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Written by Cheesa from the blog Cheesa Chat on 28 Sep 2009
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I decided to compile my TOP 10 list of Mzansi’s Best Rappers/ Hip Hopers. We all know that Hip Hop in SA is growing so fast and people are loving it. It is now competing with genres like Kwaito and House music. Previously Hip Hop artist used to rap in English now most of them have started using our vernacular languages in their songs. Even though some of them we don’t hear what they are saying when they’re rapping in their languages which some of us do not understand but we still love their music and the way they rhyme. So here’s my TOP 10 Mzansi Best Rappers.

1) PRO previously known as Prokid real name Linda Mkhize. I like the way he rhymes and the fact that he uses his Zulu mostly in her songs. And damn PRO can flow as he says in his song Uthini ngo PRO. He’s just finished his new album and the new single is called Sekela. You can listen to it on And the video is finished, hey this guy is on the roll, everything is done.

2) HHP raps in his language SesTswana most of the time. I like his songs and the way he raps even though I don’t understand what he says sometimes. He is the man that made me want to learn SesTswana. My old time favourite hits from him are He Bana and Tswaka.

3) PROVERB, tjo this man can speak and rap in English tjo. He flows like that when he is doing it in English. I don’t remember hearing him rap in a vernacular language only English. So I wonder if maybe he studies his dictionary before he goes to sleep coz the words he uses sometimes are bombastic man!

4) JR, the new kid on the block has earned himself a fan. I like JR’s rapping and his music. I know he only has one album under his belt. But he started in the industry with a bang with his album The Main Event. The song that everyone knows is Gata Lena. I also love Mathata and Two Step which features Nnekwa.

5) Tuks Sengaga also raps in Tswana, now this is the guy that gets too deep in his Tswana. I can at least hear and understand HHP but Tuks, no. But still though I love his songs and he can do his thing. My favourite song from him is Munati Thwa.

6) Nemza, a member of the popular Hip Hop group Skwatta Kamp. I also like the way he rhymes and flows when he’s doing his thing. I liked his song from his first solo album I think it's called Khici.

7) Slikour, he’s also the member of Skwatta Kamp and he is successful as the solo artist as well. I like his songs. He likes to have catchy choruses that are easy to sing along. Some people said he was doing Kwaito when he came up with the Umsindo track. I think one of the reasons is because it is produced by Dj Cleo who is known of producing Kwaito hits.

8) DaLes who is the member of the new group Jozi. He also decided to do a solo album. He only raps in English for obvious reasons. The guy cannot speak a vernacular language coz he grew up in America. I like his flow. He does it nicely and sometimes I don’t know what happens with his voice, one might think it’s a 9-year old rapping but I still like it. The song that I like from him is Fire which features his friend and producer Bongs and Maggz.

9) Shugasmax, is another Skwatta Kamp member. He also likes rapping in Zulu. I like his song Imisebenzi which features Bricks. Some people also say this guy is doing Kwaito even in that track called Monati So. I think maybe it’s because of the beat of that song but I like it though. It didn’t become popular as I thought it was going to be.

10) Maggz features in DaLes popular song Fire. He is that guy who comes so cool with his verse. Some people say he wants to be Young Jeezy from America, dunno. I also like the way he raps. And now he seems to be rapping more in English most of the time. Previously when he was friends with PRO he was rapping in Zulu. I wonder what happened between them. Coz I remember he was featured in one of PRO’s songs I think it’s called Igushesh before he hooked up with abo Bongz.

You can re-arrange if you want or come up with yours. All in the name of fun!!

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28 Sep 2009 13:08

Im first

28 Sep 2009 13:20

Yho I'm so shocked, I didnt even know how some of these people looked like... I know their names, and I will sing along to their songs when I hear them on radio. 
Have they all really released albums... hip hop is clearly not my music this means, i've always thought of myself as a fan jst goes to show, I'm ancient...

28 Sep 2009 13:38

bathong ke SeTswana eseng Sestswana eish

28 Sep 2009 13:40

aowa SeTswana sa gago sa palla mma.

i only know the songs but cannot put the song with the name and the face...that's how i roll!

lady gaga
28 Sep 2009 14:09

i dig Pro big time, that dude can rhyme!

