As The World Turns Teasers - April 2011

Written by Tashi from the blog As The World Turns on 07 Apr 2011
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Coming up on As The World Turns this April, 2011:

Monday 4 April 2011

Info. not available - we'll update when it is.

Tuesday 5 April 2011

Info. not available.

Wednesday 6 April 2011

Info. not available.

Thursday 7 April 2011

Everyone gathers at Lily's bedside hoping she'll come out of her coma.

Friday 8 April 2011

Holden and Luke search the hospital for a missing Lily. Gwen and Will make love at their cottage.

Dusty and Lucy walk through the ice storm to get Johnny to the hospital. Katie finds Mike in a cabin in the woods.

Monday 11 April 2011

Emily initially refuses to accept that her baby is dead, but Meg finally gets her to accept the truth, and Paul helps her mourn their child.

Carly and Simon are close to making love when a power pole crashes in on them, and their project is destroyed.

Holden is shocked to realize that Lily doesn't even remember the baby when she wakes up from her coma. Katie and Mike are relieved to have found each other.

Tuesday 12 April 2011

Dusty is furious when he finds Craig holding baby Johnny - and Lucy allowing it to happen. He takes his son and leaves, refusing to listen to Craig’s assertion that Lucy is not responsible for his presence.

Susan confronts Emily, who is grieving the loss of her daughter, and Paul assures Meg he doesn’t hold her responsible for the baby’s death.

Jack arrives while drunken Simon is comforting an equally drunken Carly over the loss of their business, and assumes the worst.

Lily’s memory comes flooding back when she sees baby Ethan for the first time, but a vision of Rose tells her that there’s more that she needs to do.

Wednesday 13 April 2011

Paul refuses to accept Craig's condolences at the hospital, and Meg watches as Paul blames Craig for everything bad that happened to Jennifer and Rosanna.

Dusty demands answers from Margo, who insists she didn't even know Craig was back. She learns that he was released early because no one could prove he was connected to the baby switch, which gave him no motive to try to kill Rosanna.

Gwen and Will enjoy waking up together as he prepares them breakfast, and Gwen begins to tentatively dream of a future with him. Lily calls Jade in to see her, initially not remembering what Jade did.

Once she does, she throws her out. Jade returns to the cottage and hugs Will, which breaks Gwen's heart.

Thursday 14 April 2011

Craig is confronted: first by Margo, who wants his assurance that he'll stay away from Johnny, then Casey, who tells him he'll never forgive him, and finally a furious Barbara.

Lucy is waylaid by a bodyguard when she arrives to see Dusty and Johnny. Will begs Gwen not to give up on him yet and tells Jade that she needs to move out.

Dallas talks to Maddie about his odd feelings concerning Jade's pregnancy. Lily remembers the events leading up to her accident, and absolves Luke of any responsibility.

Friday 15 April 2011

Maddie suggests to Gwen that Jade may be faking her pregnancy.

Monday 18 April 2011

Jade provides Will with a positive pregnancy test in an attempt to prove her pregnancy to him. Dusty refuses to let Lucy and Craig near his son and calls the police.

Meg is forced to tend to Craig when he collapses. Simon doesn't have the heart to tell Carly that Lucinda pulled out of their deal.

Tuesday 19 April 2011

Emily is shocked when Craig offers to make her a full partner at the Intruder and tells him she’ll think about it.

Lily is upset to learn that it will take six months to access the court records about Theresa, so Holden takes maters into his own hands.

Carly praises Simon for being so professional, not realizing he’s preparing to meet with a loan shark.

Gwen slaps Craig for what he did t6o her while Paul opens up to Will about losing the baby.

Wednesday 20 April 2011

Casey and Maddie spend time together before being interrupted by his roommate, Elwood. Will remains suspicious about Jade’s pregnancy, but Gwen doesn’t want to hear it.

Carly warns Simon about Spirro and what he’s been known to do, but he borrows money from him anyway.

Holden goes to Jade looking for a way to contact Theresa, but the number Jade has is no longer in service.

Thursday 21 April 2011

Simon brushes off Carly's concerns and borrows $100,000 from Spirro, promising that he will pay it back within thirty days.

Luke convinces Will to act as a real father to Jade's baby, and later, Jade collapses in Luke's arms and refuses to be hospitalised.

Barbara attacks Chaz before finding out that he's a bodyguard Dusty has hired to protect Johnny.

Dusty cuts Lucy some slack when he finds out that she's had Craig kicked out of the Lakeview.

Friday 22 April 2011

Luke takes Jade to the hospital with a fever, and her OB-GYN stops in to check her out.

Luke is concerned when the man suggests medication and privately asks him what effect that would have on the baby, only to learn that Jade isn't pregnant.

Will watches Gwen at Crash with her friends, and leaves once he is spotted. Gwen returns inside, where she dances with first Gil, then Elwood, as Maddie laughs at Gwen's misadventures.

Craig is surprised to learn that it was Emily's baby that saved Johnny's life, and wants to open a foundation in Jennifer's name even though Bob and Kim warn him that Barbara and Paul will never agree.

Dusty goes on a date with Lucy.

Monday 25 April 2011

Jade confesses the truth to Luke about her 'pregnancy'.

Tuesday 26 April 2011

Lily and Holden learn from Theresa that she was not Rose’s daughter.

Wednesday 27 April 2011

Will and Gwen are furious and horrified to learn that Jade had faked her entire pregnancy as Lily gets concrete proof that Jade was Rose's daughter.

Thursday 28 April 2011

Jade wakes up to learn the truth about her maternity and Lily wants to wipe the slate clean. Will wants to press charges against Jade, but Lily reminds him that he killed Rose, so they're even.

Carly lies to Jack to protect Simon, and Katie realises that Simon is in love with Carly. Emily and Paul argue over Craig's intent to form the foundation while Craig lends Meg a hand at the farm.

Friday 29 April 2011

Will gets a very upsetting phone call as he surprises Gwen by taking her on a honeymoon. Katie has a dream of Simon and goes to see him at the Lakeview. Jack brings Spirro into the station.

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08 Apr 2011 09:45

Now wheres the slasher this month

The General
08 Apr 2011 09:52

I wonder who watches this?

12 Apr 2011 15:54

i do..................not everyday though

15 Apr 2011 12:52

i watch  as the world turns 

i knew jade was faking the pregnancy , what is happening to luke's mom

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