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Isidingo Teasers - February 2011

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Isidingo Teasers on 26 Jan 2011
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Tuesday 1 February 2011
Episode 3044

Cherel gets ready to make the deal of a lifetime with Barker. Eddie and Priya get news of the promotion that makes life even more awkward. Prada tries damage control before revealing the blogger's identity.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011
Episode 3045 

Cherel offers the heart to Barker, but at a price. Priya and Eddie go for their interviews, but only one can get the job. Nan has an on-air surprise for S'khumbuzo.

Thursday 3 February 2011
Episode 3046

The clock ticks and a woman has cause to howl like a Greek queen over the dead body of her murdered son. A bust goes bad and Priya's loss is difficult to compute. Lesedi rises to an unusual professional challenge.

Friday 4 February 2011
Episode 3047

The Deep is on tenterhooks as Barker gets a new heart which his unhealthy body threatens to reject.

Priya's underhand behaviour jeopardises both her own and Eddie's careers. Lesedi's clandestine operation for Rajesh wreaks paranoid havoc at ONtv.

Monday 7 February 2011
Episode 3048

Braam gains an unpleasant insight into Cherel. Eddie asks a favour of Georgie. Frank wonders just what Lesedi is up to.

Tuesday 8 February 2011
Episode 3049 

Cherel shifts ever closer to a seat of power over her world as she becomes the catalyst to Barker's recovery, simultaneously posing a toxic threat to Braam.

Priya confronts her fear and shame in a last-ditch attempt to save her reputation and career, while Nan discovers that Lesedi at ONTV is more than she makes out to be.

Wednesday 9 February 2011
Episode 3050

Braam surprises Cherel with his divorce proposal. Eddie goes all out to try and solve Priya's gun dilemma. The production team decides to play Lesedi at her own game.

Thursday 10 February 2011
Episode 3051 

Kimberly is nauseous and hopes she's not pregnant. Sofia and Calvin are at an emotional crossroads - will their relationship survive? Frank is faced with Lesedi's report and is surprised he has to take her advice.

Friday 11 February 2011
Episode 3052

Kimberly reminds Len of a crucial question, but a puzzled Len does not give her a second chance.

Eddie Holmes learns that those who are called first are not always the losers. Lesedi has earned a responsibility and quickly learns that payment will be involved.

Monday 14 February 2011 (Valentine's Day)
Episode 3053

Cherel experiences a frightening hitch in her plans to control and destroy Barker Haines. Frank speaks an ill word, and Eddie's world sours as a result. The plots thicken in the glamorous world of television.

Tuesday 15 February 2011
Episode 3054

Cherel looks at Marlien with all new eyes. Priya asks hard questions of Rajesh. Frank has a challenge for Lesedi.

Wednesday 16 February 2011
Episode 3055

Is Cherel following Marlien or Marlien following Cherel? Rajesh's lunch with the Colonel has far reaching implications. Lesedi's obsession with procedure backfires on her.

Thursday 17 February 2011
Episode 3056

Kimberly plays it well as she tries to reel in her catch. Rajesh confronts Frank about spilling the beans to Eddie. Lesedi finds that all's sort of well that ends sort of well.

Friday 18 February 2011
Episode 3057

Kimberly needs to cover the fact that she's pregnant by Len, but time is running out for her to pin it on Daniel.

Priya is struggling to find her way with Eddie, but he's not making it easy for her to break the ice. Lesedi completes her initiation, but she has a little revenge in mind.

Monday 21 February 2011
Episode 3058 

The witch takes up a lethal shard and paints Marlien le Roux blood red. Priya listens to some romantic music but the result is the opposite of romance. Agnes gets a worrying message and Maggie fears the worst.

Tuesday 22 February 2011
Episode 3059

Cherel's faked attack by a still-immobile Marlien creates emotional havoc in the Le Roux household, while Priya becomes the unwilling focus of a TV documentary.

Daniel's boy-scout honesty is cause for concern for Kimberly and Barker, and Zeb's mercenary use of a happy family moment slams an unsuspecting Agnes into an unwanted spotlight.

