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Generations Teasers - November 2011

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Generations Teasers on 30 Oct 2011
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Coming up on Generations this November 2011:

Tuesday 1 November 2011
Episode 219 (3461)

Nicholas lies about what really went down last night. Ntombi thinks the spark is back in her marriage. Little does she know ... Jason is shocked and angry when he realises he was lied to.

Wednesday 2 November 2011
Episode 220 (3462)

Katherine’s intrigued when Mawande seems bitter about an old map. Akhona shows the Mashaba Media gang she won’t be made a fool of. Things get hot and steamy at Ezweni at night.

Thursday 3 November 2011
Episode 221 (3463)

Nolunto has barely arrived back and is already making demands. Tension hangs thick in the air when Khaphela spots Khethiwe at a coffee shop. Samuel comes up with an idea to get Sharon to forgive him.

Friday 4 November 2011
Episode 222 (3464)

Ntombi says goodbye to a dream. Ngamla has to fight to stay calm when his old flame hits a few nerves. Dineo gets a mouthful from Queen.

Monday 7 November 2011
Episode 223 (3465)

Mawande makes it clear she’s still the boss - at work and at home. Lungile is pleased he won’t be eating dinner alone. Akhona is delighted when her documentary gets an unexpected boost.

Tuesday 8 November 2011
Episode 224 (3466)

Ruby sees right through Khethiwe’s ploy. Sharon catches Samuel in the middle of making secret plans. Nolunto gets a talking-to and gives as good as she gets.

Wednesday 9 November 2011
Episode 225 (3467)

Khaphela gets an early phone call from a panicked tenant. Ngamla not supporting his wife comes back to bite him in the butt. Dineo doesn’t know how to comfort a distraught friend.

Thursday 10 November 2011
Episode 226 (3468)

Nicholas is delighted when the object of his desire finally caves. Ntombi is stunned by an unexpected job offer. Mawande is unnerved when a strange, unmarked package arrives.

Friday 11 November 2011
Episode 227 (3469)

Samuel is shaken by Khethiwe’s bitterness. Panicked Noluntu makes a desperate phone call. An article in the newspaper gets Akhona’s back up.

Monday 14 November 2011
Episode 228 (3470)

Sharon’s not sure if she can do what Dineo is asking her. Khethiwe has a hidden agenda when she pays a visit to a friend. Khaphela’s fast losing hope of ever being part of his child’s life.

Tuesday 15 November 2011
Episode 229 (3471)

Mawande is shaken to realise she might be the target and not her daughter. Nicholas gets shown the door when he tells it like it is. Jason’s warnings to Ngamla fall on deaf ears.

Wednesday 16 November 2011
Episode 230 (3472)

Samuel is shocked by what he finds in the lounge. Ntombi’s oblivious of the hidden innuendos between her boss and her husband. Akhona is ready to give her ‘stalker’ what he’s always wanted ...

Thursday 17 November 2011
Episode 231 (3473)

Swazi has only one thing on her mind - revenge. Khaphela is caught off guard and embarrassed by an unusual conversation. The guests hold their breaths as overwhelmed Sharon makes a decision.

Friday 18 November 2011
Episode 232 (3474)

Noluntu gets her back up when her mother takes her on. All’s well in the Khumalo household until they hear some bad news. Senzo doesn’t like it when Jason is taken by a sexy girl.

Monday 21 November 2011
Episode 233 (3475)

No-nonsense Mawande sets out her terms. Queen tries her best to get the truth out of a friend. Sharon’s delight turns to horror when she hears Phakeme’s voice.

Tuesday 22 November 2011
Episode 234 (3476)

Nicholas knows just how to get under Akhona’s skin. Scheming Khethiwe is more determined than ever to get the documentary off the ground. Just when things seem sorted, Patricia arrives and puts her foot in it.

Wednesday 23 November 2011
Episode 235 (3477)

Things are tense when Samuel arrives home in KZN. Ngamla is angry when he reaches out and gets snubbed. David Lukhele is furious when Noluntu gatecrashes his meeting.

Thursday 24 November 2011
Episode 236 (3478)

Swazi’s more determined than ever to make her husband and the Memelos pay. Phakeme makes an unexpected and shocking request. Mawande receives an unwelcome and very hostile visitor.

Friday 25 November 2011
Episode 237 (3479)

Ntombi is shocked about the latest developments back home. Queen tries to dissuade Khethiwe from doing something crazy. Senzo is not impressed when he walks in on an intimate moment.

Monday 28 November 2011
Episode 238 (3480)

The sparks fly when Noluntu goes to see Jason. Sharon is caught between a rock and a hard place. Ngamla’s intrigued when a juicy scandal falls right into his lap.

Tuesday 29 November 2011
Episode 239 (3481)

A fight in Tsalanang gets totally out of hand. A startling revelation shakes Mawande to the core. Samuel puts his foot down and makes a shocking decision.

Wednesday 30 November 2011
Episode 240 (3482)

Senzo can’t shake the feeling niggling at the back of his mind ... Akhona is disturbed by what her grandmother says on the phone. Just when the Memelos thought things couldn’t get any worse, they do.

Generations is on SABC1 Mondays to Fridays at 20h00.


