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Rhythm City Teasers - February 2012 (Updated)

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Rhythm City Teasers on 13 Feb 2012
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Coming up on Rhythm City this February 2012:

Wednesday, 1 February 2012
Episode 1193

Kop comes home after being out all night with bad news: he's lost all the family’s money playing dice. Fats and Niki set their plan to trap Bash and make it seem like he stole money.

Miles and Lucilla try to come to terms with their relationship. At the same time they are trying to put out fires all round, with the newspapers going to town about Elizabeth's death.

Fats and Niki think their plan to nail Bash has worked until Suffocate arrives. Miles goes to see Dr Mazibuko to convince him to give a press conference, explaining his misdiagnosis of Lucilla.

Mamokete and Kop resolve to fight another day, but as a family not as individuals. Lucilla breaks down holding Millicent.

Thursday, 2 February 2012
Episode 1194

Miles, thinking that Lucilla is overwhelmed by having to look after Millicent, tries to talk her out of it, in vain. David vows to get out from under the BK group's influence.

In spite of Niki's warning, Suffocate leaves Bash in charge of the club. Miles is at a loss when it appears Lucilla is undecided about their future. Much to Niki's surprise, Bash stops a potentially dangerous situation.

Miles doesn't have all the answers when the journalists badger him with questions about his and Lucilla's relationship.

Friday, 3 February 2012
Episode 1195

Lucilla's guilt about her involvement in Elizabeth's murder eats at her. She desperately tries to rush the process of Millicent's adoption and Miles picks up on her guilty motives. Miles is tortured by Lucilla’s betrayal.

David asks Ronald to return to help him fight the BK group, but Ronald refuses. David gets an anonymous message implicating him in Elizabeth's murder. Bash proves himself to Suffocate and Niki and Niki starts to believe her brother has changed.

However, she is disappointed when she catches him involved in an illicit act. S'bu returns from Cape Town and everyone realises that something is amiss between him and Niki.

Kop wins an impressive sum of money playing dice and his gambling has massive repercussions for the family, leaving Mamokete conflicted.

Monday, 6 February 2012
Episode 1196

Niki confronts Bash about switching the dice and cheating at the game. She tries to warn him of the consequences, but Bash assures her that he has everything under control. Niki's disappointment with him turns to concern when she learns that he's playing against a hardened tsotsi.

Lucilla's guilt over Elizabeth's death continues to weigh on her. She becomes emotional and makes an irrational confession to Miles.

David realises just how well and truly alone he is when the last of his allies, S'bu, cuts ties with him. Things only seem to get worse when Hermanus decides to remind him who's really running the show.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012
Episode 1197

Miles is puzzled by Lucilla's wild mood swings. He's also puzzled by her apparent determination to take sole responsibility for Millicent.

In the meantime, David tries to garner some sympathy from Gail - with limited success.

Miles discusses his difficulties with Lucilla with S'bu's, who warns him it could take time for Lucilla to forgive Miles his trespasses.

Niki tries to warn Bash he's playing with fire - but he pays no heed. She then asks Suffocate to close down the dice game in order to save her brother from further danger. He doesn't want to get involved.

Razor then challenges Bash to a return game of dice - and Niki watches in dismay as he joins the game.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012
Episode 1198

Niki considers breaking up with S'bu. Suffocate warns Bash about sharking people like Razor.

Miles discovers that Lucilla lied about where she was last night. Bash is furious with Niki for ruining his big con. Foolishly, he arranges a secret game with Razor.

Thursday, 9 February 2012
Episode 1199

Miles and Lucilla are desperately trying to save their relationship. Miles demands to know the real reason she helped David get out of jail.

The news is out, the big dice game between Bash and Razor is back on. Speshil and Findo ask Fats to keep Suffocate out of it. They grease his palm to make matters easier.

Getting no answers from Lucilla, Miles goes to see David himself. S'bu and Niki try and strategise separately about how to break up with each other.

Lucilla holds Millicent, apologising to her, tells her that she will be given the best possible life. The guilt about her mother's death is killing Lucilla. Lucilla eventually tells Miles that she helped David get out of jail.

All hell breaks loose at the dice game. Suffocate and Niki try and intervene. Razor pulls a gun, points it at Bash and pulls the trigger.

Friday, 10 February 2012
Episode 1200

When David finds it impossible to get rid of all the bugs in his flat, he starts thinking about moving.

Bash visits Niki in hospital, but she tells him to leave her. Suffocate doesn't tell the police what happened, but tells Thula that Bash's no longer welcome at the club.

Miles tells Lucilla that Patrick Sithole's ready to process Millicent's adoption, but then Elizabeth's parents arrive to claim their grandchild. S'bu feels it's impossible to break up with Niki now she's in hospital.

Thula is trying to sign an artist called T-Bos to Hustle. It's rumoured he could be gay and when Findo starts making homophobic comments, a fight breaks out in the club.

Friday, 10 February 2012
Episode 1201

When David finds it impossible to get rid of all the bugs in his flat, he starts thinking about moving.

Bash visits Niki in hospital, but she tells him to leave her. Suffocate doesn’t tell the police what happened, but tells Thula that Bash’s no longer welcome at the club.

Miles tells Lucilla that Patrick Sithole’s ready to process Millicent’s adoption, but then Elizabeth’s parents arrive to claim their grandchild. S’bu feels it’s impossible to break up with Niki now she’s in hospital.

Thula is trying to sign an artist called T-Bos to Hustle. It’s rumoured he could be gay and when Findo starts making homophobic comments, a fight breaks out in the club. Stone learns from Frank that Ding-Dong has put a hit on him.

