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Generations Teasers - September 2012

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Generations Teasers on 29 Aug 2012
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Coming up on Generations in September, 2012:

Monday 3 September 2012
Episode 178 (3680)

Mawande goes into a flat panic when her worst fear comes true. Akhona is taken aback to see what awaits her at home. Noluntu experiences a moving moment which changes everything.

Tuesday 4 September 2012
Episode 179 (3681)

Ngamla think he knows how to swing the adoption in their favour. Senzo receives good news and is overjoyed. Khethiwe tries her best to win Khaphela over.

Wednesday 5 September 2012
Episode 180 (3682)

The Dlomo's sit together to concoct a plan. Nicholas gets a taste of his own medicine and doesn't like it. MJ lies to his mom about where he's been.

Thursday 6 September 2012
Episode 181 (3683)

The Zondo's aren't prepared for the shock that awaits them. Akhona tries to set troubled Mawande's mind at ease. Phenyo appeals to Dr Chetty in desperation.

Friday 7 September 2012
Episode 182 (3684)

Senzo's cousins are speechless when they hear what's expected of them. Khethiwe is determined to get her man back. Choppa's good mood is ruined after getting some bad news.

Monday 10 September 2012
Episode 183 (3685)

Jason puts his foot in it and Dineo overhears him. Zodwa shows up at Ezweni, jobless and broken. Mawande throws out the bait, but will her daughter bite?

Tuesday 11 September 2012
Episode 184 (3686)

Babalwa's nerves get the better of her when she meets Noluntu. Ruby is shocked by what Phenyo has come to ask her. MJ resorts to desperate measures after hearing some good news.

Wednesday 12 September 2012
Episode 185 (3687)

Khaphela is shocked by an unexpected declaration of love. Nicholas doesn't look happy about his HIV-test results. Queen struggles to keep mum about the secret she heard.

Thursday 13 September 2012
Episode 186 (3688)

Akhona feels like a fool when her insecurities backfire on her. Phenyo is baffled by Dineo's strange behaviour. Sabelo begs stunned Noluntu to pick them as her child's parents.

Friday 14 September 2012
Episode 187 (3689)

Mawande is overjoyed when her prayers are answered. Senzo has to make a dash for the bedroom when a visitor arrives. Choppa has another scheme up his sleeve.

Monday 17 September 2012
Episode 188 (3690)

Litha is shocked by MJ's aggressiveness. Nicholas resents having a child in his space. Is Khaphela playing right into Khethiwe's hands?

Tuesday 18 September 2012
Episode 189 (3691)

Shock at the Dlomo house when an unexpected visitor shows up. A couple of 'helpful' neighbours get Ruby's blood boiling. Mawande has to cover when Akhona gets too close to the truth.

Wednesday 19 September 2012
Episode 190 (3692)

Choppa lies on national radio to ensure his event's success. Zodwa believes everyone deserves a second chance. Dineo is horrified when her plan to win Maude over backfires.

Thursday 20 September 2012
Episode 191 (3693)

Queen is not happy when someone moves in on her turf. Nicholas's pushiness ends up costing him dearly. Phenyo decides to come clean about the adoption scheme.

Friday 21September 2012
Episode 192 (3694)

Frustrated Akhona is caught between a rock and a hard place. Xolani doesn't know what to make of Ruby's request. Mawande tries to talk some sense into Ngamla.

Monday 24 September 2012
Episode 193 (3695)

Dineo refuses to be manipulated by the Dlomo's. Choppa doesn't know how to help stressed MJ. Khethiwe is speechless when Zodwa asks her to stay away.

Tuesday 25 September 2012
Episode 194 (3696)

Maude makes it clear her acceptance comes at a price. Phenyo isn't comfortable with what Senzo wants him to do. Queen will not allow her friend to be messed with.

Wednesday 26 September 2012
Episode 195 (3697)

Nicholas is on a mission to impress his boss. Ruby warns Xolani not to get any ideas. Jabulani is intrigued when Ngamla flirts openly with a woman.

Thursday 27 September 2012
Episode 196 (3698)

Mawande issues Choppa with a grim warning. MJ isn't happy about meeting the woman who bid on him, until he sees who's with her. Dineo is intrigued by what Sylvia had to say about her father.

Friday 28 September 2012
Episode 197 (3699)

Litha is forced to break up a fight at the gym. Noluntu is shocked when Jason lets rip at her. Queen receives an unexpected houseguest and is not impressed.

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29 Aug 2012 09:19


29 Aug 2012 09:28

A good month ahead yipeeee..

