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Primetime TV Ratings - Week 26

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Primetime TV Viewing Figures on 10 Jul 2015
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These are the primetime adult television viewing figures for 22 - 28 June, 2015.

For an explanation of how the viewing figures are calculated, please read this article.

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Top Shows By Channel
# Show Viewers Show Viewers Show Viewers
1. Generations 5,892,000 Muvhango 4,378,000 The Bold and the Beautiful 1,481,000
2. Uzalo 5,794,000 Moferefere Lenyalong (R) 2,173,000 Days of Our Lives 1,020,000
3. Skeem Saam 5,530,000 Speak Out 1,712,000 Isidingo 1,020,000
4. Mfolozi Street (Reb) 4,411,000 7de Laan 1,679,000 Rat Race 922,000
5. Tempy Pushas 3,917,000 Ke Ba Bolelletse 1,613,000 Seriously Funny Kids 658,000
6. Selimathunzi 3,687,000 Wipeout Australia (Reb) 1,514,000 Strictly Come Dancing 625,000
7. Stumbo Stomp 3,325,000 When Duty Calls 1,448,000 Common Law 461,000
8. Ses'Top La (Reb) 3,259,000 Gospel Classics (R) 1,284,000 Hostages 461,000
9. Zulu News 3,259,000 Abo Mzala 1,152,000 50/50 428,000
10. Zaziwa 3,193,000 The TKO 1,119,000 Afternoon Express 402,000
# Show Viewers Show Viewers Show Viewers
1. Scandal! 3,588,000 Godzilla (2014) 165,000 Our Perfect Wedding 955,000
2. Rhythm City 2,436,000 Carte Blanche 66,000 Date My Family 724,000
3. How to Steal 2 Million 2,403,000 Arrow 66,000 isiBaya 672,000
4. Modern Family 1,909,000 Grey's Anatomy 66,000 Diski Divas 428,000
5. Z'bondiwe 1,843,000 Hawaii Five-0 66,000 Love Back 280,000
6. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey 1,481,000 Mike & Molly 66,000 aYeYe (R) 181,000
7. Tomorrow Never Dies 1,415,000 My Story 66,000 aYeYe 132,000
8. Ashes to Ashes 1,317,000 The Big Bang Theory 66,000 Date My Family (R) 132,000
9. Rolling With... Headliners 1,284,000 Battle Creek 33,000 Ingoma 132,000
10. Matatiele 1,185,000 Chicago P.D. 33,000 Zabalaza (2013) 115,000

Top Shows By Genre

Top Dramas

1) Mfolozi Street (Reb) (SABC1) 4,411,000
2) Tempy Pushas (SABC1) 3,917,000
3) Z'bondiwe ( 1,843,000
4) Matatiele ( 1,185,000
5) Loxion Lyric (Reb) (SABC1) 1,119,000

Top Reality Shows

1) Stumbo Stomp (SABC1) 3,325,000
2) 1's and 2's (SABC1) 2,403,000
3) The Sing-Off SA (SABC1) 1,679,000
4) Khumbul'ekhaya (SABC1) 1,514,000
5) Wipeout Australia (Reb) (SABC2) 1,514,000

Top Comedies

1) Ses'Top La (Reb) (SABC1) 3,259,000
2) Moferefere Lenyalong (R) (SABC2) 2,173,000
3) Modern Family ( 1,909,000
4) Ke Ba Bolelletse (SABC2) 1,613,000
5) Abo Mzala (SABC2) 1,152,000

Top News Bulletins

1) Zulu News (SABC1) 3,259,000
2) Xhosa News (SABC1) 3,061,000
3) Siswati/Ndebele News (SABC1) 1,745,000
4) Afrikaans News (SABC2) 1,086,000
5) Sesotho/Tswana/Sepedi News (SABC2) 708,000

Top Soap Operas

1) Generations (SABC1) 5,892,000
2) Uzalo (SABC1) 5,794,000
3) Skeem Saam (SABC1) 5,530,000
4) Muvhango (SABC2) 4,378,000
5) Scandal! ( 3,588,000

Top Talk Shows

1) Zaziwa (SABC1) 3,193,000
2) Rise (SABC1) 2,930,000
3) Motswako (SABC2) 757,000
4) Eksê Zwakala ( 527,000
5) Katch It With Khanyi ( 527,000