J-Girl - are u for real, like

28 Sep 2009 14:34

Pro's great, HHP's the best - he's always been my favourite - my mom's also like his rhyme - (that's a 57yrs old fashioned Xhosa woman) Tuks also good - like him

28 Sep 2009 14:52

Pro Kid & proverb, I never know who is who,  sound all the same to me..LOL...

28 Sep 2009 14:59

J-Girl my friend, nna I have I only know HHP & Tuks songs the rest of the m'rappers i  know their names only & im not ashamed....i meant to say ashamed to say I have never heard of number 10 & number 6!

28 Sep 2009 15:02

lg i tell you... I feel old bathong... I would have walked past Tuks not knowing who this is

28 Sep 2009 15:04

y is ma husband no:7?

28 Sep 2009 15:08

dali what number is he supposed to be?

28 Sep 2009 15:08

Slikour rocks bantu. I dont know what the hype is about with uHHP, I dont understand his rhyms and to be frank am not interested. I love me some PRO "Dankie San". Shuga, he's also kewl.

28 Sep 2009 15:14

1. PRO - He is fabulous & i like his personality.

2. HHP - Oh this guys is exclusive man.....dont 4get his moves!!!!!

3. Proverb - I guess the name says it all. He can do his thing & i feel u with bombastic words. This guy has a gift with words.

4. JR - Wont lie but he is trying 2 me.

5. Tuks - He made me fall inluv with Tswana man. He is arrogant bt he makes me vibrate & i cant hear most of his songs but im inluv with this guys. He is the MAN! The things he sings about........??????? He leaves me with question marks. 

6. Nemza - No comment, ithini ingoma yakhe kanene?????

7. Slikour - He is just a sweety pie......would like 2 kiss him 1 day. I just like him.

8. Da Les - I think i should call my 16yr old niece 2 comment about him. I just dont follow him esp when he is alone. least he is better when he is in his group. Kaloku i age iyathetha.

9. Shugasmax - he is also trying & i also like that song with Bricks.

10. Maggs - Eish naye i cant comment but ive seen him in that 37cm tv.

Good Afternoon Bloggers,

28 Sep 2009 15:22

Nice 1 myname I like your views!! afternoon to you too.

he he he Dali kanti uthanda uBonang so you want her ex, bathong ayi.

28 Sep 2009 15:24

. Da Les - I think i should call my 16yr old niece 2 comment about him...>>>>>LMBHA, kwa kwa kwakwakwakkakwakwkakwaaaaa!

Sana Lwam
28 Sep 2009 15:30

JR - didnt know he is the one that sings the Gata Lenna song....

Nemza - hear his name often but cant remember a single song from him...

Maggz - andimazi tu, does he have an album out?...

Prokid & Proverb - whenever people say Pro I have to first think who they refer to the Kid or the Verb....someone pls help me, the Pro refers to which one...

Hip Hop has never been my kinda music, sometimes I even still say it is Rap music, any difference between the 2>>>HipHop and Rap???

28 Sep 2009 15:32

lmao @ tebby OMW u r now gonna abuse dat word! tl tl tl tl tl

@ cheesa i wont deny dat i luv me sum slik thang gaad B moved ova!lol

28 Sep 2009 15:35

hawu guys nemza's song i think itz touch de sky or sumsing like dat. i luv it itz supa cool!

28 Sep 2009 15:35

Dali now I know why you love her so much coz she moved over and gave you some space, he he he ayi Dali!

28 Sep 2009 15:41

Dali very well put I think nje ijumpisa i age lendaba yezi boys... LOL
mst - LOL... I dont think I've ever even heard Number 10's song...

28 Sep 2009 15:44

lol im no saint cheesa especially when it comes to a cutie like slik. i cant help it shem! im in love!

en he's very talented. lyrical content en dem beats wow! i luv evry song on ventilation vol 2 especially fallin i can jst imagine him singing/rapping it to me! ok let me stop lol

lady gaga
28 Sep 2009 15:48

heheheheh dali, guys i think dali was the candle holder during the slikour and Bonang's relationship days u know when they were doing the dirty, and she knows something we dnt or seen something that's why she loves them, yisona dali nibulabula ntiyiso ne mamane!!!!

28 Sep 2009 15:51

1. Flabba
2. Prokid
3. HHP
5. Tuks
6. JR
8. Da Les
9. Infa

28 Sep 2009 16:02

I missed out. i am so a hip hop head it's not funny.

Nice one Cheesa.