29 Aug 2012 09:29


29 Aug 2012 09:31

ok ok new faces sounds very interesting

29 Aug 2012 09:33

le mme go n read

29 Aug 2012 09:33


Khutso mokoto
29 Aug 2012 09:33

no.6 nw let me read

29 Aug 2012 09:39

lets wait and see

29 Aug 2012 09:40

mmm sound very intresting ideed will jut have to wait and see

29 Aug 2012 09:40


comented 1st
29 Aug 2012 09:42


comented 1st
29 Aug 2012 09:47

is nicholas HIV?

29 Aug 2012 09:49


29 Aug 2012 09:51

NIC HIV if be? serves him right for being a womaniser

29 Aug 2012 09:55

Very interesting month, we'll finally hear about Dinny's father.

Nichola does not look happy about his HIV test results, does this mean he is positive

29 Aug 2012 09:55

Top 20 yipee now lemme read

sexy d
29 Aug 2012 09:57

let me go and read be right back

29 Aug 2012 09:59

Hmmmm....not sure...

29 Aug 2012 10:03

OMG is Ngamla close to dusting off his cob webs too lol I just hope he doesn't collapse in the process.

I honestly think Mawande may have given up a child for adoption in the past judging by her reaction when she said Noluntu will neva forgive herself was she talking from experience??

Seems Khethiwe is ready to service Khaphela now that Sara and baby are gone

29 Aug 2012 10:10

@mangqezu, maybe the child is Senzo lol but l think you have a point there.

29 Aug 2012 10:13

 Don't say that about Ngamla been long overdue yes, but that does not mean that he does not know how it done. He fathered cute kids looks he is PRO when it comes to bedroom politics.

29 Aug 2012 10:16

@ steffie I'm not saying he's not a pro ..........people have had heart attacks in the act and he is very fragile at the moment lmao

29 Aug 2012 10:18

The resurrection of Dinny's father will make Mum Ruby's blood boil. I can imagine the scorn look on her face. That Maud woman need to be cut to size, she has an oversized ego.

29 Aug 2012 10:19

Jason is the baby Mawande gave away....turns out the love triangle between Jason, Senzo and Luntu is caused by their relatedness

Aweeeeeeeeee must say this month the TEASERS are boring, thought as much!

29 Aug 2012 10:22

@Mangqezu He(Ngamla) will be strong don't worry. He has woman eating out of his hands and seems wherever he had past they still yearn for Him. 
Look at Wandi still more than 20 years but she still get goosebumps when near Sbu

29 Aug 2012 10:41

@steffie you dont forget were you come from especially if you had good memories about the place.
Umawande uvele amkhumule ngamehlo uDlomo,you can see that in those days they were happy together.

29 Aug 2012 11:03

if jason is mawandes son then dlomo will die,both his sons gay and sleeping 2day

29 Aug 2012 11:05

i mean 2geda

29 Aug 2012 11:20

Kanti vele is Jason an orphan cos nothing has ever been mentioned about his family?? Oh but don't u remember how cute he was with Cleo ncoo until he revealed he's a pendulum that swings both ways lol

29 Aug 2012 11:24

Jason is so unfair .......... Senzo is busy introducing him on his family, mara he will neva saya anything about his family

29 Aug 2012 11:28


29 Aug 2012 11:29

 maybe jabulanie is dineo's father

29 Aug 2012 11:34

after all said and done i am still interested with Luntu's baby, when is he bump gonna show, just a little bit hee,

29 Aug 2012 11:35

when is the bump gonna show, she is still as flat as a plank, that's my opinion.

Mrs Chix
29 Aug 2012 12:12

Tjo where have I been

29 Aug 2012 12:15

@ vuxy, please do not make me laugh, am at work and they do not even know 
what i am up with their bandwidth. hhhahahahahahah good day

29 Aug 2012 12:20

Molweni Bahlali,  I knw this is not the place but it is when it cumz 2 the number of bloggers... Just a reminder yokuba uTerry Pheto will start from next week kuB&B "so reminded us u Jeanie D izolo".

I wudn mind Wandi and Sbuda kunye... gudness i love that woman, she makes 1 warm & fuzzy inside when she smiles. That cow-Caleb uqale ingxushungxushu wagqiba wabaleka with a bad seed he planted on MJ's head.
Oh shame uQueen how could Lungile do that on that email yayizolo, reminding her abt being Mrs Right but not Mrs Right-Now... that must have hurt.

