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Generations Teasers - January 2014

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Generations Teasers on 18 Dec 2013
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Coming up on Generations this January, 2014:

Wednesday 1 January 2014
Episode 7 (4029)

Choppa begs a nurse to let him stay in hospital. Noluntu hears she’ll be returning to YonaYethu. Scott is jealous to see Marcus’s dinner date.

Thursday 1 January 2014
Episode 8 (4030)

Queen is scandalised to hear who had sex. Priska hustles for a gym membership. Isabel is shocked by Zinhle’s revelation.

Friday 3 January 2014
Episode 9 (4031)

MJ realises the nightmare has only just started. Cindy wants to get rid of Khethiwe. Ngamla asks a beautiful woman to have dinner with him.

Monday 6 January 2014
Episode 10 (4032)

Scott puts Phumelele in her place. Just when Choppa thinks he’s off the hook, things get even more complicated. Senzo pulls a shocker during a client meeting.

Tuesday 7 January 2014
Episode 11 (4033)

Noluntu is hurt by an unexpected outburst. Cosmo is furious when he hears Getty’s good news. Zinhle thinks she’s being played and decides to play a game of her own.

Wednesday 8 January 2014
Episode 12 (4034)

Akhona’s not happy to see who’s back in town. Priska explains why she wasn’t upfront from the start. MJ decides it’s time to end things once and for all.

Thursday 9 January 2014
Episode 13 (4035)

Shock and confusion when Choppa chases all the customers out. Jason catches his husband in the act. Ngamla walks straight into a trap.

Friday 10 January 2014
Episode 14 (4036)

Cosmo is ready to make good on his threat. A revenge ploy goes horribly wrong when the wrong person gets shot. Senzo makes some new friends.

Monday 13 January 2014
Episode 15 (4037)

Akhona is angry when Kimberley breaks a promise. Zinhle believes the fire was her fault. MJ is haunted by what he’s done.

Tuesday 14 January 2014
Episode 16 (4038)

Priska is relieved when her bluff pays off. Desperate Jason begs Phumelele for help. The police make an arrest related to the fire.

Wednesday 15 January 2014
Episode 17 (4039)

Cindy is sick of pretending she likes Khethiwe. Choppa gets the shock of his life. Isabel is freaked when she’s attacked while she sleeps.

Thursday 16 January 2014
Episode 18 (4040)

Akhona is starting to get worried about Kimberley. Ruby proves she’s one lady who’s immune to Scott’s charms. Ngamla catches Senzo taking cocaine.

Friday 17 January 2014
Episode 19 (4041)

Cosmo is not ready to let Zinhle go yet. Dr Chetty is suspicious about a suitcase filled with women’s clothing. MJ chases a loved one out of the house.

Monday 20 January 2014
Episode 20 (4042)

Phumelele is furious at a friend for getting her into trouble. Priska reveals an alarming thing she witnessed in Siqalo’s basement. Nicholas is co-erced into doing a friend a favour.

Tuesday 21 January 2014
Episode 21 (4043)

Noluntu is shocked when a colleague lets rip at her. Ngamla realises he has a problem on his hands. Choppa tries his hand at being the hero.

Wednesday 22 January 2014
Episode 22 (4044)

Zinhle shows Gertrude she won’t be messed with. Akhona’s guilt is starting to eat at her. Nicholas is thrown by what happens at the fight.

Thursday 23 January 2014
Episode 23 (4045)

An angry visitor shows up at Ty’s place to see Senzo. Queen doesn’t pick up on how desperate Priska is. Phumelele has a plan up her sleeve.

Friday 24 January 2014
Episode 24 (4046)

The taxi company reveals Kimberley’s whereabouts on the fateful night. Choppa pops a question to his girl but doesn’t get the answer he wants. MJ watches an illegal fight and likes what he sees.

Monday 27 January 2014
Episode 25 (4047)

Ngamla warns Jason better do as he’s told or he’s out. Nicholas’s plan backfires when Zinhle comes up with one of her own. Cosmo sets his sights on a new fighter.

Tuesday 28 January 2014
Episode 26 (4048)

Detective Carr brings back the findings from the autopsy. Senzo realises his father knows more than he’s letting on. Dr Chetty isn’t happy about what she finds at the penthouse.

Wednesday 29 January 2014
Episode 27 (4049)

Scott is stunned to see who the new intern is. Choppa realises his roommate didn’t move in alone. MJ agrees to take part in a fight.

Thursday 30 January 2014
Episode 28 (4050)

Khethiwe is angry when Mary pitches unannounced. Akhona realises that she didn’t know her mother at all. Ngamla looks for solace in a very unexpected place.

Friday 31 January 2013
Episode 29 (4051)

Ruby almost has heart failure when an old flame arrives. Nicholas gets snubbed when he tries to reach out. Senzo tries to kidnap Mnqobi.

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18 Dec 2013 00:19

#1 yey

18 Dec 2013 00:26

AyooDrama maan! Wonder who plays Priska

18 Dec 2013 00:34

Number 3

18 Dec 2013 01:23

Wow Top 5, while im new then im a hard worker, Noluntu returns to Yona Yethu really, what about Dineo this month,

Lady SMS
18 Dec 2013 01:32

Nomer 5 yeye

18 Dec 2013 02:29

number 6, wow nt bad 4 a new comer. the new characters make it hard 4 me 2 understand the teasers, guess i'll hv 2 w8 4 january 2 get more understanding. so Choppa's stalker is some1 frm Zintle's past? This Phumelele character is new on Gen bt she's already starting 2 annoy!!

