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Rhythm City Teasers - October 2011

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Rhythm City Teasers on 29 Sep 2011
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Coming up on Rhythm City this October, 2011:

Monday 3 October 2011
Episode 1106

Lucilla loses her mind over Naomi's return; meanwhile Ronald is showing signs of joining "camp Naomi".

Suffocate and Niki refine their plan for nailing Ding-Dong. Ding-Dong arrives at S'bu's flat to meet Niki. Suffocate, Speshil and Toolkit plant the incriminating evidence in Ding-Dong's shack.

Krisis warns Zodwa that Marang has her eye on Thula. Zodwa later goes to the studio only be asked to leave by both Marang and Thula.

Tuesday 4 October 2011
Episode 1107

Miles and Lucilla are freaking out about the Naomi situation. The cops say they are unable to do anything until she makes a move. Zodwa is driving Thula crazy with her anxiety over his relationship with Marang.

Miles confronts Naomi and forces her to tell him why she is back in town. She tells him to meet him later and all will be revealed. Later Miles is stunned by the revelation.

Suffocate alerts the cops to the stash at Ding-Dong's place.

Wednesday 5 October 2011
Episode 1108

Miles struggles to wrap his head around Naomi's claims that he is the father of her child. He's eventually forced to come clean with Lucilla.

Naomi drops in on the Vilakazis. She tries to convince them that she means them no harm, but they believe she's up to her old tricks again.

Niki learns that Ding-Dong has not been arrested. She decides not to heed Suffocate's warning and goes to see him at his shack. She learns a little too late that Ding-Dong doesn't take too kindly to being played.

Thursday 6 October 2011
Episode 1109

Krisis persuades Marang to dump Thula, and Thula blames Zodwa for sabotaging his career.

Miles considers a DNA test for Naomi's baby, over Lucilla's strong objection, and eventually persuades her to see things his way.

Niki's absence has Suffocate worried, and Ding-Dong lures him into a trap.

Friday 7 October 2011
Episode 1110

A reluctant Naomi agrees to do the paternity test on condition that Miles doesn't fight her for custody.

Zodwa attempts to rebuild her relationship with Thula, but instead he breaks up with her sending her straight to the arms of Krisis.

Niki shows up at the bar unharmed, but where is Suffocate?

Once everyone learns that Suffocate's life could be in danger, Puleng turns to Stone for help.

Ding-Dong is cashing in on a long, overdue favour, and he's taking no prisoners. Will Suffocate live to tell the tale?

Monday 10 October 2011
Episode 1111

It's the due day for the paternity test results and Lucilla is nervous. Krisis reveals his actions to Zodwa, and she tells Thula, but Krisis has an ace in the hole, or at least a picture of one.

Stone goes to Ding-Dong to try rescue Suffocate, and is forced to prove his loyalty to Ding-Dong. The results are read.

Tuesday 11 October 2011
Episode 1112

Miles tells Lucilla he can't leave his daughter with Naomi and will have to go to court to fight for custody. At first Gail thinks Naomi's been caught out, but Miles confirms the baby is his.

Tshidi and Puleng go to the hospital and hear that Suffocate sustained internal injuries, but that he has been stabilised. Thula and Zodwa's relationship gets back on track.

Wednesday 12 October 2011
Episode 1113

In spite of Lucilla's pleas to leave Naomi and her baby alone, Miles goes ahead with his plans to get custody.

Suffocate is frustrated at being treated like a baby, so he flees the hospital, putting his life in danger in the process.

Tshidi tells Puleng that the best way to get Suffocate to open up is by telling him how Puleng feels about him.

Tshidi has failed a test and dreads telling her parents.

Stone realises that he doesn't have capital to start his own mashonisa business.

Thursday 13 October 2011
Episode 1114

Suffocate lies to everyone about being discharged from hospital. Lucilla tells Miles that she's afraid that he might push Naomi over the insanity edge again by demanding to take her child.

Meanwhile, Puleng informs Suffocate that she knows that he snuck out of hospital. Tshidi snaps and tells Mamokete that she's tired of talking about Kop's illness as if no one else has problems.

Niki is worried that her spot as "Miles's daughter" is at risk and tries to ally with Lucilla to take Naomi down, but with no success. Suffocate advises Stone to take over Ding-Dong's business.

Naomi tells Elizabeth that if she leaves with the child she'll stop paying for the baby's medical bills.

Friday 14 October 2011
Episode 1115

Miles's lawyer tells Miles that he should anticipate that Naomi's lawyers will make some sort of offer. The psychiatrist is concerned that she should not see Miles, the trigger of her earlier obsession.

Stone tells Thula he's decided to take over Ding-Dong's business. Later, when he tries to extract the money Gumede owes, Gumede laughs at him.

Puleng scolds Suffocate for risking his recovery by doing too much strenuous work.

When she complains to Tshidi that Suffocate is ignoring her warnings, Tshidi tells her the only way of getting Suffocate to heed her, is to confess her real feelings for him.

Monday 17 October 2011
Episode 1116

Kop and Mamokete meet Tshidi's new tutor and are all extremely impressed.
Puleng is desperately trying to tell Suffocate how she feels but something keeps getting in the way. Lucilla is freaking out about any possibility of Naomi being back in their lives.

Stone is struggling to collect Ding-Dong's debt and at a crucial moment Suffocate steps in to help tip things in Stone's favour. Stone is extremely appreciative of Suffocate's help.

Naomi manipulates Gail into believing that she is going to leave town. Gail lets S'bu know and S'bu breaks the news to Lucilla and Miles.

Tuesday 18 October 2011
Episode 1117

Puleng is alarmed when she discovers an unconscious Suffocate at the backstairs. The guys react quickly and get him to the hospital in time. When Puleng finally gets to see him, she makes a big declaration, unaware that he's under heavy sedation.

Tshidi and Maidi are getting along easily. There's an attraction between them and they almost kiss.

Naomi lets slip to Gail that she plans on leaving town that night. She does this deliberately, knowing that Gail will deliver the news to Miles. Miles agonises over the prospect of losing his daughter so soon after finding her.

Wednesday 19 October 2011
Episode 1118

Naomi lets Miles "persuade" her to stay and share custody of the baby with him, to Lucilla's great fury. Tshidi's feelings for Maidi are growing.

Niki decides to investigate Naomi by targeting Nanny Elizabeth. Fats talks Suffocate into letting him manage the club while Suffocate's in hospital.

Thursday 20 October 2011
Episode 1119

While trying to fight her feelings for her tutor, Tshidi grows increasingly frustrated with Kop and Mamokete's keen fondness of Maidi. Later, Maidi and Tshidi are overwhelmed by their mutual desire.