29 Aug 2012 12:33

Lungile serves Queen right, he dumped him when he saw u Steve, uyalayeka.
did he really think angathenga indoda ngemali ?

Where is Xolani bantu i miss him.
Ukethiwe yena ngokugcokisa umtwana impahla ezimyama ngathi uzilile ,naye uyalayeka wafika waphaphela iJozi too much ehlanyiswa imadlana angayazi nokuthi isetshenzelwe kanjani.
U Dineo yena ; 100% boring.
Who is Zodwa konje?

29 Aug 2012 12:38

@yOn lmao thanks for reminding me I thought that was childish of Lungile

 Zodwa is Sara's niece. UKhaphela is hot property right now it seems.

Why izingane zingahlali eGenerations they always find a way to get rid of them........Karabo's baby died, Princie has been sent off to boarding school, uChrissie ubese Mahlabathini not too long ago, Mpilo is off to KZN, Noluntu will give up hers for adoption............someone hates kids amongst the writers


29 Aug 2012 13:05

@mangqezu.. I dont think someone hates izingane. It must be difficult and costly to have them on set.

29 Aug 2012 13:09

 Why izingane zingahlali eGenerations they always find a way to get rid of them........Karabo's baby died, Princie has been sent off to boarding school, uChrissie ubese Mahlabathini not too long ago, Mpilo is off to KZN, Noluntu will give up hers for adoption............someone hates kids amongst the writers 

  a soapie must not have more than one kids. th 

29 Aug 2012 13:13

September Teasers, not what i expected but hey, let's wait and see, there might be so much drama between the lines! Wonder who all those new people are....Senzo's cousins!!!!!!!!?

Mangqezu, Ngamla needs to dust the cobwebs and then his health will be perfectly restored, feel sorry for the woman who's gonna use that okapi!

what went wrong between Khaphela and Khethiwe to make her run behind him like that? he is ready to service him like somebody mentioned earlier, that Khethiwe will do that to keep Mapholoba wrapped around her pinky-finger....

29 Aug 2012 13:15

............someone hates kids amongst the writers -LOL

It difficult to maintain their needs, you have to make sure that you wait for the child to cry if  they want to shoot a scene where a child is crying.
Especially u Chrissy she is a restless child.

29 Aug 2012 13:20

@ayashah is that the rule??? though I don't think so Days of our lives has more than one kid. I think it needs to be balanced it cant just be abt work and not show the other bits of their lives even if its a tiny portion of it.

@Kerrie ey u know me I'm all abt dusting lol

29 Aug 2012 13:22

@ maud that's putting it mildly lol........she reedemed my statement that she is naughty she just needs a chance to show it when she went for Noluntu's laptop

29 Aug 2012 13:28

Who is Zodwa konje?

The one that Sarah wanted to be Khap's 3rd wife.

29 Aug 2012 13:31

hahahaha, Mangqezu, me and you both! Manicure thinks i'm crazy....

29 Aug 2012 13:40

mangqezu, if you can compare with other soapies apart from days of our lives you will see what am telling you, if you
e.g rhythym city wher's busi or gail child scandal, we do spend a month without seeing madika's child now that there's shakira's child dnt know whats gonna happen, even in muvhango where's sundani's child, not even to mention vusi,busi how often do you see muvhango and the other boy(vhafuwi's children) 

from what i know a soapie find irritating if it has more kids on it! a soapie
 rather have 1 kid or no kids at all

29 Aug 2012 13:45

sawubona kerrie kgati you dnt check ur emails  na?????

29 Aug 2012 14:07

I think the other problem with kids on set is the space, days and bold have enormous space to cater for those bambinos and evryone, parents also have to be in the studio to baby sit, so i think they also avoid "TRAFFIC'or the scedule mayb

29 Aug 2012 14:15

Goodness! I thought I was gonna be 1st to comment!

29 Aug 2012 14:16

@Mimi bwa ha ha ha ha

29 Aug 2012 14:17

That is why in most cases the children that you see in generation they are either one of the actors children or somewhere somehow related to an actor.
Mpilo is Khethiwes  child, Chrissy  Ntombi,s and weknow that Sbusiso and Ntombi are now in laws, they had to kill Karabo,s child as she was not going to cope after she lost her real baby.

29 Aug 2012 14:18

the world of Generations is too small everything revolves within like here History will hev to repeat itself if it is true that Jason is Mawande's son whom she gave up for adoption!!!!

29 Aug 2012 14:24

Aya, sawubona mohlobo wam, was super busy today, will check my emails just now swidy!