18 Dec 2013 02:30


18 Dec 2013 02:44

Number 8

18 Dec 2013 03:05

Igabigabi. I'm sixth shem.

18 Dec 2013 03:44

Top ten for da 1st time n m new wooooooooooow

18 Dec 2013 03:45

Top ten for da 1st time n m new wooooooooooow

18 Dec 2013 03:45

Top ten for da 1st time n m new wooooooooooow

18 Dec 2013 06:07

top glad therz nothing about dinny.

18 Dec 2013 07:03

Top 20....

18 Dec 2013 07:07

Hlw gyz who iz goin 2 be shot? When iz M.j gonn found out dat sbuda iz his father, ai ngek dis teaser ar coming 2 early aksaqondakal manj anyway hav a gud day gyz am out

18 Dec 2013 07:56

top 20 ohhhhh wow

18 Dec 2013 08:34

top 20 yay

18 Dec 2013 08:37

top 20 for a change yipeee!!!

Mrs Chix
18 Dec 2013 08:47

oh ok

18 Dec 2013 08:55


18 Dec 2013 09:03

New faces and drama wow!! interesting month

Hely Babes
18 Dec 2013 10:21

top 30

Pullie K
18 Dec 2013 11:05

18 Dec 2013 11:39


18 Dec 2013 11:39


18 Dec 2013 12:17

Welll no no no number 30something  nooooo

18 Dec 2013 13:04


18 Dec 2013 13:12


18 Dec 2013 14:06

Theres new people on gene interesting but i think the whole Choppa stalker plot is whack one pyscho was enuf

18 Dec 2013 14:10

well.. too many new characters hey..

18 Dec 2013 14:27

Lol BK uzoba strong sana

Amy M
18 Dec 2013 14:29

Hi Goldi and BK. Glad to see that u guys are still around. I see that there are many new faces on the blog/site. So many new characters on Gen too this January. It sounds hectic. I wonder who is Priska and Cosmo. Mmh, just have to wait and find out. Warm welcome to all the new bloggers.

18 Dec 2013 15:16

so many new faces....will wait & see what happens...cant connect gore what is what but it sound hot..................

18 Dec 2013 15:21

oops this meeting mised top post, not so bad top 40!!!!!!!!!! lemme read now oo

18 Dec 2013 15:27

All the new characters!! Wow! I'm impressed, looking forward to next month!! LOADS OF DRAMA!!

18 Dec 2013 15:29

new faces in gen ------- not so bad tho!!!!!!

18 Dec 2013 21:06

Lol choppa

18 Dec 2013 22:42

Top 30 not bad at all

19 Dec 2013 01:29

Too much drama from ppl we don't know haaaaaaa borrrrrriiiiing

Punchu sweet bbe
19 Dec 2013 06:04

Top 30 nt bd al all

19 Dec 2013 09:33

mmmh am no. 41

19 Dec 2013 13:46

wow no 42 and new here...yipppiie.hi every1,is it true maar MAGGIE AKA AKHONA was arrested yesterday for shoplifting panado 125g? 

19 Dec 2013 15:24

CONFUSING I didn't even finish reading the teasers yesterday because I felt lost, many new charactors I don't know their roles. And Miss Mia/what wa bhora shame.

brown eyes I read about it on The Citizen I just don't trust the papers. 

19 Dec 2013 21:34

Bt gyz i thnk choppa has been the best actor recently + i knw dat cosmo will nail dat charector

19 Dec 2013 21:36

Bt gyz i thnk choppa has been the best actor recently + i knw dat cosmo will nail dat charector

20 Dec 2013 03:27

So many charactors on gen, cnt wait 2c who is playng Priska. P Goku u r ryt Cosmo wll nail hs role. What happnd 2Dineo in January? Very interstng part 2c Noluntu bck at Yona yethu while Phumelele is incharge of style avenue. Realy whn wll M.J foundout abt hs biological father?

20 Dec 2013 09:50

hey guys. Nunumisi am with you there. the teasers just confused me.there are soo many new faces

20 Dec 2013 11:20

morning all family and the new members of the hse.
enjoy your festive season well and come back safely to the blog to see if you still kicking *lols*
lots of love and hugs *bye mxwaa*

Yolanda mguni
20 Dec 2013 20:01

Hey guyz am back 2 my country (zimbabwe ,enjoy ur holiday ne

21 Dec 2013 08:01

Mic mya ai i don't like her...... Yesterday i jst changed the chennel when i saw senzo eqaqa i shirt lakhe u jason evala umyango sis!!

21 Dec 2013 10:55

Yah ne am top 100 again. Gud day ya'll

21 Dec 2013 14:17

Who is Priska? Mara i know 4 sho,womunye walabonxamu abashitsha-shitsha itori. Savelelwa ubuso obubodwa. Lana eMzansi kunekinga yomhawu kubantu abangafuni ukunika abanye abantu ithuba. Bafethu,siyazi ukut asisoze sonke saphumelela mara kayisekho ife! Lento yokwazi ukut makuvela ispace se-character ezoba yisgebengu kuzovela ubani noma yokuba usomasudu kuzovela muphi uxamu,isiyabora!! NomMfundi Mvundla usegugile manje,akathathe isibonelo esihle kuTata. Aka-resign kusekuhle.

21 Dec 2013 21:34

Khawu resign isizulu esi usikrhulu mayo!

