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Generations Teasers - July 2011

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Generations Teasers on 28 Jun 2011
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Coming up on Generations this July, 2011:

Friday 1 July 2011
Episode 132 (3374)

Senzo stays true to his word and has come up with a plan. Hlomla is not about to forget a promise that was made to him.

Sara tries a different tactic to get what she wants or rather - what she does not want.

Monday 4 July 2011
Episode 133 (3375)

Ngamla gets the call he's been waiting for but doesn't seem too happy about it. Matthew doesn't know what to make of his sister's sudden turnaround.

Everyone is shocked by the results of the lie detector test, especially Nicholas.

Tuesday 5 July 2011
Episode 134 (3376)

Sharon's going out of her way to stay in her family-in-law's good books. Jason surprises his bosses when he does something drastic.

Desperate, trapped Khethiwe decides there's only one recourse left for her...

Wednesday 6 July 2011
Episode 135 (3377)

Ace is promised a truckload of money - only problem is ... he has to kill someone first.

Choppa's heart is broken for a second time in a year. Senzo is thrown by who shows up to see Kenneth.

Thursday 7 July 2011
Episode 136 (3378)

Is Matthew falling back into his old ways? Nicholas proves once again how nasty he really is.

Patricia's thrown when a suspicious-looking character arrives at Siqalo.

Friday 8 July 2011
Episode 137 (3379)

The truth about the girl in the photo is finally revealed. A journalist from the Jozi Journal laps up some juicy gossip about Ezweni.

Dumisani is irked when a staffer gets cocky with him.

Monday 11 July 2011
Episode 138 (3380)

The morning newspaper causes some hectic reactions. Sharon and Samuel are shocked by what they find when they get back from KZN.

Is Khethiwe ready to do the unthinkable?

Tuesday 12 July 2011
Episode 139 (3381)

Ruby is taken aback by an unexpected invitation. Senzo gives Jason some food for thought. Lungile throws Dineo a curveball.

Wednesday 13 July 2011
Episode 140 (3382)

Matthew resorts to desperate measures to feed his growing habit. Thomas is not happy with what he sees at the bar and decides something must be done.

Khaphela can't understand why he's feeling so ill all of a sudden ...

Thursday 14 July 2011
Episode 141 (3383)

Khethiwe is shaken when she gets what she was hoping for. Ngamla makes a shock decision, has had enough.

Choppa is unimpressed and worried about an exchange he witnesses.

Friday 15 July 2011
Episode 142 (3384)

Nicholas will be damned if he lets Ezweni get away with this. Patricia is scandalised when she realises who had a visitor last night.

Dumisani's outburst comes back to bite him in the butt - big time!

Monday 18 July 2011
Episode 143 (3385)

Sharon is thrown when she finds a friend sobbing her eyes out. Thomas throws out the hook and Dineo takes the bait.

Hlomla seems to have one thing and one thing only in mind - revenge.

Tuesday 19 July 2011
Episode 144 (3386)

Kenneth relishes the thought of taking down his arch enemy. Ngamla receives an upsetting phone call.

Khethiwe arrives at her ex's place and is shocked by what she finds.

Wednesday 20 July 2011
Episode 145 (3387)

Senzo gets the shock of his life when Jason wakes up. Queen is excited - seems she's finally found her dream home.

Choppa takes on the people he believes are messing with his friend's head.

Thursday 21 July 2011
Episode 146 (3388)

Nicholas drips glee when he's appointed in a new job. Dineo is thrown when Thomas gives her the cold shoulder.

Sharon makes a shocking discovery.

Friday 22 July 2011
Episode 147 (3389)

Samuel is unimpressed that his wife is keeping secrets from him. Queen is shocked to hear what Dumisani said in his email.

Kenneth receives good news and has to hide how upset he is.

Monday 25 July 2011
Episode 148 (3390)

Khethiwe's rattled to hear she's being watched. Senzo doesn't bother to hide his animosity towards Nicholas.

Ngamla is in for a big surprise at the airport.

Tuesday 26 July 2011
Episode 149 (3391)

Broke Matthew is desperate get a fix. Lungile is irked by what he sees in Dineo's office.

Ace wants some guarantees before he does 'the job'.

Wednesday 27 July 2011
Episode 150 (3392)

The guests are shocked when the bride-to-be flees the church. A heartfelt plea leaves Thomas guilty and torn.

Samuel is shocked to hear what Sharon's been keeping from him.

Thursday 28 July 2011
Episode 151 (3393)

Ngamla's upset when he's taken to task about his marriage. The plan to sabotage Suite Style gets a whole lot sexier.

Choppa picks a fight with the wrong people.

Friday 29 July 2011
Episode 152 (3394)

An oblivious Lungile walks straight into the trap. Nicholas is shaken by a grim warning.

Is Khethiwe starting to lose her mind? ...

Generations is on SABC1 Mondays to Fridays at 20h00.


28 Jun 2011 09:41

Well,so so.

Mrs Chix
28 Jun 2011 09:45


28 Jun 2011 09:47


28 Jun 2011 09:47

no 3..........

28 Jun 2011 09:49


28 Jun 2011 09:50

top 5, let me read on

28 Jun 2011 09:55

num 6 yeeeh

28 Jun 2011 09:55

now this is boring! I thnk I'll skip this month! thnks

28 Jun 2011 09:57

28 Jun 2011 09:59

A couple that has been married for 20 years were both recently diagnosed
Findings later showed that they both contracted the disease as a result of
names they called each other like; Honey pie, Sweetie, Sugar,
Sweet heart, Sugar Banana, Sweet potato, Hot chocolate, Candy bar, Black
Please prevent diabetes by starting early, by calling your spouse/partner
like; Ginger, Chloroquine, Piriton, Pepper fruit,mango,onion,bondwe, managu,nyemba, mukombwe-village chicken, delele,potatoes-kandolo
chikanda etc.
Have a healthy & sugar-free romantic life….

28 Jun 2011 10:01

hehe hehetop ten. haibo leme read

28 Jun 2011 10:01

I jus love Generations!

sexy d
28 Jun 2011 10:02

top 15 yippe let me go n read

28 Jun 2011 10:04

hi bloggers, wil b back later.

