Keagan: Life after winning Big Brother

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Interviews on 25 Apr 2013
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Keagan 2013 Interview Pic 1
Knock knock.
Who's there?
The dude who won R2.5 million.

Keagan 2013 Interview Pic 10
The Petersen house.

It's been eight months since Keagan Petersen won Big Brother StarGame and with the new season coming up in May I thought that now would be the purrfect time for us to find out if he has any of his bucks left.

Turns out he does. In fact he's spent too little of it. Cray-cray but true.

I got the inside scoop on his bank account during a morning out and about with him. I spent Thursday morning with him, wearing a giggle in my shoes - picturing you there with me as I poked and prodded him for answers for uhdikts everywhere.

I hooked up with him at his house ... or rather, his parents' house where he's staying.  We were going to hang out at the house but Keagan said it was too untidy and suggested we zooted off somewhere instead - which I thought was actually an excuse so we could drive in this:

Keagan 2013 Interview Pic 2

Keagan 2013 Interview Pic 4
The most expensive thing that he's bought with his winning cash.

Keagan 2013 Interview Pic 5
Driving to Primi Piatti, Keagan explaining that he bought the Mini after a car accident late last year. I assumed that it's brand new - it looks it - but it's second hand. Would you have bought second hand if you'd won over two million smackers?

What Keagan's spent his money on:
  • 1 x Mini
  • Some clothes
  • Invested most of it.
  • 1 x Business course - which he's currently doing. He's doing a Business diploma so he can learn how to manage his money and go into business so he can achieve his lifelong goal: to be a billionaire by 50.
Keagan: “I know it sounds materialistic but it’s not my goal because of the money, it’s the challenge.”

Lee Keagan 2013

What about Lee?!

Lee still lives around the corner from Keagan and he's working at an IT company involved in 3D graphic design - he started his new job a few weeks ago.

Also, Keagan's given Lee R200, 000 of the prize money - R100, 000 per year. He's divided it over two years so that Lee doesn't have to pay as much tax as if he got it in a lump sum.

Keagan seriously lucked out when it came to his winnings ... because he won last year his winnings weren't taxed - it was the last year that winnings aren't taxed. Apparently the law's changed when it comes to all winnings so if this year's winner's from South Africa again they'll have to pay a whopping 25% in tax.

Keagan Interview 2013 Pic 19

Keagan and I hit Primi Piatti, put in our orders and chinwagged:

Keagan 2013 Interview Pic 7
Keagan had two of those monsters.

Tashi: Once you won did you find that long-lost family and friends started to creep out of the woodwork?
Keagan: I’ve had a couple of people on Facebook who’ve said that they’re my cousin. When I ask my mom “Do you know this person?” and she’s like “No.”

Nobody that I know changed on me though. Everything was exactly the same when I got home - it was just the first couple of weeks when I walked in malls and stuff.

I remember the first week afterwards I went to Canal Walk and within five minutes I told my mother “I’m going to sit in the car - you do the shopping," because people pull you here, they pull you there, they want to take photos with you. I don’t say I don’t like it, it’s just weird.

Right now it’s cool because people can see that I didn’t let it go to my head so to speak. When I interact with people, it’s not like a big issue “Oh, I won Big Brother last year.”

Tashi: What about making money out of the show afterwards?
Keagan: Lee and I were confused about what we wanted to do. There was a time when we thought “Let’s make money from the show,” but then we got bored of that.

Tashi: Appearances and stuff? What do you do?
Keagan: You go to the club or go to like somewhere and you take photos or just go and sit or party. It’s so weird.

Keagan 2013 Interview Pic 8

Thoughts: The overall impression I got is that it's much easier for housemates to find suited spin-offs from Big Brother if they're actors or presenters or musicians e.g. Uti and Weza.

What I thought you'd also find juicy is that Lerato Sengadi has a reputation for having made the most cash out of the show afterwards, particularly out of appearances in other countries. Keagan said it was what he'd heard so it's obviously a prominent perspective among former Big Brother housemates.

Keagan 2013 Interview Pic 9
Keagan's "snack" arrives ...

Keagan 2013 Interview Pic 11
He's hooked on sweet things and shows
signs of having aspirations of being a celebrity chef.

