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Generations Teasers - August 2012

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Generations Teasers on 31 Jul 2012
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Coming up on Generations this August, 2012:

Wednesday 1 August 2012
Episode 155 (3657)

Sara is livid when Khaphela suggests she go back home. Akhona is jealous to hear how Nicholas got to work. A heartfelt confession leaves Mawande stunned.

Thursday 2 August 2012
Episode 156 (3658)

Khethiwe is not looking forward to doing what she knows she has to. Things are going from bad to worse for Choppa. The negotiations between the Memelas and Dlomos get off to a rocky start ...

Friday 3 August 2012
Episode 157 (3659)

Jason sets an ultimatum which leaves Senzo trapped. Mawande makes a startling discovery. Ngamla is furious that Queen sold her shares.

Monday 6 August 2012
Episode 158 (3660)

Caleb puts a shocking demand on the negotiation table. Ace's good intentions end up costing him his job. Nicholas deliberately plays on Akhona's insecurities.

Tuesday 7 August 2012
Episode 159 (3661)

Sara is devastated about what Matthew tells her. Lungile is over the moon after receiving some good news. Desperate Senzo asks Phenyo for help.

Wednesday 8 August 2012
Episode 160 (3662)

There's shock and horror when Ezweni's new shareholder is revealed. Jason blurts out the truth in a moment of anger. Khethiwe explains why it's so vital for her to keep the peace.

Thursday 9 August 2012
Episode 161 (3663)

Noluntu is unimpressed when Ngamla changes his tune. Caleb deliberately lets the cat out the bag. Dineo is shocked by what happens at the Ainra Charuma seminar.

Friday 10 August 2012
Episode 162 (3664)

Queen's world comes crashing down around her. Sara is elated about what Khaphela asks of her. His father's words are like a dagger in Senzo's heart.

Monday 13 August 2012
Episode 163 (3665)

Akhona's mood is spoilt when the subject of Lisa comes up. MJ decides to confront the man responsible for his family's pain. Manipulative Khethiwe cleverly ruins a happy moment.

Tuesday 14 August 2012
Episode 164 (3666)

Matthew is over the moon when his dream comes true. Jason snaps when Noluntu pushes his buttons. Sara decides to give up the fight.

Wednesday 15 August 2012
Episode 165 (3667)

Senzo makes a shocking discovery in the study. Khethiwe lies about how the fire got started. Queen receives bad news and is more depressed than ever.

Thursday 16 August 2012
Episode 166 (3668)

Akhona is willing to fight for her man. Phenyo decides to publish a story against Ngamla's wishes. Noluntu's accusation hits a nerve with Mawande.

Friday 17 August 2012
Episode 167 (3669)

Queen resorts to desperate measures to safeguard her old job. Senzo's good intentions are thrown back in his face. Matthew doesn't know how to break bad news and lies instead.

Monday 20 August 2012
Episode 168 (3670)

MJ doesn't like hearing good things about his father's nemesis, especially not from his mother. Noluntu doesn't know it's a bad idea to leave a child unattended … Khethiwe is floored when Sara extends an olive branch to her.

Tuesday 21 August 2012
Episode 169 (3671)

Akhona gets an unexpected tongue-lashing. Choppa is furious after hearing some bad news. Mawande is shocked to hear the latest in the baby saga.

Wednesday 22 August 2012
Episode 170 (3672)

Matthew's stunned when he gets given an ultimatum. Senzo begs Noluntu to change her mind about the adoption. Queen resorts to blackmail in her desperation.

Thursday 23 August 2012
Episode 171 (3673)

Ngamla is taken aback when an ex-employee breaks down in front of him. Khaphela lets rip after being lied to. Nicholas is fed up with the Memela's family problems.

Friday 24 August 2012
Episode 172 (3674)

A tabloid journalist drops a bomb at Ezweni's press conference. Sara admits she's not happy in Jo'burg anymore. The party-goers are shocked by what Choppa has to say.

Monday 27 August 2012
Episode 173 (3675)

Khethiwe is devastated about Khaphela's decision. Noluntu finds the perfect parents for her unborn baby. Jason has had a change of heart.

Tuesday 28 August 2012
Episode 174 (3676)

It's a teary farewell as a mother bids farewell to her son. Nicholas is not impressed when Mawande takes him on in front of the staff. An unexpected email gets Queen's blood boiling.

