2013 METRO Awards - and the winners are ...

Written by TVSA Team from the blog News on 24 Feb 2013
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Metro Awards 2013 Pic 6
Khaya Mthethwa who won Best Newcomer.

METRO Awards 2013
Minnie Dlamini and William Lehong on the black carpet, as behind-the-scenes hosts.

Metro Awards 2013 Pic 8
Donald arrives to a media frenzy.

Metro Awards 2013 Pic 50
Zonke with her award for Best Female Album.

Metro Awards 2013 Pic 9
Three of the four members of the kasi acapella group The Soil.
The group cite the Creator as their fourth member.

Metro Awards 2013 Pic 13
Berita bubbles with her award for Best African Pop Album.

Metro Awards 2013 Pic 2
DJ Bow tie Sbu.

Metro Awards 2013 Pic 5
DJ Bow tie 2 Anele Mdoda.

Metro Awards 2013 Pic 11
TV personality Boity Thulo in her signature flick fringe.

Metro Awards 2013 Pic 51
Lulo Cafe who matched DJ Sbu's bow tie.

Metro Awards 2013 Pic 3
The 12th Metro FM Music Awards took place at the International Conference Centre in Durban on Saturday night (23 February) and were broadcast live on SABC1 for the first time.

The ceremony was hosted by Azania Mosaka and Robert Marawa while Minnie Dlamini and William Lehong hosted the behind-the-scenes coverage, chatting to the winners in between their moments of grabbing their trophies.

TVSA blogger Makisto was in the action to get the inside scoop for us - keep a lookout for the hott goss and snaps coming up soon.

In the meantime, here's who took top honours (winners in red) ...

Best Top 5 African Pop Album

Moneoa: Coming from, Going To
Berita: Conquering Spirit
Maleh: Step Child
Malik: Music in Love
Unathi: With Love

Best Top 5 Compilation Album

QT: Quantised Vol.6
Kalawa Jazmee 2012: Pre Release
Fistaz Mixwell: Mixwell Addictive
DJ Claude: Stereo Candy
Euphonik: Total Blackout

Best Top 5 Produced Album

Toya Delazy: Due Drop
Donald: Train of Love
Lulu Dikana: This is the Life
Zonke: Ina Ethe
Kabomo: Memory Remain

Best Top 5 Dance Album

Dj Pepsi: Royal House
Dj Tira: Ezase Afro Vol.2
Donald: Train of Love
Glen Lewis: Sgubu Samampela
Revolution: Evolution

Best Top 5 Female Album

Zonke: Ina Ethe
Toya Delazy: Due Drop
Unathi: With Love
Moneoa: Coming From, Going To
Lulu Dikana: This is the Life

Best Top 5 Group Album

Crazy White Boy: Zoma
Jaziel Brothers: The Journey Defined
Revolution: Evolution
The Muffinz: Have you heard?
Amon & Thato: Recipe No.1

Best Top 5 Hit Single

HHP: Bosso
AKA: Jealousy
DJ Vetkuk vs Mahoota: Stokvel
Donald: Deserve
Fistaz Mixwell: Hade Mabebeza

Best Top 5 Music Video

AKA: Jealousy
Mi Casa: La Vida
Unathi: Kwanolali
Donald: Deserve
Jullian Gomes: Love Song 28

Best Top 5 Hip Hop Album

Pro: Continua
Shugasmakx: The Shugafactory (One Word)
Teargas:Number Number
Zakwe: Zakwe
Khuli Chana: Lost in Time

Best Top 5 Contemporary Jazz Album

Berita: Conquering Spirit
Lulu Dikana: This is the life
Maleh: Step Child
Mbuso Khoza: Zilindile
Ndoh Dlamini: Sekusile

Best Top 5 Kwaito Album

Lvovo Derrango: The Headmaster
Tokollo: Heist
Brickz: Ruffcast
Professor: Orientation
Kabelo Mabalane: Immortal Vol.2

