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Scandal! Teasers - May 2012

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Scandal! Teasers on 26 Apr 2012
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Coming up on Scandal! in May 2012:

Tuesday 1 May 2012
Episode 1526

Fed up with Tino changing his mind about having Shakira committed, Erin lets slip to Donna about Shakira's whereabouts.

Wednesday 2 May 2012
Episode 1527

Tino diffuses the Donna threat but Shakira wants Erin to confess that she ratted her out to Donna. Tino manages to appease Erin but incenses Shakira to the point of threatening to expose the baby's paternity to Erin.

Donna gives Ruby a fictitious surname for her biological father. Ruby begins her quest to find Tim o'Connor, unaware that she's armed only with half a truth, thanks to Donna.

Thembeka seems unfazed; Jacques is leaving the newsroom to be a field reporter but betrays remorse at his farewell party when he bids her a cold goodbye.

Thursday 3 May 2012
Episode 1528

Tino makes a shattering admission to Erin, one that would challenge even the strongest of women. How will she handle it? Meanwhile Daniel confronts Donna with an ultimatum that shakes her to the core.

Monday 7 May 2012
Episode 1529

Will Tino cope with Erin's disappearance and why does Shakira's sonogram bother her so much?

Tuesday 8 May 2012
Episode 1530

Shakira shows Tino a sonogram of the baby in a further bid to win him over, but will this attempt waver his will in any way?

Thembeka's threatened by a formidable candidate who is keen on the permanent Gossip editor position. Will Thembeka stand a chance against this new threat?

Ruby is crushed when she returns from confronting who she thought was her biological father. Will this be the final gauntlet to go down on her plight for paternity?

Wednesday 9 May 2012
Episode 1531

Erin considers walking away from her marriage but will she? Ruby has been denied the chance to meet her dead "father" but is determined to find out more about him. Thembeka weaves an elaborate plan, which she hopes will eliminate the competition for the post of Gossip editor.

Thursday 10 May 2012
Episode 1532

Erin gets devastating news, while Morongwe and Eugene's relationship takes a new turn and Cole finds himself awake again, but to what?

Monday 14 May 2012
Episode 1533

How will Morongwe react to Eugene's "romantic" attempt to woo her and what will happen as Cole finally emerges from his coma? Ruby's believes her "father" is dead, but will this end her quest for closure?

Thembeka enlists Quinton in a daring scheme to eliminate her rival for the Gossip editor job, but will it succeed?

Tuesday 15 May 2012
Episode 1534

The return of Cole's memory triggers panic in Shakira. Will he remember that she shot him? Sally reveals something to Ruby that sends the girl reeling. Morongwe and Mmadika set up Thembeka for failure.

Wednesday 16 May 2012
Episode 1535

Will Donna break Cole's heart while Shakira rocks Daniel's world? Ruby gives Donna and Sally some shattering news. Thembeka's expecting to get the permanent Gossip editor position - but will she?

Thursday 17 May 2012
Episode 1536

Daniel is excited by the prospect of having another child, but is Shakira's claim that he is the father of the baby she is carrying true and how can he verify it?

Ruby and Quinton have a fall-out but what does it mean for their relationship? Will Donna force Mmadika to hire Thembeka as Gossip editor?

Monday 21 May 2012
Episode 1537

Daniel receives information from Gogo Ma Nyathi regarding Shakira's child which awaken some feelings in him. Erin wants Tino to move on from Shakira, but will he?

Will Ruby tell Quinton that Mangi kissed her and, if she does, what will it mean for the three of them?How will Mmadika get over her personal feelings towards Thembeka after having been forced to give her the gossip editor job?

Tuesday 22 May 2012
Episode 1538

Eddie develops a theory about where Shakira could be, but Donna has definitive information that she intends to exploit to her maximum benefit.

Quinton's apology to Ruby for his violent outburst bares with it a bitter twist. Thembeka is confirmed as Scandal's Gossip editor, but at what cost to her?

Wednesday 23 May 2012
Episode 1539

Tino thinks he's located Shakira's whereabouts and has to make a choice between an impossible choice between his child and his marriage.

