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7de Laan Teasers - January 2012

Written by TVSA Team from the blog 7de Laan Teasers on 21 Dec 2011
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Coming up on 7de Laan this January, 2012:

Monday 2 January 2012
Episode 2646

An old friend returns to the Laan. Marcel opens up towards Ryno about her feelings. Who will be cast as the lovers in the play?

Tuesday 3 January 2012
Episode 2647

Zinzi finally meets Tumi on a webcam date. But how long will she now be able to keep up the false front? Gita has the contract ready, but can Willem come up with the final amount?

Will Marcel continue working for Ryno?

Wednesday 4 January 2012
Episode 2648

Marko tells Xander about Miss Madeleine's ultimatum. Kim's flirting with Pieter irritates the living daylights out of Annelie.

Gita sees Willem in a suspicious situation.

Thursday 5 January 2012
Episode 2649

The matric results are out. Will Errol pass matric with exemption? Tumi sees Zinzi in an awkward situation through the webcam.

Will Hilda's attempt to bake Vince's famous mango mousse cake lose the deli an important client?

Friday 6 January 2012
Episode 2650

Aggie finds a new outlet for her jewellery and there's a crisis at rehearsals. Alan brings Gita a juicy piece of info about Willem and Mariëtte.

Monday 9 January 2012
Episode 2651

Who will be the play's new director? Ryno feels a pang of jealousy when an old friend phones Marcel. Gita plays cat and mouse with Willem.

Tuesday 10 January 2012
Episode 2652

Zinzi is a nervous wreck when Tumi shows up in Hillside. What will Hilda do when she sees that Matrone can't keep her hands off Oubaas during rehearsals?

Maria receives bad news about her house in Qwa Qwa.

Wednesday 11 January 2012
Episode 2653

An old friend of Marcel's rocks up at her and Ryno's romantic dinner. Zinzi realises Tumi is the one and Gita approaches Willem with a new money-making scheme.

Thursday 12 January 2012
Episode 2654

Will Mariëtte fall for Gita's new deal? Why does Marko ask Bernard if there's something between Paula and Altus?

Will Tumi discover the truth when he visits Zinzi at Hillside Travel?

Friday 13 January 2012
Episode 2655

Mariëtte is upset by a strange phone call. Annelie warns Zinzi that she is taking her attempt to impress Tumi too far. Simon makes no secret of the fact that he really likes Marcel.

Monday 16 January 2012
Episode 2656

Will Hilda be able to control herself when she sees Matrone flirting with Oubaas during rehearsals? Will Willem and Mariëtte accept Gita's proposal?

Tuesday 17 January 2012
Episode 2657

How will Altus react when he realises that Marko has Paula in his sights? Mariëtte hits upon a plan to raise the money for Gita's deal.

Wednesday 18 January 2012
Episode 2658

Paula has a brilliant idea for the Miss Madeleine launch. Zinzi is becoming suspicious about Tumi's behaviour, and Willem and Mariëtte has a row over getting the money for Gita's deal.

Thursday 19 January 2012
Episode 2659

Is something cooking between Paula and Marko? Will Willem sign Gita's contract? Tumi makes an unexpected confession to Zinzi.

Friday 20 January 2012
Episode 2660

Oubaas confronts Paula over her unpaid rent and Marko gives her an ultimatum. Gita bares her claws while she, Willem and Mariëtte celebrate their business contract.

Monday 23 January 2012
Episode 2661

Who is going to win the raffle? San-Mari encounters a crisis on the eve of the concert. What will Willem do when he realises Gita outwitted him?

Tuesday 24 January 2012
Episode 2662

It's the night of the play and two of the characters cause an upheaval - with longlasting results. An old friend returns to Hillside.

Wednesday 25 January 2012
Episode 2663

The play was a great success ... but have they succeeded in raising enough money to buy computers for the orphanage?

Aggie gets another order for her jewellery and Xander gets a surprising call from his mother.

Thursday 26 January 2012
Episode 2664

Will head office like Marko and Paula's idea for the Miss Madeleine function? Vince is upset about his mother is moving to Johannesburg. Will she accept Bonita?

Friday 27 January 2012
Episode 2665

Why does Altus suddenly hand over the Miss Madeleine project to Diederik?

Charmaine has her doubts about Daleen's motives and the big day for Annelie's Miss Madeleine photoshoot dawns.

Monday 30 January 2012
Episode 2666

Helena tells Emma about her relationship breaking up. Will Vince and Bonita find their dream home today?

The tension between Ryno and Marcel reaches breaking point and she blurts out the truth.

Tuesday 31 January 2012
Episode 2667

Emma suspects all is not well with Helena. San-Mari and Kim are not impressed with Bernard's double-dating.

Sanjay decides to look into the cream that made Kim and San-Mari itch.

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21 Dec 2011 11:42

i `m first

21 Dec 2011 11:46

marko and paula come on guys what happened to clara.

Magical Baby
21 Dec 2011 12:01

Why can't Altus and Paula get back together once and for all! Damn these writers!

Magical Baby
21 Dec 2011 12:03

As for Gita a Leopard never changes its spots that's all I can say!

Where the hell is Clara????? Marko can't he settle down and decide which women he wants, I mean all this changing women like his underpants. Sies man!

angelz 28
21 Dec 2011 12:05

5th yey
let me go n read

21 Dec 2011 12:05

i dont like the marko/paula relationship..there can only be one guy for paula...! 

dont like xander's mom and hope she is not coming to mess around with charmain's marriage!!!!

angelz 28
21 Dec 2011 12:12

helenas bak
vince mothers bak
marko n paula where is clara (paula n altie)
kim is a dalm witch 
hilda n oubaas again 
gita gita gita 

angelz 28
21 Dec 2011 12:13

what about pieter n annelie (nothin)

21 Dec 2011 12:55

YEAH.. Bin checkin let me go read

21 Dec 2011 13:01

Hey peeps!
Well what can I say... lots of old faces, a bunch of new faces, a few scheming witches, lots of drama and new relationships... all in a day's work... lol

Marko should decide who he wants now... he and Clara only left a few months ago and now he's back and setting his sights on Paula... wonder what Diedie will say about that... Altie must fight for Paula!!

I don't like Daleen! She's such a sly cow... I can't handle her!
I hope Errol passes matric... he's clever so he probably will...

Hang on to your helmets, this month we're gonna see some sparks fly!!

21 Dec 2011 13:02

Helena bak and not happy as usual. Marko and paula.. PLEASE!

21 Dec 2011 13:14

@ kandy Helena irritates me - she is always in trouble.. for a preety girl like her I dunno why she is always in trouble.

I js cant picture Marko and Puala...Ayyya!!!

21 Dec 2011 13:25

Sounds like an interesting month.  I dont like Marko and Paula no suit there, but altie is too slow when is he going to make a move.

Nothing on pieter and annelie BORING ...

I am sure errol will have passed he was talking about medicine so he must be damn clever.

Helena back what will she do without sis here Isabella.

Ryno and Marcel must decide what they want I hate it when they are so stubborn and wont admit their true feelings.

Vince's mum coming back can only spell trouble she is a witch.
Whew did I say all that?

miss ceepee
21 Dec 2011 14:45

interesting stuff.2012 here we cum.

22 Dec 2011 07:32

Hi Peeps!
Only 2 working days left for me then it's holiday time!! Can't wait!

Marcel's going to be in big trouble one of these days...

I must admit that Helena is a trouble magnet and sometimes she really gets on my nerves...

I'm happy that Hilda decided to make the best of a bad situation and now she feels better about going to Moekie for Christmas.
Kudos to Aggie for deciding to go on with the jewellery business!
That nasty Kim has her sights on Pieter... again!