28 Jun 2011 10:09

@Tazteeq, u make me lose hope babes yoh. hehehehehe
Lemme read maybe i'll find a reason to watch next month

28 Jun 2011 10:17

Who is the bride? Dineo wanyalana le Sbuda? Makhumalo appears on the weeding day? Ace to kill Khaphela, ordered by Kethiwe? LMAO....
This is bad!!!!!!!!

28 Jun 2011 10:19


28 Jun 2011 10:22

@Tazteeq stop yawning ,usiphathisa ubuthongo LOl

28 Jun 2011 10:23

@Tazteeq stop yawning ,usiphathisa ubuthongo LOl

28 Jun 2011 10:33

good morning all

28 Jun 2011 10:38

mayb the bride to be is Khethiwe

28 Jun 2011 10:44

obviously its her she got engaged yesterday , everyone was there ,zdwesha did you see the look from Queen , she konws that something is going on,

shame Mathew how can you go to Shabani ? that man is the devil in making , now he wants a proof. daaa obviosly it was trown in the bin and shradded.

guys dont you like u choppa mara heh> utshasharag man i like him,

28 Jun 2011 10:55

HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

28 Jun 2011 11:02

what news is Kenny gonna receive? why is Sarah back now? who is planning to sabotage Suite Style? why is Dumisani so mean to Jason  is he jealous of him?

28 Jun 2011 11:02

HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. OK

28 Jun 2011 11:08

Senzo gets a shock of his life when Jason wakes up - lmao, Jason is pregnant!!

28 Jun 2011 11:11

Top who care hello ma bloggers long tym hey Hello Taz,Sk,Maud,Vusi K,MissK,Kid,SexyD,IcePrincess;Carino;Tashi;Makisto;Bigmama i missed u guys atleast i got something to blog about please welcome me black hahahahaha

28 Jun 2011 11:20

Welcome BLACK ntoko!!!!!! Hahahahahaha
I gues the teasers are doing it for u gal. U back for real? Nna m not back yet....

28 Jun 2011 11:21

Senzo gets a shock of his life when Jason wakes up - lmao, Jason is pregnant!! ROTFLMBAO!!!!!!!! Hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaha

28 Jun 2011 11:22

Fri 8 July, what girl in the photo, 

I cant wait for Ntombi to return, i miss her really

I dont like Choppa, he is too much for me, he behaves like someone who has no clue about anything. I thought Sam was going to tell Matt the truth about Dumza everyone knows he is evil and can reduce to tears, look what he did to Khethi, the girl has lost it completely.

Hello Ntoko

28 Jun 2011 11:26

hello vinc askies hle waitsie ke o lebeletsie o jwang mara????

28 Jun 2011 11:26

hello vinc askies hle waitsie ke o lebeletsie o jwang mara????

28 Jun 2011 11:31

hello vinc askies hle waitsie ke o lebeletsie o jwang mara???? Awu Thatha NTOKZIN!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha

28 Jun 2011 11:32

Khethiwe hired Ace to kill Pholoba......Dummy will nominate Nich for that MD position simple because they dnt wanna loose Nomvete as their client......Jason will leave Ezweni lets hope he won't take over Mashaba's position since he is also leaving......Sbuda and Dinny i smell wedding bells,finally Makhumalo will pitch and i smell trouble........Lies Detector machine is about to reveal the truth about Nich and false accusations its too late though becos my Jason has moved on......Queen finally she's got her own house and a new position at Ezweni.....

28 Jun 2011 11:36

Dumisani will hide the notes from that one on one session with Nicolas and i hope that gets him fired. 

Jason bad idea looking for work at Mashaba, desperate times call for desperate measures. I hope all the clients follow you.

What was Mabena's trouble, is it his family, remember how he reacted when Dinewhore told him about the fight with her mother. But nam i wouldnt like my mother is she slaps me like mamRuby does to Dineo. We understand her character but slapping her daghter every chance she gets.

28 Jun 2011 12:07

sometimes i think u dinny must just return that clap and apologise after nami uyangicika the way enza ngakhona, as for jason being pregnant hayi ke leyo its very big for me,

@ ntoko mmolo my friend

28 Jun 2011 12:57

OH POOR KHETHIWE, when wl she bcme happy,she is always in trouble.

wats wrong wth choppa wat kind of a person is he?

i think its time 4 kennth 2 leav  , so who gonna receive/ feel the revenge 4rm hloma

sexy d
28 Jun 2011 13:40

@ntoko welcome back dear we really missed you hope you are here to stay

Khethiwe should just go back to KZN maybe she will find hapiness there coz jozi aint treating her rite. wen will dumisane gets fired vele i no longer see his part ko gen?

28 Jun 2011 13:52

Kenneth is coming to join me ko Isidingo... ((((hides away for a month)))))

28 Jun 2011 14:04

u wish my friend SK wena ko Sidingo they won't let u any where near the cute boys my friend u dangerous ayi ngyaksaba (singing) hahahaha

28 Jun 2011 14:09

jason pregnant! hahahahahahahahahahahaa.......hhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahaha

28 Jun 2011 14:27

Khethi never ceases to amaze me, she got Diamond killed and she wants Sbali dead, she needs help. She has become a gangster before our eyes and Ace has trained her so well.

kea tshila Ntoko, 

Kenny is going to Isidingo - Are they also pulling e Generations on the viewers - Zulu family talking Sepedi (abakaSibeko and Kenny), impossible.

28 Jun 2011 15:13

@vinc, that makes sense.
But then what if Jefferson and Lincolin are from different fathers? lol

28 Jun 2011 15:37

Vinc cos unensila hambogeza

28 Jun 2011 17:01

hey ntoko so sorry was gonna welcome u earlier but was out in the field.

welcome welcome the fridge is loaded the couch is waiting relax en enjoy som savana or southern confort.

jason pregnant!   am in stitches man

Baby love
28 Jun 2011 17:18

Interesting this month. Sbu n Dinny marrying-that would never happen, makhumalo is coming back. So glad the dectector test proved that nicholas is lying bt it proved it later

Baby love
28 Jun 2011 17:18

Interesting this month. Sbu n Dinny marrying-that would never happen, makhumalo is coming back. So glad the dectector test proved that nicholas is lying bt it proved it later

29 Jun 2011 07:38

29 Jun 2011 07:39

sexy d
29 Jun 2011 07:56

Good morning all

Wen is ntombi coming back vele?