Miles falls in love with his and Naomi's baby girl. Frustrated, Lucilla calls on Niki to assist her in bringing Naomi down.

Niki endeavours to investigate Naomi by approaching the nanny, Elizabeth. A confused Suffocate unwittingly breaks Puleng's heart. Niki and S'bu's attraction is rekindled.

Friday 21 October 2011
Episode 1120

Miles decides that the best thing to ensure that he enjoys a good relationship with his infant daughter is to have her closer at hand. He persuades S'bu to move back home - leaving his flat free for use by Naomi and the child.

Fats continues to believe that he's forgotten one crucial chore entrusted him by Suffocate. Thula urges him to ask Suffocate, but pride prevents him from doing so.

Tshidi meets Maidi by pre-arrangement at Chilas - where he tells her that there is no possibility of a relationship. Fats is reminded by Suffocate that the key task was the one he forgot, the renewal of the club's liquor licence.

Monday 24 October 2011
Episode 1121

Kop's sickness is starting to seriously frustrate Tshidi. Stone thinks that there might be another cause of her frustration.

Miles proposes that Naomi move into David's flat so they can all be closer to the child. Naomi agrees, getting one step closer to her goal: Miles.

Fats is totally freaking out about the liquor licence situation. Mpho from Hotplate offers him a way out.

Maidi hounds Tshidi trying to explain his actions. She refuses to speak to him so he pays her a late-night visit.

S'bu vacates David's flat and moves back home. This time under the same roof as Niki. This is going to pose a few challenges for both of them.

Tuesday 25 October 2011
Episode 1122

Lucilla is furious when she finds out that Miles has moved Naomi into David's flat. She's horrified that Naomi is coming ever closer to their circle of influence.

Lucilla tricks Dr Mazibuko, Naomi's psychiatrist, into another meeting. She sneaks into David's flat to try to steal Naomi's medication.

Kop expresses his growing affection to a guilt-stricken Maidi, while Tshidi and Maidi's relationship continues to develop and deepen. That is until Tshidi finds out the shocking news that Maidi's married.

In a desperate attempt to pull in customers, despite Kilowatt no longer serving liquor, Fats coerces Thula into getting Zodwa to perform a free concert.

Wednesday 26 October 2011
Episode 1123

Lucilla is angry when Niki reveals that she tried to break into Naomi's flat, and almost got caught.

Fats has no choice but to agree to pay Mpho for a new liquor license, not realising it's a fake. Mpho then tips off the authorities, who close down the club.
Maidi explains his broken marriage to a betrayed Tshidi, and vows that he won't let her - and his second chance at love - pass him by.

Thursday 27 October 2011
Episode 1124

Tshidi and Maidi are still sneaking around. Niki and S'bu are awkward in the aftermath of their love-making, and Naomi catches them kissing.

Pressure mounts on Fats to sort out the club situation, and he tries to bribe Inspector Modise, which leads to his ignominious arrest.
Friday 28 October 2011
Episode 1125

Naomi has the knives out for Niki and gets more background information on her from Gail. She again spies on them and discovers more about the intimate nature of their relationship. She tells Millicent her other fake sister's going to pay the price for threatening her.

Stone asks Tshidi when she's going to tell her parents about her relationship with Maidi and she swears him to secrecy. Stone pays Fats's bail.

Meanwhile, Thula collects Suffocate from hospital and is unable to keep the truth from him. Suffocate is angry when he discovers what's happened to his club.

Monday 31 October 2011
Episode 1126

Niki nearly gives their secret away when she kisses S'bu at the breakfast table.

Although she's trying her best to convince Maidi otherwise, it is clear that Tshidi's beginning to have expectations of him.

Lucilla is taken aback when she realises Buhle's taken to Elizabeth like fire to paraffin.

When Fats finally decides to face Suffocate, the latter forgives him, but he still has the bribery charge hanging over his head.
Puleng continues to think Suffocate is avoiding her because he is not interested.

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29 Sep 2011 21:56

Hope its more interesting dis month. le me read.

29 Sep 2011 22:00

Miles and naomi have a child together,interesting indeed

The General
29 Sep 2011 22:13

No word on David in jail, come on!

29 Sep 2011 22:20

Yeah I am the 4th. I am mesto ( formerly stemo)

 Well already read from etv highlights.

 Naomi's obsession for Miles has reached another level - Faking her pregnancy and trapping Miles in her psychotic web again.

Just to split up Lucilla and Miles finish and klaar!!!!!!. 

Naomi o sa ntse e le setsenwa period.

29 Sep 2011 22:21

M number 3 yipee!

29 Sep 2011 22:23

Oh my mistake m number 5

29 Sep 2011 22:23

top 10! got game!

30 Sep 2011 00:58

Top #10

30 Sep 2011 03:45

Top 10! Thats pretty! Let me read

30 Sep 2011 07:30

Dave has dropped off the face of the planet. It seems Naomi won't let anyone get in her way, Gail, Niki watch out she's crazy.

30 Sep 2011 07:34

What took so long to post the teasers, most of us had to go to the etv website to see waht's up. I can see even the Scandal teasers are not here yet. 
Anyway, Naomi is going full crazy already.

30 Sep 2011 07:38

I would have thought that Naomi would ease the crazy on us, Miles shouldn't have confronted her cos it seems as if he is the one that pushes her off the edge. Well Miles you can't have it all. And finally there's light at the end of the tunnel for Suffo and Stone. Does it mean that DD is dead, or what, I am just warming up to him. Him and Niki have great chemistry together, although we all know that she is leading him on, she seems to have stolen his heart.

sexy d
30 Sep 2011 07:58

let me go and read

30 Sep 2011 07:58

@Ingenuity - This is a yoyo. Dave will disappear for a while because Naomi is now a pain to the Vilakazis. Should Naomi get busted, Miles will again celebrate for a short while then David will rise again. This is a yoyo.

Naomi does not really carry Mile's child. You know how the psychopaths behave. They will do anything to keep their victims entraped in their evil web.

30 Sep 2011 08:00

Morning all mabloggers!!

30 Sep 2011 08:02

Naomi's baby culd be Sbus, m tired of Fats always acting like a child

30 Sep 2011 09:09

NO DAVID?!?! Whatever. I guess that having just Naomi will have to do for now. And whats this nonsense about Niki and Sbu? Haven't we already been over this? I still think its kinda gross.

sexy d
30 Sep 2011 10:55

oh my god its nikkie and sbu again hai nxa

So wat wil happen to DD

Intresting indeed cant wait for de drama to unfold

30 Sep 2011 11:16

Eeew! (making faces in disgust) Nikki & Sbu, if Nikki wants it so badly Thula is always waiting to help, Thula can help just anyone who is sex starved.

i think Mokema you are, also think the child belongs to Sbu, kantsi why is she choosing Miles to be the father while she was doing both of them at almost same time.

