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Written by makisto from the blog Frankly Speaking on 18 Apr 2011
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I personally think it's a plot to increase ARs as we wanna see any particular soapie's bizarre explanation as where the characters were coz we saw them being buried or being killed. Pathetic ne! Nontheless, this week, Monday World takes a closer look at soapies' living dead; which ones were done worst and which ones are believable. 

Braam Le Roux: Pa!
They say anything is possible in the world soapies. Braam le Roux was inadvertently "killed" by his daughter Sofia and her brother Benjamin helped her "cover up the culpabable homicide". 

Braam wedding
This is just a match made in hell: Cherel had ulterior motives in marrying Braam including bringing us the best of Charker - so to use Tashi's name for Cherel and Barker - drama

Sofia had just taken her father's AK 47 to go and confront Cherel de Villiers-Haines-Le Roux-Kumar-Holmes, so to use S.K's multi-barrel surname for Cherel. Her father tried to stop her and she pushed him and he fell down the stairs. Benjamin walked in and told her they should let Cherel take the the fall for this, given all the divorce drama between  worst step-mom Cherel and daddy Braam.

The devil: Benjy is heartless such that he can put his family under false devastation

So far, the police have been very clear that they are investigating a murder case but the problem is that they didn't have a body. Braam's blood was planted and stained in Cherel's apartment and an sms sent to the Le Roux family from the Cherel International viccinity. What more could the police want in order for them to be convinced Cherel is the killer?

Wanting to tell the truth: She is the perfect daughter with morals and principles but broer Benjy het haar vertel dat sy niemaand veterl of wat het gerbeur lol

After a couple of weeks of fruitless investigation that saw accusations and counter-accusation between the Le Roux family and Mrs de Villiers-Haines-Le Roux-Kumar-Holmes, on Friday, Marlien's side kick was able to establish that Braam Le Roux's body wasn't available on the other side, sending Marlien into a very hopeful mode that her husband, sorry, ex-husband may just well be alive and kicking. At the end of the episode on Friday, Benjamin went to a remote Horizon Deep building and opened the door and uttered: Pa! And we saw Braam Le Roux, prompting Makisto to write about soapies' living dead. 

OMG! He is alive! Here, I think the soapie got it right because it was very clear from the word go that he police didn't have a body. Today, the soapie had better give an explanation as how son Benjy pulled that one. The story was well done.

The death of Barker Haines: Bloody Alex
Barker Haines was also "killed in a horrific car accident and his body burnt" back in 2005/2006. Leone Haines was distraught. At the time, Lee was dating a cop, Alex Matthews, who disguised as a journalist. 

Bloody Haines: Barker faked his death putting Lee under severe strain

Then Barker came back from the dead. Alex noticed that Lee stopped "being a perfect grieving daughter" and he became suspicious. Lee, who disapproved of daddy Barker's underhanded methods, was under daddy's spell at this point. You will remember that daddy was being investigated and he wanted to disfuse attention. Like a game of cat and mouse, Barker hid from Alex who would often visit Lee at the Haines mansion. But then, he found out Barker was very much alive.

Lee Haines
We miss you: Actress Ashley Calley and her character Leone Haines' will forever live on in our memories

Barker managed to put him right under his spell and Alex's bosses noticed Alex was acting differently. During Barker's resurrection, it was explained that Barker took whatever from his his eye and put it on the body that he burnt with the car so when DNA was conducted, the body was confirmed as Barker's body. Though this kind of stories add some kind of intrigue on our soapie, here, Isidingo didn't get top marks from me but the story was believable nonetheless. 

David Genaro: You can't kill me
Villainous and a  ruthless killer who kills within the wink of an eye, David Genaro was shot to "death"on his wedding day - during his wedding to Lucilla Vilakazi-Genaro-Vilakazi-Genawa. 

David Genaro
Un-kill-able: You can't just kill David Genaro

Suddenly, oh no, he wasn't dead. There was no one in the coffin, apparently! How lame, lol! During his "killing", these were David's words: You can't kill me. You can't just come here and kill me." But we saw him going down and lying dead at the charpel.