Top Actuality Shows

1) Cutting Edge (SABC1) 1,909,000
2) Speak Out (SABC2) 1,712,000
3) Sunday Live (SABC1) 1,646,000
4) Checkpoint ( 955,000
5) Leihlo La Sechaba (SABC2) 658,000

Top Magazine Shows

1) Selimathunzi (SABC1) 3,687,000
2) The Real Goboza (SABC1) 1,975,000
3) Spina Guluva ( 889,000
4) Kasi Living: Edlaleni ( 593,000
5) Pasella (SABC2) 527,000

Top Game Shows

1) I Love South Africa ( 955,000
2) Noot vir Noot (SABC2) 593,000

Top Documentaries

1) 100% Youth (SABC1) 2,469,000
2) Mi Kasi Su Kasi (SABC1) 2,041,000
3) Ground Breakers (SABC3) 395,000
4) Playing the Enemy (SABC3) 329,000
5) Bhambatha: War of the Heads 1906 (SABC2) 263,000

Top Primetime Movies

1) How to Steal 2 Million ( 2,403,000
2) The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ( 1,481,000
3) Tomorrow Never Dies ( 1,415,000
4) Nothing for Mahala (SABC1) 1,020,000
5) Rat Race (SABC3) 922,000

Top 10 Regular Shows (excluding News bulletins)

1) Generations (SABC1) 5,892,000
2) Uzalo (SABC1) 5,794,000
3) Skeem Saam (SABC1) 5,530,000
4) Mfolozi Street (Reb) (SABC1) 4,411,000
5) Muvhango (SABC2) 4,378,000
6) Tempy Pushas (SABC1) 3,917,000
7) Selimathunzi (SABC1) 3,687,000
8) Scandal! ( 3,588,000
9) Stumbo Stomp (SABC1) 3,325,000
10) Ses'Top La (Reb) (SABC1) 3,259,000

Premiere watch
New shows that started this week
Show Viewers Channel Genre Timeslot
The Good Wife 6 33,000 M-Net Drama Wednesday, 20h30
Secrets & Lies 0 - 33,000 M-Net Drama Wednesday, 21h30

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10 Jul 2015 06:30

So e news primetime has lost more viewers than it did in the 20:30 timeslot .gen and uzalo are neck and neck .the more ppl watch gen ,the more they watch uzalo .I want to see wat impact Menzi Ngubane's debut on ashes this wEek will have on its ratings

10 Jul 2015 07:19

sabc1 deserves a reward, always on top

10 Jul 2015 10:26

Spina Guluva taking viewers away from Uzalo, else Uzalo would be tops. Etv's local dramas doing well, that's good to see.

10 Jul 2015 10:38

The ratings just show that most people don't have choice except to watch SABC. Some SABC shows deserve high viewership but as for Selimathunzi having 3+ million viewers I don't get it. Etv must return News to 7 o'clock and let Rhythm City battle it out with Skeem Saam..and they sacrificed local talk shows for stupid foreign sitcoms...Katch it with Khanyi & Ek se Zwakala must air at 6pm. I honestly don't understand how Isidingo gets beaten by the old granny Days of Our Lives hai writers need to do some deep introspection.

10 Jul 2015 12:01

@lejazz I agree with u .I really don't see the relevance of selimatunzi in 2015 .etv shot itself in the foot by changing e news primetime slot like dat ,as for changing the timeslots for ekse zwakala n khanyi for repeat of american comedies ,it ws a bad idea .as for isidingo they must move it to 6pm otherwise let it go .I don't get how it can be beaten by days of our lives of all soapies.

10 Jul 2015 13:05

Reading these proves to me that the ONLY reason Generations The Legacy still stands upfront is because it plays at 20:00 when literally every eyeball is sitting down in front of the TV...Its now 7 months after their launch and they still havent reclaimed the 8 Million viewership mark that the old Generations steadily and consistently held...and in this pace, i doubt they'd ever go back there, unless Mfundi swallows his pride and re-hires some of the old cast into the new storyline...if anyone comes up with a stronger 20:00 show, The Legacy could easily kiss its top stop goodbye...