Father and Son wow cant wait

That hot clap sarah gave ukhethiwe was really sumthing ke re e phala ya mam ruby lol

29 Jun 2011 08:33

yo bra KHAPS is in love im telling u and i think he got married to sara bcoz he thought he was tooo old to be single

29 Jun 2011 08:54

hello Mabloggers lets rise and shine,how are youll today??? i feel like singing this morning**** Singing (And that is the reason i sing loud and shout cos Jesus came down and he lifted me up.....Ingakho ngicula ngihlabelela ngobuJesu wehla wangiphakamisa......

29 Jun 2011 09:02

Vinc cos unensila hambogeza . Kwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwa!!!! *dead*

29 Jun 2011 09:39

Hello all

Poor Sara is too angry to listen to Kethiwe, she is taking it the wrong way thinking that Khethiwe does love Khaphela and was about to elope with the hubby. Khethi wanted to run away from Khaphela and now she has just arrived in town and hubby wants to spend the night with new love. The truth is Khaphela knows that Kethiwe wants to run away and wants to watch her.

I hope Dineo did not freeze to death at her apartment, why didnt she go and stay at her flat in the first place, now she is all over the place, girl is damaged. If you live in other people's houses and your exs keep turning up at their door steps, they will always discuss you behind your back.

sexy d
29 Jun 2011 10:05

guys did u see wat dineo was wearing yesterday?

29 Jun 2011 10:11

lol Sarah was about to explode maobane hahahaha

29 Jun 2011 10:18

i think the lie detector test will prove Jason quilty that is why is says everyone will be shocked by its results especially Nicholas.

how could Khethiwe change like this actually she is now a killer, she had a na abortion, she had Diamond killed and now its Khaphela

29 Jun 2011 10:52

@sexy d dineo was wearing amajobo akwazulu anyways its better she has her own house now

29 Jun 2011 10:57

hehe gape ke re sara o tshwere "style" an mamruby yena o tshwere "stlaela" ka  warm klap nyana ya " change" kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean really i have 2 agree le sexy d

29 Jun 2011 11:27

@Taz, m givin myself a week or two then i'll be the judge of that!

29 Jun 2011 12:08

hahahahaha u say that again Sk i agree

29 Jun 2011 12:14

@Sexy D, what was Dineo Wearing???

29 Jun 2011 12:25

Times have changed so we must keep with trhe standard.
















29 Jun 2011 12:57

hi guyz gener mybe this mon wil be better

29 Jun 2011 13:00

INDUKU ENHLE IGAWULWA ENEWSCAFE ..... True, especially the one in Centurion, ((hides))

29 Jun 2011 13:03

are u marketing???? market

29 Jun 2011 13:15

i really cnt wait for Ntombi.
eish Sarah wa bora,I wanted Khetiwe to go,im tired of her n her evil ways-I agree Ace has taught her well.
So its serious the bride ke Dineo-kapa Khetiwe?
@Sexy d-yah neh-it was a hot slap,i was shocked.Bra Khaps is spending a nyt at Khetiwe z house even and sending his wife to his flat-what kind????????????

29 Jun 2011 13:44

GUGA MZIMBA LEKELELA FOUNDATION , yaa mablggers niyayenza into yenu jelous down

29 Jun 2011 13:46

Sara must also give u Khaps i mpama e stong

29 Jun 2011 14:05

@maud, impama to khaphela must remove his two front upper teeth

29 Jun 2011 14:16

LOL @ Dineo looking like a lost in tenager on the streets of Jozi

The wedding is on the 27th July and i think that means Kethi will be the one to run away. 

What is the shcok discovery at the airport for Ngamla - Do you think it will be Christina and the maid or a no show for all.

29 Jun 2011 14:19

Kid1 give up halo halo amabloggers amahle

29 Jun 2011 14:27

Top 100 yeepee watch the space next time.
This month seems as if it would be interesting to watch generations.

29 Jun 2011 14:39

@pjvv. the surprise at the airport can be that Ntombi aint coming back

29 Jun 2011 14:40

The wedding is on the 27th July and i think that means Kethi will be the one to run away.
Kwakwest hahahaha indeed

29 Jun 2011 15:21

Bathi there was a man campaining for elections and he said to the people, "khethani mine ngoba ngizonakhela izindlu", then he paused and the people were so excited and some shouted and said "here is a man to be chosen". Then the man continued "ngisho izindlu zangasese" and the people were disappointed.

30 Jun 2011 08:13

Lungile is de 1 has de pic& i think its his child.

sexy d
30 Jun 2011 08:18

Good morning people

30 Jun 2011 08:20

shuu shem usara is so desperate bathong!!!!!!!!!!!

30 Jun 2011 08:28

update abt yestaday plz plz plz missed it

30 Jun 2011 08:56

hey mabloggers hope u grand. am not until u update me wat photo of a child now with lungile. update plizest

30 Jun 2011 09:47

me too i missed everything yesterday i went to bed early was cold and lazy

30 Jun 2011 10:09

30 Jun 2011 10:09

Angry husband not satisfied with his wife sent a SMS to his Mother-in-Law:

Your product not matching my requirements.

Smart Mother-in-Law:
Warranty expired; manufacturer not responsible after seal is broken.

30 Jun 2011 10:17

LMAO!!! Ntoko..... u  know what m laughing at. hihihihihihihihi

30 Jun 2011 10:24

LOL hahahahahahaha nami ngihleka lokhok hahahahahaha

30 Jun 2011 10:31


30 Jun 2011 10:43

hahahahahahahaha I know my friend kwakwest

30 Jun 2011 10:53

An update will be most welcome people. good morning

30 Jun 2011 11:50

Today's Thought: The wisdom of love is realizing that when you love someone, you love them for you not for them ,you love them with your own love, not theirs, so when they reject or leave your love, they are the ones missing out on the warmth and wealth of your love

sorry i was touche by this , i hope you dont mind me sharing with you my friends

30 Jun 2011 11:59

I think I am going to watch something else for the month of July... the storyline is obvious, and nna I getting bored ke people like bo Mateu's manager, ndaba yako kiosk, Thomas. Mamruby le yena is somehow boring le shebeen ya gage.  I want to see Maxine, its been long Queen a buwa ka yena.. we want to c her... Lungile wa bora le yena...WHATS UP WITH HIM?.... Ntombi, when are you coming back, Ngamla o nyorile, otherwise Dineo will give him water... watch out....