I'll chat again later peeps! Xx

22 Dec 2011 09:16

hi all,

Just saw the last again. Cant believe gita is doing business with that snake alan again, what is she up to now?

Is Helena staying at the big house? Why is she back there is no one here for her.

Its my last day today cant wait to have a break. 

Have a great christmas everyone and a wonderful new year.

@allyv hope santa is good to your little ones, take care, will chat in the new year again love MSxx

angelz 28
22 Dec 2011 10:05

hey guys 
@ms & allyv have r happy chrismas and a happy new year u guys wil be missed!!!
@amy11 hope u enjoy ur trip 2morrow 

kim is a witch she makes me sick 
wonder who is dat guy that marcell went 2
Gita is up to something
aggie thank goodness she is carrying on 

22 Dec 2011 10:19

@ angelz 28 you too have a good christmas and new year.  have a lovely break.
Will chat in the new year when we are all back to normal, will miss our little chats

Gita is always up to something.

WEll done for aggie for carrying on

Merry xmas all

22 Dec 2011 14:07

Hi @MS, hope I'm not too late...
Merry Christmas sweetie pie! We will miss you and our chats!
Hope you have an awesome day and a blessed 2012! We'll chat again in January.

22 Dec 2011 16:15

Hi @allyv just saw your message now just got back from the shops its a mad house out there.  Will miss our chats but we can chat on face book if you have it at home.  Have a beautiful christmas and a wonderful new year.  Chat here in Jan again  xxxxxxxxxxx

angelz 28
22 Dec 2011 18:05

@ ms tnx cant wait 4 nxt year

kim should leave pieter alone she makes me sick eerg 
sanjay i staking aggie (SURPRISE SURPRISE)
chat 2morrow mabye bye

22 Dec 2011 19:12

@ ms,allyv angels28 wish u best. Wil b here kipin fires burnin.. Am goin 2 have a quiet xmas..

23 Dec 2011 07:43

Morning peeps! It's officially my last day at work for 2011! Hopefully we can go home a bit earlier... not likely...

Congrats Aggie! She won the competition!
Zinzi, you cant trust guys!
Shame man! That idiot thief stole all Maria's hamper money! Moron! But I'm sure they'll figure something out... :)
I think Gita's beginning to see that Willem is dodgy...

Chat later! Xx

angelz 28
23 Dec 2011 09:05

hey guys
@allyv wil miss u enjoy ur chrismas n new year
i wil stil be here chating sumtyms.wil mis u guys terribly

aggie we new u could make it well done 
so da chrismas party is @ da girls flat 
chat later bye

23 Dec 2011 11:13

Hi all,
Saw the end again last night.  Well done aggie for winning the competition!

What is gita up to, you should seriously try and switch over to  Gabriel on a THursday and see her in that show she is hillarious.

Poor Marcel is beside herself.

Missing you guys already but I will pop in now and then when I get a chance usually my partner hogs the computer and I dont get near it.
@allyv hope you get off early. Christmas must be so much fun for you with the children, children make christmas.
@angelz 28 cant wait for jan next year either.  Kandyfloss you too have a Merry Christmas and take care. xx

Again a very Merry Christmas all  and a great new year.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

23 Dec 2011 13:40

Hi peeps!! My last pop in for 2011!
We get to go home at 3!! I'm so happy!!!

@MS, to see their faces light up when they see their prezzies is the best feeling!! :)

To all my friends on this blog... I love you guys! It's awesome to come here every day and share thoughts with wonderful people like you! I hope you guys all have a wonderful Christmas and a Blessed New Year (if you don't celebrate Christmas, just enjoy the holidays) :)

I love you guys and I'll see you all in the new year! Xx

23 Dec 2011 19:07

mmm.. I loved xmas in 7dlan. I lyk kim

23 Dec 2011 21:02

7de laan writers are trying my patience.hw many months hv they bn on the PIENELLIE SAGA?pollie n marko?diedie shud apologize n try his luck with san-mari.i really loved em.zinzi is 2 desperate.wat happened 2 self sophisticated women?oubaas,hilda n matrone?old luv,i like.merry xmas

23 Dec 2011 21:08

I don't like marcel n ryno 2getha.ey shud consider emma and ryno again.they drive me crazy.helena is my fave cumbac star.i luv her bcz she is an exploring actres.she does not rly on 1 role.de laan,erfsondes,binneland.7de laan writers are trying my patience.hw many months hv they bn on the PIENELLIE SAGA?pollie n marko?diedie shud apologize n try his luck with san-mari.i really loved em.zinzi is 2 desperate.wat happened 2 self sophisticated women?oubaas,hilda n matrone?old luv,i like.merry xmas

23 Dec 2011 21:08

I don't like marcel n ryno 2getha.ey shud consider emma and ryno again.they drive me crazy.helena is my fave cumbac star.i luv her bcz she is an exploring actres.she does not rly on 1 role.de laan,erfsondes,binneland.7de laan writers are trying my patience.hw many months hv they bn on the PIENELLIE SAGA?pollie n marko?diedie shud apologize n try his luck with san-mari.i really loved em.zinzi is 2 desperate.wat happened 2 self sophisticated women?oubaas,hilda n matrone?old luv,i like.merry xmas

Paula Pritz
24 Dec 2011 16:59

I'M BACK!!!!!hey guys missed u guys so much...can urll all please update me on what happned dis week i only wached fridays episode..to all those celebrating christmas ..enjoy.Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

tvsa destiny
27 Dec 2011 07:30

Glad to see the spoilers here.  Merry Christmas everybody!

angelz 28
27 Dec 2011 11:03

hi guys 
@ all those who celebrated chrismas hope yourll had an awesome tym 
@paula welcum bak we missed u 2 how was ur holiday.

issebells bak she looks so hppy 
marcell woah 
ryno's cumin bak 2day w1der wats gonna happen 

27 Dec 2011 18:26

Hi  hope you all had an awesome Christmas and that you all got spoilt.
Wishing you all the best for 2011 and stay safe over this festive time.

Love you all cant wait for us all to be reunited in Jan  when everyone is back from well deserved leave.


28 Dec 2011 10:30

Hey ya all. I can see ppple were looking forward to their holidays. hope you had the best of holidays. 

the Laan looks very interesting this month. i am so glad something is finally brewing Paula and Atlie-wise (but please dont let Paula go out with Marko.) Altie is the only man for Paula.

i agree about Marcel and Ryno. i hope this Simon person sweeps Marcel off her feet. Ryno and Emma should try again.

clark bent
29 Dec 2011 16:06

really,!!there bringing back helena and marko!!!wat about alice and mandla???

clark bent
29 Dec 2011 16:12

OMG.gitas the pits,but 7de laan needs a diva that can compete with cherel  (isidingo),mawande (generations),naomi (rhythym city) and shakira (scandal),dont you think?

30 Dec 2011 12:40

HI all,

I only see the end of the show, thank goodness Ryno arrived when he did.
Who is Simon??    Are Paula and Altus finally getting back?  What about peter and annelie or is kim still sticking her nose in ther.

30 Dec 2011 21:10

Hey bloggers feel free to join our debate on the Generations blog.

01 Jan 2012 03:41

Happy new Year to you All bloggers.. may all your wishes cum true

01 Jan 2012 16:02

Happy New Year!!! Just want to say that my main reason for checking on the happening in the Laan are all your comments.  I love it!  and I have to agree - Paula & Marko????

02 Jan 2012 13:18

Paula for altie, cmon u guys...as for clara she can remain in bucharest!!!!

02 Jan 2012 13:18

Paula for altie, cmon u guys...as for clara she can remain in bucharest!!!!

King Ragga
02 Jan 2012 19:00

mmmm...sounds intresting,wonder if Errol passes wit da exemption..

manazo 1
03 Jan 2012 12:41

Marko o se o tlo nka mang? joooooooo!!! Can't wait for Annelie and Pieter, asseblief maan!! can't wait forever you know....