Thursday 24 May 2012
Episode 1540

Shakira flees but leaves something for Tino. Quinton takes it upon himself to go to Durban on a mysterious mission. Kila has a proposal for Maletsatsi.

Monday 28 May 2012
Episode 1541

Sally accuses Donna of something terrible which Ruby overhears. Quinton pleads Ruby's case to Tim but Tim's reaction is not what Quinton expected. Daniel reveals some shattering news to Tino. Palesa makes a decision which pleases Kila.

Tuesday 29 May 2012
Episode 1542

Donna's skeletons come to haunt her as she's forced to admit a deep seeded secret from her past. Will this alienate Ruby for good? Erin's naively optimistic about Shakira's recent departure.

Will Fiona's suspicions regarding Tino's lies turn out to be justified? Ever the valiant soldier, Kila's noble efforts may have landed him in deep waters this time.

Wednesday 30 May 2012
Episode 1543

Tim reveals the truth about why he abandoned Ruby but makes an even more shattering revelation before asking a major favour of her.

Erin suspects foul play between Tino and Donna and confronts Tino about a mysterious advert in the paper, but Tino has the perfect pacifier for her.

Kila pays Daniel the first month's rent for the new business but Daniel's not about to make the transaction easy for him.

Thursday 31 May 2012
Episode 1544

Tim reveals the truth to Ruby, but when he meets with Donna and then Sally, he's forced to make a difficult decision.

Eugene manipulates Morongwe's emotions, Thembeka investigates Shakira's missing persons ad and Eddie makes a startling discovery about Shakira's whereabouts.

Kila's past has negative repercussions on his business plans with Maletsatsi.

Scandal! is on Mondays to Thursdays at 19h30.


26 Apr 2012 15:58

no 1 heeepiiii now let me read

26 Apr 2012 16:04


26 Apr 2012 16:06


26 Apr 2012 16:13

Tino, Erin, Shakira the saga continues. Can't wait 4 Cole 2 cum out of coma.

26 Apr 2012 17:57

3rd! Finally I can read

26 Apr 2012 18:07

This is gonna be a *bleep!* hot month of Scandal! Drama all the way

26 Apr 2012 18:11

And I have the right to say: "I told you so," I told all of you that Daniel and not Tino is the father of Shakira's baby

26 Apr 2012 18:25

Ah this is al bwt tino,shakira n erin its boring. As for cole i cnt wait

26 Apr 2012 19:22

Shakira did da nasty with Daniel yoh

26 Apr 2012 20:02

@Shanydoodle, can you please check Feb teasers please its me who said if is not Tino its Daniel, please do so -

26 Apr 2012 21:00

Sorry for stirring up trouble... When I read about Erin's disappearance my mind went crazy and I thought Shakira had something to do with it

Lili m
26 Apr 2012 21:18

No vibe

26 Apr 2012 21:33

Lmao @MsChap... I just always said that I knew for a fact that the kid was not Tino's. So since its Daniel's and Sello "Daniel" also said during the Scandal 1500th episode celebrations interview with Lorcia and Clint,that his characters getting married! So Daniel marries Shakira! This is one for the books :D

26 Apr 2012 22:24

Lol - me 2 I just wanna get a trophynyana wa bona**hides** mhmm You seems to know much ka Scandal.......

27 Apr 2012 05:41

Lol... Yes I do know a lot #Hides#. Lol I'm what you call a true fan! #death hey... Hehehehehehehe... I just like to know things,I don't like being kept in the dark,so every opportunity I get to learn something more about Scandal I am there! I read and I find out. And another thing that pushes me is the fact that I study acting and I kinda have to know about SA television and I watch a lot of soapies and at times have to judge it too in terms of story line. So I'm always learning something new. One of my lecturers actually used to be a director on Scandal and she also worked on RC,Backstage and stuff like that. Also Isidingo... But I'm always learning and finding out! Scratching and searching lol.

