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Who's The New Top Billing Presenter?

Written by Cheesa from the blog Cheesa Chat on 09 Dec 2010
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Top Billing which plays on SABC 3 every Thursday’s at 19:30 has been looking for a new presenter in the past 5 months (I don’t understand why they had to take so long). They went to some of South Africa’s big cities such as Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth just to name a few, looking for a new fresh talented person to be the new presenter of SABC 3’s lifestyle show, Top Billing. They got their top 14 contestants which they gave some challenges to keep themselves in the competition. Kaone the model was one of them. I actually thought she was going to win this time around shem. Like Nandi she also auditioned for the LIVE presenter search. I think she is good someone must hire her.  

The top 14 contestants had to do some presenting scenes the Top Billing style like Jenny D does it. They had to do scenes in the beach, in the market, at game reserves and with chefs. Some of them nailed those scenes some of them were scared to do those buggy jumping scenes. 

Now they are down to two hopefuls, Kalysha Naidoo and Simbarashe Mhere. One of them stands a chance of winning an intensive presenting course and a three-month contract on the show, with the possibility of it being extended. Apparently this is to ensure that the winner has what it takes when it comes to doing the actual job. So who is going to taste the good life between the two? Here they are: 

Kalysha Naidoo (very beautiful)
Date of Birth: 25 May 1982
Style: Sophisticated, elegant and edgy

She is one of the few contestants that hail from the sunny city of Durban, 28 year old Kalysha Naidoo, drama and Media student from UKZN walked onto the Top Billing Presenter search with lovely locks and a smile to match, not to mention some skill in front of the camera. As a casino MC and Drive time DJ on Lotus fm, she is not new to the public eye. Having lived in New York and London, she has a taste and passion for travelling saying ‘my biggest dream would be to see the rest of the world’. This ‘self-confessed shoe addict with a weakness for Swiss chocolate’ understands just what the good life involves and now her heart is set on bringing the best of it to your screens. 

Simbarashe Mhere (has that topbilling voice I like it)
Date of Birth: 29th October 1988
Style: Modern, timeless and classic

Originally from Zimbabwe with missionary parents, Simba Mhere is a 21 year old BComm Accounting student at the University of Johannesburg. But his affinity for numbers is only one of his many talents. As a freelance voice over artist he is gaining experience in the media industry and can now add that he features in ‘Die Antwoords’ new music video. But his talents don’t stop there, he is also a former sprinter for his University with a passion for American Football and rugby and a freelance athletics coach. With a love for bursting into old school boy band music, the biggest man in the top 14 is a gentle giant and one of the youngest in the groups.

If you want to know who is going to be Top Billing’s newest presenter don’t miss Top Billing tonight on SABC3 at 19:30. 

who buys this mag anyway?

Just to nyakathisa I’ve seen that Anele Mdoda 5FM and SA's Got Talent presenter is also a Top Billing presenter and I like it. She is good at what she does shem we just have to give it to her. I like Anele she has that bubbly personality. Congrats to her! 

pics and info on presenters: top billing


09 Dec 2010 10:38

Simbarashe...1988??  *faints*

09 Dec 2010 10:40

Shem, poor Kaone, I wanted her to win :-(..keep tring babe.

09 Dec 2010 10:48

Honestly, when I look at Kalysha I see another Jeannie D. Simba might be better for the show to widen its viewership, you know, young blacks and all. I don't watch Top Billing these days coz frankly I've seen enough of Jeannie and the other people jet setting. We need someone fresh and hopefully with a different angle.
Tumisho is over, I want to see a young black jet setter now, how he copes, adjusts all over the world and all. Might inspire the rest of us to travel,lol.

09 Dec 2010 10:49

imbarashe...1988?? *faints* lolest

09 Dec 2010 10:53

poor kaone

09 Dec 2010 10:58

Simbarashe Mhere loos like he's 30 years old!

09 Dec 2010 10:58

Simbarashe...1988?? *faints*  LOL that was my reaction too Mstebby when I saw it. I actually thought he was 27 or 28, 1988 hayi no u-age-ile shem u Simba he looks older.  But I like him his voice is like a recorded voice. It is in that Top Billing style and it was one of the thing those judges were looking for. 

@felfel I also think Simba should win it even though I also like Kalsha. She is good too and very pretty but I want Simba to win it man. He is fresh, I think he will bring a breath of fresh air on Top Billing. Hayi Tumisho must retire, is he still there? I also don't watch Top Billing that much I only watch when there's someone interesting to me that's going to appear there. I've been watching the search on Saturdays.

09 Dec 2010 11:12

Cheesa I only watch when they feature black people living the life or getting married, it's more interesting to me that way. I'm tired of watching white people living it up in those big houses that look like noone lives in them , THEY BEEN HAVIN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I enjoy it when they feature some accomplished darkies, its good to watch and motivational to me.

09 Dec 2010 13:30

I watched the last episode where Kaone was eliminated, I like Kaone but her voice was not strong or bold enough for the show and she did not look the part with her afro, it just looked untidy last time she was on her...she did not look so called 'sophisticated and refined" for Top Billing. 

Simba must win, he's got the voice, presence, confidence and he's not bad on the looks department either,

@ Cheesa Blacks never last on Top Billing!  clearly they don't the black viewership, they are doing fine without it...