22 Dec 2013 12:59

what! U mean i must change my identity and resign to my own roots!! Libala kangisilo ivezandlebe even langizalwa khona. On my opinion kungabalula kuwe mawuyilo coz awunazo impande.

22 Dec 2013 22:33

I thnk ngku uDinny makhe azfunele ifemale partner maybe that relatnshp will last...(#LOL) Mna ndiamthanda kodwa guys uMiss Mya!

baby chakzz
23 Dec 2013 17:44

New here guys plz welcom m

23 Dec 2013 22:26

Welcome Baby. The rest of the crew will meet you when they return from holiday. Feel @ home.

baby chakzz
24 Dec 2013 15:24

Thanx mimibob

Mpho Patricia nkwinika
26 Dec 2013 09:13


26 Dec 2013 19:14

Welcome baby..feel @ home darling

Mili mili
27 Dec 2013 16:23

Hay thi Miss Mya causes drama nd chaos.... Bt thic sounds interesting thou

Mili mili
27 Dec 2013 16:24

Hay thi Miss Mya causes drama nd chaos.... Bt thic sounds interesting thou

27 Dec 2013 16:56

Hi MaBloggers! Missed you a lot! Happy new year to you all!
This Choppa story line is boring big time....see you in february

baby chakzz
27 Dec 2013 17:38

Thanx guys

27 Dec 2013 20:36

Welcome baby. Miss Mya is realy boring her acting skills needs an improvement.

28 Dec 2013 13:17

I so hate miss mya God forgive me

28 Dec 2013 19:03

Can't waint to see choppa begging not to be discharged,mis maya borer shamecant wait to sing goodbye to her, when is Prince's father coming out of prison

28 Dec 2013 19:54

Gyz u scott wisoka lamanyala ngyamuvuma

29 Dec 2013 11:37

Morning Family happy sunday to you long time welcome to the new family members please feel @ home, Mims darling how I miss you, Nongo love I see you still blonging keep up the good work, me I'm still alive and kicking butt *sticking tongue out* hope you all had a lovely xmas now Goldi is wishing you a happy new year mhwaaaa take care and play safe

29 Dec 2013 13:59

Guys i'm new here ,i'm i welcom?.2014 will be muaaa! But alot of new faces!

29 Dec 2013 14:01

Guys i'm new here ,i'm i welcom?.2014 will be muaaa! But alot of new faces!

lady _k
31 Dec 2013 10:03

loving miss mya

31 Dec 2013 10:45

31 Dec 2013 11:41

Aw jst like dat swop C.E.O's positions kuyasho ukt i soapies le

31 Dec 2013 11:45

I love mic mya..... Lol gyz saw de highlight choppa iz funny funny charector i thnk he dezev an OSCAR award

31 Dec 2013 11:45

I love mic mya..... Lol gyz jrt saw de highlight choppa iz funny funny charector i thnk he dezev an OSCAR award

31 Dec 2013 11:46

I love mic mya..... Lol gyz jrt saw de highlight choppa iz funny funny charector i thnk he dezev an OSCAR award

31 Dec 2013 13:46

Wow interesting

baby chakzz
31 Dec 2013 14:14

I lv mic Mya's office(striping pole section)

01 Jan 2014 09:56

I love Miss Mya, Cindy, Mary & even Khetiwe! Hope Mary will become one of Scott's girls.

01 Jan 2014 10:12

Lol i also like mya.........this ngamla drama its annoying now he is having hands problem

01 Jan 2014 10:13

01 Jan 2014 11:17

hepi new year my fellow bloggers

01 Jan 2014 13:33

Happy new year people.have a blessed year

01 Jan 2014 15:26

Senzo is disappointing me. .. to Generations this yr we wld like to see more of Bettina lowo ohlala ese kitchen, Mavis lowo wakwaMemela, Lorraine kaQueen and please get rid of Cosmo and miss Mya so that we can welcome Mary and Priska well!!!

02 Jan 2014 08:33

I thnk mic mya is realy realy forcing 2 play dat role + no SENZO iz nt doing it 4 me

02 Jan 2014 12:45


03 Jan 2014 07:58

03 Jan 2014 15:40

Priska iz looking fresh in Generation bt i didn't c it coming ukt bangamenz umunt o poor olala omontweni

03 Jan 2014 17:52

Happy new year family wishing you all the best for 20 4 me :) welcome new members, Mya is so irritating yhooooo hai shem as for Senzo no comment

03 Jan 2014 22:00

Hi Ms Goldi. Miss you too lala. Welcome @ Ubate. And a Happy 2014 to you all fam. *Kisses*

04 Jan 2014 22:28

Thanks MimiK :) its been a while since I called you like that feels good hahaha, I see you still a night rider Mims? Good night Family

05 Jan 2014 16:06

@ Goldi, now you make me miss VusiK. Ya, still a night rider. Slept after 3am last night, or should I say this morning.. I trust its a good Sunday to all.

05 Jan 2014 17:18

Happy new year Guy I hope u have a lovely holidays,miss u all.

06 Jan 2014 09:07

Hlw gyz cela ukbuza ukt uba igama la cosmo beno priska awangampela?

06 Jan 2014 09:13

@Goku Cosmo is Ronnie Nyakale and Priska is Zikhona Sodlaka.

06 Jan 2014 11:03

Hie my lovely family. Missing you all. Will be a bed blogger this whole week.

06 Jan 2014 12:50

Heloooooo all, and i missed you all on the festive season, hope you are all well, and have yourselfs a prosperoius new year, hope all your dreams come true this year, and welcome to all the new bees.