Now I think
You made no Mistake with PRO. He deserves the number 1 spot.

HHP has lost the plot for me. He was the ish but now he is trying too hard for my liking. Am not feeling any of his latest songs

My number 3 would be JR> Simply because he sounds better than slikour.

Number 4 would be Tuks. I cant understand a word but he speaks to me.
Number 5 would def be Silkour. He sounds more like he is doig kwaito. His voice is a kwaito voice.
Number 6 Should have been Flabba. He is the ish..... Cant wait for more from the dude
Number 7- Maybe Proverb. He has some nice stuff but I dont think he is doing enough interms of variety
Number 8 would be Da LES> I personally dont like the boy, he is too fake for me. Unlike Proverb he still thinks that being American is all that
Number 9 would be Shugela himself> Simply becaus eI think he is trying adn is sounding no different to Slikour....
Number 10 would be Maggz. He should also loose the whole american *bleep!*.... Otherwise I think if he were to work with Amu he would make a killer album.

28 Sep 2009 16:06

Prokid & Proverb - whenever people say Pro I have to first think who they refer to the Kid or the Verb....someone pls help me, the Pro refers to which one... >>>>>>>>>THE ANSWER IS HERE  Sanas <<<<<   >>>>PRO previously known as Prokid real name Linda Mkhize. ........ <<<I never knew he changed names, tjo! thank you Cheesa, LMBHO @ SesTswana though

28 Sep 2009 16:12

PRO def is my number 1, mostly because he raps ngezinto engizaziyo and the lingo he raps in is just straight forard

28 Sep 2009 16:39

LOL monchooza @ straight forward language...but  maybe then it depends on whether someone understands the language  fully coz now I understand Molemi's language & Tuks....I would maybe lik ethe way maybe Tuks would play around with the language & speak deep tswana(i 'd rush to dear mama & ask some stuff) & then I start thinking he rocks & then coz im always laughing at Molemi's lyrics then maybe he is supposed to nb number 7 or something...get what I mean?...aaarg, anyway  i dont know much about  bo m'rapper

28 Sep 2009 17:10

I like da song ya JR that goes like....
O a tshabe maphodisa
A tla o bofa ka ditshipi
Ba na le tetla ya go dira so
Ke skeem sa ga JAckie Selebi....

29 Sep 2009 01:49

Maggz  oyeah i like that  gals song ft bongs its hot
and abo Shugasmax Slikour Brix JR with imisebenzi yakho

29 Sep 2009 06:37


lady gaga
29 Sep 2009 08:29

which Motso are u referiing to TDC, is it the gal who is at YFM

29 Sep 2009 08:40

Munati Thwa. ///Monate Thwaa. LOL it means you didnt buy his cd!!!

29 Sep 2009 08:48

hawu Cande I'm still learning the language it's even harder to write it than speaking it lol, eerrr the CD eeerr...

29 Sep 2009 09:03

lol ladyg wa ni tolovela neh

baby e
29 Sep 2009 09:46

@ Mafresh - that Mo Molemi song not JR
I love HHP

29 Sep 2009 09:57 the him so much, he makes me go weak on my knees when he raps in his language(Tswana)

29 Sep 2009 10:15

I like the Psyfo song I always see on live...and yeah Pro (the kid) is the man

29 Sep 2009 10:15

Oh, how can i forget Tuks senganga.....naye he just does something to me.

I love Skwata Kamp as a group, not individuals...they shouldnt have gone solo wethu or maybe its because i dont pay much attention to them as individuals.

29 Sep 2009 10:27

i disagree wit u about skwatta phikzozo i call it growth! they r still gud even as individuals en i hate it when ppl start comparing them cause they r all unique in their own way nxa!

lady gaga
29 Sep 2009 10:28

dali uhlaya kuri niyakutolovela loku ni bulabula leswi nisi tivaka, hiiii yewe aswinamaka wanitwa!

u know i like to play it like dat with u gal, somehow i feel the need to do

@TheLady - that psyfo song is his best work ever, it rocks!

29 Sep 2009 10:39

or maybe its because i dont pay much attention to them as i said mdalisto, i pay NO attention to them as individuals thats probably why im still hung up on the skwata group

kiki X
29 Sep 2009 10:45

Here is my top 10 wena Cheesa,

1: PRO
3: HHP

29 Sep 2009 10:51

lmao @ ladyg speaking in tongues! what language is dat?

lol en i know ladyg i also like teasing u.

phikzozo u r missing out! nxa!