09 Dec 2010 13:40

@Felfel: THEY BEEN HAVIN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol you killed me bt that's true. I havent been watching the show in ages hey

09 Dec 2010 14:10

@felfel I hear you, I mean when I see them black people leaving the good life you also get that feeling that you can also get there if you work hard. It's insipiring in a way. 

For me to watch Topbilling I have to see the clips at the beginning of the show when it starts, then if it does not interest me I quickly change the channel. If I see something interesting I always change from whatever channel to Top Billing to see the scene that I am interested in then back to that channel again. So basically that's how I watch Topbilling. 

THEY BEEN HAVIN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!

@Posh I know what you talking about hey, Kaone yes he has the energy and can present but she didn't fit the Topbilling image. Her dress style and everything is not what topbilling is about like you said she did not look so called 'sophisticated and refined" for Top Billing. 

Did you see how she was dressed when she was interviewing Bassie? Thiza I was so embarassed on her behalf. She was dressed so roughly and the hair was a mess. Bassie was so not impressed. I could see by the way she looked at her. I actually thought she was leaving that day but they told her to sort out her dress sense.  

09 Dec 2010 15:32

Simbarashe...1988?? *faints*     Ayi Simba is way too older than his age eh. Kaone was supposed to be the one in place of Kalysha..but anywhere judges have seen something extraordinary in Kalysha.

09 Dec 2010 21:54

I also thought Kaone would win & her modelling career was going to give her an advantage. I think Simba will take it, he's got the full package that's ideal for the show. So, who won?

09 Dec 2010 22:52

@felfel i also watch for the same reasons as you.i thought i was the only one who thought KAONE umdaka nezavest zakhe that show amabrastraps.the natural look suits amapretty galz like oBrigdet Masinga no Claire Mawisa.im not saying uKaone mubi but iyamngcolisa la natural look.

09 Dec 2010 22:57

Simba angazi!he's the type i want on voice overs angaveli escreenini.

09 Dec 2010 23:05

what happened to Salamina?shem she was not cracking it at all.

10 Dec 2010 07:16

Yazi nam Pruluv I thought Kaone had an advantange based that she's a model but there were radio presenters too in that competition so competition was tough. To think that I missed it last night, eish! I was not home during Top Billing time. Please anyone who watched break the news to us, who's the new presenter? I'll catch the repeat Sunday. But I liked Salamina I wonder why she's no longer.

10 Dec 2010 07:39

Simba took it and now we wait and see if he will deliver

10 Dec 2010 08:01

We need 2 c someone out of the ordinary..MSIMBANA won.Salamina they can be too much of ice queens.Top Bantwana is refined for ilizwe lakhe nnoo Jinny D whateva.

10 Dec 2010 08:16

lol guys he does look 30 years he is exactly my younger brother they both 22 look older and doing accounting and dark in complexion.  but i loved simba shame he is a good presenter.

10 Dec 2010 08:27

Haaaaaa!! Simba took it!! That's awesome halala, yeah that's what I'm talking about. Congrats to him. He is good. Now we wait and see what how he's going to do his thang. I'll watch Top Billing to see how he does it now that he has gotten what he wanted.

TA! Sobza

Top Bantwana is refined for ilizwe lakhe nnoo Jinny D whateva. LOL Khumbu

lol guys he does look 30 years he is exactly my younger brother they both 22 look older and doing accounting and dark in complexion. LOL are you sure it's not him sibuuu look careful at that picture againh lol

ownah m p
10 Dec 2010 08:39

i hope the best will win.

10 Dec 2010 08:51

@Ownah, where have u been lady? Simba scooped it, he is gonna have a hard time convincing Kuli Roberts that he is really 22!

10 Dec 2010 09:31

Cheesa my friend, I think the lady is going to win this, she looks like she has really what it takes even without the course

10 Dec 2010 09:49

Congrats to Simba.

I thought Salamina left voluntarily ?

10 Dec 2010 10:03

ms.tebby I was looking for the "Like" button. The guy doesn't look a day younger than 30.

Congrats anyway, there are just too many women on that show.

10 Dec 2010 10:23

Simba u nale 21?...but i dont think he lookes Older" in a bad puzaface kinda way. 
I was rooting for him, Glad he one.

And shem the TB auditions had the worst disasters from H2T. I can never forget that "missy elliot" auditionee. This "so called class and poise", you either have it or you dont, it doesnt just appear when you go for top billing auditions. You could tell gore most of then were "moulding" themselves, ba ipopa, changing their walk to the "pronouced chest" walk..it was just a disaster.

10 Dec 2010 15:50

GA: This "so called class and poise", you either have it or you dont, it doesnt just appear when you go for top billing auditions

Tru GA

10 Dec 2010 15:51

I am happy for Simba! I think he's gonna do well

10 Dec 2010 16:10

@GA, i watched a few auditions and i changed the channel cause i felt embarassed for those auditionees....

10 Dec 2010 16:37

I am very glad that Kaone did not win it. Her doors are wide open especially after winning face of africa, she should have used that and gotten far mara she is still hussling like the rest of us. Look at abo Oluchi is you face of africa you should be international. 

Congrats to Simba

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