I dont like DD, he is just nje so why not kill him nale eye patch yakhe, 

Miles naye, he must stop totolising every woman look now every one has his child, even the scammers always think of him as a potential father. mxim.

30 Sep 2011 16:14

Who in the world is Millicent?

Maka Bukhazi
30 Sep 2011 20:17

Hi guys, i hv been a silent blogger, bt eish im tired of Naomi and Meikis craziness. Those two women ziyabashiya tjooo.

01 Oct 2011 09:11

No David Genaro? Means no Rythm City for me this month cos David make Rythm City interesting

01 Oct 2011 09:41

Why is Naomi moving into David's apartment, Miles still has a house the last time I checked, can't she move in there. S'bu and Niki, really!!?
01 Oct 2011 12:16

its getting hot!

01 Oct 2011 13:21

@calamity Miles lives in Lucilla's house and it will be a cold day in hell before Lu lets that psycho move into her home.

Mr dashing
02 Oct 2011 05:51

This month rhythm city will be more sponteneous, and cant wait 2 c it live.

02 Oct 2011 19:45

Top 30. Naomi.

03 Oct 2011 07:50

I know that RVH, remember Miles has a house, where he lived with S'bu (you know where she tucked away Buhle), why couldn't she move in there instead of moving into David's apartment, I guess they are saving on costs.

03 Oct 2011 07:53

Hayi, this whole Niki and S'bu being in a relationship thing is still a no go for me; although they are not really related; it's just too weird; I guess I am still sore about Thembi's death. Can't S'bu get something else.

sexy d
03 Oct 2011 08:50

Good morning friends hope you all enjoyed the weekend

Why mare do they have to traumatise us ka niki le sbu relationship hai no man this is not on

So guys wat will happen to DD coz we dnt hear his name during de month?

03 Oct 2011 16:12

I concur sexy d, absolute blasphemy what they are doing with this whole S'bu and Niki is not on and they start living together; aowa!?

04 Oct 2011 07:27

Lu did need a tranquiliser, maybe they should have let her wail on Naomi and get it out of her system. What the hell was Niki doing!? 'smh'

04 Oct 2011 07:29

We know that Ding Dong is a bad person but setting him up so he can be arrested is just so underhanded.

04 Oct 2011 07:33

Zpdwa, even a blind person can see that Krisis is trying to break you and Thula up, you are just so insecure with yourself that you suspect Thula at every turn. krisis and his player hating on Thula is really annoying. But is Zodwa and Thula's relationship that serious that they now boyfriend and girlfriend.

04 Oct 2011 07:36

Ron is just too quick to switch allegiance, I mean the woman stabbed you and left you for dead and you are going to lick her heels.

04 Oct 2011 07:39

I can see that Fats is still messing up left right and center.

sexy d
04 Oct 2011 07:54

Morning all

What de hell was niki dng suffo warned you gore those criminals you knw tsa ko limpopo r jst weak compared to DD look now if it was not for sbu he would have raped you


04 Oct 2011 08:37

Exactly sexy d, what in the world was Niki thinking. Jeez woman, the man is dangerous and you don't mess around with him! And when he asked whether S'bu knows who he is!

04 Oct 2011 08:56

What happened to David?

sexy d
04 Oct 2011 11:45

@calamity sbu ke cheeseboy he doesnt knw gangters like DD

@Krystal dave is in jail n it looks like we aint gonna c him this month

So guys naomi child who do you think is the father? SBU OR MILES?

04 Oct 2011 12:13

I am almost hoping that Naomi manipulated the DNA and has bought off the lab technician to come with a positive result. But knowing soapies I think S'bu will turn out to be the father.

04 Oct 2011 15:12

sure Calamity, this is exactly whats going to happen, i gues they brought Naomi back to shaken things up, but hooooo i dislike her so much

04 Oct 2011 16:22

I love naomi's crazyness, she is just unpredictable you never know what she will do next. As for Miles acting surprised when Gail told him that she thinks naomi is dating some other guy, he was like she is supposed to be obsessed with me, hawu Miles, maybe she has joined move

04 Oct 2011 16:41

i wonder wat is Naomi up to this time....

04 Oct 2011 16:41

i wonder wat is Naomi up to this time....

05 Oct 2011 07:20

Did Niki say that you should have seen his eyes, mos Ding Dong told her that he lost his eye while saving Suffo, so she should have said that you should have seen his eye.

05 Oct 2011 07:21

Did Niki say that you should have seen his eyes, mos Ding Dong told her that he lost his eye while saving Suffo, so she should have said that you should have seen his eye.

05 Oct 2011 07:25

@lebo@@, the only thing that Naomi wants is to see Miles in her arms (not like he is the greatest catch or anything), that is her mission in life, she seems to think that he is her reason for breathing. I thought Miles already knew that S'bu slept with Naomi, then he knows why does S'bu not want Niki to tell anybody.

05 Oct 2011 07:26

@lebo@@, the only thing that Naomi wants is to see Miles in her arms (not like he is the greatest catch or anything), that is her mission in life, she seems to think that he is her reason for breathing. I thought Miles already knew that S'bu slept with Naomi, then he knows why does S'bu not want Niki to tell anybody.

05 Oct 2011 07:28

Oh hell.

I thought that Miles was tight with Suarez, shouldn't he call on her for some assistance!?

05 Oct 2011 07:30

Aag; Krisis annoys me!

05 Oct 2011 09:14

Niki's playing with fire, Ding D is Devil himself.

sexy d
05 Oct 2011 10:11

Good Morning all

05 Oct 2011 10:32

Hi Every one the child is not Naomi's the baby is Elizabeth's. if you read   ''Naomi tells Elizabeth that if she leaves with the child she'll stop paying for the baby's medical bills'' What do you think?

05 Oct 2011 10:45

Morning sexy d!

05 Oct 2011 10:54

@Ingenuity, i was laughing at the same thing, Ding Dong only has one eye mos

05 Oct 2011 11:18

Krisis ne!ke gonge mogotweng inalebe  ka setswana.

05 Oct 2011 15:51

That could be a possibility andzon, I was wondering about that myself, but why do the results say that Miles is the father? Does she bribe the hospital staff or what? Miles' shock and surprised expression needs to improve, Naomi has dropped a bombshell on you, the least he could have done was show surprise!

