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Bold and the Beautiful Teasers - April 2012

Written by TVSA Team from the blog The Bold And The Beautiful Teasers on 29 Mar 2012
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As reported on TVSA, Bold and the Beautiful changes time again this month. It returns to it's former 18h00 timeslot as from Monday, 2 April.

A sneak of what's coming up ...

Monday 2 April 2012
Episode 6014

Amber is excited that her scheme is working so far and that she will have access to the Spencer fortune.

Brooke and Steffy go head-to-head over the direction that the company has taken in the past few months. Steffy uses the opportunity to tell Brooke how she truly feels about the "Taboo" line and her involvement with Thomas.

Still recovering from his injuries, Liam has another health scare that further fuels Bill's current rage towards Amber.

Tuesday 3 April 2012
Episode 6015

As Amber tours her new home, she is unaware of the danger that she's put herself into.

Marcus returns to town from Paris and learns that Thomas has been spending time with Dayzee. He makes it clear to Thomas that Dayzee is not available. Bill's heinous attempt to rid his family of their biggest problem is thwarted by an unsuspecting bystander.

When Steffy confronts Amber about her ulterior motives regarding Liam, Amber turns the tables on her. Katie learns about what Bill did with their new home.

Wednesday 4 April 2012
Episode 6016

Marcus warns Dayzee that Thomas is interested in her and is competing for her attention. Dayzee is unimpressed by Marcus' offer for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Ridge attempts to give Thomas advice on how to win Dayzee's affection. As she is updating her mother on her personal life, Steffy makes a bold confession to Taylor about the true reason that she returned to Los Angeles.

Thursday 5 April 2012
Episode 6017

Thomas surprises Dayzee with a trip to San Francisco for a charity ball with the intention of wooing her. Liam makes a suggestion to Bill that they go public about Amber's pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Bill fantasizes about a life without Amber in it. Still not convinced about the paternity of Amber's baby, Marcus interrogates her about other possible candidates.

Friday 6 April 2012
Episode 6018

While recollecting all that Amber has done to his family, Bill begins to seriously consider a strategy of how to permanently free her from their lives. Amber experiences a horrifying first night alone in her new home.

Brooke bluntly asks Steffy if she has any residual feelings for Bill. Because of the situation with Amber and her baby, Hope and Liam decide to go their separate ways and share an emotional goodbye.

Monday 9 April 2012
Episode 6019

Steffy finds herself at the wrong place at the wrong time … but just in time to help Amber out of a perilous situation.

Brooke and Ridge support Hope in her decision to end her relationship with Liam. When she stumbles across a flustered Bill, Donna becomes suspicious of his disturbing behavior and persistence of getting rid of her.

Steffy pays a visit to Bill to discuss what she witnessed between him and Amber.

Tuesday 10 April 2012
Episode 6020

When Donna questions Justin about Bill's recent peculiar behaviour, they are mutually relived that Marcus isn't the one involved with Amber. Donna and Marcus are stunned when Marcus defends Amber against their negative words about her.

Bill is caught off-guard when Steffy confronts him and makes accusations regarding the interaction that she witnesses between him and Amber. As Bill professes his innocence in the situation, he gets the shock of a lifetime.

Wednesday 11 April 2012
Episode 6021

Donna goes to Katie about Bill's unusual actions and asks if there's more than the situation with Amber that is bothering him. Taylor confides in Ridge about her concerns regarding their children.

Thomas asks Brooke for advice and her opinion about his dating life. Bill confesses to Steffy about the details surrounding his evening with Amber. Steffy makes Bill realize all that he put at stake by his irresponsible actions.

Thursday 12 April 2012
Episode 6022

Taylor flips out when she hears that Thomas is planning another European trip with Brooke to promote the "Taboo" line. Confident from the lack of additional scandals with Thomas and Brooke, Ridge fully supports their new campaign.

Fresh off of her break-up with Liam, Hope is encouraged by Brooke to allow Oliver to comfort her. Oliver jumps at the opportunity to remind Hope of how good their relationship was when they were together.

Friday 13 April 2012
Episode 6023

Taylor makes another attempt to get Stephanie to take her side about pulling the plug on the Taboo line and about Brooke's true nature. Stephanie's initial reaction is to defend Brooke, but Taylor's case against her is too great to overlook.

Thomas asks Steffy for support after he confesses to her about him kissing Brooke on their trip back from Paris.

Monday 16 April 2012
Episode 6024

Stephanie reminds Taylor that she is happily married to Whip. While making a care package to send to Marcus in Paris, Dayzee assures Thomas that neither of her current relationships is exclusive.

Taylor admonishes Brooke about her seemingly-inappropriate bond with Thomas.

