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Generations Teasers - December 2013

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Generations Teasers on 19 Nov 2013
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Coming up on Generations this December, 2013:

Monday 2 December 2013
Episode 244 (4006)

Ngamla and Jabulani bump heads about the bad press they’re getting. Zodwa becomes suspicious when Nicholas pulls away from her. Scott has found something to use against Sello.

Tuesday 3 December 2013
Episode 245 (4007)

Nurse Veronica breaks the news that Mnqobi is not doing well. Queen is aghast when she sees what Noluntu is wearing. Ruby gets her back up when Sylvia taunts her.

Wednesday 4 December 2013
Episode 246 (4008)

Dineo makes an unlikely pact with a Dlomo. Matthew reveals how lonely he really is. Cindy realises that their house guest has a screw loose.

Thursday 5 December 2013
Episode 247 (4009)

Phenyo has a new plan up his sleeve and Thabitha is worried. Dr Chetty is suspicious about Ngamla’s behaviour. Senzo finds solace in the company of a stranger.

Friday 6 December 2013
No Generations because of the broadcast of the SABC News channel following the death of Madiba.

Monday 9 December 2013 (Double bill)
Episode 248 (4010)
at 20h00

Akhona is freaked when Zodwa threatens her. Ruby believes to win the war you have to fight fire with fire. There’s a new lady in the house and her name is Miss Mya.

Episode 249 (4011)
at 20h30

Dineo does something unthinkable in a moment of rage. Queen comes up with a nasty way to get back at Noluntu. Dr Xulu has bad news for MJ and Nicholas.

Tuesday 10 December 2013
Episode 250 (4012)

Ngamla is pleased about a damning newspaper article. Jabulani is shocked when their house guest breaks down. Phenyo decides to throw in the towel.

Wednesday 11 December 2013
Episode 251 (4013)

Choppa is thrilled to have a secret admirer. Jason is suspicious about the ‘accident’ at work. Zodwa is devastated when the truth comes out.

Thursday 12 December 2013
Episode 252 (4014)

Senzo attends a party unlike any one he’s ever been to. Akhona puts two and two together and is horrified by what she finds. Dr Chetty gets an alarming phone call from a distressed Christina.

Friday 13 December 2013
Episode 253 (4015)

Jason is floored when a blast from his past shows up. Choppa realises his ‘admirer’ might not be so admiring after all. MJ goes against his better judgement and grants Pearl an interview.

Monday 16 December 2013
Episode 254 (4016)

Nicholas begs to be given a second chance. Phumelele wangles herself into her dream job. Queen gets kicked out of the penthouse.

Tuesday 17 December 2013
Episode 255 (4017)

Ngamla isn’t ready to give up on Dr Chetty. Zinhle is furious about the stalker’s latest note. Akhona won’t be bossed around by the new kid on the block.

Wednesday 18 December 2013
Episode 256 (4018)

Jason has had enough of MJ’s behaviour. Scott invites Khethiwe out. Senzo gets high on cocaine.

Thursday 19 December 2013
Episode 257 (4019)

Noluntu realises that her wounds are far from being healed. Nicholas is suspicious about a friend’s behaviour. Isabel is furious when she sees what she’s getting for Christmas.

Friday 20 December 2013
Episode 258 (4020)

Choppa finds an unwelcome guest in his kitchen. Dr Chetty can’t resist Ngamla’s advances. Queen says a sad goodbye to the penthouse.

Monday 23 December 2013
Episode 259 (4021)

MJ gets arrested. Two complete strangers connect in a restaurant. Khethiwe gets an invitation she can’t resist.

Tuesday 24 December 2013
Episode 260 (4022)

Scott puts Dineo in her place. Senzo can’t bear to even look at Mnqobi. Isabel has been carrying a secret with her.

Wednesday 25 December 2013
*Episode 1 (4023)

Zinhle is furious that she was lied to. Khethiwe gets the best Christmas present ever. Ngamla is not impressed when he’s cut down to size.

Thursday 26 December 2013
Episode 2 (4024)

Raymond drops a bombshell on Mawande’s behalf. Jason is fed-up with his husband’s behaviour. Phumelele wants to be number one or nothing at all.

Friday 27 December 2013
Episode 3 (4025)

MJ gets even more bad news. Cosmo’s razor blade gets a little too close for comfort. Cindy isn’t impressed when Scott forces her to play nice.

Monday 30 December 2013
Episode 4 (4026)

Khethiwe proves she’s up for the challenge of being a Qhawekazi. Isabel gets carried away with a borrowed credit card. Choppa can run but he can’t hide.

Tuesday 31 December 2013
Episode 5 and 6
(4027 and 4028)

New Year double bill special

Nicholas has had enough of putting up a wanted man. Dineo breaks down after receiving an unexpected gift. Akhona lies for a good cause. A beautiful stranger leaves Ngamla speechless. Jason is floored by Senzo’s new look. Phumelele won’t be tamed by any man.

*The start of a new season.

Generations is on SABC1 Mondays to Fridays at 20h00.


Amy M
19 Nov 2013 16:37

Yippeeee, i am number one. Now let me read lollls!!

19 Nov 2013 16:39

Number 2

19 Nov 2013 16:41

Yep yep top3 let me go and read.

Amy M
19 Nov 2013 16:44

Yoh, mmmh so much drama. I am glad that Ngamla will get medical parole. And Senzo being a drug addict?? Khetiwe and Scott an item. Tjo things are hot in December. I hope that the best Christmas prezie Khetiwe receives is his son. Doesnt seem like Mnqobi will get any better. Ja neh, December rocks.

19 Nov 2013 16:45

Intersting, büt not xciting enough!

19 Nov 2013 16:47

Five again. Yipiiiieeeeee!

19 Nov 2013 16:50

Woow not so bad

Khutso mokoto
19 Nov 2013 16:52


Lady SMS
19 Nov 2013 16:53

At least top 10
19 Nov 2013 17:04
19 Nov 2013 17:04

19 Nov 2013 17:20

Halala top 15

19 Nov 2013 17:36


19 Nov 2013 17:43

WOOOOOOOW m at top 20

19 Nov 2013 17:44

Am pleased! I so wish that Phumelele is played by Zikhona Sodlaka yazi!! I heard her on an interview on SABC 1 Lunch News that she is busy in a soapie but can't reveal which one is it.

