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Scandal! Teasers - February 2012

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Scandal! Teasers on 30 Jan 2012
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Coming up on Scandal! this February 2012:

Wednesday, 1 February 2012
Episode 1475

During a blackout, Shakira buys a gun. Erin gives Morongwe ammunition to use against Mmadika.

Tino is angry and disappointed with Mangi for secretly hiding Cole. Mangi and Kila take a step closer to becoming friends.

Who will Shakira shoot?

Thursday, 2 February 2012
Episode 1476

Cole disappears. Maletsatsi has a bad dream. Mangi worries about digging a deeper hole with Tino.

Shakira gets a visit from none other than "Abigail".

Monday, 6 February 2012
Episode 1477

Shakira basks in the return of "Abigail". Thembeka is increasingly determined to take Shakira's job.

Morongwe's pride and possessiveness get in the way of another potential truce with Mmadika.

Maletsatsi wants to raise funds for the Mphahlele family's funeral.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012
Episode 1478

What advice will "Abigail" give Shakira? Maletsatsi overcomes her religious objections to gambling to do good work.

Mmadika's attempt to discipline rebellious Kgomotso turns the girl against her. Cole's disappearance brings Donna and Ruby closer together.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012
Episode 1479

Shakira reasserts herself at NZH. Maletsatsi is backed into a corner when Constance asks a favour for herself and Benjamin.

Donna and Tino are growing closer, which concerns Erin. "Abigail" tries to trick Shakira into a murder confession.

Thursday, 9 February 2012
Episode 1480

Shakira struggles to control "Abigail" and receives shocking news. Thembeka continues to plot Shakira's overthrow.

Maletsatsi prays for a miracle regarding the Mphahlele funeral. Could Daniel help? Kgomotso continues her secretive scheming.

Monday, 13 February 2012
Episode 1481

Shakira lashes out at "Abigail" but everyone thinks she's attacking Thembeka. Kgomotso bunks therapy to get a tattoo.

Maletsatsi's determined to help her neighbours. Donna's shocked and devastated to discover that Cole has been shot.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012
Episode 1482

Shakira reappears. Mmadika finds a very suggestive Valentine's day card in Kgomotso's bag. Will Maletsatsi agree to allow Constance to stay with her and Eddie?

Shakira confesses to Tino that "Abigail" won't leave her alone.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012
Episode 1483

Shakira finds refuge with Tino but "Abigail" haunts her unrelentingly. Maletsatsi's distressed by having no furniture for the room in which Constance will stay.

Mmadika struggles to deal with Kgomotso's ongoing teenage rebellion. Thembeka plots Shakira's permanent downfall to secure her ascendency at Scandal.

Thursday, 16 February 2012
Episode 1484

Kgomotso's tattoo is causing major problems. Maletsatsi is thrilled to receive a larger credit limit than she'd anticipated.

Thembeka is promoted in Shakira's absence. Daniel draws the line with Mangi.

Will Shakira kill Cole?

Monday, 20 February 2012
Episode 1485

Shakira struggles with the haunting "Abigail" who pushes her to kill Cole. Mmadika tries unsuccessfully to rebuild her relationship with Kgomotso.

Thembeka consolidates her position as temporary Gossip Editor of Scandal. Maletsatsi stirs up more trouble by using credit to go on a furniture shopping spree.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012
Episode 1486

A threatening Daniel reminds Shakira that he's watching her. Quinton plans to surprise Mangi for his birthday.

Grace urges Mmadika to apologise to Kgomotso to prevent the further deterioration of their relationship. Thembeka makes Donna her ally.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012
Episode 1487

Shakira resolves to kill Cole upon "Abigail's" insistence. Donna is hell-bent on finding out the truth behind Cole's shooting.

Mmadika is taken aback when she learns Kgomotso's started menstruating. Maletsatsi dabbles in gambling to try and meet her expenses.

Thursday, 23 February 2012
Episode 1488

Thembeka and Donna find the camera Cole filmed Shakira with, but is there any footage on it? Erin senses a territorial threat from Shakira and starts giving as good as she gets.

Maletsatsi is appointed neighbourhood stokvel treasurer ... but will her luck run out?

