Reminder: Who's Who In Miss SA 2010

Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 10 Dec 2010
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Turns out a beauty queen isn't satisfied with winning one or more beauty titles until she's won Miss South Africa.

As you'll see when you scrutinize below, many of this year's Top 12 Miss SA finalists have already won various titles. It isn't surprising that they're wanting to up their game with a national sash because some of their pageant titles include: the Face of Kempton Park and Miss Rittelfees - don't ask, I have no explanation.

As has been spilt on TVSA, this year's event won't be broadcast on the SABC - for the first time in the pageant's history. It's happening at Sun City's Superbowl on Sunday, 12 December and will be broadcast live on Mzansi Magic (DStv Channel 107) from 17h30 to 19h30.

The red carpet build-up starts at 17h00.

Here's a look at the 12 finalists:

Anja van Zyl
Age: 22.
From: Pretoria.
Occupation: She is a second year psychology student at the University of South Africa and is a part-time model with Ice Model Management. Her future ambition is to obtain a PhD in Psychology before she is 30-years-old.  She was first runner-up in Miss SA 2008.
Hobbies: Reading, writing, cross country running, hiking and travelling around South Africa and Europe.

Bianca Coutinho
Age: 22.
From: Bedfordview, Johannesburg.
Occupation: She is an events coordinator at Sandton City Shopping Centre and attained a BA Corporate Communication from the University of Johannesburg. She would love to manage her own corporate communications company and continue to support her current charities in the future.
Hobbies: Hiking, camping and scuba diving.

Bokang Montjane
Bokang Montjane
Age: 24.
From: Honeydew Ridge, Johannesburg.
Occupation: She runs a modeling and confidence school based in Auckland Park. She has a diploma in Public Relations Management and is the PRO for the ABZ Community Foundation. She is also the winner of various pageant's, winning the titles of Miss Teen Limpopo 2004, Miss UJ 2006, Miss Earth 2007, Face of Fashion Eastgate 2010 and Miss Rivonia 2010.
Hobbies: Singing, reading motivational books and going to the movies.

Careen Truter
Age: 19.
From: Strand, Cape Town.
Occupation: She is a first year student at the University of Stellenbosch and is studying Human Resource Management. She is a part-time model with Max Models and has a modeling contract with SA Sports Illustrated for their 2010 swimsuit edition. Her future goal is to model internationally and to complete her degree. She's also the winner of various pageant's, winning the titles of Miss Rittelfees 2009, Miss Diaz 2008 and Miss Tropika SA 2008.
Hobbies: Keeping fit, dancing and art.

Chanel Grantham
Chanel Grantham
Age: 21.
From: Durban, KZN.
Occupation: She is a final year BSC Property student at the University of Cape Town. Her business goal is to one day own a ‘green’ property development company. She was Miss Earth South Africa in 2009 and has a modeling contract with 3D Model Agency in Cape Town.
Hobbies: painting, scuba diving, public speaking and training to be a television presenter.

Danicka Riehl
Danicka Riehl
Age: 18.
From: Hillcrest, Pretoria.
Occupation: She is a first year BSC Biological Sciences student at the University of Pretoria. Her future goal is to complete a MBCHB degree and to do Medical Research. She was Miss Diaz 2009 and is a model with Ice Model Management.
Hobbies: Horse riding, debating and dancing.

Dhesha Jeram
Dhesha Jeram
Age: 23.
From: Constantia, Cape Town.
Occupation: She has a B.Com degree in Economics and Management and is currently working for Shell SA in Human Resources. She strives to be successful in everything she does and values her independence. She was crowned First Princess Miss Kwa Zulu Natal in 2006 and is a part-time model with Fusion Models.
Hobbies: Dancing, gym, art and reading.

Dorah Mtetwa
Dorah Mtetwa
Age: 24.
From: Soweto, Johannesburg.
Occupation: She has a Certificate in Business Management and has a BCOM in Accounting from the University of Johannesburg. She is currently studying for her post-graduate in accounting. Her future goal is to be a chartered accountant. She is actively involved in her community and is a member of the Jabulani Flats Youth Committee and sings in her Church choir. She is a part-time model with G3 and was a Top 12 finalist in the Miss SA Pageant in 2008.
Hobbies: Reading and sport.

Kiasha Naidoo
Kiasha Naidoo
Age: 22.
From: Kempton Park, Johannesburg.
Occupation: She is currently completing a B.Com degree in Marketing. She dreams of seeing the world and would love to leave a legacy behind that she could be proud of. She is a part-time model and has signed with Alushi Management.
Hobbies: Watching soccer, socialising with friends and reading.

