Big Brother Mzansi housemates at a glance

Written by TVSA Team from the blog News on 10 Apr 2015
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You may have only started watching Big Brother now and want to get to know the housemates or you've been watching since the start and don't know everything about them yet.

If this applies to You, here's a chart of everyone's bios:


Full name: Nkanyiso Khumalo
Age: 24
Occupation: Aspiring entertainer
Current Residence: Johannesburg
Moved into the Big Brother house with: His girlfriend of five years Ntombi.

Ace describes himself as a winner and a leader who is clever, streetwise and charming. He entered the show because he loves Big Brother, has been watching the show for some time, and believes his career in the entertainment industry starts with the show. Ace is expecting to make friends on the series and to entertain viewers.

Describing himself as a son of the concrete jungle, he says what would upset him most is not being able to provide for his dependents or himself.  A fan of Kaizer Chiefs who enjoys playing soccer himself, Ace is also a Liverpool and Sharks supporter.

His favourite TV shows are Isibaya, Come Dine With Me and The Boondocks while his favourite musicians include Chris Brown, Michael Jackson, ProKid, The Script, Tupac and Brenda Fassie. If he had the opportunity to travel, he’d want see the United Kingdom and the United States.

Full name: Siyanda Ngwenya
Age: 24
Current Residence: Durban and Estcourt
Occupation: Struggling artist/musician
Moved into the Big Brother house with: His ex-girlfriend Tembi.

Adams plays the acoustic guitar, electric guitar and the drums. He also enjoys surfing, skateboarding, video games and swimming and says his music, the ocean and his family make him happy.  He describes himself as extraordinary, fun, crazy, outgoing and warm hearted, though he says his family would describe him as, ‘always hungry!’

Adams, whose hidden talent is that he can juggle three tennis balls, has two dogs named Dexter and Ginger. He’s hopeful that audiences will ‘love seeing me serenade the ladies’ and is confident that he’s an entertainer that the country will enjoy watching. 

Given a chance, Adams would enjoy visiting Zanzibar. His favourite actors are Jonah Hill, James Franco, Leonardo DiCaprio and Seth Rogen. He has entered the show with his ex-girlfriend Tembi.

Full name: Axola Mbengo
Age: 26
Occupation: Insurance sales consultant
Current Residence: Cape Town
Moved into the Big Brother house with: Her cousin Soxx.

The mother of a six-year-old daughter, Bexx describes herself as fun, smart, a socialite and loyal. A huge David Beckham fan, Bexx also supports Orlando Pirates and Chelsea. Her favourite entertainers include Shonda Rhimes, Rihanna, DJ Fresh, Kerry Washington and Paula Patton.

She entered Big Brother Mzansi because she wants to use the show as a platform to break into the Mzansi entertainment industry.  She expects to meet ‘crazy folks’ on the show and anticipates that there will be a lot of drama and fun.

Bexx says that making it into the Big Brother Mzansi house has shown her that all you need to do to achieve your goals is to ‘just go for it and put your doubts aside because anything is possible.’  She loves being able to pursue her dreams and says that life makes her happy. However she dislikes when people insult her intelligence or are inconsiderate toward others.

Full name: Thandi Mbombo
Age: 25
Occupation: PR freelancer and a model
Current Residence: Johannesburg
Moved into the Big Brother house with: K2

Blue previously appeared on the reality model search Diamonds In The Ruff and describes herself as persuasive, strong, motivated, a realist and blessed. Blue, who dislikes being disrespected, loves clubbing, spending time on social media and the movies. Her bad habits however include procrastinating and talking too much.

Asked what makes her happy, she says, ‘getting a positive outcome in whatever I put effort into.’ With a twin sister who she counts as her best friend in the world, Blue says audiences should watch her on Big Brother Mzansi because, ‘more than entertaining, I am inspiring and I know people will learn a lot from me, especially with my background.’ 

Listing John Legend, Angelina Jolie, Nomzamo Mbatha and Shona Ferguson among her favourite personalities, Blue says her favourite holiday destination is the Maldives because, ‘it’s romantic and beautiful.’