03 Jan 2012 23:04

hi all saw my earlier message wishing you all the best for 2011 sorry blonde moment all the best for 2012.   chat again soon xxxxx

gossip gal
04 Jan 2012 00:35

shem felicity mustn't be tht sure bcoz soon she'll be divorced.writers for once keep it like this:Paula and altie :dridreck and san mari :annelie and Peter :marko and clara :helen cum back wit jan hendrik :ryno and EMma :bernard,david greff wit girls hu dont hav luck on guys.SOMETHINGS BELONG TOgEtHer

gossip gal
04 Jan 2012 00:52

aish Gita wat ar u up to now?shem Willem u dont know who u involved wit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(HORRAH) but dont say altie didn't warn u.he said frm exprience.i wish thngs cud nt be shaken on Xander and vanessa i lv the couple so much.Khethiwe Ngcobo please change Isabel's lazy clothes and hair.jah LAAN i really enjoy watchin.U are really unique u beat far away thse silly soapies(gen,RC,Isndgo and the others)

angelz 28
04 Jan 2012 10:41

hey guys
going 2 durban 2morrow cant wait
will miss u guys 

kim is a witch.......pieter belongs wit  annelie not wit ha
marko u deserve it
paula i s 2 hillariouse
chat nxt week bye

04 Jan 2012 15:23

Hi all,  @angelz 28 enjoy durbs hun hope you have a ball.

What happened with Emma i thought she was directing the play, did pushy paula take over lol.    Chat soon xx

05 Jan 2012 15:37

hey every1 i'm back
nvr post 4 soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long
nvr get tym
2 every1
HOWS DA HOLIDAYS???????????????

I'm missin u@angelz28
@paula pritz

CAN'T WAIT 4 school 2 start
gettin ready for HIGH SCHOOL

nvr watch 7ce laan 4 a week almost
soooooooo donno da changes

TAKE CARE EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

05 Jan 2012 16:41

They return Makro to spoil other people's relationship. I don't like his character, although I am happy he is back. WWWUUUUUUU  Dallene, poor Charmaine

05 Jan 2012 16:46

hi there is nice 2 c everbody is save,i hope your gayz had a wonderful holidays!!!!!nw bck 2 business , i hpe altie open his eyes about marko @paula, couse there only one girl 4 him!!!!!!!!!

05 Jan 2012 17:29

Willem got involved with a bad bitch who has bten him up 2 his n mariette's game.did ey think gita wud fall 4 them being siblings wen they actually are lovers.wen gita avenges there wil b fireworks in die laan

06 Jan 2012 14:47

Did Errol pass?

gossip gal
07 Jan 2012 14:44

@beli well thts so true.aw willem lied to that poison?shame he doesn't know wats cuming for him

gossip gal
07 Jan 2012 14:45

sorry i wantd to say Bedi

08 Jan 2012 19:30

hi all went to watch the omnibus today and guess who spoilt it   pissed off !!!

09 Jan 2012 13:36

Heeeeelllllooooooo peeps!!! I missed you guys so much!
I'm glad to see that you guys kept the blog interesting and alive!
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and that you're all back safe and sound :)

Wow, a lot of new names... Welcome to all of you and we hope you stick around :)

Willem and Mariette will regret their actions... very soon... They'll realise that Gita doesn't get mad... she gets even... lol

Hilda almost blew it with the mango cakes... luckily Charmaine stepped in just in time.
Congratulations Errol!!! 3 Distinctions! 
This play is going to be interesting... can't wait to see the final product!
Marko must make his move on Paula so that Altie can wake up!
Annelie mustn't sit back and watch that cow grab a hold of her man! Stand up Annelie!

I wish all of you guys (old and new names) all the best in 2012!!
Love you guys! Xx

09 Jan 2012 15:29

Hi all

Allyv welcome back hope your first day wasnt too bad>    congrats to errol three distinctions.  I have to boast my daughter got four distinctions I am so proud of her.
Still pissed off i didnt get to see the omnibus yesterday.

Hope you all had a great break, I will be in touch from home I am only back in office next Tuesday  love you all xxxx

Paula Pritz
09 Jan 2012 22:36

hey all bak frm da holidays hpe urll had a baal of a tym ...nw bak toskwl ay i dnt wana go n nw high skwl more wrk.ny ways gettin to da show lets start....kim just annoys da hell out of me n pieter needs to man up hid so pup n annelie jus luv her.zinzi is nuts what happens wen tumi finds out dat shes been lyin all dis tym,well done errol!!!!y is marko bak he jus annoys me his so irratatin cnt handle him.paula is only worrid bwt herself n tries to steal all da limelite.wen wil hilda learn to stop makin her strange concocsies.ooh ryno n marcel...willlem n maritte r nt gonna knw wat hit dem.but guys cudnt pieter get a better lukin wife lyk her luk is jus evil n irratatin..... @sar i miss u tooo @ally lol really gita WILL get even even if its da last ting she does n i agree annelie must stand up @ms congrats to u nur daughter n ya dey had sme stupid anc thing yesterday instead of da laan.... to all u guys hope urll had an awsome christmas,new years and overalll a great holiday n urll redy too work lyk crazy...haapy 2012

10 Jan 2012 07:44

Morning peeps!

@MS, CONGRATS to your daughter!!!! That's awesome!! :)
@Paula, I hope you had a great holiday! Good luck with school and I hope you have a fabulous 2012! :)

Zinzi has seriously bitten off more than she can chew... Tumi should dump her butt for lying like this!
Diedie is an awesome director! Sooo funny!
I wonder what Hilda is going to do with Matrone and Oubaas now that she saw them together at the play rehearsals...

Enjoy your day peeps, I'll chat again later!

10 Jan 2012 09:39

@MS congrats to ur gal it took hard work and support from the family

Good for Errol

10 Jan 2012 13:08

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Allyv. Good to have u back, all of you. i dont know why but i enjoy reading your comments more than posting. 

Drama is just unfolding this month, what with the Oubas- MAtrone- Hilda thing, Marko-Paula-Altie, Willem- Marriette-Gita. Lets just wait and see.

10 Jan 2012 16:58

Hi All

Thank you all for the good wishes my daughter deserved to do well she studied her little but off.  Next year is going to be a difficult one so please hold thumbs for her.

Saw the end last night, diederick is so funny.  Shame poor Hilda she should have got the part not matrone I can see sparks flying.
where was paula last night she is supposed to be the director.
I can see trouble brewing for Zinzi you cant lie like that he must accept her for what she is but I think she has gone too far. 
Hope work isnt too bad, my turn next week and you will all have settled down at school and work.
Love you all xxx

11 Jan 2012 07:49

Hi peeps!

@careymart, thanks hey, it's good to be back :)
I like it more when you post instead of just reading hehe

@MS, I'm sure your daughter will ace this year too!
Hilda turned down the opportunity to act in the play, so she can't actually throw a tantrum over Oubaas and Matrone acting opposite each other... just deal with it Hilda...
Diedie is the new director... Paula quit
Zinzi dug a hole for herself by lying like that... when Tumi finds out the truth he's going to be super angry... and now Kim is encouraging her by saying that Tumi might be her future husband... does she really think that Tumi would marry Zinzi when he finds out she lied to him like that? I think not...
Work sucks, as always, but we'll be glad to have you back :)

Later Xx

11 Jan 2012 11:29


I thought hilda wanted to be in the play remember she had some knitting thing on and Paula said they could come early and of course Matrone planned to delay oubaas by asking him to do something for her.  Hilda was waiting for him and he didnt show  or was there another opportunity for her to be in the play?

I cant believe paula quit after she literally stole the whole idea from emma.