30 Jun 2011 12:00

I think I am going to watch something else for the month of July... the storyline is obvious, and nna I getting bored ke people like bo Mateu's manager, ndaba yako kiosk, Thomas. Mamruby le yena is somehow boring le shebeen ya gage.  I want to see Maxine, its been long Queen a buwa ka yena.. we want to c her... Lungile wa bora le yena...WHATS UP WITH HIM?.... Ntombi, when are you coming back, Ngamla o nyorile, otherwise Dineo will give him water... watch out....

30 Jun 2011 12:03

Tip of the day!

If you love two people @ the same time…, choose the second one,
Because if you really loved the first one you wouldn’t have fallen for the second one.

30 Jun 2011 12:03

lets see , the update

last night it was katjas fair well party, we all know the organiser, Jason came and Dumi chase him away, and he said Katja was my intern and i would never let anyone stop me from saying bye evn him pointing at Nomvethe junior.

Father and son ohh sorry the Mashaba's ganged together to destroy Dinnie, apparently Mazi must fall in love with dinnie again and they will make sure that she looses it and Mashaba senior said he will personally take her to mental institution personally.

Sarah she  is desperate shame ufuna indoda yakhe hayi i hair style entsha , thats what she said telling her husband.

Mati - went back to Dumi and this time they called u Queen to confirm the deleting og Mati's name ,aah wazi luma wazi luma so it means there is no case.

JASON WAS HANDSOME AS EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ohhh the other father and son , the Nomvethes, Mr Nomvethe ask his son to drop charges and they will deal with this like the Nomvethes trust me i have no idear what that means.

sorry i switch channels to BBA

30 Jun 2011 12:05

sure palesas i i gree with you

30 Jun 2011 12:28

How about I write an interrogative article on Polygamy middle of next week ... ???

30 Jun 2011 14:15

OMG!!!! July is wow!!! i cant wait!!

30 Jun 2011 14:57

thing is starting to hot in gen lets hope is not going to be umlilo weparafini.

30 Jun 2011 14:57

thanx Maud will watch vandag simple becos wanna watch Noah

30 Jun 2011 15:10

i fogot to mention that u Ace ulahle u khethiwe

30 Jun 2011 15:27

kufanele amlahle into yokulahlwa leya. when is she leaving?

30 Jun 2011 15:39

Market umlilo wamaphepha

30 Jun 2011 15:45

apparently she is not going anywhere she there to stay lol

Omphile M
30 Jun 2011 19:50

MaKhumalo were r uuuuu....... I smell trouble pls cum back

Omphile M
30 Jun 2011 19:53

sexy d
01 Jul 2011 08:08

morning all

01 Jul 2011 08:26

morning everyone hope u r well

01 Jul 2011 09:10

Morning ya'all.....Dont knw wht to make out this month.

01 Jul 2011 09:36

hi lovely people, hmm!!!!!!! dt khapela thug. wa itsi o iketsa mr goodie2shoes sayin he wants d baby le khetiwe cz sara cnt giv him kids. u shud hv seen him in action, dt chicken. gantlentle ga dichomi tsa gae di bapala one ale kae? probably playin sum stupid right- hand -man for little boys(tau).n s 4 dinny she lookd so lost yestrdy. poor jason, i mean d guy is caught btweeen a hard place n a rock.  he is mesd up n no one blivs him nw except 4 senzo evn though it took him tym....  

01 Jul 2011 09:41

yho i like the way senzo and Jason hugged its like hey come here u need this. as for dinny is mad. nicholas rot in hell nxa

01 Jul 2011 10:06

i hate that Nicholas boy wid capital letter H for making Jason's life so miserable,

Baby love
01 Jul 2011 11:53

Yho,have u guyz seen dineo,ha she's losing it already ukenneth engekaqali

01 Jul 2011 12:07

Ngiyamzonda uNicholas hayibo

01 Jul 2011 15:25

Sarah refuse to sit on a matrasss, whowwhow whow , sorry you wont know this its in August teasers lol. ningathi anginitshelanga neh

01 Jul 2011 15:27

@babylove - hayi ke lusho ukuthi useduzane nokuthi u Kenny amise emahlanyeni ngokwakhe aqede alahle iskhiya kude le.

01 Jul 2011 16:17

I missed Gen Wed & Thurs, the visitors you know, i was sitting in front of the TV but saw nothing coz i had pple LOL next to me.

03 Jul 2011 02:00

Dat lie ditector test will say jason is lying i can feel it nd jason will resign shem poor jason

sexy d
04 Jul 2011 09:08

morning all

04 Jul 2011 09:28

Killing is against the Ten commandments, therefore Khethi must not think of killing Sbari.
Good morning good people.

04 Jul 2011 10:18

Morning! do u guys know tht Dumisani is leaving? Apparently he was fired becoz of his behavior and he turns up smelling umphanda ( alcohol smell fom the night before)...So he will die after Sbuda fired him....

04 Jul 2011 10:58

Skura i am so happy can't wait for his departure Dumisani deserve the best he is better off that slowly dying generations,Senzo,Sbuh;Queen,Jason and Ruby must follow Dummy the grasses are always greener at the other side they must rather join Muvhango or Isisdingo cast hahahahaa

04 Jul 2011 11:06

If Senzo nd Jason joins Mvhango ar u converting it to Mvhangay na we ntoko. Ba right khona la kwa Generations.

04 Jul 2011 12:12

i think Jason will be asked something which he might not be expecting to be asked, something rather embarrassing or incriminating and then he will lie. That's when he fails lie-detector test. it cannot be something to do with him and nicholas.

04 Jul 2011 12:22

Condomm u know why???? Jason is failing to just answer the questions without showing his anger,trying to prove that he is innocent by so doing ppl are failing to believe he is innocent, like if someone ask him Did u kiss Nich yes/no but Jason will rather say oh my Gosh i can't believe u also think i kissed that son of a b****

04 Jul 2011 12:32

sure right ntoko

ntombo northern cape
04 Jul 2011 12:39

yaahh generations, dees dae is die sepie so kak weet glad nie wat om met wat te maak nie. gud 4 u Dumisani die grass is mos groener aan die ander kant, i hate the drama, the complaints on generations everybody is complaining and its too much man, kak man.