Monday, 13 February 2012
Episode 1202

After being banned from Kilowatt, Bash tries to sweet-talk Mbali Jele, but she sees right through him.

When Gail thanks S’bu for being there for Niki in her time of need, he feels even worse about wanting to break up with her.

David tries to leave 9-Nine, but learns that getting rid of the BK Group is not going to be that easy.

Zodwa, jealous of the connection between Thula and T-Bos, tries to talk Thula out of signing him.

Now that Millicent has been taken away, Lucilla does not see the point of rebuilding a family with Miles, much to his frustration.

Frank warns Stone to make a run for it, and Stone unsuccessfully tries to talk to Ding-Dong. Stone stores a back-pack with Fats and offers no explanation.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012
Episode 1203

Zodwa’s homophobia causes problems for Thula in his efforts to sign T-Bos. With Millicent gone, Lucilla needs time to think, and she takes off with Buhle.

Bash refuses to stay out of Niki’s life, no matter how many times she tells him to get lost. On her way out of the hospital, Niki collapses. As Stone’s anxiety escalates, he asks Suffo for a gun.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012
Episode 1204

Miles tries to convince himself that he and Lucilla will work things out, but when Lucilla tells him she needs more time away, Miles decides to take action and propose to Lucilla.

Thula decides that the truth will out, and he tells Zodwa that he’s bisexual. Zodwa rejects him.

Niki tries unsuccessfully to break up with S’bu and S’bu laments having to delay breaking up with Niki because she’s still in hospital.

Bash continues to offer Niki support in his own morally grey way, and Niki opens up a little to her brother’s support. David decides to move out of his apartment.

Someone tries to attack Stone, but he reveals he has a gun.

Thursday, 16 February 2012
Episode 1205

Niki finally accepts Bash’s gestures of concern and allows him to take care of her, but even this is not enough to keep him away from his old habits. He enlists the helps of Findo and Speshil to help him with his latest business venture.

Miles is desperate to win Lucilla back and make things right between them. He believes that they can make a fresh start if they get married and plans a surprise proposal.

Gail thinks he’s doing the right thing, but S’bu is convinced it’s going to be another disaster.

Friday, 17 February 2012
Episode 1206

Miles revs himself up to make a proposal of a lifetime to Lucilla when she returns from Mafikeng. He worries that he’s making too much of a production, but Gail and S’bu - prompted by Gail - tell him that Lu will not be able to resist it.

When she arrives, though, and he goes down on one knee, and offers her the ring, she tells him, ominously, that they need to talk.

Thula and T-Bos are talking about the difficulties Thula is having with Zodwa. Zodwa spots them in intimate conversation, and recoils. She later dumps Thula - and resigns from Hustle.

Speshil and Findo decide to try their unidentified pills on Fats - but he is not attracted by their lure. Still rattled by the attack, Stone has a fatal encounter with another stranger.

Monday, 20 February 2011
Episode 1207

Lucilla turns down Miles’s proposal and breaks up with him. Findo and Speshil manage to drug Fats at last.

David tries to hire his replacement at the station and get away from the BK Group. Miles persuades Lucilla to reconsider.

Kop and Mamokete witness Stone clearing the scene of the crime, and Suffo reveals the stranger was a cop.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012
Episode 1208

Fats is still trying to figure out what happened to him the day before while Findo and Speshil confront Bash about his merchandise.

Miles is rocked after Lucilla turned down his marriage proposal. S’bu believes he must give up, but Miles refuses. He will try every last thing to get Lucilla back.

S’bu is still shocked about Zodwa leaving Hustle. He wants to know what prompted it. Thula is anxious that she will tell S’bu about his bisexuality and doesn’t want that to happen.

Miles suggests that they go to counselling to try and save their relationship. Lucilla says the only reason she will go is to end their relationship.

Kop and Mamokete panic about what they witnessed the day before, and Stone disappears.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012
Episode 1209

What Zodwa said to S’bu hit home and he’s starting to question his future with Hustle. When Thula tells T-Bos the real reason Zodwa walked, T-Bos freaks out and asks whether Thula’s implying he’s gay.

Miles is being dishonest about the counselling and is trying to use it to get their relationship back on track. He loses it when he discovers that Lucilla’s already put the house on the market.

Bash steals more drugs from the hospital and Findo and Speshil realise Fats is going to have to be a guinea pig again.

Mamokete discovers a gun in the yard, and hides it from Kop.

Thursday, 23 February 2012
Episode 1210

Thula comes to a better understanding with T-Bos, but a tabloid journalist has a surprise for him.

David finds out S’bu’s losing interest in Hustle.

Lucilla’s night out with Gail is ruined by Miles.

The stranger who previously attacked Stone returns looking for him.

Kop and Mamokete are under pressure.

Friday, 24 February 2012
Episode 1211

Lucilla and Miles reel after the fight at the club. Things are falling apart. Miles pleads for them to keep fighting, but the fight is draining out of Lucilla.

Thula attempts to do some damage control after the picture of him and T-Bos appears in the City Times.

S’bu is uninterested and unhelpful, which only infuriates Thula more. Things are approaching collapse point for S’bu and Hustle. His drive and passion and interest for the business are fading. He is ripe for David’s new plans for him at 9-Nine.

Fats is exhibiting new symptoms, this time breaking out in sweat. Suffocate is convinced he is on drugs. He denies it vehemently, little does he know.

Lucilla has Miles’s bags packed. Kop and Mamokete learn that the stranger who was shot by Stone is in fact a policeman.