Kim is a trouble maker she is the one who got zinzi into this whole mess.

chat later xxxx

11 Jan 2012 11:34

Sorry meant to say hope your first day back at school was okay all.


11 Jan 2012 13:50

Hi @MS! I didn't see that part with Hilda and them... sorry... hehe
I just saw Hilda going on about it and then Charmaine (I think it was her) told Hilda off... I didn't see the entire episode last night...

11 Jan 2012 17:40

@allyv it didnt happen last night it was some time ago but any way it doesnt matter hilda must just vasbyt and try and ignore the whole situation.

Is errol on a gap year now, wont we see him for a year? 

Whats with Gita I suppose she know those two where trying to hood wink her, do they know that she knows.  Sorry guys I havent seen the program for a while because of Sunday's disaster.   chat tomorrow on my birthday xx

Paula Pritz
11 Jan 2012 23:33

hey guys...kim jus irritates me n pieter is such a mouse cant say no to her.wen gita is dne wid wiilem n mariette (who soo does not suit pieter) deyll be sori dey wer ever born..can sme one pls tel me wat alan told gita bwt wiilem n mariette wen he showed her da pic of de engaement pls telll me wat happnd? @ally ihad a great holiday but sad to go bak 2 skwl...I hope so tooo.@ms im nt bak at skwl only mon or wed nt xactly sure(lol)

12 Jan 2012 11:33

Hi all, 

Just saw the end again last night.  Pieter looks so stupid in his part in the play what is wrong with him is it Kim looks like he doesnt like it when she touches him.

Marcelle and Ryno that looked so fake.  Poor zinzi  hilda had to be there to put her foot in it.   Zinzi must stop pretending, what does she Know about tumi is he super rich or what maybe he is also pretending to be what he isnt, enlighten me please.

Mariette so does not suit pieter and they say she is his real wife, maybe in real life she is sweet, its just her character here that is not nice.

Another year older today
chat later love you xxxx

12 Jan 2012 11:58

@Ms is it your birthday frend? it it is may you see may more!!!! 

Compliments o the season to you my lovely bloggers! hope you all had a gr8 festive!!

i agree with u @ms i dont think they make a good match -i mean pieters and mariette... she is not cute! or maybe we just love pieter and Annelie...

the chemistry between Annelie and pieters is jst too much, they r still inlove wish they wuld just hit it off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

as for Paula no comment!!!!

love Bonita and Vince!

gita shuld just give up on love and focus on her businesses! cant believe Willem is a crook!!!

12 Jan 2012 12:21

@bezu thank you yes it is my birthday. Compliments of the season to you too may 2012 be an awesome year for you.

I agree with you I think we just so want pieter and annlie together we cant imagine him with any one else, I wish they would just get back together.

why did paula quite being director, she gives up so easily.

12 Jan 2012 12:32

thanks tsala! well hope you day will be great!

everyone was shouting at her and Altie argued with him and that pissed off..

I think Diedie will put off! i dont why Zinzi is lying to tumie coz she will get caught out..

Im sure gita is planning some sort of revenge against Willem and his fiance! they dont know wat they started....they will regret ever coming to De Laan!!

12 Jan 2012 15:41

@ bezu you are so right they will regret they ever met gita,I wouldnt like to get on the wrong side of her.  

I dont want to see paula and marko hitting it off  they do not suit each other at all. When will ALtus wake up?


12 Jan 2012 17:03

I thnk that tumi's also lyin lyk zinzi

Paula Pritz
13 Jan 2012 00:20

hey guys... first n foremost Happy Birthday @MS hope u had an awsome day,r u still on leav n i totaly agree bwt pieter n his wyf she luks so old n ugly.@bezu tnx i did hav a gr8 holiday@kandy.. i think so too.@ally hav u forsaken us...it doesnt seem ryt wen u havnt poted in da day lol

Paula Pritz
13 Jan 2012 00:21


13 Jan 2012 06:39

Happy belated MS.. trust you had a great day..:-) i cant wait to see marietta and wilm' faces when they realise they'v foold themselves. Didnt watch last evenin episode

13 Jan 2012 10:47

morning guys!

I dont think Paula and Altie r still in love wid each other, there is still hope afta all between Pieter and Annalie.. He asked her out and then that cow had to intefere as always. ,but i think they will get back together.. I just love the chemistry between then u cn just see how much inlove they are....

Gita is a dangerous women, Willen and his fiance should have done their home before they came to de Laan.

13 Jan 2012 11:32

Hi peeps!!!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday... I wasn't at work and the internet connection at home was a disaster!! So sorry!
@Paula, I'll never forsake you guys! :)

@MS, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE PIE!!! I'm so sorry I missed it yesterday!

@bezu, welcome back my friend :)

Shame, I felt sorry for Annelie when Pieter told her they could have their date on another time and then she saw him and Kim about to rehearse...
What is Hilda up to... learning lines from the play... sneaky sneaky lol
I can't wait to see what will happen with Willem and Mariette when Gita's done with them lol
Zinzi, you're playing with fire!
Paula deserves some happiness even if it is with Marko... If Altie is asleep then it's his own fault.

Enjoy your day peeps! Xx

13 Jan 2012 14:45

@allyv thanks my frend it feels gud to be back! how was ur holidays?

Wish Pieter wuld just move fast!

13 Jan 2012 15:04

@bezu the holiday was nice, just wish it was longer lol :)

Ja, Pieter should move his butt and claim his girl!

13 Jan 2012 15:22

@ally thats gud.

where is everyone today?

Paula Pritz
13 Jan 2012 15:36

hey all yoday im postin in da afternoon normaly i post at night...wached da repeat how pieter was lukin at annelie during practices. @ally..awww tnx bt it didnt seem ryt widout u@ms today ur missin...guys today was lyk da last day of my holidays cos nw its da weekend n monday is bak 2 skwl :( i dnt wanna go im gonna lyk cry

13 Jan 2012 17:22

Hi all better late than never was bit tied up today.
@pauls, kandyfloss and allyv thank you for the birthday wishes I had an awesome day with my family.

Shame poor hilda is desperate trying to learn the lines but it is too late I mean matrone has the part.

I know paula deserves happiness but Marko and her dont suit each other, what do you guys think.  Annelie and pieter why dont they get their act together. Kim must just take a dive he is not into her and the sooner she knows that the better.

Glad Gita caught these two out, i still cant believe Mariette is pieter's wife in real life he is too good for her (maybe its just the role she plays here that makes her ugly)    Have an awesome weekend all although I have probably missed most of you chat again soon.  love you all xxx

13 Jan 2012 21:26

i agree with u ms paula&marko a mismatch. Why's matrone so obsessed with winnin oubass? I wish she wins him for a moment. Jus to c how hilda wil react. And aggie, when is she fallin in love. Cant for ths year they bring smone to win her heart.. Sm years ago there was a cute gal in laan called karen i lykd her so much... Wish she cums bak. Wish i can go down down memory line. Cant we bloggers.. Pls

14 Jan 2012 18:44

@kandy floss do you mean Karien she was the tall blonde gorgeous girl who got married to the drop dead gorgeous guy who was in charge of brainwaves I think his name was george, they are married in real life and live here in Noordhoek in the cape, they were dynamic( dont know if she married george in the show though cant remember).  I remember the old days they were good there was those other two waitresses Wilmien and Dezi.in oppie koffie Dezi  got married to jan hendrick and the other one went to work at brainwaves or is it bruynvaves I think she also had a fling with goerge she might have stolen him from Karien.  There was also Connie and Baart (baart died).  love the old days. xx

16 Jan 2012 08:44

Hi peeps! You guys are making me feel really nostalgic!! Ah the good old days...
My daughter will be going to grade 1 on Wednesday!! Shame she's so excited lol

Zinzi is really digging her grave deeper and deeper... I wonder how she's going to get herself out of this one...
"Mariette" also played in Bakgat along with Pieter... that's where they met... they actually make a nice couple in real life, but her character on the Laan sucks lol
Well, Marcel made it clear to Simon that she's not interested... and then she sent Ryno an sms... how sweet...
I agree that Paula and Marko don't match, but it doesn't look like Altie's going to make a move anytime soon...
Willem and Mariette you guys better watch out... the Gita-bomb is ticking...