Best Top 5 Male Album

Donald: Train of Love
Kabomo: Memory Remains
Khuli Chana: Lost in Time
Professor: The Orientation
Zakwe: Zakwe

Best Top 5 Newcomer

Moneoa: Coming From, Going To
Toya Delazy: Due Drop
Zakwe: Zakwe
The Muffinz: Have your heard
Khaya: For You

Best Top 5 R&B Album

Kabomo: Memory Remains
Brian Temba: TIMT (This Is My Time)
Lloyd Cele: No Limits
Jamela: All the way
Bryce Anderson: Ready for the world

Best Top 5 Styled Artist/Group

CamaGwini: Rebirth
Donald: Train of Love
Nandi: Nandi
Toya Delazy: Due Drop
Unathi: With Love

Best Urban Gospel Album

Hlengiwe Mhlaba: Abba Abba
Jabu Hlongwanwe: Crosspower 2
Loyiso Bala: Love Complete
Reedemed: God is Able
Solly Mahlangu: Mwamba Mwamba

Best Top 5 Collaboration of the Year

Riot: Thetha Nami
Kabomo ft. Afrotraction, Brian Temba & The Soil: Plenty babies
Khuli Chana ft. Notshi: Tswa Daar
Miza ft. Noluthando Meje: Feeling
Tokollo ft. Zwai Bala: Sgub'Sam

Best Top 6 for the Song of the Year

DJ Zinhle: My name is (Zinhle)
Fistaz Mixwell: Hade Mabebeza
Oskido: Tsa Mandebele
Zonke: Feelings
Lvovo Derrango: Palesa
DJ Tira: 4000

Best Digital Download: Arthur Mafokate

Lifetime Achievement Award: Sello Chicco Twala

*Pics by Metro and Makisto.


Royal Child
24 Feb 2013 12:37

Congrats to all winners and nominees! the awards were great....production was on point! Yo Donald pulled Rebecca Malope on us ....Sis Rebecca is influencial...!

24 Feb 2013 12:45

Yeah the show was excellent jealous down bathong.....even the winners derseved. Thank God Unathi and Amon combo did not win anything. Fairness at its best

24 Feb 2013 18:02

Felt so bad Toya didn't win anything. For a change thanks Ezase Afro didn't win anything. Was so happy for Professor and Zakwe. What really do people see in Khaya Mthethwa he is not as good as Toya. The Ministers and Mayors they should understand its not their show and its not about them. They want to steal the show by recognizing who is present as if we care.

24 Feb 2013 19:27

Doctor Malinga is crazy. It shows that he was hungry for this opportunity, he got it, now he grabbing it with both his hands.

25 Feb 2013 00:17

Really? Khaya Mthethwa! I voted him kwi idols but ha.a uyadika lamfana usuke acinge ukuba yipro!

25 Feb 2013 01:05

I'm also dissapointed Toya didn't win anything. I was glad when Zakwe won though. Khaya's single is not as WOW as his Idols performances. uyandidika ngoku.

25 Feb 2013 08:29

donald pulling the Aus Ribs was ..............really?
Arthur and his 2sec speech....................ud swear twas not the 1st tym he scooped sumting

Nhlanhla's outfit.....................

can Khaya pls release a gospel album and be nominated on crown, haibo tht award shud hv gone to Toya atlist........

who is Berita.

25 Feb 2013 09:31

i dont feel khaya/unathi.....Dr malinga his into business n i love it.

25 Feb 2013 09:56

Doctor Malinga is crazy. It shows that he was hungry for this opportunity, he got it, now he grabbing it with both his hands. 

This is beyong true.

25 Feb 2013 10:00

Doctor Malinga is crazy. It shows that he was hungry for this opportunity, he got it, now he grabbing it with both his hands. 

TRUE. He is milking it for all its worth!

.... and good for him.
Showbiz is very fleeting ...
Milk it , or it milks you !

25 Feb 2013 10:07

I enjoyed the show.  Happy for Zakwe and Zonke, sorry about Toya and Moneoa not winning.  Does anyone know why The Soil was not nominated?