Wednesday 23 February 2010
Episode 3060

Daniel finds his boy-scout honour tested, as Kimberly plans to use it against him. Rajesh finds that Frank has more influence over Priya than Rajesh does. Zeb decides to draw a line in the sand - he's nobody's whipping boy.

Thursday 24 February 2011
Episode 3061

Sofia is hell-bent on thwarting Cherel's vicious plans for Marlien. Kimberly pitches Daniel into an agonising dilemma.

Vice escapes custody, throwing the lives of Priya, Eddie and Georgie into turmoil - while Zeb makes an announcement which knocks the socks off Agnes.

Friday 25 February 2011
Episode 3062

Calvin shows Sofia there are many ways of skinning the Cherel cat. Eddie's daughter is still causing him grief. Zeb decides to stop being passive and take control of his life.

Monday 28 February 2011
Episode 3063

Daniel commits to Kimberly, but life is about to get very complicated. Eddie arrests Vice, but Vice has a card up his sleeve. Agnes thinks she's lost Zeb, but Maggie has a plan.

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26 Jan 2011 18:08

I'm first, the early bird catches....... noow let m read

26 Jan 2011 18:37

No.2 now i can read

26 Jan 2011 18:49

Poor Daniel he will be a dad to Len's child. No 3

26 Jan 2011 18:53

Me new and number 4....not bad hey

26 Jan 2011 18:55

no 5

27 Jan 2011 07:23

first time in top 10.

27 Jan 2011 07:57

made it to to top 10, let me go and read

27 Jan 2011 08:16

number 8 yaaaaay!!!!!!

sexy d
27 Jan 2011 08:29

made it to top 10 let me go n read..

27 Jan 2011 08:32


27 Jan 2011 08:36

YEAH. im in the top 20,gona go read now

27 Jan 2011 08:41

top 15

27 Jan 2011 08:45


27 Jan 2011 09:17

sorry daniel. As for braam gud for u go for dat divorce

27 Jan 2011 09:28

Oh yey. Top 20

27 Jan 2011 09:32

top 15, v interested on Marlin and Cherel

ownah m p
27 Jan 2011 13:58

oooh i almost missed.

ownah m p
27 Jan 2011 14:17

these is cool...a lot is goin to happen and i looooove that.

27 Jan 2011 14:52

wow  top 20 nw let me read

27 Jan 2011 16:04

Hi ya'll newbie on the block. 

Now for the comments *giggles*........
No, no, no Daniel cnt be Kim's baby daddy, I hope Len finds out that she's carrying his baby because as Barker recovers and finds that out imagine the fire around that!

Marlien & Cherel.......mmmhhhh, cnt wait.

And as for Braam & Cherel, I knew he was eventually going to bust her but this quick!

27 Jan 2011 17:47

Y dd kimmy had 2 get pregnant? I was starting 2 lyk the idea of her and Daniel getting 2gether.

28 Jan 2011 08:34

wow isidingo rocks

is sharel into barker starting to think she wants him back

28 Jan 2011 08:34

@Sash27, i also dont like the idea of Kimberly being preggies.

28 Jan 2011 10:35

i think marlien is into chereal

28 Jan 2011 11:25

Eish, where is Sechaba and Vusi on Feb????  

Kim .... no no no, pinning the pregnancy on poor Daniel ??? hawu ...... just tell the truth gal, Len deserves to know abt his child.  As much as Barker will hate that, but its the baby's life gal. 

ownah m p
28 Jan 2011 11:50

@S.K n Sash27 we all know that kimmy is playing with Daniel so how can we wish for her to continue playing the game.. i just feel for him and i like it when she pregie she should leave the poor daniel aloan.
As for cherel no comment.
yaa where is vusi.

28 Jan 2011 16:31

top 100

Mistry mistique
28 Jan 2011 19:59

Its Quicker than 7deLaan, I'm not complaining.... and Daniel should find someone who won't use him.. And she should be pretty

30 Jan 2011 11:22

Please can Cherel get some of  her medicine as well i'm realy tired of her always winning against Barker she is not innocent after all.  

ownah m p
31 Jan 2011 08:05

cherelis a player and a real one ooooh sometimez i hate her but   she operate wel some times..