Menge 100
27 Apr 2012 07:44

Can't wait to see Tim, Donna's ex. Mmmmmh Mangi & Ruby 'kissing, so biach Thembeka got the permanent position..............interesting

27 Apr 2012 16:51

Yah, yah, yah I can see u're a true(die-hard) fan...LOL - "But I'm always learning and finding out! Scratching and searching" I LOVE THIS PART OF YOUR INFO....Wow

Mrs Chix
27 Apr 2012 21:51

Scandal is so scandelous. May is going to be hot hot hot..... Shakira that woman never cease to amaze me

27 Apr 2012 23:10

Lol! Shakira never seizes to amaze anyone! She knows Tino is not the father but still she strings the dumbass along! @MsChap... I'm a "Scandal PI! Hehehehehe! Jokes! I just love the soap and I think its brilliant hey!

sexy d
30 Apr 2012 09:41

hello gud people so daniel is the family mare guys wen did they do the dance or was it a time wen she was supposely kidnapped pls refresh my memory guys

sexy d
30 Apr 2012 12:33

sorry guys meant daniel is the father of shakira baby......

30 Apr 2012 13:06

Hello Sexy d, yah I think they did the dance, that time cause they didn't show us ge ba dirana.... LOL! mhmm I'm just picturing Daniel and Shakira... hahahahaha

30 Apr 2012 16:47

You guys are joking! It will be a very cold day in hell when Shakira and Daniel get married all I can say is Lord have mercy on Newtown! My good people I'm telling you NOW!!!!! Those two as one! I forsee great pain they are the two BossBitches of crime and all things bad! Donna better watch her back cause it is ON!!!

01 May 2012 15:09

Lmao! They call Sharkira Shark-ira... Slutkira and now Sha-killer! I'm just dying at how creative people can be!!!!!! I'm speculating and thinking... What could the devastating news be that Erin receives? I'm wondering... Could it be that Erin can't conceive? Ahhh nee man!

01 May 2012 20:59

How is it that I'm always right? I knew it! That's the news that Erin will receive! That she can't fall pregnant

02 May 2012 09:42

Shark Tino , Donna , Erin what a scandal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

03 May 2012 20:07

Daniel can you please sit down man you make me sick....

03 May 2012 21:42

Hey guys im a newbie on the forum :) scandal sounds like its just starting to heat up...

03 May 2012 23:27

I hate Slutkira le tino wa hae they deserve each other! Siblings my voet! Nxa *pissed*

04 May 2012 00:07

What an amazingly heartfelt episode by Lorcia Cooper/Erin on Scandal! OMW that was so extremely great she's even Trending on Twitter and got congrats by people like Kelly Khumalo and other co workers! That was extremely amazing! Gosh everybody is feeling for Erin! Its so sad

04 May 2012 09:31

@Shanyd can you please come and update me what happened to Erin please, please I really want know... the only part I saw they were having a meeting at boardroom with Daniel... As for Wednesday I missed it too...... @Madee welcome

04 May 2012 11:32

04 May 2012 11:35

Hi good ppl am a newly blogger. @shanydoodle I was also impressed with Lorcia's perfomance,really heartfelt

04 May 2012 11:39

@Madee24 warm welcome @Mschap Slutkira was talking to Tino about the baby in Tino's office and Erin overheard that the baby is Tino's and she ask Tino is it true that Tino was lost os words. Erin cryed like crazy, it was so emotional (it make me cry) it was for real. Next morning she came to ask the same question and Tino was trying to explain she say the it a yes/no answer. she start crying like the day before. I felt sorry fro Erin.

04 May 2012 11:39

@Ndazo welcome

04 May 2012 11:40

04 May 2012 11:45

I really felt sorry for Erin last night,, she  was really in tears. She made me shed a tear also. I was once involved in a relationship like that and seeing Erin cry like that, it brough back the memories, the pain and the resentment I have towards that barstard i thought loved mi.

04 May 2012 11:48

Guys I am really new to scandal, is Tino and that pregnant crazy lady really brother and sister?

04 May 2012 12:23

@bomyy, yah they share a father.

04 May 2012 12:47

daym, that lady is really sick!

04 May 2012 13:01

Helang bathong!  Why is this scandal playing our minds like this now?  Shakira only found last month she's preggies and now the tummy is showing so big?  Nah ..... they cant just put us on fast-forward, we need to grasp the idea that Shakira is preggies.

And ...................... if Daniel is the father, Tino better do something na le yena coz its seems he also have a problem in shooting.  That dude is sooooooooooooooo stupid yey!