25 Feb 2013 10:18

Really? Khaya Mthethwa! I voted him kwi idols but ha.a uyadika lamfana usuke acinge ukuba yipro!

If you watch Clash of the choirs on 161 you'll realise that he's actually good with music. Better than Thembi Seete and Winnie.

25 Feb 2013 10:29

Toya deserved the best newcomer award not this dude

25 Feb 2013 10:42

Hi Guys/Gals

i can see ii boys ze Big nuzz can wash at last  and Oskito, well done !!

25 Feb 2013 10:46

Morning every1.

Cant get over Dr Malinga's perfomance. The guy is my hero tjooo...

25 Feb 2013 12:11

Good morning guys!

Tyma Berita is the new beautiful kiddo. She came to SA to study in WSU. I think she is from Zim and i think she is 21 or 22. Oh I love her. She is awesome!

The Metros were great but i think they should change  to South African Blacks Award. 

I'm happy with the winners esp for Zonke, Berita, Mr DramaKing Donald (he must try acting after that scene), Zakwe bathong not forgeting Oskido shame. Yho akaphaphi intombi ye kwirikwitsi (tsa mandebele). I kept looking at her mouth while she was talking. 

I never heard of the Banana Muffins. 

I'm not happy about Khaya & AKA. I thought Toya was gonna take that 1. I'm not her fan but she is better than Khaya. u-AKA there is something i dont like about him. I think he is full of himself. Uyazifonela maan!

Im with u guys about Unathi. My prayers were answered. I mean her nolali song is not great. Even a deaf can prove that. I love her on my airwaves not singing.

I LOVE DR REDBULL MALINGA! I wish he doesn't change. Those kicks and those jumps! He must invite all the Durban boys. It seems they are competing with imikhaba.

25 Feb 2013 12:15

Oh uMinnie uthathe into kamamakhe yo decorata wayithwala. What was that???? 

I thought of ifeatherduster kama.

25 Feb 2013 12:55

Speedywithout a towel. Yay....wait he replaced his towel with a doek *sigh*.

I like Khaya but he did not deserve the award.
Oh I was very happy when Ndiyo ndiyo didnt get the nod, along with his coleagues.
Him and Ganyani look alike.

25 Feb 2013 13:43

did u guyz  notice tht Minnie lost weight ?????????

25 Feb 2013 15:04

If you watch Clash of the choirs on 161 you'll realise that he's actually good with music. Better than Thembi Seete and Winnie.

@vesa I do agree with you Khaya is very good and I can see him being a producer as well.

well the public voted for him just like they voted on Idols, ene what's wrong with igospeli kanti, Kaya's crime is that he started with gospel I don't see ppl complaining about Loyiso n all the other musicians branching into gospel from kwaito n other genres , stop boxing umtana ka mfundisi

Toya's girlfriend looks so Portia De Rossi I wonder uButhelezi ungcinga ntoni nga lento yo mzukulwana wakhe

Minnie's dresses look great mara the hairdos don't do justice


25 Feb 2013 15:04

Proffessor where did u get tht uniform?????

26 Feb 2013 07:49

@myname...I'm not happy about Khaya & AKA. I was not happy at all..Earlier on the awards day AKA tweeted that he won all awards he was ever nominated. And Metros made his head bigger

Khaya must just switch to GOSPEL and his presence in music industry will be felt. Eish Toya should have won something at least. Unathi must decline nominations in future.

26 Feb 2013 09:50

@Makisto....are we gonna wait till Jesus for umgosi, hayi kudala silindile.

26 Feb 2013 14:22

hayi ngiyazifela ngo Toya Delazy bandla, ohk ngize ngibone ubuso ba William Lehong i fell in love with his voice nje kudala. I have no words for AKA aka Mr. Arrogant!

03 Mar 2013 08:43

I was happy Zonke , Zakwe ,Proffesor and Khaya won They are very talented .oh not forgetting Oskido wow Kalawa did well last year . My biggest disappointment was Toya being nominated so many times and wangathola niks we failed her as her fans shame for not voting !

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