31 Jan 2011 12:29

i think Cherel still loves Barker n wants him back thats why every little thing she does is for o abt Barker... n look wat she's done to the LeRoux family (crazy b*tch)

Good morning Ladies, hw as yo weekend. mine was fab. Hey Ownah hw as your wkend?

ownah m p
01 Feb 2011 08:03

@MsKim oooh it was cool my dear and i hope yours was cool 2. the anger in cherel will destroy her am not show what she and barker did to each other but hey the woman will cush, just watch the space and ther will be no one to help her pick up the peaces.

01 Feb 2011 09:38

oh i see people come here jus to say yipeeee i'm number 1 o 2 o 3, then they're gone..

ownah m p
01 Feb 2011 12:21

@MsKim yaa and i hate that!!! what is that suppose to mean????????

01 Feb 2011 12:40

remember so time ago, i mentioned Cheryl's is nt interessted in sex,,i was right,,all that witch want is money and power..cant wait for Braam to find out wat a bitch she is.

ownah m p
01 Feb 2011 14:38

i lav u

01 Feb 2011 15:24

@Mskim, thats true. 

jaaa, isidingo rocks more than Gen!!!!.

howa are you guyz?

ownah m p
02 Feb 2011 07:43

how is my isidingo doin.

02 Feb 2011 09:58

mornings .....ok , n u ownah? ...cant believe Braam will do something soo evil,how can he come between tru love?

02 Feb 2011 10:35

cherel knows how to cover her tracks guys,braam will never find out what the bitch has been doing,by the time he find out it will be too late

ownah m p
02 Feb 2011 14:40

am good guys just missing you.

02 Feb 2011 15:51

@ Lyfde Braam wil find out that Cherel is evil but it wil be too late then he wil want Marlin back but Marlin wont be interested, what really happened lastnite ddnt watch pls help and @ Ms Kim sorry for being absent I can c u realy angry

02 Feb 2011 16:13

Good day people. 
@Hosh...sorry dear also missed it last nyt, was busy yesterday left work a bit late. hoping to catch on tonyt. 
hello there Ownah howz been yo day dear?
Good good Msuthukazi, hw are u??

02 Feb 2011 16:18

Braam is such a snake, how can u come between your daughters relationship? That is crazy tjo. Cheryl doesnt want Barker to die, and its not for revenge, he wants him back... ((((hides)))))))))). I dont like seeing Barker like this. Shem.

03 Feb 2011 09:20

morning all.. cherly is soo desperate for barker to take that heart,,in exchange for his casino shares,,,when will she ever stop?..lucky barker knows about her and her tricks..he's too clever for her. LOL

03 Feb 2011 09:46

ya its not cool seeing a men like Barker suffer like that. but i gues its a wake up call, no matter hw rich, n controlling u maybe we all don't knw our tomorrow. u may wake up helpless one day

03 Feb 2011 09:49

Shame Cherel wants to get rich with other ppls hard work, ufuna ufika sekulula, feel so sory 4 Kelvin & Sophia whats Braams problem with Kelvin, no man Braam dont take out your stress to Kelvin asseblief

03 Feb 2011 09:51

Sorry Mabloggers ddnt greet u's, a gud moning 2 u all beautiful & handsome ppl

03 Feb 2011 10:46

i think Braam is racist..

morning to u too Hosh

03 Feb 2011 11:10

@MsKim sure he is

03 Feb 2011 12:14

Boring wethu I think they rneed to write more interesting stuff.Marline must come out of the comma and Lisedi I don't even want to talk about her.Nan and Ace get jiggy with it man!

I'm out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

03 Feb 2011 14:45

Why MisKim I didnt watch why do you think he is a racist

@matau09 you dont know what you talking about

ownah m p
04 Feb 2011 09:04

mornig all..
i wasnt in yesterday so i can see that you gues we in the house.

04 Feb 2011 09:18

morning... hey shame,did your'll see how harriet was crying, Barker died

04 Feb 2011 09:22

when marlien comes out of comma, she is going to be killed by cherel because as far as i know marlien knows every thing about what cherel has been up to,just like she did with duncan and farrow's dad 

ownah m p
04 Feb 2011 09:27

cherel is not ayooooooooba. that woman.