Wednesday 29 August 2012
Episode 175 (3677)

Choppa sees a competition in Gloss which sets his mind racing. It's her first day and already Akhona's in trouble with her new landlord. Lungile reveals why he upped and left without any explanation.

Thursday 30 August 2012
Episode 176 (3678)

Senzo follows Jason's advice and tells the Mabuzas the truth. Nicholas is struggling to adjust to his new living arrangements. Noluntu decides it's time to make good on her threat.

Friday 31 August 2012
Episode 177 (3679)

Choppa isn't going to back off until MJ says yes. Queen's determined to use her assets to get what she wants. Khaphela is taken aback to hear what Khethiwe's plans are.

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31 Jul 2012 08:45

Hello Bloggers.

31 Jul 2012 08:45


31 Jul 2012 08:49

31 Jul 2012 08:49

Mrng guyz i m new here, i hope i wil enjoy my stay

31 Jul 2012 08:51

Fifth yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

31 Jul 2012 08:53

m new nd m 6th

31 Jul 2012 08:55

Hi all please excuse my ill manners. i am delighted to be here hope u all well now i go read

31 Jul 2012 08:55

Sara will be sent back home.  Kheti you've got Khapela wraped around you little fingers.

31 Jul 2012 08:58


31 Jul 2012 08:58

So Noluntu is a Dlomo??????

31 Jul 2012 09:00

yeeeeeeeeeeey!! l made the top 12....hello guyz.

nela n..x...u
31 Jul 2012 09:01

Finaly......let me go n read....

31 Jul 2012 09:01

Yeeeeeep top 12

31 Jul 2012 09:02

Sphalaphala en Luvly.....Let me welcome u sincengiyigqibha lale khaya LOL abaningi bangibiza tl tl

Enjoy the Generubbish blog en plz remember we only blog abt Generations here not long lost cuzin or other soapies LOL

For more details Caro will help u tl tl tl 

Now let the little Jada read en TAG

31 Jul 2012 09:02

queen uyalayeka nd lungiles gone... Generations is hooooott

31 Jul 2012 09:03

atleast i manage to be on top 15 lemme go n read

31 Jul 2012 09:04

Mmmmmmh Caleb demands ten percent of the shares as part of the damages payment!!! Tjoooo Caleb is a monster but shame anyway he is protecting his family

31 Jul 2012 09:04

Top twenty... now lemme go read!!!

31 Jul 2012 09:05


31 Jul 2012 09:05

BIGMAMA... Where did u get that??????

31 Jul 2012 09:05

Morning bloggers hope you all well

31 Jul 2012 09:07

hot hot hot this month , is Queen losing her job? sara leaving jozi?

Mrs Chix
31 Jul 2012 09:08


31 Jul 2012 09:13

Ncooooo poor Ntuntu owazibonelwa uSbusiso decided to take the baby for an adoption. 
Sarah I've been telling u this u will neva be Khaphela's first lady.
 Akhona aike wena uzitshele kakhulu ngoNicholas kusamele athi ukukudlala kancane uloke uzenza isbhaxu esibhedayo.
 Senzo en Jason ai shem ur love is unbreakble abaniyeke
. Sbusiso I wonder wat u gonna do abt dis mbuzi ewu-Caleb.
jesu wamane wamshiya kanjalo nje uQueen ncooooo

31 Jul 2012 09:13

kwa kwa kwa @ Sara being told to go back home let me read the rest 

Morning y'all

31 Jul 2012 09:14

Hayi Gegelegege where did you get that!!! Heeee hawu people are HOW kante???

Sounds like it is going to be on fire even though there is just too much MISTERY!!! Well I guess it is a way of getting us glued to our screens!!! Yhooo yhooo yhooo!!!

Jason and Senzo will you break-up ALREADY please this is tiring!!!

31 Jul 2012 09:14

thax manicure my gmil i not working

genration is hoooott this month ccnt miss evn a single

31 Jul 2012 09:21

Hey Chix got it from TV Plus, sure it will be very hoooooooot. Lool like this baby was a blessing in disguise for Caleb to get back to Sbuda!!!!