Monday, 27 February 2012
Episode 1212

Thula tells Thandi Dlamini his sexuality had nothing to do with his breakup with Zodwa, in spite of what she said, and then begs Zodwa to back up his story.

She says that if he has no problem with his sexuality, he should go public, which is exactly what T-Bos does when he outs Thula at David’s prompting during a 9-Nine interview.

Miles still clings to the relationship like a drowning man, but after Dr Washburn says they should split up, he and Lucilla do so sadly, but on good terms.

Findo and Speshil finally hit the jackpot and Fats get as high as a kite.

Mamokete disposes of the gun, as the police start asking questions.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012
Episode 1213

David gives S’bu advice that leads him to withdraw altogether from Hustle, to Thula’s shock. Thula tells Stone that he’s not ready to come out of the closet as a bisexual.

Later he confronts T-Bos, telling him that whether he wants to admit it or not, he, T-Bos is gay. Miles is heartened when Lucilla checks up on him with apparent concern.

However, at their marriage guidance session he comes to accept that their relationship is over. He comes round later to say goodbye to Buhle and to her.

Findo and Speshil think they’ve managed to evade responsibility for Fats’s extraordinary behaviour - but Suffocate continues to be very suspicious.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012
Episode 1214

Niki realises that Bash has been stealing medication from the hospital and demands he cease forthwith.

Thula tries unsuccessfully to persuade S’bu to stay and fight for Hustle. S’bu tells David he’s quitting, which gives David the way out of his troubles.

Miles is falling apart. Lucilla makes a surprising demand to Miles. There is dissension between Mamokete and Kop as to how to protect Stone.

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30 Jan 2012 16:43


30 Jan 2012 17:18

I am SO proud of Lu for not taking Miles back. The man dumps her, moves in with her worst enemy, takes away her child and locks her away in the looney bin over Christmas and thinks that she'll come crawling back to him?! Lulu needs to move on with her life and find herself a real man. I'm happy David's back, but I'm REALLY going to miss Naomi. Is Stone a baby daddy?? Tjo! I hope that the Khuse's can go at least one month without falling apart. Why is Thula being bi such a big deal for Zodwa? If he's been faithful to her and he's been making her happy, why is so insecure?

30 Jan 2012 17:25

3rd!!! Yippie!

30 Jan 2012 18:04

I am no let me read

30 Jan 2012 18:06

What's with numbers? At least pple here are not so concerned

30 Jan 2012 18:17

top ten?

30 Jan 2012 18:49

top 1 nw let m read

30 Jan 2012 18:51

At least Lucilla didn't automatically take MIles back

30 Jan 2012 18:57


30 Jan 2012 18:58

top 10;-)

30 Jan 2012 21:22

Hooray for Lu, finally she is showing some backbone, I mean a few weeks ago Miles was shacked up wih Naomi, and not he wants Lu to take her back, what is the man smoking?

30 Jan 2012 21:30

Nie man.Lu need to cheer up. There Is no time for guilty conscious. The lady need to learn two things from Naomi

31 Jan 2012 00:19

I have never seen a more stupid man than miles in my life

31 Jan 2012 07:55

Tweedledee and tweedledum, lol. So far Mazibuko has been wrong about the two people he has diognised, he was wrong about Naomi and he was wrong about Lucilla. So; I ask, where the hell did he get his degree?

31 Jan 2012 08:04

Mazibuko looks more like a bank teller than a pyschologist. Sorry bank tellers.

sexy d
31 Jan 2012 08:12

finally let me go and rad

31 Jan 2012 08:16

If Madonna can adopt Banda in Malawi i can adopt Millie Jackson in SA, Ayoba Naomi

sexy d
31 Jan 2012 08:38

well done lu now u cant concentrate on ur life away from miles.

So stone has a kid? wow

31 Jan 2012 08:46


31 Jan 2012 08:53

Haaaaa haaaa Yhoooo Ingenuity your comments cracked my a$$... shuuu woman/man uyageza yhazzz.... WHERE THE HELL DID HE REALL GET HIS DEGREE!!! *DeadForMonths*!!!!

31 Jan 2012 09:18

And the OSCAR for Best Actress goes to Moshidi Motshegwa
for her role NAOMI Fischer  in RC!
My god if I was the camera man I will LOL especially after last night scene with Dr Mazibuko and Capt!!!

31 Jan 2012 09:25

@Mokema I laugh had when I had that, how can she say that. I happy for Lulu

31 Jan 2012 09:26

Hi Everyone!

Naomi is the reason I watch TV nowadays (and yes Muvhango also).

I wonder if anyone noticed after Naomi said "the real killer is running free on E' or something like that.....Moshidi Motshegwa cracked herself as she threw her foot backward before facing the camera again.. tl tl.....she also draws fun out of this.......

she is a great actress............

The General
31 Jan 2012 09:39

And I still say Rhythm City is the best soapie in the country!

31 Jan 2012 10:01

Rythm city is rocking up the storm.. the line are well prepared and well played. congrasts !!!

Magical Baby
31 Jan 2012 10:29

I am still convinced that Jamie Bartlett (David Genaro) and Moshidi Motshegwa (Naomi) are the best actors/actress in Rhythm City. My My My they make you forget you are watching a soap, its like its their second nature. I'm gonna miss Naomi and her craziness. 

Miles is the worst character on RC, he is a disgrace to all MEN, I mean how gullible can a man be? Women are using him like their under garments sies man!

31 Jan 2012 10:39

Hawu no Naomi in Feb - she's the reason I watch RC! Miles and Lucilla's drama is gonna be fun to watch!  

31 Jan 2012 11:01

okay im new in this but what do people get for being top 10,they dont even comment they just express the excitement whats up with that?