04 Feb 2011 09:30

morning ma lovies!!

@Jenn- Barker died???? i dont think so!

but the way hariet was crying I would blame u for thinking Barker died!!

04 Feb 2011 09:51

@ bezu.. LOL,,NO,, i meant ..she was crying like barker died.. MISSED THE WORD   
" LIKE"'

04 Feb 2011 10:26

welcome back Ownah.. hw are u dear??

@Moola dd u see hw Braam acted wen he first met Kelvin: his conversation with his daughter also seemed like he ddn't like him because of his race n the fact he comes from a poor family, n the fact that he is a bar man..

i wouldn't blame Harriet for the way she reacted, dd u see hw Barker was; he sure looked dead to me (of coz thanks to the summarries here we already knw he isn't)

04 Feb 2011 10:35

@Jenn - the way she was crying I just loled -- I was finished - ans how she asked Kim where did the heart come from ? was somebody killed? she doesnt want to be part of this illegal deal?????

ownah m p
04 Feb 2011 10:42

thank you MsKim. poor herry

04 Feb 2011 10:46

Gudmoning gud ppl, yo Cherel is cruel and Barker stubborn even though he was dying, I guess if it was me I would have given the shares as long as I was going to live again but Barker was still negotiating on his last moments and he won cos Cherel agreed to own the half of his shares, and Cherel ddnt really want Barker to die u could see it in her eyes

04 Feb 2011 10:48

I missed Harriet part, Lol

04 Feb 2011 12:17

Haybo baphabantu?

04 Feb 2011 12:22

@Hosh we here love!!watzup!

04 Feb 2011 12:31

@Hosh Harriet met Kim at the hospital and was panicing asking Kim wer the heart came from, n Kim said they got it illegally, she then started screeming if anyone had to die o somthin. she was shaken up wen she saw Barker on a strecher bed (seemed dead) then she started screaming (Barker, barker) n crying, n Kim was also holding back her tears.
i still think Cherel is still in love with Barker..

04 Feb 2011 12:40

Hahahahaha, u guys, Harriet killed me yesterday! ROTFLMAO!!! Poor Harry... My gran dont watch Isidingo but the way Harriet cried, she ran out of the kitchen to come see who died. Hhehehehehe, phela that woman cried like a mourning black woman. White people dont do that. CLASSIC!!!!!!!!

Cherel is stil in love with Barker, and Barker is sure stubborn. Negotiating at that state! Yoh ay.
Moola, i agree with u fully... @matau09 you dont know what you talking about

ownah m p
04 Feb 2011 12:58

i cant wait for sunday to see gogo herry crying.

04 Feb 2011 13:21

yep most white pple don't cry like that,,, but i remember a scene wen Lee (Barker's daughter) died, Barker stop his car n cried lying on the road, eish that was sad i i tried to hold back my tears with no prevail.

04 Feb 2011 14:05

Yeah, shame that was sad. But Harriet, I just lolled!!!!!! That was just funny, not sad at all. hahahahahahahaha

07 Feb 2011 06:03

what is it with this woman Cherel, i can't wait for the day she would be divorced

Mrs Tsvangirai
07 Feb 2011 14:24

Eddie asks a favour of Georgie - does this hv anything to do with the promotion???

07 Feb 2011 15:36

@mrs tsvangirai, i like your

08 Feb 2011 09:29

morning y'all.

i think Braam deserves wat Cherel is doing to him, look wat he's doing to his poor daughter eish..

i missed an episode watever happened at the crime scene they had gone to thats now making Eddie, Priya's life saver. watever it is i think Eddie is in on it n playing games to win Priya o somethin....

08 Feb 2011 09:34

Gudmoning my friends, I saw Harriet crying on sunday, yo it was classic, cudnt stop loughing hay shame Harry really loves Barker and Kimberly having sex with Lenn while her husband is having a heart surgery not ayoba tu

08 Feb 2011 09:45

morning Hosh........yeah Kim sure is a heartless b**tch.

08 Feb 2011 10:28

Kimberley leave Daniel alone he is too good for you.
Len is getting on my nerves he is such a womaniser.

What happened to Priya's gun,dont you think Eddie has something to do with it.
Does she have feelings for Eddie.