30 Oct 2011 16:50

am d first,yey! Le me read

cphe m
30 Oct 2011 17:04

no 2 wow

30 Oct 2011 17:05


30 Oct 2011 17:07

The second, yippie :-)

30 Oct 2011 17:08

lmao since therez two two's already, m the third

30 Oct 2011 17:09

And iv finished reading, so that makes me the 1st basically :-)

30 Oct 2011 17:12

Now lemme cmnt n the teaser: Generations is such crap. Even its "drama" is dead. Yazi when I read rythym city I got so excited and kept going "Wow, I cnt wait". #TeamGenerationsMustDieAlready

30 Oct 2011 17:14

No 5 yippee

30 Oct 2011 17:17

I am so lost here guys ........I see a lot of new names so angazi who's who :-(

30 Oct 2011 17:34

Ya Zam there's a lot of new names its hard to understand what's going on. But we will catch up as all unfolds

30 Oct 2011 17:40

The Lukhele surname was for Ntsiki,maybe this is her brother we just have to wait and see.

30 Oct 2011 17:42

De is no drama dis month. Boring

30 Oct 2011 17:44

Ya Zam there's a lot of new names its hard to understand what's going on. But we will catch up as all unfolds

Maka Bukhazi
30 Oct 2011 17:56

@ sizole u have gud memory. Arg too many new ppl, mxm. No juice

cphe m
30 Oct 2011 18:06

gen boring this november sies!!!!!!!

30 Oct 2011 18:15

Top 20 yee for the 1st tym

30 Oct 2011 19:11


30 Oct 2011 20:27

Im a sopie critic!! And i have to admit generation is indeed dead wood that has degenerated..have lot of stars without good scripts? Cmon what happened? Its just dull

30 Oct 2011 20:27

Im a sopie critic!! And i have to admit generation is indeed dead wood that has degenerated..have lot of stars without good scripts? Cmon what happened? Its just dull anyone agree with me..hint me

30 Oct 2011 20:57

can't wait to see the new faces...

31 Oct 2011 07:43

Number 21 yipee!!!!hi mabloggers hope yall are gud,

31 Oct 2011 08:24

Generations is slowly but surely turning to be some kind of THRILLER... every time I read the teasers I am left with a very HIGH HEART BEAT ngathi I am watching a HORROR or SUSPENSE MOVIE!!! Anyway don't know what to make of the Nov Teasers... will just have to keep watching!!!

31 Oct 2011 08:56


31 Oct 2011 09:06

Bye samuel be a king and sharon a queen i dont see u role in the soapy

31 Oct 2011 09:12

Ohhh so ths is how Shez and Samuel are going to get out of Generations??wow...clever plot righ there...who wuld have thought...

Nicholas is ending up with Lulu???thank God that girl is full of drama...

I cant even begin to comprehend the new names, im not even going to try, we will watch and see!!!!

31 Oct 2011 09:22

lol number what what

31 Oct 2011 10:01


31 Oct 2011 10:09

I wonder whats going between ngamla n Mawande..........Lmao

31 Oct 2011 10:15


sexy d
31 Oct 2011 10:19

morning all

31 Oct 2011 10:29

im so confused so many new names..

31 Oct 2011 10:44

Gen is realy losing it

31 Oct 2011 10:49

i'm in a very dark forest,dont get the teasers at all!!!

31 Oct 2011 10:58

i agree with most of u guyz,GENERATIONS is losing it bit by bit!!!CONFUSED really!!!

31 Oct 2011 11:10

I juss enjoy watching Mawande. I am looking 4wd 2 c her hiring Ntombi & cant wait to c the look on Sbudaz face whn he ralises tht.. I thnk Sbuda did her wrong at some point and she is back with the vengence.

31 Oct 2011 11:51

Who da hake is noluntu, david and swazi tjo batong generations is luzing it for real

31 Oct 2011 12:00

Mrs Chix
31 Oct 2011 12:07

Hi guys

31 Oct 2011 15:56

Come on ppl just because generations added new ppl doesnt mean its losing it bt its coming back wit power.... Watch da space its a suspense i like to watch gens witout knowing wats gona happen nd dats gona happen dis month...

31 Oct 2011 16:14

I gathered as i read the teaser that Noluntu is Mawande's daughter whos gna have a fling with Jason. 

Calufe im with you dear. Me has stopped watchin Gen, will only wait for the teaser to keep me updates coz as much as it bores me anditandi ushiyeka

Dineo is so thin and ugly now, what happened? Did Andile Ncube hurt her that bad? Shame maan ucc

31 Oct 2011 16:34

Cum on guys i am so lost i see so many new names dat i dnt knw wats happening kanti ku generations,kanti izo qala ukungidinah cuz manje ba faka a bantu a basham BOOOOOOORING...

31 Oct 2011 16:51

gen is reali borin bathon, aah

31 Oct 2011 20:26

Huuuuuu eish denny k uyandiphambanisa mhleee.sbuda and mawande, i think that sbuda gave mawande that fake formula 4 babies and it killed mawande's child or kanjani mablogers.

01 Nov 2011 07:09

Hai am top 100 nw lt me read

01 Nov 2011 08:08

boring.boring. whr the hek r al des ppl cumin 4rm....Borinrations thts it

01 Nov 2011 08:29

Guys lets give them a chance infact i dnt understand u bloggers anymore cos u always complain about the existing actors and actress,they get rid of those ppl u r moaning about  a minute they introduce new people u become confused and u keep on moaning for a second just pretend as if u were one of the directors of the soapie how can u feel what ever u do ppl critisize lets give them a credit for a day nje mina m enjoying watching Mawande and Sbuda and the new changes.....