31 Jul 2012 09:27

Three months in a row... Generations is hot hot hot! What has happened to that scxript person or Mfundi! This drama is giving me palpitations - KEEP IT COMING/!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

31 Jul 2012 09:29

Luntu is unimpressed when Ngamla changes his tune, who would have thought. Ngamla was so attached to this baby and Luntu giving away the child for abortion. Very interesting.

Nibenosuku oluhle maGenlovers (have a good day Genlovers)

31 Jul 2012 09:29

uQueen ithatha nje kwaphela

31 Jul 2012 09:33

u welcome Aya, its rocking hot here this month, newcomers u are all welcome, today is a busy day so dont think that we are not giving u a warm welcome, its only that we are excited about the new teasers. 

31 Jul 2012 09:43

after al what queen did to lungile, she just thought lungile is going to leave her like that.................. she is tasting her own medicine

31 Jul 2012 09:46

Noluntu is unimpressed when Ngamla changes his tune......................LOL hawu akaseyena uNtuntu manje lmao

31 Jul 2012 10:00

Luntu so soooon,hayi can Mfundi let Caleb go pliz he doesnt belong here

31 Jul 2012 10:19

Its little bit boring dis mnnth

31 Jul 2012 10:35

@Ntaksay... I think Ngamla will change his tune when Caleb asks for 10% of Ezweni shares if Gegelegege's story is TRUE... Ngamla loves his grand baby but NOTHING is WORTH those shares... I think Caleb is going to ask for that 10% to show Luntu that Ngamla doesn't really see her worthy of letting go of "just 10%" of his worth... anyway Caleb probably thinks he has leverage because of what Jason said that day when he told him (Caleb) that who ever has that 5% of shares has a lot because Sbusiso would give anything to own the whole of Ezweni.

Caleb is just pushing his luck there. What in this world maketh him think he can just waltz in and get 10% when Sbusiso didn't give it to Jason who was holding Sbu's and Ezweni's fate is his hands with that file... I mean really just compare the file contents and Luntu's baby!!! They don't even come close!!!

31 Jul 2012 10:53

Gen is hot dis month, wont mic it esp da beby saga.

31 Jul 2012 10:59

uCaleb akekho serious sekubhadalwa amadamages ngamashares lol he's just a fool no wonder Mawande put him in his place by telling him she built her company or her own so he must just chill

 It would be better if he just goes and dies in some warzone

31 Jul 2012 11:09

Generations is mos steaming hot this month!

Palesa Shillz
31 Jul 2012 11:59

Hi guys m new here.igama uPalesa Moloi.M a huge fan of the blog

Palesa Shillz
31 Jul 2012 12:00

Hi guys m new here.igama uPalesa Moloi.M a huge fan of the blog

sexy d
31 Jul 2012 12:30

Looks like its gonna be intresting indeed can't wait

love love tv
31 Jul 2012 12:36

hayi man Jason and Senzo need to break up man, Senzo is breaking Luntu's heart, he should just leave Jas and focus on Luntu n the baby, as for Khapela iyoo bathong Khetiwe o mo jesitseng, he just can't get away from her.

nela n..x...u
31 Jul 2012 12:39

"Sara decides to give up the fight."
 Hahaha... ukhon'o zogxothwa shem lol.... tshisa Bra Khaps usisi khokho wena. or should i say Ukhethiwe

31 Jul 2012 13:01

@Mangqezu... can you imagine how much those shares are worth.... we are talking MILLIONS... hayi even LOBOLA has not reached the R200 000 MARK... why should damages be that expensive!!! Heeee so Caleb yena is just seeing a get-rich-quick opportunity!!! This pregnancy is going to turn SOUR I can just smell it!!!

As Khapela le Khethiwe wa gage.... NO COMMENT!!! My GAWD that woman is just something else... Khaphela just forgave her, no questions asked, no explaination. All she had to do was make Sara look bad and she was forgiven!!! Can someone please remind me again... WHY DID KHAPELA MARRY SARA????

31 Jul 2012 13:12

Hie guys aem new here:Luntu shame,as for Khwti that gal is amanipulator with acapital M.

Palesa Shillz
31 Jul 2012 13:22

Usarah nje mst jus leave ukhaphela qha.ngeke nje ngiyohlala ema farm,wts da point of gtn marid if gna live far 4rm ur man?

31 Jul 2012 13:39

sounds interesting..lemme go read....