29 Sep 2009 10:53

i disagree kiki y is infa de 2nd last? no way! (lol)

29 Sep 2009 10:58

PRO aka Linda Mkhize is my best ever in SA, i just love him and the voice is soooo.......keep up the good work PRO!!

29 Sep 2009 11:03

lol, dali, the hip - hopnista...lemme alone coz im still sooooo into the group and i dont see myself listening to the rather miss out i dont mind-o

29 Sep 2009 11:10

since u r ma frend u r forced to listen to them phikzozo. im bringing my cds when we meet!

29 Sep 2009 12:03

I like da song ya JR that goes like....
O a tshabe maphodisa
A tla o bofa ka ditshipi
Ba na le tetla ya go dira so
Ke skeem sa ga JAckie Selebi....
That is actually DJ Lemonka ft Mo Molemi

29 Sep 2009 12:10


29 Sep 2009 12:15

please allow me to compile my list:

1.Mo Molimi, WOW!
2. Pro(Kid) he's got the best punchlines
3. Tuks Senganga
whenever i see him i always think of Kanye West & The Game, because of his arrogance
4. HHP, what more can i say?!
5. TearGas
6. Proverb best english rapper in SA
7. Selwyn pity he is underated
8. Amu, greatest rapper of all time in SA according to me
9. Oman
10. Maggs

29 Sep 2009 12:27

Amu is still alive? Yoh sengamkhohlwa...he was good

lady gaga
29 Sep 2009 12:39

Katlegom i just showed one of the Teargas members ur list and he said u shud consider moving them to the number one  so wena wareng????????????//

29 Sep 2009 12:45

"Ke Jayve kebe keri Boo fatsi, boo fatsi. Ebe ke emla ke tintha dust." Rapping
Flabba Wanhlatsa 
He is my main man de best 

I loved Skwatta Camp Sizomlandela cos it features our Senior Choir Barorisi

29 Sep 2009 12:46

I think Amu is a good, if not the best producer but his rapping could be better

29 Sep 2009 12:50

ladyg pls tell him i also luv teargas! after skwatta offcourse!lol

lady gaga
29 Sep 2009 12:52

will do dalisto gal, but will leave out the loving skwatta more than

29 Sep 2009 12:59

Amu is still alive? Yoh sengamkhohlwa...he was good
@The Lady his album is about to get done, watch this space

Katlegom i just showed one of the Teargas members ur list and he said u shud consider moving them to the number one so wena wareng????????????//
@Poke her nipples to be honest Im not impressed with the two singles i've heard from their new album. let me hear the rest of the album then i'll consider moving the the number one spot LOL!

Im fine how are you mothowaka?

I think Amu is a good, if not the best producer but his rapping could be better
@GML i feel you his production is better than his rapping but he is still good anyway
he is currently working on his upcoming ulbum and Mr Selwyn's one

29 Sep 2009 13:02

haaibo guys didn't Mo-Molimi leave the world of music and hip hop to being a farmer/molimi, kanti.

I have never felt u-Amu shame I still don't understand the hype about him as a hip hop artist, I understand the hype about him as a producer but not the artist, konje what was his song...

29 Sep 2009 13:04

The Skwatta Kamp individually baya fosta according to me, Slikour included.

29 Sep 2009 13:04

@lady G 

Please tell the teargas that i luv them and still love 

"Uyakhumbula uSibongile u sweetheart umtwana O grand oz'thobile o julile o zothile angenzela yonkinto ang'thengela nezipho nga cala nga khanda mfana khithi wanglahla". Loved the song one of their best

lady gaga
29 Sep 2009 13:05

dnt worry Katlegom, the songs will grow on u, bt i must say its a nice album just wait for the rest of the songs u'll like them, and u shud trust that cause its coming from me

and oh yes im fine too mothowaka? even though u disappeared on me all this time, bt its ok. nice hearing from u morwa!

29 Sep 2009 13:06

lol ladyg pls tell him de truth pls! i dont want him to think dat they r ma numba one!

29 Sep 2009 13:07

katlego famba u ya fa! nxa!

lady gaga
29 Sep 2009 13:11

@ pnyembe - he just read ur reply and loled........but he says go get the latest album Dark or Blue, u'll also love it.

 i have never felt u-Amu shame I still don't understand the hype about him as a hip hop artist, I understand the hype about him as a producer but not the artist, konje what was his song...
i feel u gal on this one!