04 Jul 2011 12:43

@LJ007          muvhangay lol LJOO7.  if sbuda , makhumalo, queen and babu'mkhulu jabulani go 2 isidingo 2 spice up things with  d likes of vusi kunene and linda, cnt remmember her surname. den more drama n awrds  expected in d soapie WHO's gona CARE WHO THE SINKING TITANIC GOES DOWN WITH.

04 Jul 2011 13:40

I see the reason Ntombi decided to take extended martenity leave, i also would not want to be associated with this sinking soapie. 

We have even tried to give them ideas on how to write storylines but we were ignored completely.

Nicolas is relaxed and is a good liar that is why he comes up tops when pple are requested to lie. Jason should let go of his anger, i have noticed instead of answering the question he goes defensive. Nic is wining and with Dumi by his side, he is shooting the day lights outadem.

04 Jul 2011 14:57

I agree with @pjvv, they dont want to take our creative ideas to come up with fab storyline, let the soapie sink to the depth of the sea.

04 Jul 2011 16:02

Don't envy when the grass is greener on the other side coz it means their water bill is high.

05 Jul 2011 09:14

I hate it when liars win but something tells me that Dumi altered the results to get rid of Jason. 

Khethi was so pleased with herself for telling Khaphela that she has bad luck only to have a sangoma brought to her to do the cleansing. Aye, i was laughing uncontrallably, if you start telling a lie, you have to carry.

05 Jul 2011 09:33

Morning all, eish i also laugh my lungs out when sbali brought the sangoma for cleansing

05 Jul 2011 09:36

i think Nicolas paid them

05 Jul 2011 09:38

waitse bathong i hate Nicolas with al my heart.............. now i know why some ppl beat these actors when they see them on the streets if i can see nicolas i wil beat him up

05 Jul 2011 09:50

Lol Sloe plz note: If u afford to pay that bill that implies u will afford to pay ur employees

05 Jul 2011 10:43

I think Nicolas got sum tips 4rm internet  

05 Jul 2011 10:46

i cant wait 2 c Nicolas when they caught him how he will react

05 Jul 2011 11:33

Guys lets be honest youll hate Nich simple becos he's doing this to Jason??? What if he was doing it to someone else youll dnt like like i mean someone else as mean as he is and u know who.....????

05 Jul 2011 11:36

I hate nik kakhulu if aphendula amehle akhe amakhulu. He make me sick

05 Jul 2011 11:38

I remember how much i used to hate Dumi for being abusive and mean to Khethi but now I dnt know how i feel about Khethiwe about all the things she is doing, same applies to Kenneth he abused Dinny but i can just imagine how do i feel about seeing Dinny swapping men around like that not to mention Mashaba men so if we hate ppl what r the main causes of anger or hate toward them???

05 Jul 2011 13:43

but his handsome tjooooo

05 Jul 2011 14:08

i think they will ask J have u ever tried to kiss nich , he will say no but he did tried thats wen he got punched, and that is sexual harrasment

05 Jul 2011 14:55

Khaphela is not helping Kethiwe by blackmailing her, umenza worse than before. Dumi is having a time of his life.

Remember yesterday when Nick's fingers kept moving and that technician gave him a suspecting look. i think something sinister happened - Jass won that lie detector test but someone tempered with the evidence in support of Nicolas. 

@zdwesha - They asked him about the kiss and he said yes he did try to kiss Nicolas.

Sham, Senzo, we cant blame him, the lie detector test was his last resort but uboyfirend failed, i would also start having doubts.

05 Jul 2011 16:41

dumisani changed the results
Queen we find the email that dumi send thanking the lie detective for changing the results

05 Jul 2011 16:48

Hawu Maud .... Uzazi kanjani lezinto?

Angiziboni la' kwi Teaser!!!

05 Jul 2011 16:49

somebody said if he meet nicholas he/she will beat him up guys he is the one making generations to be gud

05 Jul 2011 16:55

have a nice evening lets wait and c what will happen with jason

05 Jul 2011 17:02

somebody said if he meet nicholas he/she will beat him up

So ....

You Know Maud!!!

sexy d
06 Jul 2011 08:23

Good morning all

@Maud thats dat is so juicy so thats is de reason that will got him fired cant wait

So khethi wants to kill herself shame poor you, you could have just stayed ko KZN le sara once. Sbu y dnt you find your own house that is the moroka house tlhe bathong leave queen alone

06 Jul 2011 08:36

Khaphela isishimane period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

06 Jul 2011 09:04

Morning my lovely bloggers,I would like to greet the first ladies of the house abo Maud,SexyDee,Sk;MsK;MsJ,Teady not forgeting the charmers of the house abo PrinceVusiK;Taz ect. Guys last nyt i missed it again was feelin' extremely cold but i thought about something regarding Sarah and the matress since Khaps a.k.a TP and Khethy are engaged i think Khethiwe she is the one who's gonna die and TP will force Sarah to sit for her as umnakwabo

06 Jul 2011 09:05

Morning my lovely bloggers,I would like to greet the first ladies of the house abo Maud,SexyDee,Sk;MsK;MsJ,Teady not forgeting the charmers of the house abo PrinceVusiK;Taz ect. Guys last nyt i missed it again was feelin' extremely cold but i thought about something regarding Sarah and the matress since Khaps a.k.a TP and Khethy are engaged i think Khethiwe she is the one who's gonna die and TP will force Sarah to sit for her as umnakwabo

06 Jul 2011 09:06

khethiwe should just take contraceptives tablets, injection, loop everything so that sbali can not get a child.................. and she wil tel sbali that she cant have the child because her womb is damaged ke abortion she did....... eishhhhh khethi's situation is too bad

06 Jul 2011 09:13

iam happy jason left ezweni,i wish he coud join mashaba

06 Jul 2011 09:15

mara Jason le ene with his attitude ahhh............u dont have to be defensive to show that u a not guilty........

06 Jul 2011 09:20

goodmorning all it was along wekend here so trying to catch up with u guys.

