Horror Porn Comes To TV

Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 11 Nov 2010
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It was the first zombie series to reach our screens, it had the biggest world premiere of any series and now it's the goriest horror on TV.

The Walking Dead premiered on TopTV's Fox FX two episodes ago and it's a scorcher of blood, guts, dead meat (mostly human!) and rotting stuff you don't want to think about. If you thought Dexter and True Blood are horrors, trust me when I tell you, they're nothing in comparison.

The series premiered with a child-turned-zombie getting shot in the head at close range, then a horse got attacked by a frenzy of adult zombies who ripped him open and ate his insides in explicit view and most recently, the heros of the story axed a zombie until he had no zombie flesh left.

They chopped him up, axed his bodyparts to a pulp and then took his blood, hands, feet and intestines and wore them as clothing. As a camouflage to protect themselves from the zombies, who know and trust each other's rank stench.


In many ways the series is similar stylistically to films by Quentin Tarantino's protégé Eli Roth (eg. Hostel) where the violence is so extreme and the horror so pornographic you end up laughing because it all becomes absurd - yet not.

The premiere episode scored record ratings for AMC, the US pay-TV network who make it. At first there were speculations that it had to do with the huge buzz surrounding before the premiere but the second episode hooked viewers too and scored another ratings high.

People genuinely like it and want more, which indicates a strong trend that's on the increase. The same thing has happened with Dexter and True Blood: both shows have been renewed season after season while the more PC shows such as FlashForward, The Gates and the new Knight Rider and Melrose Place weren't able to keep viewers and got axed as quickly as a zombie feeds.

What does it mean? Why would these shows be so much more popular? My best guess is that it's because they're so anti-establishment. They don't make safe choices, they're in-your-face all of the time so there's no boredom factor and they give a sense that they're more honest and direct than a show that's sugar-coated.

They're also all on pay-TV channels - both in the US and in South Africa - so they're about personal choice and the independence to watch whatever you want to, without someone else prescribing for you.
Interestingly, they exist with another increasing trend, which is the return of the half-hour comedy/sitcom. The popularity of Two and a Half Men and now Modern Family contrasts so strongly with horror porn, yet they have similar factors: they're dramatically escapist and the emotions one feels in them both are extreme.

The Walking Dead is so gory, bloody and gutsy, it immediately got renewed for a 13-episode second season after Episode 2.

It airs on Fox FX on Tuesdays at 21h20.


12 Nov 2010 05:53

True Blood is nothing compared to The Walking Dead. I am loving The Walking Dead, its scary and exciting at the same time. I am glad they have added another 13 episodes and I just cannot wait 4 the next episode.

12 Nov 2010 06:57

I wasnt able to read past the first picture. Im a sissy i know,but i cant work with scary staff. I love/d MJ but i swear i only ever listen to thriller,i dont watch it.

12 Nov 2010 08:33

@ GA.....horror is fun, they keep you thinking about what’s going to happen next. Try and watch....you surely will be glued to your tv screen

12 Nov 2010 08:45

hai noo Sobza...i got collection of horror from a friend...it had, "the grudge", "skeleton key" etc...i dont even remember the plot of the movies bcos i kept fast forwading when i heard tht music or chlling silence that suggest a sh!t is about to hit the fan..ah ah...i did watch Saw 5 though...
And my ultimate nightmare horror is Jeeperscreepers...i still have nightmares about that. I even have nightmares about vampire cartoons Sobza imagine. 

Funny thing,maybe sad is that one of the reasons why america is not my fav destination is bcos of this halloween thing of theirs..i hope the culture doesnt pick up in SA,i know of a couple such "halloween party" tendencies with my friends.  

12 Nov 2010 09:22

eish i am on DSTV so no Fox channel for me

12 Nov 2010 09:32

This is not good for my eyes...

Sobza, "horror is fun, they keep you thinking about what’s going to happen next" .... have you watched One missed call?

12 Nov 2010 09:47

i  wanted to read the article but eiah the pics no no  .....i dont like horrors

12 Nov 2010 10:44

@GA.....you know how South African's love American culture.....I hate halloween

ownah m p
12 Nov 2010 10:57

GGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!! what is this ooooh i hate it....or maybe i will get used to it but how?????

12 Nov 2010 10:57

@ one_size-fits-all.....No I haven't

12 Nov 2010 11:00

@ ownah m p....I used to think I would never watch horror movies, but the more I watch the more I want

12 Nov 2010 15:27

I have watche done missed call half way thrue and its to, scary

15 Nov 2010 16:15

I cant watch thje pictures.....i screamed in the office....geeeeeeeeeeeeezzzz....Jeepers creepers is not that bad......one size: I watched One missed call...not very bad at all...a lil scary, yes....but what's this all about? is it a series coming to our screens or Movie?

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