29 Sep 2009 13:15

haw they have an album out eish limpopo radio stations r nt doing enaf i tell u!nxa! i ddnt know! is de album out already?

29 Sep 2009 13:16

@dali ntako...

what happened to H20 guys, those guys should just leave Outragious records and get a good producer. they've got potential. they should just try the IVLeague,  Psyfo or Amu
Mara Psyfo as a rapper definate NO NO!

and Zubs was good at some stage, i dont know what happened now 

@Poke her nipples, ok let me give TearGas a chance, neh?!
morwa?? hehehekrkrkrkgkgkgkg

29 Sep 2009 13:16

ey, pnyembe...! go on mrapper please, lol

NO, dali i refuse

"i never chose to be black but damn it feels good i kinda wish the whole world was black, ask me bout my childhood i didnt need what im from the bundus........if its so hard to be you, it aint that bad to be, cant apologise to me, i dont owe anybody ish" it HHP who raps this one again...? eish

29 Sep 2009 13:17

haaibo guys didn't Mo-Molimi leave the world of music and hip hop to being a farmer/molimi, kanti>>>>> Cheesa the guy was just seeking attention he is realesing an album very very soon,, I was as a listening session a coupla days back LOL LOLer LOLest, tl tl tlt tl

29 Sep 2009 13:19

katli u nge ni endli niks! lol

29 Sep 2009 13:20

The Skwatta Kamp individually baya fosta according to me, Slikour included.
............Thank you, katlegom

29 Sep 2009 13:22


Crazy Jess
29 Sep 2009 13:26

"I like da song ya JR that goes like....
O a tshabe maphodisa
A tla o bofa ka ditshipi
Ba na le tetla ya go dira so
Ke skeem sa ga JAckie Selebi.... "
@ Mafresh, that song is not by JR, It's by Mo'Molimi

29 Sep 2009 13:29

@KatlegoM: I ike this one song ya Zubs. They play it on Channel o alot. the one about being a player.

I think it's tight, however the person doing his PR for him is not promoting the song and him well. Some songs are too nice and are not recognised.

I'm really not big on Teargas. For me it sounds a lot like Kwaito, but softer.

Take Brikz for instance, one could say wa rapper if they compare the way he does it and the way Teargas sound.

I think they sound more kwaito then hip hop. but I like their songs.

29 Sep 2009 13:32

Mo Molemi and JR sound the same. I can never tell who is who....

Skwatta camp should just get together again without Relo and just do their thing because it's cold in this world.

what ever happened to Bozza???

29 Sep 2009 13:45

I ike this one song ya Zubs. They play it on Channel o alot. the one about being a player.
@GML it something like this *clearing my throat* .... she is my part time lover, my full time freak, nanah nah nah!

@ms tebby i've heard about  Mo Molimi's listening session ko House 22 some two weeks ago but couldnt make it to pta on a wednesday evening.
kant wait...

29 Sep 2009 13:47

Skwatta Kamp

One and Only
29 Sep 2009 14:00

Have to admit I'm not a fan of SA Hip Hop as the artist are all trying hard to sound and look American except the ones that rap in vernacular.

1. Shaun G
2. Pro

Slikour is just too forward and loud for my liking I cannot see the difference between him and Bonang.

Psyfo I don't see him rapping better than acting in Generations and I wouldn't take his albums even offered for free of charge.

Jozi I would rather pay to watch Zimnqawana than this *bleep!*.

Who said you should wear these funny clothes when doing hip hop? Or white suits and white shoes when doing gospel?

29 Sep 2009 14:06

Bloggers what about i Jub-Jub I like his gospel songs

29 Sep 2009 14:16

Oh ja I love Jubbie Baby as well.

29 Sep 2009 14:19

LMAO@ 1&Only hahahhahahhahahha

29 Sep 2009 14:21

lol one en only pls dont start with bonang en slik u wont win dis one

29 Sep 2009 14:21

@ pnyembe, what about Jub-Jub... does he also consider himself umrapper?

29 Sep 2009 14:25

Jub Jub is not a rapper, he is just a crossover artist, but definately not a rapper

29 Sep 2009 14:26

J-Girl he does honey the one with a gospel twist

29 Sep 2009 14:29

I'm really not big on Teargas. For me it sounds a lot like Kwaito, but softer.