31 Jul 2012 14:06

No mention of Khaphela's 3rd wife.

Palesa Shillz
31 Jul 2012 14:10

Gen is hot ds month ayeye

31 Jul 2012 14:40

@Chix Why did Khapela marry Sara? He loved her and things changed when she couldn't have children.  But Khapela's heart belongs to Khethiwe, she only Loves Sara because of her good behaviour and she's old fashioned like him.

As for the third wife she is no competition for Khethiwe, no one is and Sara is the good example of that.

31 Jul 2012 15:29

Am a new member, gen wl be rocking ds month.

31 Jul 2012 15:29

Am a new member, gen wl be rocking ds month.

ownah m p
31 Jul 2012 19:09

Ooh! I gues sara wil leave jozi with mpilo ijo..mamelas oooh! Wil jas leave caleb n mamela media after findng out the truth ijo hot staf!!

31 Jul 2012 19:46

Evening genlovers! August looks good, can senzo n Jase get married tho! Noluntu fanele asale elenga, she seduced Senzo, Senzo never said anythin about love n comitment.... Akafune indoda yakhe ayeke awabanye As for Khethiwe... I wish Khaps alobole that young gal behind her back, she should find out afterwards that she's got new competition just when she thinks she has won.

31 Jul 2012 20:01

Ja ney eish Akhona is ugly tjooooo

31 Jul 2012 20:05

Am loving every minute of Luntu's heartbreak...

31 Jul 2012 20:18

Shame poor Noluntu sharing ur man with another man , imagine!!!

31 Jul 2012 20:32

@Kandyfloss but shame its not good for the pregnant woman

31 Jul 2012 20:52

Hi guyz,Generations rocks! But I wonder hw Khaphela will manage his 3 wives esahlulwa ilawa aw2 nje.

31 Jul 2012 20:53

Awwwwww,,,my poor swt Choppa..

31 Jul 2012 21:01

@ gele.. what is the pregnant woman thinking.. She should know when to let go of her silly stunts. That senzo o re jasonweee!

31 Jul 2012 21:46

I don't get it.. Is Jason in love with Senzo?

01 Aug 2012 02:10

I am not impressed by this months teasers, but action always gets my blood pumping. Ok everything seems like not going the way i wanted to, Sarah and Ntuntu are crashed! Don't tell that Lungule yavaya mna? Am Nicolus is he moving in with the Memelas? And i thin we have a new family the Mabuvas? I was hoping for Whites to be at the soapie kanjani. Lv Generations.

comented 1st
01 Aug 2012 07:39

shame luntu bantu..its sad that she will be cought in all this drama
kaleb wants shares for luntu's pregnancy..eish his selfish hey.

remember khaphela is leaving generations so im thinking he will take his sarah and zodwa with as well as mpilo.

lungile u yabaleka...sis [his weak for a men]

noluntu knows that when she plays the adoption part with senzo his gonna want to marry her so they can raise their child together [his got experince in adoptive parents]

as for tired of hearing about churumba churumba always
get over it girl


01 Aug 2012 08:36

happy iam enjoying dis wow

01 Aug 2012 09:12

Zodwa is getting so desperate to marry Khapela, she can see that there's no happiness in the Ngcobo kodwa still she wants to be part of that and she knows that Khapela loves Khethiwe and that's that.

Who are the Mabuzas I thought Senzo was adopted by the Zondos or is it his maternal family??????.

01 Aug 2012 09:14

Generations Actress always start off dark in complexion n end up lighter, the likes of Ntombi, Karabo, Khethiwe, Dineo, Patricia wen then started they were not as light in complexion. in no time u'll see Akhoni light as well.

01 Aug 2012 09:18

wow! just wow!!!! bigs up generations! tjooo!!!

i am speechless!!!

i need coffee

morning guys!