06 Jan 2014 13:04

Tnx zofuya

07 Jan 2014 07:39

Morning all, i hate the game Sbusiso is playing to Dr Chatty, she is such a nice lady. Khethiwe and Scotts, commend loading................................

07 Jan 2014 09:28

Good morning & HAPPY 2014 to all members of this family.

I missed you all terribly.

07 Jan 2014 12:22

I wonder who's gonna die. Guyz did u hear Luthuli (Scott) Dlamini's contract has been terminated?

07 Jan 2014 12:23

I wonder who's gonna die. Guyz did u hear Luthuli (Scott) Dlamini's contract has been terminated?

07 Jan 2014 14:22

halllaaaa to gen bloggers miss u hey! I c every1 is on and on abt miss maya...indeed she is samthng else. happy new!!!!!!!!

07 Jan 2014 21:06

Maboyz r u sure abt Scott cntract? Dat wll b gud news tho, ihate hs livng lifestyle on gen.

08 Jan 2014 08:48

Bazebadlala ngo scott la kwi Generation first it waz mawande,phenyo nd now u scott engaz uba olandelayo

08 Jan 2014 09:03

Good morning

Hayi bo Scott is leaving *clap hands once*

I wonder what happened between Scott and Priska.

Senzo Dlomo Zondo...............................................................................

08 Jan 2014 10:21

Tjooo, Prisca n Scott were once a couple, kikikiki May be the marriage was really bad, the reason why Scott don't want commitment or Prisca left coz Scott wants a harem... They both down n out and are looking to Sbu for help.

08 Jan 2014 10:22

I hope Scott isn't leaving either but that he takes over Yona Yethu, Sbu needs competition

08 Jan 2014 11:05

Maybe he can open his own company like Ezweni not taking over Sbu

08 Jan 2014 11:30

Morning all, hayi Ntaksay, are you saying what happened between Scott and Priska was Senzo Dlomo Zondo, or are you still loading a commend about Senzo?
08 Jan 2014 12:00

woooow i lyk the communication b2wn mj & sbu now

08 Jan 2014 12:59

08 Jan 2014 13:20

i loved it when chopa said

But you bigger, bigger, to Zeeeee,,,,,,,lol

08 Jan 2014 13:27

Compliments of the New Year bloggers.

Woman of God
08 Jan 2014 14:45

thax steffie
 ai scott and his wives *boring
senzo playing drums in the house i give that a lol

08 Jan 2014 21:07

Evening all, Scott can't leave tlheng he's good, regardless of he's leaving arrangement I also don't like the game S'buda is playing with Doc haai haai he's naughty curious to know who's gona die maybe its just a random...Senzo is so BORING and ANNOYING grrrrrrrrrrr good night back to work tomorrow

08 Jan 2014 21:54

hey guys do u think mj n sbu will be fyn as father an son.? coz mj he same how he doen't giv sbu a chance

09 Jan 2014 01:48

Hi guys,Kimberley is gonna die accordimg to the teasers...i have a feeling Ngamla had something to do with it or Mj maybe shot her by mistake.

09 Jan 2014 01:49

please generations get rid of Miss Mya,Senzo,Cosma and Zinhle...MJ please kill them all.

09 Jan 2014 07:49

Morning all, Gameplaya4u you are a night owl, blogging at 01:49 really.

Yesterday after Mj overheard the conversation of Kimberly and Sbu, i thought he was gonna put 2 and 2 together, and start thinking that maybe Sbu can be my real father, but no, he was upset about Sbu and his mom doing it behind Caleb's back.
Mrs Maya what are up to, do you wanna cause a fight between Scott and Cindy? i really dont like that chick and she is ugly with big lips.

09 Jan 2014 09:58

Gyz i wonder how come ukt u priska abe poor bt at the same agqoke kahle kanje

09 Jan 2014 09:59

Gyz i wonder how come ukt u priska abe poor bt at the same agqoke kahle kanje

09 Jan 2014 09:59

09 Jan 2014 10:02

Lol akhona yesterday waz looking fresh than ever

09 Jan 2014 10:03

Morning Family i couldnt help but laugh @ Gameplaya's comment about MJ killing them all hahaha then no soapie to watch after that

I hate Ms Mya she's trouble that one now that Scott rejected her she wants to start a nyovadem between Cindy and Scott mxxxxm, MJ is such a sturbon thick headed spoiled little brat not forgetting DOMKOP 

i like the working relationship between Scott and Luntu he's even calls her Lunz heheheheheh and calling her he's little sister, i like the new and mature Noluntu but i wish she can sort Ms Mya out she's a right match for her cos it seems like no one can sort her out if not Scott

comment loading........................

09 Jan 2014 13:04

I also like the new Noluntu, i even start to realise her beauty. Akhona was hot yesterday, the new hairstyle really suits her.

09 Jan 2014 13:08

I dont care about Priska's nice clothes, hosalang ke sebotho. where does she bath, ko koloing? she has the right products but no money, but still she doesnt have the odesity to tell Sbu the truth, that she doesnt have money.How do you start a business with that kind of a preson?