31 Jan 2012 11:49


31 Jan 2012 11:53

yhooooooooooooooooooo eishh dis Naomi lady aaaai she can act yhooooo

31 Jan 2012 12:24

I am so going to miss Naomi!!!!!!!!!!
Lucilla, please, you really need to wake up from that Miles!
Can Miles please go on vacation? Ei.

31 Jan 2012 12:54

Sho sho sho! This month of feb is going to be a hott month nhe. Ama secretes abantu azo vela nje left, right and center. Hau Thula get out of da closet already man u know u gay. Miles ur character is getting dumb and dummer every year put a stop to this man.

31 Jan 2012 12:56

am happy that charlotte is back, i like this girl, niki, s'bu, lulu, miles are just like cats and dogs.....RC 4EVA

31 Jan 2012 14:14

Wooooolala......Stone has a baby?????????

Snuca Babe
31 Jan 2012 14:19

Its abut time Lulu leave

31 Jan 2012 15:12

Ag mara Miles though - he's a joke u can he xpect Lulu 2 take him back..afta this really HELL NO!!! This is going to be a bore without Naomi. 
And I am so sick and tired of the Khuse family and their non-ending problem, Tshidi and her men, Stoan 's mashonisa business, Kop and his TB, kitchen unit ya maRose..haiahaihai..and now this - Charlotte & da baby, agh! producers need 2 hav mercy on them.

I wish Sbu & Nikki wouldnt break up though - love them. And i adore Bash shame & his shenanigans..he's a hustler dat 1. 

My favourite couple maRose &!


31 Jan 2012 15:19

Im also curious about the numbers & staff, do you guys get pressies when you're the 1st  to comment (sum dnt even comment ) or rather ko top 10. Whats this excitement about????????! 

31 Jan 2012 15:57

I am laughing at will ConstyG, maybe there is some award to be won.

31 Jan 2012 16:06

tjo! ziyabila mos! what exactly are they doing to Fats? to me Isidingo and Rythym City are the best soapies!

31 Jan 2012 16:21

Hehehe, ya'll are killing me. And the award for the first person who posted a comment goes to......

31 Jan 2012 18:40

Let us all pay homage to Naomi as she says good bye for the time being. What's your favourite Naomi line? Here are mine 1. Dira o didimale Lisbet 2. Jy's dom en Jy's n plaasjapie 3. Mphe ntho tse monate monna ke wena 4. Ke serious, S capital bold underline 5. Ngwana plaasjapie ke ....... 7. Lulu ke sefofu sa Jericho

31 Jan 2012 18:54

8. Miles, go nkga tweba, tweba ebareng ke Lulu. 9. Lisbet, ke tla tsaya ngwana wa gago ke mo kgabatlele jwalo ja eie le tamatie, ke mo mikse ka chakalaka, ke be mo lahlele ko Alexandra, diroto di moje, mqafufunqafu. 10. Miless ke kgathetse monna ke wena, ke ya cha ke ya tuka, ekare go na le mbaola ka mo gare gonna!

31 Jan 2012 19:23

Lu sharing a house with miles 4 the sake of kids halala

31 Jan 2012 19:25

Lu sharing a house with miles 4 the sake of kids halala

31 Jan 2012 21:05

Ok this is soooo funny yazi @ConstyG,,,i use to laugh when some bloggers do that but now am used to that,,,back to RC eish am going to miss Naomi is the reason i loved RC so much as for Genaro i don't know cause i 'love and hate' him...

31 Jan 2012 21:24

Hey tanx lulu,dats gud!!

01 Feb 2012 07:50

Thank God the writers have come to their senses about this whole Niki and S'bu relationship, it just was not working for me. 
Now that it has come out how devious Naomi is, why isn't everybody lining up to apologise to LU, where is Niki, where is Gail, S'bu, Victoria, huh!? Lu was humiliated and forced to spend time in a ward for people who are mentally unstable.

01 Feb 2012 07:56

Good luck to Naomi as she fights for her freedom, may she come out swinging and gunning for David, now that will be a clash of the Titans indeed. Like Gigi said, the town is not big enough for both of them.

01 Feb 2012 10:49

RC always on the right track

DRAMA after drama

Elizabeth had family,but where were they when she was struggling until Naomi to advantage of her?

Families really can't be chosen

01 Feb 2012 11:18

Im so gonna miss Naomi,shes a great actress.

01 Feb 2012 11:40

The real killer is running free on E lol
Maybe she meant ON EARTH

01 Feb 2012 12:01

Why are going to miss Naomi?

01 Feb 2012 13:23

Hi every1 I'm new on this blog

01 Feb 2012 13:25

lol, I think Naomi was playing around with the 'Free on e' slogan!

01 Feb 2012 16:07

I miss naomi already.

shuuuuuuuuuuu mhhhhhhhhh its getting hotter guys!!!

02 Feb 2012 09:40

Good move for Dineo to pimp up the hair

02 Feb 2012 14:58

Miles Vilakazi!!! What a dumb man.  Lucilla must divorce him once and for all.

02 Feb 2012 16:11

Aahhh @ Majobe, who is Dineo?

02 Feb 2012 19:30

People you must see these people racing for being the first, second or whAtever to comment when Big Brother is on!!! Here you are wanting to comment and discuss serious issues and a comment comes iwith one word 1st! Even Miles has better brains! a

02 Feb 2012 19:33

People you must see these people racing for being the first, second or whAtever to comment when Big Brother is on!!! Here you are wanting to comment and discuss serious issues and a comment comes iwith one word 1st! Even Miles has better brains! a

03 Feb 2012 09:22

@ Majobe who's Dineo, are you smoking something?