01 Aug 2012 09:33

morning  all, didnt watch gen yesterday i was from memorial service and hell i was  tired 

guess wat happen today in the morning, i was with caro  coming to work, while we were stayin waiting for the robot to open a certain man came he wasin his car then he asked where are you guys going  then  caro  library guidance, then the guy said let me just give you a lift, then  i said to  caro  the minute we take one step the guy said "am joking"  the robot oen the guy turn to the right hahahaha o loled so hard while caro yena o busy li o rugwana(sp)  

01 Aug 2012 09:34

hahahahahahahahahahaha ayashash,nizithanda kabi izinto zamahala, sorry sisi va? lol

01 Aug 2012 09:36

i said to caro lets go girl***text missing
hey bommy you guys left e alone in language blog

01 Aug 2012 09:37

good mowning guys..

 yaa khethi o swere Khaps ka nko str8, noluntu playing dirty its neva gonna work. yena le Jase they r irritating me xeem. as for senzo i wish he cud js decide gore o nyakang..
who exactly is going to pop up the money for "nhlaulo" as they call it?... is it senzo or the Dad?

okare ka mmona Caleb a re ke batla di-shares as 'nhlaulo " js to spite Ngamla... drama..drama...drama..

01 Aug 2012 09:56 low can you go mara... 

bommy she was  literally crying ..u cn imagine the mascaras,eyeshadows..hhahahaha i was actually lolling at her messed -up face.. the nerve of that man..imagine if i was alone or aya was.. shoo the embarassment, she wudnt have lolled so hard..yerrrr

01 Aug 2012 10:02

Sara and kaps shud just devorce & let sara start work by herself, why shud u let Caleb buy Queen's shares thats not fair on Sbuda. When is Sbuda going to enjoy his company, let them hook up with Mawande and see the reaction on Caleb, he is annoying me, find something in his closet so that we see how strong he is.

01 Aug 2012 10:06

Morning guys...eish NTUNTU..

01 Aug 2012 10:09

@Gettie I agree with u 100%..Sbu brought him back home & that's the thanx he gets

01 Aug 2012 10:22

Hey fwnds m still new here, Gen is rockas ds mnth.

01 Aug 2012 10:37


01 Aug 2012 10:51

is Luntu really going to give up the baby for adoption umm reall drama this month

01 Aug 2012 10:54

hhaha caro my face was a mess girl i saw it whn i reach my workplace fortunate enough i had my make up on my handbag, but i wasn't crying was just oling till tears falls i cnt forget this crs

i wnt deny it that car was evwen loling but on the ada hand you were saying o tlo nyela masipa ae gege, o re berekiletjo these was your words girl hahahaha  

lol at chiditula top 100 hhahaha
welcome amagale and all these who are new feel at home and lets keep the fire burning!!

am coming back with a joke  nw, where is kerrie bathong!

01 Aug 2012 11:07

Julius Malema enters a Spar Store to buy himself orange juice and sugar. He paid for the juice and walked out with the sugar under his arm , unpaid. He was arrested and locked up. During the court hearing, the judge asked him why did he only pay for the juice and stole the sugar? He replied “auw..VOETSEK man, I do not steal. At the back of the juice bottle said : SUGAR FREE! You think I’m stupid or what  hahahaha

julius malema and other ministers they went out for a drink after a long day at the office and the following were their bills:

1.Vavi =R1400.00
julius replies to the waiter and said i can pay for the first 4 people including myself but i can't pay for total as i didn't invite him and on top of that his bill is more than ours and he owns all total garages all over south africa.

01 Aug 2012 11:52

lol @ Ayashah ... you made my noon !

01 Aug 2012 12:10

tltltltlt ayashah 

gen rocks bby

Tzo mthunzi
01 Aug 2012 14:50

Hawu bantu ninjan nje nina,u guys a done comenting 4 july,m amzed indlela esekugcwele ngayo apa yooo,akwe ngiye kofuna*esho ngomoya opansi* lol

01 Aug 2012 14:56

hahaha, Aya, your joke wena! i'm here my love, was busy yesterday and this morning! welcome new comers and hello friends in the new month. iGenerations iya-rocka.

One Sunday in church, the priest was giving a sermon. In his sermon he said, "when Jesus comes, there will be whistle blows all over.....". All along a naughty little boy was listening. He took out a whistle from his pocket and blew it really loud, at the sound of this, the congregation ran for their lives, there was a human-traffic by the doors and the priest decided he is going out through the window and his robe got caught  by the window lever (that thingy you use to open the window) and he screamed, "Lord Jesus, leave me alone please, there is a lot of sinners in this church, murderers, prostitute and thieves", he managed to get his robes off the lever and he ran past the congregation and said, "Phew, that was close".....and continued running....

01 Aug 2012 15:12

hahahahhhhhhhhh Kerie and Aya, ur jokes galfriends!!!!!

hello malume Vusik (waving).