Malesotse Makgalemele
Malesotse Makgalemele
Age: 23.
From: Auckland Park, Johannesburg.
Occupation: She is a part-time model with G3 and is a first year BA Geography student at the University of Johannesburg. She would like to further her modeling career and also work in environmental management. She won the Face of Kempton Park in 2009 and Miss Nedbank Gauteng Motor Show, also in 2009.
Hobbies: Volleyball, writing, reading and listening to music.

Natasha Kashimoto
Natasha Kashimoto
Age: 19.
From: Benoni, East Rand.
Occupation: She is a part-time model with Heads and owns her own business; The Hair Factory which supplies100% authentic hair to salons and production houses. She is also a first year B/Com student at UNISA. She was crowned the Face of Soft ‘n Free Healthy Shine in 2009.
Hobbies: Dancing, singing, socialising, shopping and gardening.

Sandhya Naidoo
Sandhya Naidoo
Age: 21.
From: Rondebosch, Cape Town.
Occupation: She is a final year business science law student at the University of Cape Town. Her future business goal is to be the founder of a pro-bono law clinic. She was second princess Miss SA Teen in 2005.
Hobbies: Reading, scrapbooking and fashion design.

For high-res pics of everyone, check out Snaparazzi. When you get to a pic, you can double-click it and you'll get to a MEGA-sized pic:



16 Nov 2010 12:26

Danicka Riehl  looks pretty enough to win

16 Nov 2010 12:32

Chanel Grantham looks busty enough to win! There's a lot of good cleavage going on this year actually - I've got boob-envy:0.

16 Nov 2010 12:45

I love me some Chanel Grantham :-) 
Dorah Mtetwa looks like Linda Khoza who is now BFF le Bongie Alexandra and have beef with Penny or vice versa over Zizi Kodwa.

16 Nov 2010 12:59

where is Miss Soweto?

16 Nov 2010 13:05

How do you mean Strolicious - was she supposed to be in the competition?

16 Nov 2010 13:26

the latest miss Soweto M....sumthing Ngcobo.....that what they said.

16 Nov 2010 13:28

heh.. Stroh.. was one of her prizes an automatic entry into Miss SA

Sana Lwam
16 Nov 2010 13:40

*googling Natasha Kashimoto's company : Hair Factory*

16 Nov 2010 13:53

SanaLwam undazise uma uyifumana bo.....

16 Nov 2010 13:56

Malesotse Makgalemele looks like Khanyisile Dlomo Mkhize Suttleworth Chijioke

16 Nov 2010 13:59


Bianca Coutinho
Natasha Kashimoto
Dhesha Jeram

16 Nov 2010 14:02

Danicka Riehl and Natasha Kashimoto they so damn beautifull hope one of the win
googling Natasha Kashimoto's company : Hair Factory* lol ttttliiii

16 Nov 2010 14:08

mxm organizers of Miss SA are very boring how can they take the event  to mzansi whateva arg this is disgusting man...bring back that show to SABC not some small channel which is barely known to majority of South Africans.....

16 Nov 2010 14:27


16 Nov 2010 15:00

Ha!! Cheesa - I've made an "official" enquiry about it to see what the goss is. Is there no goss do you mean? Or is there other goss we don't know?? At this point the latest is ... that there is no extra news right now.

16 Nov 2010 15:06

*googling Natasha Kashimoto's company : Hair Factory*

Triple LOL @ her website. Shem.

16 Nov 2010 16:47

Danicka Riehl
Bianca Coutinho 
Anja Van Zyl
 or someone black cos in this country is all about colour even when it is not necesaary

guy gaga
16 Nov 2010 17:51

but y this event is still  no number tvsa rankings in the awrds shows, bcause according 2 me miss sa is not fun anymore than bfore, plz guys sama awards they must take first place, n sabc crown gospel msuic awards they must in top ten thank u!!!!!!!!!!!

16 Nov 2010 21:19

I also heard on the radio that Miss Soweto will present Soweto on MIss SA peageant. 

paris mbau
17 Nov 2010 00:25

My Top Three(in an order of precedence lol)

paris mbau
17 Nov 2010 00:29

Careen Truter  looks like Hanna Montana...

17 Nov 2010 00:53

is Malesotse rocking her own hair?looks so 90' so weavenised lol!real hair looks weird and strange.

17 Nov 2010 02:07

yoh just saw the teaser on tv, Sonia Booth is one of the judges at the audition sessions.druuhma-druuhma!