Shakira convinces herself she has to get rid of Erin to safeguard her relationship with Tino.

Monday, 27 February 2012
Episode 1489

Shakira refuses to kill Erin, but concedes that Erin is a problem which needs solving.

The pact that Kgomotso and Caitlin made - to lose their virginity at camp - has serious consequences.

Donna's determined to try and get a confession out of Shakira. Maletsatsi becomes suspicious of Gloria's behaviour. Shakira contemplates seducing Tino.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012
Episode 1490

Encouraged by "Abigail", Shakira plans to seduce Tino. Appalled by the mess Kgomotso has got herself into, Mmadika lays down the law to both Kgomotso and Morongwe.

Daniel's rejection of Mangi is driven by hope that it will shock his son into recognising that he needs his father. Gloria encourages Maletsatsi to give gambling yet another go.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012
Episode 1491

Shakira begins a subtle seduction of Tino. Revolted Erin confronts her. Maletsatsi tries to cover up having gambled away money.

Mmadika can't decide whether Morongwe is sincere about wanting to fix things with Kgomotso.

Thembeka's learnt that Shakira lied about traveling to Madagascar.

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30 Jan 2012 18:08

I am first yipee let me read

30 Jan 2012 18:50

second ;-)

30 Jan 2012 18:51

so nyc 2 b number 2

30 Jan 2012 18:54

I am the 2nd

30 Jan 2012 19:30

Iyo ai Shakira is craze mara y doesn't she get caught all villans get caught

30 Jan 2012 19:50

Scandal s boooring really the writers r stupid... where r they from

30 Jan 2012 19:59

Scandal s boooring really the writers r stupid... where r they from

30 Jan 2012 20:50

number 8, scandal wl rock ths mnth. Am jst tired of shakira's secrets

30 Jan 2012 20:51

30 Jan 2012 21:30

shakira makes me sick?

30 Jan 2012 21:58

Gino is a big fool shame

30 Jan 2012 21:58

Gino is a big fool shame

30 Jan 2012 21:59

Tino must wear a skirt

30 Jan 2012 22:26

Scandal state is really detoriating this crap abt shakira is annoying

30 Jan 2012 22:29

Scandal state is really detoriating this crap abt shakira is annoying

31 Jan 2012 06:23

Yah neh!

31 Jan 2012 07:13

Guess ill be watching sabc 1 news

31 Jan 2012 07:14

Guess ill be watching sabc 1 news

31 Jan 2012 07:59

This whole Tino being one dimensional is a bit tedious. he is always so angry and this thing of his of blindly believing whatever Shakira says is annoying

31 Jan 2012 10:19

Tino makes me sick! Moffie!
Shakira, I'm actually going to enjoy this month! 
Kgomomtos, she very naughty that one, nogals a tattoo, loosing her virginity? Tjo!
Maletsatsi gambelling? Tjo!
Yes, I'm going to enjoy this month.
Donna, she works on my nerves man, I don't like Ruby either!

31 Jan 2012 12:25

Wat did Ruby do. I think she's sweet nje!

31 Jan 2012 15:42

Cute Ruby

01 Feb 2012 07:57

Shakira is a major pain in the behind.n0w she wants to hurt Erin? wtf? why? what did Erin ever do to her?bt suport her8o. Tin0's eyes needs to be opened up where shakira is cn so many people tell 0ne pers0n over and over that s0mebody is dangerous and they just refuse to believ it?when will tin0 start believng how crazy shakira is? when Erin is found next to her car wif a gun wound 0n her head like d0nna did? or even worse, when Erins dead? I cnt believe tin0's n0t g0nna be able to see his sister is seducing him! damn. reali interesting m0nth and I thnk the writers r brilliant they taking 0ne hell of a turn wif shakira bt in the end the truth will c0me out...

Swit Pee
01 Feb 2012 11:00

l don`t like this one bit shakira is boring and the "abigil" issue wat a e writers thinking maybe they should all go on vacation for 2 months maybe they will come back with fresh ideas lol

Swit Pee
01 Feb 2012 11:00

l don`t like this one bit shakira is boring and the "abigil" issue wat a e writers thinking maybe they should all go on vacation for 2 months maybe they will come back with fresh ideas lol

02 Feb 2012 10:50

Tino is such a moffie.Why do you believe everything shakira tell you.