They should send uChrissy back to Mahlabathini until she's old enough to have a dialogue and able to understand what's going on around her or something, than scare the poor child, what with Ngamla's illness and being shouted at by Luntu....

29 Aug 2012 14:51

Sorry @Mimibo myb next time  
Phenyo decide to come clean about the adoption scheme.
What is wrong with Phenyo always do his way even it will cost him the family.
What kind of a lawyer talk about confidential information. I wonder who he will come clean to, Dineo or Luntu.

29 Aug 2012 14:52

kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dead by Kerrie, or evn worse.shel end up thinking Sbu is her real dad and hating Luntu for real....

29 Aug 2012 15:05

guydsI like kids I wanna see them on the show esp Chrissy lol let them grow up as quickly as they grow like kuBold within a few yrs they are adults then there's more people to date

29 Aug 2012 15:10

hm guys its gonna have lot of fun l guess let me read l thought am in top 20 but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Mrs Chix
29 Aug 2012 15:14

@Muad, I thought Sonia had boys only, unless she had a girl recently but she couldnt be Christina's age

Mrs Chix
29 Aug 2012 15:15

@Maud, I thought Sonia had boys only, unless she had a girl recently but she couldnt be Christina's age

29 Aug 2012 15:19

yeh Chrissie cant be Sonia's child and Khethiwe's real son is older than Mpilo unless she was pregg recently and I didn't hear abt it

29 Aug 2012 15:23

hay hay 61 replies already are you guys at work kgati lol

but it make me realise that we so inlove with this soapie nna am dissapointed guys i wanted wandy and ngamla to date n atleast we will be seeing what love is akere akhona and nicholous are playing (who is jelous to who this days) aha 

phenyo and dineo ther's no chemistry these days

or myb u khethiwe and khaps will show us since sara is gone mxm i miss sam and sharon

29 Aug 2012 15:27

realy? i am not sure about that ,i know that the scene when she was giving birth it was for real.

29 Aug 2012 15:36

Can we break the record of November 2010 replies which were 2231 this month. but l don think we can mek it coz  my view on is this month's blog is kind of boring!!!!

29 Aug 2012 15:40

I can imagine khethiwe giving  Khap's a BJ in the shower.

29 Aug 2012 15:44

ROFLMAO OMG @Friend u'll get me fired kikikikikikiki such a dirty thought

29 Aug 2012 15:50

@friend- heee , i just ate my lunch please,just thinking about it gives me mmm

29 Aug 2012 15:55

Uxolo Mangqe & Maud, jus an imagination. i wonder if can he pull the doggy style  mla, wam, mlaaaaam, waaaaaaaaam.

29 Aug 2012 16:00

*cardiac arrest* ...........I shall log off now otherwise bazothi sengiyahlanya

29 Aug 2012 16:03

hayi friend man, please ngiyakuncenga

29 Aug 2012 16:33

hahahahaha....Friend, wena uzong'xoshisa emsebenzini, can't stop lolling! iokapi is gonna work overtime, no more cobwebs, super clean......

29 Aug 2012 21:03

More drama.

Tzo mthunzi
29 Aug 2012 21:22

Weeee mayeee aiii

Tzo mthunzi
29 Aug 2012 21:50

U guyz aaiii u supa fast lol @ friend iyooooh ndakaaaa. Z zodwa goin2 make a move on bra khaps y does she cys she dsrvs a 2nd chance,i so wish so dat u khety engazoba nandowo lol umpilo mite b khetys son cos she ws pregnant 4 real,beka lamanisa. Bt guyz uyazala u dlomo yooo,abomluka,usenzo uchristie ,u syabonga yooo khona ezisazovela futy lol lol

Tzo mthunzi
29 Aug 2012 21:52

U guyz aaiii u supa fast lol @ friend iyooooh ndakaaaa. Z zodwa goin2 make a move on bra khaps y does she cys she dsrvs a 2nd chance,i so wish so dat u khety engazoba nandowo lol umpilo mite b khetys son cos she ws pregnant 4 real,beka lamanisa. Bt guyz uyazala u dlomo yooo,abomluka,usenzo uchristie ,u syabonga yooo khona ezisazovela futy lol lol

29 Aug 2012 22:24

No so interesting,lets have shaz back!!! By the way is this not the rght time for Kenneth Mashaba to come back?

29 Aug 2012 22:52

Khethi pregnant recently... really? I only know of her son who's almost 3years old. Sonia got a baby girly last year.