01 Nov 2011 08:43

So true @ntoko, people moan no matter what Generations does. I said it before and they were all screaming at me in this site - its the PULL A BLACK MAN DOWN SYNDROME that black people have. Other soaps run by white people, telling black stories, they do whatever they please no one criticises them. I just cannot stand soaps that make black people low class, we know there are blacks who have not achieved anything because of various reasons, but why should I celebrate that? I love Gene because they make characters that develop from somewhere to somewhere from Khethiwe to Akhona, people don't remain the same they don't stand still, they achieve, I don't want my kids watching black people who only shoot each other, are thugs just like in RC and celebrate that as a good thing. I love myself too much as a black person for that. BIG UP MFUNDI - we all want to achieve and want to see good, successful black people on our tellys. This is the same thing black American actors have ben fighting for for years, the representation - not taht we are denying that black people struggle and some are thugs but the point is why should I celebrate that. You must ask yourself why those white writers in other soaps always make low class black characters, which you say you relate to, it's propaganda to play with your mind so that you remain thinking a black nation is only that - low class. I do not support that, I don't care who says what and support it as good story taht you relate to, I say no no. I want my kids seeing a blak face achieving so that they know it'a possible for them too. I don't know what Suffocate and Sechaba would teach my black kid.

01 Nov 2011 09:56

Bathathe Bigiesmallz !!!!

01 Nov 2011 10:39

01 Nov 2011 10:41

01 Nov 2011 11:35

Well said Biggie i shouldnt have said it I am standing up for uMzansi soapy Generations as long as i live i will support it continiously....its reali exciting especially wid changes even the existing cast is still lovely together wid the new one they create something tht we always looking forward to watch...sometimes inorder to grow u must only pick up the good things cos u will learn from them the bad things will never change anything in ur life but ruin it rather delete them and carry on with the good ones....Love u all

01 Nov 2011 11:47

i cant wait 4 the history betwwen mawande and sbuda to come out

01 Nov 2011 11:49

me too zee hey cant wait

01 Nov 2011 12:12

Why does Senzo always gets hurt? Sbuda and now Jason.

01 Nov 2011 12:20

Why Mawande said Senzo reminds her of her brother ,why would she compair them after all they not related?????or else her brother was working for an opposition like Senzo???

01 Nov 2011 12:59

poor Akhona.

01 Nov 2011 14:38

I in love with two crayz girl im confuse because i have to let one of them and i don't know because i don't want to let one of them. How about that for a real soapi not this Generation *bleep!*.

01 Nov 2011 14:42

eish this Sharon-Samuel thing!

01 Nov 2011 14:49

wht happened to the guy hu tried to rape akhona,

01 Nov 2011 15:42

eish nmere I just switched the channel was watching wid them kids so i dnt know

01 Nov 2011 16:41


02 Nov 2011 06:55

I think Noluntu is Mawande & Sbuda's daughter.

02 Nov 2011 08:25

Woow Biggies you said it WELL... @nMeremetsi... he ran away and stole Akhona's keys and Khapela cnhanged locks... Well as for the beef between Sbu and Mawande or is it already pork nowadays...anyway I think when Sbu was in the struggle... Mawande's brother was there too and he was a hero like Senzo who stood up for his beliefs. Like Senzo he probably was in the opposite side of the family so maybe ooSbu and the rest of the army sacrificed him to save their own butts... maybe they were held as hostages somewhere in Nigeria!!! Hayi my brain is working overtime now yhoooooo!!!

02 Nov 2011 08:56

Lol at chix theory

02 Nov 2011 09:27

@Msjackson Come on ppl just because generations added new ppl doesnt mean its losing it bt its coming back wit power.... Watch da space its a suspense i like to watch gens witout knowing wats gona happen nd dats gona happen dis month..


02 Nov 2011 09:34

@ntoko I ALSO ENJOY WATCHING THE DUO. And as for the complains, guys wat are u still doin here ?go join boringland. kwaaaaa lolling the lolliest lol....... kidding guys lets wait n see, its gnna get better.

Lobby the girl
02 Nov 2011 11:07

Morning Guys...

Maybe Mawande is Senzo's for David Lukhele is Ntsiki's Im trying to be creative here...

02 Nov 2011 11:34

Biggie smalls..your too black for your own good, why does everything have to be about blacks and whites? if generations is wack,then its wack..there is no thriller there..its plain isidingo and scandal then you will know what im talking about.

02 Nov 2011 11:49

Scandal and their muti stories - sorry, those people are like aliens. Yes I am black and proud, if you are black cmash, sorry for you that you want to degrade your own just for a pathetic story just to laugh for two minutes.

03 Nov 2011 07:18

Holla mabloggers! I guess that was Noluntu yesterday,Mawande's daughter. Mmmm And Happy birthday to Tazteeq,have a great day buddy.... Much loveeee.......

03 Nov 2011 10:17

ooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh soooooooooooooooooooo boooooooooooooooooooooooring

03 Nov 2011 11:27

Hey guys I mst cy I misd yol! kodwa nxa siza kwi generations...I dnt knw.I ges I'll wait & c.

03 Nov 2011 15:36

Gen s bcomin intrstng guys coz its lyk the spark btwn Mawande and Sbuda s still there Choooooo, but Sbuda looks sick for real, whts up wid him?hope we wnt lose him sooner,

03 Nov 2011 16:34

yabona if dineo can chnge her hairstyle then i wll be happy,bt ke i also thnk its a gud idea 2 gve new actors nd actresses a chnce 2 sure-case their talent coz we cant affrd to c the same ppl evry now nd then.Lts gve Mfundi a chnce,nd tke tym b4 critisizing.