02 Feb 2012 13:56

Shakira and Tino makes me sick. Shakira belong to hell ag man is already the, as for Tino u can't believe everything Shakira says uyadinyanyisa yazi, don't be Batista man.

02 Feb 2012 20:11

Scandal is eseriously boring. This Shakira-Abigail nonsense is very stupid! s

03 Feb 2012 00:53

There was a time when I thought that soapies are meant to educate as much or even more than to entertain. But I'm no longer sure. Writers see to've completely lost it. They're neither going forward nor backwards, but going round in circles, smtms without a clue of what they seally want to write.

06 Feb 2012 15:09

06 Feb 2012 15:20

U know guys this thing e ya ga shakira is boring de next the envelope is falling from up,de next her hands is full of blood but no one in de newsroom notice,dis producer smoke wat guys.

06 Feb 2012 15:23

Since the writers are all "LUNATICS" i wud suggest they let shakira seduce tino in one of her black-outs, we all know she wants to do it and trust me that so-called half brother wud jump at chance,AYOOOOBAAAAAAAAA KILLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

06 Feb 2012 20:33

Why did they bring Abigail back? Writers please do something about Shakira, Abigail storyline cause its boring me to hell, please? @Dinnyb you are right yazi those writers or producers i think they smoke something, they can't even think straight.

06 Feb 2012 20:34

Why did they bring Abigail back? Writers please do something about Shakira, Abigail storyline cause its boring me to hell, please? @Dinnyb you are right yazi those writers or producers i think they smoke something, they can't even think straight.

07 Feb 2012 12:36

Guys, Shakira is in the process of having a nervous breakdown and she is having hallucinations ie. she sees things which are not there. It is all in her mind and of cos nobody else is going to see it, get it. She thinks she sees Abigail and she is not. Most of the time she is not even aware of what is going on, she just zones out.

07 Feb 2012 14:27

Miss the show cos they put isidingo in its time spot

08 Feb 2012 11:01

Can sm1 explain 2 me in which way is shakira related 2 abgail

sexy d
08 Feb 2012 11:21

@Lanchbar Abigail husband Tinos father is Shakira's father which makes Abigail Shakira's step mom

09 Feb 2012 12:33

Tonight Isidingo will xcualy have some viewers since Scandal! Airs @6:30pm and Rhythm City @6pm so don't miss hey!!!!!!! And how are people supose to see what's happening to shakira when all the stuff is in her mind? Now that does not make sense to me... The women is going crazy!that's why she sees things that does not exist,if Tino saw Abigail too wud he not have responded when she touches him? And I don't think Tino wud xcualy allow Shakira to seduce him and sleep wif her since he is married so when u say he'd jump @the opportunity I don't agree...

09 Feb 2012 18:47

Ka Tino you will never know he can seduce Shakira, LOL. Am Starting to enjoy Shakira, Abigail storyline. Why that brat can't go and stay with her mother is giving Dika hard time mos?

09 Feb 2012 19:08

I say she needs to go live with her mom too,a while back she was begging Dika to take her in and now she treats Dika like Dirt!

10 Feb 2012 10:59

They are related guys, obviously Tino is not going to sleep with his half sister, since he knows that they are related. Shakira has lost her mind and in her head there is nothing wrong with sleeping with her half brother. Abigail is not really back, she is only in Shakira's head ( a figment of her imagination). Unless of cos they want to bring her back for real.

10 Feb 2012 14:07

@Calamity we know gore Tino and Shakira they are related by the way this is a soapyland you will never know...

10 Feb 2012 14:37

with Abigail around Tino can chew Shakira, they have done it already when they dated.

11 Feb 2012 00:16

When they dated they wernt aware of the fact that thy r siblings.. I mean really why would he risk his marriage and reputation?