Cherel cherel you witch what next

ownah m p
08 Feb 2011 14:27

hey hey i missed you all.. maybe eddir has something to do with it an now he wants Geogie to get his boys and pretend as if they found it somewhere.

08 Feb 2011 14:32

I missed it yesterday but I think Eddie has somethng to do with it. And, Priya do have feelings for Eddie I think. 
What happened yesterday? Just a short version. Please

08 Feb 2011 16:00

also ddnt watch lastnite, sorry guys, gues we will have to watch the omnibus on sunday moning

08 Feb 2011 20:19

What did bram do to sophia nd calvins relationship please help

09 Feb 2011 09:17

he offered to pay for Calvin's fees to study in New York. an offer that Cal is considering, n Sophia is hurt coz Cal seems to be considering it. so she's threatening her dad that she'll go with him (deep down knwing that she can't leave her mom at the moment)..
i really feel for Rajesh, Eddie is obviously playing mind games with Priya wonder why..
the witch Cherel, mximm. tho i like the way she's so open to BraG..

ownah m p
09 Feb 2011 10:44

hei soaps why are they operating the same way...???? cant somebady be a friend to someone without any strings attached??????? am sick of work mates, friends goin jolling!!!! why can they just leave priya alone.

09 Feb 2011 14:53

Last night eddie told priya she has to pay 50,000,00 up front to get the gun back and suggests she asks rajesh which she does and he agrees.  Something isnt right here guys.    Cherel you asked barker do you remember me who the hell could forget you lol.

10 Feb 2011 10:33

Moning mafriends, yo only 3 ppl bloged yesterday, no man its wrong, I had to leave the office early yesterday cos my child was vomiting @ preschool so I had to rush for that, anyway what was happening last nite, update pls beautiful ppl

ownah m p
10 Feb 2011 10:43

dumelang batho ba ke baratang.

10 Feb 2011 11:03

dumelang baratiwa!!hey ownah tsala u dintso di tsamaya jwang!!! did I say say that right ownah?

10 Feb 2011 12:33

hey,, cheryl makes me sick with her fake tears,feel like killing her sometimes.... it was soo funny to see Len offer Lesedi a cuppichino and then say,..."cuppichino is too expensive,give the lady some water" LOL,, i dont know for wat she's going around writing every little thing down...soo irratating

10 Feb 2011 13:37

Crocodile tears my dear cherel you have to be caught out sometime.
lesedi you are a real pain doesnt even deserve water.

Do you believe eddie really got the gun back like he said he did, phew at least rajesh saved some money.

Sophia stop being such a brat,, calvin is looking out for you spoil sport you dont deserve him. 
So Kimmy is preggies shame.

ownah m p
10 Feb 2011 15:25

@bezu oooh that is sweet... you have tried but i think you wanted to say  " go ntse go tsamaya jang meaning how have you been or dithuto di tsamaya jang meaning how are studies."

10 Feb 2011 16:21

Thnx ownah- that was way out !!!but I'll keep on trying!!

11 Feb 2011 10:17

Marlien I hope you dont ever consider taking scum bag Braam back you deserve a whole lot better

11 Feb 2011 12:06

Kanti why does Braam want a devorce now, pls ansa

11 Feb 2011 12:21

Hey guys
Hehehehe, Kim preggies? *bleep!* this is getting hot!! M glued to my 37cm screen!!!!!

11 Feb 2011 12:33

hi guys!!

@Hosh - he feels he needs to free Cherel since he cant satisfy her sexually so the only way is the divorce. I wonder if he thinks of going back to Marlie but I can see fireworks coz I think Marlien is ok now and she know everything about Cherel...Remeber when Cherel was talking to Marlien not thinking she is a cabbage - she said ur ex Hubby is going away for 10 days which means he will come back as fresh and horny as a tiger -so she wanted to double the dose!!

11 Feb 2011 12:43

I think its time for marlien to snap out of it,,its been too long now and its getting boring...

as for Kimmy, she's pregnant , dont know how Barker's gona take it when he finds out,,she cant keep sumthing like that a secret forever.

i dont like Ledesi's so called " input on how to save money at ON! " she just started now, and she's acting like she' is CEO.. 

ownah m p
11 Feb 2011 13:59

good people i can see that yopu are well and feb.

