Miss SA on boyfriends, test tubes and golf

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Interviews on 01 Apr 2014
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On Sunday morning Rolene Strauss was a 21-year-old medical student and by Sunday night she was Miss South Africa, with the eyes of the country on her.

I caught up with her on Monday morning to chatter to her about her win as well as other important things that I'm quizzy about.

Of course I had to ask her if she thinks that being a test tube baby is what won her the competition. Her answer: no. She did however say that her birth was very cool because she was such a miracle for her parents. Her parents had been trying for a baby for five years when she came along.

So we spoke about that and her studies. Rolene told me that she wants to be a doctor because she's been inspired by her dad who's a doctor. She's pausing her studies for now - for a year or two - while she razzmatazzes as Miss South Africa and she'll return once she's completed her bikini duties.

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As for boyfriends and other matters of the heart  ... here's what she had to say:

Tashi: Boyfriend-wise ... do you have a boyfriend? Are you single?
Rolene: I definitely don't have a public relationship. You know, as a Miss South Africa people look up to you and see you as an independent, strong woman. That's the picture I'd like to show people out there and I think it's difficult to be in a relationship because of your busy schedule.

All the relationships that you have need to be there to support you. They need to be there to not put extra stress on you but to relieve you and to know that they're suppporting you whatever you do.

Tashi: That's not a very positive impression of guys - do you think that's what they do? Don't support you etc?
Rolene: No, not all, I just think that those who love you will dream with you. I think it's a year that you have to focus on yourself and on your country - I think those are two things that should stay your main focus during your reign.

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Tashi: So you didn't have a boyfriend before? You haven't had to dump anybody?
Rolene: No definitely not, I've never dumped anybody ... well, I've dumped a few in my younger days but no I didn't dump anybody now, luckily not.

Tashi: You're only 21 so like when was that?
Rolene: I know, you know when you're in high school and primary school you have a boyfriend who's actually your friend. You know when you walk past each other you wave at each other and that's basically what your relationship consists of.

Tashi: If you were to tally up the number of guys you've dumped, how many would you say you have?
Rolene: I would say three.

Tashi: That's a good number! Did you break their hearts?
Well, I would not like to think of it as that but I think some of them might think of it as that *laughs*.

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Tashi: Can you tell us something about yourself that nobody knows?
Rolene: My personality is the type of personality that just shines through so people see who I am and what they see is what they get. I do like playing golf - some people might not know that.

Tashi: Golf? I've never tried it but I don't know what the appeal is.
Rolene: It's such a great sport you know. I think the thing about golf is that you can never get too old to play golf and anyone can play against each other because you have your handicap and with your handicap it enables to compete against anyone. It's a family sport, it's a business sport, it's something that anyone can do and you can build great relationships on the golf course.

Tashi: What's your handicap?
It's 24. I love playing golf - my dad always tells me that I'll be a great golfer one day but I barely get the chance to play. I think I've played twice this year so I'd like to play more.

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Tashi: What are you most nervous of when you think about the year ahead?
This year that would seem so short for everything that I'd like to do. Being crowned in March, in October it's the international pageants, then it's December again and then it's starting with campaigning the new entry forms for Miss SA in this year still. The thing that makes me most nervous is the shortness of the year and the fact that I won't get to do everything that I want to do.

Tashi: What are you most excited about?
I'm so excited to build a network and a legacy. To focus on not only this year but what I'd like to do after this year. Obviously also representing our country nationally and internationally. I'm so excited about representing South Africa internationally.

Tashi: Will you go to both Miss Universe and Miss World?
It depends on where South Africa needs me. At the moment we're not sure of whether the pageants will be at the same time or things like that so it's actually technical things that will decide where I go.

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01 Apr 2014 11:02

She's very pretty, and likeable.

01 Apr 2014 11:48

She is so beautiful. what is this thing I hear about her being related to Jo-Ann? isn't she white? I thought JoAnn was Coloured? #confused

14 Apr 2014 01:44

Looking sexy and amazing

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