03 Nov 2011 20:28

I like this akhona chic she is doing a good job.and Noluntu is gonna cause stir on Senzo and jason.

04 Nov 2011 10:04

morning all

Nicholas am starting to fallin love wit u bro hmmm ungibulala amagiya box!!!

04 Nov 2011 13:59

an old flame is definitely stil burning between mawande and ngamla,poor ntombi.i missd most of this week's episodes.but gen is getting interesting

04 Nov 2011 14:07

i think Aikhona and Nic makes a cute couple

04 Nov 2011 14:36

Hi Guyz Mawade got a photo of her  n Sbu lo tim ago ,why she til hav tha photo?

04 Nov 2011 15:02

OOOOOOOOOLA BAFETHU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

04 Nov 2011 15:12

U go bigggieeee.Ungithintile love angikwazi nokukhuluma usukhulume nkonke nino ntoko.

---Guys lets give them a chance infact i dnt understand u bloggers anymore cos u always complain about the existing actors and actress,they get rid of those ppl u r moaning True
----just cannot stand soaps that make black people low class, we know there are blacks who have not achieved anything True

Let watch gen and wait for action to come not the under way around guzzzz.let love one onother respect odres viewwwwws family to family ..enjoy  the weekeds gyzzzz

04 Nov 2011 15:15

hellllllo vuxy ukephy bo .ek kan nie c u at nov blog .r u okay .

05 Nov 2011 16:57

kodwa engingakusho uk2 igen ingicoba amathambo shwen , anyways *UP DA BUCKZ*

06 Nov 2011 13:54

Eh bafethu I don't think uDavid Lukhele is Ntsiki's son coz intwana yaloyaAunty kwakuwuSandile. In any case, khona aysafani nakdala isoapie yethu. I don't think its fair to say isiyabhora coz maybe, just maybe, we have grown up a bit and so what we find interesting has also changed. Remember how u would kill to see the episode of Kideo after schol? Hw many of u still watch oTakalani? Exactly.

06 Nov 2011 15:42

ela mamjiji I must say I agree wth u,lts gve them pple a chance.....

06 Nov 2011 17:09

Hola Mamjiji you are so right. I look at Dallas and get bored now. I used to love it when I was 8 yrs old. Generations was the first black soap in SA, we got addicted to it, when I think of stories they used to do, they were not really hot. It was because we are watching a new thing, we thought it was hot, I mean kARABO falling for that horrile Indian guy - that was wack when you really think about it but we all thought it rocks. Now we have so much else to watch, we re so TV eduacted and we are grown up, this is not our cup of tea. We all wanted to be the Morokas, why, because we were staying in rural or townships, this was the first in SA for blacks. But then now we all can move as much as we please in surbubia, there isn't much to like about rich people because we see them everyday. Or some of us are those people who are rich. So, I don't blame the soap, look at yourself where you are at. Theere are people who find it lovely and say it rocks, why they are still at the same place you were in those years, they are looking up to those Generations people. I really say BIG UPS to Mfundi for holding it down for so long, still remain number one even when their viewers have moved on. Egoli failed to sustain that, that's why Mnet closed it down

06 Nov 2011 22:06

A new beginning all together, More than anyhing else Generations stylist is doing a great job.

07 Nov 2011 17:59

This Noluntu chick has got some crus trble 4 us ndiyanixelela...

08 Nov 2011 00:12

Heyi ngathi uzobayi ngxaki unoluntu diyak'xelela

08 Nov 2011 09:11

Goodmorning Lovely bloggers eish i smell trouble can u just imagine Noluntu and Mawande fighting for Sbuda wadla big guy hahahaha....aibo phela that Noluntu gal uwundluvu ka phikiswa she is giving her mother hard tyms sumtyms u can just imagine if she discovered that her mom had a thing no big guy not to mention Ntombi bathong i wonder how she is gonna feel???

08 Nov 2011 09:48

@Ntoko Ntombi will go back 2 Joe.................... Noluntu is fastforward

08 Nov 2011 09:52

eish but Mawande and Ngamla are good together umlilo we bignuz Ntombi is extremely beautiful and soft for Mawande and Nolutho i agree she wont win this fight

08 Nov 2011 10:55

noluntu noluntu hayikhona uyaphapha

08 Nov 2011 12:28


sexy d
08 Nov 2011 12:39

 Noluntu and Sbuda i jst cant wait n c where their storyline is going

khethiwe and khaphela hai

08 Nov 2011 13:34

Guy mam ruby is lesbian in reak life cnt believe it..

08 Nov 2011 13:41

Guys mam Ruby is a lesbian in real life..

09 Nov 2011 10:14

lol chaza bo swazzy kanjani?

09 Nov 2011 11:56

Ohayike swazzzy uyazi kanjani k leyo ?a ha ha ha ha ha

09 Nov 2011 12:16

mara wa tseba swazzy LOL

09 Nov 2011 12:16

mara wa tseba swazzy LOL

09 Nov 2011 14:08

angikholwa ke eyo kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mam Ruby lesbian? owh my godoooooooooooooooooo.