Guess what the show's explanation was about his resurrection? Yes, you guessed it! No, there were people at the background at the hospital who made ups and downs and their presence was never explained. It turns out it was David's team that came to ensure the master of evil comes back from 7th heaven. This was boring and lacked believable creativity, well, at least according to Makisto shem. The show didn't get a predicate of 4o% because it didn't give us a well reasoned explanation about Genara's sudden return to the world of the living.

Tau Mogale: Ke a tshela

Tau: Back to take his Karabo to the UK

Karabo Moroka-Motene-Dlomo-Mogale was almost sent to a mental institution because no one believed her "claims" that Tau Mogale was alive. That after we saw Tau getting killed by le Jack Mabaso's hench who were supposed to kill Jack. But no, thanks to Duma -who had two bosses, Tau and Jack- got a message from a gang to give to his boss and he gave it to Tau instead of Jack. Jack was suposed to have met with the gang and get killed. But nope, the wrong man, took the bullets.

Karabo wedding
Big doll Karabo Moroka is now living happily ever after, we guess

He is alive, he loves me, he is dead, he loves me not. He is alive, I love him, oh no sorry, that was a mistake, he is dead. No man, he is alive. Well, Tau came back from the dead in Generations and what does the soapie say in defence of sending Karabo out in a dream wedding? There was a very long, about 18 minutes, long boring monologue about the show lying that Tau was in a half-way house of some sort in which the police were investigating the criminal underworld that Jack Mabaso was part of and that, at the time of his "death", Tau had bullet-proof on him. I was like duh, what if the gang shot him on the face? Mxm.

Taylor Forrester: Ridge my love

Lying through their teeth: The Bold and The Lies

I will not be doing Taylor Forrester from The Bold and The Beautiful who came back from the dead a year after she appeared on the soapie as a ghost. Mxm! What do you take us for mara you The Americans and The Sex Kittens mara hmmm. No, Dr Forrester wasn't dead and her grave was empty and a "mad Ridge Forrester" dug up her grave to confirm she was indeed alive.

Stefano: I will be back
Days of their Boring Lives, I cannot even begin to talk about how modern day witch who kills through sceince and can swicth on and off your brains, Stefano, was killed, got resurrected and died again, and came back to life, and died again, on no, and came back to life again,and died again. 

I killed me: Stefano

Boring ne? Ja! That's the world of soapies. Anything is possible.

Pictures through the lens on various sites on the net. Makisto sends out his love and well wishes to all the web content manager for Easter for programming the pictures in such a way that I can copy them. Enjoya wena.


18 Apr 2011 12:05

off topic;
I see that Lundi your favourite gospel star is doing well again.
Having fun according to Sunday world.what gospel is this guy singing?
How gullible can the public be with these guys?

18 Apr 2011 12:11

The General
18 Apr 2011 12:11

I just saw the repeat of Isidingo, I must say, that was a shock! It's more believable that he's alive, otherwise how could they explain that he died from falling on stairs?

18 Apr 2011 12:16

and confront Cherel de Villiers-Haines-Le Roux-Kumar-Holmes, so to use S.K's multi-barrel surname for Cherel... LMAO

18 Apr 2011 12:41

What i find strange is how people...still get shocked when sopay characters come back from the dead. find that the day they air the soapy villain coming back from the dead people are shock like OMG he is alive bla bla when may episodes prior to that episodes there were hints that the person is alive,....hints that even without watching the soapy daily you can see gore they imply Stafano Dimera is not dead.....

I dont care about how unrealistic that villain's death and resurection is from a realistic, science perspective...because its in a soapy, its the most unrealistic tv we have. So anything is possibl;e and arguing and asking whether Dimera's scince is realistic or not is pointless...its a soapy anything is possible...its their formula.

Thats my bit....

I personally think it's a plot to increase ARs...even more puzzling is that after decades of pulling the same resurrection with some lousy explanation, this shows still know that the resurrections will pull ARs?...

18 Apr 2011 12:57

Isidingo is so hott these days there is no competition.