Full name: Abongile Mbauli
Age: 28
Occupation: Customer service agent in tech support
Current Residence: Cape Town
Moved into the Big Brother house with: His girlfriend of two months Khali Masooane.

Asked for five words that best explain his personality, Bongi chooses: funny, awesome, mischievous, welcoming, black.  Bongi says that his friends would describe him as funny and a good guy while his family will say he’s smart but talks too much.

Coming from a large family (5 brothers and 6 sisters), he enjoys going to the gym and talking to people whose company he likes. Bongi lists his hidden talent as drawing and believes that his bad habits are procrastinating plus not taking things seriously.

His favourite actress is Taraji P Henson, his favourite song is Perfect Imperfection by Kevin Gates, and his favourite book is Riftwar Cycle by Raymond E. Feist. Love is certainly in the air for Bongi because when questioned on which destination he’d like to visit, his answer is: ‘Bora Bora because my girlfriend wants to go there.’ He says audiences should also know that, ‘I can be annoying at first but bear with me and you will have a good time!’

Full name: Chelsea Humfrey
Age: 21
Occupation: Freelance model
Current Residence: Durban
Moved into the Big Brother house with: Mbali Nkosi

Chelsea dislikes rudeness, racism and show-offs and says her biggest achievement was conquering her fear of flying. Chelsea, who enjoys surfing, reading popular books and dancing, also relaxes by lying on her couch with her iPad and lots of chocolate; listening to loud music and walking on the beach.

An animal lover who is a fan of Khloe Kardashian, Chelsea says her bad habits are that she’s untidy and sleep walks.  Currently single, she says her friends would describe her as loud, fussy, impatient, loving and addicted to make up. 

Given a chance, she’d love to travel to Greece for the beaches and the beach parties. Asked why she want to be on the show she says, ‘I will add lots of new flames to the house. I am different and I have a lot to offer. Also I am very energetic and get along with all kinds of personalities.’ Chelsea’s favourite movies are Twilight, Dear John and The Fast & The Furious.

ExEx (Evicted!)
Full name: Johannes Motalane
Age: 23
Occupation: Musician and performing artist
Current Residence: Pretoria
Moved into the Big Brother house with: Lebo Manale

Ex, who previously appeared on the Vuzu series Running With The Reps, describes himself as dramatic, determined, loud, creative and ambitious. He says the achievement he is most proud of is performing at the World Hip Hop Dance Championship in Las Vegas.

He names Chris Brown as his role model because, ‘he can dance, rap, sing and act. He is inspiring because he is a true definition of an artist.’ With hobbies that include swimming and playing basketball, Ex says he is music fan who, ‘can’t go a day without listening to good music loud!’ His favourite musicians include Lil Wayne and Jay Z.

On Big Brother Mzansi Ex is planning to ‘get to know the whole house, help out where I can, be better than everyone, flirt with all the beautiful ladies.’ Given a chance Ex would love to visit China because, ‘people in China are hard workers and always creative.’ Highlighting that his friends would call him a ‘tattoo freak’, he says he likes inspirational books and one of his favourites is Think Like A Billionaire.

Full name: Eugene Smith
Age: 35
Occupation: Chess board maker
Current Residence: Cape Town
Moved into the Big Brother house with: His sister Tiffini Peterson.

Givo loves cycling, is a fan of South African mixed martial arts and plays the djembe drums (‘I think I’ll rate myself 8 out of 10’). He says friends and family would describe him as funny, fun and artistic and highlights that he is most proud of the chess sets he builds out of sea shells. 

He doesn’t like it when he is misunderstood and says his bad habit is that he clucks his tongue.  A true fan of the Mother City, Gino says that Cape Town has everything including mountains, sea and beautiful sites. 

On the music front, he loves Adele, Linkin Park and The Cranberries and his favourite movies are The Negotiator, 300, From Dusk Til Dawn, GI Jane and Men of Honour.