Mpho Patricia nkwinika
19 Nov 2013 18:07


19 Nov 2013 18:13

Hope Cleo is the blast from Jason's past

19 Nov 2013 18:52

Senzo le cocaine

19 Nov 2013 18:52

Top 30 not bad at all

19 Nov 2013 19:09

Oops my bad top20, halala

19 Nov 2013 20:17


Dikwe ust
19 Nov 2013 21:12

top 30

Mili mili
19 Nov 2013 21:28

Yepeee yhooo i think m in top 20, m nt sure thou, m sooo happy

19 Nov 2013 21:38


19 Nov 2013 22:02

Hot hot hot!!!

19 Nov 2013 22:10

So we still have people reading Gens teasers!? Yoh!

Phihlela Kelebogile
19 Nov 2013 22:19

Mxm boring teasers 4 december

19 Nov 2013 22:30

Matthew is back? I wonder whom Nic begs for a 2nd chance.. Zodwa or Akhona... What is a Qhawekazi?

19 Nov 2013 23:04

From Monyana: Hi guys...i really need help,i hv a bf of 4 yrs in a relationship,n a 1 year old baby with hm,the thing is every month he claim that he has 2 buy groceries kwa bona plus give her younger sister money,every month is de same reason,he does nt give me any money,he only gives me de money 2 buy baby's thin is i do luv hm,but problem kegore o ntima chelete,hw do i tell hm about hw i feel about dis. 

@ Monyana
, My initial thoughts were; What has your love got to do with chelete ya hae? Is there a reason you think/feel you are his financial responsibility?

Then after seeing this.. 
I'm nt working n yes i'm depending on him financially,n we r nt staying 2geda.
I do not know reason why you dont work, maybe its something you both agreed on.. Does he provide the basics? 
Men are different. There are those who believe its their responsibility to financially care for their women, whether the lady is working or not. Some believe its a 50/50 thing.. Maybe your bf wants you to work and contribute in the house. Your question leaves out a lot of detail, making it difficult to objectively comment. Has it always been this way? Did he give you money before baby was in picture? Is there possibility of you finding a child minder and getting a job? Maybe you just need to sit him down and openly share your concerns. Maybe he genuinely needs to care for his family and only has so much..

19 Nov 2013 23:11

@ Monyana, Ok, I'm just seeing now that you guys are not staying together. (Writing words in full helps).
Ok, now, why are you financially dependent on him?

19 Nov 2013 23:46

Waahh ave ningalali. Lol im in top 40.

19 Nov 2013 23:59

I don't understand the teasers. Confusing me

20 Nov 2013 00:49

Hehehe what did mj do that's gonna land in prison?hmmm wts isabel's secret th fact that she ain't a virgin is no longer a secret or myb not coz MJ doesn't know hehe and amy I second u on khethiwe getting his son as a best gift it can't get better than that!looka like dece baby it's gonna be full of new characters

20 Nov 2013 05:36

Morning my beautiful, lovely family. I know it's been a while, how is everybody?

20 Nov 2013 07:30

No 35, let me read

20 Nov 2013 07:36

#36 aaa let me read

20 Nov 2013 07:36

#36 aaa let me read

20 Nov 2013 07:49

sound hot and hot and characters ijoh

20 Nov 2013 07:52

The tearers are really confusing, i qoute

Nicholas pulls away from Zodwa
Zodwa threatens Akhona
Dr Xulu has bad news for Mj and Nicholas
Zodwa is devastated when the truth comes out

For a second i thought Akhona is going to be killed by Zodwa, and that will be her exit in Generations, but then
Akhona puts two and two together and is horrified by what she finds.
Akhona wont be bossed around by the new kid on blog

sexy d
20 Nov 2013 07:57

seems intresting

20 Nov 2013 08:35

@ available m with you also confused nothing make sense.

20 Nov 2013 08:47

Hello Nomdakazane (in VusiK's voice). I was actually just thinking about you. @Fantalicious, whom did Isabel sleep with?

20 Nov 2013 08:54

morning , just noticed teasers now,well not so bad top 50.

20 Nov 2013 09:06

Confusing but seem interesting, lets watch and see what we get.

20 Nov 2013 09:12

Good morning family

Senzo and cocaine *clapping hands in disappointment*

Sbuda and Dr Chetty I love them shame.
Chrissy is going to call Dr Chetty.............. interesting

20 Nov 2013 09:18

I'm nt working n yes i'm depending on him financially,n we r nt staying 2geda

I have to agree with Mims you also need to find a job and meet him half way. Or you can try other means of making money, like selling fruit, chips, sweets until you find a proper job.

Good luck my darling

20 Nov 2013 09:18


20 Nov 2013 09:21

Iyooooooo ngaze ngaphuthelwa booo BK # 1 siyabonga

20 Nov 2013 09:47

ahahahahahahha Goldi yadika nhe

20 Nov 2013 09:50

Hayi bo did Phenyo think he will stand a chance after watching Sbuda take out an eye from Sello and getting out of prison.

I see Scott has something on one eye SELLO

20 Nov 2013 09:50

Hi Goldi, about yesterday's question, im 29 and have 3 kids, why do you ask, or is it because i said i have been together with my hubby for 13 years? yes nana 13 years in love, 6 years in a marriage, or should i say 7 years dating, 6 years in a mirrage.

Monyana, men loves woman who are independent, so you should at least try to get a job, i know it can be difficult, but the least you can do is try, and remember love is not all about money. im sure the guy has his reasons why he support his sister, but as long as he supports his child, then you should not have a problem, you can ask money to buy cosmetics and do your hair, but you musnt do it every month, else he will end up thinking that you cant handle yourself. 
if you were married and living together, then i would say he is selfish.

Good luck sweety on job hunting, try some Labour Brokers.

20 Nov 2013 09:52

Interesting and a bit confusing but i'm loving them teasers

Well acording to me Mims you are # 1 darling no saying anything about silent bloggers so ya *moving along*

and Drug's yhoooooo i guess Mqobi is getting worse and worse @ Posh i also thought that something had happen to Akhona since Dr Xulu will be giving MJ and Nick some bad news ohhh well i guess will have to watch and see Mims Iqawekazi is a.........comment loading lol i'm not sure but i think heroine

ohh where are my manners morning my suasage rolls

20 Nov 2013 10:06

ahahahahahahha Goldi yadika nhe *sticking tongue out*

Hi Goldi, about yesterday's question, im 29 and have 3 kids, why do you ask, or is it because i said i have been together with my hubby for 13 years? yes nana 13 years in love, 6 years in a marriage, or should i say 7 years dating, 6 years in a mirrage...... I guess so nana thank you

Monyana darling since you are not staying with him and you are financially dependent on him i guess while you were still dating he didnt mind but now you must know that there's a third party involved now *baby* so @list he's suporting that department, if he says he's supporting he's mother and sister believe him and dont be negative if he's lying it will come out someday....... Banna barata independent ladies so please look for a job nana, join agencies what ever it takes love....Good Luck 

20 Nov 2013 10:06

You are correct Goldilicious Qhawekazi is heroine, Cindy is getting a sister shame at last.