06 Jul 2011 09:48

If Dumi tempered with the evidence, then he should be fired but Jason going to work for Mashaba, no way, Kenny is evil bathong cant pple see that.

Why was Lungile calling Karabo saying you are the only one i can talk to. Whats up bhuti.

Matt & Choppa are losers sham, where did they get that Cressida seat, and why does Khaphela allow rubbish in the foyer.

I left before the end, hoping to watch today.

06 Jul 2011 09:57

to be honest choppa is the best,the way is acting ,i really enjoy,

06 Jul 2011 10:10


06 Jul 2011 10:13

Boipuso Joseph, i love u Choppa, there is something about him when he talks i just laugh 
@ntoko thank you you mentioned my name first i love you babes but yes i am straight lol
Jason - you are the man/ woman , you dont settle for less, remember guys Dumi had an issue when they promoted u Jason he wanted the position, he thought this was a good change to get rid of Jason, shame Sbu uyamthanda umkhwenyana wakhe maan

Lungile went to see Karabo to ask assistance regarding moola, he is in financial crisis , he did not pay his account for two months , and Sbu ask him about it.

Khethiwe will never die, his so call husband will rescue her.or u Ace i dont remember but someone will.

hee when did Khaphela start to be romantic, he always want to hold Khethiwe's hands and uKhethi yena shame akafuni niks,

06 Jul 2011 10:21

khaphela will be ill,i think may be will be morning sickness

06 Jul 2011 10:52

LOL @ Maud's statement about Khaphela being romantic, hi hi hi, he is moving with the times.

06 Jul 2011 11:01

Someone should put Dumisani in his place.
Who does he think he is?
I felt sorry for him when Khetiwe stabbed him ,but now I've seen that he is so full of himself and a time waster.

06 Jul 2011 11:01

seems like abantu ba busy

06 Jul 2011 11:04

i dont understand why tumi is fighting jason,

06 Jul 2011 11:22

he wanted his position ,

06 Jul 2011 11:27

lie detective test.

Jason - did you try to kiss nicolus- yes
did he kiss you back- No
did you promise him a work ober sea in return of sex favour- no dammit his lying
are you a hormosexual - no iam Bisexual 
yoo bavele bamcwaba ephila shame u Jason

if Jason will go and work for Mashaba he will be in trouble , Keenny will say- wabona mo mshana uskatla kamathlakala ago  abo tabane mo wankwa- he will never forget his status hayi ku Kenny.

06 Jul 2011 11:31

tlitlitli i like it when ama bloggers are angry eish let me take a back seat and watch

06 Jul 2011 12:20

@maud LOl . and ntoko o rite wa itsi, dn eva mess with mabloggers, dey wil get angry yoo. maud u 4got " o sechacha sa mmannete, lesilapuleng le"ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha......... tllltltltltltl!!!!!!!!!!

06 Jul 2011 12:35

kgang e nkutlusang botlhoko ke ya gore mashaba wa tsamaya tumi le ene wa tsamaya,ke ipotsa gore go ya go nna jang,lets hope baza faka abantu aba sa enza this soapie delicius,and i am wondering who have to be shoot by ace

baba bp
06 Jul 2011 12:47

choppas heart will be broken again today,by who,may be the sheeben girl,but the sheerben girl seems like she have feelings between dj matt and the man choppa

06 Jul 2011 12:50

Khethiwe wrkng on my nervs and Khaphela

06 Jul 2011 12:50

Khethiwe wrkng on my nervs and Khaphela shuld

06 Jul 2011 12:50

Khethiwe wrkng on my nervs and Khaphela shuld wake

06 Jul 2011 12:50

Khethiwe wrkng on my nervs and Khaphela shuld wake up

06 Jul 2011 12:50

Khethiwe wrkng on my nervs and Khaphela shuld wake up as

06 Jul 2011 12:52

Khethiwe wrkng on my nervs and khaphela shuld wake up as hes being manipulative just as khethiwe

06 Jul 2011 12:54

OMG sorry bloggers da is error on my PC apology tjooo

baba bp
06 Jul 2011 12:55

khapela dont love kheti,what he need is a baby

06 Jul 2011 12:57

Guys please speak english some of ur comments seems to be nice but wa itsi a ke setsibi se sesotho/tswana tlitlitli!!!!

06 Jul 2011 13:07

@Ntoko ...
I am a charmer?!?

06 Jul 2011 13:52

Choppa's heart will be broken again by Kethi who will be marrying Khaphela very soon or running away from the church. Khaphela is the one with sinyama, remember when he wanted to marry Cleo, the wedding was stopped and the wedding with Sara, they found out she was still married to Ndlovu and now mlamu wam will run away from church. The sangoma was supposed to tell him that he is the one who needs to be cleansed.. 

I am sad also that Kenny & Dum are leaving but a character is only good with a good story line. One day i would like to know the really reason why Nicolas hates Jason that much, i hope it will have nothing to do with the MD position. 

I think Khaphela & Khethi storyline is interesting coz we dont see him trying to protect her from the likes of Dumi & Ace, he is doing the damage himself. I hope along the line, we find out that Khaphela paid those nurses to swap the eggs for that invitro fertilisation. 

My thoughts nje.....

06 Jul 2011 14:17

@sorry ntoko, we ddnt realize, nxt tym we wil use d language we can all understand wich is english.ds blog is like family 2me s it brings us closer 2geda. wat i js quoted there its a phase dt kenneth always use wen referin sum1 2 an idiot.e.g ace.  

baba bp
06 Jul 2011 14:23

ha ha ha,caro,i Cant get u  on this one,(idiot)u make me laugh

06 Jul 2011 14:28

off c ause not , it has nothing to do with the MD position, it has everything to do with the past, which it will be unfair of me if i tell neh? just keep wondering .
@caro thank you my dear

i am not ooking forward to Matt going back to drugs ,i wish they can skip that scene.

baba bp
06 Jul 2011 14:37

there is only 1 person who is boring me ,lungile mabena,the way he is talking,i think is better he go for ever ko london.

baba bp
06 Jul 2011 14:52

Pjvv, i dont think khapela will do invitro,he told kheti that he want a baby the way nature intended to be done,just imagine

baba bp
06 Jul 2011 14:52

Pjvv, i dont think khapela will do invitro,he told kheti that he want a baby the way nature intended to be done,just imagine

06 Jul 2011 15:20

hee nina ,what are you doing to the reply button yabcntu heh? click once

06 Jul 2011 15:22

baba hp- i wonder if he can even make that baby the natural way, i am sure ucabanga ukuthi kuvele kungenwe engubeni, the following day waala a baby is there.