05 Oct 2011 16:03

DD is like the one-eyed bandit. 
Does it mean that the child is sick if Naomi has to pay her medical bills.

05 Oct 2011 16:09

You have a point there andzon; Elizabeth could be the child's mother which means Naomi is somehow going to manipulate the partenity results. 

I loled when Naomi acted like Miles actually shook her into confessing that she is hiding something from him. She has him right where she wants him.

06 Oct 2011 07:24

Maybe what naomi said failed to register, that's why he failed to react accordingly.
Hema o re halala Miles, eish Naomi.

06 Oct 2011 07:27

Krisis posted that stuff. I hate guys like that, pumping themselves up while talking badly about their love rival. 
Niki DD wa bantwana may be a gangsta but he is not an idiot.

06 Oct 2011 07:30

Lu, Miles may have gone to bed early but I bet you he didn't sleep a wink. Poeple like naomi, you don't give them an inch, they take a mile.

06 Oct 2011 07:37

Suffo was very rude to Puleng, I know he is under a bit of stress but geez, ease up a bit.

06 Oct 2011 07:45

Hawu naomi wants S'bu to get to know his 'sister' but she doesn't want Miles in the child's life. Come on Naomi, how dof do you think people are. Is she trying to play them off against each other.

06 Oct 2011 16:15

Lol at Naomi quoting Shirley Brown. Woman to woman!

06 Oct 2011 16:16

Lol at Naomi quoting Shirley Brown. Woman to woman!

07 Oct 2011 07:21

I loved Lu's dress lat night. Miles seems to be back tracking a bit there.

07 Oct 2011 07:21

I loved Lu's dress lat night. Miles seems to be back tracking a bit there.

07 Oct 2011 07:22

I loved Lu's dress lat night. Miles seems to be back tracking a bit there.

07 Oct 2011 07:22

I loved Lu's dress lat night. Miles seems to be back tracking a bit there.

07 Oct 2011 07:26

I saw Thula sporting a ring there, did he always wear it or have my presciption spectacles started working

07 Oct 2011 07:31

Naomi is starting to tighten the noose around Miles' neck.

07 Oct 2011 07:32

Naomi is starting to tighten the noose around Miles' neck.

07 Oct 2011 07:32

Naomi is starting to tighten the noose around Miles' neck.

07 Oct 2011 07:32

Naomi is starting to tighten the noose around Miles' neck.

sexy d
07 Oct 2011 07:49

Good morning people

Sho DD u r really heartless my brother and a coward how can you attack suffo from behind if u really wanna fight with him you could have handled it like a man  cant wait fot tonight episode its definately gonna rock

Miles Miles Miles why do u always make promises that you know very well you cant keep you better shut up coz always a woman has to do things fr you.

Puleng wena sumtyms you should mind ur own business if sumone doesnt wanna talk about it it means excatly dat he doesnt wanna talk abt it. Au stone wat r u gng to do now dat your worst fears are coming true regarding DD?

07 Oct 2011 07:54

Lol at Niki threatening DD, she clearly has no idea how dangerous the man is. Now Suffo is going to pay for her pig headedness.

sexy d
07 Oct 2011 10:59

@Incarnate clearly he doesnt know DD and she was like ''Ding ntlogele o seng jaalo o tla bona maago'' lol as if like DD care  now dat was funny

sexy d
07 Oct 2011 12:36

A teenage boy had just passed his driving test and inquired of his
father as to when they could discuss his use of the car.
His father said he'd make a deal with his son: 'You bring your
grades up from a C to a B average, study your Bible a little, and get
your hair cut. Then we'll talk about the car.'
The boy thought about that for a moment, decided he'd settle for the
offer, and they agreed on it.
After about six weeks his father said, 'Son, you've brought your
grades up and I've observed that you have been studying your Bible,
but I'm disappointed you haven't had your hair cut.
The boy said, 'You know, Dad, I've been thinking about that, and I've
noticed in my studies of the Bible that Samson had long hair, John
the Baptist had long hair, Moses had long hair...and there's even
strong evidence that Jesus had long hair.'

To this his father replied,
'Did you also notice they walked everywhere they went?'

07 Oct 2011 16:03

So S'bu has done the calculations and he says he is not the father. So, there is s possibility that Miles is the father and naomi is the mother.

07 Oct 2011 16:05

S'bu chastising his father for not using protection and Miles having to been forced by Naomi.

07 Oct 2011 16:09

@ sexy d, Suffo just took too long to look in the closet, I mean it was like he was waiting for DD to pop out fom the closet from some secret compartment, he just let his guard down. He was just outsmarted by DD.

08 Oct 2011 10:00

mataozent is bak.go sbu n niki mwah.stoner push e oh heart attak.tshidi slut.puleng grr.

10 Oct 2011 07:24

I knew it, Krisis is the one who did it, Zodwa should not even be talking to him. Some women are just strange, it's amazing what they find cute.

10 Oct 2011 07:27

Uurgh, Zodwa lapping up Krisis' bull crap. It's absolutely disgusting! Please get Krisis off my screen, he is just so eeuw; with his self-righteous nonsense.

10 Oct 2011 07:34

Kwaaaaaaaaaaaa, nice one sexy d.

I mean really Zodwa, for argument's sake ya ntoni, you should just come right out and tell him that you didn't do it. How can he trust you, all fingers point at you or is it to you.

10 Oct 2011 07:37

Tshidi does seem to fall in love with every man that pays her the slightest of attention.

10 Oct 2011 07:48

So, DD feels betrayed by Suffo when he sent him up. I knew it was not a good idea, I think people like DD should just be left alone and when you do that they don't mess with you. 
DD and Suffo did spend a lot quality time with friends.

10 Oct 2011 07:52

How did I know that DD was going to say and eye for an eye! So, DD is just going to jail; he shouild say hi to old Dave for us. I thought he was going to die or something like that and he is promising that he is going to be back.  

10 Oct 2011 08:24

Still cant get the image of DD's eye out of my mind

sexy d
10 Oct 2011 08:33

Good Morning all

@Trublu me and you both dat eye was very scary. Atleast DD will be arrested i hope he comes back tp pay his revenge he he he no prison can hold me forever thatha DD.

10 Oct 2011 09:20

einklik what's the beef between DD and Saffo?

Wilson Zachariah
10 Oct 2011 12:35

I ve been away for sum time. Wat cooking ko R City? Missed all. Im back.