Psyfo Msixty
30 Aug 2012 00:18

if jason is mawande's son then huz da father of him Is dlomo? If is dlomo dat means dlomo have 2 gays senzo nd generation is gonna b nyc let's just wait nd see!!!!

30 Aug 2012 08:25

...i am not sure about that ,i know that the scene when she was giving birth it was for real. @Maud, you sure bout this? Guys, Mawande never had a child beside Noluntu and MJ.. Your speculations just make me lol...

30 Aug 2012 08:35

Are Senzo's cousins part of the Dlomo plan? I suspected they were requested to pose as the would-be adoptive parents. Sabelo & Babalwa could be the cousins.. Mmm...

30 Aug 2012 08:40

hello people

looks like another interesting month, so many new people

I wonder what will the Dlomos get up to now? ei those 3 guys! so Mawande and Sbuda are finaly gonna get it going neh? sweeeeeeet! I wonder what truth will Akhona be getting close to

30 Aug 2012 08:54

@Mimibob and how are u privy to that info that Mawande never had any kids kindly share doll

30 Aug 2012 08:55

mimibob, you might be right you know! Senzo's cousins might be requested to pose as adoptive parents but isn't that illegal, i mean Senzo will then have to take the baby from them, right!?

looks like Nic is gonna be unpleasant to live with, he shouldn't have agreed to Akhona moving in with him, he's got such a big head that Nic....

30 Aug 2012 08:59

i started with this face '_' then ended up with this one <(^-^)>. Yho sounds like drama really. MJ gets a G.F atleast i was starting to suspect. Atleast thez a little of Jason and Senzo now. I am happy for ngamla getting a woman. Thanx 4 bringing Zodwa and Xolani back. Boom drama really next month.

30 Aug 2012 09:05

Morning bloggers, guys what if Senzo is Mawandes son, fell pregnant yrs ago when she was with sbuda and decided to gv out da child for adoption bcos of his parents and sbuda! just thinking nje bcos history can repeat itself exactly what is happning to Luntu now!

30 Aug 2012 09:05

Morning bloggers, guys what if Senzo is Mawandes son, fell pregnant yrs ago when she was with sbuda and decided to gv out da child for adoption bcos of his parents and sbuda! just thinking nje bcos history can repeat itself exactly what is happning to Luntu now!

30 Aug 2012 09:13

that would be so much drama should bring me some juice in my office wena, cos saying your name makes my mouth dry, deep inside where my tongue can't reach so i can moisten it!

i fear for the baby then, how will s/he look like, a product of siblings.....

30 Aug 2012 09:27

Lol Kerrie its cumng rite now babes 100% juice neh

30 Aug 2012 09:48

Morning addicts, i would hate it if senzo & Luntu turn out 2 b siblings, i so wish he divorces Jas & settle with Luntu. On the other hand , i want Sbu & Wandie as a couple. @Kerrie if indeed Senz is Wandie son then the baby might have deformities. I still think Senzo's mother is Ghanian.

30 Aug 2012 10:10

Yes gegelegege, 100% juice ya breakfast punch neh!

i'm with you there Friend, Wandi's baby should be someone else not Senzo, i wish Senzo ends things with Jason so he can be with his baby mama, out of love, not out of obligation!

30 Aug 2012 10:37

That would be the day! SENZO & LUNTU together sharing a bed out of love. 
Their union would not get my vote I wish Sbu & Wandi can stop fooling each under and get it on. 
NIC boy playing the hard2impress landlory hayiboo Akhona what have U got yourself into gal, if I were You I would pack my bags and leave rightaway.

30 Aug 2012 10:42

@Steffie, u Akhona will regret her move once Nic is done with her. She is too messy for Nic.

30 Aug 2012 10:46

 @Friend Akhona is the type of women who can't accept they made a mistake in choosing a partner.

30 Aug 2012 10:55

Yeah, Akhona should just get her bags and move back home, Nic is just not that into her......

it's a nice thing to have both parents when growing up, to get all the love you deserve as a child not being tossed between parents, it's traumatic.....

30 Aug 2012 10:59

Even STATISTICS shows that people who grow up deprived of happy childhood tend to be cling and live to impress and get approval from other poeple to feel whole. Shame Akhona for your parents not being the for you when you needed them in your crucial years.

30 Aug 2012 11:00

If Wandi really had a child with Sbu, 'maybe' it's Jason but not Senzo, because he appeared on Gen after Busi's death claiming her to be his aunt and Sbusiso didnt want to blv that. Then they had to do DNA and they matched as father and son. Then the aunt (from mother's side) also came into the soapie revealing that Senzo is really Sbuda's son and his mother died. So if Mfundi later tell us that Senzo is Mawande and Sbuda's son he would be really playing mind games with us.