Can someone shoot and kill Eugene, i cant stand that guy, that look, that scar, that sneaking, all about him is disguisting!!!


04 May 2012 13:30

@QueenBee I'm with you about Eugen and I don't think he like Mo, maybe his playing with her/ maybe his working for Mo's husband.

sexy d
04 May 2012 13:54

@Madee24 welcum dear

@QueenBee lenna i was so surprised i mean i dnt think it was suppose to show so quite or did the writers forgot that they intoduced the whole pregnacy to us last month

04 May 2012 14:01

@ QB Ya neh, maybe the baby is really Daniels, thats why she's big. 
I don't like the fact that Donna is sending poor Ruby on a wild goose chase, giving her wrong info, poor gal

04 May 2012 15:25

@Andzon - Dankie san! Shame Erin wa batho, she I'll be fine, mara is not gonna be easy for her thinking gore Shakira is caring Tino's child......... I think it's time for Shakira to tell Tino the truth about the pregnancy gore is not the father of her unborn child...... danm you Slutkira!

05 May 2012 10:05

@Ms Chap... Just elaborating on the info Given on Erin's performance... Yes she did come back the next day and asked Tino flat out if he's the father. He tried to pull the "whatever happened". Erin went straight up to his face and said "its a simple yes or no question". He told her "I thought it was you". Shakira also tried to say something and Tino shut her ip telling him his talking to his wife. Erin then said to Tino "she's your sister" and he told her again that he thought it was her she then told him in Afrikaans [LOL]. You are sick and then said you are both sick! She turned around to walk away and Tino tried to grab her arm when Erin turned around she hit him through his face telling him "YOU DISGUST ME". She got into the lift and cried like crazy leaving Tino just standing there... So me yday I went on YOU TUBE to watch some Scandal videos then I found the next on Scandal for the next 3days... Damn Shakira sees the sonogram on Monday and counts back on the calendar she counts back to last november when she was living with Daniel. On Tuesday Tino is set to have her put into a madhouse but she shows him a sonagram of the baby... On her computer mind u.... Erin also talks to her mother on wednesday... She remains indecisive about walking away from Tino. She wants to leave but she wants to fight for her marriage aswell since she doesn't want to give Shakira the satisfaction of leaving... Its the scene in Tino's office on Wednesday [9th] that has me wanting for it to come! The way she screams at him... She plays with so much conviction and on Thursday Tino has to really grab Erin cause she lunges to hit Shakira cause the "devastating news" that she receives sends her over the edge... Scandal is the *bleep!*!

05 May 2012 10:15

#she doesn't want to give Shakira the satisfaction of winning#

07 May 2012 09:50

love scandal wht more can i say

07 May 2012 11:07

@Shanydoodle - thanx to you 2...... This is a real Devil wears Prada...... Slutkira can you please lay off it's to late for playing games...... @Queenbee, I'm so loving your comment about Eugen, I really can't stop laughing.

08 May 2012 20:06

Donna ha feelings 4 Tino. Kr kr wait and see, poor Erin.

08 May 2012 20:35

Thanks for the warm welcome hunnies <3 @shanydoodle im just as excited about tomorrows episode, the way Erin lets it all out is gonna be a sight to behold...

08 May 2012 21:05

Yeah... Ok please help cause Lord have mercy! Did I witness a moment between Donna and Tino? Yooooooooooooooooh! What about Erin? This is too much

sexy d
09 May 2012 13:18

Now Donna is falling for Tino...aggg poor Erin ...... is Tino the only man ko scandal they should try their luck with daniel well shakira tried and she now go a ban in the oven le daniel kwakwakwakwakwa

09 May 2012 14:33

Sexy when did daniel and shaks do the deed or did I miss that part. Mara tino is cute and loveable but his actions a big NO. He probably won't even see the baby isn't his.

09 May 2012 15:37

Yo'll, if Donna + Tino??? Hmmmmh..... shame Erin, dont think she'll handle something like that again, and what about Cole?

sexy d
10 May 2012 08:06

@Sloe am not quite sure but in the teasers there is part speculating that daniel might be the dad and if you we watching on monday wen shakira we counting her months it lead to november and that was the time she was living with daniel while they thought she was hey who knws guess we will wait and see

10 May 2012 08:28

Erin is bloody stubborn though! Lol

10 May 2012 09:27

Ok ta

10 May 2012 11:51

So I really would like to know. Can Erin seriously not conceive or is this another one of Shakira's kak schemes?