10 Oct 2011 16:08

@ Matousin, apparently back in prison,  DD helped Suffo out of some trouble; well basically saved his life. That's when DD lost his eye and as a result he feels that Suffo owes him. The last time he got out of prison, he wanted Suffo to help him steal Ivan Tshinawa's drugs which Suffo refused to do and then he kidnapped Khensani to force Suffo's hand. At least that's what I think happened.

11 Oct 2011 07:35

Suffo should start reading his bible, but if DD had his way, he would do so with one eye! hehehehe

11 Oct 2011 07:38

Hawu Miles this is not a time for jokes, what he said about him not knowing what would have happened if Naomi had not gone off the rails, that is not the way to go about apeasing Lu

11 Oct 2011 07:43

Krisis, you are a disgusting human being, using underhanded tactics is not fighting for someone. I wonder if all is well upstairs with Krisis.

11 Oct 2011 07:52

Like Fats would shoot anybody, I can imagine him running off with his hands on his head; screaming like a five year old girl. he is such a coward.

sexy d
11 Oct 2011 08:28

Morning all

@Ingenuity hai lenna i dont think the boy is well uptairs if he wanted zodwa back he would done so and not realying using his tactics dude thula got him fair and square wena wats wrong with you.

Hola hola stone you really proved were your loyalty lies damn dat hit must have hurt yoo he probably woke up with a massive headache.

The vilakazi saga i dnt really have much to say.

11 Oct 2011 19:45

Naomi: ke motsotsonyana le sebakanyana pele ke tshwara tlhapi yame. Hayi eh eh!

12 Oct 2011 07:35

Now naomi is giving the nanny a new name. is the nanny Keke from Scandal. She seems to have dropped off the screen.

I am still shocked by the fact that Naomi didn't even give birth. So she is passing off her nanny's child as her own.

12 Oct 2011 07:36

I think they had to run the tests two times because the first revealed the truth and Naomi later got through to the lab technician.

12 Oct 2011 07:41

I actually thought for a change that Naomi was going to be straight for a change, no such luck. She is playing Gail like a fiddle; silly Gail thinks that she is spying on Naomi for the Vikalazi's, she doesn't realise that naomi only gives her the information she wants her to take back to them.

12 Oct 2011 07:43

Ok, I know that the Stone was just trying to win DD's trust but damn man, he went a bit overboard with that whole thing. Kicking him in the ribs is the reason why he has internal bleeding.

12 Oct 2011 07:43

@Incarnate - I suspected so too. I was asking myself when did Miles sleep with Naomi. Or was he raped by her when she kidnapped him? No after yesterday, I came to the conclussion that Naomi does not have a child. She faked the results by using that white stooge she gave money yesterday. That child belongs to that nanny.

Miles is so stupid. He just accepts just like that? He is notorious when it comes to just accepting children who are not his.

Lulu was right all along. Miles is being played like a fiddle. Sies man!!!!!

12 Oct 2011 07:47

Exactly mesto, I still can't believe Miles wants Lu to help him raise naomi's supposed child and his reasoning for wanting to take Naomi's child from her is a bit flawed.

12 Oct 2011 07:50

Dude; you humiliated yourseld, you got your ass punk'd. Now sit down Krisis.

12 Oct 2011 07:54

Lol @ Thula saying that he doesn't need to look at the pictures. He doesn't need to if he has got the real thing in front of him, hehehe!

sexy d
12 Oct 2011 09:24

Morning all

Naomi is really crazy shame bathong that nanny is so scared of naomi just like nurse constance was poor woman wonder what she will do.

Miles bathong nare wena evry child dat u once dated if she comes back with a child u just have to accept dat u have a child no man  grow up bathong not everychild is urs.

Wena lucilla u shouldnt have spoken to nikkie like that i mean the poor child inst de one who made miles to be so i mean he doesnt have a backbone period


Lobby the girl
12 Oct 2011 11:45


lol @Naomi when she says...''wena lebitso la gago ke Didi nhe, didimala selina..that's what im paying to woman is crazy wa tseba...

12 Oct 2011 16:19

Puleng the only reason Suffo wanted you to leave is because being such a macho man that he is, he didn't want you to see him in pain. he always looks so strong.

12 Oct 2011 19:10

Naomi just gave me a tummy ache!

13 Oct 2011 07:39

heish naomi is just mad as a hatter. I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.

13 Oct 2011 07:41

Ah ah, Naomi killed me last night.

13 Oct 2011 07:42

He he he, Kete saying she wants to go and confort Suffo at hospital.

13 Oct 2011 07:44

Lu, you need to stand your ground. I mean Miles is expecting too much from you, after what Naomi has done.

13 Oct 2011 07:47

Miles blackmailed Lu into accepting Niki and now she has to accept Naomi's 'child'.

13 Oct 2011 07:49

'Nyofo nyofo ngwana nkare ke kota', jeez Naomi is on a roll.

13 Oct 2011 07:51

Did Naomi call herself the Minister of Financial Provision?

13 Oct 2011 07:53

O tla mpolaya; wa mpoloko and nna ka tsoga jwalo ka lesilorula.

13 Oct 2011 07:54

Your theory was spot on andzon.

sexy d
13 Oct 2011 08:08

morning all

O tla mpolaya; wa mpoloko and nna ka tsoga jwalo ka lesilorula.'Nyofo nyofo ngwana nkare ke kota' ya neh you guys reminded me what happened yesterday now i cant stop lol damn that woman has killer lines kwakwakwakwakwakwa ***dead**

13 Oct 2011 09:53

lol lol lol ..... guys did you hear wat naomi was telling miles yesterday ." miles o nyaka nteela ngwana? ngwana yola o re naomi productions"RFLMAO"BURIED 

13 Oct 2011 09:59


13 Oct 2011 10:12

I meant miles o nyaka go ntseela ngwana?(line 1)

13 Oct 2011 11:57

lol caro, in more ways than one, the child is Naomi production!

13 Oct 2011 14:16

Naomi knowz her "story two by two 1 for sorry"

13 Oct 2011 15:59

Still laughing from last night's episode.

13 Oct 2011 16:04

The poor nanny is called Lisbeth and Didi.

13 Oct 2011 19:07

Naomi is on fire,Lucilla is payin 4 shaging Tshinawa

14 Oct 2011 07:35

Dankie Jerusalema. 'smh', Naomi is just hilarious.

14 Oct 2011 07:37

It is very difficult to find reliable workers anymore, I mean Naomi hired Lisbeth to do a job and what does she do, she wants to leave and go 'bury' Malome stina or stokvel.

14 Oct 2011 07:40

I see Gumede is one of them slow learners, the man knocked out your tooth and you still have the audacity to give him attitude.