03 Feb 2012 10:05

Yes guyz there I was thin I was still on RC blog,but what I said still stands.
ha ha ha ha ha

03 Feb 2012 10:09

what do you get for being the 1st on the blog,I dont understand or maybe I really smoked some green holy herb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

03 Feb 2012 10:41

*LOL* think she meant Dineo from Generations!

And a standing ovation to Lucilla for leaving dump #ss of a man Miles! HE should be the one admitted to a mental institution!!! nxm and why is Sbu back??????????????

03 Feb 2012 10:53

Niki is going about this while thing the wrong way, you don't show your enemy that loathe them, ever heard of the saying keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I mean it is clear that Bash is up to no good

sexy d
03 Feb 2012 11:28

@calamity you are so rite dear she should just stop badmouthing him to her friends and let bash dig up his own grave as he is always up to sumthing dat ends up backfiring

Bathong a ba teng banna ba tshwanang le miles i mean the dude has no shame ke gore ena he is busy hopping from one galfriend house to another doesnt he have a house or something. Lucilla wena its gud that you will dump his stupid ass he deserves to live in the streets sis nxa

03 Feb 2012 16:03

@ sexy d you are rite I always ask myself why Miles don't have a house? after that house that Noami was trying to burn. He never bought one.

03 Feb 2012 16:14

I found out that the 'I am first' phenomenon is not uniquely south african, I saw on an American website with daily recaps for the Bold and the Beautiful that people actually celebrate being first, however they don't have a top ten, they even congratulate you if you are first to post a comment. So, as annoying as it is, it seems this thing is international.

03 Feb 2012 16:15

Why was Lu jabbering on about David being innocent until proven guilty, the man watched your niece die you idiot!

03 Feb 2012 19:15

Uh oh, so there is a video out there exonerating Naomi of murdering Lisbeth. It seems the BK Group has David by the bal*s

06 Feb 2012 07:55

This BK group are starting to scare me.

sexy d
06 Feb 2012 10:56

@Calamity & Incarnate this BK Group really runs a business game now dave cant touch them as they have evidence dat he is the one who killed lisbeth hai shame poor dave he has finally meet his match

Kop really made his mark ka friday no wonder he has a nickname ya matlho ya kgwanyape now they can finnaly finish kete kitchen

Will we ever see naomi again on RC i really miss her already JERUSALEM lol

06 Feb 2012 18:57

I think with the possibility is there sexyd, with this evidence. Hermanus scares me, he gives me the creeps.

07 Feb 2012 07:50

I have realised that there is no goody two shoes on RC, we have all hated all the characters at some point or other. Goody-two shoes are the worst, acting all holier than thou. Thank God we don't have someone like Thandaza.

07 Feb 2012 07:55

OK, is it just me or has Kop started talking like a tsotsi ever since he went back to playing dice? It's the weirdest thing. It's like his whole character has changed.

07 Feb 2012 08:41

@incarnate you right even the way he walk, dice reminds him back in the days and now he think he still a youth.

07 Feb 2012 09:28

im always rushing thru traffic jst to get home in time 4 rc. I hav bn a fan ever since E was available in my country and im loving every bit of it. Rc is jst the best.

07 Feb 2012 12:21

@ blaxswan, have you tried catching the omnibus on saturdays? I hope once Jafta is done with the kitchen it will look better, right now it just looks so horrible. I love Rose, when she mixes her language with Zulu, very funny.

jackson afr
07 Feb 2012 12:49


xoliswa mbayise
07 Feb 2012 14:21

good lucila, yes this just shows that the producers realy take our sugestions seriously because this is what rhythm citizens have been praying for in their facebook fan page, thank you mr producer... miles and naomi whoz mad nw haaaaa thatha lulu

07 Feb 2012 14:58


07 Feb 2012 14:58


07 Feb 2012 14:58


07 Feb 2012 19:18

Oh poor "lizbet' wa ga naomi, i wish they cud do us a gigantic favour n kill miles coz that old-man has sucked the life out of his dull role.

*DEAR DEVIL* dn't u think GIGI (genaro) & NAOMI r are match made in HELL, those 2 sud date man!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE RC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

07 Feb 2012 23:21

@calamity. Pity i work saturdays 2. Nw Naomi is jst the one, wonder what she seez in miles thou.

08 Feb 2012 14:34

God loves you David Genaro!

08 Feb 2012 16:28

hayi Dave is just losing control and paranoa is setting in. He doesn't trust anyone.

08 Feb 2012 16:29

Hermanus Meyer has no sense of boundaries, i mean really, he just walks into Dave's house and office and starts rumaging through everything.

08 Feb 2012 16:45

Sbu has no back bone shame whats so ever maan. One day he is furious and wants nothing to do wit David, the next minute he is taking advice from the same Mbuti David Genaro.

I guess like father like son., uyafana no Miles, the only difference Miles is old and he is young.

08 Feb 2012 18:13

Riperile mablogers I'm new here

08 Feb 2012 19:38

Welcome @morogo hv a *bleep!* load of fun,dnt b afrraid to speak your mind or beta yet ask @VusiK to be you bloogin' mentor his 1 of a f#?k'd-up kind.LOL!!!!!!!!!
Much luv VUS.

09 Feb 2012 07:45

Well, pjvv, it is only natural that he is like Miles, they are father and son, like father like son. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree and all.

09 Feb 2012 07:49

Can Bash just go away already!

09 Feb 2012 07:51

@ morogo, u amukelekile, have fun blogging.

09 Feb 2012 07:54

If they give Bash enough rope he will kill himself.