10 May 2012 13:51

Let Tino taste the shuga(Donna) Shakira is playing Tino's mind like a used toilet paper..... he h ehe

10 May 2012 14:56

Whoooo mara Thembeka....... I wouldn't want to be in her way, she's ruthless yoh

10 May 2012 20:04

The way Lorcia Cooper portrays her character is amazing! She plays with so much conviction yiu can't help but feel for and with her

sexy d
11 May 2012 10:06

Daniel is excited by the prospect of having another child, but is Shakira's claim that he is the father of the baby she is carrying true and how can he verify it?  i so wish it can be true my hate for shakira is over the limit now...i really dont like wat she is doing to erin its really sad to see gore some women treat other women like this..

Donna wena you have a man cole is awake and pls hands off on erin man ke eng a kare when shakira disapperar wena you will re surface to disrupt erin life get your own man nxa

11 May 2012 16:37

hi my lovly frnds...i just got in, hai i dont lyk de whole secrets dat Tino is keeping from Erin, n i so haaaaateee sha-killa to bits, as for Donna,wht is she trying to do...she wanna be Tino`s s***m Dish now.....Tino my boy,u must count urself very lucky. cum on guys....we must give Erin a round of  a plause, this lady can play de part hey! eix but she also can cry,right! OOOPS...cole`s awake now...scandal has jus started.

12 May 2012 16:52

Yes more then a round of applause to Erin! She's amazing.

14 May 2012 20:46

The way Erin and Tino just proves over and over again that true love truly exist! Man I LOVE those 2 :)

14 May 2012 20:54

I realy enjoying wat I'm watchin n wat abt to come, I wonder how wil Tino react wen he finds out that the child aint his, damn is goin to be huge. As for Thembeka got the job she wanted but as you pipz wateva u want u must grab it wit both hands.can't wait for comin episod's! RAYMOND TATOLO FROM RUSTENBURG

14 May 2012 21:02

I realy enjoying wat I'm watchin n wat abt to come, I wonder how wil Tino react wen he finds out that the child aint his, damn is goin to be huge. As for Thembeka got the job she wanted but as you pipz wateva u want u must grab it wit both hands.can't wait for comin episod's! RAYMOND TATOLO FROM RUSTENBURG

15 May 2012 06:35

I never thought of that, "what Tino's reaction might be if he finds out that its not his child"... Interesting question indeed! I love Erin and Tino but I'm tired of seeing them all the time? I mean they stress me out and their beautiful together but its getting old! Since May last year up until May this year they have showed Erin,Tino and Shakira non stop. It all started with Erin moving to London,returning home and than leaving again,than the building collapsed on Tino and Daniel and Erin returned from London indefinitely,then it was the save sex campaign RinTin did with Mangi+Palesa and than it was "operation resurrection" after that Shakira's crazy behavior and the seduction of Tino,the "almost end" of Erin's marriage! Erin's pain and suffering and Shakira's baby and the baby daddy... And the list goes on and on and on! Nah as much as I love those two... We've seen enough we need a new storyline. Or they can keep Erin and Tino in the story line now but they need to give it a twist cause this triangle has been going on for 4decades now! Damn. Either way! I madly love both Erin and Tino and Scandal is my heart. But we do need new story lines. Have a nice day :)

15 May 2012 07:35

I am seriously starting to lose patience with Scandal, I saw the teasers to tonight's episode, and it seems he threatens Cole after Cole reveals that he remembers that Shakira shot him, I mean really now, do they have to make him so stupid and dom at the same time, Hayi Man, it is enough already!

15 May 2012 07:42

Why is Tino so hellbent on justice against Daniel buy he doesn't want to see justice done against Shakira. The writers need to throw us a bone here, give us what we want for a change.

