 2016 08:46

@showtime I personally can't blame the writers for Lucy's character .I blame the actor ,she is overacting the role ,she reminds me of Xolelwa when she first arrived .The way she puts down Lesedi and Namhla ,its totally unacceptable .there is this strange connection between Tau and Sphe ,could it be love ?

16 Sep 2016 10:35

Mxm boring n confusing.

16 Sep 2016 10:44

OMG, imagine how messy it would be if Tau and Sphe fell madly inlove and had an illicit affair? Generations has the potential to be so spicy but they would rather play it safe/boring. I honestly would also like to know why the writers would give Mazwi two wives he can't give kids to. Unless Sphe rapes Smanga the way she raped Mazwi. Lol this could get so messy!

16 Sep 2016 10:49

@max85 ,, sana tht Lucy charector she is very rude  soo mean and exaggerating all his skills, my 6 year old girl was asking why Lucy is always grumpy and shouting  at every1.. everything for her its about money,, i thnk Gadaffi must come back she is too much and she is make Cosmo powerless and very dull forr his charector.

20 Sep 2016 22:52

Does any1 know why Jack is so intent on being bound to the Morokas by blood? I mean to what end? Can't be Ezweni, so what then? This should be clear by now honestly.

21 Sep 2016 06:29

@dezi i just dnt know it would be interesting if karabo was still there just to fight jack now what he wants on the morokas is pointless+tau got nothing to do with moroka empire. ..guess tau flopped hard too since karabo is not there anymore ..she was the one driving generations to be honest now i just dnt know where we going a re-cast would have been better to be honest although its hard to replace crowd puller and quality talent like her.

21 Sep 2016 11:13

zoe mthiyane is joining generations..rumour is that at 1st she was going to take over as karabo moroka bt when screen testing was taking place for a month mfundi vundla was not convinced and she was unable to match connie bt created a different role for her

21 Sep 2016 14:22

So even Mfundi knows that the show is a shallow mess without Karabo? Jack and Tau also seem redundant. Generations is just a sad story. I dont know much about this Zoe chick or how good of an actor she is. So I really don't care for her joining the show. Fix the storylines first instead of hiring lots of new people.

22 Sep 2016 09:32

26 Sep 2016 16:22

Im looking forwad to seeing new characters.its just that ihate the reapitation of the old generation where by mawande was drugged by her own daughter, But iwld love to see sphe and tau together.Man that would mean power,and tau doing his own thing.

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