Full name: Katlego Mabusela
Age: 24
Occupation: Rapper
Current Residence: Cape Town
Moved into the Big Brother house with: Blue

Describing himself as confident, ambitious, fun, courageous and adventurous, K2 says his pet peeve is that he dislikes having to repeat himself to people.

On the subject of who his role model is, he names Jay Z because, ‘when people told him he couldn’t, he still did it, and did it his own way. He aspires to true excellence, I find that very admirable.’

Meanwhile K2, who has three siblings, lists his hobbies as recording music, watching soccer, playing tennis and playing video games. The Chelsea Football Club fan, who has a massive crush on Scarlett Johansson (she’s just so beautiful!), says his favourite movies include Iron Man 1, 2 & 3, Avengers, Troy and Transformers. If he could travel, he’d love to go to Miami one day.

Full name: Keitumetse Mariti
Age: 23
Occupation: Administrator
Current Residence: Soweto
Moved into the Big Brother house with: Pumba Ndlovu

Kay describes herself as talented, funny, loud and a straight talker who is very loving. In addition, her family would describe her as ‘inquisitive with a sense of humour’. Happiest when she feels like she is progressing, Kay relaxes by playing netball and singing.

On the question of what makes her upset or angry, she says she dislikes judgemental people. Having always wanted to be on Big Brother Mzansi, she is very clear about how her friends and family will react to the news. ‘I don’t think they will be surprised. They know I fear nothing, they will support me all the way.’

Asked about the best place in South Africa and she’s quick to list her hometown. ‘It’s a beautiful place with so much history about our democracy.’ Kay’s favourite TV programs are Isibaya and Rockville; her favourite musicians are Doctor Malinga and Kelly Khumalo and she’d love to visit Mauritius to, ‘experience another side of the world.’

Full name: Khali Masooane
Age: 24
Occupation: Digital specialist
Current Residence: Cape Town
Moved into the Big Brother house with: Her boyfriend of two months Bongi Mbauli.

Khali describes herself as epic, awesome, flawed, beautiful and funny, she reveals her bad habit is that she shakes her legs when she is nervous or annoyed. The achievement Khali is most proud of is moving to Cape Town and holding her own in a new city.

The dance loving housemate says her role model is Oprah because, ‘she is a billionaire and didn’t have to get married for it.’ Meanwhile though she lists Game of Thrones, Empire and The Wild as her favourite TV shows, Khali says she hasn’t really watched Big Brother Mzansi before.

Her strategy for the game is to be herself in the house and she encourages audiences to watch her because of her sense of humour and her personality plus she says, ‘I twerk!’

LeboLebo (Evicted!)
Full name: Kelebogile Manale
Age: 24
Occupation: Sociology graduate
Current Residence: Soweto
Moved into the Big Brother house with: Ex.

Having spent the first 10 years of her life in Soweto, Lebo moved to the United Kingdom for the next 12 years before returning home 6 months ago. Self-described as an oxymoron, conservative, friendly, feisty, spontaneous and fun, Lebo’s bad habits include being impatient, being unable to hide how she’s feeling and voicing her opinion even when it’s unwanted.

She lists ‘music, dancing, adventure, holidays, food, a good cocktail, retail therapy and heels’ as what makes her happy. She dislikes condescending, conceited people and people who put on a façade. The achievements she’s most proud of are competing in the Dance Grand Prix (Barcelona) plus her semester as an exchange student (Belgium).

Lebo enjoys jogging, Pilates, baking and playing recreational netball. Her hidden talent is that she’s double jointed in her arms. Lebo wanted to be on the show because, ‘I want to present and act however due to my accent some agents are unsure how the South African public will react. BB is a place where the public can decide for themselves.’

MatthiasMatthias (Evicted!)
Full name: Matthias Matthee
Age: 29
Occupation: Accessories business owner
Current Residence: Joannesburg
Moved into the Big Brother house with: Sibu Sithole

Though he has spent most of his life in Jozi, Matthias (29) has also lived in England, New Caledonia, Switzerland, Botswana and the Netherlands. A business owner who makes leather accessories, he describes himself as versatile, funny, ghetto, vibrant and blunt.