15 May 2012 21:01

They way Scandal is a must WATCH tomorrow! Lol Shakira knocks Erin out! COLD

15 May 2012 21:06

I loved Erin they were she was telling Shakira gore Cole is awake and he is going to remember who shot him I was like tell her, tell that bi*#t...Tino makes my blood boiling, not this again man ... wena Donna you should have told Ruby the truth from the start ... Slutkira has no warning in life...

16 May 2012 08:38

Geeezzzzz old madala a new father now, hey this si realy scandal neh....hau manje uTino what will happen to him, will he still be protective to Shakira as he is now afta finding put that he is not the father*justwondering* Cole can now tell the trueth abt sha-killa! i like it when morongwe is played a fool, she think she is cleva, but what is Eugine up to? bafwethu if umtwana means this lot to Tino, y cant he go for 'SPERMDONOR" *just saying*

Zee Brokenhearted
16 May 2012 09:40

Hey guys 
Im just as big a fan of scandal. 

Man it was on last night, i just loved the way Erin told Shakira. 

but damn tonite is gna b da bomb with Shakira knocking Erin out. 

I just wish these Editors wuld change the storyline with Tino being so gullible all the time believing and siding with Shakira, goodness let go of Shakira. Just love Erin and her acting is awesome. 

Zee Brokenhearted
16 May 2012 09:41

Hey guys 
Im just as big a fan of scandal. 

Man it was on last night, i just loved the way Erin told Shakira. 

but damn tonite is gna b da bomb with Shakira knocking Erin out. 

I just wish these Editors wuld change the storyline with Tino being so gullible all the time believing and siding with Shakira, goodness let go of Shakira. Just love Erin and her acting is awesome. 

sexy d
16 May 2012 10:01

So mangi will have a brother or sister iyo se ke scandal sa nnete as for tino ene i wonder wat will happen wen he finds out that shakira is not carrying her child hai the martins family are just complicated nje

so guys does anyone has  a clue gore wat the heck is trying to accomplish by seducing morongwe...

16 May 2012 10:25

Eugene ngiyakuzonda

17 May 2012 06:38

Erin is my heart! How can Sha-killer beat her up like that and then still tell her 'You lucky I don't kill you,YOU sick Bitch!" Haibo mahn Shakira must go *bleep!* herself! That woman ba dangerous though!!!! Joh joh joh. But I just loved the scene with Erin and Tino... How can Tino put his marriage in trouble becoz of his psycho sister? Doesn't he realize what he has in Erin? They are perfect last night when he rushed over to check if she's ok... Ncaaaaaaw! Guys I love RinTin

17 May 2012 14:10

@sexy d, i wonda ukuthi umangi uzoba njani when finding out that hes gonna b a brotha to some sick bitch`s child.....and for sure, daniel knows he is the fada, the question is "what condition is he refering to before helping shakilla get out of town"u know with Daniel, ther is nothing for mahala....this stupid old mama Dona, now she brokes up her only chance of being happy with som1 she eva loved, does she realy think ukuthi uThino will fall for her...wht de HECK, uyahlanya...
come on bloggers, mina i just uDaniel no Donna will make nice n happy couple, i mean the two are of the same age.....*jus saying*

17 May 2012 14:37

@Ladyc u donna nodaniel trouble will always be brewing

17 May 2012 20:50

Daniel and Shakira makes a good couple! They both EVIL lol

sexy d
18 May 2012 08:17

@LadyC maybe mangi will learn to love his dad again or should we say his uncle since he is not Daniel i lol wen Gogo Manyathi kept on saying oh Lucas oh Lucas **in Gogo manyathi voice**

So shakira has now fleed the scene i wonder where he went

Daniel and Shakira makes a good couple! They both EVIL @shanydoodle yah and they also make a great them imagin them both trying to remove donna on the CEO seat hey some plp who stand on their way will definately find him/her six feet under coz those two murder is their only solution to a problem

18 May 2012 14:50

Hey guys i am the new kid on the blog, please welcome me into the family, i am a fan of Scandal

19 May 2012 12:50

hello.......tshidzero u a welcome im inviting u for lunch, wats ur favourate meal, anyway feel at home, dogs are in their cages, kwakwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. long tme guys,

21 May 2012 02:39

U know... They said Daniel's character is gonna get married and I'm sure his going to marry Shakira since she's expecting his child. Lord have mercy on Newtowns very soul... Shakira and Daniel is DANGEROUS!