11 Feb 2011 14:42

i knw somone has said this before, everyone in the soapy wen they hav sex they get preggies meaning according to the soapies condoms don't exist.

11 Feb 2011 22:22

One just has to love how deliciously twisted and sexy Cherel and Kimberly are, Barker sure knows how to pick them. But the battle between Barker and Cherel is too one sided. Daniel will not know what hit him when Kim is done with him. Loving the drama. Now if they can just do something about Nandipha and Ace, they are utterly boring. Everytime they come on, I switch channels

14 Feb 2011 11:41


14 Feb 2011 14:03

I agree nan irritates me and so does that part time boyfriend of hers.

Marlien wake up and give Cherel a piece of her own medicine.  You have your beautiful daughter by your side go for the kill.
Poor Daniel what are you getting into
Lesedi get a grip you are the last one to be employed on on and you act like you own the building and everything in it.

Shame poor Eddie cant get his kid to live with him. 

Priya place should be with her baby.

14 Feb 2011 14:25

I didnt want Priya to get that job. For some strange reasons i dont. Eddie has been so good, i think, so m not impressed with Priya's promotion. Mxm

sexy d
14 Feb 2011 14:40

@S.K i also wanted Eddie to get it but after seeing Rajesh being all cozy with the colonel i jst said Priya will get the promotion there is sumthing inside of me screeming and shouting saying Rajesh is behing the whole promotion..

Kimmy wat wil u tell Barker ka pregnacy halala hope Len is clever enough to knw gore she is preg ka ngwana wa gage..

14 Feb 2011 16:30

I dont like Rajesh for some strange reasons. Addie deserves that promotion, he needs it to take care of his daughter. He needs the money, he even mentioned it to Priya that, if Rajesh can come up with such amount of money, surely the promotion wont be to increase the salary.

15 Feb 2011 08:48

Lesedi is acting like a real *bleep!* bitch, she must *bleep!* off back to Bokomotso.She is soo damn irratating. i hope nobody follows her rules.

15 Feb 2011 09:33

Priya doesnt need the money. She just wants the status I am the captain weh weh As I said she should be at home with her daughter.  Frank you are such a gossiper. 

Barker can sense that Kim is preggies.  

Good for you Braam you showed a bit of back bone last nite when you told the witch the money was just a loan.  Good for you.  Calvin good for you too telling Braam where to stick his offer.

15 Feb 2011 11:45

What kimmy's doin 2 daniel is so wrong he doesnt deserve it he's such a gud man i jst wish he was the father of the baby NOT LEN! As for Cherel and Barker there's definately some strong feelings there! maybe the nxt wedding on the DEEP will b

ownah m p
15 Feb 2011 13:28

i missed you all....
i gus it is mix masala on the soapie and drama... 
Lesedi o a itswapola( she will make people less of her.)

16 Feb 2011 08:42


i cant wait to see how lesedi manages to be a journalist today,,

i must say,,kimmy has a sexy body,,jus like mine...LOL... jus kiddin.. i work in the gym,,jus need to make time for workout. LOL.

i hope marlien can start talking soon,,what incase she can hear everything people are saying,and she's pretending that she cant....did your'l  see how she looked at cheryl wen cheryl left the room? 

16 Feb 2011 10:06

yep i sure hope she's pretending.... tho i've got a feeling the time she snaps out of it. it'll be too late, Cherel wld hav divorced Braam n got watever she's working on..

16 Feb 2011 10:41

Cape Talkapparently let rip this am about kimberley being in her underwear
How narrow minded are these people youwill see more skin on the beach
GEt a life people there is nothing wrong with it.
Dont want to see dont watch as simple as that

16 Feb 2011 11:33

up date me plzzzzzzzzz, what happened yerst kwi Sidingo- the need!

16 Feb 2011 11:51


16 Feb 2011 11:51


16 Feb 2011 13:58

Marlien must come right now it has been too long and she must tell sofia what cherel has been up to.  Braam is such a  bloody fool, can he read real tears.
He deserves everything he gets.