09 Feb 2012 09:24

Naomi is not gone forever.
Naomi is pregnant,Gail is pregnant as well as Saurez.

RC will will have so many kids including Buhle and Millicent.


09 Feb 2012 14:06

Am also new here...but hey Calamity you have a sharp mind tjo. As i was reading your blogs i even heard Naomi's voice.

09 Feb 2012 16:41

This Bash character is so annoying what is he doing in RC anyway and as for Mamokete o kare ke ya bona Kop a se a jisitse tshelete ka ofela kitchen I staka. Hape

sexy d
10 Feb 2012 08:14

morning all

@Pastry welcome

Bash mare wena wat kind of a person u r now ur sister nearly died bcos of your greedyness hope u can now disaapper.

Now dat millie is going with her granparents where will miles live ka gore Lucilla will show him the door and guys kante when will elizabeth be buried or the writers forgot that they killed her storyline if not the actual funeral but atleast they should mention it or have i missed her funeral

10 Feb 2012 09:22

@Sexy d RC forgot about funeral, how can they forgot about Liz. Lu and Millie must attend the funeral.

10 Feb 2012 10:46

Lisbeth has served her purpose, you guys know how it is RC, she was a means to an end. Maybe if she had a boyfriend or someone who cared about her they would have paid her funeral lip service.

10 Feb 2012 10:58

It's a cold cruel world out there for guest characters.

10 Feb 2012 11:47

hai maan Bash wa  ntena,  ake bone purpose ya gae ko RC

10 Feb 2012 13:52

Thanks Sexy D...

Majobe, are you implying that alll three ladies are pregnant ka that will be an interesting twist!

13 Feb 2012 15:48

Hey everyone - a headsup that some of the storylines have changed on RC this month so the teasers have changed too. We've just updated them.

As you'll see, the big changes surround Stone.

13 Feb 2012 16:16

So, Stone is no longer a baby daddy? Are they getting rid of his character of RC or what? What's going on, very confused. So, no more Charlotte. Why the change?

13 Feb 2012 16:55

I hope they dont kill Stone too, phela RC character die. I think they shld kill Miles, am bored with his storyline, they can bring that Ivan back and another character.

They send characters like Sbu and Stone away but they still come back boring, no changes. 

I wasnt looking forward to Stone's babe,

13 Feb 2012 18:44

Okay, Lisbeth's parents seemed a bit strange to me, they didn't look like parents grieving the death of their daughter. Why the storyline change?

13 Feb 2012 19:08

Does these mean Millicent didn't attend her mothera's funeral or is the funeral still coming I'm so confused,stone hitting a cat that was something

14 Feb 2012 10:49

What happen to Charlotte? and if Stone is going why they have to kill him.

14 Feb 2012 11:08

I have noticed that on RC when they no longer have any use for you they get rid of you.

15 Feb 2012 12:48

UBash a masimba njee period!

sexy d
15 Feb 2012 12:51

RC mare dave has no purpose now could u pls bring naomi back so that we can see who is the king/queen of evil re a kopa tuu

@lolly 4 u
15 Feb 2012 15:58

hi guys im new & i hope i'll enjoy my stay. back 2 RC this month is intresting with miles &lulu breaking up BUT im gona mic naomi...

16 Feb 2012 09:41

Stone Khuse,you have "Balls",I'm sure that guy wet his undies when you pointed a gun at him.

16 Feb 2012 14:29

miles is such a Mbuzi - as he always calls Genaro. What makes him think that Lu will take him back after all he did????

17 Feb 2012 09:33

Zodwa must not stress just because Thula is a TWIN PLUG.
All men have issues:
drunks,sex addicts,abusers,twin plugs,bed bugs,two timers,poligamists,mamas boyz even better some have chargers so small even the new born babys finger is much better.
No matter where you go there is an issue atleast Thula is honest and good looking,I'm sure he will tell you should he need to swich the plug.LOL

zandile m
17 Feb 2012 12:03

zandile m
17 Feb 2012 12:05

guys im bck bt dis tym im nt sexy gal  DAZNT RC ROCK?

17 Feb 2012 14:09

Lol Majobe, I mean Zodwa is homophobic, I wouldn't have expected it from her seeing that she is in the music industry and she is exposed to different kinds of people from all walks of life.

18 Feb 2012 10:14

Zodwa is not pretty anyway so dnt worry Thula. Bash Bash stealing flowers,chocolate and now blankets from sick patients. He doesnt knw how to stop, once a thief alwayz a thief. "the guy is paralysed from the waist down, aka wezwa amakhaza lomntu" Bash's words. Lol!

18 Feb 2012 13:58

Miles slpt with naomi b4 she got arrested. Her coming bek wil only b determind by whetha miles hit it on the nail or whetha he hit it on the side. So if shz pregnant then she mite b releasd so she cn cum and find a house 4 mr vilakazi.

18 Feb 2012 14:05

Gail's pregnancy is puzzlng. How come she's nt preg wit david's baby becoz he's the 1 who was slpng wit hr. Instead, she's bin impregnented by sum1 whom we hv neva seen on RC. I hope she's lying becoz it is only that that wil make sense

18 Feb 2012 14:16

Milez mite b mbuzi number one 2 many viewerz, bt that guy knows how 2 hit a fist. He hits ril bad, or ask Ivan Tshinawa if u dnt beliv me. Hz stl unconscious lying in a coma at hospital.

18 Feb 2012 15:31

@Moyi gail is lieyin',david is the father mara if my child was fathered by that man i would also say it wasn't his.