21 May 2012 15:45

DANIEL's charector is gonna go ballistic remember he is not even Daniel he is Lucas imagine the drama the deceit! cole is taking the cowards way out as usual!may Erin can have some rest in her marriage though i dont think so with DONNA LOOMING AROUND Quinton is what i call beauty without brains mangi was too slow he is perfect for ruby though Quinton and Ruby are compatible where looks are concerned they aren't compatible emotionally.

22 May 2012 06:23

I never liked the idea of Quinton and Rudy dating. Mangi fell for Ruby first and Quiton didn't even like Ruby when she first came to Scandal so where does he come off? Its true what Mangiliso says!most of the time Quinton does treat Ruby like crap which is wrong! And I think Quinton just sees her as a sex object since its all he wants from her and at times he forgets that she is actually and 18year of girl. I think we all know Tino's gonna choose to go look for his "baby" and put his marriage under more strain! He does not deserve to be married to a woman like Erin,she's too good for him and it brakes my heart that he fucks her around so much dus verkEerd. But still I don't think anyone can deny the fact that Tino does love Erin with everything his got. I still believe her,just remember that length he went to to get her to marry him,that's love. I just hope with Shakira gone Erin and Tino can take some breaths and be happy and that Donna can put herself on hold and get over her feelings for Tino cause now she's just trying to be a whore! Nxa

22 May 2012 10:02

Erin should just let go of tino.tino is just a king of idiots I hate what he does to erin nayuerin is another idiot always going back to tino. That child of daniel and shakira will be one of a kind as both parents are devils but who knows the child may surprise us and become a pastor

sexy d
23 May 2012 09:34

I just hope with Shakira gone Erin and Tino can take some breaths and be happy @shadydoodle guess not he ran to rusternburg the moment he knew gore where shakira was i mean really tino will never satisfy erin if he keeps running after shakira simple

Donna wena u left your chance of hapiness bcos u think u can have tino hai basadi la tena y do u wanna settle for second best while u can the only one to the one u have

23 May 2012 11:20

What's up with eugen what is he up to

23 May 2012 11:31

23 May 2012 11:34

Shakira makes me sick, can a sister obsessed to his brother , u make me sick sis man nd Tino u get a life be man not a ????????????????????????

23 May 2012 11:44

@Molaks ... Incest is quite common hey !

23 May 2012 14:59

oooohh shakira u are really  hw  can she do this to tino my mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Shaz sexy
23 May 2012 15:48

LOL Sindibabes he is my man not yours and i wont share him with you sorry to burst your bubble baby girl TINO 4 SHAZ SEXY for life

Shaz sexy
23 May 2012 15:51

Lol just joking but i am not sharing him so leave him alone or you will have me to deal with


23 May 2012 16:12

How are people in this blog I asked a question what's up with eugen

23 May 2012 18:19

I hope Fiona puts him in his place hard! He needs to learn that he can't *bleep!* Erin around! Tonight Fiona Davids vs Tino Martins! Its ON

23 May 2012 18:24

Lmfoa @ Shaz and Sindibabes... Tino belongs to Erin shame. He made those vows to her lokl! His quite a dish but his Erin's dish! Hehehehehe

23 May 2012 20:22

Erin's mother is right. Tino doesn't know the value of a good woman. He doesn't deserve her.

24 May 2012 10:53

i think tino has to sit down and make the right choice and that wil be his marriage and i think soon if tino and erin get back together and make the right dissencions they wil get a baby as soon as possible and they can go for a second opionion which can be adoption and give that cild or baby the same amount of love and a safe home that the biological parents couldnt give just like thandza and ranthumeng

24 May 2012 11:28

Oh I'm out of here since my question in invisible

sexy d
24 May 2012 12:04

Oh I'm out of here since my question in invisible @Sloe hau dear dnt leave i  wish i had an answer for that but nami i dnt really understand wat guy is really upto sorry couldnt assist dear...

24 May 2012 16:59

PLEASE HELP ME! I need to get hold of the soundtrack for Scandal. Can anyone here help with infor on where I can get a copy of this sound track please?