14 Oct 2011 07:40

14 Oct 2011 07:40

14 Oct 2011 07:41

Ok; what happened to the stuff I wrote?

14 Oct 2011 07:43

Kwaaaa @ Naomi sying that she is not running a burial society.

14 Oct 2011 07:46

Eish, what Naomi is doing to Gail is a bit unfair, she turns the emotions on and off at will. It's like taking candy from a baby.

14 Oct 2011 07:52

Gail is so naive, this is the woman who thought that she could have a no string attached relationship with David. Well actually there were strings attached, she was supposed to pop out a child and give it to Dave.

14 Oct 2011 07:54

Hawu, Niki, you are not Miles' daughter, what do your have to be jealous of. I bet you the man has not included you in his will.

sexy d
14 Oct 2011 08:24

morning all

still lol from last night episode naomi is one crazy chick. she still wants miles child hai you are really crazy shame

14 Oct 2011 12:05


14 Oct 2011 14:12

 Naomi makes me laugh  lol last knight episode she says they will bury her and she will woke up from the dead like LESILO RULA  .................... production Naomi Didi.....

14 Oct 2011 14:47

@ calamity, i was wondering gore where do i know this women from, khante ke Keke wa ko scandal.

wooooo as for Naomi, wa mphetsa

14 Oct 2011 16:23

Actually Tshidi, it is your business, I mean the man is paying your school fees; so you better make it your business.

14 Oct 2011 16:24

Since Naomi was head hunted; I wouldn’t be surprised if Dave recommended her to the BK group. Just as an F.U to the Vilakazis.

17 Oct 2011 07:29

O tla bona marago a tshwene mosegare.

17 Oct 2011 07:33

So this Maidi person is Bonnie Henna's character's husband.

17 Oct 2011 07:35

Why konyana ya modimo e sokola.

sexy d
17 Oct 2011 08:01

morning all

@Incarnate i think so hey

Naomi Bby Naomi yah neh some plp ha ba obsessesed ba crazy straight

17 Oct 2011 14:46

Naomi is a poster child for psychotic people! Hayi the woman has really gone off the rails! When she was telling Lisbeth that the only reason she is not losing it with her is because she is taking her pills!

sexy d
17 Oct 2011 15:09

"... UPhiri wase Malawi, wayecelwe ukuthi akhulume emngcwabeni kasisi Beauty owayekade aziwa elokshini ngokudayisa ngomzimba.

Esho ebheke ibhokisi, "Bakwethu, namshanje shihlangene ngo Beauty

Beauty wrongo kakhuru. Shonke shiyazi kuthi Beauty Ubeshifebe shikhuru kakhuru, wandifundisha kuphuza tshwala kubhema ntsangu. Beauty uyacala namshanje kurara yedwa lapha ndlwini yakhe enqane bhokishini yamnqwabo

Mpera-mpera aniyazi mina kuthi Beauty rooo! Uzakuyazi kurara yedwa phera. i Beauty ijwayere kurara namndonda Nginje mfazi wami wabuyera Blantyre ngenqa ka Beauty.

Ngifuna kuthi ku Beauty lo, Hamba... shfebe... hamba uyochitha mizi yabantu leee!! KwaShathane!!!..."

17 Oct 2011 16:18

Naomi just takes crazy to another level shame. Lu should just throw in the towel and stop fighting for Miles cos it seems Naomi has once again set her sights on him and is going to use every weapon in her arsenal to get Miles. Naomi declares war on all people who stand in her way and we all know that in all wars there are casualties

17 Oct 2011 16:35

U Naomi uyarocka!

18 Oct 2011 07:24

Iyoo Miles; like Naomi predicted, he is a man, she thew the fish line into the water and he took a bite, now she has him hook, line and sinker, she just needs to reel him in. He is Naomi's for the taking.

18 Oct 2011 07:27

Lucilla has no hope in hell, Naomi plays dirty.

18 Oct 2011 07:28

It seems Suffo is just surrounded by incompetent people, they all keep asking for help from him. Niki, when the toilet is blocked you call the plumber. Suffo is no superman, give him a break.

18 Oct 2011 07:37

Why is Lu hanging on to Miles, he ain't worth isht. I get there is Buhle to think of, but adding Naomi to the mix just creates an unhealthy situation. Lu, for your own sanity, just get yourself out of that situation.

18 Oct 2011 07:42

Miles has no backbone, this is Naomi we are talking about. But then Lu has no game plan, Naomi's plans have progressed so far, she is even planning to have children with the man. I doubt whether Naomi is still taking her medication.

18 Oct 2011 07:45

Oh Gail, you are so dumb. I mean really now, it's just so pathetic.

sexy d
18 Oct 2011 09:41

morning all

Gail is stupid indeed and naomi is playing her like a string. Lu my love jst walk away from miles cos u and naomi will never ever have a gusd relationship so i suggest you just call Ivan and pick up where you left off who knws Buhle might take Ivan business one day lol

Tshidi and Maidi relationship it jst spell trouble they should focus on their studies and leave the rest.

18 Oct 2011 09:54

lesilo is mad period.guys did u see them tears, i mean for a while there u wud think Didi haaaaaaa kwakwest,'she shud ;ve js didimala herself'" poor gail fell for the story and even ran to sbu to save the situation.  

i agree with u, i mean the vilakazi's has given that woman a remote control to thier lives. she js say "jump" and they look lyk chickens. as for lucilla she must js divorce "le mbuzi" . they no llonger hav tym for themselves.

18 Oct 2011 10:45

suffo and Peleng thank you producers 
This is one affair im excited about and hpoe fellow viewers

18 Oct 2011 12:56

DD did a good job by beating sufo,maybe sufo will learn to mind his own business. Mayb he will see that puleng is ding with her. But bring david back hes the talented actor.

18 Oct 2011 13:29

hi guys

Im new on this site but i find ur comments really gud.Any way Miles is @ IT AGAIN He's let the lihgtining to strike twice @ him an d his family.  As for Tshidi and Maidi they are attracted to each ada but I smell a rat. Suffo sturborn Suffo bona nou o i paketse more problems.

18 Oct 2011 14:22

I looooooooooooooooove Naomi bathong!!! She is off the rails!!!
When I watch RC these days I just wanna see her. You never know what she's gonna say!!

Yimi Yimi Productions!!!

18 Oct 2011 15:35

Miles is one dumb man. He is so taken with the idea of a perfect family that he will believe anyone who claims to have a child with him. argh so pathetic. Good thing he aint like that in real life

18 Oct 2011 16:23

Mili is the jackpot mos.