Tuesday 17 April 2012
Episode 6025

After begging for forgiveness, Brooke is devastated when Stephanie tells her that she regrets ever trusting her and that they can never be friends again. Taylor regales in the idea that she and Stephanie will once again, be best friends and in opposition of Brooke.

After Ridge decides to cancel the Taboo line, Thomas begs his father to reconsider. Thomas admits to Ridge the true reason that he kissed Brooke. Distraught by the cancelation of Taboo, Thomas lashes out at Taylor and blames her for his loss.

Wednesday 18 April 2012
Episode 6026

Thomas makes a clandestine deal with Madison to help him save the Taboo line. Despite Brooke's appeal to reconsider, Ridge is adamant that Taboo is to be discontinued.

Stephanie and Taylor gang up on Ridge about Brooke's latest indiscretion. Thomas defies Ridge's orders and proceeds with a press conference where he makes a surprising announcement.

Thursday 19 April 2012
Episode 6027

Ridge is frustrated at seeing Brooke by Thomas' side as they publicly speak about the future of the Taboo line. Taylor and Stephanie blame Brooke for corrupting Thomas into making the announcement at the press conference.

Madison mistakenly lets a Forrester Creations secret fall into the wrong hands. Stephanie attempts to use a secret weapon to get through to Thomas. Stephanie and Taylor anticipate that the days are numbered for Brooke and Ridge's marriage.

Friday 20 April 2012
Episode 6028

Dayzee gives Thomas valuable advice about ending his feud with Ridge. When Jarrett shows him the memo from Ridge canceling the Taboo line, Bill assumes that Ridge cancelled the line for a reason.

Assuming that Thomas under-minded his father, Bill wants to immediately begin an investigative story. Liam asks Bill to hold the story in fear that it could hurt Hope.

Ridge is upset with not only Thomas, but Brooke, for the announcement made at the press conference. Brooke is hurt when Ridge leaves for a business trip to Paris without letting her know whether she has his forgiveness.

Monday 23 April 2012
Episode 6029

Taylor makes a last minute decision to accompany Ridge on his trip to Paris to discuss the future of Taboo and how he seems to be letting Thomas and Brooke get away with under-minding him.

When Stephanie finds Eric sketching designs for Taboo, she informs him that the line is canceled and how Thomas kissed Brooke on the Paris trip. Stephanie is taken aback when Eric is unfazed by this information.

Hope and Oliver bond over lunch. Stephanie tells Brooke that she predicts that her marriage will be over once Ridge gets back from his trip. Brooke is sad that Stephanie's trust in her is now broken.

Tuesday 24 April 2012
Episode 6030

Taylor tells Ridge that he should have listened to her when she told him the Taboo line would cause problems.

Amber tells Tawny that she thinks that Bill gave her the house because he's beginning to accept her as part of the Spencer family. Amber invites Liam to move in with her or at least have dinner with her.

After Liam accepts the dinner invitation, Amber plans to invite Hope so that she can see them together and realize that his future is with Amber.

Steffy is stunned to find out from Bill about the Taboo memo. Katie overhears Bill telling Steffy that he was ready to commit murder.

Wednesday 25 April 2012
Episode 6031

Katie demands to know if Bill was trying to kill Amber. Amber invites Oliver to her dinner party because it will give him a chance to win Hope back.

Bill admits to Katie that there was more to Amber's accident than just the tree branch falling on her. Katie is hurt that Bill confided in Steffy but not her about his desire to kill Amber.

Oliver tells Hope that he still has feelings for her and will wait for her no matter how long it takes. Steffy confronts Thomas, tells him she knows all about Ridge's memo canceling the Taboo line, and asks him point blank if he is in love or lust with Brooke.

Thomas turns the tables on Steffy and asks her the same question about Bill.

Thursday 26 April 2012
Episode 6032

Still upset that Bill confided in Steffy, Katie needs time to think and walks out on him. Katie calls upon an old friend for a place to stay.

Hope painfully listens in as Amber and Liam discuss the upcoming ultrasound and leaves when she can no longer take it. Liam follows her to her car as Oliver tells Amber that she's laying it on too thick.

Hope tells Liam that she wants him to be her "first" and to make love to her right there and there. After a passionate kiss, she changes her mind and leaves.

Steffy goes to Bill to ask how she can help him through this rough patch in his marriage and reminds him of how good they are together.

Friday 27 April 2012
Episode 6033

In Paris, Ridge informs Taylor that he's going to do something about Brooke and Thomas going against his wishes.

On their way to Paris at the request of Ridge, Stephanie tells Brooke that she regrets ever having trusted her. Stephanie hints to Brooke that she wants her and Ridge's marriage to end to avoid any further hurt for Ridge.