09 Nov 2011 15:12

i enjoy watching Mawande big tym.., she has class nd prestidge wich kip mi glued 2 da screen nd i want her 2 challeng sbuda...,wat goes around cumzzz arpund..

09 Nov 2011 15:13

Slindile Nodangala?? A lesbian?? I dont blv it for 1 second..

09 Nov 2011 15:38

no guyz stop gossiping pls ruby can't be a lesbian no ways.

09 Nov 2011 15:50

Same here Badi I love Mawande

09 Nov 2011 20:14

Gen yarocka mari ne,i enjoy watching akhona n nicky they cute hey.

09 Nov 2011 21:18

I agree, Nic and Akhona rock, the chase is nice

10 Nov 2011 08:13

Sharon,its high tym u stop being sneeky.., Khethiwe's obssestion of destroying khaphela is getting out of hand..,its high tym generation has 2 introduce a nice lady 2 khaphela 2 give khetiwe sum food 4 thoughttt,,, haaaha.

10 Nov 2011 09:11

Yhoooo hayi Nic and Akhona... have a burning flame!!! Akhona is just acting like she is not interested yet when she is HOME ALONE she just smiles at all that Nic does!!! As for mawande and Sbu... Loved them yesterday at that table... Love Mawande's smile... you are never sure whether it is REAL or its one of those EVILISH smiles!!!

10 Nov 2011 09:43

Ja Akhona is just acting..why did she phone Nic if she's not interested she is boring anyway, oh no! mam'Ruby a lasbian? cum on peeps...yena lo Noluntu kahle kahle wat ithini nto yake.

10 Nov 2011 10:10

Khaphela already has a nice lady... Sara... Khethiwe is doing a good job destroying his life... Khaphela never learn can't he jus go eKZN n stay with his first wife or he shld ask her to come back n they can stay together...mnxim the love of young women

10 Nov 2011 10:42

@MsKim mina ngithi ukhaps can go to kzn and help the elders to resolve the queries of the villagers,like " who's cow grazed in who's garden of plantations for example. umdala a nganga use funane ku  igen. hai sorry bloggers.
 Dont u js love mawande? the woman has got space(she is out of this world).

guys correct me if im wrong, wasnt ntombi supposed to live gen in october? and wat about sam and shaz? 

10 Nov 2011 11:18

Im loving Mawande big time Ive always been a fan and she's the reason im watching Gen again . Her daughter Noluntu is full of ATTITUDE yoh !
Sbuda and Mawande inlove it would never work maybe its because I cant picture Sbusiso with anyone but Ntombi !?!

guys correct me if im wrong, wasnt ntombi supposed to live gen in october? and wat about sam and shaz? 
Thats what Ntombi said but now I dont know ......
As for Sam and Shaz thats news to me ? izanazo Caro

10 Nov 2011 11:22

Noluntu seems to hav skeletons in her closet, who is David?

10 Nov 2011 12:26

mina ngi lost big time i dont even watch it anymore,

10 Nov 2011 12:47

GEN is rocking these big up mfundi

10 Nov 2011 13:22

gen is rocking big tym and its tru ruby is lesbian in real life i saw on sunday newspaper

10 Nov 2011 13:55

Ntombi was to leave ka October......Sam and Shaz Dec............... i used to hate Nic but his nstory line with Aikhona makes me like him

10 Nov 2011 14:20

Nicholas is the man....!
Guys is Dumisani ever coming back?
Mam Ruby lesbian? huh?   ######Dead 4 dayzzz#####

10 Nov 2011 14:22

Me too used to hate Nic because is his snakish attitude now I love him to bits

10 Nov 2011 14:30

And Oh by the way, Sharon is now booooorrrriiing. *yawn*

10 Nov 2011 14:40

Shaz is booorrrring indeed, abahambe manje ngoba useganga ngoSam. leliqwagi leli.

10 Nov 2011 14:52

I used 2 hate Nic too when he was working @ Ezweni bt nw ya rocker...@ ntoko i dnt think Dumisani is coming back....ja Shazz is boring nw by the way i dont c her character in gen anymore she's jst borrrrriiiiiiiiing  

10 Nov 2011 15:27

Nicholas is a sweetheart you gotta luv him ladies .........Shaz can go bt not Sam :-(

10 Nov 2011 15:29

Guys did yall see what was written on Noluntu's laptop ?

10 Nov 2011 17:12

@zam.ngcobo: "i know what you and david did" somewhere along those lines

11 Nov 2011 11:16

@Zam, Sam can go bt nt Shaz. I rly enjy wtchng her big ass! she alwys trns me on!

11 Nov 2011 21:05

Shaz & Sam r boring sheim. Noluntu- bad news. I'll b happy if Ntombi's not leaving the Soapie.

12 Nov 2011 10:26

guys plz dnt get me wrng hre bt gen... is gtting 2mch,its lyk evrybdy iz up2 sumting.First Khethiwe iz in sm knd a secret msion,Mawande is also bzy cookin smting,nt 4gtting Sbu iz als up2 smting.Uma sisathi sibhekile Sam iz bzy wth into esingazi nokuthi izosebenza noma cha,den Noluntu dearest haz smting she's hding.I fnd it all so b' me if um wrng

miss ceepee
12 Nov 2011 13:36

hi im new,im just loving Generations,its like its just risen from the dead.