10 Jul 2015 13:29

Tazteeq I thought Ashes to Ashes was supposed to overshadow Generations - The Legacy. What happened? And where have you seen the original show reaching 8 million mark? Do not fabricate your own figures please. It took the original show YEARS, not MONTHS to reach the 7 million mark. So why be impatient with the reboot? Actually the new show is doing beyond expectations with about 6 million viewers. That is not bad at all. Only trollers and irrational critics wont agree.

10 Jul 2015 13:57

I'd have tried to maturely argue my point with you but that statement already revealed the kind of person you are, so no, i wont waste my precious time...Enjoy your weekend Show-Time and God Bless :)

10 Jul 2015 14:00

The original generations had about 7.5 million viewers .remember that time the ws not competition like ashes2ashes on etv .so now gen has almost 6million viewers and ashes has 1.4mill viewers .so some of the viewers are watchin ashes2ashes .it is not a bad thing to have competition it makes tv watchable cz we r no longer watching american shows .most ppl have dstv's bt we still watch sabc channels ,that tells you south african production houses are doing something right .personally I am not one of those ppl who are upset that original members were fired from generations cz I believe its ok to develop new talent like the legacy is doing .the fact that we ddnt knw namhla,thabi ,getty ,smanga a year ago tells u dat Mfundi can spot talent .tv is great is not about always aiming for generations .its about local content finally growing in SA .

10 Jul 2015 17:22

It's strange to me that when the Legacy is at the top it is because of the 8pm slot but when its figures were very bad last year, the slot didn't matter. Yet when I compare the figures of the original over the years, I see that the 7 million mark that critics talk about so often came later on. If the show isn't cancelled through the courts, how can one be certain that the ratings wont improve? I hope Mfundi wont swallow his pride so that I can see what happens as time goes by. I really wish Tazteeq could argue his point though. I wont bite.

Kem Moc
11 Jul 2015 11:33

These 5,892,000 people are missing out on the hottest soap right now.. Ashes 2 Ashes kicks butt shem.

I also believe that if Skeem Saam was moved to the 19:00 time slot would easily surpass The Legacy.

I was watching Isidingo the other day and I must say its looking way better. I see Lebata's(Aubrey Poo) storyline reviving the soap.

12 Jul 2015 15:58

isidingo is slowly regaining its audience. Ive been watching it and its definatly getting a whole lot better. Its now on that 1mil mark, wow.

13 Jul 2015 11:42

Isidingo is on a wrong channel....SABC 3 spectrum is limited and there are still areas which do not get SABC3 3 as a channel. Their storylines have been boring in the past year, and I hope there will be an improvement soon

Ben Tebogo
14 Jul 2015 17:20

Jealous Down Mfundi Mvundla is a Talent Man. Generations that's his baby, he won't let anyone destroy it. That man deserve a bells!

14 Jul 2015 22:01

Since Generations the Legacy has fired 3 actress, Will it shut down and come back as Generations the legendary legacy?

15 Jul 2015 02:51

on their website they only said marry and simphiwe are the only one's leaving the show. Wich 3rd actress did u hear was leaving? And i think it was a go0d choice for them to let simphiwe go cause she realy doesnt do much. When do we get week 27 ratings

15 Jul 2015 05:41

@Robyn I agree with u the two actresses that were let go ,really didn't do much .I am glad they are gone .

15 Jul 2015 21:06

let's just face it guys A2A is not doing what it was supposed to do, I thought it was supposed to take views from the legacy because it is airing @ the same time with the legacy on etv with gen 16 casts.I agree with some of you when you say some of the legacy actors cant act very well but let's not forget that they are in mfundi vundla's pot, he'll turn them into stars just like he did wth gen 16 even though now they think thwy can take him down.not all of them were good but now they are all stars because they were produced by vundla's team. even if A2A can be given an opportunity to air for 4 years it won't even be half the viewership of the legacy.mfundi is growing talents and we can all see his results.

17 Jul 2015 20:22

@Robyn The 3rd actor will be Namhla's granny, no impact whatsoever. These figures are supposedly 'adult' viewership ratings......i think Ashes is definitely that, while the other shows are mainly the young market.

prince ngcizela
18 Jul 2015 09:06

Well,the SABC should make Uzalo air 5 times a week then they will hold the no 1 spot permanently

21 Jul 2015 15:10

@Dtrjowie, Ashes to Ashes cannot compete with a 22 year old Generations, having reached a million of viewers is very good. Isidingo is 17 years old but it is failing

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