18 Oct 2011 17:27

Naomi is crazy and funny i cant stop to laugh at the product yaka refering to millicent

18 Oct 2011 18:42

I see Kop and Kete have already started arranging the wedding between Tshidi and Maidi. I don't buy this Maidi nice guy act, there is always an angle!

19 Oct 2011 07:27

Hawu, Kete is already talking grand children.

19 Oct 2011 07:29

Did anybody else see the hawt doctor who was standing at the desk behind Puleng and Thula while they were busy speaking to the nurse?

19 Oct 2011 07:30

Did anybody else see the hawt doctor who was standing at the desk behind Puleng and Thula while they were busy speaking to the nurse?

19 Oct 2011 07:30

Did anybody else see the hawt doctor who was standing at the desk behind Puleng and Thula while they were busy speaking to the nurse?

19 Oct 2011 07:31

Did anybody else see the hawt doctor who was standing at the desk behind Puleng and Thula while they were busy speaking to the nurse?

19 Oct 2011 07:35

Exactly Lu, if Naomi is sane then he should let her have the child.

19 Oct 2011 07:38

Hawu Ronald, I thought you were rooting for Naomi.

19 Oct 2011 07:41

Naomi is playing Gail like a one string banjo. Miles is just selfish nje, yesses he makes me want to heave.

19 Oct 2011 07:42

Can't Lu find another man, even Ivan Tshinawa is is better, at least he has a backbone.

sexy d
19 Oct 2011 08:31

Morning all

Naomi lol

19 Oct 2011 13:20

Shame Lu I can feel ur pain

20 Oct 2011 07:34

Miles is such a weasel, what the hell did he mean when he said that Naomi should forget about Lu.

20 Oct 2011 07:37

Lu should just kick Miles out of her damn house.

20 Oct 2011 07:41

Miloes is just useless, freakin' useless I tell you. What the heck, I would gladly throtlled him last nite. he makes my blood boils. After everything Lu has done for his sorry ass this is how he treates Lu. the woman wanted to kill your son you doofus!

20 Oct 2011 07:50

I actually commend Miles for wnating to take care of his 'daughter' but at what cost. Once the switch flips, there is no telling what Naomi will do to get what she wants

20 Oct 2011 11:51

Ouch Tshidi,wa spita i mean y is she in such a hurry le this Maidi guy? i really felt pity 4 her mabane wen she almost kissed the tutor. Same goes for Puleng ag shem ngwana wa batho.Miles is just a sperm donor he sleeps around and then is too dum to welcome any skirt who claims gore he;s the father of their fake kids.

20 Oct 2011 13:08

20 Oct 2011 13:09

Yoh! Naomi is sooo desparate, huuu mara why this woman and Miles if just foolish...

21 Oct 2011 07:30

Exactly fhuni, Tshidi is just too forward for my liking.

21 Oct 2011 07:34

I knew that Lu was going to capitulate, she is weak naye nje when it comes to Miles.

21 Oct 2011 07:41

Can Naomi just get it over and done with and just off Niki to save us a lot of vomit inducing scenes between her and S'bu.

21 Oct 2011 08:46

punchu nu.. nunununu... nu nu!! miles millicent.miles millicent kwakwest. u know i don understand the relation between lulu an miles. they supposed to be husband and wife, but these? haikona lulu is the weakest link, i saw the fighting spirit a day before yesterday and i was like... yes. ( zimbi ndaba madoda) bt then wen i saw naomi an stepdaughtr in their house yesterday !!!!! hai hell hath no fury!!!!!!!!ya aa neh!! some people, things they call marriage.

21 Oct 2011 08:52

Take the fridge to SARS, mohlagase, lol maan. suffo is in for a big one. FATS  is gona forget to renew the liquor licence and they gona close the bar. atleast suffo is a ghetto boy and does not mind staying in a governmnet hos, if it was private how was he gona pa the bills.


21 Oct 2011 09:23

Yho Miles was raped by Naomi! hay'ke ngoku.  This thing of Tshidi always in some sort of drama is boring, shes now entangled with a married man who hasnt bothered to tell her, therefore more drama for Tshidi.

21 Oct 2011 09:35

wow Naomi knwz her game alright! eish suffo, wat a u dng? puleng wants u man...

21 Oct 2011 09:39

21 Oct 2011 11:14

@lieberkuhn,Suffo is forever sedated ko hosi i mean lts not blame da guy hes jus not himself n he didnt hear a word puleng was saying on tuesday but m dead sure gore le yena he feels the same its jus these setbacks dat keep interupting them. Tshidi n Maidi gave a passionate kiss lsnite n dan wat DA son to be Doctor flees away leaving Mrs Forward hanging i guess she's gonna know soon gore Maidi is married dan WAT ? SHEM MATSHIDISO wa batho.Hoooo shem Miles !!!!!!!!!!!! ur in 4 a big slap on da face AGAIN. 

21 Oct 2011 16:10

Tshidi is just too quick to get in the relationship, when she meets a guy she falls head over heels and then she starts to planning the wedding even before the guy says hello.  

21 Oct 2011 16:21

Indeed caro, I thought on wednesday when she walked out on Miles that she was finally putting her foot down, alas, it was not to be.

22 Oct 2011 10:29

hey yol ! Ingenuity I mst cy I agree wth u ngo Tshidi the alwys falls for the wrong guys,wats up wth her?mara mama Naomi iz the best...I mean that women knwz how to manupilate her own script.I jst love her,and I miss my china DAVE

24 Oct 2011 07:28

Hawu Miles is taking all the way back to how he felt about S'bu, why isn't he talking about how he feels about Buhle. Miles is just shady.

24 Oct 2011 07:30

Le mosadi o la wa bontsho nka re ke letlapa, who was Naomi referring to when he said that, Lu or Niki?

24 Oct 2011 07:32

Yoo Tshidi, all that attitude towards Dylan; I am sure that he was trying to tell you that the man is married and as usual your listening skills were not working. Did Dylan just drop by for a visit or are we going to see more of him.

24 Oct 2011 07:35

Hawu Fats, he brought Suffo grapes and he ended up eating them himself.

24 Oct 2011 07:38

Lisbeth from Makapanstad better keep her mouth shut, she doesn't want to end up like that nurse Contance.

24 Oct 2011 07:39

And S'bu, if we all had start repaying our parents we would never finish. So, you don't owe Miles a damn thing, he is your father, it is his job.

24 Oct 2011 07:48

Ok, what is Naomi's plan anyway, I know that her goal is to lure Miles away from Lucilla and if she is successful what then; is she going to confess to Miles that Millicent is not his child and that they should try for a baby, really Naomi, it seems as if Naomi has not thought this through.