20 Feb 2012 07:57

@ Moyikwan, gail is lying, what woman in her right mind would tell a murderer that she is carrying his child, that would be beyond irresponsible and idiotic.  

21 Feb 2012 07:52

It is good to see someone who david is actually scared of. I just wish they could give Hermanus something more, can't they explore his character a bit more, I would like to know whether he is all bad or does he have any redeemable. It is good though that David has finally met someone who won't take his nonsense and who is not even afraid of him and there is not a damn thing he can do about it.

21 Feb 2012 07:56

Kop and Kete are faced with a big moral dilemma there, Stone has killed a cop in cold blood.

sexy d
21 Feb 2012 08:48

the khuse family e dula e le mo mathateng ha e se tshidi ke stone kgotsa kop or mamokete le rose wa gage could they plase give this family a break hau they deserve it.

miles miles miles just walk away while u still have ur pride.

That guy o david just hired damn he will destroy 99 in two weeks phela he is a walking brewery

21 Feb 2012 11:17

why kop& mamokete didn't say anythink about seen stone carrying that body? shame fat how could they do this to  fat.

21 Feb 2012 11:59

Bare Mmangoana o tshwara thipa ka bohaleng. That is Kete through and through. She is protecting Stone by hiding the gun. I am proud of her  would do the same for my son. Mara Stone wa acta bathong, MAMINA  did you see? Bobe bo tswa kaofela. That is professional acting for me. Character ya Fats pissed me off.

21 Feb 2012 13:20


Waitse I thought I was the only one that noticed mabaane hore stone is an exeptional actor, I was so impressed it was not even funny!!! Big ups to him!!

21 Feb 2012 13:41

Sure Stone did do justice to that part. He can freak out for real, phela since that guy told him he is on a hit list...he really came out trully scared and did so very well. 

Jaa kentse, tlhakantsuke ya mamina le dikeledi (big ups to sniff, chilli and onion)

21 Feb 2012 16:12

Am I blind or there is no marked improvement with Kete's kitchen, I thought she was going big. The only thing I see all the time, are the new shelves for the spaza shop.

21 Feb 2012 16:25

hahahaahhhaahahah,Incarnate you not the only one,I saw  also that

21 Feb 2012 16:29

I actually don't agree with you kentse, Stone was just trigger happy, think of the police man's family not knowing who killed their loved one. he didn't even give the guy a chance to identify himself, the guy actually begged him to let him talk but he did not want to hear it. Stone should hand himself over to the police, be charged with culpable homicide and plead temporary insanity or diminished capacity. He can't even plead self-defence because his life was not in immediate danger. Wrong is wrong and there is no in between. He shot and killed a human being.

21 Feb 2012 20:53

He killed a cop and that is wrong. We are talking about the acting part. He even convinces you INCARNATe. Give credit where its due. Stone nailed it this time. Even today when he was telling Suffo and starting the act all over again CLASSIC!

21 Feb 2012 22:27

LOL!!!!!!!!! @kentse batho ngwanyana ke wena, STONE DID GOOD HLE BATHONG AMEN ekare o batla go mo nyala mamina & alles.

22 Feb 2012 07:58

Bare Mmangoana o tshwara thipa ka bohaleng. That is Kete through and through. She is protecting Stone by hiding the gun. I am proud of her would do the same for my son. 

@kentse, this is the part I don't agree with, never said anything about the guy's acting. I know he did good. What Kete did was cowardice through and through, it was fear that her son was gonna get into trouble. What she did was not brave, it was selfish and unlawful, might I add, as of now she is a criminal.

sexy d
22 Feb 2012 08:23

so stone just disappered just like that i mean really dude you can run but u can hide funny enough frank told you to run but u refused now u r in big *bleep!* u run hai

LOL guys ka kitchen ya mamokete i also noticed there is no much different sure there are sum yellow tiles there and there and some cupboards but surely that didnt caused much

Sbu wena u should just quite to tell the truth i no longer see his purpose mo RC

Miles wena u should just throw the towel i mean Lu doesnt want u anymore n i dnt blame her ne go le monate wena le naomi le ja mokaragana ka Xmas le new yaer while lu wa batho was stuck ko mental institute now you reap wat u sow leave lulu alone

22 Feb 2012 16:14

Exactly sexy d, now he is in big doodoo he runs, he should have ran a long time ago man.

22 Feb 2012 16:16

Lol @ Thula implying that fats only uses his phone to send please call me and therefore cannot get cancer. 

22 Feb 2012 16:19

I thought Findo and his friend were supposed to be street smart so how could they that dimwit bash con them like that, I mean really now. Can we get a 'we belong together love story' on RC, something like S'bu and Thembi. It's long overdue.

22 Feb 2012 16:26

Mamoke is also wearing yellow clothes this I guess she is trying to match her ugly kitchen even the curtains

23 Feb 2012 07:54

So, that is the kitchen unit, are you kidding me, Kete should demand a refund. Couldn't the set designers come up with something better. I mean really now.

23 Feb 2012 07:56

Yoo, Kete is a full blown criminal.

23 Feb 2012 12:53

kete and kop are so boring

23 Feb 2012 18:54

>>>lemme catch up>>>

sexy d
24 Feb 2012 08:53

morning all

Sho kop ke le gwala u wouldnt say ke ena the man of the house the way a ne a tshogile ka teng. so guys please do fill me in the guy looking for stone is he working for DD or is he cop? am puzzled about it as every strange guy suddenly wants to speak to stone.

miles mare ke setlaela since wen is lu his wife by the time he was playing lovey dovey with naomi he forgot gore lucilla ke mosadi wa gage or ke eng lucilla only becomes his wife when its suits him shame.

mamokete open the locker stone o fitlhile thjelete mo yona

24 Feb 2012 09:04

miles is the stupid man i have ever seen

24 Feb 2012 09:23

Poor Fats,LOL
I bet those trips to the toilet will make him lose a kilo or two,and Fats learn a good lesson,when it come to food,he greedy as a PIG.