I had to laugh yesterday when Scott tried to run away from MaSongo, Zodwa & the Dlomos. So Nicky boy is willing to wait for Zodwa. I'm not sure if he can abstain until they get married, but let's wait and see. Phela when he and Zodwa are together, that's the only thing they do.

Nurse Pearl is such a nuisance shame.

uyapepereza uScott now he gave JB confidential info unknowingly. I wonder uzothini uJB with this infor

20 Nov 2013 11:04

@ Ntaksay, agree with you n was surprised when Scott let his tongue loose, akamazi uNgamla uzomsusa leliya limi lakhe.

I was really liking the Zodwa storyline but ma sephindela emva, not interested, where is the power of spiritual healing.

20 Nov 2013 11:05

Guys how are u ,am in a bad space ,i went to doctor and he says my Blood pressure is high,,help wat can i do

20 Nov 2013 11:11

oooooooo nooooooooooooooooo

20 Nov 2013 11:11

oooooooo nooooooooooooooooo

20 Nov 2013 11:15

where is Monyana to respond all this?

20 Nov 2013 11:20

Guys how are u ,am in a bad space ,i went to doctor and he says my Blood pressure is high,,help wat can i do. 

Try to reduce your stress

20 Nov 2013 11:38

@shero jogging and gym is the best remedy for blood pressure

20 Nov 2013 11:44

Thank you guys

20 Nov 2013 11:45

Ntaksay i doubt if Nicky boy will wait for Zodwa he's just being spiteful to the Dlomos he's inlove with the UNIFORM not Zodwa.....Scott must watch out he's becoming too comfy in that chair shem...Do you think Cindy is happy about Khethi being the new qawekazi? i dont think so, i was loling last night when Scott said to Nick baleka mfana hahahahah eish ya ne DUSTING DUSTING DUSTING he knows that he wont survive 

Monyana where you @

Guys how are u ,am in a bad space ,i went to doctor and he says my Blood pressure is high,,help wat can i do. are you on meds? if yes keep on taking it nana like Tshepiso said reduce your stress levels exercising also helps

Amy M
20 Nov 2013 12:04

Morning all. @ Minnibob, Isabel slept with Gert, the white afrikaaner guy her dad wanted her to date. She slept with him after breaking up with MJ. She was probably on a rebound. @ the lady who is complaning about her bf not giving her money. Girl i am still surprised to hear that there are woman who still need handouts from their lovers. Thats the reason why most of our black sisters are trapped in abusive relationships because they are financially dependant on these abusive partners and these partners treat them like trash. Sister try and look for a job or try selling some fruit or something. By the way who you supported u financially before he came into the picture? The most important thing is that he is mainting his child. When u r married and living together then he will have to maintain the whole household.

20 Nov 2013 12:15

Wow,it looks lyk december is going to rooooooooock

20 Nov 2013 12:20

Hi guys,do you thnk dat Dlomo will be out of jail?

20 Nov 2013 12:48

Thanks Amy

20 Nov 2013 13:03

shero, if already you are taking pills then stick to them, but if not, then dont take them at all, couse if you take them, you will have to take them for the rest of your life.
Try eating healty, boiled or steamed vegetables, reduce your salt intake, try to stay away from coffe, reduce your fat intake, swich your vegetable oil to Olive oil, if you need to fry something, for instance, onions, boil them first then when tender, pour a little bit of olive oil. buy your self a cinnamon powder, have at least 2 cups a day, in warm water and honey.

You wont go wrong, my husband had a high blood pleasure before, but now is back to normal, couse i made sure of it. oh and if you are an alcohol drinker, or a smoker, try to reduce that as well, excersize and drink plenty of water.

20 Nov 2013 13:04

@Olva  he has to be out of jail.

20 Nov 2013 13:33

@ Minnibob, Isabel slept with Gert, the white afrikaaner guy her dad wanted her to date. She slept with him after breaking up with MJ.... was this part aired or sorry blonde moment O.o

@Olva yep i'm sure of that darling Sbuda's back

20 Nov 2013 13:35

M soooo disapointed was hopin t b on top 10. Anyway hw u al guys doing tody?

20 Nov 2013 14:04

@ Godi, Bella told Zinhle that she slept with Gert and Zin said MJ won't notice that she is no longer a virgin.

Sorry Leehle

20 Nov 2013 14:13

A husband writes a letter to his wife:
Dear Sweetheart
: I can’t send my salary this month, so I am sending 100 kisses. You are my sweetheart, your husband. Your Loving Husband.

 His wife replied back after some days to her husband: Dearest sweetheart, Thanks for your 100 kisses, I am sending the expenses details. 

1. The Milk man agreed on 2 kisses for one month’s milk. 

2. The electricity man only agreed after 7 kisses. 

3. Your house owner is coming every day and taking two or three kisses instead of the rent. 

4. Supermarket owner did not accept kisses only, so I have given him some other items.

 5. Other expenses 40 kisses. 

Please don’t worry for me, I have a remaining balance of 35 kisses and I hope that I can complete the month using this balance. 

Shall I plan same way for next months, please advise.

20 Nov 2013 14:15

A little girl asked her mother, “How did the human race come about?”

The Mother answered, “God made Adam and Eve; they had children and, so all mankind was made.”

A few days later, the little girl asked her father the same question. The father answered, “Many years ago there were monkeys, and we developed from them.”

The confused girl returns to her mother and says, “Mom, how is it possible that you told me that the human race was created by God , and Papa says we developed from monkeys?”

The Mother answers, “Well, dear, it is very simple. I told you about the origin of my side of the family, and your father told you about his side.”

20 Nov 2013 14:17

ohhh thanks Ntaks i guess i've missed that part when she *Bella* told Zi 

we good and how is Leehle doing?

20 Nov 2013 15:05

hahahahahahahahh Ntaks 


Q1. In which battle did Napoleon die?
* his last battle

Q2. Where was the Declaration of Independence signed?

* at the bottom of the page

Q3. River Ravi flows in which state?

* liquid

Q4. What is the main reason for divorce?
* marriage

Q5. What is the main reason for failure?

* exams

Q6. What can you never eat for breakfast?
* Lunch & dinner

Q7. What looks like half an apple?

* The other half

Q8. If you throw a red stone into the blue sea what will it become?
* it will simply become wet

Q9. How can a man go eight days without sleeping ??