Between me and you ... I had a kwaaaaa while I was listening to our interview afterwards. I recorded Keagan and I on my dictaphone as we chatted and forgot to turn it off when I went the loo.

While I was gone Keagan had this conversation about the Chocolate Sundae with the waiter ...

Keagan: Is this R45?
Waiter: Ja
Keagan: Dis moerse duur. (It's massively expensive.)

Clearly having 2.5 million doesn't make it any cheaper!

Keagan 2013 Interview Pic 12

Tashi: What was life like immediately after you won the show?
Keagan: Actually the people from M-Net helped me a lot and the bodyguards that M-Net gave me because they handle the Idols and other Big Brother winners.

There were two weeks where I went away because they felt I needed to take a break. The first week after I got out I was so tired - it got to a point where I couldn’t think straight anymore because there were so many interviews, going to photoshoots so the two weeks were basically like a vacation from M-Net for me. Just to clear my mind.

In Joburg, away with the bodyguards. They told me a whole lot of stories about Karen from Idols, Big Brother’s Uti and other Big Brother winners - what they went through, how to be wise with my money and what to look for in people when you go out by yourself. How to get out of different situations if they weren’t with me.

Especially with people knowing how much money I won, how to protect my baby sister, my family. They also wanted me to go to a psychologist but I told them I’d been to enough psychologists and that I didn’t want to go. In those two weeks they taught me a lot.

 Keagan 2013 Interview Pic 13
Tashi: What else will you spend your money on?
Keagan: A lot of people ask me if I’m going to move out by myself. When I came out of the house I didn’t think it was a good idea to stay by myself. At the same time, now that period’s almost over - the hype’s basically over so I’m contemplating moving out now.

When I was in the States (before Big Brother) I had to do everything myself and you get into that mindset that you wanna achieve certain things before a certain age.

When I stay with my parents everything’s so easy … the food is always there, your clothes are always there, everything is just there - to me that’s unhealthy so I feel as if I’ve taken too much of a vacation so to speak.

Tashi: Will you be watching the upcoming season of Big Brother?
Keagan: I don’t know. The thing is, with TV, I don’t know if it’s an OCD thing but there are certain things I just like watch you know. Big Brother on the other hand, I’m not sure if I’m gonna watch it, I’m really not sure.

I know for a fact ... I’ve already pictured this is my brain ... I’ll watch who walks up on stage and I’ll get bored, I’ll switch over. Everybody asks me “Are you gonna watch?”. I’m really not sure.

Maybe something will happen where I’ll see something happen or see someone and I’ll think “I wanna see what happens,”.

Keagan 2013 Interview Pic 14
Don't be surprised if you hear that there's an APB out for me. I left my Tazz at Keagan's house and went home in his car instead.

Of course I had to ask about Talia before we said our goodbyes. Keagan dishes the answer in this video ... the first in a new series of 2-minute vids called "Celeb Pops":


26 Apr 2013 10:04

tjo i knew he'd forget about her the minute he left the house.she's better off with vain Seydumb.There's real feelings there.

26 Apr 2013 10:06

im glad Lee got some.

26 Apr 2013 10:08

@Cngle....I'm also happy Lee got something

26 Apr 2013 10:47

Morning my lovers!!!
Even though I didn't watch BB he sounds like a very wise young man and I love the fact that he is not materialistic. Money is like cooked food! Bravo to him!!!!!

26 Apr 2013 11:48

lol...ja talia is so old news...iyooooohhhhh

26 Apr 2013 18:07

Keagan is very wise when it comes 2 money man!!!!! Nice interview thanks Tashi

26 Apr 2013 19:43

You really got brains Keagz.Your life..your choices...your decisions!I'm glad U gave Lee some,true friendship indeed.As for Talia she's an adult and should juz be positive and move on with her life.Whatever happened happened!!!All the Best Keagz,never forget where U come from and God will never leave your side!!!

29 Apr 2013 00:31

Yaz I was wondering if Lee got something! I'm glad he gave him 200k! Lol @ the Seydou situation

Zizo Mfihlo
15 Apr 2014 00:55

Keagen I got 2 words for this guy impresssed and proud your mother raised a king

22 Dec 2015 13:40

I just saw this... Hahahahhahaha! too funny! That R45 duurse comment killed me!!

I am happy I popped by and saw this... 

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