18 Apr 2011 14:18

I agree Mokema

18 Apr 2011 14:23

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!DUDE,ur clearly mistaken.if you watch isidingo then u'll will knw that Braam was not dead.the time benjamin dumped him into the mine shift,he opened his u ever compare ISIDINGO with this other loony tone shows

Mrs Chix
18 Apr 2011 14:45

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!DUDE,ur clearly mistaken.if you watch isidingo then u'll will knw that Braam was not dead.the time benjamin dumped him into the mine shift,he opened his u ever compare ISIDINGO with this other loony tone shows

I totally agree with you, all these shows have actually had funerals and burial of these pple, but Isidingo did not do that with Braam

18 Apr 2011 14:52

Read all your comments. Will comment on the rest tomorrow (busy on deadlines lol) but I just wanna comment on vandermerwe and MsChix' comments
Please see: I think the soapie got it right because it was very clear from the word go that the police didn't have a body...The story was well done.
Should I really be telling you guys to read and understand what you are reading mara bathong lol?

18 Apr 2011 14:54

It's just TV, people.

18 Apr 2011 14:56

Filmho, thank you. Welcome man, where have you been hiding lol?

Sana Lwam
18 Apr 2011 15:04

I feel like I've read this somewhere before.... :(

18 Apr 2011 15:29

@Sanalwam... your comment just reminded me of something that has been bothering me about SA blogs these days. This is not directed to your article Makisto. Just for the record. Anyway. I read a lot of SA blogs and recently I noticed that most blog writers just read other people's blogs and rechange them but still on the same theme, tone and subject matter. I am not trying to start a site-2-site war here so I will stay away from names. I have read some articles in the past weeks or so on some sites that are very similar to articles I have read before here on TVSA. I am not saying TVSA writers are innocent of this but I started reading blogs with TVSA so most articles I have read are from TVSA. (Just thinking out loud)

18 Apr 2011 15:38

This is not directed to your article Makisto
Cool, man, I understand.

I feel like I've read this somewhere before.... :(
I understand you may have read it somewhere and that canmot be negated. However, my article was prompted by Braam's return from the dead and the article focuses much on Isidingo and Braam. I decided to rather do back from the dead stories.

I have read some articles in the past weeks or so on some sites that are very similar to articles I have read before here on TVSA.
Me too Deco, and today also I saw something similar to what Makisto wrote last week. Just saying (((((((hides from bloggers of that site)))))))

18 Apr 2011 15:40

The Bold and The Lies 

Days of their Boring Lives kwakest well said Makisto u forgot Generubish

18 Apr 2011 15:45

Makisto indeed we are sick and tired of watching the ghosts i am paying for my DSTV and licence meanwhile i return i am watching the living dead scary neh???? tlitlitli next tym they pull the same scheme they must think twice becos we r watching 'em

18 Apr 2011 15:47

@Deco..when it comes to some articles being similar in different blogs, especially the entertainment blogsites, dont you think its because they are press releases and what nots, thats why they look similar. Thats the only similarity ive been spotting in diffrent entertainment blogisites lately and it makes sense.

And when it comes to blogging about TV, im sure many people have the same opinions about soapies so that articles may have some certain many people are patronised by the ressurections so that in an article about soapies, this issue will come through. echoing mbulela's point hao, how come monday world doesnt have a little prayer dedicated to Lundi and his troubled self?

18 Apr 2011 15:47

On Sundays when the gossip news papers are boring me I log on to TVSA and read old articles. It's amzing how this site used to have creative writers. Bloggers like Harambe24, Toxic, BrownShuga, to name a few. Their articles were original and created a fresh outlook every week. Then came the new guys like Phil, Makisto, Cheesa etc who came with their own thing. Their articles kept bloggers debating all day. After reading each article and the comments, you would feel enlightened and yearning to expand your knowledge of the world you live in. Now, all the articles in all these sites out there are the same. The worse ones are those that are just there for bloggers to show their angry, nasty side and they trash people. SA blogging has lost it's intelligence and creative streak. #just sayin

18 Apr 2011 15:53

@makisto, hiding behind my couch. One thing I do find curious is it seems local audiences seem to expect different things from international soaps vs local ones. Like when Days or Bold does something outrageous and unbelievable it's kind of okay because we expect that from them, but when a local soapies does it, everyone gets upset. You think there's any truth to that?