30 Aug 2012 11:08

Pity for Akhona, trowing yourself to Nic like that. The guy has given you million signs that he is not that into you kodwa still uyohlala naye. I really feel sory for you ngoba you'll never find happiness.

30 Aug 2012 11:20

30 Aug 2012 11:29

I second that ,Nick is a player  and most likely always will be .Akhona is trying to hard to please him ,the sooner she realises Nick is non commitment and no strings attached guy the better for her.Girl you are representing all the young ladies out there WAKE UP!!


30 Aug 2012 11:36

Nic doesn't want Akhona staying with him because he feels if the r/ship sours Mawande might use it against him getting the MD's position which he thinks is his

Akhona should have moved to Siqalo Court ayeke ukuthand' izinto

It would be interesting if Jason turns out to be a real Dlomo cos he has always longed to be a part of that family but incest hayi I dont think Gen wud go that far phela ibaomination leyo

30 Aug 2012 11:39

...what if Akhona is pregnant, remember she forgot to take her pill, Nic asked her about it yesterday......anyway, i don't think they can have two women pregnant at the same time in a soapie, or is it possible?

i feel sorry for Khethiwe, having to live with her son so far away, like the wise say, you never know what you had until you've lost it.......not that she's lost her son but if she'd been umama oqhotho her son would still be in Jozi

30 Aug 2012 11:42

Hi amabloggers, this month seems to be interesting.  Ntaksay, point of correction, senzo thot that busi is his mom, not his aunt.  i really dont approve senzo and Jason's relationship, i just hope and pray something will happen that's tear them appart. as for Khethiwe, i feel sorry for her shame.

leka dag to you all,  I am @ work and bored

30 Aug 2012 11:49

Hawu kanti uNic ushaya dry hawu Akhona bandla lmao iplayer eso

She must just take the emergency ntoni ntoni yhu the tht of Akhona preggies by Nic yoh that wud be drama

30 Aug 2012 11:52

yho what if Jason really is Mawande's son with Sbusiso and he doesn't know about it

30 Aug 2012 11:52

yho what if Jason really is Mawande's son with Sbusiso and he doesn't know about it

30 Aug 2012 11:58

Mangqezu, uNic ushaya dry, akafuni ukuthi kube namacobweb azosalela emuva, ufun'ukuthi umaeqeda lapho inhlinziyo yakhe ibijabule.....

Mawande will die of stress should that happen Mangqezu, her heart will just stop, drama on top of another..........

30 Aug 2012 12:12

Me and you both Reba, i'm extremely bored! Wish i could go home and sleep, nothing to do in the office! My boss told me this morning that we worked very yesterday so today we doing nothing....all i'm doing today is blogging......

30 Aug 2012 12:15

Akhona should know better, opening the oven without a condom, they don't even know thier Hi virus statuses. I smell a bun in the oven (Kyla's bro/sis).

30 Aug 2012 12:32

Morning all!!. . . A BUN IN THE OVEN!!. .YHO i would'nt wish that for her. . . Yesterday's episode was a lil bit boring. I am tired of this adoption issue, wish they could just get over wth it and move on to something else. .

30 Aug 2012 13:26

@Reba1i really dont approve senzo and Jason's relationship, i just hope and pray something will happen that's tear them appart..i 2nd you i wish Senzo could be with Luntu 

i feel Khethi's pain its very painfull not to be around your child ..nami few weeks back i left my 4 months baby at home hayi i tell you akukhomnandi..  
i couldnt hold my self especialy when khehi was crying.. 
lomhlaliswano ka Nic & Akhona andiwuboni kakuhle ..

30 Aug 2012 13:39

U khethi brought it upon herself by grooving and cheating too much, is for  good cause Mpilo will get all the love from Sara. 
That is what happen when you put much emphasis on buliding your career and negleting your loved ones. She should be happy now the disruption has gone to KZN

30 Aug 2012 14:01

i'm not trying to justify Khethiwe's cheating but she's always been afraid of using Khaphela's okapi that's why she went looking for a table knife which she found kuBen10,which is not good though....she was also still shocked by what happened to her; the Belinda saga, Ezweni's downsizing and the return of Sarah......having your child taken away from you is not good, she may not have been the world's greatest mum but she learnt her lesson after the Ben10 thingy and got her act together when it came to her child....