12 Nov 2011 15:13

lieberkuhn you are wrong - it's called drama, which is what we, as viewrs have been complaining needing drama now that is here, you are complaining futhi - kanti what do you want? I agree miss ceeepee, they have risen from the dead. What do you want them to do lieberkuhn? Twiddle their thumbs? We watch to see plotting, they have to be up2 something like you say, that's why it's a drama on TV or else they should get out of the screen. I liked the ending on Friday, mommy finding out that daughter is a skank - YOOOOOH!

12 Nov 2011 16:15

I thnk gene is loozng it guyz tjo sorry whe'iz my manners am new welcome me

12 Nov 2011 17:58

You are losing it Mxa

12 Nov 2011 19:13

:-@nqadu u dsapointing me if it z your way of welcom your new bloge any way de soap iz boriiiiing

sexy d
14 Nov 2011 08:33

morning all

@mxa and miss ceepee welcome guys hope u will enjoy ur stay

Now wats is happening in gen is called drama cant wait to see more.

14 Nov 2011 10:15

i think this new guys in gem will add something. at least we will have a look at new faces.

14 Nov 2011 10:42

It is not good to have drama at the same on both angles, because they all blow up and end the same time then back to boring until some more is brewed. The best is when the other drama ending another part is near the end, the other one should be at the middle whilst another is starting and another is being brewed. That way, there won't be a moment of boring, we will have something to look forward to everyday.

15 Nov 2011 10:46

Morning bloggers,,, u lot hv 2 c Cheesa's article so tht we all know more abt Akhona.. She is so talented yazi.. I watched her last week when she was given vatkoeks by Ausie Patty, her facial expression made me feel for her & I had tears in my eyes.. She is so believable..

15 Nov 2011 11:34

hi all. guys do you think there will be any vows renewal for sam and shaz? i think this is their last month. does anyone know wen they are leaving exactly?

or even interesting , maybe they gona renew and go on holiday bac. ntombi is also with us, thot she was gona leave in october.

b bacc

15 Nov 2011 12:18

dear generation produsers and writers am a somali inspered actor, and i have great new caractors and new story, i will be greatfull if u get buck to just to here, my i deas? you guys are doin great job keep it up.

15 Nov 2011 12:18

dear generation produsers and writers am a somali inspered actor, and i have great new caractors and new story, i will be greatfull if u get buck to just to here, my i deas? you guys are doin great job keep it up.

15 Nov 2011 12:18

dear generation produsers and writers am a somali inspered actor, and i have great new caractors and new story, i will be greatfull if u get buck to just to here, my i deas? you guys are doin great job keep it up.

15 Nov 2011 13:18

mom nd daughter com4ting ich ada, hey it ws such a moment,producers plis give mawande more power 2 defeat Sbuuu//

15 Nov 2011 14:05

hey people did you say sharon and sam rily leavn gerations?m new pls welcum me! 

15 Nov 2011 14:16

I think the whole Sharon and Samuel think is being overdone already her over acting the hurt wife is too much. Please do something!!

15 Nov 2011 15:29

of coz they r leaving@ shobekhekha contract not renwed period. welcome hope u r not silent blogging. fake period.LOL JS  KIDDING. OFF I GO( ' . ')>>>>>>>>>>>>>

miss ceepee
15 Nov 2011 16:14

i like watching Mawande and Noluntu.cant wait to see Busi in action.soon oKhetiwe wil be in the shadows!

15 Nov 2011 16:17

Im new to the Gen blog. The writers are doing are great job with the new storylines, the actors are doing great. Im actually back to watching Gen.

15 Nov 2011 16:21

Oh and i think sizwe is david lukhele's wife . Nothing like a scorned wife to wreck havoc on your life. Lol!

15 Nov 2011 16:24

Sorry i meant swazi

16 Nov 2011 08:15

@caro thanks,i was hoping dlomo gives noluntu a job jus to spite mawande,u no jus to spice up things a bit

16 Nov 2011 08:18

@caro ngiabonga,u no i was hoping ngamla offers noluntu a job jus to spite mawande,it could use with a bit of spice on the dlomo mawande fight!

sexy d
16 Nov 2011 09:09

morning all

Sam should jst give up on shaz i mean the woman does not want to forgive

Nicholas made me laugh yesterday he doesnt  really care abt akhona all he cares abt is slicing that cake.

So Mawande is Akhona's aunt wow its gonna be indeed intresting to watch.

16 Nov 2011 10:21

Whoa Nicolas couldnt even hide the fact that he doesnt care he only wants to sika lekhekhe. 

I wonder who is gonna take the role of David Lukhele and how they are related. 

Mawande & Noluntu shaken by the emails and tape, i wonder how they will react when they come face to face with Swazi Lukhele...****fireworks**

16 Nov 2011 10:24

I like Jass n Senzo together but aye this thing yaka Jason of being a double pin plug, now he will break Senzo's heart by wanting Noluntu. He will cry foul naye esithi my boyfriend left me for a woman, i mean if women cry foul that their man left them for another man. But mhle yena uJ nam' bendizakumcondobela if he wasnt on my screen.

16 Nov 2011 13:05

 i think Swazi is b hide those email don't u think so guyz @pjvv ur d dreaming sana n i do feel u. 

17 Nov 2011 07:56

Gen is better this days, coz we dont have 2 c Khethiwe nd Khaphela al the time.