18 Apr 2011 15:56

@GA... I get what you saying but I am not bothered by that. Read most articles about Love, Religion, Sex and Gays. It's hard to explain this without quoting exact articles but I can assure you. Just as I type this, I have just finished reading an article on another site that looks and is arranged the same way as the article on the front page of a former TVSA blogger's site. Actually I had read the article 2 or a year ago and was prompted by it to find out about this TVSA blogger. Guess you can say I discovered TVSA because of that article. Mind you, that is not the only one. There is a Religion vs Culture article here on TVSA was written a while back and just recently I read a similar article on another site. I initially thought maybe the writer of the first one just migrated to that site and decided to rewrite his old article. I do not wan't to put names here, for obvious reasons.

18 Apr 2011 15:57

wow thank u @decoupage, i thought i was the only one who noticed.....

18 Apr 2011 15:59

Hi Maki hope u r warm in this weather broer.

Love this double double surnames.Cherel de Villiers-Haines-Le Roux-Kumar-Holmes,  Lucilla Vilakazi-Genaro-Vilakazi-Genawa and Karabo Moroka-Motene-Dlomo-Mogale 

I wonder what would u call the late Elizabeth Taylor

18 Apr 2011 16:00

@GA... I work in advertising so I get that entertainment articles will sometimes look the same because of the press releases but when it comes to Opinion Piesces that rarely happens. Having worked as a copywriter at the beginning of my career, I can tell you that it's next to impossible for someone to write an opinion piesce in the exact manner as the other person unless they had seen the other person's article. It is actually just few notches from plagiarism unless the writer acknowledged that his article is inspired by the other. Makisto did that when he started Monday World.

18 Apr 2011 16:08

Kwaa @Ntoko, I just wanted to give Gen some breathing space, phela we have been hard on that soapie shem.

I hear you GA, I may just give my friend Lundi a call. Ditto about the press releases GA.
Thanks Deco for saying we come with our own thing. I like that. I watched those bloggers yu mention and I also learnt from them back in the day when I only commented and din't write. You know Deco, we as blogger we need to get our groove back.

Filmho, the reason why we don't comment about those American soapies, for me, the reason why i don't comment about them, it's because I don't really care about what happens to them. For SA soapies, I love them because they are meant for you and me and our opinions count. They will read what we write about their soapies but what are the chances that Days' Ken Corday and Bold's Bold's William J Bell and their respective teams will read TVSA and give our opinions some thought. Remember to most Americans we are just some population from Africa.

I love our local soapies, we want them to be real and tell us great stories. We will be there to critique and praise them. We love our local shows because we want our actors to succeed and we don't want to see what happened to Backstage actors happening to the current cast of our favourite SA soapies. That's my answer to the truth about us making noise about local soapies bringin people back frm the dead.

18 Apr 2011 16:08

@makitso, it was a shot gun not an AK47. He's a farmer, not a mafia boss. I also dont get why people get annoyed when soap operas pull stunts like over the top storylines. Isn't that what a soap opera is supposed to be? The soap opera genre has been working since the 1930s. Please stop questioning why people are coming back from the dead. Not everything on Tv should be realistic. We like to escape from our daily lives every now and then. Isidingo is on another tip these days. Loving it!

18 Apr 2011 16:09

Makisto weeee, stop writing false information! Braam was not dead...he bathong?? Us followers know that. The only question was where Benjamin was hiding him and why he let Sofia to believe he was dead

18 Apr 2011 16:11

Any dead people on Generations these days? Lol!

18 Apr 2011 16:18

Thanks Dexter, obviously yo can see I am naive when it comes to gun names lol. Bathi, Tshd21, this isn't false information, at the time of eye opening (I will admit this episode I didn't watch) did you really believe Braam was alive or you are only connecting the dots now?

18 Apr 2011 16:22

Lol! Dex..... Wow! Braam is coming back?...

18 Apr 2011 16:22

@Dex no more killings ko genrations.........................

18 Apr 2011 16:31

@makisto, I hear you. Guess the writers and producers should be flattered that fans are so passionate about their shows!

18 Apr 2011 16:38

@makitso, i've been watching Isi (yes I call it Isi) since its inception in 1998. What i've learned in the years is that they are the masters of suspense and intrigue. So when BLR "died", i knew he wasn't dead. One reason being I had not read anywhere that the actor was leaving the show, meaning he was alive and still on the show (Lol). The other reason was that after he'd opened his eyes, the writers left that story open for us to decide. So I've always known he was alive. What I dont know is whether he's being kept locked up against his will or not. I have a feeling he is in on it but it doesn't explain why he's still wearing the same suit from that night. Surely if this is his plan he'd ask for clean clothes. We'll just have to wait and see.