* No problem, he sleeps at night.

Q10. How can you lift an elephant with one hand?

* You will never find an elephant that has only one hand..

Q11. If you had three apples and four oranges in one hand and four apples and three oranges in other hand, what would you have ?
* Very large hands

Q12. If it took eight men ten hours to build a wall, how long would it take four men to build it?

* No time at all, the wall is already built.

Q13. How can u drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it?

*Concrete floors are very hard to crack.

20 Nov 2013 15:22

Dear Family. I've been a silent blogger for the past 2yrs. I started my own business and there went my "soapie privileges". Your funny quotes and inspirational quotes kept me going. I am truly grateful. The best part is that this family tackles issues that really matter. One thing is for sure this family does care. On the morning of 19 July some idiot ran me off road, car rolled about 15x (you swear it was something outa the soapies) I was left for dead. Never believed in miracles but that day I received one(in the form of the person who rescued me). 2hrs later was admitted with broken spine,ribs,fallen lungs. 2 weeks in a coma when I opend my eyes I requested an espresso mom said she knew right there I'm gonna make. My 4months in hospital were not so bad,since the family gave proper updates on all platforms. I am truly grateful. Promise go gooi in my two cents when I can. MUCH LOVE S*H*B

20 Nov 2013 15:34

Wow!! Sweethoney that's a miracle indeed praise the Lord, i'm glad you are back to your normal self again (((Hug))) God is good all the time and he works in misterious ways AMEN

20 Nov 2013 16:36

i think Diny's unexpected new years gift wil b Phenyo's death #hides#.. Lots of love to u all gen fam

20 Nov 2013 22:02

@SHB, we thank God for your life and for his protection.. I lolled at the espresso request.. That would have assured me you were ok as well. We are happy to have you in the house.. *hugs*.

21 Nov 2013 06:12

Damn top 100 ke

21 Nov 2013 07:41

21 Nov 2013 07:54

Morning all, vuxy, not again..............

Sweethoney, we are glad that you have made it, it is really a miracle, you should thank God for saving you, u know when i read your story i started thinking of the song, you saved me by R kelly.

Didnt watch Gen last night, i was pretty much tired, so will read all your comments of an update.

21 Nov 2013 09:10

Good morning family

Miracles do happen SHB. We are glad you are okay and joined this family, welcome my dear.

If you had three apples and four oranges in one hand and four apples and three oranges in other hand, what would you have ?
* Very large hands 

Just imagining how large are the hands.
Thanks Goldi

21 Nov 2013 09:12

So Nicky boy does not really love Zodwa. he is something else.

21 Nov 2013 09:15

Can PhenyO Leave already...aW Khethiwe eQhawekazi...I saw that coming lol..shame 4 Queen!!!MJ is 2 Obsessed abt this whole Sbusiso thing he's gonna lose his mind..

21 Nov 2013 09:25

So Nicky boy does not really love Zodwa. what happened yesterday Ntaksay? i thought he was ready to wait for her.

21 Nov 2013 10:19

Morning my water mellons I did say that Nicky doesn't love Zodwa he loves the fact that she's a prophetesse nje qa @ Posh he was being spiteful to the Dlomos when he said that Nick o rata kuku le Akhona Phenyo watena bathong ai he must just go

21 Nov 2013 10:36

A small girl walks-in while her father is dressing in the bedroom . She looks at his privates and points at his cork and asks "Dad what's that thing between your legs?" Dad replies "I don't know". She goes to kitchen and finds her mum "Mum what is that long thing between dad's legs?" The mum instead of explaining things to her she replies "I don't know" A week later when the mum was coming from work the little girl runs to her and says "Mum you refused to tell me the name of that thing between dad's legs. I have finally figured it out on my own IT'S A TOOTHBRUSH(".) The mum laughs then asks her "How do u know that?" The girl explains "....when I came back from pre-school this morning I saw the maid kneeling in front of dad, brushing her teeth with dad's toothbrush and sure enough there was TOOTHPASTE in her mouth Mom Fainted....

21 Nov 2013 10:41

Vhavenda hahahahahahahahaha nice 1

21 Nov 2013 11:18

morning family.
our God is a God of miracles SHB trust Him and have faith in Him. continue with your business and give more glory to the Lord.

21 Nov 2013 11:35

Hey wena Vhavenda................... kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakest

Mrs Chix
21 Nov 2013 11:49

Hi all, I am finding Sbusiso very irrelevent to Generations, HE is boring me now.

21 Nov 2013 11:52

new faces this month on Gens

21 Nov 2013 14:03

tjo haike

21 Nov 2013 14:19

Zodwa is boring me big time

22 Nov 2013 05:12

Morning Family I'm currently going through some difficult time right now all I can say is please keep me in your prayers I'm an emotional rack of late :'( talking about it makes me cry *teary eyes* happy friday to y'all

22 Nov 2013 07:36

morning Family

@Goldi I will pray for you Dear

22 Nov 2013 07:51

Morning bloggers @Goldi be strong u wil be fine, whatever you are going though will pass is just a phase.

22 Nov 2013 08:38

morning family

can u please update me on yesterday's episode...rain cut off electricity so the sister ddin watch

22 Nov 2013 08:39

Morning all, Goldi, you are a strong lady, i can tell by your charecters, but even strong ladies cry, so go on and cry, let it out, and sure you will feel better after that, and we will keep you in our prayers.

I feel sorry for Senzo, he is going through a rough patch.

22 Nov 2013 09:28

Ngamla found out that MJ is his son coz Wandi gave Kimberly a letter after she had that he was on his death bed,  Senzo went partyin coz Zodwa abandoned Mqobi and went to Nic

22 Nov 2013 09:43

Akhona is evil, she is still angry at what her mom did years ago...But she is willing to forgive Noluntu for nearly killing her aunty....This girl is after fame n high life if you ask me. I don't like her character anymore.

Generations nje as a show is boring, nothing is interesting. I didn't feel the big bang when Ngamla read the letter from Mawande. I am not feeling anything towards Sbu with all his children born of different women...Lumka, Senzo, MJ, Christina..

Storylines should change for all characters.

Amy M
22 Nov 2013 09:49

@ Goldi. All will be well again my dear. I too went through my own hell in 2011. It took me four months to recover. I felt all alone, confused and betrayed. I couldnt face the world again. To make it worse, this pain was caused by a family member whom i trusted and respected her opinion and advise. But had God not allowed me to go through this hell and betrayal i would still think that i have ppl who love and care for me, kanti hayi. My faith and prayers kept me sane and strong. God will never give us a load thats too heavy for us too carry. You too will recover my dear, i strongly believe it. The storm will soon be over. Be on the lookout for the rainbow, coz there is a pot of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow waiting just for u. **hugs*** Will pray for you.