24 Oct 2011 11:30

Yeah she is a psycho. A child not hers and wants to separate Miles from Lulu. Heeeeee heeeeeee heeeeee,

"Hey wena mosadi ke metsostsonyana fela pele ke tshwara tlhapi ya me.

 Wena Lisbeth, fa o sa tswalle molomo wa gago, ke tla go nametsa besi ya Bophuthatswana e yang Makapanstad".

Ya neh!!!! Character. heeeeee heeeeee heeeeee heeeee!!!!!!!!!

24 Oct 2011 11:39

A di sa le teng dibesi tsa Bophuthatswana? heeeee heeeee heeeee heeeeee!!!!! Naomi o morago ka Sylabus neh?

24 Oct 2011 12:27

Ingenuity Naomi is crazy,she's not thinking straight.She has these crazy thgts that she & Miles are born for each other ''together 4 ever''.

sexy d
24 Oct 2011 12:41

A di sa le teng dibesi tsa Bophuthatswana? heeeee heeeee heeeee heeeeee!!!!! Naomi o morago ka Sylabus neh? kwakwakwakwa mesto indeed o sa le ko morago

i really enjoy Lisbeth and naomi scenes dey are insane i always laugh before naomi can open her mouth coz aowa ntho a ntshang mo molomung ya tshegisa straight.

Fats mare wena have you ever done somthing good in your life wena its clear gore no one mustnt trust you with their own life. A simple intruction you cant even follow them hai

Tshidi and Maidi hai no comment on those two coz wat they are dng is heading for a disaster

24 Oct 2011 12:47

i used not to be a Rythm City fan......but nowadays every saturday its me......... this Naomi woman is a character........... ijoo the way she changes her characters and the words she says ................ hayi........ le nna i laugh before she opens her mouth

25 Oct 2011 07:26

Hallelujah, thank you Dylan, I see that you make Tshidi to stop deluding herself.

25 Oct 2011 07:32

Really Tshidi, Fats' gym, honestly. Hayi I never!

25 Oct 2011 07:36

Does Pileng habe to get on her high horse? Eh eh, the path to love never runs smoothly.

25 Oct 2011 07:42

Naomi let's school you, Miles doesn't want you, he only wants Millicent because he thinks she's his daughter. So if I was you, I would hold off on sending out those invites and take the champagne off the ice.

sexy d
25 Oct 2011 09:00

Morning all

Tshidi bathong in fats gym oawa ngwanyana o ne o e galetse gakana

Naomi wena shame o permanate crazy u will never b healed

Sbu and nikkie aggg man sies

25 Oct 2011 16:31

You can say that again about Niki and S'bu sexy d. I don't know why the writers feel the need to toture us like this. Eeeuw!

25 Oct 2011 16:32

I meant torture

26 Oct 2011 07:29

Now the only thing on Miles' mind is Millicent and Naomi. Aag please Miles, you are starting to look and sound like an idiot cos all of us know that you are not the father.

26 Oct 2011 07:34

And Tshidi's arrogance towards Dylan, bloody hell, I definitely enjoyed it when he told her that the guy is married.

sexy d
26 Oct 2011 07:56

Good Morning people

26 Oct 2011 08:21

Did Tshidi do it with Maidi?

sexy d
26 Oct 2011 09:07

@mokema yes they did in fats garage...

26 Oct 2011 11:23

guys where is hurricane lesilo rula? ga ka e bona ryythm maobane. pliz update.

26 Oct 2011 11:26

the only scene scene that i saw was wen maidi and tshidi were holding hands , they looked like they were from tshidi's room and poor kop thot maidi had js arivd and insisted on the married makoti oh! mokgonyana)

26 Oct 2011 15:20

@sexd d Tshidi ke sechacha, go shota Fats fela

26 Oct 2011 15:30

Hi guys is lyk things are gonna b hot here, i cnt believ gore maidi is married and y do u think nikki offered to help lucilla?

27 Oct 2011 07:42

Lol Mokema, I had to ask around what a sechacha is, and I agree she is, and Maidi seems to think that he is some sort of casanova, he should cry me a river about his marriage, if it is not working, why not do his wife the courtesy of divorcing her, or is he afraid that if he divorced her she is going to stop paying his tuition at university? I think his wife works and he goes to school cos he strikes as a bit too old to be doing 4th year medicine.

sexy d
27 Oct 2011 10:55

Morning all

@mokema lol jst reminded me of kenneth ka dat name

Sbu and nikkie sis man

Tshidi bathong find ur own man sure he may say his marriage is not good but chances are he will go back to his wife no matter wat better stay away wen there is still tym

Fats bathong really kills me does it mean that he is so stupid dat he dint realise that the licence was fake heck they say even a kid could have noticed. fats wena everything you touch gets rotten

27 Oct 2011 16:02

Fats bathong really kills me does it mean that he is so stupid dat he dint realise that the licence was fake heck they say even a kid could have noticed. fats wena everything you touch gets rotten.

Lol sexyd, Fats yena shame.

27 Oct 2011 16:42


28 Oct 2011 07:46

Tshidi, Maidid has to go home and face his face and it seems as if he had done it before; Maidi sadi that Jake always covers for him. Hello Tshidi this is a red flag; warning signs; they will come back and haunt you, trust me.

28 Oct 2011 07:48

So, is everything hunky dory between Miles and Lu now?

28 Oct 2011 07:51

I can't wait for the one-sided conversation between Naomi and Milicent, I bet it will be reminiscent of her conversation with Mathousand.

28 Oct 2011 07:55

morning guys its been a long time without saying a words, im now lost bathong ke na le nako e telele without watching this  but atleast i read  and listen to other people when they talk can someone pls brief of what happened between lucilla and naume im so confused of the situation

sexy d
28 Oct 2011 08:22

morning all

28 Oct 2011 13:13

hi Guyz i lov Naomi when she speak setswana oooooooook she kills me n i lov it.

28 Oct 2011 13:22

Hello everyone !

Is Bonnie Mbuli on RC or do yall know when she'll start ?

28 Oct 2011 13:27

Thanx God its Friday i wil be watching omnibous i only watch during the weekend

28 Oct 2011 13:28

Naomi ke a devil period bt wa intertainer shame...

28 Oct 2011 14:11

28 Oct 2011 14:33

@Calamity: don't make me laugh, if ukhuluma ngo-Mathousand ngikhumbu u-Naomi ngalezazikhathi. That Naomi woman can act.

29 Oct 2011 16:40

lolz.where in G s name is wandi

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