18 Apr 2011 16:44

@myname, Eish she almost added Mashaba there

Karabo Moroka-Motene-Dlomo-Mashaba-Mogale

18 Apr 2011 16:51

True Dexter, I have always been vocal that Isi is the best soapie in SA regardless of ARs say. They have the country's best talent starting from actors up to the crew. They are simply too brilliant but moving the soapie to 18:00 isn't on.

18 Apr 2011 16:52

kwaaa @ SK

18 Apr 2011 17:11

I can understand why Isidingo is failing in the ARs department. Their storylines are challenging and very witty. They dont spoon-feed us what we want to see. They're always raising the bar. Rhythm on the other hand has light storylines about a bunch of amajita chilling at a bar the whole day and a villain whose acting style needs to be toned down just a notch (Genaro). Rhythm City caters for the black market. They're doing well because they've figured out that the black market wants to be fed mundane stories which they identify with. I'm not bad mouthing our race but its the truth. How else do you explain the success of Generations. The show is a joke yet it commands almost 5million viewers. Isi moving to 18:00 is a huge inconvenience. I hope i'll be able to adjust

18 Apr 2011 17:19

DexterSUPERIOR...high five bro!...#team Isidingi...#team escapism in soapies etc etc...PS: i also suspect Braam is in on it or maybe he lost his memory when he fell so Benjy hit him to avoid complications, we will find out today.

@Deco...i hear you, i do. I dont see it as offensive though when i see the same topic resurfacing in different dates by different people particularly in diffrenet blogsites; because for that time in that site it will be for diffrent people who maybe havent encountered the topic in the previous time in another site...
Im not a journalist or anything close so i suppose im not sensitive to copyright infringemnet issues like you guys in the industry.

18 Apr 2011 22:25

#deathby Tau Mogale: ke a tshela! Kwakest

19 Apr 2011 09:42

Lucilla Vilakazi-Genaro-Vilakazi-Genawa 

Tshinawa Maki not Genawa

lol @ Braam Le Roux: Pa! 

However, my article was prompted by Braam's return from the dead and the article focuses much on Isidingo and Braam. I decided to rather do back from the dead stories.

19 Apr 2011 10:00

Morning Bloggers please fill me in on ystday's episode had a crissis my brother locked my car keys in the car .

19 Apr 2011 10:08

@zam, go to Isidingo blog, thou shall find the answers! lol

19 Apr 2011 10:16

:-) k my luv

19 Apr 2011 10:19

I guess Isidingo iyarocka everyone is all happy about the soapie. Days & BnB i dont care that much about them not even sure if DOOL is stil playing in SA. I got tired of watching pple die over and over. 

If Mzansi soapies kill pple and resurrect them better have a good explanation. That Tau ke a tshela story line we forgave, becoz we didnt want them to kill our beloved Karabo, it was a good sendaway storyline for Ms Moroka but i never forgave RC for Genaro resurection, it was so obvious to everyone that he was Dave and when he said i am alive, i did not go ohh, ahh, i got up and left my position in the lounge and has never returned during the airirng of RC. 

We expect better story lines, even in real life pple are thought to be dead and they return to their loved ones and have a sound explanation of their absence but they never say i was in Kuruman and have been too scared to show up coz you had moved on with your life. nxa vese angifuni nokusho into eziningi lana.

19 Apr 2011 10:30

GUys you are forgeting to put Mandla's surname on Karabo's list on surnames.. Kaloku u sisi Karabo was married to Mandla.. Do you remember him.. Mandla.. The one who held Karabo @ gunpoint...

19 Apr 2011 10:35

Do you remember him.. Mandla.. The one who held Karabo @ gunpoint...
We do, Dr Mandla lol

19 Apr 2011 10:35

i did not go ohh, ahh, i got up and left my position in the lounge and has never returned during the airirng of RC. 
lo Vinc hahahahahaahahahaha

19 Apr 2011 10:42

Dr Mandla Sithole. .................hahahahaha. That dude was hideous!!!! Karabo madoda. ay nc nc

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