22 Nov 2013 10:33

so it has been stamp now......tjo!!!! tjo!!! tjo!!!! mj is sbuda's baby boy.....hayikhona...i am not suprised is that gore he is being made baby making machine with different mothers....enough now....

what did mj say??? or he has not found out that he is his dad.....

& noluntu what did she say???? 

& of course the dlomo family??? what did they say??? 

or the secret is not yet out there in the open????/

22 Nov 2013 10:34

be strong goldi...we will keep u in our prayers

22 Nov 2013 10:36

Thank you so much ladies just by reading your messages tears just roll down my eyes and now i'm messing up my make-up eish lol....really appreciate it guys sending you all my love, Amy that is so true and he did say *God* he wont leave nor forsake us he's a God of miracles, what's impossible with men is possible with him *deep sigh*

22 Nov 2013 10:50

2012, the secret is not out yet, no one knows about this, except for Kimberly and Sbuda.

22 Nov 2013 11:44

hey lovely fimaly

goldi be strong love we are all here for you and i will keep you on my prayers

22 Nov 2013 13:32

ok portcia.....i dnt wanna imagine how everybody will react esp. mj when it comes out.........uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh. lets wait 4 it 4 action

22 Nov 2013 13:33

have a great week& everybody.....knockin off early today

22 Nov 2013 13:33

have a great week& everybody.....knocking off early today

22 Nov 2013 13:33

have a great week& everybody.....knocking off early today

22 Nov 2013 14:47

Good afternoon family.

22 Nov 2013 14:57

Be strong and be well Goldilocks. Nothing can keep you from God's love. He wants you well. Life's challenges are just building block to make us stronger. You will not crush. I have gone through some challenges and wondered if I'd make it, but somehow do. I have also been going through stuff and just when I thought things couldn't get worse, I get a message about an hour back, that set me back... I feel down but refuse to be down. I'm going to wear my smile the way I do my stilettos and walk with my head high.. Sometimes the solution to your problem is right inside you, you need to look within and take bold steps. *Hugs lala*.

22 Nov 2013 15:19

"Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7

All will be well Goldi and we'll definitely pray for you *hug*

22 Nov 2013 15:20

“May the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you.”

Have a lovely weekend dear family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

22 Nov 2013 15:29

hi, just wait until the Jason secrete come out, about him being mawande's lost twin baby, kuzoshuba shame

Amy M
22 Nov 2013 20:51

@Minibob. Well said my dear. All will be well again. Just keep rocking those stilletos. @Ntaksay, wishing u too a wonderful weekend.

22 Nov 2013 23:08

Thanx Amy. Nice weekend fam.

24 Nov 2013 16:17

Hi new here..i hope y'all doin fine

24 Nov 2013 16:56

Happy Sunday!

24 Nov 2013 19:34

Goldie b strong dear 'hug' i knw ul get through watever it is luv may God bles u

25 Nov 2013 00:17

Welcome Pearl. ... Guys, do you know Zorpia - a social website? Is it legit? I've been receiving friend requests on email from this site and ignoring them. I decided to unsubscribe from the mails and was led to another page that confirmed that I was unsubscribed, but this page was my full profile on this site.. With my names and profile pic (a picture I've posted on FB). I've never been to nor even heard of this site before. My inbox had unread mail all from guys, most interested in a relationship. One even wrote in Setswana, requesting to be friends. I have 2 friends, both of whom I know and are my FB friends. I also had friend requests, all guys I don't know. I had comments on 2 pics, my pics! There were 223 guys who have shown interest in me. I know none. There is nothing under mutual attraction and those "I'm interested in". I was left stunned! What rubbish is this site? Anybody got an idea? It shows I'm a verified Zorpian.. Heheee... I don't see an option to delete the account.

25 Nov 2013 09:15

Morning Mushroons 

Thank you ladies i'm feeling much better God is great all the time i give all the tnx to Him :) Welcome Pearl please feel @ home

Mims you are not alone with these sites they are so irritating sometimes you ask yourself were did they get all your details from nna i just delete and ignore and most of them is dating sites *eyes rolling

B2G: Phenyo is not only a MANWHORE but an ASS HOLE as well mxxxxxxm

25 Nov 2013 09:37

Morning good family, Goldi, im glad you are okay girl.
maud, how true is your theory of Jason bein Mawande's lost twin?

25 Nov 2013 09:42

Thanx Goldi. I terminated the account after sending a strong worded mail to their admin - like they'd care.. Glad you are feeling much better. Good morning fam.

25 Nov 2013 09:46

@Maud/Posh, I doubt Jason would be Luntu's twin brother. Jason must be older. He has been working for years and Noluntu was just from school and Yonayethu was her first real job..

25 Nov 2013 09:50

That theory Posh is just like the one was making rounds about Noluntu being Ngamla's son i'm not sure how true i guess will just have to wait and see...

If Jason is the other twin it means he's Caleb's son, so no train smash cos ppl thought he's Sbuda's son *moving along*

Nicky boy Nicky boy
he's playing with fire and i feel sorry for him as for Ruby ai *claps once*

25 Nov 2013 09:59

@ Mimibob I had problems recently with my Facebook account and I was receiving friendrequest confirmation from people I did not send friend request to but they were my friend's friends. So after I was notified that 2 more people had accepted my friend request this time there was no mutual friend, I googled the problem and from what I found this can be helpful but is a bit different from your case. I heard that sometimes when we sync our accounts like on smartphones, tablets and laptops, by saying yes without reading the terms we will be agreeing to be synced to all other sites listed on the terms and even giving them authority to use data from our other sites to open a profile for us like in this case I was subscribed to linked in and had authorised linked in to send friend requests to facebookers I might know. I had to delete my Facebook account and go step by step on my phone and when I went to the terms and conditions I unmarked other areas and problem solved. I am happy though that its problem solved but this may be useful for you in future.

25 Nov 2013 10:34

morning my fabulous family. i thank you all for keeping me in your prayers im okay now i must say not so bad, the God we serve is a living God if we trust in Him we will be reassured of his protection.

and i realized that the scripture that says "God knew you even b4 you were conceived" has a meaning. i thank you all continue in praying for 1 another.

cheers Goldi be well dear!


25 Nov 2013 11:02

Nongo i'm awesome babe it's what family do darling always there for one another, this family is the BEST *huge grin* 

25 Nov 2013 11:22

Good morning family

I'm glad you are fine Goldi.