Yes, her name was Karien and she and George left the show (they are married in real life) I also can't remember if they got married on the show or not... Remember Tiaan, Sandra, Jan Hendrik, Dezi, Connie, Wilmien, Zack, Leon, I loved Bart! We've also seen a bunch of crazies on the Laan hey...

16 Jan 2012 10:15

hey  ppl, hope u all had a gr8 week end. 

those were the good times hey< i also loved Karien and  Goeorge , he was so yummy and they made a gr8 match!! no did not marry in the soapie - Karien married some guy who was ther at the laan bt was from overseas, after george cheated on her and left with that girl, think he  was related to jan hendrik or something!!!

ja bt lets enjo the new character as well.!

16 Jan 2012 11:51

Thanx guys.. thats so sweet of u. I LIKE. As for zinzi i wonder how deeper she'l go. I stil thnk smthn is not rite bout tumi too.. @allyv wish your daughter the best.. Cant wait for the day my son(7mnts) starts walkin. Have a happy week ALL

16 Jan 2012 12:12

Hi all

Last day of leave cant believe it has gone so fast. @allyv all the best for wednesday I remember when my daughter went to grade one at Bedfordview primary the teacher had to ask the parents to leave we were more upset than the kids it was awesome, now she is 21 time flies.

Zinzi is looking for trouble but i think tumi has some skeletons in his closet too.
when you lie you always get caught just a matter of time.

@ kandy that is so sweet 7mths old, hope he/she walks soon do you have a daughter or son? My daughter only walked a 15mths, she was lazy.

I also think Mariette and pieter probably make a good couple in real life it is just unfortunate she doesnt have a nice role in the laan.

Maybe altus will wake up if markus makes a move.

They were the good old days but the characters now are just as nice.
I remember Tiaan he was so hot and was always in trouble, used to give Madel heart attacks lol.

Chat later have a good monday xxx

16 Jan 2012 13:02

@ms a boy. My first child and teachin me a lot bout motherhood. U c, its funny how at tyms instincts beat all i'v read in magazines and i jus do thngs my own way. U mus be proud to have that mini-adult around, sometimes bein cheeky and raisin yo adrenalin.

16 Jan 2012 13:49

@Kandyfloss, that's so sweet, thanks! My son is 15 months old now and still not walking (he was 2 months premature, so I'm in no rush)... they're so sweet at that age. I don't think I've ever followed the advice of a magazine... you do what feels best for you... :)

@bezu, weekend was great thanks! I hope yours was too! Thanks for the reminder :)

@MS, thanks a mil! I can't believe she's 7 already... you're right time flies :)
Mmmm Tiaan was really hot hehe
I also think Tumi has something up his sleave...
Enjoy your last day on leave hey!

16 Jan 2012 16:58

@kandyfloss follow your own instincts magazines can advise you but mum always knows best trust me. Its great having a mini adult around and thank goodness the cheeky teenager is long gone, although she is still a drama queen.

@allyv my son was also two months prem, i saw your beautiful pics on face book shame it is horrible when they have to stay in hospital, my son was in hospital for a month after he was born I hated it. 

Tumi definitely has something up his sleeve lets wait and see what it is.   Enjoyed my last day of leave back to work tomorrow !
Have a great evening all   love you xx

17 Jan 2012 07:47

Morning peeps!!

@MS, Welcome back today! I hope you have an awesome day!
Wow, my son was also in hospital for a month after he was born! How old is your son now?

I'm not even going to comment on Zinzi...
Willem and Mariette accepted Gita's offer... can't wait to see what she has in store for them!
Way to go Annelie!!

Enjoy your day peeps! Xx

17 Jan 2012 08:22

morning good ppl,

it is so strange how we all have things in common, my daughter was also 1mnth premature and we stayed for abt a week in hospital. started walking at about 13mnths when she started going to creche. think she was inspired bythe other kids running around coz she started walking inthe first week of creche!!

@ally just enjoy him now coz once they start running there is no stopping them!!!

also cant wait to see wat gita plans to do with Willem and Marriete, they will regret ever comming to the Laan, they picked on the wrong women!!

17 Jan 2012 08:55

@bezu that's amazing! Who would have thought that we had this in common! lol
I like it when they can walk, then you don't have to carry them around anymore :)

They definitely picked the wrong woman to mess with... and on top of it all Gita saw them kissing last night... so now she has proof that they're messing with her.

17 Jan 2012 11:13

Hi all, first day not too bad.

@allyv my son is nineteen now and is so tall, he towers over me who would have thought this guy only weighed 1,5,kgs at birth, i still have a baby grow I had made for him specially by a prem company and i will show it to him at his 21st, no one will believe he fitted into it.

Chat later xxx

17 Jan 2012 11:55

Hi @MS, wow! Justin weighed 1.9kgs but was quite tall. They had to fold over the prem nappies so that they could fit lol
Shame, but he's a big boy now... he already weighs 12kgs! lol
I also kept some stuff from when he was so tiny and I'll also show him on his 21st!

17 Jan 2012 13:17

Hi All! I culdnt stop laughin lookin at marieta's face when Gita told them bout the deal. She was so irritated .. When is the play?

17 Jan 2012 17:19

hey everyone 

KIM was soooooooooooooooooooo irritating when they were rehearsing for da play
BUT it was just rite when Annelie walked out from da rehearsals
i thought pieter was goin to tall her he really likes her and was going to kiss her

PEITER must ask ANNELIE out 

Zinzi must just tell Tumi she is nt some rich and xpensive woman who owns a travel agency and lives in some big mansion.

and i agree with u @allyv, Marko must make a move soo Altus will wake up!!!

WHAT is Mariette's plan to raise money????????????????

and @Kandyfloss da play is on Tuesday, 24 Jan

went bac to school on monday:-
was missin u @paula 

angelz 28
17 Jan 2012 17:51

hey peeps
im bak (came bak 4rm durbs on saturday)
@sar i missed u guys 2 bt nw we 2gether so yey :-)
kim is sooooooooooooooo awful she makes me sick cant she get kicked out (fingers crossed)
pieter and annelie cum on im impatient

17 Jan 2012 19:08

I missed todays episode.. Update pls. I dnt mind kim at all. But i'l hate her if she wins pieter. He's annelies hot property, only a matter of time.

18 Jan 2012 13:07

hI all,  quiet in here today where is everyone.

Welcome back Angelz.  Kim is a pain in the butt. 
Gita actually has a heart she actually sympathised with zinzi.

Cant wait to see willem and mariettes faces where they know the truth xx

18 Jan 2012 15:40

Thats Gita for you. Willem and marr wil knw beta. Thy are jus so selfish even marrieta, to let yo fiance flirt for cash. Shows how sick ths world can be.

18 Jan 2012 15:57

@allyv hope jessica survived her first day in grade1 sies tok xx

18 Jan 2012 16:07

Hi guys! My name is shirley, from joburg and I've been lurking on this section for the past two months, just reading your comments and stuf It seems like all of you share my obsession with 7de laan (coz I'm black most ppl think I'm crazy..not that I care)! You guys just seem like such a tight knit family (just like the laan) and I hooooope I can be part of your fam :)))) and oh.... Kim makes my *bleep!* blood boiiiiiiiiiiiiil *strangles the cushion* lol

19 Jan 2012 07:32

Morning peeps!! How are you guys doing?
Sorry I wasn't at work yesterday...