24 May 2012 17:17

Call the production company or exec producer ... they will probably give you a free cpy for being a die-hard ... look at the credits ... google them.

25 May 2012 06:06

Or you can google Scandal on you tube. The entire soundtrack is on there. Hai man Sloe? U leaving ok... We'll see if we can answer your question... Atleast I will try :). Eugene is a sly character,I don't think he really has feelings for Morongwe in fact I think he hates her and this dates back to Eugene's mother. Something happened between her and Mo and Eugene and his sister (the one who calls) wants revenge on Morongwe

25 May 2012 08:18

Sexy d you just like me gal but thanks for responding and Shanydoodle ok now I have an understanding of what is wrong with that guy. Let me unpack then guys love you

25 May 2012 10:17

News just in! Cover of the new TVplus... Tino cheats on Erin with Donna! That woman is a *bleep!* SLUT

sexy d
25 May 2012 10:26

@shanydoodle tino le ena ke mokwanti(sp) i mean after wat happened ka ena le shakira he goes do that *bleep!* again le donna agg man this guy ha a na backbone erin deserves better than this if daniel wasnt a bad news i would say she should go for him and make tino head spin a little
@Sloe its nyc to have you back..

Shaz sexy
25 May 2012 13:00

@SHANYDOODLE didn't you know that TINO is cheating on Erine with me lol

Shaz sexy
25 May 2012 14:34


25 May 2012 14:39

cum on now guys.....kante y uManyathi didnt tell uTino that the child is actually Daniels....when is dis news gonna broke 2 Tino`s ears, i cant wait for that moment....will Erin still b there, or kuzoba ku late for Tino to count those mistakes that he did to the poor Erin. hai man naye uTINO isfebe se ndoda maan agh, he cant hold his Erin mus start looking for new man....maybe he shuld date uCole for a change!!!!

25 May 2012 15:23

shanydoodle if you bored  put comments that hv a swagg plz dont put stupid comments girl read snd reply do u thnk i will ever be in love with tino neither u i am shoo tino hv someone that has vibe than me or u gal i hope one day we will be friends luv u man or woman

Shaz sexy
25 May 2012 15:35

cindyrocks you dont have swagg yourself so stop thinking like that so please next time save your comments to yourself thank you

25 May 2012 15:44


Can I bring the mud-bath & sell tickets....
We can web-broadcast...

Please !!!

Shaz sexy
25 May 2012 17:29


25 May 2012 17:49

I NEED the new teasers! He honestly kisses Donna and have private moments with her and share phone calls with her!

25 May 2012 17:49

I NEED the new teasers! He honestly kisses Donna and have private moments with her and share phone calls with her! I actually went and bought the tv plus lol!

25 May 2012 17:57

@Candyrocks I wouldn't even entertain your comment I'm too adult for that. I just ignore people like u. Lmao! Lol! Tino been cheating with u guys ha? Lmao! Kwahahahahahahahah #deathbyyouguys! Lol. But on a serious note... Isn't it time for Erin to leave Tino? How much more can she actually take from a man who clearly thinks nothing of her. Her mother is right,he doesn't love Erin! I'm so sorry I ever went on and on about this RinTin perfect couple. Tino really doesn't know what he has in Erin and he doesn't value her as a woman. One day his madly inlove with Erin and can't live without her and the next the son of a bitch cheats on her! It makes me sick.

26 May 2012 09:41

If Erin stays with Tino after this affair with Donna I'm done with her! I will withdraw all my support for that woman I swear lmsao! Hahaha or atleast I'll try,neh seriously though I wonder what keeps Erin with Tino???????????? After everything that his done she's still with the bliksem

26 May 2012 10:11

I also don't understand erin now I no longer sympathise with her if she wants to be tino's door mat let her be

28 May 2012 13:10

Thanks Guys!

28 May 2012 20:35

How more gullible can a person possibly be! *bleep!* what Tino is doing is emotional abuse! He uses Erin's love for him to keep her with him and to manipulate her into staying! That's just wrong ou bra! Kyki! Where the new teasers @?

Zee Brokenhearted
29 May 2012 10:32

could someone please update me as to last nights episode - pleeeeeeezzzzzz 
i got home late and missed it. 

thanks guys

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