Have a lovely day everyone

25 Nov 2013 11:23

Thanks Muhle. I do read actually before agreeing to such T&Cs and I take particular attention to my privacy settings. I was really annoyed. I've had 2 instances where my Yahoo email was accessed from SA while I was in Botswana.. I wonder what had happened there. Had to change my password.

25 Nov 2013 11:49

I'm thinking of changing careers and doing radio. I'm told I have a voice for radio. I've received beautiful feedback every time I'm on radio, even from the worst critics. I'm generally quiet and don't talk a lot in the presence of many people, so generally don't have a radio personality. I get calls from our Branches and just different people who were wowed. The other time our CEO heard me and had to call our Marketing dept to enquire on who was on radio. I was pleasantly surprised to find a personal email from the CEO expressing how he enjoyed the radio show.. I smiled through out the day.. *Feeling good about myself*. And just joking about changing careers...

25 Nov 2013 11:55

Wow! Mims that's awesome not the changing of career i mean the CEO's email hahahahhahaaha so what were you doing ko Radio station vele? what was the show all about and wena role ya go neele eng daar?

25 Nov 2013 12:01

Hallo every1 facebook facebook

25 Nov 2013 12:32

@Goldi, ." what were you doing ko Radio station vele? what was the show all about and wena role ya go neele eng daar?"... It's part of work. Basically selling our company and our services as well as talking about promotions and giving out prizes. Not really my job, but because I did it so well the first time, I seem to be stuck with it. It has given me ideas on what I need to do on the side to make extra cash. I need to start honing some skills and perfecting some arts before launching myself. Watch out world!

25 Nov 2013 12:48

ohhh yes watch out world Mims is coming halala all the best girl

25 Nov 2013 12:50

Yoh Mims warona, becoming a celebrity................................ i cant wait dear, good luck on launching yourself.

25 Nov 2013 13:43

Celeb Mims

25 Nov 2013 13:51

Hahaa... Thanks guys.. Lolling at celebrity.

25 Nov 2013 14:26

hello every one,trust tht u are all ok

25 Nov 2013 14:29

Gud afternoon my darlings Here is IHLAYA *Decon tells wife on a Thursday morning that he is leaving for 3 days prophetic conference Wife: Darlingn let's share a word of prayer before u leave. Deacon: Of course, that's why I lov u. Wife: Father, in the name of Jesus, I thank u for my husband, grant him travelling mercies as he is going. Deacon: Amen... Wife: Father, by your powern cause his manhood to stop functioning if he dare commits adultery. Deacon: (silent) Wife: Infact Lord, let him not return home alive after any aldutorous act. Deacon starts to sweat Wife: lord kill him if...... Deacon: Oooooo shut up! Wicked woman, I'm no longer going then *power of a praying woman* DEACON'S WIFE IS MY HERO! Lol

25 Nov 2013 19:05

@Leehle, lol... I'm sure God doesn't answer such prayers. I would have gone right out if I was the deacon, and thanked wife for giving me ideas..

25 Nov 2013 20:05

I've had a beautiful day. I'm just oozing joy from within. Nothing in partucular happened. I'm just happy. I'm happy to be alive. I'm happy about myself. I'm just happy.

25 Nov 2013 20:31

Being happy is good Mims Power to HAPPINESS, Sbu is such a drama queen uuuuu that perfomance he gave when that Doc was asking Dr Chetty about he's condition yoooooo

25 Nov 2013 21:49

"sweet Mimi*. long time ago i ahve seem u"

"very honestly i tel you if you stay in my country i must come to get perminson for get marry.<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3.becouse i like too much.i like you r simle.1000times thanks for :)ss
"yes.i knew that.ur very fair way tooooooooooooooooooooooo long.what can i do.some time god going very front of jesus would you tel me as good Mim do u have life partner now"
"ok good.if any guy fall in love on you then he said to you i wanna marry u.but he not your country.he askyou after marry you want live with him country then what will u do" 

"ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh this not good.even god will talk with in ur heard u have marry this who from far then.if jesus will talk day after tomorrow in your life.hello my girl u wanna marry fromfar country then what will do.:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(" 

"hai my mimi.marrry christams.i hope that you could be enjoyed.... " (That's Merry Christmas)

"hai.sweet mimi.long time ago i ahve seem u"
" happy because iam chattvt you now.otherwish ghood lif e "

"too good it was CHOgam.". 

Me "What is Chogam?" 

Him: "commenwalth"

Nb: I have not edited anything, except name. I copied and pasted.
This is from a guy I met in Sri Lanka. I really don't mean to make fun of the guy. Just had to share with someone.. Imagine if I married this guy. The comunication! Yho!

He sent me Sri Lankan music videos almost daily. I could tell they were love songs from the videos. I thought of sending him hardcore kwaito so he understands the type of music didn't appeal to me.. But he is so sweet I'd smile and say thank you..

Amy M
26 Nov 2013 07:31

Morning y'all. Hope that u had a wonderful weekend. Goldi darling so glad that u are feeling much beta. @Mininbob, yoh girl, so u have scored yrself a sexy Sri Lankan hunk loll:-). Very true the communication between the two of u would be hilarious. Eish guys i coulnt make contact yesterday, my day was just sooo busy. Wishing u all a fantastic day. P.S A very warm welcome to you Pearl25.

26 Nov 2013 07:47

Morning everyone, ja mims, i can imagine you having troubles of communicating, lol.....i bet he can become your friend.

26 Nov 2013 08:41

Good morning everyone

Have a lovely day

26 Nov 2013 08:48

Morning cup cakes

Mims i used to enjoy reading those specially in days were i was feeling down just to have a good laugh hey eish these guys mara hahahaha good luck with ENGRISH hahahahahaha @ Amy darlling Mhwaaaaaaaaaaaa

26 Nov 2013 08:59

good morning my family. i have a serious problem and i desparately need your advise. i have bought a brand new car  end of july this year, my yonger brother is the one who was helping me with the driving lessons and he was always sitting beside me helping me to revive my driving knowledge bcos i obtained my driver's licence in 2010 and since then i never drive a car .

we came to work  together using my car although we are working at different companies which is maybe one km away from each company. ever since i bought this car it never park at my work place unless he is on leave . when coming to work i will be driving when we arrive at my work place he wil drive back to his work place bcos when comming to work we pass his work place then procceed to my work place. 

the problem is now i am able to  drive on my own and he does'nt want me to drop him  to his work place he want me to drive to my work place then he take my car and park it to his work place . when we knock off he will come pick me up. i stil want  us come to work toghether everyday. if i want to go somewhere or to buy lunch i will have to beg for  alift from my friends and they are complaining they said i am saving my own petrol BUT GUYS I WANT TO PARK MY CAR AT MY WORKPLACE WHICH IS SAFER THAN HIS WORK PLACE PARKING AM I SELFISH? please helpme because when i talk to him about it he became moody and angry like i dont know? today i drop him at his work place and he is not happy about it

26 Nov 2013 09:14

@Vuxy, I really don't see any problem here. If he sulks, let him. He will get over it. I was gonna tell that boy in no uncertain terms that that was MY car. I appreciate his help when I wasn't comfortable driving and I am happy to give him ride to work, but the car parks at my work place. If he continues sulking, let him take a taxi to work. He is being very selfish and childish, and you allow it. You don't even need to explain to him how it's safer parking at your work place. Stop feeling bad and nursing childish behavior.