11 Feb 2012 21:15

Shakira is remote controlled by Abigail and Abigail is there to distroy shakira...actualy keep ur eyes glued to ur screen and watch the story unfolding...cole wil also surface or raise from dead if u the space

12 Feb 2012 07:48

@Bucks28 if there's any truth in watcha sayin' then i can't wait to see COLE n da consequences 4 Mrs mad house Shakira n  dear lord wena Abi is a figment of mrs cho-cho head's imagination which means she ain't remote controlin' anythin' it's all Shakira.

12 Feb 2012 16:43

@purepersonality, i wish u could read the writer's mind but like i said glue urself to ur tv set.

13 Feb 2012 09:24

shakira is pregnant in real lyf i wonder in the story who is going to make her preg

13 Feb 2012 16:45

@zdwesha, no one, thats y she is taking a break

13 Feb 2012 18:34

Thanks sexy d

13 Feb 2012 21:29

I read an article online and it says... Shakiras pregnancy is going to be anounced and in the they say "tino's life will be disrupted when an unplanned pregnancy is announced" I have suspicions abt who the father might be and if I am rite... Unfortunately for me,I will have to cut myself loose from my beloved soapie... And I will never watch again

13 Feb 2012 21:36

@Buck28 i will wait in anticipation mara the glue part not so sure,it's not that interesting yet.

@shanydoodle akere i told you ppl gore TINO & SHAKIRA will do the deed ke tsona ditlamorago tsena.

14 Feb 2012 00:39

I did not want to believe that because of Tino's love for Erin... Hence I am not saying shakira will be pregnant with Tino's child but why would his life be disrupted by an unprepared pregnancy if this it true I hate Tino and I quit Scandal... 3more months and we will know! Suspense will kill me come May month we will know and if this is true! I seriously will question the writers! I hope to God my suspicions r wrong but when I put one and two together I got 7lol I really want to be wrong! Scandal has never been predictable! I hope they r not now! I will feel for Erin! Shame man! I just want to be wrong...May2012 all will be revealed

14 Feb 2012 08:24

@Purepersonality eish everytime when i read your replies i LOL @Shanydoodle LOL for u when u said u gona quit ur beloved soapy. Mna guys i am gona wait and c whats going to happen.

14 Feb 2012 08:29

@Purepersonality eish everytime when i read your replies i LOL @Shanydoodle LOL for u when u said u gona quit ur beloved soapy. Mna guys i am just gona wait and c whats going to happen.

Guess What
14 Feb 2012 09:10

I hate shakira's character, Tino must know the truth about her.  Shakira is a snake she killed Abigail & Success now she s after Cole

14 Feb 2012 09:15

@Mschap... I'm not gonna quit Scandal now,but if Tino is father of that bitches child BIG IF,I will quit Scandal... I don't know if I'll be able to do ut though I've tried to quit,then I watched the Repeat the next day... I can't live without Scandal! Even though I try

14 Feb 2012 11:11

Ok Shanydoodle its fine i understand...If its not Tino its gonna be Daniel i am telling u guys, just keep on watching u ill c...

14 Feb 2012 12:25

Lol!!!!!! Lmao! Daniel said last year when shakira was kidnapped to kill: "I like shakira.but not enough to wanna sleep with her,not even if I'm drunk" so I don't know if he'll be the dad! Lmfao!!!!!

14 Feb 2012 21:17

@shanydoodle i dn't thnk even a handicapped person wud want a piece of that pie.LOL.

15 Feb 2012 10:16

shakira and tino ewww! Im so loving the way shakira is losing it thou, shez like 2 different people!!! Kgomotso needs some serious spanking, screaming at her wont help.

15 Feb 2012 21:18

@purepersonality... Lmao! ROTFL! Death by u though!............................................................................... Guys what happened on Scandal Tonight? Hopefully I can get an update before the repeat tomorrow... What did Tino and his bitch sister do?

16 Feb 2012 10:14

I only have to say this about Tino! You are a BITCH! Done!

16 Feb 2012 20:37

Congratulations Clint Brink is Nominated for the best actor award

17 Feb 2012 10:28

To be honest i hate Tino's character nowadays is boring and irritating.... Besides his character Clint, don't deserve to be nominated as best actor..... he deserve to be nominated at least as supporting actor.... Mduduzi aka Suffo from RC deserve that award....

scooby doo
17 Feb 2012 11:39

how does Clint get nominated for best actor?????????????

