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First look: M-Net City line-up

Written by TVSA Team from the blog M-Net City on 12 Mar 2015
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What can Compact and Extra viewers expect from the MyCiTi Bus M-Net City channel when it replaces M-Net Series Zone in April?

Here's an overview of the series premieres and weekend movies during it's first month:

Press Release

Monday 06 April 2015 (Channel goes live)

17:00 The Doctors 7 (New Episode Starts)

Season 7 of the syndicated talk show created and produced by Phil McGraw and his son Jay McGraw as a spin-off of Dr. Phil.           
18:00  The Jerry Springer Show 22                                

Jerry Springer is the host of the sensationalised series that’s got a little bit of everything: from rouge strippers to baby daddy drama Jerry introduces audiences to some guests with stories that you simply have to see to believe.
19:00  Modern Family 5 (Season 5 Starts) 

The highly acclaimed show about a close family with funny, strange and wonderful dynamics returns for a fifth season.  The Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker clan have grown up significantly, and we don’t just mean the kids. The honeymoon is over for Mitch and Cam, but in his usual way, Cam just can’t seem to leave it behind.
19:30  Last Man Standing 3 (Season 3 Starts)           

Mike Baxter (Tim Allen) wants nothing more than to assert his masculinity, unfortunately it’s a little difficult since he’s surrounded by women at home and surrounded by a new age of men who seem to have lost touch with what it means to be manly. In a changing world, this iconic American dad is determined to be the perfect example of a man, even if he is the last one standing.
20:00  Chicago Pd 1 (Season 1 Starts)    

For the men and women in Chicago Police Department’s District 21, danger means just another day on the job. Both the uniformed cops who patrol the beat and the intelligence unit that combat the city’s major crime syndicates have a huge responsibility that pushes the physical and emotional limits.
21:00  CSI 14 (Season 14 Starts)

The fast-paced forensic Crime Scene Investigation team are back for a whopping 14th season. The heroic team of investigators leave no stone unturned as they track down killers and scour crime scenes for evidence that will lead them right to the bad guys’ doorsteps.   
22:00  The Killing 4 (Season 4 Starts)            

Following the compelling investigations of two veteran detectives, this darkly intriguing murder-mystery series was nominated for a Golden Globe. Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos, World War Z) and Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman, RoboCop) are intense and thrilling as the main characters, when a gruesome series of murders haunts their blood-stained consciences in the final season.

Tuesday 07 April 2015           
20:00  Under The Dome 2 (Season 2 Starts)      

The residents of a small American town awake to find that a massive, transparent dome has encompassed their boarders. Trapped indefinitely and with little understanding about the mysterious dome, it’s not long before secrets come crawling out of the woodwork and violence becomes the only way to keep sane.     
22:00  Longmire 3 (Season 3 Starts)

Based on the Walt Longmire series of novels, this series follows the Sheriff of the fictional Absaroka County, Wyoming, as he returns to work following the death of his wife. 

Wednesday 08 April 2015                                                                                                                                                            
20:00  24: Live Another Day 1 (Season Starts) 

Jack Bauer is the type of man who attracts gunfights, car chases, explosions and terrorist plots. And that’s just one day of his life. America’s baddest, most iconic agent is back, this time as a fugitive in exile. While living in London, yet another global disaster threatens to throw the world into war. Right by his side is loyal confidante Chloe O’Brien who now excels underground and is all up to aiding and abetting Jack. Just like old times.                                                       
22:00  Major Crimes 3 (Season 3 Starts)                                                                           
Season 3 of the The Closer spin-off. The series began after the departure of Brenda Johnson from the LAPD, with Sharon Raydor chosen as the new boss.

Thursday 09 April 2015                                                                                                                                                                 
20:00  Criminal Minds 10 (Season 10 Starts)   

The most elite team of FBI profilers go inside the minds of criminals to understand their crimes, because there’s no better way to catch the bad guy than by being one step ahead of them. The Behavioural Analysis Unit put to rest some of the country’s worst sociopaths, and never leave a stone unturned.                      

22:00  Person Of Interest 3 (Season 3 Starts)   

Season 3 of the crime series created by Jonathan Nolan and based on a screenplay developed by J.J. Abrams and Nolan revolving around an ex-CIA hitman and a computer scientist who team up to prevent crimes before they happen using a machine developed for the government to detect information leading to acts of terrorism.

Friday 10 April 2015                                                                                                                                                                                              
20:00  Blue Bloods 5 (Season 5 Starts) 

The Reagans are a unique family: they’re all dedicated servants of the New York City law enforcement. Together, this multi-generational group work together, on case after case sometimes finding their domestic lives overlapping with their work in keeping the streets safe.    

Saturday 11 April 2015

18:00  OTHER END OF THE LINE   PG13L Romance

Jesse Metcalf unwittingly charms a young woman in this romantic comedy. A call centre agent from India travels to the States to meet a man she fell for over the phone.

Sunday 12 April 2015                                                                                                                                                                
18:00  MIRROR MIRROR (AKA UNTITLED SNOW WHITE) PG Adventure Fantasy                                    

In this reimagining of a classic fairy tale a young girl with the help of dwarves, fights to get back her birth right after being banished by her evil step-mother the Queen.

Saturday 18 April 2015

18:00  GOLDEN COMPASS PG13V Fantasy  Adventure    

Based on Philip Pullman’s award winning novel, a girl must rescue her best friend after he’s kidnapped by a mysterious organisation. But her journey leads to a world of dark secrets.

Sunday 19 April 2015

18:00  THE PERFECT HOLIDAY PG Family Comedy    
Gabrielle Union is a divorced mom struggling to raise her family. But, in this entertaining movie, her overprotective kids block her every attempt to find a new love.

Saturday 25 April 2015

18:00  THE LIST  PG13  Romance Comedy           
A young man has everything, except a good woman. He makes a list of qualities and goes in search of a woman who matches his criteria. 

Sunday 26 April 2015

18:00  DUPLEX  PG13V Comedy

Drew Barrymore and Ben Stiller are the perfect couple. After buying a new home, the pair discover that an elderly tenant is not as innocent as she seems.        


12 Mar 2015 13:41

I think only Capetonians would get that MyCiti Bus reference Tashi, haha!

13 Mar 2015 10:47

huh hope csi season 14 is an error cause that has already played on mnet series zone if its not this is far worse than the current channel its like from bad to ultimate worse

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