New characters hott

17 Nov 2011 07:59

Morning Bloggers, m so loving generation.

sexy d
17 Nov 2011 08:55

morning all

Gen is really becoming intresting

Nicholas doesnt give up hey he will keep on going back until he gets wat he wants

17 Nov 2011 09:54

Swazi must give them HELL

17 Nov 2011 10:14

i liked noluntu's dressing code ysterday, da gal has style jst like her mother..  plis Swazi bek off wannac more of nolu nd her mom., mawande wich darkest secrets wr u reffering 2??plis spare dat couple a headache, dey had enuuuuf..

17 Nov 2011 11:00

Swazi demand 4a M th is a lot of money.

17 Nov 2011 11:27

He said to me . ... . I don't know why you wear a bra; you've got
nothing to put in it.
I said to him .... . . You wear pants don't you?

17 Nov 2011 11:41

Morning lovely bloggers i missed gene for two days due to family responsibility but m so glad to see all the positive comments keep up wid the good work producers and script writers...I was so touched by Noluntu the day she cried and went to her mom ncoooohhhhh the poor gal the way she gave Sharon hard tyms neva picture her breaking down like that anyway GENE rocks big tym love it or hate it silly hater:-)

17 Nov 2011 13:16

No shame, whatever happened to Gene, the change of writers did a good job for them, it's really rocking.

17 Nov 2011 13:24

i hear gen has a new producer...a lady for that matter i 4get her name but shes behind shows like sokhulu and partners.

17 Nov 2011 13:27

thats why its so interesting these days. ke rata this bold chick Swazi i can drama coming along i like i for mawande,the woman is sexy,elegant and sbuda still has hots for her......poor makhumalo

17 Nov 2011 13:28


17 Nov 2011 13:31

Hello all! am so new here. and havnt bin watchn wats goin, saw sm lady wa chskop who's she?

Mrs Chix
17 Nov 2011 13:57

Hi guys, missed you all,did you see Mawende in jeans izolo........ the woman is hot shame

17 Nov 2011 15:34

Hi all, i decided to join you, i like umgosi wenu, if not bsy i alwys read and hav fun

17 Nov 2011 15:51

welcome guyz and feel @ home

17 Nov 2011 20:17

Ha ha ha ha haha.....kl kl kl kl.....nkosi yam uAkhona umenzani u bra khaps eish khaps was so imbrarrased hey ebengazi noba angazifihla

18 Nov 2011 09:16

hey, bra Kahaps was really embarassed shame, lol

18 Nov 2011 10:38

Hello bakwethu.

18 Nov 2011 11:08

Mawande ilove you so much eish and i also like your dressing code

18 Nov 2011 11:16

@shobekhekha i feel you man more like rubbing salt on open sore. 

jo!!!!!!!!!! guys if my man has to be as romantic s sam then......... yerr yesses man ere ke dididmale. i even had a tear in ma eye.patty patty ..... u stil hav a lot to learn bt wa nxaza. js dt maybe u misunderstood khaps, so there was no need to be rude on ngwana ' batho

i saw the lawyer  at wandi's doorstep yesterday , drama drama ,....

lemme read ur comments

18 Nov 2011 15:02

sho guyz nt so gud dez dayz

18 Nov 2011 15:53

Generation is still rocking. I like new faces. People if U say it's boring just think how your life will be like without yona.

18 Nov 2011 15:57

Hi guyz

im also new here

i realy enjoy reading ur comments, i thnk i shud start watching gen again coz i only watch it wen dez sumthng intrstng goin on. so nw dat u say dez new ppl. im dfnately goin to hv a luk thn i'll add my comment

18 Nov 2011 16:12

You're the only one who thinks like that @lieberkun - YOU'RE A HATER! GENERATIONS IS ROCKING THESE DAYS!! Go AND BE BORED AT iSIDINGO and check their ARs whilst you're at it, slowly, slowly, slowly going down, like a snail high of marijuana

18 Nov 2011 16:16

guyz, new faces msnt jst b new faces dey mst come up wth hot actions. Lyk Rythm city dey always hire new ppl nd im telling u dey r HOT actors. e.g Ngozi , Suarez, Naomi Nicki ws also doin it

By the time adam ws out nd senzo ws new. I realy thought adam ws a perfect guy 4 being sbuda's son coz he ws a bit of a trouble.nd it wud'v been nice to c him giving his dad a head-ache like kenny nd tomas.Senzo is very soft.

18 Nov 2011 16:25

im nt saying dat it's boring nw coz iv neva seen dos new faces

21 Nov 2011 11:48

hey guyz plz help me, iz Akhona Kyla's mum? angazi noma ngezwa kahle yini Friday when she was calling her granny telling her about her new job.she said somthing like *give Kyla a big hug and a big kiss from Mommy* plz help.

21 Nov 2011 16:18

yah i thnk she is kyla 's mummy(i stnd to be corrected)

21 Nov 2011 18:10

hey guys..jas popped ny to say hi..those of you who still remember m..halla!!miss the old d,stemo, strolicious, lapam..le lena ba bangwe ka le rata...kis kis

22 Nov 2011 09:52

i think phakeme is gona ask sam and shez to come and stay with them in mahlabathini

22 Nov 2011 11:29

Hi happy people,

just need to confess, ngiyazifela ngoNicolas nowadays.....

22 Nov 2011 11:34

Kwaa @ Jason saying he enjoy the best of both worlds(twin plug), nd Senzo was furious

22 Nov 2011 11:40

Good-day to y'all.  I'm new & hop wil enjoy my stay. 

Great analysis peeps, am impressed. 