09 Jan 2014 13:17

Good to see Gameplaya after such a long time.. @Posh, I'm terrible with spelling, but odesity... Lol... 🙈🙉🙊... I missed you dear 😊. Hello fam.

lemonade mouth
09 Jan 2014 14:02

am new here....welcm me!

lemonade mouth
09 Jan 2014 14:06

09 Jan 2014 14:40

lol Mims tlogela Posh tuuuuuu hihihihihihi, Posh she bathes ko Gym after a workout ele ya mahala Welcome Lemonade please feel @ home

09 Jan 2014 14:47

Akhona realises that she didn’t know her mother at all. i also think Kimmy is the one who's gonna get shot

09 Jan 2014 14:49

besides she doesn't have a storyline might as well kill her lol

09 Jan 2014 16:15

Guys can someone tell me which month did dineo wanted to adopt a child from that teenager.please !!! I think i'm some months behind ,please tell me !!

lemonade mouth
09 Jan 2014 19:07

thanx Goldi...

lemonade mouth
09 Jan 2014 19:08

thanx Goldi...

lemonade mouth
09 Jan 2014 19:09

love sick
09 Jan 2014 19:22

shame kimberly m gonna mic her.akhona z going to learn hw important forgiveness is and having amom in her lyf hy guyz m new here

love sick
09 Jan 2014 19:23

shame kimberly m gonna mic her.akhona z going to learn hw important forgiveness is and having amom in her lyf hy guyz m new here

09 Jan 2014 21:47

Welcome Lemonade. Hey Ms Goldie :). @ Ubate, September dear.

lemonade mouth
09 Jan 2014 21:47

welcom love sick.......!

lemonade mouth
09 Jan 2014 21:50

thanx mimibob....

09 Jan 2014 22:30

Mina i can't c how kimberly will get shot

10 Jan 2014 00:44

@ portcia yeah im a night owl,sleep during the day,wide awake at night lol. Thanks @MimiBob for welcoming me back :)

10 Jan 2014 00:50

Okay back to business guys...I have huge spoilers that i have to share with you'll: Noluntu gets a promotion,The P.A job will be replaced with a better job,Miss Mya will get the boot Senzo kidnaps Mnqobi Sibusiso learns that transforming MJ into a Dlomo takes a bit of work. Zinhle thinks Choppa is cheating and has an affair Kimberley dies in an accident(It does involve Mj and Sibusiso)

10 Jan 2014 08:06

Morning all

love sick
10 Jan 2014 09:24

thanks@ lemonade mouth

10 Jan 2014 10:50

wow wow,i can see a lot of new babies here.Welcome ladies n gents,enjoy the love of this family,

10 Jan 2014 11:53

Helloa La-Familia. Complements of the New year. May we all reach our full potential. Stay focused and concur every mile stone we encounter on this 2014me journey.

10 Jan 2014 12:16

Compliments of the New Season to you all!

Wonder wat MJ will do wen he finds out that his worst enemy is his dad..

Mash 2010
10 Jan 2014 12:40

Hi everyone it's been longtime I think Cosmo is the one whose going to be shot. remember Cosmo will be coming to tsalanang to cause fire

10 Jan 2014 12:58

I also think so, Mash 2010

10 Jan 2014 14:51

i also think Cosmo is the one whos goin to take the bullet...............

As for Phumelele can you go back where you from pls.

Mash 2010
10 Jan 2014 15:42

but I love miss mya

10 Jan 2014 16:03

Are the writers in Generations and 7 de laan sharing notes, that is what happened to Gita as well. When Ty tries to shot, he shot his fianc instead

10 Jan 2014 16:32

Episode 15 (akhona is angry when kimberley breaks a promice) episode 18 (akhona iz sarting 2 get worried about kimberly) episode 24 (the taxi company reveals kimberley's whereabout in the fateful night)

10 Jan 2014 16:34

I mean ''starting'' u kemberly uzodubuleka

10 Jan 2014 21:52

10 Jan 2014 22:04

Well guys google the news, the Scott character is set to die on a plane crash bcoz Luthuli who plays it didnt show up for work in December for two days

11 Jan 2014 13:49

hi guys, i really laughed whn i saw sbuda and Mj working together. i guess its true whn they say "like father like son"

Queen Clouder
11 Jan 2014 15:06

Wow action is coming...i always dream to be an actress on Generations if i can get a role i'll be so greatful any role i can take iam a female

11 Jan 2014 15:06

molweni ndimtsha kulonyakumtsha kanindamkeleni torhwana

11 Jan 2014 15:26

11 Jan 2014 15:59

Ngamla's got no heart @ ol, wenza sure uzofihla ngokufa kwa kimberly so he cn bond wth MJ. Akhona lost both of her parents through Sbusiso, he should hav tried 2 save kimmy, instead he jst watched her dyng. Shame on u Ngamla

13 Jan 2014 08:09

morning everyone Poor Kimy

13 Jan 2014 08:10

welcum Msunukazi

13 Jan 2014 08:31

Heeeeey everyone oh how ive missed you ... im back
How is everyone and welcome to all new people..

13 Jan 2014 10:13

Morning family happy week ahead

Eish Poor Kim, so is this how MJ and S'bu will be bonding tjooooo what a way to start, somebody please kill Cosmo geeezzzzzzzzzzzzz the man is irritating dammit welcome Msunukazi and love sick this is home so feel free hey BK *waving*i couldn't stop laughing when Jay was telling Mya what Senzo did and all he said i want my husband back kwaaaaaaaaaaa classic as for Senzo he needs help shem he's gone crazy mxxxm

13 Jan 2014 10:42

MJ was being telling Sbu he don't want to be a killer like him, only to kill someone after a few hours. Atleast Sbu never gets his hands dirty... Am tired of seeing drugs on soapies, make Snezo stop....Ms Mya is so irritating, her part is not even fun to watch.... Generations brings these new characters with even worse story lines abo Cosmo, whats the storyline????