Miles just let Lulu go.

Men and their egos,How can Miles forget what he did to Lucilla?

Taking her to a mental institution and sleeping with"JERUSALEMA".

The Khuse family is full of sh**t and problems,UMUZI WEZINKINGA.

That guy who plays Mr Khuse really anoys me,he lokks like a rat,and is so skinny(IGUNDANE).I wonder how they get it on at night with Kete.

24 Feb 2012 09:36

Guys what is in the backpack? Stone will meet DD in jail,  poor Stone.

24 Feb 2012 09:36

@Majobe... trully speaking they don't get it on kaloku they are acting... Lol Kidding just pulling your leg I know what you mean!!! He really is skinny... at least if Mamokete was married to a guy like Mojo in Stokvelor or Tiger in Zone 14 or if Mamokete wasn't that big... hayi mara still Kop is just way too skinny even for my own personal liking!!!

Mrs Chix
24 Feb 2012 09:44

Miles is really irritating me, he should just let go, Lulu doesnt want him anymore

24 Feb 2012 11:16

hayi khona miles girls out means girls out

sexy d
24 Feb 2012 11:29

@andzon i think there is money in that backpack

24 Feb 2012 16:08

those of you who go to church,pray for the KHUSE family.LOL Kwaaaaaaaaaaaa

24 Feb 2012 16:10

@Evoque,you got me this time.

25 Feb 2012 13:43

I am from Ghana and i'm new here. I love all your comments and believe me it makes me laugh eventho i don't understand the ones in your language.

I luv RC to bits and never miss it for any reason. Kudos to u guys in SA.

25 Feb 2012 16:28

Hey Yaby welcome hun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeh neh hai ppl dat poor kitchen is worse than before jafta arrived,i wonder what dd kete smoke that day when she decided to let jafta *MURDER* her kitchen plus 4 pete's sake the guy was recomended by kop: hv u ever heard the sayin' the BLIND leading the BLIND.What that was suppose to say is KOP leading JAFTA.

Eventho kete is now a criminal i think it's worth coz nwe all know,there ain't nothin' a mother wouldn't do 4 ha baby especially asissy lyk stone.

LOL!!!!! Mara isn't kop's figure the 1 that is required when lookin' 4 a victoria secret model.

while miles is busy letting go of lulu hai plz tell,ask or betta yet beg the producers to LET HIM GO and i ain't takin abwt hm gettin a job somewher or going to  phyc ward,they sud jst KILL HIM.

25 Feb 2012 16:34

miles deservers all dat cumin' 2 hm

26 Feb 2012 07:26

Miles o sa e batla tsubi-tsubi ya lulu ney!

27 Feb 2012 13:37

Where is March Teasers? i want to know what will stone & khuses do.

27 Feb 2012 15:08

Tuesday, 28 February 2012
Episode 1213

David gives S’bu advice that leads him to withdraw altogether from Hustle, to Thula’s shock. Thula tells Stone that he’s not ready to come out of the closet as a bisexual. 

does this mean stone is coming back soon?

28 Feb 2012 10:04

@ andzon, follow this link u will see march teasers

28 Feb 2012 11:35

@ skura Thanks

28 Feb 2012 12:02

I see I missed a lot here last week. INCARNATE my friend this is just a soapie nothing serious. We are all having fun and in real life we all wont react like this about the Stone saga. I am enjoying every bit ya this RC. About KOP eish la nqeta ka bo-sesane ba hae. Nna Kop irritates the hell out of me and I wish they get rid of him and bring in an elder hunk for Kete. I want to see bo-mme ba DK ba droola over him. Kop and Jafta? Haai unzima lomthwalo!

And YABY welcome friend and thanks @ SKURA for the link. Now let me go read!! Peace to all.

28 Feb 2012 13:28

@andzon & kentse, the pleasure is all mine, glad i could help! #Peace#

28 Feb 2012 14:07

i love Scandal finish en klaar

28 Feb 2012 15:57

Hellos hellos

Bathong Kgante molato keng ka Lucilla le bofebe.... ke nawa or bompya fela

28 Feb 2012 15:57

Hellos hellos

Bathong Kgante molato keng ka Lucilla le bofebe.... ke nawa or bompya fela

29 Feb 2012 09:50

Bathong!!!! Lucilla le Sbu? Eish I hope ha e no re bora jwanong. So the dead cop was working for Ding Dong? Wa bona ge jwanong? Stone o mo laile because o ne a tlo bolaya Stone. It was a question of who kills who first. Mara KOP takes the cake on the irritating department man! Charactor ya hae is pissing me off big time. Imagine Hermanus a se a jola le Gail? Next thing Kop of tla be a jola le Rose haai!

29 Feb 2012 09:52

@shadilicious Lucilla how could she, Sbu is like a son. you right ubufebe.  Sbu want what Mille is having or the other way around (Lulu, Naomi & Kelly khumalo).

29 Feb 2012 16:40

Thanks for the link skura.

Here is my take, Collins is the rapist, Hermanus may be creepy but he doesn't strike me as a rapist. This whole Lucilla and S'bu thing all i can say is, eeeuwwwww

29 Feb 2012 16:47

No sweat kentse, I am too laid back to ever take anything too seriously. 

29 Feb 2012 16:49

I kinda sorta have a mini-crash on Hermanus.

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