Nature, family and tequila makes him happy and he’s sure his family would say that he is, ‘the hippie, the creative one’. The achievement Matthias is most proud of is starting an indigenous tree nursery in Botswana where he grew and replanted 2000 trees.

Matthias loves watching documentaries and reading photojournalism books. His favourite holiday destination is Kampala in Uganda; he relaxes by having a braai and listening to good tunes. He enjoys playing soccer, camping and hiking.  Matthias has many favourite songs but right at the moment it’s Shebeleza by Joe Mafela.

Full name: Mbali Nkosi
Age: 25
Occupation: Sales and marketing co-ordinator
Current Residence: Johannesburg
Moved into the Big Brother house with: Chelsea Humfrey

Mbali has appeared as a dancer on Idols and has also appeared on Rockville and Zabalaza. Describing herself as talkative, bubbly, passionate, strong and goal-driven, she says that her friends would describe her as paranoid, fun and focussed. 

A fan of Jill Scott, Meghan Trainor, The Soil, Lira, Common, Mariah Carey and Corinne Bailey Rae, she says she hasn’t really watched Big Brother before but expects, ‘to see attractive people LOL!’  Naming Thembi Seete as her role model (‘beautiful, humble and successful woman’), Mbali says that, ‘I’m not what people expect me to be’.  

A fan of the TV programs Orange is The New Black and How To Get Away With Murder, she adores ice-cream and her favourite movies include The Notebook and The Hunger Games. Mbali strongly dislikes ill-mannered people.

Full name: Ntombifuthi Tshabalala
Age: 22
Occupation: Aspiring musician
Current Residence: Johannesburg
Moved into the Big Brother house with: Her boyfriend of five years Ace.

Describing herself as talkative, kind, sweet, brave and loving, Ntombi thinks that her family would say she is funny, stubborn, always has dreams and always does things in her own way.

Asked what makes her smile, she says her son is her joy, her boyfriend makes her happy and she enjoys receiving attention from people but she doesn’t like it when people gossip about her. Ntombi says her hidden talent is that she can rap, sing and beat box.

She identifies Soweto as the best and coolest place in South Africa; and says she’s a fan of Orlando Pirates (‘I grew up at home black and white’) though her boyfriend thinks Chiefs is her favourite team. If she could travel, Ntombi would head to New York because of the ‘crazy, super tall buildings’; because ‘Manhattan cocktails were invented there’ and because she believes it’s the home of hip hop. 

She loves Kanye West, Notorious B.I.G, DMX, Nicki Minaj, Ciara, Lebo Mathosa, Mafikizolo, AKA and Trompies. She entered Big Brother Mzansi with her boyfriend of five years Ace.

Full name: Phumlani Ndlovu
Age: 28
Occupation: Professional basketball player
Current Residence: Johannesburg
Moved into the Big Brother house with: Kay Mariti

Pumba grew up in Kimberly and describes himself as loyal, respectful, impulsive, spontaneous and amusing though he says he can be hard-headed. The achievement he’s proud of is representing SA in basketball.

Pumba’s role model is Eminem because, ‘I respect how he managed to be so successful given his upbringing. He had many challenges and beat them all to become one of the best musicians of his era.’ Pumba’s hobbies include playing poker, playing practical jokes, tweeting and surfing plus playing basketball and touch rugby.

A huge sports fan, he supports Bafana Bafana, the Proteas and Springboks. Currently single, Pumba entered the show because, ‘I want to use the experience to change my life. I have been too stagnant for too long now. Big Brother Mzansi will help me to further my career in the radio industry.’ 

He says, ‘audiences should know that everything I do is calculated most of the time.’ Pumba’s fave TV programs include Survivor.