26 Nov 2013 09:38

@Vuxy Mims said it he's just being childish and selfish let him sulk all he like the fact remain THE CAR IS YOURS, you are greatful for he's help but now you can drive your car so he must just be happy that he's getting a free ride with you, you dont owe him any explanation nana you tell him you dont ask but tell him that from now on these are the rules you need to play by if you not happy then sort yourself out dankie ngiyabonga.......

26 Nov 2013 09:39

And congratulations on your new car Vuxy! Enjoy it.

26 Nov 2013 09:39


@Vuxy , the thing is your bro told his colleagues that he got new wheels thats all 'bout his sulk. he'l get ova it soonest.

26 Nov 2013 09:40

Porticia thkns for the advise on Bp,Morning family miss u and love u all

26 Nov 2013 09:42

hey Goldi u good with always bringing food to the table, may i kindly have a steers burger "king" and fries, roll and juice. then 2 muffins and ice cream, yep now my darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

26 Nov 2013 10:12

Ohh yes congrats Vuxy darling osege le phego ke mofufutso waphatlha ya gao o

Nongo O.o are you for real? o roma nna *esho ezkhomba*

26 Nov 2013 10:24

Morning all, ninjani?

@Vuxy no no no there was nothing wrong in asking him to give you driving lesson.
You have worked for that car (wadibanisa ugqongo ne counter wathenga)so its time now for you to enjoy it. He must buy his own. He must stop being jealous of you cause i think he told people its his car. You sit him down nana and tell him nicely now to get off the high horse and start saving. If he sulks then be it he will get over it otherwise you will never drive it. You want to keep peace in yr expense yhoo good luck, this boeitjie if just jealous and he can c that if he sulks then he gains from you. Sukaaaa khupha lomntu emotwenakho.

26 Nov 2013 10:33

morning bo lov lov, missed u a lot... busy week yoh, have a gud and blessed day.

Amy M
26 Nov 2013 10:34

@Vuxy. Allow me to add my two cents. I think that your brother probably told some girl that the car is his. He probably used it during lunch to pick up some chicks. And another important fact Vuxy, if u did u register your brother as a regular driver with yr insurance company, becoz if he is not registered, u might encounter problems if he crashes the car. And why shoukd he enjoy the rewards of your hard labour? No sisi, take back your car and let him charm the girls with his arm sticking outside of a taxi window.

Amy M
26 Nov 2013 10:37

@ Vuxy.. And congratulations with regards to new wheels. Put on them Guess sunglasses and keep on driving.!!!

26 Nov 2013 11:40

Morning everyone. @Vuxy, I also thing you should just tell your brother that you will use your car and park it at your workplace.That if he ever needs a lif t and you are able to provide it then you will. Sometimes there's nothing wrong with saying, "I'm sorry but I won't be able to". I'm sure he'll be fine.

26 Nov 2013 12:32

@ Vusy your brother is selfish, he probable lied to his friends/colleague ...etc and said the car is his. Now he will be embarrassed if you take the car. But that is not your problem, it's his, he must sort it out.

26 Nov 2013 13:06

yuwi, Khethiwe - a qhawekazi,  kkkkk. surely wonders shall never end

26 Nov 2013 13:28

Well there you have it girl, sometimes we need to lay down the rules, so tell your brother, your ride, your rules finish, he should be happy that he is getting a free ride. and congratulation with your new ride, baby enjoy it you deserve it.

26 Nov 2013 13:55

Guys help i have a date on Saturday so now i dont feel like going anymore *butterflies* i dont know why so now i need to tell Mr but in a polite way what can i say?

26 Nov 2013 14:16

@ Goldi , tell him you dont want to go out with him you have (butterflies) truth will set you free lol

26 Nov 2013 14:25

Be honest with him Goldi, maybe next time (if there will be), you will go with him.

26 Nov 2013 14:30

@vuxy- give him the reason why you bought that car, if you didnt need it you woudnt have bought it, he must buy his own.

26 Nov 2013 14:43

Hahaaa Goldi, I'm with Maud on this. Just tell him the truth.

26 Nov 2013 14:52

we still on tues babes@goldi let ur butterflies fly til they are finished and you will go for a nice tym on sat, dont cancel!

enjoy ur new found happines. mose ware ntse ole tlaleng*hiding under my desk*

26 Nov 2013 15:05

I think Goldi really likes this guy Nongo, why the butterflies? I haven't been on a date in ages.. Come to think of it, I never go on dates.. Little wonder I'm where I am relationship-wise.

26 Nov 2013 15:15

I was reading something and came across this, it made me laugh so had I have to share it with you:

Lubb whispered in Luks ear: "what do you call hunting in Xhosa?" Luks: "kuyo zingela ngoba?" Lubb: "Hayi kodwa Sindiswa, yinton ntomb inwele ingath uvelo zingela?" Everybody burst in laughter....Lukhanyo included. Luks: "and'phind ndik'chazele nto wena....usile....khame ndiye ku mfaz wam..." Lubb: "khame sohamba kwangok...izapha my f, zohlala kutata...." Sindi: "hay kodwa bhuti, yathand und'khubekisa...." Lubb: "hay uxolo ke peto yam....ndizokunika uyoy'phinda man, a.a....andiy'vum le..." Busi still laughed... Lubb: "hewethu, lo umane ngosuza aphe camkwamu? Khasuke wethu tshin Yesu onofefe....uthen na lomtana...." Sindi: "unjalo ke...nxilile k'le ndawo akuyo. Ndingayaz unxila njan, zihunters ezimbini." Busi: "mxxxm...." Lubb: "awum'khulu mlomo ngath usongiwe." He shared a high 5 with Sindiswa and they laughed.