01 Aug 2012 15:17

(that thingy you use to open the window) = It is called a last.

Hello Manicure.

01 Aug 2012 15:33

... sorry ... It is called a Stay

01 Aug 2012 15:34

hahhahaha kerrie  nice one 
hey manicure,and uncle vusi

Tzo mthunzi
01 Aug 2012 15:36

Lol kerie imikhuba kubafundisi lol lol

01 Aug 2012 15:55

Thanks Vusi, long time! Manicure, ke ya Serowe ka moso, ke ba reye ke reng?

01 Aug 2012 17:01

guys enjoy your day and let it be a blessed one may God continue to bless you all love you all chao

01 Aug 2012 20:13

what about the body guard

02 Aug 2012 07:40

a beautiful morning to u all.

@ Kerrie ke ya serowe le nna gal, mpha lift ga ke tsamaye ka koloi comin bac on sat.

02 Aug 2012 08:15

Swit Pee
02 Aug 2012 10:15

Hie guys, l enjoys this blog very much bt some of e languages u use l can't understand 'em, l am kindly asking u to comment in English pliz. Thank u

02 Aug 2012 11:11

Khaphela cant help himself .when it comes to Khethiwe........I was rolling my eyes at him suggesting he wants to spend the night at her flat and there will be a vacant flat soon so Choppa and Matt can move out. uSarah must just accept Khaphela will never be happy without Khethiwe.

02 Aug 2012 11:53

Whats happening to Dineo and Phenyo's relationship at the look of things their relationship is not even mentioned in August blog is it fading away????????

02 Aug 2012 13:56

@ MaKhuu u can ask that again, um also wandering whats happening to their relationship.

02 Aug 2012 14:27

@Mangqezu... did you notice the look on his (Khapela's) face when Zodwa was going on about what a good wife she would make for Him.. hayi shame all Khapela wants is HIS KHETHIWE!!! Wonder how he would feel if Dumisani were to return... 

Hayi kodwa even uKhapela he never learns... Khethiwe was held hostage by uBelinda not very long along... not because she kidnapped her form the street but uKhetiwe walked into her trap because she (Khetiwe) thought it was Dumi... What does that tell Khapela... le yena Khapela o stupid maarn!!!

Zodwa can already see trouble is brewing there... why does she still want to be a part of that home!!!

02 Aug 2012 14:40

@ Chix: I think its because Sarah told her that if she marries Khaphela she will never need anything and her family will be well looked after because he will take care oh her.

02 Aug 2012 14:40

@ Chix  I saw it  lol........he looked more uncomfortable than anything when Zodwa was going on naye she must chill on the advertising about how brilliant she'll become lol 

uKhaphela is very selfish he seemed happy with Sara until he discovered she cant give him kids and the love seems to have faded with that disappointment......isn't it too long ago that they were lovey dovey catching up on their arrears manje umlaxaza one time when Khethi-khethi acts like she might give him her honey pot

02 Aug 2012 14:54

I wonder if khethi khethi offers the honey pot with all her heart. And that zodwa cant she leave madala alone. I didnt expect this from her.

02 Aug 2012 15:15

i can see Khethi vomitting after kissing Khaphela. i think Khaphela needs to wake up. Khethiwe doesn't love him n everybody knws. i think deep down he also knws that. its only a matter of time, Khethi will be back to her not so old tricks... to think she cheated on him w Dumisane, nw Xolani, she stabbed Dumisane, she tried to get him killed, she posioned him, she told him to his face she hates him n wants him dead... Ah Khaphela vuka!
02 Aug 2012 15:34

eishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,Kaphela,,,,,,,Noluntu just leave Senzo alone he is gay

02 Aug 2012 15:47

I wonder if khethi khethi offers the honey pot with all her heart. And that zodwa cant she leave madala alone. I didnt expect this from her.

so dead, I'm dust !

02 Aug 2012 15:48

khethiwe must just get a life and wait or Dumisane to cum backand leave poor Khaps alone.

02 Aug 2012 16:40

Khethiwe is not looking forward to doing what she knows she has to.

mayb khethi has to sika lokhekhe lol...........

02 Aug 2012 20:36

Hot hot hot

03 Aug 2012 03:23

Noluntu means business.. Well done senzo for sayin the plain truth infront of everyone.