30 Aug 2012 14:06

Hi everyone just cnt w8 2 watch ol da drama dats cumin. love you guyz.

Royal Highness
30 Aug 2012 14:20

ooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh xolani coming bck,zodwa bck everything is so culon ggg  watch it guyz cause wats happening its mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

30 Aug 2012 14:28

Hi Guyz nna i dnt feel pity for Kheti ke moipolai osallelweng *my opinion* 2 much drama nxt month i must say

30 Aug 2012 14:32

shame with akona running and chasing after nic nw wen he is infected wat is akona i so sorry for poor ngamla so stressful  abwt hes little nunu and noluntu is making the wrng decissions

30 Aug 2012 14:36

Hi Guyz
uKhethiwe uyalayeka . 

30 Aug 2012 14:52

The sense of security that khethi gets from being with khaphela is costing her dearly.

30 Aug 2012 14:54

(Women In Charge Of Everything)

Is proud to announce the opening of its

Note: due to the complexity and level of difficulty, each course will accept a maximum of eight participants

The course covers two days, and topics covered in this course include:


Step by step guide with slide presentation

Roundtable discussion

Practising with hamper (Pictures and graphics)

Debate among a panel of experts.

Losing the remote control - Help line and support groups

Starting with looking in the right place
Instead of turning the house upside down while screaming -
Open forum


Group discussion and role play

PowerPoint presentation

Real life testimonial from the one man who did

Driving simulation

Online class and role playing

Relaxation exercises, meditation and breathing techniques

Bring your calendar or PDA to class

Individual counsellors available

30 Aug 2012 15:13

Hi to all the ladies ,yes if you are not a lady you can close your eyes.
If you are a person who likes reading please get this book.
SECRETE FASCINATING OF WOMANHOOD- my dearest you dont know how we are so responsible for all the divorce and separations in our relationships

30 Aug 2012 15:29

Its quiet an interesting read @ Maud.

30 Aug 2012 15:29

@ bomyy i so wish that hubby can b there.he leaves empty cartoons of milk in the fridge js coz am de one who put it dere.when he us off i find himself hungry waitin for mi 2 make him food.b2g. Zodwa is such a bore.let them improve her faciality

30 Aug 2012 15:33

Women responsible for divorces and separation... HOW?? @Maud.

30 Aug 2012 15:40

its a good book @maud but I wouldn't go as far as declaring that women are entirely responsible for all the seperations and divorce. 

There's things to learn from the book but there's also junk in my opinion cos the book eg practically discourages women holding jobs which I think is nonsense.

30 Aug 2012 15:49

takes 2 to tango

30 Aug 2012 16:22

@ bomyy i so wish that hubby can b there.he leaves empty cartoons of milk in the fridge js coz am de one who put it dere.when he us off i find himself hungry waitin for mi 2 make him food.b2g. Zodwa is such a bore.let them improve her faciality

30 Aug 2012 16:23

@ bomyy i so wish that hubby can b there.he leaves empty cartoons of milk in the fridge js coz am de one who put it dere.when he us off i find himself hungry waitin for mi 2 make him food.b2g. Zodwa is such a bore.let them improve her faciality

30 Aug 2012 16:37

is you take it that way, but look at the brighter side of it .
We working woman who earns more than their husbands tend to have a big ego and thinks that because they have money they can rule their husbands.
They loose respect and replace (ours) with mine
My car
My house
My money
My kids
I will buy this
I will pay for this
you dont do that to your husband it destroys the relationship.
she wants to be a decision maker,She chooses school for kids.


30 Aug 2012 17:47

Like mangqezu i also came across stuff i felt was junk in the book.. Men are not babies we want them to be.. marriage is an adult thing it takes both adults involved to make it work. This stereotypes are just misleading.

30 Aug 2012 19:18

Mangqezu, I got contacts darl, so ke sure ka story. Kidding. My personal analysis gives me confidence that Mawande has no other child, I just cant explain it. Time will bear me witness.

Gegelgege and Kerrie, Senzo cannot be Mawande's son since we saw Senzo's maternal aunt from Ghana, or some country i forget..

Jase cannot be Mawande and Sbusiso's son because I remeber him briefly talking of an abusive father at some point, but wouldnt go into details.

Imagine a pregnant plus HIV + Akhona.. Eish..