SibuSibu (Evicted!)
Full name: Sibusiso Sithole
Age: 31
Occupation: Fashion designer, DJ and model
Current Residence: Soweto
Moved into the Big Brother house with: Matthias Matthee


Sibu says he is crazy, carefree, caring, funny and assertive. Having won a Joburg Style Award and SA Style Award, he is also proud of showcasing at SA Fashion Week and appearing in a couple of international magazines.

Asked about his bad habit, Sibu says that it’s, ‘not listening to other people’. On the question of what makes him happy he says, ‘my arts (fashion, painting, restoring old furniture), the sun and being alive’. Meanwhile the best advice Sibu ever got came from a movie: ‘be brave even if you’re not cos no one can tell’.

A lover of old things, he collect antiques and says his hidden talent is that he makes abstract art. His favourite holiday destination is France. ‘I love their music, food, fashion and most of all their women. La vie en rose.’ He entered Big Brother Mzansi because it’s a, ‘vacation where I can get up to a lot of mischief and meet new people (women) and did I mention the money?’

Sibu’s fave musicians include Nina Simone, Louis Armstrong, Andre 3000, Buena Vista Social Club, Eartha Kitt, Bjork, and more.

Full name: Sokhana Ralane
Age: 26
Occupation: Student
Current Residence: Port Elizabeth
Moved into the Big Brother house with: His cousin Bexx.

Born in Queenstown, Soxx has lived in Port Elizabeth since the age of 2.  A Varsity College student who took classes in advertising management, he describes himself as funny, extraordinary and suspensive. He says his role models are Steve Biko, Tupac and comedians because ‘they have shaped my brain to what it is today!’

Soxx believes his friends will describe him as having ‘street cred for days’ and that his family would describe him as ‘naughty and crazy.’  Naming the Bob Marley classic Is This Love as one of his favourite songs, Soxx would love to visit Jamaica.

He lists his hobbies as ‘reading and watching stand-up comedy.’ When asked what makes him happy Soxx replies that he makes himself happy because, ‘no one else is in control of my happiness besides myself.’ 

He entered Big Brother Mzansi because of the prize money and thinks audiences should watch him because, ‘I will be the voice of the underdog.’ A fan of cartoons and The Jerry Springer Show, Soxx says the best advice he’s heard was to ‘keep it real’ from Dave Chapelle.

Full name: Tembela Magandela-Mthupha
Age: 25
Occupation: Actress, dancer and scriptwriter
Current Residence: Eastern Cape

Tembi attended the Durban University of Technology and describes herself as honest, spontaneous and bohemian though she does get upset when people lie to her.  She says she loves ‘a good laugh and sweet surprises.’

She lists working with horses, horse-riding, cycling and cooking as her hobbies and relaxes with spa treatments, massages and spending time by the pool. The mother of a 22-month-old son, she is the younger sister to twin older brothers.

She says her friends would describe her a keeper, a dreamer, a lover, a bold never ending story. Tembi entered Big Brother Mzansi because ‘I’ve pretty much always like the idea of all eyes on me’.  Her favourite movies are City of God and Dirty Dancing.  Plus, she enjoys the music of DJ Euphonik, FKA Twigs and Kendrik Lamar. 

Full name: Tiffini Peterson
Age: 23
Occupation: Hostess and freelance model
Current Residence: Cape Town
Moved into the Big Brother house with: Her brother Gino Smith.

Tiffini studied at the Cape Academy of Dramatic Arts and describes herself as interesting, naughty, spontaneous, honest and energetic. She lists writing poetry and drawing as how she relaxes and says her bad habits are that she over-analyses and is sometimes too sarcastic.

Tiffini is passionate about nature and animals, and has a cat called Wiz Khalifa (nicknamed Wiz). Meanwhile one of her favourite songs is All Eyes On Me by AKA, and she wants to visit Rome if she ever gets the chance.

She entered with Big Brother Mzansi because she felt it would be a ‘really good experience’ and because she wanted to put herself in a situation she’s never been in before, though she does say that she’d also love to have R 1 million in her bank account.

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