17 Nov 2010 07:48

Careen Truter looks like Hanna Montana...

tl tl tl tl tl tl tl, i saw that!
well here are my TOP 3...exactly in that order:

1. Bianca Coutinho
2. Banicka Riehl
3. Dora Mtetwa

17 Nov 2010 07:54

mxm organizers of Miss SA are very boring how can they take the event to mzansi whateva arg this is disgusting man...bring back that show to SABC not some small channel which is barely known to majority of South Africans..... 

im just super excited they didnt take it to TOP TV...otherwise all hell would have broke loose!!! will read all about it on the Sunday tl tl tl tl tl tl tl tl

17 Nov 2010 09:04

i cant believe there is no one from Limpopo.

17 Nov 2010 09:43

they all look hot.

17 Nov 2010 09:51

Bianca and Natasha are my girls. Good luck to the ladies.

guy gaga
17 Nov 2010 10:29


17 Nov 2010 10:41

Just been investigating about Miss Soweto and she defs isn't in the competition. There wasn't any sort of automatic entry or hook-up between the two competitions.

I've also looked at the FAQ's on the Miss Soweto site and Miss SA isn't part of the prize or anything so I don't know where the press who reported it got the info. from.

17 Nov 2010 11:46

Natasha is gorgeous......

17 Nov 2010 11:52

Chanel i meant.

17 Nov 2010 15:31

#justrealised and added: Anja was first runner-up in Miss SA 2008. If you look back over time it's happened with lots of finalists, where they enter and then re-neter, then -re-enter, then ... you know.

TV addiction
18 Nov 2010 23:14

My top favorites 1. Chanel Grantham 2. Natasha Katimotso or Dora Mtetwa 3. Coreen Trotter i'll be watching your show

onza1 tym
25 Nov 2010 12:54

I go 4 Chanel Grantham nd Malesotse Makgalemele thy r my GALS

ownah m p
25 Nov 2010 13:06

they all look stnng.. all the best to all!

TV addiction
06 Dec 2010 22:34

did u know you can follow the Miss SA finalists on Mzansi Channel 107 on sundays at 5.30pm? I'm addicted and here is my top 5 prediction Bianca Coutinho Careen Truter Chanel Grantham Dorah Mtetwa Kiasha Naidoo i can say all the finalists are very bright and beautiful. i really flavour Bianca or Chanel to win because they keep it real. Siya

Shakira Shakira
06 Dec 2010 22:48

great show,

Shakira Shakira
06 Dec 2010 22:51

great show, i agree with your comments but also think that Danicka Riehl should be up there with Bianca and Chanel.

10 Dec 2010 09:43

My vote goes to :

1. Dhesha Jeram
2. Natasha Kashimoto
3. Bianca Coutinho

But this Natasha shouldn't she enter Miss Teen??????????

ownah m p
10 Dec 2010 09:51

wow!!! can wait to see the winner coz they are all btfl

10 Dec 2010 10:21

Miss SA Queen----Bianca Coutinho

1st Princess--------Danicka Riehl

2nd Princess-------Bokang Montjane

10 Dec 2010 10:26

Danicka is beautiful,sexy,sassy,elegant and stunning.But she might not clinch the title because age is not on her side..too young and the same goes for Dorah..she is too old. 

@TerryN I will be first one to buy Monday papers.

11 Dec 2010 16:13

natasha, dorah and bokang are hot, they will win

12 Dec 2010 05:54

Why do we have more than 5 Gauteng ladies, aren't they suppose to choose atleast 1 model per province ?

12 Dec 2010 05:58

May the beautiful lady win.

12 Dec 2010 17:56

im not liking DAX MARTIN's swimwear range,and the gay looking male models in lime/yello speedoz tjo!..

12 Dec 2010 17:58

the show is gona be boring,hosts what a yawn!

12 Dec 2010 18:44

The top 5 finalists have just been announced ... Bianca Coutinho, Careen Truter, Dhesha Jeram, Bokang Montjane and Natasha Kashimoto.

12 Dec 2010 19:11

!! The winner is .... Bokang Montjane.

First princess: Dhesha Jeram.

Second princess: Bianca Coutinho.

12 Dec 2010 19:12

i dont know,the winner looks like a drag queen!

12 Dec 2010 19:16

what a boring show!the hosts were even worse.only enjoyed the Bala Bros in action.

13 Dec 2010 07:56

WOW!!!!! I was able to predict two beauties in TOP 3...Next year I must be on the panel of judges because I have any eye for good things.

Congratulations to the least this year we got a darkie maybe we will stand a better chance in Miss Universe and World.

13 Dec 2010 16:30

she is really intelligent and I like her very luck to you Miss SA

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