22 Nov 2011 14:34

just need to confess, ngiyazifela ngoNicolas nowadays..... DITTO

22 Nov 2011 15:52

hey guys @Nomhla yes she said kyla. by the way nomhla who is kyla, has shim ever appeared on gen??

23 Nov 2011 07:25

me thinks lovely noluntu needs to braid her hair differently.As it is she looks as if shz balancing a lizards tail on her head.

23 Nov 2011 08:25

@caro everytime Akhona calls her granny she asked after Kyla, akakaze avele nami angimazi just dat i was wondering if shez akhona 's child.

23 Nov 2011 08:45


23 Nov 2011 11:01


23 Nov 2011 12:37

@nomhla thanks anywy gal4rnd.guys pls update on wt happened on gen yesterday , i slept early, shoo!!!!  for the first tym phalaborwa is cold.

23 Nov 2011 13:12

@caro everytime Akhona calls her granny she asked after Kyla, akakaze avele nami angimazi just dat i was wondering if shez akhona 's child.

23 Nov 2011 15:16

nomhla r we the only one's or r we at the rong place? hai noh !!! gu khona ku shay' amnsi la... lol

23 Nov 2011 16:13

me thinks lovely noluntu needs to braid her hair differently.As it is she looks as if shz balancing a lizards tail on her head

kwaakwaaakwaa @ vernom

Guys any ideas how Sam and Shez will leave the soapie?

23 Nov 2011 17:32

Sam and Shaz must just die - I would be very happy

23 Nov 2011 19:36

Cant wait 2 c nick and Akhona bayandichaza.i wish khethiwe cud disapear like Dumisane did, uyandinyanyisa man.

cphe m
24 Nov 2011 08:59

i mis u malume ujabulani he should be back ka dec time 2 spice up things!!!!!!

24 Nov 2011 13:12

me thinks lovely noluntu needs to braid her hair differently.As it is she looks as if shz balancing a lizards tail on her head 

hahahahahahahahahaha i dd not see dat coming #deathbylaughters#

still guyz Nicolas & Akhona makes me feel 18yrs again hmmmm!!! Queen is worst tltltltltlt de way she took de box of chocolate frm Lungile hayi khona Mr. Mvundla is abt tym uQueenzo afumane umtu naye hawu!

24 Nov 2011 15:49

sam and shaz r going to relocate to mahlabathini, think sam is gona accept to become chief or the chief 's right-hand man if there is ,. did anyone hear his conversation with his dad? they were talking about how travelling the world has made sam grow and learn.

25 Nov 2011 08:25

Didnt watch my fav soapie yesterday, but i love it these days very interesting.

Noluntu was trying to play in the big league now she has caused more trouble, say Swazi was going to let go but then Luntu decided to go n confront Dave who in turn said words to the ex. Swazi was furious, drama drama woza ndikulindile.

25 Nov 2011 10:12

I just cant imagine Shez going to stay in mahlabathini for good. 

25 Nov 2011 10:18

Pjvv there is a misunderstanding between Mawande and Noluntu because Mawande kept a secret to her daughter regarding blackmail so Noluntu secretly went to see David to inform him about the video and the threatning sms's she is receiving,its only when she discovered from Dave that Swazi also blackmailed him regarding the same tapes,so untill it comes to Mawande's attention the better becos Swazi came to Mawande's appartment yesterday and Mawande was still searching for Noluntu since she dissapeared for the entire day,Noluntu tried to warn her mother regarding Swazi and the blackmail but Mawande was in a hurry in the morning for work and i guess Swazi's arrival was regarding more money.

26 Nov 2011 10:14

I think Swazi need a Wig. Mpendulo's parents can go Bayabhora sheim.

27 Nov 2011 08:15

I'm glad Swazi is not in a wig, we are tired of fake her. Why you always want people to be fake? Leave people with bald heads alone. GO SWAZI GO GIRL. LOVE THE LOOK

28 Nov 2011 06:40

Also dnt thnk swazi nids a wig! I prefer braidin and dreadlocks.

28 Nov 2011 06:42

mornin all! Enjy rest of week..

Sexy girl
28 Nov 2011 07:32

morning all. Ntombi is also leaving Gen. Saw it in the magazine

28 Nov 2011 08:00

yes you are right ntombi will be out mid december,so as sam and shaz

28 Nov 2011 08:07

Guys it's such old news, the magazines are too late. Ntombi resigned in August but had to serve 10 week shooting notice, and Generations shoots 3-4 in advance, that is why she is only leaving in Decenber. So please, this is not new, it's soo old... Let's move right along to other current things... Ntombi is past tense

28 Nov 2011 10:12

hi everyone

28 Nov 2011 10:18

hey biggie , slow down other bloggers are not well informed earliier like some of us please to them its something they really cudnt share with their fellows.  LOLING......

28 Nov 2011 10:20


Snuca Babe
28 Nov 2011 14:44

Hi Guys

Im new are u all!!!!

Snuca Babe
28 Nov 2011 14:50

Waaaaaaaaaaasssssssuuuuuuuuppppppppppppp Bloggers Its been long hey
i missed u all....well not reali all but laba engibaziyo, baphy?? where are u?? The GENERAL, sWAAZY, KID1, SEXYD, MAKISTO, OLUTHANDO, SK And the list goes on and on and on and on!!!!! Wait a minute isakhona i trivia???

28 Nov 2011 14:57

I just love Generation and I am sure they will neve dissapoint us in December and January. We are waiting for something exciting and more fire.

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