Bruce Jenner: when a man loves a woman

Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 28 Apr 2015
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I didn't imagine I'd give a member of the Kar'trashian family credit for anything. Ever.

And I'm very pleased I don't have to because Bruce Jenner's transgender revelations have shown that he was an outcast in the family so all credit goes to him. I'm so impressed with his coming out interview that I've begrudgingly managed to forgive him for the 10 seasons of reality hell he's foisted on us over the years.

His interview with Diane Sawyer on Friday was as revealing as one would expect considering the lack of exposure given to transgender people and the things they go through. Bruce discussed his desire to be a woman while tugging at his ponytail before taking it out to wear his hair loose.

He spoke about the years it's taken for him to become who he believes he should be and had a lot to say about momager Kris Jenner obviously. He said that she knew he was transgender when she married him because he told her about his hormone therapy which he'd started years before.

She also knew about his cross-dressing but he said he played it down - obviously one of the reasons they split when he started going Tootsie on her.  He said that Kris didn't understand and that they might still be together if she had - hopefully his interview will make it easier for men in similar situations to tell their wives before they find out in some other way.

Bruce with his first wife Chrystie Crownover.

Of course E!'s capitalising on it all by doing a show about it. The channel's making an eight-part series that follows Bruce's transition from man to woman - but it won't show everything because Bruce said he won't tell anyone if he has sexual reassignment surgery. (As if the press won't find out, duh!) I was under the impression he'd already had the surgery but no - he told Diane he hasn't decided on it yet. 

So E!'s going to follow the other processes he's been through and his relationships - specifically his relations with the Kar'trashians and his children. It's only premiering in the US in late July though and should start here round about the same time. Too long to wait after this week's interview - he'll be Nancy by then!

The interview isn't available in full anywhere but here are clips...


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01 May 2015 22:52

Lol at crediting the Kwhatwhat, finally Bruce makes it toTVSA, lol

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