Whip is bothered when Taylor calls him and tells him that she's in Paris with Ridge. Thomas tells Steffy that the whole situation with Brooke could have been avoided if Ridge had more trust and respect for him. When Brooke arrives in Paris, she tells Ridge her side of the story and hopes that he doesn't listen to Stephanie and Taylor about ending their marriage.

Monday 30 April 2012
Episode 6034

Thomas calls Taylor to tell her to end her campaign against Brooke and that she and everyone else are overreacting to his relationship with his stepmother.

Brooke attempts to convince Ridge that Taylor is trying to get him to leave her so that Taylor can have him again. Because Thomas is so passionate about defending Brooke, Steffy thinks that there is more to Thomas' feelings that what he is fessing-up to. Steffy accuses Thomas continuing his other relationships as a cover for his true feelings for Brooke.

Ridge surprises Brooke, Taylor and Stephanie with the way he responds to the questions regarding his marriage.

The Bold and the Beautiful is on SABC1 Mondays to Fridays at 18h00.


30 Mar 2012 00:59

Mxm!this amber issue is so transparent n boring

30 Mar 2012 09:27

Hey M2D oteng kante?

01 Apr 2012 10:45

Boring , boring boring, we are going to be stuck on Ambers story for the next 9 months!!!!!!

01 Apr 2012 16:02


03 Apr 2012 08:49

Why is brroke not getting AIDS.....THE BOLD is misleading hey...Brook is a prostitude but she's still surviving with all those men she slept with...Nxa

Trixy 123
03 Apr 2012 11:21

@KUKUM.....maybe she uses condoms....

Trixy 123
03 Apr 2012 11:26

I really wonder what is the motive behind The Bold and the beautiful....and to think that this is the most watched soapie in the states!!!! It says a lot about the world today.....I DONT KNOW WHERE I CAN HIDE MY CHILDREN...

03 Apr 2012 15:49

Trixy 123 - Brooke is not using Condoms, that's why she falls pregnant.

13 Apr 2012 11:52

So Brooke is teaching her daughter ubufebe

13 Apr 2012 11:54

I can't wait for Brooke to kill herself

16 Apr 2012 22:22

@ Kuku M, Brooke is not getting HIV (Which wud develop to AIDS, as u put it) because she probably hasnt slep with anyone who has it.

19 Apr 2012 07:52

I love Brooke, yes she has her mistakes, but who hasn't.  And Taylor she likes to hammer Brooke with her mistakes as if yena she is a Saint... She has also been in a relationship with Thorn, James(the psychologist) and if not mistaken, she had a fling with Eric.. long time ago....  So really, she has been around the Forrester men le yena.. wa ntena and now she is busy running afta Ridge, whereas her own marriage is falling apart...

20 Apr 2012 14:18

Ridge is not CEO material, every decision he makes is influenced by his love for Brook, even the cancellation of Thomas' line. He thinks alot with his heart. He should've taken Brook off the project, not cancel the whole thing. That's why Brooke takes advantage, she knows that Ridge loves her. @ Sbam: Taylor never had a thing with Eric. Eric wanted to but Taylor refused. Brooke is the one who welcomes every  new guy to L.A. I've even lost count of how many guys she's been married to. Imagine marrying the father, have two kids with him and then to both the sons and have a kid by one of them... five kids by four different fathers. She should have AIDS. SCANDALOUS

23 Apr 2012 20:05

Nothing more sick than the Bromas (Brooke & Thomas) relationship - Brooke seems to have gone through every Forrester (the 2 Forrester brothers, Eric and now the grandson) - I can't stand this woman. I thought Thayzee (Thomas & Dayzee) were good together, until I realised that Thomas was more into Brooke than Dayzee - I know that Dayzee drops him like a hot potato lol lol - as gorgeous as Thomas is, he is a wimp like the rest of the Forrester men when it comes to Brooke. He does not deserve Dayzee. Bill and Kate bore me to sleep, he has more chemistry with young Steffy than his wife, and why is handsome Justin not being given enough airtime, that man is delicious, did I say delicious, yes he is hmmmmmmm

25 Apr 2012 12:44

Brooke has been wit Ridge so has Taylor. She's been wit thorne so has taylor. Been wit james so has taylor. Been wit grant so has taylor. Been wit nick so has taylor . Nd been wit eric and taylor slept wit eric. So dnt go down on brooke. They both whores taylor jus mre suttle bt stil a whore and *bleep!* obsesd wit Ridge.

25 Apr 2012 18:43

ROTFLMAO @Cutenizzzz

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