13 Jan 2014 10:44

Morning family long tym Welcome to all new people @Bk welcome back

13 Jan 2014 11:03

good morning and welcome to the new bizz.

ya @pjvv, I agree with you. All the new characters's storylines don't make sense. Actually at the moment nothing is interesting besides that brat MJ n his dad. all the other storylines are boring. 
Scott and his women! Khethi wanting to join in (wat da *uc*),
Getty & brother! 
The woman who stays in the car!
Rubby (talent wasted)
Queen (please follow the Morokaz)
Nic (go fetch Zodwa)

13 Jan 2014 11:04

It was appropriate for Sbuda to say "Welcome to the family son" soon after that gun shot.. kikiki

13 Jan 2014 11:36

It serves Cosmo right 2 b fraimed bt i wish it wz not Kimmy

13 Jan 2014 11:47

MJ is starting to bore me as well ai, i couldn't agree with you more MsKim and PJ

13 Jan 2014 12:17

What a shame on Kim, I think MJ I s de one who is goin to eliminate Sbuda

13 Jan 2014 14:04

bandile mamela what have you done we tryng to kill ngamla but you did do end up killng kim? what will akhona say when she find out...@noluntu I like wat you are dong girl keep it up being a mather it hard for you...I know it from me being a father it not a ply zone miss maya z annoying me guys really does she have to do that to senzo or she just want to win jason back because they have a history

13 Jan 2014 14:04

bandile mamela what have you done we tryng to kill ngamla but you did do end up killng kim? what will akhona say when she find out...@noluntu I like wat you are dong girl keep it up being a mather it hard for you...I know it from me being a father it not a ply zone miss maya z annoying me guys really does she have to do that to senzo or she just want to win jason back because they have a history

13 Jan 2014 14:17

its possible hey. maybe she wants Jason back. maybe he's the reason she came.

13 Jan 2014 15:25

What a shame on Kim, I think MJ I s de one who is goin to eliminate Sbuda

13 Jan 2014 15:49

Stupid gal, that Qhawekazi ka Scott, I never seem to remember her name. She wants Ms Mya as her uzakwabo not realizing that Ms Mya wants Scott all to herself atleast Khethi is prepared to share, who is going to look after her, since it seems like she is incapable of earning her own money.

13 Jan 2014 20:11

Molweeeeeeeeni Bahlobo bam. Helloooooo friends. And happy new year to you all. How i have missed you. *waving frantically*

13 Jan 2014 20:16

May I just put it out there that the username Msunukazi makes me unbearably uncomfortable. And the worst part is giving you a nickname like Msunu will make things worse tenfold. Could you please explain your nickname to us love because I blush furiously when I read it. Would anyone else please set me straight here, PLEASE !!!

13 Jan 2014 20:46

You know how I like to shorten every1's name but when it came to that 1 yhooo I couldn't felt like I'm insulting some1 *as I wait for the answer from M*

13 Jan 2014 20:53

Goldi, you hit the nail on the head, we will call her M or Miss M.

13 Jan 2014 21:25

Hahaa... Nomdakazane and Goldi... I actually wanted to welcome her to the family and started writing her name and felt like... hai cha! I couldn't ask anyone because I don't understand Zulu/ Xhosa too well, so thought I could be wrong. When Goldi and Desdes welcomed her, I though I must have a dirty mind.. Lol... I was feeling soooo low moments back because my dad is not well, didn't want to trouble anyone with my worries, so decide to come to the Gen family.. You guys just me laugh!

13 Jan 2014 21:32

Hey there Mims, hope your dad feels better soon. Sending you lots of love.

13 Jan 2014 22:46

@Nomd, Thanks Sisi. Much appreciated.

14 Jan 2014 08:32

Morning all, hayi guys, that name also makes me uncomfortable, why would you want to choose such a name? anyway this is a free country, welcome to the family Msu.....

14 Jan 2014 08:52

good morning all. isn't that an insult?

abt time we hear wat happened to Scott's marriage.

MJ is such a brat, Luntu was ryt abt t his whole revenge thing. she warned him. I think the truth shld come out and he shld be arrested. he annoys me with this childish acts. 
The way Zinhle came running in Chopsta's flat jo! the girl is in love.
Khethiwe I don't think she wants her son back with the life style she has chosen for herself. myt as well have stayed with MJ.

14 Jan 2014 08:54

Morning family. How I have missed reading your posts. Now that you are back all is well in my world again.

14 Jan 2014 09:36

Good morning family

Miss M............ What made you choose that name if you don't mind me asking? Maybe we should call you KAZI it's very uncomfortable to type your full name.

I don't trust Senzo's new friend, why is he feeding him with drugs without any payment. Something's fishy about him.

We need a new storyline now, we're tired of MJ's moaning, Jason and his addict husband, Khethiwe/Scott/Cindy, Akhona and her ugly hairstyle, COSMO/GETTY/CHOPPA/ZINHLE
There's something I don't understand about Phumelele and her family.

Have a lovely day family

14 Jan 2014 10:52

Happy New year to everyone Mj is such a brat hopefully Sibusiso with toughen him up Cosmo doesn't fit for any soapie I think he can do good for MsansiB /ekasi stories

14 Jan 2014 12:54

Kwaaaaaaaaaaa MzansiB / ekasi stories, i think you are right dear.

15 Jan 2014 07:47

Morning all, Gen is starting to bore me, and im starting to hate Sbusiso, where is Dineo?