26 Nov 2013 15:23

LOL Maud you just killed me there eish ya ne the truth shall set me free i guess yes Mims i think i like him so will give it a try you are so right Nongo it's only tuesday ima let my butterflies fly :) 

i wana laugh seems like a funny story but i'm blank nana

26 Nov 2013 15:28

I haven't been on a date in ages.. same here Mims that's why the Butterflies hihihihihihihihihi

Amy M
26 Nov 2013 15:34

@Goldi, i say go out and enjoy yrself girlfriend. U have absolutely nothing to lose. So put on that charm, wear those red soled stilletos and have some fun. U dont have to go out with him again if u dont enjoy yr first date. Remember, act like a lady, think like a man lolll. Dont forget that expensive perfume.

Amy M
26 Nov 2013 15:40

@Goldi, i say go out and enjoy yrself girlfriend. U have absolutely nothing to lose. So put on that charm, wear those red soled stilletos and have some fun. U dont have to go out with him again if u dont enjoy yr first date. Remember, act like a lady, think like a man lolll. Dont forget that expensive perfume.

26 Nov 2013 15:49

Hey, Ntaks, I only understood the last line. @Goldi, my "ages" is more than 3 years. @ Amy, I hope the advice doesn't put Goldi under pressure... Lol... Just go be yourself, the Goldi we all know and love. I used to have a bad habit of crushing ice. I declared myself at dinner with that 3 years ago guy. When they took our drinks order, he asked the waiter for extra ice for me.. Lol... This is the guy I told u about, who gave me a cow then, and wants me back. So, girl, be Goldi, but minimize bad habits.. Chew well and sip proper.. Lol...

26 Nov 2013 16:09

Let me try to translate

Lubb & Luks are twins  Lubb was adopted by a white couple so he does not understand some Xhosa words.
Sindiswa is their friend's girlfriend, I think her weave was old or something. 
Coz Lubb asked his brother what is to hunt in Xhosa, he wanted to tell Sindiswa (friend's girlfriend) that her weave looks like she's been hunting, everyone laughed at the girl. She said Lubb you like making me sad, then he said sorry my friend I'll give u money to do another hairstyle.
Sindiswa's friend (Busi) was sitting next to Lubb, still laughing and Lubb asked who she is coz she was farting and he asked her to move away from them. Sindiswa said she farts a lot when she's drunk and she gets drunk from two ciders of hunters dry. Lubb then said her mouth is big like it's folded.

26 Nov 2013 16:18

lol you guys Amy love noted but i'm not sure about those stilletos hey i'll put on something that will be comfy Mims it's been 2yrs for me hey dont worry no pressure all i know is i'm gona be Goldi that one that you all know and love hihihihihih ima wear my million dollar smile and charm the rest will be history *gigles* 

be Goldi, but minimize bad habits.. Chew well and sip proper.. Lol...

laters xxxxx

8pm @ mam Ruby's it's a date *wink*

26 Nov 2013 16:19

ohh i forgot to mention it's not our 1st date it's our 3rd after 2yrs hahahahahahahha

26 Nov 2013 16:25

The sun was setting and the weather changed so we went inside the house. Lubb STILL had a drink in his hand. Laughing at people. Luks: "kuthen wonke umntu embi nje kuwe?" Lubb: "its not that....its just that everybody is ugly." Thulz: "you're not making sense lubb." Lubb: "kanti nind'buza ntoni?!" Luks: "WHY is people ugly to You?" Lubb: "let's kneel down and ask Jesus. Maybe I need some light in my path nokwam...jonga kodwa ubaby wam umhle....and look at Masindi (Sindiswa) she's looking less like a villager today..." She: "andiva bhut?" Lubb: "my ffrrieend!" She: "caba ndingu nolali?" Lubb: "ncedile bonanje waza nama lady, ndadikwa kwa Gqalane kusuzelwa yila tshom yakho yuuuh, intlon ziphi ntombi? Hay ngak'linge uze naye lowo, angame pha phandle no Lulu...." Sindiswa laughed. She: "uwoah...ndik'thembile ke nyan..." Someone walked into the door. Everybody kept quiet. Lubb: "hayi Yesu Krestu, khand'bolek okwe sbane?" Luks: "noba sese paraffin." She: "molweni...." Lubb: "Sylvia! Iphi Doom yamaphela?" He got up and rushed to the kitchen to fetch the container. Lubb: "iza nalamtshayelo Luks

Bk will translate this one.

See you @8 kwaMamRuby

Amy M
26 Nov 2013 17:11

@Goldi. Wear something that u will make u comfortable girlfriend. Forget them stilletos lolll. @Ntaks u r not fair, pls translate the other joke too. Bk will only translate after visiting Mam Ruby's, lollls

27 Nov 2013 07:44

good morning my beautiful family. woowww thank you all for your great comments and advises ABOUT MY YESTERDAY PROBLEM. reading all your comments about my problem makes me feel happy and more courageos. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. LOVE U MWAAAAAAAA.

yesterday i just knock of and went there at my brother's  work place to pick him putting on my sunglasses  just like Amy said. and it was fantastic thanks darlings

Amy M
27 Nov 2013 08:08

Morning family. @Vuxy, girl i am happy to hear that u have taken control of the situation and the steering wheel (lolll). I bet u looked absolutely fab in them sunglasses. U rock girl. Keep smiling!!!

27 Nov 2013 09:04

Morning Mushmellows eish Goldi's not feeling well my Throat and Chest is giving me probles :'( 

Can i get an update for last night's episode i didnt watch was watching IDOLS 

I'm happy for you Vuxy darling how is your Brother?

27 Nov 2013 09:16

Hehee... You go Vuxy! Ekare ke a go bona! The "Vu" in your name just always makes me miss uncle VusiK. *Sad face*. Be well Goldi..

27 Nov 2013 09:43

@ MimsThanks nana 

The "Vu" in your name just always makes me miss uncle VusiK. *Sad face*.

nchooooo sweet  give him a call and tell him that you miss him.......

27 Nov 2013 10:38

Wat is going to happn to zodwa n nic is thr relationshp going to be succesful

27 Nov 2013 10:39

Good morning my lovies, Ntaksay would you please translate the other joke pls............, Goldi do you still have those butterflys nana, couse i think thats why you are getting sick. i also wached Idols, and was a little bit dissapointed, couse my avoirite was Brenden, but well Musa also have a nice voice. 

If anyone can read this, please write it down correct, i have read it without any problem.

7H15 M3554G3
53RV35 70 PROV3
1MPR3551V3 7HING5!
17 WA5 H4RD BU7
W17H 0U7 3V3N 7H1NKING 4B0U7 17,
B3 PROUD! 0NLY C3R741N P30PL3 C4N R3AD 7H15.