Take Brikz for instance, one could say wa rapper if they compare the way he does it and the way Teargas sound. I feel you GML I also don't feel teargas shame its even worse now coz they have go too Kwaito in their new album. Have you heard the song that is produced and features Tira. That's were I thought hayi No now these guys are really shifting over to Kwaito.

I like u Brickz so much I even considered putiing him in this top 10 then again I thought he is  Kwaito. But he can flow and rhyme very nice. He can do hip hop too.

Oh Mo-Molemi just wanted publicity for that moment. I wonder the new CD is like.

As for uJub Jub, hayi yena he is doing Kwaito no doubt about it. He must just stop lying to himself and say he's a hip hop artist coz he is not. And he sounds so much like Kabelo if you listen to his music. And his new song I don't remember the name of it sounds so much the same as his song Skhathi Sakhona from his previous album. Its the same beat, same flow just different lyrics which sound similar. So hayi nee shame from the hip hop side.

Zubz I have never paid attention to that guy, sorry everytime he appears with that gold mike I just switch to another channel or do something else.

LMAO at 1 and Only Slikour is loud like Bonang tjo!! maybe that was one of the attraction between them LOL.

29 Sep 2009 14:31

@ pnyembe then he needs to be zapped back to earth... fast and while at it be told what being a rapper is all about (i may not know my self but he is definately not one this I know for sure)

29 Sep 2009 14:34

Well guys let the man think what ever he wants 

What ever he does kwaito or gospel

29 Sep 2009 14:40

1.Mo Molimi, WOW!////// Its Mo Molemi wena Katlego

29 Sep 2009 14:42

1. HHP 2. Tuks Senganga 3. Mo Molemi 4. JR 5. PRO 6. Slikour 7. Da Les 8. Shugasmax 9. Teargas 10. Proverb

29 Sep 2009 14:54


Is there any1 whose working hard like me?

I am so tired & its not funny.

Oh some1 mentioned Mr Sewyl, can some1 plz give this guy a chance?????? This guy is talented bathong & i used 2 luv his song although i cant remember it but there is something about him......

29 Sep 2009 14:57

kwa kwa kw akw akw akw akwaaaaa! one & Only? 
tl tl tlt ttl tlt @ ...white suits & white shoes

29 Sep 2009 15:02

Oh bantu nobody thinks Mr Ngcoli-ngcoli (aka Zuluboy) should be on this list?

29 Sep 2009 15:05

Njalo noThwasa uyarapper..anyway it's disappointing that we don't have any great female rappers.

29 Sep 2009 15:06

cande I like your  ratings but only upto number 6, infact i would do like my primary school teacher & have two number 1's, Tuks & HHP ...and i wont have number 2 ....

29 Sep 2009 15:13

flip! how come no one ever mentioned Marafe?

Ok, Im amending my list guys, 10. Morafe

29 Sep 2009 15:16

Haaaa ms.tebby I forgot competely about Zulu Boy Konje he could be number bani...Twasa???puhleaze is she straight khona just wondering, coz everytime I see her on tv beside on Jam Alley she looks boyish with these guys all around her.

29 Sep 2009 15:17

JR, argh shame, he is trying hard mara yena

Da Les he would appeal to me if i was still in high school, he just makes noise

29 Sep 2009 15:21

10. Zulu Boy (love Nomalanga the of cos)

29 Sep 2009 15:37

LOL Katlego, you are just squeezing Morafe in!

29 Sep 2009 15:44

Gogo wam' uDJ, I love that song by Zuluboy

29 Sep 2009 15:49

yes my no 5 is Morafe & 6 is Kuli

29 Sep 2009 15:58

Mo Molemi and JR sound the same. 

I arrest my case GML.....
But anyway, thanx for corrections from abo-Mistress and abo-tisha

baby e
29 Sep 2009 16:32

i dont think Momolimi and JR sound the same bathong. Molimi o modumo fela and JR ke gata le ene bathong

29 Sep 2009 16:56

Mo Molemi to Molimi kusasa uzoba umlimi hehehe

29 Sep 2009 17:38

Have very few hiphop artists that i like in Mzansi hence difficult to make  top ten list), one of my favourites is JR, that guy is going places: very good album. Also like Prokid & Tumi (tumi & the volume).  Like Jabba, but lately his songs are Mpitse etc dia bora.
Proverb & Zubs are just too deep for me.
as for Les, Muggs- i dont know what they are doing!