15 Jan 2014 08:02

@portcia, I totally agree with you. I think yesterday's episode was the worst. I even wondered why i am wasting my precious 30 minutes.

15 Jan 2014 08:07

Oh please you guys are like spoilt brats. When Gen was concentrating on Dineo story, it was 'we are tired of Dineo, they must write her out', now they have given her a rest, but now you go 'where is Dineo'. When Sibusiso was gone, you were all shouting you want him back. Viewers are crazy, I NOW know why writers and producers ignore viewers, they don't know what they want. You're like spoilt brats who say, 'mama I want an apple' you give them an apple, then they cry again, 'I want a chocolate'. Brattish behaviour that's all I'm saying.

It's Sibusiso's turn now, I'm enjoying it because I've missed him when he was off screen. And I know his story will also fade and they will start with someone else. That's the pattern of all soaps. They can't stick to one character only, they have to service all the characters, give them their moment, after all they are paid to work.

15 Jan 2014 08:32

Morning all howzit? hey i would really also like know about the Username M.....TJOOO

15 Jan 2014 10:29

morning Gen fam i mis u all n it seems lyk da house is quite

15 Jan 2014 11:18

dennnel cool down

i like your name msunukazi and welcome to the fimaly

happppy new year where is everyone topic guys topic

15 Jan 2014 12:01

Good morning mense

Hi Yoyo have you delivered your baby?????????

Dennel take a chill pill and cool down, no need to shout

15 Jan 2014 12:21

Well said Dennel, these ones act spoilt. Never content with anything.. Hi guys. Hi Yoyo.

15 Jan 2014 12:57

Hi everyone. Hi Yoyozz, how's the babatjie?

15 Jan 2014 13:02

@Gameplaya4u .......oh how did you deceive us with your "teasers"!!!!

Happy new year everyone...was out of play for a while.

I was on project "Making a baby before 30" and I'm finally happy to say I'M PREGGIESSSS.......sooooooooooo happy..

15 Jan 2014 13:05

Must say I'm bored to death with Senzo....
#Phumelele.... what was the holding of the stomach about after Jason left....hhmmm maybe she was pregnant with his baby.....

15 Jan 2014 14:08

Welcome back yoyozz, i knew you would like the name Msu. welcome back ausdee. Dennel, all we want is some good soapie, we need something to keep us glued to our seats, yes ofcouse we wanted Sbuda back, but his lines are boring, we dont know whether he is on or off, Senzo is busy using drugs, but we dont know if Mqobi is coping or not and Sbu also looks like he doesnt know what he want, Priska or Dr chetty? all im trying to say, is that they should give us a story with some direction, is that too much to ask? after all we pay our tv licence.I asked about Dineo couse i havent seen her for a long time now.

15 Jan 2014 14:28

what was the holding of the stomach about after Jason left
I saw that part and pregnancy was the first thing that came to mind, maybe she kept the baby and is staying at home with her family that's why they are always asking for money OR she had an abortion.

15 Jan 2014 22:27

Congratulations Ausdee! I'm happy for you sisi.

baby chakzz
15 Jan 2014 23:06

Wat wil chopa sy if Zee ask abt Gety in his flat,Chrissie ws so hapy wen Senz plyd d song 4 hr on hr 1st dy 2 xul

16 Jan 2014 07:48

Good Morning Fam. Its good to be back.

16 Jan 2014 08:00

Thank you Mimibob, we are ecstatic..

16 Jan 2014 08:15

That Mj is a sissy....I see this blowing up in someone's face.

16 Jan 2014 08:43

Molweni betuna ninjani? Hey yoyos

16 Jan 2014 09:07

Good morning people

I lolled when MJ was on top of Bella making her to breathe.
Hey BK

When are we getting the story about Scott and Prisca, can't wait for that.

Getty is too much shame.

16 Jan 2014 09:25

Morning friends and family. I also want to know whole Priska/Scott story.

16 Jan 2014 10:20

The most boring thing they could ever do is showing us sick Mnqobi all the time, who wants to see that, portcia. They do update about the child through dialogue, maybe you should try listening. Just the other night Senzo commented to Jason about Mnqobi's preogress that it is not hopeful, Jason was optimistic. And I remember Senzo telling the new guy at the hilbrow flat about his son. How much more update would you want? We don't want the whole episode to be about Mnqobi. What Senzo is doing is real, when people have trouble they run to something, some drugs, some alcohol, some sex, some food... Even Oprah Winfrey comments all the time about how she gets addicted to food especially when her life is not on balance.

Generations has chosen drugs for Senzo, to me, that is real because I know a lot of people when they can't cope, have turned to drugs. And viewers say, they want real stories, how real can it be than drugs, which is such a problem at this moment in our country. Isn't it annoying when a member of family or friend or parent is a druggie? Yes it is, and that's what Generations is teaching us, how people destroy themselves and loved ones with drugs just because they had no willpower to cope with trouble. To add, some people out there don't even need a problem to be drug addicts, they just do it out of fun then get addicted or because their friends do it, they need no motivation at all. But in Gen they gave Senzo a motivation. South Africans should learn to study what is said in stories and have a conversation about it instead of criticising because we cannot deny that these things dpon't happen in real life, actually, worse happens in real life. TV cuts off some stuff so that they don't become too gritty, but what you see out there is worse. None of you can lie and say you don't know a drug addict in this day and age when even 12 yr olds in townships are addicted to nyaope. This Senzo story should be oppening a conversation instead of you guys saying we are tired of it. It is as real as it gets, and viewers always asks for real.