Welcome back to all our little sisters from your holidays! I hope you enjoyed it and we're glad to have you guys back!

@MS, it went very well... she didn't cry at all! She just told me that she didn't enjoy her day because some other boy wouldn't stop crying! lol
I told her that I was very proud of her :)

@Shirloonkelz, welcome sweetie! We really hope you become part of our 7de Laan blog family :)
Name your cushion Kim and then strangle it... hehehehe

Zinzi, Zinzi, Zinzi.... You just keep digging deeper and deeper...
Tumi... Please tell us what you're up to
Paula... stop buying stuff that you don't need and pay your rent for a change!!
Maria... R 100 for a raffle ticket is daylight robbery :)
Hilda... what are you and Vanessa up to?
Willem & Mariette... good luck... when Gita's done with you, there will be nothing left of you
Gita... YOU GO GIRL!! (can't believe I'm cheering FOR Gita... usually it's against her hehehe)
Kim... Get a life

Enjoy your day peeps! Xx

19 Jan 2012 08:47

Hi all,

Welcome back all, so the family are all back good lets chat.
Welcome Shirloonkelz hope you will enjoy being part of the family.

@allyv glad the day went well, I think the kids of today are so much more prepared for school because most of them attend pre school etc. I am sure you are so proud of her.   SHame poor little boy that cried all day.

Didnt see any of the programme last night but I guess everyone is still up to their tricks.  Has Tumi not revealed his secret yet.Yes for a change we are on GIta's side, I cant wait to see those two when the realise they have been done.

Paula hasnt changed she has always wasted money on things she doesnt need.

Chat later people xx

19 Jan 2012 13:29

@MS, I am soooo proud lol! I couldn't stop showing everyone pics here and telling them everything! They're probably tired of my talking today lol (not that I care hehehe). Ja shame, I told her to help him adjust and make friends, etc.

Nope, Tumi hasn't said anything, but Zinzi suspects something. Oh and Gita wants to find out more about Tumi to protect Zinzi.

I don't think Paula will ever change! LOL

19 Jan 2012 16:14

@allyv we are all proud of our kids, i work next to a girl who talks about her two boys non stop, sometimes it gets a bit much cos she can go over board but at the end of the day she just dotes on them so much she cant help it.

Shame Gita really cares who would have know she has heart.

I wonder if tumi has been living the same lie as Zinzi.  Maybe they will be able to laugh about it if it is so.
@allyv enjoy hearing about her second day at big school.

Enjoy your evening  all chat tomorrow  xx

19 Jan 2012 16:34

@MS, kids are so wonderful, it's hard not to brag :)

Ja shame, Gita told Zinzi that she's the only real friend she has
I think Tumi is definitely hiding something... wonder what...

I'll let you guys know tomorrow what her second day was like :)

Enjoy your evening too! Xx

Disco Chick
19 Jan 2012 18:01

Wow Kim sucks why is she in 7de Laan enyway she must just leave Pieter and Annelie to do their busness because they belong together so buss............off Kim............jy is vertraag

19 Jan 2012 19:03

I think hilda is going to do the infamous "dance of the seven scarves" loooool

19 Jan 2012 19:10

I sure if felicity hadn't stopped annelie she would've ripped off kim's face or something.... Which would've been awsome!! Lol Tumi is a fraud just like zinzi... I thought so. Let us all clap for Gita's master plan.... Its the best, never liked willem anyway. @MS and Allyv thanks for the warm welcome guys :)))

20 Jan 2012 08:40

@all hi guys sorry i was scarce yesterday, thing were hectic here at work. 

Bigs up for Annelie, it' s abt time you told Kim off.. she is too full of it, forcing herself on Pieter... 

Poor Willem and Mariete have no ide that they are the stupid ones who r abt to suffer! can't believe they didnt do their home to check how dangerous Gita is!!!

@shirloo welcome dear and yes we are one big family here ! hope u enjoy ur stay!!!

20 Jan 2012 09:28

Hi all,  cant wait to see annelie telling kim off you go girl its about time.

Did Tumi reveal what he was hiding. I rather like GIta at the moment she is showing some humanity.  Willem and Mariet  totally under estimated her.

What happened between Paula and marko I only saw the end last night and paula was a bit flustered.

@allyv how was Jessica's second day, you are so right our kids are there to brag about, hope the little boy has settled down.  School is such fun when you are in grade 1.

Shirloon you are most welcome my dear

Chat later love you all xxx

20 Jan 2012 09:54

@ Ms Paula and Marko had a moment.. looking into each other eyes but then matrone walked in on them!!! and Paula ran out!! and she was so oput of it after that!!cant belive those two will be an item!

Tumi told Zinzi that he lid abotu everything being rich and all that he is a junior for some co and zinzi confessed as well. the two are so inlove and happy that they both came clean and are still inlove so nobody was using anyone!!!

Think Annelie is fed up with Kim! wish she would have the guts to Pieter to make up his mind!!

20 Jan 2012 10:05

@bezu thank you, I still dont think they suit each other marko and paula but who knows love works in strange ways.

I am so glad about zinzi and tumi, I thought that would happen that they were both lying to impress each other but in the end it will work out now they have told the truth, why lie it is not worth it.

I also wish annelie would just shake pieter and tell him to wake up, it is so obvious he has feelings for her

till later xx

20 Jan 2012 10:38

Hi All.. Bin so busy. Hope i'l catch ombnibus on sunday. I'v long bin suspicious of Tumi. Am so glad no one was disappointed and heartbroken. What they have is genuine. As for Gita am on her side. Congratulations to xandr and vanessa for keeping peace this long.

angelz 28
20 Jan 2012 12:47

hey guys
its good being here after soooo lng just been busy wit skwl 

annelie well done girl kim deserves 2 be kicked
paula n marko no words she belongs wit altie
zinzi n tumi its not r surprise LOL

chat later bye

20 Jan 2012 14:06

Hey peeps! What's up?

@MS, her second day was good too, thanks! :)

@Shirloo, you're welcome sweetie :)
Please don't only post twice and then disappear

I didn't see last nights entire episode, so I'll comment based on your comments...

Well done to Zinzi and Tumi... don't lie to each other again...
Did Annelie tell Kim off??? I HAVE to see that! Go Annelie!! WHOOP WHOOP!!
Pieter... WAKE UP!!
Altie... WAKE UP!!
This Gita/Willem/Mariette thing must come to an end now... I want to see their faces... hehehe

Enjoy your day!! Xx

20 Jan 2012 22:37

@bezu thank you! @Allyv oh gosh the look on willem and maritte's faces were #Classic!!! Gita is boss! Lol and I promise not to disappear! I loooove talking about 7de laan so I feel so great here!! :) I can't wait for annelies miss madeleine shoot! Bet it will be awsoooome! Can't believ hilda gave san marie her throat medicine... She will propably lose her voice like kabelo did when he drank it! *cant watch*

23 Jan 2012 08:21

@shirloo u welcome dear..

me think san marie will lose her voice and Annelie will have to play her part! wish she and pieter would just act on their feelings....

Paula and Marko kissed.!!! i missed that part. seems Marko is serious abt her..

The writes are bieng so unfair on Aggie she needs to have some love action as well!

23 Jan 2012 08:48

mornin All.. Hope u enjoyd yo wkend. Paula&Marko KISSED!

23 Jan 2012 08:58

@kandy - week end was gr8!!!  yes dey did!!! think they going to hit it off!!

23 Jan 2012 10:45

hi all,

I dont understand willem came to gita and said the money is in the bank ???

Glad Tumi and Zinzi are honest with each other it must be very stressful living a lie.