01 Oct 2009 14:22

Mine would go as follows: 1&2) K.O, Ntukza, from Teargas. These guys can rap in Tswana, English, Zulu, SeSotho. They use great figures of speech and effectively! They may not individually have something under their belt but with Ma-E, have successfully made 3 hit albums. If anizazi ezi chap then y'all better ask somebody! 3) Zubs- Strong lyrics and delivery, great English. And I think he made a great choice by choosing to rap instead of working as an Accountant. I only wonder how he would sound in Shona 4) Amu- Has been around in this game, maybe not as popular as before but he still has it. Heard his new single- fantastic stuff- beautiful metaphors! 5) Maggs- I love his lyrics, production. Always calm and takes time to do his thing. The best thing he's ever done was walking away from that other group to work with MaBrrr's boy and Jozi! 6) Prokid- Kasi style rapper, "yasi representa, u rappa kamnandi, u sweetie, u lavo..." "Listen up, you might learn something", great lyricist and freestylist- the best in the country, 2nd to Maggs. 7) HHP- Has been around for centuries and came up with Motswako which led to the evolution of a lot of N.W rap! 8) Proverb- Great writer and can produce his own stuff, I loved his 1st album better than the 2nd. And yes, he struggles with his own home language but kicks ass in English. I doubt his freestyling skills however! 9) Nemza- this is the man behind the success of Skwatta. Quite hot-headed but he knows his stuff! 10) JR.- New kid on the block but he sure can rap and he's proved he has the ability to climb up my list!

01 Oct 2009 15:25

this list z  nt complet wthout zulu boy.......that boy knwz hw 2 rap...m nt sure abt pro verb coz i dnt undrstnd hz music.... so if i wr 2 make ma own top 10 i wuld put zulu boy intead of pro verb

lady gaga
01 Oct 2009 15:31

shooo Lwestana043 did u have to write dat in ONE paragraph, hai im tired just looking at that

01 Oct 2009 15:44

lol ladyg pls stop teasing other children

lady gaga
01 Oct 2009 15:51

but dali u know its the truth mos, nthwe so...........

01 Oct 2009 15:54

@ lady gaga, its better if you read it from no 10 upwards. lol

01 Oct 2009 15:59

lol ladygogo maybe lwesta is using his/her fone to blog shem haw

lady gaga
01 Oct 2009 16:03

Sslave, just tried it but still it didn't

@ dali,hai maan dats just pure laziness. or maybe its me being lazy i was very busy today, i cdnt even blog the way i wanted to,nx!

01 Oct 2009 17:24

DA LES is hot

01 Oct 2009 19:12

I only wonder how he would sound in Shona 
Zubs did a song with Shona chorus from his previous album it is so hot, 
called 'andiyende'  not sure of the spelling though 

Nemza- this is the man behind the success of Skwatta
in what sense Lwestana043?

@Poke her nipples please behave

eish mara youna it looks like a  Bible scripture LOL!

01 Oct 2009 19:25

Mo Molemi and JR sound the same. I can never tell who is who....
@GML NEVER! *surprised*

La Dolce Vita
21 Oct 2009 12:12

I l0ve teargas..that track "G0 away" very hot!!
H2O iphi/ all u left us with was "it's Wonderful, Sheleni and Gish gish"...niyephi?
I l0ve Maggz, the swagger plus he looks like Jadakiss & he's on FIRE kakhulu kala track wit Bongz...i agree it was the best move he's made in his carreer..
How abt ispaza? Alota artists especially in CPT do spaza and I haven't heard it commercailly..
Mr Selwyn's song was "shake,shake"
HHp i l0ve u 4rm wen i 1st saw u featured on Speedy's track "Ngenze njani sthandwa sami.." especiali le mbitse...LE MBIIIIITSEEEE!!

Chippa M
13 Aug 2010 10:33

The best rappers in SA are
Mr Selwyn
Zulu Boy
L Tido

13 Aug 2010 11:04

Is Tumi of Tumi n The Volume a rap artist?
I like his music

17 Jul 2012 12:52

Cheesa sweety mayb u need to update ur article honey remember we have new South African hot rappers abo AKA, Zakwe u name them

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