16 Feb 2011 16:09


16 Feb 2011 16:22

guyzzzzzzzz come on!!!

ownah m p
17 Feb 2011 09:10

i wasnt in yesterday so i feel sorry for you Msuthukazi about the update, i normally watch the omnibus and hey sometimes coz hey everything is a mess on my side.

17 Feb 2011 10:03

Msu did you find out what happened?  Did you watch last night?
Well Kimberley is trying very hard to get Daniel into bed so she can claim him as the daddy to her baby.  Marlien said Sophia's name and she was sitting in the study when Cherel was on the phone to Georgie telling him how she is going to screw Braam, Cherel is nervous now that Marlien will talk.  Priya thinks that Rajesh bribed the colonel into giving her the promotion I mean he bought the colonel a bottle of champagne for a R1000.00.  Calvin has told frank to stick his offer so things are back on track with Sophia.  Hope this helpsMSU

17 Feb 2011 12:36

Sorry I meant Calvin has told Braam to stick his offer 

18 Feb 2011 10:48

Kim n Daniel wld make a cute couple jus that Kim can be such a b*tch somtimes.. it wld hav bn nice if it wer Daniel's baby tho...
Daniel "Kimmy you look beautiful" i think Kim's plan will work. i learnt a few tips from Kimmy last nyt, she really knws hw to play her cards..

ownah m p
18 Feb 2011 12:50

@Mskim yaa kim is a real bitch....

ownah m p
21 Feb 2011 15:04

where are all of you guys.
am so pissed coz i forgot about the criket thing and i  was so damn waiting for the omnibus but hey i felt like crying... what is goin on and at what time is the omnibus brodcasted?????????? (crying)

21 Feb 2011 15:35

@ownah hey,,ya ..this cricket shud be shown on SS2 only,and not SABC 3,,its soo damn stuffs up all our programs..damn,its gna start at 7:30pm from now til end of March. IM SOO ANGRY!!!,,

21 Feb 2011 15:41

Yep the time has changed and we just have to deal with it.  IT messes everything up but I suppose we should be supporting our cricket team, at least we still see isidingo even if it is later. 

I wonder what Cherel is going to do to Marlien tonight.  Bitch Bitch.

You see five of the cast members they are not renewing their contracts
Nan, priya, zeb, lesedi Cant remember the other but Vusi they are only renewing for six months and the cast will only be paid when they appear on athe program no more salaries,  that is a shame man.

21 Feb 2011 15:43


i think im loosing my mind!

21 Feb 2011 15:49

@ms2 , how do you know this stuff? it really is a shame huh?

ownah m p
21 Feb 2011 15:50

 @JENN hey but i gues everything will be ok even though end of march is far spellings ijo sorry about that.
@ms2 is not like we are not supporting is just that nna  am lost when is the soapie brodcasted and what about the omnibus.

ownah m p
21 Feb 2011 15:52

@gambukazi what is wrong?????

@JENN and ms2  yaaa it is realy a shame neh... i feel for them.

21 Feb 2011 20:26

Cruella is an understatement to describe Cherel right now......can the writers please hasten Barker's recovery, Cherel needs competition and he is the only one that can fight her tit for tat!!!!!!!! @ms2..Nan's time is up anyway, it seems as though the writers have decreased her scenes, she did much more when she first started in Isidingo....they should keep Priya for a whole, cause I am waiting for Rajesh to be exposed re: baby lol...Lesedi what is her role by the way...eish they should keep Bra Zeb what is Ma Agnes going to do without him....

21 Feb 2011 20:30

What is Ace's role again

22 Feb 2011 09:14

@jenn it was in the You magazine.   I want nan and lesedi out they are useless,
Priya I dont know she is sweet but I hate what is going on with her and Eddie they should be in separate offices now that this has happened.
Agnes needs a new man Zeb is a parasite.

Maggie girl you are one helleva gossip, keep things to yourself about Parsons etc it is none of you business.