Sibusiso is doing what humanbeing do, I don't want to say men because women do it too. Have a relationship with one person, then see another and 'arhale' (want the other one). Anyone who says that is a lie, is stupid. It happens all the time, everyday and it will continue happenening as humanbeings continue to exist. tHAT is real. They play around till they decide who they really want, yes, someone will be heartbroken, that's life, yes, sometimes it ends in disaster, that's life. You guys dicuss your spouses or boyfriends and girlfriends who cheat or do this or that, when it's on Generations you say it's boring, yet you want real on TV, cheating is as real as it gets it happens everyday and most of you have experienced it in your lives or have been a 'Sibusiso' yourself.

And don't tell me to take a chill pill - it's thr truthand you know it. Someone has to highlight it to you. Watch TV with your brain. They teach a lot if you pay attention.
And portcia listen before you accuse them of not saying things

16 Jan 2014 10:46

I hear you dennnel, but still its boring, finish, Mj was furious with Sbu by bein a killer and now, he has done the same thing, and i dont think he will be purnished with that, as we all know Sbusiso always get away with murder, so what is that teaching us and our children huh? Do murder, use drugs when you are down, cheat? really..............

16 Jan 2014 11:20

@dennel are you a psychologist or something :-) geeeeess...

16 Jan 2014 12:15

Mmmmmhhhhhh @dennnel that's all I can say.

16 Jan 2014 12:20

Good day family how i missed you 

ausdee congrats nana mhwaaaaaaa, Yoyo welcome back darling i'm not suprized you like that name, thanda kabi izonto ezis"snaaks hahahahaha

I lolled when MJ was on top of Bella making her to breathe. my tummy was even aching from laughing yhooo haai kunzima she, Posh darling kentse ke go rata wautlwa nana :)

Mims hope your dad is much better

16 Jan 2014 15:06


Everything you saying is true,,,,,,,,,,,we must actually make sure that what we see on TV doesnt happen to us because i know alot of ppl who do stuff like them.......

Even myself at tyms,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

16 Jan 2014 16:14

afternoon ladies wer is Msu**kazi n YoYo welcum bk @Dee congratz on ur pregies sisi

16 Jan 2014 20:35

awudonse la.......I cant belive Senzo fell for that Sbuda will beat u up even if his in a wheekchair starring sangampela. senzo is begging to anoy me am starting to prefer Miss Mya(hmmmm) Choppa needs to grow a backbone or a pair seriously.Gertude needs to take Miss Mya and Senzo and go play in the traffic and since when do the Gen writters moonlight for 7de laan kimberly and antonete

16 Jan 2014 21:31

Lol Ai Ruby akukhulunywa kanjalo

17 Jan 2014 09:01

Hey guys -) I'm new here. Plssss welcome me

17 Jan 2014 09:47

Thank you very much guy.. :-)

Wow family have you seen how much weight MamRuby has lost....

Welcome Zomtata feel @home..

17 Jan 2014 09:47

Thank you very much guys.. :-)

Wow family have you seen how much weight MamRuby has lost....

Welcome Zomtata feel @home..

17 Jan 2014 09:47

Thank you very much guys.. :-)

Wow family have you seen how much weight MamRuby has lost....

Welcome Zomtata feel @home..

17 Jan 2014 09:48


17 Jan 2014 09:59

Morning Family happy friday

i was loling last night when S'buda gave Senzo a beating haai he's irritating just like MJ mxxxxm, Welcome home Zomtata.. Ruby comment loading...........................

17 Jan 2014 10:01

Morning family, Goldi i love you too my blueberry cupcake.
ausdee i have also noticed that, i read a drum magazine last year and she said Her new year's resolution was to loose weight.

17 Jan 2014 11:49

Thnk u very much guys

17 Jan 2014 12:34

Hey beautiful mzansi people im also new in here pls make me feel home xem and happy new year to all evn though its in the middle of the month mara nt to SENZO yoooo now his caractor is borin me lyk hellll mxm pisd in a first day

17 Jan 2014 12:36

Hey beautiful mzansi people im also new in here pls make me feel home xem and happy new year to all evn though its in the middle of the month mara nt to SENZO yoooo now his caractor is borin me lyk hellll mxm pisd in a first day

17 Jan 2014 13:16

Welcome Makatli and Zomtata, feel at home.

17 Jan 2014 13:53

This is home Makatli feel @ home....

dj mcollla
19 Jan 2014 08:25

dj mcollla
19 Jan 2014 08:27

i am new here plz give a warm welcome

19 Jan 2014 22:10

@Portcia ...

Your children ...
and nor anyone's else's  children



19 Jan 2014 22:15

Hi Malome.. Good to have you in the house.. :)

20 Jan 2014 09:20

Hello Mims !

20 Jan 2014 09:21

Bye Mims et al.

20 Jan 2014 09:23

Morning Family, enjoy your week ahead, welcome dj mco please make yourself @ home

20 Jan 2014 09:34

Hallloow everyone how are you doing? Oh VusiK unjani tjoo how ive missed you unqabee...... Welcome to all new pps. Kodwa u Dennel is got some points guys

20 Jan 2014 22:39

Hey pple. Hope ur gud cos am great.

20 Jan 2014 22:41

Mimi where r u? I know u r a late blogger.

20 Jan 2014 23:21

Hi Riyat. I'm right here sweets... Feb teasers are out. You can cross over..

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