Yesterday I watched the omnibus and I cant believe I missed the argument between Annelie and Kim.

Chat later xx

23 Jan 2012 10:56

Marcel/Marshel what ever the name is, she is BORING..........................

Marko looks like he just came out of cage 
look.. he is a handsome guy u know its not like i have something against him but i dnt like his beared face

23 Jan 2012 11:10

Morning peeps! I hope you all had a great weekend!

@Shirloon, when I saw their faces... I couldn't stop laughing!! LOLOLOL
@bezu, I also think San-Mari's going to lose her voice and Annelie will have to fill in... then Pieter won't be able to leave her for Kim (their characters in the play)
Marko might be interested in Paula now... until the next hot girl comes by...
@Kandy, weekend was nice thanks... how was yours?
@MS, Willem and Mariette had to give more money for Gita's "deal"
The argument between Annelie and Kim was great! 

The play is tomorrow night... can't wait!

Willem and Mariette got screwed!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy your day! Xx

23 Jan 2012 11:32

@ally u r so rty abt marko ! he is a player..!!

23 Jan 2012 12:02

Hi again,

I dont understand what the deal was with willem and marriet just glad they got caught.  The look on willem's face when Gita called Marriet his fiance he didnt know what to say.LOL.  Marriet went shopping a bit early hey, and willem thought he could buy a new car he he he!

Marko is a player you are so right, wants paula unitl the next girl arrives.

I cant believe Maria managed to sell those raffle tickets for R100 each, trust matrone to cash in on the deal and wants her name in the paper too.

What is Hilda and Vanessa up to?

@allyv hope jessie has a great week at school!My daughter is devastated her best friend left for Ireland yesterday to go and live there.

Till later xx

23 Jan 2012 15:25

@MS, thanks! Jessie doesn't want to go to school because she says nobody wants to be her friend... shame... I told her to look for other kids that don't have friends and ask them to play with her :)
Shame man! That sucks!! Please tell her good luck from all of us... at least now she has a reason to go to Ireland!

23 Jan 2012 16:25

@allyv wekend gud, more time with my lil boy. Sori to jess she'l b fyn. Can't wait for tomorrow, wnt miss the play for anything.

23 Jan 2012 18:57

Send a thief to catch a thief.. i dedicate the sayin to Gita. She's gud with her stuff

24 Jan 2012 09:39

Good morning peeps!!

@Kandy, I think Jess will feel better once she makes a friend in her class :)

We were right... Annelie will be taking over San-Mari's role... and of course Kim can't wait for the moment Pieter's character leaves Annelie's for Kim's...
Hilda almost popped a vein when she saw Matrone and Oubaas rehearsing together LOL
Never thought I'd say this... Gita was awesome last night! lol (phew that was tough) Willem's face #classic
Congrats to Marcel for winning Maria's hamper :)
Can't wait for the play tonight!! Sparks are going to fly between Annelie and that cow Kim...

See you guys later Xx

sexy d
24 Jan 2012 10:02

compliments to the new season guys shuu it has been a while since i visited the blog hope u guys r all gud.

@allyv thanx for the update i only catch the omnibus ka sunday.

Anneli and pieter can they pls get back together already i mean its long overdue.

Gita well done willem deserve all that dat comes to him. Did he really think gita is dat stupid

24 Jan 2012 10:09

@sexy d its gud to have u bck frnd, 

all i can say abt Willem is that he didnt do his home work and this is wat happens wen u dont doo ur hw...

24 Jan 2012 10:52

@sexy, Welcome back sweetie! How was your time off? Did you miss us :)

@bezu, Willem and Mariette got what they deserved!

24 Jan 2012 11:01

 I mean every on in de Laan knw how dangerous Gita is!!! i m hoping the play will be a turnign point for Annelie and Pieter. i mean something has to happen today!!!they need to make up their minds!!

24 Jan 2012 12:56

Let's hope so :)

sexy d
24 Jan 2012 13:54

@allyv yes i did n i missed u guys so much
@bezu its gud to be bk

Willem thought he was clever than gita despite the fact dat people warned him that gita is not the women to mess around with guess money blinded his eyes.

i also hope something can happen with annelie and pieter 2nyt pls guys do give me the update tomorrow...

24 Jan 2012 14:46

Hi All,

Welcome back sexy d.

I think I will watch tonight as it is the play, annelie and pieter better make it worth my while.

Where are willem and marriet now will we see them again or have they flown of the bermudas lol

What is happening with marcel and ryno anything? 

@allyv hope jess meets a lovely friend today at school shame man!
Kids can be ugly sometimes.

Till later xx

24 Jan 2012 18:20

I really don't understand how a fictional character(kim) can upset me sooo much!!! I think if I saw the actress I'd punch her!!!! Urg I wish we could get Feb's teasers just so I could read about pienellie!!! I'm going bananas over here!! CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!

24 Jan 2012 18:58

OMFG!!!!!! Yes that kiss with pieter and annelie!!!!!!!! Yes yes yes!!!!!

24 Jan 2012 19:03

FINALLY.. moMent all been waitin for.. Kim was so disappointed. @shirloonkelz PIENNELLIE i lyk.

24 Jan 2012 19:04

Lol, hilda did the dance of the seven scarves.... The egg on matrone's face was hard to miss!!!! Pieter totally messed up the script and told Annelie he wants to be with her and yes... We are all going to live happily ever after. Oh the play was nice haha. Nice to see helena back :)

24 Jan 2012 19:14

@Kandyfloss credits to @Bedi for the term PIENNELLIE ;) I loooove it!!

Paula Pritz
24 Jan 2012 20:04

PIETER AND ANNELIE!!!!!!YAY!!!! finally da moment we've all been waitin 4... jus luvd da way pieter messd up da whol script and told annelie he luvs her:)da luk on kims face...good she mus pack her bags n go but enuf of her its PIETER AND ANNELIE all da way!!!!yay!!!cnt wyt 4 2mrw 2 tawk wid my frends

24 Jan 2012 23:06

Hey everyone, kinda new here. So I really enjoyed the play. It left me in tears, oh. Hilda's dancing and the best moment of the play: Pieter and Annelie. Died with laughter when I saw kim's face oh and Diedriek's he seemed so confused, guess everyone had their own lines.

25 Jan 2012 07:44

Hi paragon. U kinda welcome..lol

sexy d
25 Jan 2012 08:11

morning all

@paragon welcome dear

i missed the whole play but damn couldnt miss annelie and pieter reunion now that was sumthing else

25 Jan 2012 08:53

@paragon, welcome to the family! :)

Guys... I feel soooooo sad today!!
I missed the play!!!! We had a meeting at my daughter's school... Luckily I recorded it, so I can at least watch it tonight...

Chat again later Xx

25 Jan 2012 10:32

Hi all,

Eventually eventually pieter and annelie.  KIm looked so stupid in that outfit.

Love Hilda's dance and the way she smirked at matrone.  Matrone is a pain in the ass.

@allyv shame you missed it but I am sure you can watch it tonight.

How is jes getting on at school?

Welcome Paragon

Chat later xx

25 Jan 2012 11:33

the play was a bomb good work hilda and good work  P&A
we must thank kim 4 her script thinking that it will make P fall inlove with her again shame sorry cc next time ne

matron, agnes and maria  need a man give them some hunks  

25 Jan 2012 15:27

@MS, I'm definitely watching that tonight!! lol
She's getting on fine, thanks :)

@Zdwesha, You're right... if it wasn't for Kim... it might not have happened :)

angelz 28
25 Jan 2012 15:39

PIETER AND ANNELIE YEY finally.it was sooooOOOOOOOOOOO000 awesome 
in ur face kim WITCH. kim looked like she HAD on a SHOWERCAP)dont fool us wit ur fake tears pPIETER AND ANNELIE YEY ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25 Jan 2012 16:05

hope it lasts and pieter doesnt get way laid again by Kim, although I doubt it I think he reaslises now what he has been missing with annelie.