Cherel what a bitch but listen ppl all they have to do is look at Marlien's hands and see there is no blood on them.  Imagine If kimberley gets with Daniel and moves in  oh my two bitches under one roof

22 Feb 2011 09:46

ya there's a lot of useless faces these days Ace, Lesedi, Nandipha, sory to say maAgnes, BraZeb, Maggie e.t.c....... anywu, . no mo isidingo for me till march...*****snif *snif***nif**if**f**

ownah m p
22 Feb 2011 10:03

i can see that you are all angry.....isdingo is in trouble.

22 Feb 2011 10:12

hey Ownah hw are you dear? hwz work n all?

22 Feb 2011 14:07

Cherel keeps the show going.  She is a real bitch but she keeps us watching,  Barker I love you too, you can see right through kimmy.  Poor Daniel you are hooked now

ownah m p
22 Feb 2011 14:22

@MsKim hei am gud my love and everything is fine, how about you?

22 Feb 2011 16:03

hey,iv been sooo busy today had no time to blog..@ms2 ya Maggie is one big inquistive person and once she finds out details she jus spreads it like wild fire,she shud go work on ON TV!

23 Feb 2011 08:48

@jenn yes your right she should work at ON TV but then there would be no new news it would be spread before going on tv.

Whew what happened to Thandi? 

Cherel you bitch, but why are they all so niave Marlien has no blood on her hands
Kim cant you go round and sort the bitch out.  You helped Marlien before but off course you had an ulterior motive getting into the house.
Braam you are a big fool

23 Feb 2011 09:19

morning ppl!!!

update plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, anyone!!

23 Feb 2011 11:07

Gud moning ppl, its been a while since I blogged but well Im here now, until when is Marlien going to be a Zombie Im tired of their story bcos she can hear and see everything but says nothing its kinda boring

23 Feb 2011 11:20

YEs it is frustrating because she can hear and see everything. Maybe she will just explode one day and let them all have it.

23 Feb 2011 11:49


the new Thandi doesnt suit Parsons.they just dont look good together..
how could ma agnes leave zeb hanging like that..shame.

cheryl is such a witch,,how could she do something so for braam..he is such a fool.i dont care anymore whether cheryl and braam get divorced..i just hope Marlien snaps out of it and starts a new life away from braam and cheryl

23 Feb 2011 12:10

@ownah m p. it was just one of these hectic days at work and home both same day u knw.

its been a  long time for me not watching isidingo, please guyz help me what is happening now. and who is this new thandi in real life.

any one please.!(begging)

23 Feb 2011 14:56

@Ms2, may you please help again? i am very busy at that time, bathing kidz, cooking ironing u knw those things evnings are very busy.

23 Feb 2011 15:17


Marlien breaks all the crockery while Sophia is talking to her about Braam and Cherel and cherels sees this and gets the idea into her head to frame marlien as been crazy.  Braam comes home and she is ever so sweet meanwhile she has marlien in the study and tells her she will fake an attack.  She breaks the vase with roses in it and cuts her own head and makes out that marlien did it.  I cant believe they believe her as marlien has no blood on her hands.
Any way cherel goes off the hospitaland when she comes home she says she thinks marlien should be institutionalised.

Kimberly has managed to seduce Duncan (he was so drunk) and now she will start her games.

Priya and eddie arent getting on so well because of you know what.

The new Thandi is Alice from 7de laan and does not suit the part although we tend to be judgemental as we get used to the characters and dont want change I am sure she will act just as well although we dont see much of them any more.
Parsons and thandi are pregannt and to for supper to aggie and zeb to tell them and then zeb proposes to Agnes and she turns him down saying shame you are taking the lime light way from the kids news.

I hope this hels gambukazi. 

23 Feb 2011 15:27

Nice one Ms2. Damn Cherly never gets tired.
As for Daniel, he is just so naive!!!

23 Feb 2011 15:58

Thanks for the summary ms2 it has really helped, how i wish cherel can be caught in the web, she makes me sick. O poor Zeb you looked so silly shame.

24 Feb 2011 08:42


sumtimes i wish i cud jus go thru the TV and bitch slap Cheryl.she gets me on my nerves.if anyone needs to go to  an institution it that bitch Cheryl.

24 Feb 2011 08:43


sumtimes i wish i cud jus go thru the TV and bitch slap Cheryl.she gets me on my nerves.if anyone needs to go to an institution,  its that bitch Cheryl.

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