03 Aug 2012 08:37

morning everybody wonke umzimba

kandyfloss ulalanini?

well well well luntu bathong u r 1 sick lady u knw!
 I dont trust Lungile

03 Aug 2012 09:01

lol zdwesha...

03 Aug 2012 09:22

morning guys(please let anyone translate ths joke for these who dnt understand  sestwsana/pedi

Remember the days of Bantustans/Homelands when Dr C .N Phatudi (Lebowa) and Mr P.Mphephu( Venda ) visited the White house? while at the dinner table with all dignitaries from all over the world, Mphemphu stunned all the guests by taking the big spoon meant fot dishing out rice and was just about to use it for eating when an embarassed Phatudi interruptted:'Ladies and gentlemen,before we have our dinner may I make a short prayer in my own language'? and so the prayer went;
'Hey'wena Mphemphu setlaela ke wena, leswana leo ase la go ja maan-shomisha leswana le lelenyane o tlogele gon'tlhabisa dihlong/dikgala mogare ga bahlomphegi ba dichaba-chaba-Amen.
Before a fetsa go rapela, Phatudi a bona batho ba tswaletse mahlo ebe a utswa cutlery ya expensive gold and he put it inside his jacket, kganthe Mphephu o lebeletse, ge Phatudi are Amen...Mphephu ebe are "Ladies and Gentlemen I will now show you some African see this gold cutlery, I will put it inside my jacket and take it out Phathudi's jacket"..he put the cutlery inside his jacket and went across to Phathudi and took out the cutlery that was in Phatudi's jacket, to everybody's amazement...everyone was ecstatic they all clapped and which Phatudi stood up and said and now Ladies and Gents to congratulate my fellow African in my language...I say otlonyela leVenda ke wena..I thank you

03 Aug 2012 09:43

a very beautiful friday morning to u all.

@ Zdwesha... i also do not trust Lungile, i think he is goin to run away wit Queen's money. 

03 Aug 2012 10:25

Luntu you are such a fool, Senzo will never love you and you know that and you know how you got prenant.

03 Aug 2012 12:24

hallo blogas,new boy here....

03 Aug 2012 13:17


03 Aug 2012 14:27

@ Ntaksay I think the Mabuzas is the "Noluntu finds the perfect family for her unborn baby" family. The Advice Jason is giving Senzo is to tell the Mabuzas the truth of him being the father of the Baby & wish to be part of it Is Zodwa still in JHB? Lol what is that ACe do that Jeopardizes his job? shame Nic is still childish ugh! , so Akhona decide to move in with him & got in trouble the first day Lol I wonder what is that that Senzo finds shocking in the study . Are u saying khabz is leaving generations? GENERATION IS SO MOVING THIS MONTH!!!!!

03 Aug 2012 16:21

eix i miss wtchn gen , my TV deciced nt show SABC1

03 Aug 2012 22:21

Sara getting ha hosband buck oh. Chineke! They'll find uKate guilty of scheming the fire or whatever, then decide to sail happily ever after to kzn. Bamuchithe kanjani phela uKhaphela, cos his days on set are numbered. Wish they say Luntu is Sibusiso's daughter -tjerrr umsoco ongaba lapho! Mzansi will chat it for years.

04 Aug 2012 07:13

Kwaaaa. "Jason Dlomo." Sbusiso wil freak.

04 Aug 2012 07:38

Ha guys! I lv t (GEN).T Z SO hooootttt.nd nw who are the mabuzas?

04 Aug 2012 13:22

Helo guys! Tuk me lon enuf 2 finali bng a memba, i hesitated 2 join thnkn membashp s onli open 2 SA citizens! So inluv wth generations- usd 2 cum her weneva i ws down nd al ur coments had dat magic 2 put bek a smyl n mi face

04 Aug 2012 16:57

Welcome Pabah. Feel at home. Well da rest of our family went 4 a weekend getaway. U wil meet them on Mon.

04 Aug 2012 18:19

Jason Dlomo. Sbuda is gonna kill some1

04 Aug 2012 19:30

I also wonder who the mabuzas ate.can anyone come with acorrwct guess?

04 Aug 2012 21:27

@cman mabuza's gonna adopt Luntu's baby after the disgust of her being sbusisos daughter.