06 Jul 2011 15:30

Hey ntoko! thanks for mentioning my name *wink*! @ maud please tell us more tsala, you can't do that to us.

06 Jul 2011 15:36

Hi mabloggers,hv been silent for osme time but i enjoyed reading yo comments.I must admit,Generations s going back on track.i mean the storyline s not as boring as 4 the last 2 mnths or so.

baba bp
06 Jul 2011 15:45

do u think bra khaps is not active,yersterday he was reviewing his papers,tse tsa boswa,mojaboswa,this guy really want a baby,in this mind i think he need a boy,i dont no what will happen if is a girl 

06 Jul 2011 16:17

talk about counting the eggs before they hatched, Khaphela is in for big surprise.

Nicolus is a very quiet person in real life and avery handsome guy, its a pity that people are starting to hate him so much, but atleast senzo knows the truth now, Nicolus did confess to Senzo. hayi kadwa shame shim Senzo ,shim can fight man uzilwele ku Nicolus.

06 Jul 2011 18:47

Evening. Good people of mzansi ; I've missed u all so much. Good to be back. Eish generation ya bora , how long will it take for Nicolas to be caut?

baba bp
07 Jul 2011 08:13

today  i am the 1st ,morning

07 Jul 2011 08:52

morning blogers r u still sleeping na?

07 Jul 2011 08:59

when Kenny leaves nambitha mpumlwana is coming back to de soapie

07 Jul 2011 08:59

heh it so cold thinking twice to place my pretty fingers on the keyboard.

morning all

07 Jul 2011 09:21

Sham Ngamla's pleas to J yesterday but nam if i was in his shoes, i would have left the organisation but the only part that i dont like is him going to Mashaba Ads.

Senzo bribing Kenny with a cup of coffee for info on

Ace nomatter how hard he tries to ignore Khethie, he always find himself drawn to her schemes and Choppa that hug he gave Khethi, he is lucky coz Mapholoba didnt catch him. Khaphela look can kill you, he has that eveil look.

baba bp
07 Jul 2011 09:34

haha ha ha ha ha ,yersterday i laughed a lot fa choppa a hug khetti,o poor choppa
.jason bro,welcome to mashaba adds

07 Jul 2011 09:42

and kenneth to senzo...." ke ne ke le serious my girl"   kwa kwa kwa

07 Jul 2011 09:45

Choppa bathong he must just wake up...................he just wants sugar mamas......

sexy d
07 Jul 2011 09:46

morning all

Doesnt Khethi knws that if she intended to inherit everything from khaphela if he dies all eyes will look at her since sara will be not be getting anything. You should think twice dear bcos planning a murder is nie pap n vleis.

Lol wen choppa hugged khethi shame poor him he better find himself a galfriend. As for sbusiso how can he go and talk to karabo abt the house i mean its not like the house is empty sis man ekare ntombi a ke se boe gore o tle o swabe.

07 Jul 2011 10:17

eish i just read on the newspaper today gore Sharon and Samuel, Mr Vundla did not renew their contracts. Samuel will go to KZN and become a chief that’s how both of them disappear ko Generations

07 Jul 2011 10:28

Ngwanab...........u giving us bad news mannn

baba bp
07 Jul 2011 10:30

u cant be serious

baba bp
07 Jul 2011 10:41

khetti really hate bra khaps,let me say,she does not have feelings for bra khaps,but murdering someone,her life is going to be miserable if she succed,opr bra khaps is also leaving

07 Jul 2011 10:44

morning ppl.

@sexy d- the comment about Khethi--my thoughts exactly..she is so so stupid!!!

I di hear Sharon and Sam talking abt Sam wanting to take up his chief pos ko KZN maybe its true that they are leaving Gen,,,

Guys I love amadoda anjengo Jason--He's the men!!!! i like, I like!!!

07 Jul 2011 10:56

Sharon staying in KZN for good? ...i don think so

Its about time Nicholas disappear from our screens ((screaming))!

As 4 choppa, jus the sight of his face makes mi wanna laugh! I can hardly imagine him having a normal life outside acting. the guy is super talented.

baba bp
07 Jul 2011 10:56

sbu is not going to renew nicos contract,at least,nico is full of *bleep!*,i wonder if mashaba will hire jason,but i wish he can take in the guy

then there is only 1 problem,senzo dont want jason to work at mashaba,

07 Jul 2011 10:57

@taz ukhaphela is definately losing it!!! he is saying anything about his legal wife. I couldn't believe that Khethi could be so stupid as to telling Ace to go ahead with the plan, coz now if anything happens to bra khaphs he is the one who stands to gain....

07 Jul 2011 11:46

Morning people plz cross fingers 4 me I went for an interview and its 3rd call-out,I'm so nervous

07 Jul 2011 12:05


07 Jul 2011 12:18

i heard a rumour dat gen is being disbanded. . .hence all the changes

baba bp
07 Jul 2011 12:22

when u say disbanded,how do u mean

07 Jul 2011 12:31

hi guys! lovely blogs bt m so so busy later. @baba bp " lesilapuleng ke idiot"

sexy d
07 Jul 2011 12:43

@Ngwanab which newspaper dear i also wanna read it..

07 Jul 2011 12:46

when u say disbanded,how do u mean ...kwakwakwakwa bababp i also had the same question in mind but again i thought maybe sabc decided to remove it frm their TV HAHAHAHAHA

sexy d
07 Jul 2011 12:51

Disbanded= to break up or to dissolve i.e a group or oganisation

baba bp
07 Jul 2011 12:56

i think is a good idea if they remove it,because looking at these month teasers is boring in generations,,otherwise how is south africa,im in botswana,these side in botswana is cold like hell,

07 Jul 2011 14:51

Tazteeq apparently the last screen that they have shhot is till December, and their contracts has not been renewed, so the changes maybe Mfundi has made up his mind obout  writing books and stage plays.