The play was actually a comedy in the end what with hilda barging in and all the lines were changed.  Was a good laugh.

25 Jan 2012 16:36

@allyv u actual recorded. Shows how u looove 7dlan. How's jess

25 Jan 2012 17:56

@paragon welcome :) I'm kinda sorta still new! Lol I am pissssed I missed the repeat of last nights episode because I was hell bent on watching it four times!! I need a pvr decoder!!!

sexy d
26 Jan 2012 08:37

morning all

@Zdwesha i dnt think matrone will want any man unless its oubaas lol

26 Jan 2012 09:27

Morning all,  saw the end last night, shame poor pieter and annelie will they ever get any privacy.  Between san marie and zinzi and then hilda, poor oubaas cant sleep without his hot chocolate. 

@sexy you are so right matrone only wants one man and she cant have him.

Till later all xx

26 Jan 2012 09:39

Morning peeps!! It's almost Friday!!

@angelz,  I did look like she was wearing a showercap hey! LOL

I LOVED seeing the disappointment on her face!! Take THAT Kim!! ZAP! HAHAHAHA!!!!

@Kandy, I think I might be addicted hehehehe :P
Jess is good thanks, it looks like this school thing is getting better every day :)
@Shirloon, at least you can see it again on Sunday hehe
@Sexy, I agree... Matrone wants Oubaas... the writers should find her a nice man...
@MS, Hilda's part was hilarious!! I laughed so much that my eyes teared up! And when Pieter tried to get rid of everybody so he can have some alone time with Annelie... soooo sweet!

Chat later! Xx

26 Jan 2012 09:39

Morning all 
@paragon welcome! 

Finally our match made in heaven is back on track!!! I told u guys that the play will be the turning point for Pieter and Annalie... it seems so un real cant belive it finallhy happened> I feel like Im inlove !!!lol

loved hilda's perfomance! 

poor matrone with the glasses yesterday !!!

26 Jan 2012 12:26

hi again,

It seems so long ago that Bernard and Gita were involved, I wonder if she still has feelings for him.  Poor little ava is long gone,  its nice to think about the old days
Remember Bart and his two doves that he had.  Seems like yonks ago.

I am just so happy that annelie and pieter have finally found each other, and its a slap in the face for KIM. 

@allyv glad jess is settling down its been a whole week at school already.

Chat later xx

26 Jan 2012 16:09

Flash news! Christo Davids has gotten engaged ... he popped the question to his long-time girlfriend Cindy Khana at the beginning of Jan. They're waiting ages to get married - March 2013 - the weddin'gs obviously gonna be biggo. Here's a snap of them together ...

(Click the link and it'll pop up in high res): Chrindy.

26 Jan 2012 19:27

Errol..! Wow. Happy for him.

26 Jan 2012 19:31

Errol..! Wow. Happy for him.

27 Jan 2012 08:14

Morning peeps!

Wow! Congrats Christo!

@bezu, Hilda's performance was hilarious!
@MS, I see you're taking a trip down memory lane again... Bart was awesome!
Let's hope Gita and Bernard Never get back together... that was sickening...

San-Mari's voice is finally back to normal! Thanks to another one of Hilda's syrups lol
Shame the kids from the shelter had so much fun! Did you see Hilda's first cupcakes? LOLOLOL!!!! The second ones looked nice.
What is Helena doing here? What is she up to now?
Ugh! I can't stand her!!
LOL San-Mari and Kim are both itching from the cream that Kim bought! lololol

Chat later! Xx

27 Jan 2012 12:19

I wasnt watchin durin Bart days he mus have bin interestin character. About the cream i gues sanmari used it without permission.. Oh that day when peter chased zinzi, hilda &sanmari i loved it so much. He wanted to make up for the time lost annelie was all smiles and giggles. Finally its Friday.. Have a bright weekend all.

27 Jan 2012 12:59

Thanks @Kandy, hope you have an awesome weekend!

27 Jan 2012 19:07

I cant go a day without watching it.Oubaas&Hilda make a good couple,Matrone excluded.Why cant Paula get back together with Altus?When will Dawid return to Emma?I soooo miss Dezi,Jan-Hendrick,Mandla,Alice,Karien,Clara,George,Carlos,Sonja...wish they could return

Paula Pritz
27 Jan 2012 19:31

feb teasers pls!!!!!!

27 Jan 2012 20:01

Heloooooooooo ppl .... Dint post foooooorrr loooooong :( Whre is february ???? Annelie looked gooood at photo shooot

Paula Pritz
28 Jan 2012 07:58

@abc..you bak finaly yay frb teasers aint out yet...she didi look kinda smrt lykd her eyemake up

angelz 28
29 Jan 2012 12:46

hey ppl

@abcdefg soo good 2 hv u bak
srry i dnt post much nowdays its just dat we hv 2 much hmework

annelies photoshoot was nice i loved how ha makeup was done
altus stil feels sumtin 4 paula u cn see right through it

FEB TEASERS PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30 Jan 2012 08:56

mornin bloggers.. Thot feb teasers will be available by now. Happy week to ALL..

30 Jan 2012 09:30

Thanks to everyone for welcoming me, feels like home already. 7 de laan is shortage of men, can we please get few for Matrone, Aggie en even Maria.

tvsa destiny
30 Jan 2012 09:36

How much longer before we see Feb ...

30 Jan 2012 09:41

@all hi guys!!

@angelz u rite they r still inlove even Paula still have thoe hots for Altie..

lol at Kim and the cream!!!!

@ paragon u r so rite this is so unfari on Aggie and Miaria esp.. at least Matrone has the hots for someone even though he is taken!!!

30 Jan 2012 11:07

Morning peeps!

Where are the Feb Teasers?? We need some new stuff to discuss...

Annelie's photoshoot looked very nice...
It is as clear as daylight that Altie still has feelings for Paula... MAN UP ALTUS!
I agree... it's about time that they got someone to love...

Chat later! Xx

30 Jan 2012 11:20

hi all,  sadly missed the omnibus yesterday went for a picnic on Chapmans peak it was awesome.

Did I hear that paula and altus are at it again?  I wish they would stop  being so stubborn and get back together.

Did Annelie have a ms magdeline shoot, sorry I missed all this.

Chat again

tvsa destiny
30 Jan 2012 12:58

Great!  Just found Feb summary at www.infoads.co.za
Check it out!

30 Jan 2012 14:55

Hi @MS! That's awesome! Hope you enjoyed it!

@tvsa, THANKS!!

Looks like Felicity and Herman's marriage is on the rocks... no surprize there...
Why must Helena be a trouble magnet?? And Why on earth would she want Herman??
And yes... Hillside Times is in trouble... again...
Bernard you naughty boy hehehe
Detective Sanjay is at it again.
Daleen is such a freaking drama queen without anything happening... can you imagine what she's going to be like with all this drama in her life?
This Miss Madeleine launch is going to be a disaster...
They didn't say much about Paula and Altie... guess we will have to wait and see :)

angelz 28
30 Jan 2012 15:40

hey just read feb teasers on infoads...

herman and helena bt luckily felicity n herman make up

sanjay and the lotion does nt end

daleen eeerrrrrrggggggg nt looking 4ward 2 ha

paula n altie nuthin

pieter n annelie wil remain a couple soo glad 

shame da poor miss madleine launch


31 Jan 2012 14:43

Despite evrthing, I love Kim. That girl has talent and cute

31 Jan 2012 14:58

@moon38 as long as she keeps her hands of Pieter, i'm sure all of us might find her cute!!!!lol

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