18 Feb 2012 17:18

Tino is a weak man! Just take a look at the new tvplus! Shakira is going to destroy his mariage and hz gonna sit back and watch her do it. While Erin tries to warn him abt what's happening she's gonna be the one who looks delusional to Tino... Shakira is destroying everything and unfortunately Tino is going to wake up way late,when his marriage to Erin is over! His a BITCH that man! Jus wait for next months teasers

19 Feb 2012 07:37

@scooby f#?k if we know coz  trust me were just as flabagasted as u are gore how does a woman/bitch (@shanydoodle's words not mine) get nominated 4 best actor. lol!!!!!!!! GAPE THAT BITCH IS BORING....................

20 Feb 2012 13:49

Wow @Shanydoodle if its true what you telling us, Tino he is a stupid indeed how come he do this to his wife ag man can't he see gore he destroying his marriage mara...... Shakira is a spiteful bi%ch(I hate to use this word)

20 Feb 2012 13:58

@MsChap hun wabona i hate using some words as well mara in this case i think it's appropriate to say  SHAKIRA IS A COLD BITCH................................................


20 Feb 2012 14:27

Ok @Purepersonality, i get it teacher.LOL

20 Feb 2012 19:50

I think Shakira should leave scandal gosh enough about her its so annoying.I'm tired of shakira yooooh.Can't you come up with something more new or exciting?

20 Feb 2012 20:46

Shakira is going to spike Erin's wine and she won't be able to fall pregnant but despite that, the 7March episode is a must see! Scandal frustrates me really! Mxm... Is it just me or has scandal got a lot comments this month? After such a long time! Lol

21 Feb 2012 17:01

Guys did you notice we can spent the hole month complaining about Shakira and Tino.... Shakira this Shakira that Shakino blah blah... Kante scandal is based on Shakino only, hah mna i'm sick and tied about Shakino man......... We need something new and refreshing storyline.... It's time

21 Feb 2012 17:39

LOL on my reply............... @Shanydoodle you mean Erin or Shakira, who is not gonna fall pregnant???

21 Feb 2012 18:45

LOL @MsChap i must say Shakino has sucked all the blood from my veins as well and i agree with @Kendrick let Daniel get rid of Shakira.

21 Feb 2012 19:33

Shakira is gonna be pregnant,remember I said that a while ago... Uhm, We all know that erin has been trying to fall pregnant right? Well 6march Shakira Spikes Erin's wine to prevent Erin from falling pregnant! Mxm sneaky Bitch!

22 Feb 2012 18:09

Did you see Shakira izolo she is swanger indeed (in real life) is so big guys...... I agree It's time for Shakira to take smallanyana break yazi.....

23 Feb 2012 09:41

in real life shakira is pregnant so in the story tino is gonna b the fada

23 Feb 2012 13:28

Oh my word Kgomotso is a brat and needs a warm clap. Dika must just pack her bags and dump her on her mother's door step. Really teenager are a hand full. I must say i was a saint compaired to this child.

23 Feb 2012 15:56

I love Quinton and Ruby, I think they are cute together.... me two I don't remember doing such things when i was a teenager or cause maybe I grow up staying far away from my parents.

23 Feb 2012 15:56

I love Quinton and Ruby, I think they are cute together.... me two I don't remember doing such things when i was a teenager or cause maybe I grow up staying far away from my parents.

23 Feb 2012 17:09

When Tino's life goes up in smoke,its all his fault I can't wait to see that man lose his wife!jus the way he treats her,his not worthy of Erin so, *bleep!* u Tino Martins! Nxa

23 Feb 2012 20:33

I wanted to say I grew up

27 Feb 2012 18:18

Ok! Have news! On March 6. Shakira drugs Erin to make it impossible for her to fall pregnant... Which will make tino think Erin is on the pill. On March 14 or 15 he serves Erin with divorce papers... And on that coming monday they ask "Did Shakira and Tino sleep together??????" And way after his ruined his marriage and slept with his crazy sister she confesses to him that she killed Abigail and how she and Daniel faked Abigail being alive in order to get Daniel off her back...

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