30 Aug 2012 19:18

ah...jason n senzo brthrs cnt be cz e drama wl be too thrby klln ngamla...sowie guyz i dissapprve

30 Aug 2012 19:24

Chixxxxx *shouting my lungs out*..
Ukhuphi? Hau! U nyamalele nje.. Ngiya ku khumbula.. (Somebody correct my Zulu - trying to piece lines I get  from Gens)

31 Aug 2012 07:18

@maud thats so true woman who earns more than their hubby  tend to forget their roots.

Ngwana yoo sa utlweng molao wa batsadi..............thats all i can say to Akhona..and that should remain a teaching to most of us.

31 Aug 2012 08:05

Morning Gen Bloggers

31 Aug 2012 08:24

@ mimibob nami angyiazi  ukhuthi ukhuphi(chix) i send her an email only to find that she's not responding then i called her she's also not respondning i just hope and believe that she'e owk, will try to call her work place number(landline) am starting to be worried kaloku will let you know if i found something ............


31 Aug 2012 08:51

@KKESS I find ur statement very funny on forgetting their roots but I will not comment on it

BTG this adoption story line is getting boring when they kept on about it I just went to bed

31 Aug 2012 08:55

Happy Friday bloggers

31 Aug 2012 08:57

One night a man bought a lady for sex. So when making love to this lady, she started chewing gum.

The man complained to the lady, "Why o ja chapisi o sa nthuse go theneka?"

The lady replied, "Mongwe le mongwe o ja se a se rekileng, ja kuku o lese go ntena


31 Aug 2012 09:13

lol aya 
morning mabloggers

update hle bathong kea likupa phela ne kiko DARK CITY

Mrs Chix
31 Aug 2012 09:18

Senzo wants everything, the baby and Jason...He can not have it both ways, he is now irritating me. If Senzo and JAson wants a baby they should make their own just like Luntu said.. Luntiu can be very selfish but I am on her side on this one

31 Aug 2012 09:24

Aya's joke kwaa kwaa.You got an eye for them jokes ka dicobwebs..

31 Aug 2012 09:48

this woman urude shame lmao @aya

31 Aug 2012 09:59

@Mimibob and Ayashah I am over here guys... *with a whispering voice* 

Morning to you all BLOGGERS!!! Yhooo it hasn't even been the 1st of September and you guys are already at 141 replies!!!

When it comes to marriage my dearest... I doubt books can fix the problems. Sometimes people read and feel they need to make some changes but when circumstances force and push them then they revert to their old selves!!! Anyway that is a story of another day!!!

B2G: I hope after the baby kicks on Monday Luntu is not just going to change her mind about the abortion and adoption but will want to give Senzo a chance to also experience!!! Who knows they may even grow a bond and Senzo may realise that he doen't just want to be a WEEKEND DAD but a full time father!!! Nam shame I do not want Jason and Senzo... I want Senzo and Luntu!!! Jason is playing Senzo... he doesn't love him as he used to... his decisions towards Senzo are always made to spite Sbu and to me that is JUST NOT LOVE!!!

31 Aug 2012 10:44

elow chix aw i called you wantd to tell you that sept teasers are out lol am gld that you owk

b2g am actually tired about this baby thing
hey hey i totaly dnt need a man like nic did you see what he did to akhona izolo guys iyoo" i need my place clean blah blah blah xuuu!

so choppa wan't to be a managerof model now wow  but i think he's desperate, did you see mj's muscles when he was at the gym i was like wow he's awesome  did anyone have his number ploease lol

31 Aug 2012 11:06

Morning guys 

Senzo mst learn dat he cant hav he's bread buttered both syds....if u find dem pls sms dem 2 me @ Ayashah

31 Aug 2012 11:11

ahwa goldi i wnt him for me aw

31 Aug 2012 11:13

Hayi uAkhona uyabheda my mother also taught me that..... clean as u go....... u never cook without a towel to clean the stove as u go at my house

uAkhona is forcing lomkipito wabo wasn't it long ago uNic was giving her some of her clothes back to take home cos its crowding his space next thing she's moving in

31 Aug 2012 11:16

Haaa Ayashah and Goldi... I don't know how true this is guys and PLEASE do not bite my head OFF but I was reading an article on which is my second blogging home... anyway it was a function that the writer of the article had gone to; so she posted pictures of whose who of the Schlebville and on one photo was MJ and one blogger commented that HE IS GAY!!!!

Does anyone else know about this or were those bloggers just being bloggers??? Is the dude really GAY???

Me am just asking now oh anyway I have my own SUPERMAN!!!

31 Aug 2012 11:32

iyho what a waste @Chix not that I have the hotts for him but for Aya and Goldi's sake lol

The same with Mam Ruby being lesbian shocked me