07 Jul 2011 14:57

Deathby ... I would kill Khaphela too if i was in her shoes! lol

07 Jul 2011 15:29

uKhaphela "liyamshiya igazi"-- putting all his affairs in order just in case something happens to him !! ag shame Mapholoba!!!

07 Jul 2011 15:39

im going to be the first person to weep if that happens...............

07 Jul 2011 15:43

silly hw Khaphela went abt this whole thing in the first place.. u don't blackmail someone u knw for a fact that is responsible for someone else's death.. wat makes him think she can't take him out too. eish.

07 Jul 2011 16:13

07 Jul 2011 16:16

Am nu guyz hw bout Khaphela gettin sick hs Khethie done รจ unthinkable.

07 Jul 2011 16:42

hi xplicit hope u r enjoyin the couch feel at home en make urself some coffee i will see u soon

baba bp
07 Jul 2011 16:55

talk tommorrow ,off home

07 Jul 2011 22:46

av missed all of you here as everytime i tried to sign here the the page will just display 'This content has been blocked by organisation'' just imagine am workind for a stupid orgabisation. Maybe its the economic crisis that has hit my country lol...u guys are just great

baba bp
08 Jul 2011 07:48

morning everyone,nico is geting out of line now,

sexy d
08 Jul 2011 07:55

Good morning all

@Xplicit well dear and make yourself at home

Just lol everytime kenneth refered sbu as ramangena(sp) that word just kills me

Nicholas mare ena o full of *bleep!* how can he sell at company that he says he is passioned to work at silly boy dnt you knw if the company goes down you also do. I didnt knw gore Ace o na le conscious lol Ga o ne o re ke bolaye Dumisane ke ne ke tla mo bolaya o seng dae toppie(khaphela) ha ke batle go ba le di nightmares  kwakwakwakwa ''dead''

08 Jul 2011 08:54

@ Sexy D...........Mine was when Sbuda mentioned the sexual harassment to Kenneth and he said, I quote" Sexual harassment........E be ele monna goba mosadi"

sexy d
08 Jul 2011 08:59

@Agree lol i forget abt that hey gotta love kenny he has his ways ka mantswe..

baba bp
08 Jul 2011 09:00

choppa killed me fa a tswela pelo zolo ya ga mattie,the way he was looking was funny

08 Jul 2011 09:12

morning guys heish gene is boring me so i will be coming to find out how everyone is time to time.

have a lovely day yah

08 Jul 2011 09:17

Agree i also came to share the same comment but to be honest guys Generations will never be the same without Mashaba 

my ff combination during arguements:

Sbuda and Kenny
Khethy and Ace
Ruby and Kenny
Senzo and Jason
Queen and Dummy
Dummy and Sbuda
Dinny and Kenny

Khaphela and Khethiwe the following ppl always makes n earthquakes when ever they argue

08 Jul 2011 09:25

I guess we will miss Kenny and his Sepedi, he speaks the lingo so nicely.

Nicolas is very nasty, ingqwirha nyani, i hate the guy. I think he is mentally disturbed coz you can tell by his father's actions. I think since he lost his mother, the guy goes looking for love and attention in the wrong places, coz dad just gives him money and no attention at all. Lets wait and see the story unfold.

I hope Mfundi renews Sam's contract, how can he become a Chief now, his dad is still alive and well. Is he not supposed to take over when he is atleast old enough, Shaz can go i dont really care about her, i have never liked her, no offence

08 Jul 2011 10:04

The principal called the parent of Thabo bcoz he is always having hangover & the parent said to Thabo "Thabo what did I tell abt u drinking cheap alcohol, sorry principal I will buy him myself Johnnie Walker next time"

baba bp
08 Jul 2011 10:59

i support u on this one pjvv,sharon is irritating,i dont care also if she can go for good,
i dont no why nico is harrasing ezwini knowing that he is lying about jason harrasing him.damm this guy is really evil

08 Jul 2011 11:40

morning everyone,nico is geting out of line now,...............way out of line

samantha mpofu
08 Jul 2011 12:07

i rily cant stand nic he is getting way out of line....poor Jay al wil b wel in good time nd i seriously mic Ntombi its abt tyme she came bac.....

08 Jul 2011 12:07

Boring as always....

baba bp
08 Jul 2011 12:11

this photo thing ,what is happenning with lungile,is her daughter or what,at least we will no what is happening today

he is the one of the characters that are boring in generations,i also dont no why they are stil keeping the tuck shop lady,she is useless

08 Jul 2011 14:01

Guyz i think we must investigate Nicholus, he had something to do with the lie detector test results. He must hav paid that expect.
Lungile, why is he hiding the fact that he has a daughter if the person in the picture is his ncosi. I wonder u Karabo what is her involvement in this saga or maybe is the child she abondoned at the time when she was galavanting oorkant.
Now is the time for uKhethiwe to do away with uSbari i think now he must retire.
When Ntombi comes back she must not bring another illigitimate child for the man we do not know. Her story that she does not want to come back i dont buy it she is busy with onother man or onother student oorkant.
Lately they 4get to show Matewu taking his ARV or getting uptight with them maybe it has vanished in his system cos what he does lately is to drink nd smoke Ganja.
Dini has lost the plot i cant make head or tail of what she does. 
Is it really over btwn Senzo nd Jason I dont know but lets wait nd see ah those two must just kiss nd make up.

baba bp
08 Jul 2011 14:56

when u are a boss u have to think like a leader,dont have to apply favouritism in the work place,(dumisani)right now is on nicos side while sbu is on jason side,at least at end of the day it will back fire.

09 Jul 2011 08:50

Hey guys,long tym. Mateo le ena is out of line-he is jas wasting himself-wats frustrating him kante???
wats Shaz hiding from Sammy?
@baba bp-i cant wait for the truth to come out,Nicho must pay n he sud be exposed.

surprise machimana
10 Jul 2011 13:39

s dis gene a movie o a dram.yoh lol i dnt undrstnd it samtyms

11 Jul 2011 09:54

Let me the first one to greet bloggers in this blue monday, Morning all hope you had a good wknd. 

11 Jul 2011 11:20

@gegelegege thanx morning all. wil b bac.

sexy d
11 Jul 2011 11:48

hellllooooo helloooo guys